February 25, 2009 bsmith101
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Today I have been reclassified.  And I have been smiling…really chuckling to myself since.

ie396-0071While waiting on the bus…which I had to dragged myself out of bed, shower and get dressed to get to.   And I said all of that because knowing that if I didn’t want to waste my day today…I needed to get out and catch the bus.

Well, who wants to catch the bus?

So, I finally got out to the bus stop after deciding to make myself some Cream of Wheat…which I have really been enjoying for the past few days.  It has been years since I have eaten it…but I woke up with a taste for it one day and I have been indulging myself since.

But it has been a long time since I have taken the street bus.  And I needed to get downtown to the college where I am using their software to build my web site.  Knowing that I would not have the truck today…it was the bus or not go.   So, I decided the bus.  But since I haven’t been on the bus for a while…I was not sure how much it now cost.

When I arrived at the bus stop there was a young guy on his cell…and finally when I saw the bus coming I decided to ask him how much it cost.  So, I said-

“Is the bus still a dollar?”

He looked and kind of hesitated for a moment then smiled somewhat and said-

“For you 65¢.”

I didn’t quite understand what he meant when he said-bld0464051

“For you.”

It was like they were having a special or something just for me.  So, I asked him again saying-

“How much for you?”

“For me (meaning him) it’s a $1.25.”

Then he kind of grinned at me saying-

“But for you (meaning me) it’s 65¢.”

I still didn’t understand the ‘for you’ part of our conversation.  And it must have been written on my face because then he kind of looked off as someone searching for the right words…then he looked back at me saying-

“For seniors its 65¢.”

FOR SENIORS?????k13981391

I have to admit he seemed so embarrassed in being forced to say it…and that I found to be quite funny.



I have been called many things but never in my life before have I ever been called that.

So, between all my smiles…let me just inform you right now…that…

Well, I have been re-classified.  I guess today I have been designated as a ‘senior.’

That is so funny to me. It reminds me of one day about 10 or so years ago while downtown Brooklyn and I was getting ready to cross the street.  And this guy…this…this man…about 30 or 40 years old called me ‘ma.’

You will not know how insulted I was.  Here he looked like he was all of 40 or something himself and here he was calling me ‘ma.’ I wanted to grab him and start beating him…calling me ‘ma?’ Are you kidding me…that was what I thought…and I was mad.

I was not accepting that…but today was different…I found it cute.  The young guy today had done u2693448611everything he could to keep from calling me a senior citizen…and I just could not understand what he was trying to say until he finally said it.  And it was funny to me.  And I have been smiling every since.

I do have gray hair…I come by it legally.  Daddy’s hair was pure white…and I am very proud of having my father’s hair.  I have even been complimented on it.  It is pretty…and then the other half of my gray hair I earned.  And I mean…I have earned it.  Worries and problems, baby.  They will do it to you too.

So, yes…as of today I have been re-classified.  And now I expect to get all kinds of discounts…and all those little perks that come along with my new classification. (smile)

Well, I just thought I would stop to share that bit of humor with you. God bless…
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Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on” ©2009


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