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March 6, 2009 bsmith101
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It is definitely clear that something needs to be done with the present health care system that we have here in America.  I don’t know maybe it is just me…but the system we used to have the one long ago sure seemed alot better than anything they have now.

A long time ago you used to go to the doctor…mostly general practitioners then.  Many of them did not even work out of a hospital or within some kind of medical facility.

No, they worked out of their house which they converted the downstairs into an office space, examining rooms and even had a waiting room…and they usually lived a few blocks away somewhere in the neighborhood.

k067093511But one thing about them though…you only had to tell them a symptom or 2…and those doctors…who were known back then as general practitioners…they knew right away what was wrong with you.

Now, today they have specialist after specialist…and  nobody knows anything.  Nobody can tell you anything.  They all say-

“I don’t know.  But lets run some tests.”

Now, how come the little old private practitioner could tell you exactly what was wrong…and all these big time fancy surgeons and specialist can’t tell you a thing?

What don’t they teach anything in medical school anymore?

Besides…how to make money?

There they sit in their big plush medical facilities…or hospitals…or whatever in white crispy starched shirts with their smocks on looking all official…but they don’t know nothing.  Except how to keep you running back and forth while milking you out of every dime your medical ks12451911plan will pay them.

The other thing about things as they are today in the medical field that gets me…is REFERRALS.

Hate ’em.

I can’t stand the way the present system is set up.  You can’t go anywhere or see anybody unless some doctor gives you a referral.  And then you can only go where they will allow you.  Or you have to beg and beg  just to be referred with the hopes that somebody else can tell you what is wrong with you.

So, yes…this system is in dire need of correction.

I had been experiencing excruciating pain in my right arm a while back…and I truly mean excruciating.  I had no idea what it was but it was constant severe pain 24/7…and it grew measure by measure.  Finally, I realized that the pain was not going and I could no longer bear it…so, I got out and went to see a doctor.

The doctor asked if I had shoveled any snow.  And I told him no.

Then he asked me had had I lifted anything heavy.  And I told him no.

Then he asked me-

“Well, have you done anything which could have caused the pain?”

Well, if I knew that I wouldn’t have gone to see him.

Finally, he said well go home and if it persists come back and see me.

And I did…a whole week later…where he again sent me on my merry little way after asking a few questions.

Have you ever watched the second hand on a clock ticking the time down?

That’s how my money was going.  Tick…tick…tick…visit after visit and my arm pain by now had grown way beyond unbearable.

It was like the 4th visit and still the doctor had not done one thing to help me or my pain…but take my money…or my plan’s money…which is my money.  As he was about to send me once again on my merry little way…I had a fit in that office.  And I mean…I HAD A FIT.   I started yelling and demanding.  The pain was too much for me to bear and my temperament was far beyond allowing me to continue in the state that I was in.

Now, I am a person who hates it when people tell me that I am yelling when I am not yelling.   Sometimes I may raise my voice a bit…but I may be a long way from  yelling.   I often have to caution people when they tell me that by saying-

75502911“Oh, I haven’t started yelling yet.  But when I do you will certainly know the difference.”

But I started yelling in that doctor’s office…and mean I yelled.

I demanded a referral right then and there…to see a special…and told him that no I was not coming back again so he could continue to take my money while that pain was killing me…and for him to keep telling me the same thing.  I told him to give me that referral…and  give it to me now.

That doctor could not give me a referral quick enough.  And if he hadn’t…    Well, I was in so much pain I was prepared to start turning things over and throwing a few things in that office (I will have to tell at some other time about this restaurant where I did just that…and it was warranted).

I was in dire pain…and I do mean dire.  And I had had enough of this doctor and all of that going back and forth for him to have not done anything to help me.

The next week I was in to see an orthopedic.  Come to find out I had a torn rotary  00063at1cuff.   And I had to have surgery done to my shoulder…and that was scheduled a couple of weeks later.   But it took my getting upset in order to get it done.  And this is what people go through day after day upon visiting doctors today…continual trips to the doctor’s office without relief.

The real problem with the medical system is the ‘referral plan.’   It plays against the plan holders.  Doctors somehow seem to believe that they have the upper hand.  They do want they want and when they feel like it…because we have no control over the plans…and we need a piece of paper from a doctor to seek out any form of treatment from anyone else.

The plans control us…and doctors buy into the various plans knowing that they have a free and clear playing field…a cash cow as soon as you hand them your medical card.   Before when the doctor didn’t do what you thought was best…or if you thought that you weren’t getting proper care or service…you just got up and found yourself  another doctor.   But not so any more…those medical plans cut all of that out.

Also, before if you heard from a friend or someone…that this doctor over there was better…you just got up and switched…no referral…no nothing.  But you can’t do that any more either.  These plans have you locked into certain doctors…certain medications etc…etc…

So, there is little wonder why you can’t find a good doctor anymore these days.  Because they do not have to be…because you are not going nowhere no matter how they treat you…or not.  Because they won’t let you.  And this is what is really wrong what today’s system here in America.

Now, none of them need to be any good any more…because we do not have the right or the freedom to go see any other doctor who is better…all because of some stupid medical plan that has us all roped in to them which guarantees these doctors business no matter how bad they are.Barack Obama Picture

So, yeah…Obama-

“Re-vamp the medical system.”

In my opinion the entire system needs a major overhaul.  And it is just too bad that nobody has thought of returning back to the system we used to have years ago where we were not treated like mindless little children.  Where we have freedom of will and could seek out the best care for ourselves.  Believe me…they would get their acts back together then…or starve.

I truly believe what somebody said a long time ago-

“If  it is not broken…don’t fix it.”

That is the principle which should have been applied years ago…then maybe now we would not be in the predicament that we are in today with all these large medical plans and pharmaceutical companies dictating things to us.





abc_missing_players_3_090301_mn1I was just thinking about the NFL football players, Corey Smith, Marquis Cooper and other man, who were lost at sea this past week.  For some reason my mind keeps telling me that the search team should have looked east of where they were searching.

I feel for them…and their families…and I have yet to give up hope for them.

The families were disenchanted when the coast guard called off their search of the missing parties the other day.  I could not help but think…that rather than waiting on the shorelines their families should have been out on those waters looking too.

It was not like those football players didn’t have money.  Sometimes you have got to mobilize your own efforts rather than leaving everything up to everyone else.  When you love and care for someone…who can be more nfl_1_497142a11determine or seek them out or more fervent in finding them than you?

Their boat flipped over casting the 4 boat members into the sea.  Last week one lone party of the boat was found siting a top of the flipped over boat.  It all happened in the Tampa Bay area…in the city of Clearwater which is an island sitting with one part of it in the Atlantic Ocean…and the other side in the Gulf of Mexico.  So, you can imagine the amount of territory that would they had to cover in their attempts in trying to find the 4 men.




Well, it seems that the families and friends must have read my mind…but they should have gotten out there searching from the very beginning.  But you can read more on that by CLICK the LINK below.


There is this woman in the Church of God in Christ, by the name of Betty Nelson, who tells this story of her daughter.  She tells how her daughter had taken to a wayward turn in her young life.  She started hanging out and got caught up in drugs and things.

Her mother tried dealing with the situation as much and best as she could…but her daughter grew worst.  Harder to control and was totally out of order because the drugs and the wayward life had taken her over.  Eventually Betty Nelson said that her daughter ceased coming home.  And over this her mother shed many tears…and many long nights and days praying to God that her daughter would come out of the life she had fallen into.

Finally, Betty Nelson says that she decided that she was not going to let her daughter be lost to the streets.   She says she called out saying-

“Devil, you can’t have my daughter.  I don’t care what I have to do.  But I’m going to find my daughter.  And I’m taking her back…out of the drugs…out of the prostitution…out of…”

She says she hit the streets searching for daughter.  Searching and searching until she came to some crack house.  She says the place was run down…with people’s children laying everywhere all strung out on drugs…but she did not let fear overtake her.  She walked into that old broken down crack house and began searching through it looking for her daughter.  And in the midst of that house she found her daughter…all drugged out…and out of her head.  But she says she took her daughter out of there.  And she says that she dared anybody to try to stop her.

It is funny about a mother…with a made up mind.  She cannot be swayed when it comes to her child.

Today, Betty Nelson’s daughter is free from her addiction and is a living testimony of a mother’s love for her child…and how sometimes we as parents have to be willing to do the unthinkable…and the seemingly impossible in order to save our children from themselves.

I am a believer of  ‘tough love.’ But sometimes being too tough can prove to be worst…and have more dire consequences.   There must be a balance.  Be tough if it is required…but never unloving…or uncaring.

Gandhi Items Sold for $1.8 Million

Gandhi itemsIt was an auction of  items once owned by Mohandas K. Gandhi, including a pocket watch and spectacles, which has touched off outrage in India as its government continues to talk with the items’ owner.

It seems that when you are dead everybody wants a piece of  you.

Had those items meant so much to the government of India it would seem to me that it would have tried to acquire them before the auction.


453958301Well, the Obama’s are working hard to ensure that their daughters do not miss one moment of enjoying their childhood…and rightly so.  The girls, Malia and Sasha were pleasantly surprised last week by a new addition in their new back yard.   And it looks like so much fun.  http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/local/politics/ny-usswing0306,0,7640326.story

Well, the dignitaries are starting to come ‘a visiting.’  On yesterday, Gordon brown_in_the_usa__0_497173a1Brown the Prime Ministry of England came a courting.  It would be interesting to know exactly what they discussed.

The one good thing about Obama…and there are many good things about him.  But this I like best of all.  He is not a chump.  He walks, talks and carries himself like a man…and he is not afraid of speak up.  And another thing…that I like about him.  He is not a game player.   Not a person who relies upon lies and deceit to get over on us…the voters of America.

I guess that is what we all saw in him…and that is why he is now President of the United States.

I am so glad for a breath of fresh air…that breath of fresh air called Barack Obama.  I was beginning to suffocate.

Well, at last it stopped snowing and now we have mounds of it all over the place again.  But…yes…I LOVE IT.

Last night I made up my mind that I do not care how hot it gets this summer…I bld0462641am not going to complain.  I will merely pull the fan a little closer…and remember this winter…all the snow…the cold…and furnace being blown.

So, yes…I love looking at the beauty of winter…but I will sure be happy when summer comes.  And weather like today’s…makes me long for it all the more.

Well, God bless…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on” www.bsmith101.wordpress.com ©2009

CLICK the ABOVE video a COUPLE of TIMES and just ignore the text.


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  • 1. Kim  |  March 26, 2009 at 10:22 am

    Fantastic work. Keep up the great stuff.

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