Serena Williams…. the top paid female athlete… Cha-Ching!

January 29, 2009 bsmith101
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b_williams_29_411Serena is on her way…she made it through the women’s semi-finals.  If she wins it will Serena Williams 4th win in the land down-under.  She won her semi-final match 6-3, 6-4.    If she continues to win, Serena stands to become only the 2nd female athlete to have eclipsed over $22 million in prize money earnings.

Even if Serena were to loose the Australian Open…she has already with her total winnings thus far…including what has won already in Aussie land this past week is $22 million.  And to think that in the first tournament she ever played…she received just a mere $250.00.  But I guess it was enough to continue to motivate both her and Venus and master their craft…and they did it without the help of any professional coaches…just some little known guy they called ‘daddy.’ 

Serena Williams of the United States celebrates after winning over Russia’s Elena

Dementieva during their Women’s singles 

semifinal at the Australian Open tennis

championship in Melbourne, Australia, Thursday, Jan. 29, 2009. (THE ASSOCIATED PRESS)

And I am so happy to see that Serena nor Venus take any junk from anyone trying to disrespect them.  You have to watch the embedded videos below to understand just what I mean.  It is refreshing.  And what makes it even more refreshing…is the fact that it was done without cursing and swearing…or getting mad…but showing that a good intellect is worth its weight in gold. 

Clearly the parents of Venus and Serena Williams, Richard and Oracene Williams,  should be highly applauded.  They have taught their daughters well.  And through it all they have remained close and protective of each other…though they have had their share of folks who have tried to tear them apart including agents, professional tennis coaches…and rival forces etc.  Hooray, for them.

Well, it snowed again the night before last…then came the sleet and the rain.  So, it is pretty slippery.  But while shoveling I happened to meet a young man who was out trying to earn money by shoveling people’s sidewalks.  Mine was just about done when he came upon me but one of my neighbors…a new family…I had 17763651noticed that they really didn’t care to shovel.  So, I told the young man to try them.  And he did…and he got the job. 

You would have to have seen the job that he did.  It was very well done…and he was quite pleasant as occasionally I would speak to him.  When he finally got his money and turned to leave…I called out to him saying-

february_magazine11“I look forward to seeing your face upon the cover of Black Enterprise magazine.”

And to my surprise he was what he said back to me-

“And you will.  My name is Mingo Patterson.”

And I said to him-

“Undoubtably you possess the same spirit as Barack Obama.”

He kind of grinned at me…and slowly said-

“Yeah, I guess I do.”

“And that is why he is the success that he is today.  And I am sure you will be too,” I said to him as he dashed a way to search out another sidewalk to shovel.  And I am sure he will be…because he possessed all the right qualities.  Success takes hard work…and people who are willing to get up and go after it.  And those people do everything they do…well…and they do it with all diligence without respect of cost or pay.

There is nothing like money earned…and earned well.  It turns everyday folks into the future entreprenseurs…millionaires and executives of tomorrow.  It cannot be 410sb_aa0002_0011beat…nor substituted for…it really can’t.

There have been a lot of great opportunities for young people who wanted to…to get out and make some money this winter.  Almost everybody is tired of shoveling except me.   I love it.    And I just keep thinking…’how I am shoveling my parent’s property.’     That makes me feel real proud…to know that I am doing something for them in their absence.

Well, God bless…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on” ©2009  


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  • 1. Granite Sealer  |  January 31, 2009 at 1:39 pm

    I watched the whole women’s final (not that it went long). It was a pure display of Serena’s dominance and sheer determination. She was amazing to watch. As an Aussie I always look forward to the Open immensely at the beginning of each year and I am so happy to see Serena win it again (as has become a tradition every two years). She is a true champion and deserves her number 1 ranking. Ten grand slams is a very big achievement. I can’t wait for the men’s final tomorrow night, it should be a real contest!

  • 2. bsmith101  |  February 9, 2009 at 6:20 am

    I wish I could have seen her win. And you are right…it seems she likes to win ever other year. Now, she is the
    #1 female athlete in the world.

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