Octuplet mother?

March 11, 2009 bsmith101
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I actually do not see what the fuss is about concerning that woman who when her babies are born will have 14 children.

Personally, I think too much attention has been already paid to her…which is why I have been trying to avoid the story.

But if you want to know my opinion…and perhaps you really don’t.  But here it is anyhow.

She is just an obsessed little child who should never have been a mother in the first place.  And yes…I do think that their are some women who are just not cut out to be mothers…or for motherhood in any form…shape…or matter.  And evidently…to me this girl…or young woman…you take your pick…is one of them.

She claims that the reason that she wants these children is because her mother never gave her the love that she felt she should have had.  Right there…somebody should have said, “Hold it.  NUT CASE.”

What child never thought that their parent should have gave them ‘the kind’ of love they should have had?

I remember many times wishing I was dead…and hating my parents because I felt that they were mean to me.

It wasn’t until we became adults…got much older that we came to realize and appreciate the love…the attention…and everything else that goes along with parenting…including chastising us.   It is the latter years that we later came to appreciate our parent’s efforts.  Otherwise, who knows what kind of monsters we would all be today…had it not been for them?

But not everybody gets to that point.  Some children…and particularly…those children who were spoiled…they never get to that point.  They for some reason they always wine up feeling just the opposite.  They feel that their parents never did enough for them.

It is for this reason…that parents have to be very careful as to just how much they indulge their children…by giving them too much.  This I have seen within my own family.

Because when many parents didn’t have some things while growing up themselves…they always usually want to ensure that their children do have it.  And they give it to them…whatever they feel that they didn’t have but would have loved to have had or wasn’t allowed…they generously and freely indulge their children with.    This was the way my parents thought…and they gave to us.

Out of 8…I am the only one who is different.  I would try to tell them no…on some occasions.

I recall when my mother decided that she was going to buy me a car.  I had seen this cute little convertible…used car that I wanted…and tried to get her to buy it for me.  But instead she bought me a brand new shiny red VW.   The Bug was okay…but I really wanted that convertible.

Just how many kids do you know who would have loved and been happy with any car if their parents had gotten it for them?

When kids have too much they just do not appreciate it.  And they…for the most part…will never appreciate it…or for anything.  Because that is what spoiling a child can do.  It corrupts them and their perception of things.   They end up with a feeling of what they ‘deserved.’

I have seen that girl talking to her mother…and though she was not disrespectful…I could tell that she had probably been spoiled.

Well, one proof of this was the fact that she was already the mother of 6 children…and still living in her parent’s home.

A grown woman…with 6 kids…and still living in her mother’s house?

Can you imagine parents helping their daughter to their own demise?

Her parent’s house is currently in foreclosure due to the fact that they owe money on their mortgage…as they struggled to aid their daughter with her other 6 children.

Had that young woman had any responsibility from the unset…when she first started having babies…there may not be any stories on her now about giving birth to 8 more.

Eight at one time…what woman could handle that…even the best of mothers.

I think by this time she may have already done it.  Had the babies…

Wow…imagine 8 little bodies occupying a space made to accommodate 1.  They look as though they have been through a battle…each one fighting for his or her space in that womb.

The young woman…she has been on television show after television show…which shows she  seeks attention.  Clearly, she does have a problem.  And when the camera lights dim…and that story fades into the not so distant past…what shall become of her children?

What happens to them when they will fail to give her the spotlight of attention any longer…when the story fades from the news headlines…and then they are no long little infants laying in a bed?

What then?

Well, currently…I read that she is considering a role in some XXX movie.  Need I say more?





That doctor who is fertilizing these women…with all these multiple kids…he must be a quack.  And someone really should be seriously investigating him.

I do realize that for the most part…every parent loves their child and/or children…and desires to give them the world…provide for them…and all of that.  But there can be a pitfall to giving them too much.  Many rich people are guilty of this.  Oftentimes, they feel guilty for having worked too hard and not having been around.

So, what do they do?

They load their children with lavish gifts.  Rather than giving them…their children what they really need…a little love…attention…and of what  little time they may have.  Thus, they feel that they can compensate their child and/or children for the lost of their attention with things…gifts…money…etc..

It really is important to make some quality time for your children…no matter how fleeting it is or small it is.  It is better than none.  And all the gifts in the world just cannot compensate for it…or the lack thereof.

This is why I have such respect…along with other reasons for Ted Kennedy.  He was thrown into some very big shoes…at a very early age in his life with the killing of his brothers…and having to take on the responsibility of the patriarch of his family.  But the one thing you can see about him…is how they all response to him…Uncle Teddy.

They adore him…his children…nieces… nephews…etc…   They watch over him…they went running when he fell ill.   These are the things which speak for the dedication and effort one puts into their family.

I wonder how successful you could be as a statesman…if you were first not able to be successful at home?

God bless…

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