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February 1, 2009 bsmith101
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She clinched it.

She won her 10th Grand Slam title Saturday…and she is all smiles now.   It was a simple walk in the park for Serena Williams who won by delivering up back to back game points of 6-0, 6-3.  Soak and wet by the time it was over…she battled in the intense heat…had a series of faults…errors but she did it any how.   She won.

Serena Williams won the Australia Open Women’s singles championship.

She is now the all-time number one female athlete prize winner in the world.   Serena is the Tiger Woods in sports on the women’s side…after having just pocketed $1.28 when she took the women’s single championship on Melbourne, Australia, which put Serena over $23 million in prize winnings.  That does not even include the Williams sisters sponsorships and endorsements such as Nike, Puma, Revok  etc…etc… which was one of their first major contracts when as little girls Rebok gave them a $9 million endorsement contract.  And laden with Nike’s swoosh on everything she was wearing during the tournament…and Wilson’s ‘W’ prominently displayed on her tennis racquet.   It was definitely not hard to see just who and who is heavily invested in her ability to win and continue to showcase their products and merchandise. 

You can read more by CLICKING on the LINKS below.,19528,12110_4876271,00.html

And yes…Serena and Venus won the women’s double also while they were busy playing around down there in the deep ‘down under.’            


I am so happy for them…and their family. 


What a family…those Williams are.   And somebody said competition in a family is a bad thing.   I guess so…if it is used wrongly and as a negative rather than as a positive thing.  But just look what it can do when all that negative stuff is removed.  Just look at what these young ladies are accomplishing together and separately.  They have managed to become the darlings of the courts…and thousands fill arenas to watch them play.

I think that it is interesting how after Barack Obama having been elected President of the United States and for the first time in their history the highly conservative political party known as the Republican Party of this country has now chosen…at this time…to elect a black man to head their national committee…calling it the ‘winds of change.’  

Clearly, this is a move on the Republican side to start to re-vamp Thousands of people head towards the L'Enfant Plaza Metro ... their political party…and image.   I am also very sure that seeing 2 million plus poured into Washington, DC regardless of the freezing cold…to celebrate the inauguration of President Barack Obama did in many ways have an awful lot of impact  in the making of that decision…along with the phenomenal record numbers of votes that Barack Obama received in the Presidential election…including the vast number of Republicans who turned out and also aided and supported Obama in that win.  And least we should forget the number of Red States that turned Blue also throwing their support behind Obama…this really must have been a real crusher for the Republican Party. 

Yes, that all being so…I would say the Republicans are going to have to conjure up some mighty powerful wind storms to assist in creating the type of change that needs to come about in order to blow the bad taste of George Bush for 8 years out of everybody’s mouth…and mind…if indeed they want any immediate future wins.  Yeah, I would say the Republican Party is in dire straits right now…and nobody put them there but themselves.  And it all started in November of 2000 when they decided it would be easier to steal the  Presidential election from Al Gore rather than to fairly win it.  I have always quoted this saying that I guess I learned in church-

“A thief never prospers.”

Clearly, the Republican Party has learned that the hard way.

Oh, I am happy for the brother, Michael Steele, Republican Governor of Maryland…and I know nothing about him.  So, I can’t bad mouth him.   But I view it merely as being a political tactic on the part of the Republican Party for coming political elections.   By putting black faces in key positions in the hope of reaping large numbers of black votes for future elections on the side of the Republicans.  It is called ‘eating away at the numbers.’

It is a fact that many people…particularly those in political circles have an ever non-ending belief that black folks vote largely on color lines.  Which for the most part of last semester while sitting in my class on elections…I argued against.  But it was to no avail…because it was written in the text books which had been required for the class that it was so…and this notion was accepted broadly by the class including by the instructor as law and a given.  Which I felt was insulting…and I knew it to be a lie. 

Black folks are not dumb…and because of our history through slavery…black folks have long been torn down certain lines which white folks have no understanding of…and may never understand.  But the one thing  that all black folks know…who have any sense of who they are and the things that black folks in America have gone through.   They know this beyond anything else…‘all black folks ain’t black.’

So, therefore, ploys to get large number of black folks to shift from being Democrats…and to cross over to the other side.  Well,  it would  take a whole lot more than the Republican Party putting up a few black faces in high place here and there…e.g. Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas.

The Obama effect…is not going to wash across the board.

For years black Republicans have been trying to sway larger number of black folk to cross over to the Republican side…simply by trying to point out that this would  aid in the Democratic Party to stop taking the black vote for granted.   Which is another point that those text  books in my election class clearly also stated.   Meaning that because the Democratic Party could always depend upon the black vote…as stated in the text books used in my election class (of which I thought had a very limited scope on the subject because the text was based upon white men and their thoughts not the actual thoughts of black folks).   But anyway, those writers felt that the Democratic Party realized that it did not have to do anything by way of  work to ensure the black vote because it was a given.    A point in which I was seriously at odds against…as it is not true.

Even black politicians have to work for the black vote.  I will never forget while living in Chicago that one day my boss, Dr. A. L. Reynolds, Jr., had an appointment.  I had scheduled the appointed for him but never had a clue as to who the man was even upon meeting him when he showed up in the office for his meeting with Dr. Reynolds.

Dr. Reynolds was the Pastor of Sixth Grace United Presbyterian Church located at Cottage Grove Avenue and 35th Street in the heart of the South Side of Chicago just a few blocks below  the Chicago White Sox’s baseball stadium.  The gentlemen who had come to meet with Dr. Reynolds was not someone I was familiar with as he was not a member at 6th Grace.  Following the meeting as the gentleman exited the church and began walking towards his car parked out front…Dr. Reynolds came out of his office and said to me-

“See that man there,” he said pointing out the window towards the man.  “He wants to be mayor of Chicago.”

At the time that didn’t mean anything to me…but years later when 5001-004-dd299db211that man won and actually did become mayor of Chicago.   I    remember that day in Dr. Reynolds’ office when he had come to speak with Dr. Reynolds as he was making his rounds from church to church trying to solicit the support of the city’s black clergy. 

That man was Mayor Harold Washington…and like Obama…he made it happen.  He became the first black mayor of Chicago…as Barack Obama has succeeded in becoming the President of the United States.   I have no doubt that they both must have met being both residents of Chicago…and as each at some were both ‘community organizers.’

I remember him so well…Harold Washington.  He did not come with anyone.  No fan fair nothing and he was already a member of the Illinois Senate.  He was so unsuspecting to me.  I never would have guessed who that man was…or that he was working his way up the Illinois political  ladder.   That is the thing about great people…they do not play great.   They tend to be quiet people whom you would walk right by without ever knowing who they were or are.  Juxtapose…to those who want to pretend that they are more than what they really are.  I really do prefer the latter.

I of course was not familiar with him because I had just arrived in Chicago seeking my fame and fortune in the radio industry…which never opened up its doors to me in Chicago. 

So, you see…to a degree that may have been so about the Democratic Party taking black votes for granted…but it does not mean that Democratic candidates do not have to earn our votes nonetheless…just so that we will show up to cast them. 

Since for the most part…the same could be said for all other voters as well…when you are left to vote for the lesser of 2 evils…that is to say…when voters did not have  much to voted for except for the person whom they perceived would do them the least harm or  wrong.   And for the past years this is exactly what going out to vote had come down to…until Obama gave us all a better reason to show up in the ballot booth.    Which those text books for my election class when they talked about low President Barack Obama, seen here on January 5, will make a ...voter turnout totally overlooked as  a possible reason. 

 There is no doubt that since the election of  Barack Obama the value and power of the black vote will never again be under-estimated…and spoken of flippantly such as to say-

“Oh, they don’t turn out and vote.” 

Oh, don’t we?

And particularly in record numbers when we have something or someone we really want to vote for.

Yes, the winds of change have swept into the land.   That is to say…never under-estimate a people who become tired.   Tired of injustice…unfair treatment…and of being overlooked.   Because it will bring about a change…including a change of attitude about getting out to vote.

I remember listening to Mrs. Lilly Ledbetter speak at the Democratic National Convention this past August, where President Barack Obama made his nomination acceptance speech as the Democratic Candidate for the race to the White House.  At that convention many people were allowed to participate at the convention by telling their own personal stories to the American public.   Many people watching clearly understood and may have well also been going through what those people were talking about since they all talked on various problems that plagued the United States.  The stories ranged from accounts of foreclosure, health care family problems, small business and the economy etc.    All the stories were sad…and came from people who had been suffering due the affects of the bad polices and the mis-direction of the Bush Administration.

Mrs. Ledbetter’s story touched me…as many years I had worked in a highly male dominated industry…radio…communication.   Everything to do with media or entertainment…really is this way.    And at one time all businesses were too…every office, factory…etc…etc…everything. 

 s10925221Today, you see woman sitting in many various capacities but this was not so in years past.    And never had women ever received the pay bonuses, retirement plans etc.  much less the pay of their male counter-parts in any industry or company.  

But Mrs. Ledbetter’s story was about when she found out and tried to file suit and discovered she could not because of the clock…the legal clock had run out.  In the court they call it statutes of limitation…when the time to sue had tolled.   And that was an outrage…and I felt her feelings of having been cheated because she had given the Goodyear Corp. 19 years of her life only to find out that many men who did not had her qualifications nor experience had been paid considerably more than her, received better pension plans, higher social security payments etc .

In the court system…it is important to know that for most cases…but not all…the clock begins to toll from the time the plaintiff first realizes something to be wrong.  But this is not always the case…and for most cases you have a 3 year time frame to file suit.  Once that time lapses…then it is too late.  But for every state these things are different…but simple to find out simply by going to your local legal library which can be found down in your local court house or at a nearby law college.  And by researching that information through the appropriate law book and under the correct topic.

But having worked mostly under men…in a highly male dominated  cheated industry was not always easy.   I grew to hate being referred to as ‘babe’…’baby’…and whatever else name men call women that is devised and designed to keep us in our place and recognized as not being equal to our male co-workers, associates and bosses.   Like Mrs. Ledbetter, I had had far more experience and exposure than most of my male counter-parts.  But they were, however, paid considerable more always.  And many times the companies catered to them…they became the program directors, the music directors, the general managers etc. if these positions became open…which in radio they did and quite often.

So, I clearly understood how all those women on Capitol Hill felt as they looked on with eyes filled with tears…as they crowded around President Obama as he  signed the Fair Pay  Act into law.  It is a measure way past due…and it gave an extension to the time in which to file suit.  Bravo.

Well, I got up and out early yesterday morning had to crack some s10514031ice.  The sidewalk in front of the house had been frozen solid.  I had thrown out some more salt upon it last night before going in…and the sun was shining this morning so I knew that was a good sign.  And yes it had started to melt…enough to allow me to crack enough of the ice to clear more than a large enough walkway for people. 

But there are mounds and mounds of snow everywhere.  And I know that I am bless  because the house could be a whole lot colder due to the furnace being blown.  But thank God it is not…and I have plenty of food…and really it is very pretty outside.  It really really is.  But it is too bad I can’t light a fire in the fireplace…maybe next winter after I get it cleaned out by a chimney sweeper.   I guess they still have chimney sweepers…don’t they?

Well, God bless…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on” ©2009  

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