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Chyrsler bankruptcy… cause and effect…Ancient African History…

I really do not like people who like to laugh and kajol themselves on the back of other people’s suffering.  As if Chrysler’s going into bankruptcy only impacted the top dogs at Chrysler.  If that was so…then maybe my attitude might be somewhat different too.  But it does not…the top dogs rarely feel much of the ping…when the zing falls hardest upon those at the bottom.  The top dogs get paid out…retire…and go on vacation for the rest of their lives while the poor factory workers get squeezed out of  jobs.   And are left suffering…wondering about tomorrow.

So, I really hate when I hear people laughing and joking about situations which impact poor innocent people…thousands upon thousands of them…just trying to make it…as black folks say…from day to day.

What could possibly be funny about another large American corporation having to declare bankruptcy?

It merely means more re-organizing…further cut backs and down-sizing…and the shuffling of more folks off into the unemployment lines.

It also means more mortgages can’t and won’t be met…due to people loosing their jobs.  Credit card bills that won’t get paid…because…  Well, people have lost their jobs.  Less consumer wares and other items being purchased…because…well…   Yes, people have lost their jobs.  More people waiting to collect unemployment…more food stamps that will have to be given out…more medical problems for Medicare to add to their rows etc…   More…more…more people who will need to be re-trained…for jobs which do not exist etc…etc…etc..

So, what is there to cheer about…concerning Chrysler filing bankruptcy?

And yes…President Obama should do everything he can to help constrain and assist Chrysler from totally going under.

Had I not gone to visit in Detroit last August such things would have never crossed my mind…but I cannot forget all those houses and all those buildings which I saw…street after street in Detroit all boarded up.  There is something about having seen that…that has compelled me to never forget the plight of others. 

Sometimes we get caught up in how big we are and how well we ourselves are doing… and what our family has…what we have…etc…etc…   That we forget all about others…and about what is going on with them.  But this is wrong.  Other people lives do impact our lives…whether we care to believe it or not.

Recently, we have seen a series of shootings…where people just walked into some crowded place…office…church…mall…store…house…neighborhood…and just started shooting.   And as you listened to the story unfold…you heard or read that the person who had done the shooting had just lost their job…been laid off…went seeking help and met up with nothing but frustration. 

When your world comes tumbling down around you…and your family needs to be fed…the rent is due…the utilities are beginning to be cut off…and you are facing eviction…I wonder if you would be laughing because you worked for Chrysler…and your livelihood company just filed bankruptcy…and that meant it was going to cost you your job…your only means of a livelihood…for yourself and your family? 

I doubt it.

The lost of jobscorporate bankruptcies effect us all.  And though you may view it as a government bailout because Uncle Sam is trying to help these companies out…the situations are bigger than their CEO’s.  That money that Obama is taking to aid these companies is far less than what it would cost taxpayers to sustain those people…massive numbers of people who stand  to loose their jobs.  And I really hate to hear people who have limited vision…short sightedness…and who can’t see beyond their own nose…so much so…that they fail to see the bigger…and much broader picture concerning this issue.  

Trying to re-train people for new jobs…many of whom have no computer skills j44-3147961and only know how to work in a factory…who many may be well up in age…meaning old…too old in fact to actively and with any real hope of ever being hired for a decent job outside of becoming some store associate, perhaps… far from receiving the pay they earned while doing piece work while on their factory job.  Yet, they will be sent to school…enter junior colleges and things…on taxpayer dollars…and into various training programs…still on taxpayers dollars…they will receive unemployment…food stamps…Medicare etc…all of which will add up to far more than the cost of trying to keep Chrysler or any other large company on the verge of sinking from going totally under.

So, what is there to laugh about…and to say-

“There goes more taxpayers money.”

It is pay now…or pay far  more later. 

This recession thing is real.   I may not be feeling it personally…but there are  thousands upon thousands upon thousands of Americans who are.  And they are in dire need of this country’s help and support…without the criticism.

Most people in this country have had a desire for a piece of that American pie…and when circumstances change…they should not be held responsible because of  the curved balls that have been thrown their way.   They only work  for these companies and they should not be made to suffer because of them…ridiculed…or made to feel to blame because of any changes in the global economic environment…or the one here in America.

Well, it is not something that many black people had not known.    That is the fact that Africa is the cradle of civilization…the place of the origins of all man.  

The first shoes made were made in Africa.  University…library…books…etc…first in Africa.  It is a widely known fact that most of the great Greek  philosophers all studied in Africa.  Africa is also known to be the place where the Garden of Eden had been.   And where it may still well be…as there are still parts of  Africa not yet seen by modern man…as you probably remember that most recently in some South American country recently they had found some unknown tribe of  people who had not seen the modern world.   And that was in South America…a place which is not  two-thirds the size of  Africa.

But none of this should really be a secret  or  surprise…as much of the Bible takes place in what as then ancient Africa…as Africa in ancient times stretched all the way into Asia.   Ethiopia and other current African countries are cited in the Bible.  Haran, a village in Africa, was the original home of Abram whose name was later changed by God to Abraham.  And mentioned a few times in the Bible is the Queen of  Sheba…an great African queen, who upon one time where she is mentioned she paid a visit  to young king by the name of Solomon where she questioned him concerning things of  God…as she was  a woman of God.

So, if you want to read more on this story just CLICK the LINK BELOW.

If you want to get an understanding of early African History…CLICK and watch the video BELOW.

That being said…then China would really not be the oldest civilization known to man…as history is starting to show…but Africa…the oldest civilization of  all mankind. 

It is funny to me now…as I think back…but in one of my history classes about a year ago…I handed in a paper stating just that.  Not about Africa…but about history…and how depending upon who is writing that history it may or may not bare the whole truth…or even be correct.  I wrote that no matter how much man may try to corrupt history by purposely negilecting to tell some things…or by accidently doing so…that in time all things…meaning the truth…is eventually revealed through time.

Here is the newest African Beauty to emerge upon the stage of the world…and she is a high school student living with her family in Germany…and she is Germany’s next Top Model, Sara Nuru…an Ethiopian.

You must remember that it was a young beautiful…and evidently a very knowledgeable Ethiopian Queen…Sheba, who paid a visit upon King Solomon who brought him gifts and quizzed him.

Now, I am still trying to catch up on my sleep.  So, if  you will have to forgive me.   I got up and out early this morning.   I had to do what I really do not like to do too often…and that is catch the bus.  But I must say…as a writer…it really does give you a great source for acquiring interesting little stories.  

Hope you had a beautiful day…and for some reason I am feeling much 2ab-the-bishop-wifecoveranticipation.   I guess because my book, THE BISHOP’S WIFE…is due out soon…and then the work really begins.  I will keep you abreast.

God bless…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…” ©2009

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Off the road… Wilmington… Aging… Swine Flu… Obama’s first 100 days…

Well, we  are just getting back in from our weekend little road trip.  The weather was beautiful all the way down and back…90’s, baby…and felt like it.

One of my nephews preached his first sermon in his very own church this past Sunday…and we all went down to be with him for his opening ceremony…a monumental Christian event…in a place where I couldbld040600 see he was much needed.  In Wilmington, DE…which is a much bigger place than I ever expected and has a very sizable amount of  black folk.

While there I could not help but marvel at most of the homes…which were mostly made of stone and brick.  They looked very historic…and I remembered that Delaware was an old State that has a very long and rich history due to George Washington having travelled and stayed there.  And I could see that many of those homes dated back to that period in history…and had been well kept up and cared for through their long history…and still are.

But Wilmington reminded me of  Detroit except for one distinct difference…there were no boarded up houses or boarded up businesses there…as far as I could see.   Very much to the contrary was it to the situation in Detroit…in which as I stated in an earlier blogs on Detroit…that  every other building and house was boarded up in Detroit  due to foreclosures, down-sizing and massive  job losses.   Detroit was consumed by boarded up and vacated buildings and homes due to the shutting down of  many of the factory jobs of  its chief industry and job producers…the Big 3…the motor industry.  And it looked every bit of  it.

But contrary to Detroit…it seemed to me that Wilmington’s future was bright…the city that sits back off of  I-95…but not too far off…just far enough off the main North Eastern throughway so you can’t see it.

But who knew that was really back there…down that short stretch of road where the signs lead you over to.

Little has been and is ever said about Wilmington, DE.   But then I remembered as I glanced across and looked at the old beautiful mansions that our Vice President, Joe Biden and his family,  also lives here…in that quiet little place which isn’t really all that little…and certainly not little at all compared to where I come from.  Just 20 minutes South of Philly and not far from Baltimore.  Wilmington really struck me as a great place to invest in…if you could find property to   buy.

It has all the pluses… Wilmington does… including sitting on the banks of the Delaware do remember that great picture they had in your history book of  Washington standing on that boat looking very regal and General-like as he crossed the Delaware.  It is funny the things you will remember years later from when you were a little grade school child sitting in various classes at school…of which none of  it meant anything to you at the time.  You just had to rememorize it because of the test tomorrow…and that was the only reason you placed it somewhere in your memory bank.   Who knew 20-30-40-50-60 years later you would still be able to pull up and access that information stored somewhere in your brain?

This is why education is so important.  Nothing in school ever seemed important to me.  Teachers failed to be able to show the true value of why you should learn something.  For some reason they cannot link anything that you do in school with real living.  And then later in life you find out that it was all relevant to your everyday living.  Like learning how to get up and go to school.   Relevance: Getting up and going to work.   If you never learned how to get up and get out to school on time you will certainly have problems at getting up and getting out to work on time.   Therefore, it is relevant to real everyday living.

(2) Math…this is a big one (well, learning to get up and go to school was big too…)   Relevance: Being able to keep track of your money…count your change…add up your groceries before you get into line…monitor your daily spending and align it with your budget and your pay check etc…   I told you it was big.   But for some reason teachers cannot appropriately inform students of the real value of learning math.  There is not one kid…or child…or teen in school who doesn’t like money…and if  they realized that math had something to do with money there would not be one student failing math.

Well, I guess you can tell that I am really tired from our trip to Delaware the place where George…oh, never mind…I’ve already said it…how he crossed that river and made history right there in that little…well…not so little town.   Yeah…I am real tired.

When we were through in Delaware…my son and I hit Philly.   I could not get so close and not drop by and visit with the true matriarch of our family…my mother’s Aunt Kate.

Having talked often with Aunt Kate…it was not hard for me to tell when I first realized her mind was not jp2006_0003624-1as sharp as usual.  You used to could say a name and she filled in all the blanks.  I loved talking with her…and each time I learned more and more about our family.  Her mother…was my grand-mother’s mother.  She was a woman who had somehow ended up owning a very large portion of  land…and I do mean very large.  It ran along the shores and back a ways off from Lake Okeechobee, the 2nd largest lake in the United States…2nd only to Lake Michigan.

I found this out once during one of our last annual summer trips to Florida…when suddenly my mother began crying saying-

“You see this land it all belonged to my grand-mother.”

I was surprised…as my mother rarely became so emotional over such things…and certainly not out of the blue as she had that day.  As many times as we had passed through that little town and across that bridge heading over to where I was born and where my grand-mother at the time stilled lived…my mother had never before said anything regarding the size or proportion of any of  that land.

That day she told us that as far as we could see and as far back as we had just come…how it had all belonged to our  great grand-mother.  I had not realized until that moment that seeing where this town now absorbed all of what had been our family’s property…nor had I  realized that seeing it as we drove pass it sadden my mother so until that day…as she sobbed loudly over her grand-mother’s property.  She had spoken of  it before but never had I any idea of  the vast amount of property that was involved.

It is from that moment that I started paying more attention to those programs that I saw on PBS about black families going back through city records and trying to regain property which had been stolen away from their families during the mid-40’s through the 50’s…which included very large farm lands…by various people in those towns who simply just re-wrote the deeds to those black people’s property…giving themselves ownership over it without even bothering to purchase the property from any of the black families.

Very little has ever been said about my great grand-mother except for how extremely religious of a woman she was.  But Aunt Kate had began sharing with me more about her.  She told me of her giving nature…and how she had owned a restaurant.   She told me that there had been people during the course of my great grand-mother’s restaurant business who could not afford to pay for the food…but she fed them anyway.  She had even opened up the doors to her home and raised a child or 2 which was not her own…because they had been homeless.

“One little boy,” Aunt Kate said was a friend of one her brothers…whom they had found out that when they thought he would leave to go home…that he was actually sleeping down under their house.

Aunt Kate said, “Well, mother, wasn’t going to let him stay down there.”

She raised him along with her own children.  He became another brother to our Aunt Kate and my grand-mother along with their other siblings.

Back in those days the houses in those areas of Florida were built raised up off the ground and sat upon concrete blocks.   This was how they built all the houses back then down in Florida…raised up off the ground because of flooding.   If the waters came up over the banks of Lake Okeechobee…it was hoped that they would not rise above the height of the concrete blocks.

Because Zora Neale Huston stayed in my great grand-mother’s area once upon a time…in fact, her book “Their Eyes Were Watching God”…takes place in a little town sitting on Lake Okeechobee.  Imagine my great grand-mother being the great land Baroness that she was…and owner of  the black folk’s only restaurant in that town…and just based on how folks lived down there…and still do…I imagine that they…my great grand-mother and Zora Neale Hurston may have known each another.  Nobody lives in any of those little towns without knowing everybody…so much so…that they all become very much like family…caring and knowing everything about everyone and everything about them.

But Aunt Kate now being the last of all her sibling…out of 10 of them…was my source for much family history…which seemed to just pour out of her.  I never had to ask any questions of her or try to coax her into sharing it with me…very unlike my own grand mother…who always seemed suspicious if  you asked anything about  our family history.  Why I do not know…but it was something that I accepted thinking that perhaps there was something which I should not know.

42-15293997But upon seeing Aunt Kate for the first time in years…I was somewhat surprised.  She was much smaller now…though she had never been a big woman as she always kept herself up, as they say…meaning she always kept herself  looking good and in good condition.  But she wasn’t looking so good yesterday…most of her hair had thinned out…and she had this large black…what looked like smut smudge straight across her forehead.  She had on no shoes or slippers on…of which I had never seen her walk  around barefooted before…as Aunt Kate was quite prime and proper.    And her feet were terribly ashy…meaning…well…you can look that one up…as I do not want nor wish to continue talking about my aunt in such a way.

But it was her mind…the thing most recently I had noticed in the last few phone calls we had had…her mind was slipping.   She was not getting lost…but she had started forgetting things…and who such and such was…when she had always been so sharp about such things.

Aunt Kate was now in her 90’s…and though throughout all of these years age had somehow managed to not show up on her…yesterday was different.  She seemed older than her 90 in fact…and she was now walking with a cane.  That strong little woman was now…an aged shadow of  what she had been…and though I smiled and was happy to see and talk with her and my cousins…it was hard for me not to notice the vast difference in our Aunt Kate yesterday…from the Aunt Kate I had last seen just about 3 years ago and throughout all the prior years.

I often think of  the little church mothers in our church…woman who proudly proclaim their ages with bcp018-29such glee…because none of them looks anything near the age that they truly are.  They are strong and fit…able to get onto and off  buses…walk around their blocks…run errands on their own.   There is a distinct difference between them and women who are not in the church.  And it is very recognizable.

Though her mother had been an extremely religious woman…Aunt Kate may have been…and may still be quasi-religious.   Until a few years ago…Atlantic City had become her friend.  She had gotten bitten by that bug…called gambling.   And if someone had not stolen some money from her…she still might be going…as it had become a weekly habit for her.

I really do believe that there is something about being in the church…and living a life separate from the ways of the world that will make a difference in your life…as witnessed by the many mothers who are in various churches around the world.  There is just something about trusting and living your life as God intends you to live it…that will make a difference.

Yes, I am tired…but I am so thankful that God gave me the opportunity yesterday to finally go and visit with my very kind and loving Aunt Kate…through all the years this has never changed about her.  I suspect that it comes from her mother.

There is little wonder that Obama’s approval rating for his first 100 days has been and is high…as he is actively pursuing to achieve exactly what he went into the White House knowing what he had and needed…and said he would do.  Handle the business of the American people…and try to undo and dark mark the Bush Administration had put upon this country.  And thus far…as my father would say…he has been doing  just fine.  But what I really like is the fact that the dynamic duo which we put into the White House are both getting high marks.

I always knew that Michelle was going to show herself to be simply wonderful as both First-Mom, First Lady…friend and confident to the man that sits in the top seat and wears the heavy crown…or in this country…heavy hat…President Barack Obama.

I really like reading all this good press about them.  He was media darling prior to entering the race…media darling after entering the race…and still media darling after having won the race.

I like people who are consistent…don’t you?

Mexico Swine FluAs you know…I do not watch much television.  But often while sitting around in a hotel room…I find little  else to do.  So, this is how I happened to hear about the ‘Swine Flu.” As far as I can tell…it is very much like most of the other flu’s…causing diarrhea, vomiting, fevers, headaches…etc.   But thus far it has killed 81 people in New Mexico…and a series of people…up to 40 cases have been diagnosed here in other parts of the United States.

To protect yourself they say that you should continuously wash your hands…and when out in public keep your hands out of your mouth and eyes.

Could not resist this story…CLICK the LINK BELOW to read it and see the video.

Pastor Bruce Cadle of New Hope Church delivers the first sermon in a three-part It is about a southern preacher who believes that having ‘good sex’…or as this pastor puts it “great sex’…is something which the body of Christ should be preaching about.

I know you do not want to hear my opinion on that…because you probably already know it…if you have read any of these blogs at all with any degree or level of understanding.

But it just goes to prove…just how overboard this whole sexual revolution has become.   And I am not shocked…as it seems to me that there are some in the church…or seemingly of the church…who have great interest in the subject and are doing everything they can to spread that interest.2ab-the-bishop-wifecover

Though, I have to admit that my book, THE BISHOP’S WIFE… certainly touches upon the subject.   It is…I guess important…but not something which should be preached or for that matter…needed to be taught in church…any more than sex education in school.

Speaking about my book, THE BISHOP’S WIFE…between it and counting down the days to when it is ready for sell…launching my website…blogging…and hitting the road to promote my book…and menopause…it is wonder that I am anything but tired.

Now, I think I am going to get some much more needed sleep, thank you.   Being on the road somehow jp2006_0003862drains me these days.  I love it…but it tires me.   I think it throws my whole internal clock off…as I usually am the one driving through the night…and most of the day.  But I love the road, baby.   Ain\’t nothing like it.

So, if you will excuse me…I am going to rest now.   Good-night.

God bless…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends

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A star is born…fairytale stories …and dreams…

Yesterday, while chatting with my son, he happened to turn around and say to me-

“Ma, did you see this?”

He was on his laptop looking at a few things on youtube…and he showed me the most extraordinary video footage.

Take a look…and just DOUBLE CLICK…and ignore the text.

When I saw that footage I was brought to tears and had to watch it several times…and cried each time I saw it.

It speaks volumes in how we perceive people based upon what they look like.  I think Pierce said it best when he stated that everyone including himself and the audience had written her off as a joke.

Having been one of those people that most people have written off  for most of EU BRITAIN SINGING SENSATIONher life…while others felt strongly that I was going to achieve some kind of mega fame or success…I think.  But this woman’s story touched me.   It was her attitude which really caught my attention.  She was in no means a joke.  But her beauty spoke from deep down within…and when given a chance it did shine with such wit and brightness that I loved her immediately.  She had all of what I would have loved to have had…and still yearn for. 

‘She had it going on’…as they say in ‘the hood.’

I loved her because she was undaunted by her appearance…or what people perceived of her physical being.  She was confident in who she was…comfortable in her own skin.  She exuded presence…temperance…and attitude of someone quite kind.   The kind of person who is great as a story4722bcbff571e637e4780f3518b668b111friend…or a confidant   And she was totally unabsorbed by what others thought about her physical attributes or their lack of them…and her being.

I liked that.  I liked all of that.

Plus she had spunk…laughter…humor…and grace.

She was all those things that all my life I would have loved to have been.

As I watched her sing…and what a song…no better choice could she have made.  A song about dreaming…and reaching your goal…a song about life…it turns…its surprises.  Indeed life is all of that…and it is good that we all can dream.   And that dreams really do come true…maybe not for everyone.  But for the some that it does….my…oh…my….   And…my, oh my…it sure feels good when you can look and see somebody’s dream step into reality…just as Susan Boyle’s did that night. Just like…of course…like Barack Obama’s on November 4, 2009, when he was voted in as President of the United States of America. 

Can’t imagine the euphoric feeling…tied together with disbelief…that must come over one at that moment in their life when x-y-and-z finally come together.   That magic moment when all the work…hardship…lonely hours…all the debating…deliberating…but forging forward anyhow…finally when it all pays off.

I am happy that people have yet to give up on dreaming…and daring to step out to make their dreams come true.  My world has been enriched since my son susan-boyle-pic-itv-image-2-80172484611showed me Susan Boyle…just watching her and realizing that she was stepping into stardom…at that moment…accomplishing her dream…did something to me…and for me.   

Thinking about how she had woke up that morning one way and went to bed that night another.  Yes, a star was born…but the reality of the matter is…and this I could tell by watching and listening to Susan speak and interact with panel of that TV program…she was already a star.

I hope that none of the stir will take from her any of the qualities that she currently has…they exceed riches…and fame.

Behind the scenes with Susan Boyle…

Just DOUBLE CLICK screen…and ignore text.

I have no doubt that somebody told Susan that she was dreaming if she believed that one day she would ever be a star…much less get a singing contract.  I am sure they said-

“You may have the voice but you don’t have the rest.”

“It’s a package deal, baby. And you just don’t have the package.”

Through all of those years she sat working at whatever job it was that she worked with that fabulous voice…perhaps believing what others had told her.
That she had the voice but not the face. And we won’t talk about the body.

1bigb1I used to think that about Biggy Smalls. I thought it was unique how he somehow slipped through the cracks. That his talent was so large that it over-shadowed his size, his lack of good looks…and even a voice that always sounded as though he was stuffed up due to his asmer. But he defied the odds…big, dark, congested, unattractive…and yet he blew up bigger than life in rapp and hip-hop. He dreamed…and like Susan Bolye…his dreams met up with reality…against the odds.

Well, I could not finish my day without sharing this story with you.

Hope you are enjoying your day. It is raining here and a bit cold. But the trees are starting to bud…and spring is certainly in the air.

God bless…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends

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King saga 6… Dexter… Dexter… Dexter…$800,000+

king.1015 I see where I am being hit by folks looking for the latest on Dexter King and the law suits filed against him by his older brother, Martin L. King, III, and his younger sister, Rev. Bernice King.

At present I do not see anything new…except for what I last informed you of…Dexter hired EMI to license the intellectual property of his father.  Meaning that you could start hearing…

“I have…have…have…ah… ah-ah dream” mixed down with some funky beats.   Yes, because that is what ol’ Dexter boy did.  He has made it legal for anybody to use his father’s speeches in any kind of music, song or movie etc….as long as they pay him for it.

Need I say anything more…about little Dexter boy.

The unfortunate part is…is that the law is on his side since his…their mother turned over the day to day operation of the Martin L. King, Jr. Non-Violence Center and everything else bearing their father’s name and likeness over to little Dexter.

The only thing that Bernice and Martin the 3rd can do is try to stop him via the courts.  But unless there is some loop hole…or God intervenes…and He has been known to not only change hearts…but minds.  He changed mine.  

But unless He does not intervene…little Dexter boy has the straight-away…to do as he wills.  However, both Bernice and Martin and the 3rd are still legal heirs to their family holdings and as thus…they are entitled to whatever revenues that come in…even though little Dexter is the head of the Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. Center for Non-Violence.   But since they are also on the board of directors…I just do not see why they do not vote Dexter out of a job.  Undoubtedly, the situation is a bit more complex than that.

How very unfortunate.  Not just for his siblings…Bernice and Dexter the 3rd.   But for us all.   There are some things which should always be protected and held in high regard…and never sold to the highest bidder…or given away for a buck.

All I can say to Bernice and Martin is never give up faith…it is the thing that made your father great…and he is who we know him to be today. 

Faith is the substance of things hoped for…and the evidence of things not seen.  I have hoped…and seen impossible situations turned around in my own legal woes.  Surely, what God is able to do for one…He can do that same work again.  I have been in court where lawyers didn’t show up.  Where judges decided in my favor when I didn’t even know what I was talking about.  But I know He is able…bld0574371

Keep the faith…nothing worth doing is ever easy.   But it is the end of the road that tells the story.

Now, I am going to really lay down…and get some sleep.   And I don’t want anybody to touch me until some time tomorrow night.

Got the story. 

Well, everybody by this time knows that national government has been involved in building a monument in honor of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.  on the grounds of the Lincoln Monument.   You know…that place where Obama placed his hand on that old Bible and was sworn in as President of the United States of  America.  Yeah…here.  

Well, ol’ Dex is forcing the society of national monuments to cough up $800,000 to use his father’s likeness in the making of that monument in his honor.  Not to mention that the foundation has been paying the Martin L. King Center…Dexter…all along for the use of the words and likeness of Dr. King in its ads and other various fund raising activity they have used in order to raise the money to build the memorial in Dr. King’s memory.

That Dexter…what a son.  

You would think he would have been out their helping to raise that money for the funding to build a memorial monument in honor of his father’s work and sacrifice…instead of robbing it to line his pockets.   And not dime has he shared with his brother or sister.   So much for the character of  Dexter King.  I doubt highly that his father would be proud.

Now, that some of the major corporations and other organization that pour money into the building of the monument have heard about Dexter’s little licensing agreement…they are re-negoiating their contributions and/or reconsidering them.

God bless…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends

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Saint Palin making a push for it… Tracy a city lost in sin… dog fever…

 It should be of no surprise to anyone when Palin recently announced that she had considered aborting her infant son after being told that he was going to be a child with Down Syndrome.  As I wrote in an earlier blog on Palin…the mere fact that she did not tell her family about being pregnant…then her flying off to conferences and the like while knowingly being aware that she was leaking her amniotic fluids…the baby’s lifeline…signaled that she not only thought about it.  But Sarah Palin was attempting to administer in a very real way…her own form of  birth control…or abortion…if you will…you take your pick.

When I initially read that story about the leaking fluids and Palin…I immediately knew exactly what she had been attempting to do.  No loving or caring mother would have jepardized her unborn child like that.  But Palin did…and just like she did this past week…she turned the story around to make it appear as though she had done some great and humane thang…because the baby had survived.  And was born…a thing she has been trying to capitalize on every since. 

Oh, they roared and cheered for Palin…as she did what she has always done…and I guess may have even gotten better at doing now that she has had so much practice doing it…got out seeking her own personal fame at that right-to- life banquet where she made her wonderful disclosure.  What she called…”for a fleeting moment“…that she had considered having an abortion upon hearing the news that her son was going to be born with Down Syndrome.  I doubt that it was anything but for ‘a fleeting moment’ that Palin considered that thought.   I am more of a mind to believe that she actively and intentionally sought to do it…in her own little way.   But it just was not to be…and it was not for a lack of trying.

Palin seems to be a master at pulling that old quasi-Mid-Western/Alaskian thang to con people into believing her to be some king of super mom/woman…and thinking that she is either just a joke…a fool…or some kind of saint.   With most of the Republicans eager to believe the latter no matter what.   She definitely believes she has got ’em fooled.  And every chance she gets…Saint Palin keeps popping up in the news…for one thing or another.  She is not intent on allowing anybody to forget who she is.   Ambition…is something.


Saint Palin is at it again…and she is willing to use everything and anything it takes…to keep herself in the forefront…with her eye steady on the White House with a hope for her 2012 run straight into the Presidency.  What a joke.   I think…not.   Saint or no Saint…Palin.,2933,449884,00.html

There was something about seeing that woman’s picture that you just knew she had done some insane sort of thing.   But what…you could not imagine.   But you knew it was deep…and going to be disturbing.   And it was.

I cannot remember having ever read before where a newspaper article stated that some woman was arrested for raping anyone.  That woman in that picture…the one with that crazed…insane look…whom I could not imagine what she had done…nor did I want to think about it.  Because if you have gotten anything out of reading these blogs by now…it is this.   That I hate these kind of stores.   I am greatly disturbed by them.  There are some things which haunt me for days…so I try not to read them… particularly…crimes against children. 

Most of the time I turn away and resist reading such stories.  Because I simply cannot take the thought of such things…it bothers me greatly.  And for days if not much longer these things linger in my mind and in my heart. 

I cannot for the life of me…understand it.

Why would someone want to hurt a little child?

What pleasure is gotten out of abusing a child sexually…or any other way?

What kind of woman would have done such a thing?

What is gotten from robbing the innocence from the innocent?

How can you do such a thing without being greatly troubled?

And troubled she was…that woman.  You saw  it in her picture posted all over the web and I guess all in the news.  She looked deranged…insane…besieged by demons…plagued by satanic spirits…and forces.  And she was.

The story is horrible.  She had been a Sunday school teacher…and yet she had done something I had never heard said of any woman before…she raped.

A little girl who played with her own little girl…who had come looking for her playmate…the woman’s daughter.   And this bewildered woman…locked deep in the satanic lust of her mind…laid hands upon her, that little gir…and took her….and performed acts upon her that were unspeakable.  And we pray…killed her before she began to dismember her…stuffed her into a suitcase…and then threw her into an irrigation ditch. 

What was going on in that woman’s mind?

How long had she been wrestling with the demons which were chasing her?

Had she done other acts…this Sunday school teacher?

It is hard to believe that there were not signs.

What kind of place is this town Tracy, California?

What kind of evil town is it that suddenly such evil is prevailing itself upon it…within its walls?

Could it be like one of those evil cities sited in the Bible?

Could there be such places where evil just abounds?

There can…and Tracy, CA  proves it.

The article read that a few months earlier…a young teenage boy with shackles…emaciated…tortured…and weak…somehow managing to get away ran away from those who had kidnapped him and held him hostage…begging , “Hide me…please.  Hide me.”

What kind place is this Tracy?

Is it like the city that Lot lived in?

Where he sat upon the fence watching as the acts of sin that were carried out before him.

What kind of time are we living in?

What is going on?

Could this be last days and time?

A few years ago I was listening to the radio and a story came up over the airwaves about this farm.  At this farm the people checked in like it was hotel…and they went there to have sex with the animals.  They were into beastiality.   It too…was a horrifying story.  It turned my stomach.

Who would think that such a place existed?

But if there was one…there has to be others.

What kind of people are these?

I was sick to my stomach hearing that story.  I am sick now thinking about it…and the other stories which I have heard or know about…including all of this murdering.  And all this murdering of young children.

One night while at a Sala Soul Sister’s meeting in New York…down in the Village at the Gay and Lesbian Center…a young woman came and gave a discussion.  I had not known what she was going to talk about until she was introduced and began to speak.  I had noticed that she was indeed very attractive and she was dressed fashionably in this leather vested outfit.  It was her wardrobe which really gave a clue…but I was naive.   I knew nothing on the subject…but I came to know an awful lot about the subject as she began to share her story with us.

She had just reached 50 years old…and I would not have guessed that.  And she expressed how angry she was that none of her friends had shared with her anything about the lifestyle she was currently involved in.  She even went as far as saying-

“I had to wait until I was 50 before anybody told me about this.  And I am so mad.”

You want to know what her story was…don’t you?

Some of you already know…because of what I said about her dress.

She was involved in S&Mbondage.

Once I came to understand what she was talking about…I began to feel really sorry for thisu143858151 woman.  She looked corporate to me…but I would have never have guessed that she was involved in anything adverse…much less S&M. 

I had never met or talked to anyone involved in such a thing.  But I knew immediately like that woman with that crazed looked upon her face…the Sunday school teacher…that this woman too was lost.  She spoke of some restaurant in New York City…saying that after a certain hour at night all the doors are locked and everybody inside there engages in acts of  S&M. 

I was shocked that such a place as that existed in New York…or anywhere else.  And a restaurant?

That woman was so deep into that life…that sub-culture of  S&M that as I watched and listened to her…I knew she was not going to be coming out unless something miraculous happened to her.  She was deep into it…and she loved it.   She marveled in it…that life…and what she was doing in it.  She spoke of that lifestyle with such passion that it was frightening to me just listening to her.  Just to know that somebody could be so taken with something…so…so… so….contrary to life. 



I do not know if I ever went back to another Salsa Soul Sisters meeting after that.   That had to be one of my last meetings.  I was appalled by it.  And most of the other women there…at that meeting with me…they seemed to be enchanted and intrigued by the lifestyle.  But I found nothing intriguing or enchanting about someone tying me up or handcuffing me to anything and then beating me or bringing out a whip to take it to inflict me with pain.  Nor could I see anything sexually arousing in that.  It was satanic to me…and no one was going to tell me anything different.  And I was angry because my other Salsa Soul Sisters seemed interested in trying it out.  

I am so glad that God gave me a mind of my own…another kind of mind.   A mind to know what I was willing to accept and the things I was not…and not being swayed from my stance.  I am happy that there has always been things that I have said ‘no’ to…and meant it.

How do you allow yourself to sink into all kinds of mess?

How do you allow yourself…your mind to become absorbed in all kinds of foul thoughts and actions?

I am not a fool.  I am not going to try everything…1 time…to see.  There are many things in this life that I have known that I did not have to try in order for me to determine…yes…o r no from the very on-set.

There is a culture of people who whether it be drug abusesexual abusechild pronographyhomosexulaitybeastialityS&M…or some other adverse…or perverse behavior…they have entered into it willingly.

I will never forget how a woman…a black woman…out of the clear blue sky began telling me about how she used to have sex with her dog.  This was somebody I knew…well, I knew her 283271somewhat.  I did not know what made her divulge such a thing to me.  But it made my skin crawl.  I wanted to run out of her presence and get away from her.  It was sick.

I do not know what season we are living in…but it is sick. 

It is corrupt.  

I cannot understand it.   But it is all Biblical.  

The Bible says-

“That there is nothing new under the sun.”

It also says-

“For their sins are great.”

But how can people do what they are doing…to themselves…or to others?”

I am really troubled by the above stories…but I will try to end on an up note.

The Obama’s mutt in my opinion is ugly.  But he or she seems friendly enough.   So, perhaps Obama’s daughters will be quite happy with their new mutt.  But it really looks like the First Mom is going to have her hands full with their new little addition.

I am just not an animal person…as you could read by the story above. 

But I do not see what all the flax is about…as to whether he…or she came from a rescue center or not.  It is just not all that important…while so many young children are loosing their lives behind all of this insanity.  There is just so much more to concern ourselves with.

I have been tired…tired…tired all week. 

To start with…I never got out of the hairdresser until after 3 AM on Sunday morning.  Then I wanted to go to early morning service…which meant I dared not go to sleep following my leaving the hair salon.  Because I knew I would probably not wake up until some time later that afternoon.  

So, I stayed up as best as I could…and once I got past that.  I then realized that if I went home and went to sleep before regular Sunday service…that I was definitely not going to get up.  So, again I elected not to go home…so that I would not go to sleep. 

I never hit the bed on Easter until some time after 5 PM.  But it was fun.  I spent it with family…the young up and coming legacy of my parents.  And I enjoyed every minute of it…even though I was quite sleepy.

I did managed to peel some apples for a couple of apple pies.  And the food was good…and there was plenty of  laughter.   But through it all I was tired.

So, all this week I have been paying for not having gotten any sleep on Saturday…by being tired my entire week.  I am so happy that it Friday.  Now, I can stay in and get some much needed sleep without feeling guilty for the next 2 days. 

One other thing before closing…no matter what the reasoning of that Sunday school teacher.  There can be no excuse for what she did to that little girl.

Goodnight…and enjoy your weekend.

God bless…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends

“pass it on…” ©2009

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Serena and Venus $50 mil…but not half of what they should… O’mama… Michelle…war…

While the Obamas have been taking Europe by storm the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena have been hard at it on the courts.

Just finished reading that between them Venus and Sererna have amassed Serena Williams returns a shot from Victoria Azarenka of Belarus, ...over $50 million in tournament earnings.  Wow…that really should motivate some people to get up and go out and learn how to play tennis…big time.   However, as strong as they may be on the court the endorsement dollars still have not totally represented who they are and their standing in the tennis world.

Considering the fact that there are other players who have yet to see the type of wins and tournament money that Venus or Serena have managed to win…yet they have not been able to match their court success with bigger endorsement dollars…unlike some of their white counterparts.

For Russia's Dinara Safina, pictured in March, will depose Serena ...example Maria Sharapova reportedly has earned about $30 million in endorsements while having won only a mere $10+ million in tennis tournament money.

It seems to me that something is terribly wrong with that picture.  Considering the fact that Serena Williams most recently became the highest grossing female athlete of all times.  Based upon this fact alone the ad agencies and major companies should be running to her to sell or aid in branding their companies and/or products.   But this is far from the case.Victoria Azarenka of Belarus celebrates after defeating Serena ...

Perhaps, Venus and Serena aren’t complaining about it.  Maybe through the years they have come to grips with the way the world is…and how it operates.  But it is a shame that with all their skills and finesse upon the tennis courts…the mega ad deals and corporate sponsorships have not come their way.  Clearly they have earned the right to reap the full benefits of their labor…not just the tournament wins…but lots more Serena Williams returns a shot against Victoria Azarenka of ...of that other money too.

In her joyous victory over Serena in the Women’s Final, Saturday, Victoria Azarenka of Belarus jumped for joy…she managed to do what many wish to do.  She beat Serena.  6-1, 6-1.

Wow…what a lost.

This past weekend Serena and Venus had another finals show-down.  Playing down in Florida in the Sony Erricsson tournament,   They played hard…and in the end Serena won over Venus, 6-4, 3-6, 6-3…in the Women’s Semi-Finals.

It is amazing how they can compete against one another and not let it interfere with their love, appreciation and respect for one another.   It is just amazing…truly in their own rights they are not only great sports women but also fantastic role models for how siblings should feel about and treat one another.

Oftentimes, when one isn’t playing…the other is up in the stands cheering on and rallying support for her sister…which ever one it may be whether she is awaiting her turn to play…or out of the tournament because she lost.  As well as, their mother, Oracene, and other family members…including their father…who by this time has probably married his young girlfriend (that is in another blog along  with a picture or 2).  As he had planned their wedding for the end of March or sometime during the first of  April.

Of which…being that the young woman isn’t much older than them…or somewhere near Venus’ age…and for other obvious reasons the girls…Venus and Serena were not quite tickled pink at the announcement that their father was heading to the altar with the young woman whom he has been seeing for some time now.  And it seems that she loves to shop…which means…spending their money.

Mighty Michelle…that is the name that the folks abroad have dubbed

her.  She was indeed stunning…with beauty and brains to match it is hard to beat First Lady Michelle Obama.  And with his hand in hers…and hers in his they looked liked 2 teenagers in love over in Europe.

It is marvelous to see a man and woman who obviously love each very much that every chance they get they find a way to connect themselves with one another.

The Queen too was smitten by the Obama aura…something which seems to have swept the world.  France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy loves him…and calls Obama friend.

Who would have thought that a man who many had debated whether he would be able to answer the call if  a call came in the wee hours in morn concerning some type of U.S. calamity.  They questioned his…what they called ‘his lack of experience.’ They questioned his ability to be able to handle foreign affairs…and how he would be able to handle himself around other world leaders.

Well, Obama put all those fears to rest this past week during his first visit to Europe for the G-20 Summit.  For a guy who many scoffed at…and grinned over what they called ‘his lack of credentials.’ Told him that ‘he was wet behind the ears.’ I don’t know…but maybe that community organizing stuff  that people laughed about paid off this past week…when Obama managed to mediate between a riff that developed between France and China during the summit…when both men became angry at one another and were nearly about to fight.

Obama not only managed to calm them both down but also got them talking and they came to some type of an agreement.

You know what?

There are benefits to learning how to work with people in the community that can really pay off when you come together with world leaders…and it is called knowing how to break up a fight…how to negoiate…and things like that.  You can’t learn that sitting in some office shoving papers all day and playing like politics is all there is.

Imagine…at his first time on the world stage as President of the United States, President Obama brokered a peace agreement between 2 nations…that were well on their way to disrupting the entire G-20 Summit by having a fist fight.  That’s pretty good.  Better than good…for a man who many questioned whether or not he was qualified.

At the location where I am currently working to launch my website…there is this guy name Josh, who coincidently shares my birth date…he was telling me the most interesting story about his little niece, who happens to be the apple of  his eye.  He says that every time she sees Obama on the television she begins pointing at the television screen saying gleefully-


She is only about 2 years old…and can’t pronounce ‘Obama.’

Well, that will clearly change as she grows up.  She will learn in history that one of them started the war and that other one put an end to it.  As I am sure that the history books will be filled with information on the controversy that the Iraqi War brought not only to this country but around the world.

After 8 days of trying to re-new the spirit and trust of foreign leaders in this country…Obama paid a surprise visit to Iraq.  There is something about going somewhere in order to get the full impact of the real situation.  I found that out for myself following my mother’s passing.

I had relied upon others…my siblings…as we spoke on the phone or during my weekly visits home…which would always be on one of my days off from my job…but I depended upon others to be my source for what was happening at home…in the house with my father once my mother had passed.  I never would have believed that the sources of my information were anything but truthful.  It was not until I was forced to go home to stay amid my father being what literally amounted to kidnapped…by another sibling (who was more interested in his money than him)…that I found out the  truth…and nothing but the truth…as it started to be revealed to me slowly over time.

Had I never been forced to return home…I would still be living in oblivion and listening to lies about what was really going on at home.

Obama in IraqGoing and seeing for himself…was something that yes…President Obama had to do.  And judging by the pictures…the troops were happy to see him…greet him…and take pictures of him.  All of which was something I never saw in any of the media stuff when Bush went to Iraq.

The job that those young people and others have been forced to do was huge and the outcome was never one that was going to be good.  For one thing though no one says it…it was an act of aggression on the part of the George Bush Administration to initiate a strike against a country that posed no possible immediate threat or otherwise to us.   Thus, there was and is no way that what started off as being bad in the first place could possibly be turned around…as nobody who lost their life…or a limb…or mental or physical state of being…or other problems or complications due to that war…there is never any way that they…or their families…or their  love ones will ever be the same.  Nor this country…but perhaps somebody thought this when we dropped that bomb on Hiroshima …and then on Nagasaki.

When President Harry Truman, in August of 1945, made the decision to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki following the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  Like Bush…Truman had committed political suicide by believing war and killing people is the real show of power.  Truman’s fear of communism…the Red Threat…and whatever else that was running through his head at the time…including like Bush…he too had a plunging voter approval rating.

It is interesting how past Presidents used war like some type of commodity to use at will…as a means of vamping up their voter approval.  War to them has long been held as a means of engendering country loyalty and solidarity.   And they used war also as a means of creating  jobs…and all with little care for the lives these wars would exact in return.

The unleashing of the single most dangerous weapon known to all of mankind…the atomic bomb by Truman was the most atrocious thing that any country could do to any group of people.  And from that time to this…this country has sought to wide the memory of it from history.

To view just DOUBLE CLICK the LINK BELOW…ignore the text.

It is my hope that such weapons are totally removed from society…as the technology is entirely too dangerous…to even be used as an energy source.  And as it renders those countries which have it trying to monitor and prohibit others from obtaining it…which speaks to the fact that the world would be a far better place without nuclear weapons.

But I applaud President Obama for being strong willed about bringing to an end a war that never should have been started in the first place.,0,642881.story

I really do not know how long the Somali pirates believe that they can continue to interfere with the waterways by pirating ships?

At some point somebody…some country will not take it.  And frankly, I do not believe that Obama is somebody to be played with.  I know that there might be those of you who have a different opinion of him…but I can tell that he is nice and easy-going as long as you do not cross him.  It was in the way he looked into the camera and kind of  smiled one morning…though you knew he really wasn’t smiling…and then he said-

“Leave my wife and my children alone.”

You do remember that…that is when the Republican party during the campaigning period decided to go after Michelle Obama.  Once Obama stared into that camera and said what he had to say…that campaign launched against  Michelle Obama came to an abrupt halt.  An immediate halt.  I couldn’t blame them…you could tell that Obama meant business.  And that is why I say-

“Obama is not a man to be played with.”

Yes, he can kid and joke with the best of them.  But for anybody who believes there is not another side to him…look out.  Everybody has another side…even me.   And as kind as I am (lol)…I have scared my share of  people…andMichelle Obama and Marian Robinson Essence magazine still do…when I have taken all that I was or am going to take.

It would be very foolish of the people of Somali to believe that the events that happened when that Black Hawk aircraft was shot down in their country years ago under Carter…will ever be allowed to be repeated again…with them dragging the bodies of Americans through their streets.

No…I don’t think so.  America is not going to take that twice.

First Lady Obama, Michelle’s mother, Marian Robinson, is gracing the pages of Essence magazine.  Didn’t like the make-up job though…or maybe it was the photoshop touch-up…but she is still beautiful.  And Michelle looks just as beautiful sitting beside her mother.

I have said it before…and I am going to say it again.

“What a family.”

It is great to see the type of black families I have known all my life finally hit mainstream media in a continuous manner.

I think that the above story is sad.  The Shriners Hospitals are really just too valuable to allow them to close…even one of their facilities much less 5 of Meltdown Shriners Hospitalsthem.  There must be someone who is capable of aiding them.  The number of children who need special medical care is growing…and the Shriners Hospitals because they are made to service children their medical facilities are happier and brighter places for children who have to be hospitalized due to a variety illnesses and accidents…burn victims etc…  And can provide them with long care treatment right in their hospitals.

I have a younger cousin who fell out of a 3 story window years ago.  She had to spend a very long time in the Shriners Hospital here.  The injury impacted her growth andshe had other medical problems which were brought about due to that fall.  It caused her to have to stay there for quite a while.  That hospital provided for her a happy atmosphere with a great team of care providers who really know how to deal with every need of children from fear…to tears.

There have often been times when I wished I had money…so I could give it away.  This is one of those times.  I would give it to them.

I never knew that they offered their services for free.  Wow…all the more reason to give.

If you would like to make a donation or contribution…you can do so via their website…

Or by contacting:   Shriners International Headquarters
2900 Rocky Point Dr. Tampa, FL 33607

Well, today is so beautiful…that I shouldn’t even tell you about it.  But just keep it to myself…and not share it with anyone…as if I could bottle it up and store it somewhere.

Was in New York yesterday.  Bought some things for Easter.  I decided that  I wanted something new and springy.  So, I settled on something yellow and can’t wait to get my hair done and put on my new earrings and new wears.

I am looking forward to Easter…not because I want to show off some new clothes…but because I am just so thankful that God loved us enough to endow us with a special gift…his son.  And that his son in turn loved us so much…that he laid down his life that we might live…might walk in liberty and free from the yokes and bondage of all the things we once allowed to hold us hostage.  And if you did not understand that…you should get yourself a Bible and begin to search it out for yourself.  It is something that I am still doing…and have no doubt that I will be doing for the rest of my life.  Continuing to read and search it out for myself.

Well, enjoy your Easter…remember Him and eat an Easter egg for me.

And to all of those of you abroad serving this country with pride and dignity…I wish you well.  And with God’s speed hopefully you will soon be home.

Well, it is just about Easter

God bless…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends

“pass it on…” ©2009

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No, on nuclear weapons… Obama ideology…

Barack Obama said America was 'ready to ...At last a person in power who is not afraid to say-

“The world is not a safer place and will never be a safer place with one country pointing a deadly weapon at another.”

Two semesters ago while in my “Just War Theory” class we had several conversations on nuclear weapons.  In those classes I was in constant dispute over the legitimacy of the argument that war could ever be deterred simply by the super world powers both pointing nuclear weapons at each other.  Simply, because that alone would be enough to keep each of the powers from engaging in dangerous acts of aggression…or any acts that could be perceived as acts of aggression which might bring about war between them.

I felt it was foolish to believe that because the major super powers of this world having nuclear weapons meant that the world would be a safer place simply because neither would dare chose to start a war against the other based upon their equal nuclear capabilities.   I thought then while sitting in that class and still do…that that kind of thinking was irrational and certainly not reality based.

I also felt that if having nuclear war power was such a good idea then why was it so important to keep it out of the hands of other countries?

If they truly believed the hypothesis of the world being safer because the 2 hedgemons had the power to destroy each other and the world…then certainly the world would not be so desperate to keep such weapons out of the hands of certain countries and other governments. 

They voice their opinion on the matter as if everybody pointing nuclear war heads at each other… would prohibit anybody from wanting to start anything with another country with the same capabilities for fear of the others with the same deadly weapons.  It just goes to prove how flawed that widely held ideology was…and is.

It is unconscionable that scholars and scientist would have even written so many letters and publications in favor of such backward thinking.  Without a doubt many of them were probably on the payroll of some of the large weapon contractors of this country.  Therefore, they were eager to get many behind them with such thinking.  And many have and still do eat up that train of thought…including past Presidents of this country.

The world could never be a safer place if everybody…every state…and rouge state…had the capabilities to launch nuclear weapons.  Which is why this country and most other nations have aggressively been opposed to North Korea and its attempts to advance itself nuclearly.

As well as, keeping watchful eyes upon Pakistan and India…as both countries also possess nuclear weapons…and their continued border disputes through many years of conflict has provided an unstable atmosphere for 2 countries that possess such highly deadly weapons.  And there lingers over them both a fear that one day 1 or the other make strike at the other using their weapson of mass destruction.

All it takes is one insane person to put us all in jeopardy.  Therefore, nuclear weapons are just too deadly and dangerous for any country to have them.  And nuclear energy is not safe…as it poses just as much environmental danger.  It is just the nature of the beast…and there is no getting around it.  It is just too unstable and dangerous to man in any form or use.

Thus, the continued discussions and arguments on nuclear weapons has gone on since the time that the atomic bomb was first created by the splitting of that atom.  Though many have long feared the dangers of having such weapons…they were not, however, the ones in power.  Nor did they have the numbers of those who believed that nations pointing nuclear warheads at one another would offer enough defense against nuclear war.

What absolute and backward thinking.

If we lived in a world of all rational people…perhaps such ideology could possibly prove true.

But the problem with the concept of the hedgemons or anyone else pointing weapons at each as a deternant to war…maybe during the Cold War but the world no longer had 2 super powers any longer…but 1…and a lot of little chiefs looking to make their mark, as well.

When Russia lost many of the countries which used to be under its control…becoming independent nations…then came upon the scene also the emergents of rouge states…religious lunatics…and egomanics that entered into power in various countries around the world.  The world very much has changed.  But even if it had not that old ideology of deadly, dangerous, mass destroying weapons pointed at each other…was riddled with plenty of false thinking upon that thinking first coming upon the horizon.

Because human beings coming into power…all are flawed.  Even men of this country…wheeling power recklessly…and without consideration of anything other than their own will.  They are dangerous.  They are not rational thinking people…rage is a highly dangerous thing…as well as…pride.  And when acting under the cloud of anger or pride…they do not think properly…and some are just plain crazy anyhow.

So, Barack Obama has the right understanding of the real situation…thatUS President Barack Obama, left, and his ... many  have long held…those who sat in the oposing camp  ut were far less in numbers than  those who believed that having such dangerous weapons would be Obama: 'Rid world of nuclear weapons' ...enough deternant to deter war.  At last a rational thinking person heading the strongest world power…at the head of a super state…who does not believe that a bunch of armed people all around the world pointing weapons at each other is a sign of a safe place…or safe world.

This is a change that the world has long hungered for.


I am thinking about the sacrifice of  God by giving to the world something that was so precious to Him…his son.  And the sacrifice of His son for all of us…by laying down his life…that we all might live…and walk in the light no longer held captives.

Well, it is just about Easter…today is Palm Sunday.  Hope you have a beautiful day.  The sun is shinning and it is beautiful here.   And I hope there too…where you are.

God bless…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends

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Royalty meets Royalty…lasting impressions… and friends…

It is clear that our First Lady and her dashing husband, our President, Barack…and Michelle Obama  have been making a huge success in Europe since arriving there last week.   They are without a doubt the king and queen of the ball at ever affair and event that they gone to thus far.

What beautiful and fine representation America now has in the President of American and his wife.  So much so that even the Queen of England was so taken by our First Lady that she dashed protocol to the wind. 

In the following 2 paragraphs you get a hint of what was being said about the First Family during their time in merry old England.  You can CLICK on the first LINK BELOW to read the full story.

Mrs. Obama clearly made an impression with the 82-year-old monarch — so much that the smiling queen strayed slightly from protocol and briefly wrapped her arm around the first lady in a rare public show of affection.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman who asked not to be identified because of palace policy said he could not remember the last time the queen had displayed such public affection with a first lady or dignitary.,29307,1889051_1865161,00.html,29307,1888971_1864557,00.html

The crowds always anxious to meet them, the President and his wife were well greeted and welcomed from state to state during their travels in Europe last week.  

It is good to see that America is finally on the road to restoring… rebuilding… and rekindling  relationships with her allies that had been so badly freyed during the Bush Administration.

Well, as we prepare for the Easter holiday…I was awaken early this morning by one of sisters who decided to go into New York to do some Easter shopping.  It made me think of all the Easters that my mother used to shuttle us around from one shop after another making purchases that even the Queen would have to nod her head in approval of. 

My mother dressed us as children…in beautiful spring colors of light green, pinks, and light airy yellows many times laced with white trim…or white trimmed in pink or light yellow.  We looked like spring all fluffed up in our new Easter clothes and shoes…and freshly done hair-do’s.   And we would be all new…from head to toe…everything brand new for Easter.

You rarely see this today…as people have gotten away from spending so much money buying new clothes for Easter…but back then Easter was the big day…and everybody… saints and sinners got dressed for it.

Folks who rarely went to church…or who only went to church one day per year…found themselves there.  There in church…on Easter Sunday.

And the men all had suits.  Some in bright colors…but there would be an array of various ‘fresh from the package’ starchy shirts with new neckties.  Some had hats while their ladies…wives and children sported Easter bonnets.

And my brothers too…all fresh in their brand new Easter suites and shoes.  With their hair freshly cut and bow ties neatly sitting just below their chins. 

Those were the years.  They were great years…and they were years when folks reverenced the Lord.

 Well, it is just about Easter…tomorrow is Palm Sunday.  Hope you have a beautiful day.  I am on my way to the hairdresser.   It is time for me to start readying myself  for my Easter.    

God bless…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends

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The spirit of lesbianism…Oprah’s school….

Though I wondered about what prompted Oprah to decide to open a school in

Oprah Winfrey (C) cuts the ribbon with some of the girls who have enrolled in her school during its opening in January 2007South Africa…thinking one here would have been nice.  Though we do have Spellman.  But a media school…to bring young ladies in the world of television and film that would really be wonderful. 
Don’t you think?

But then all the ugly little stories about that school in South Africa started surfacing.  First, it was about a teacher or some female administrator who was there who was alleged to be preying upon the young girl students of the school…of which the school is an all girl’s school.

Now, recent stories have it that other girls of the school are preying upon and bullying their fellow schoolmates.

If  the devil can get into something…he will.

One looking or reading about this from a Biblical perspective might say that-

The spirit of lesbianism has crept into Oprah’s school.”

” What is that?”

Perhaps you don’t believe in such things. In your realm spirits or such are fake and do not exist. Okay…maybe not. Least ways…maybe, not in your realm.  But in other places they do.

How did such a thing come about?

Some might say it was sexual orientation.

Maybe. I do not know.

Maybe, there was an older woman…such as the teacher or administrator who was busted and alleged to have been sexually preying upon those young girls.

Maybe there was…maybe she wasn’t.  I do not know.

Maybe, a few of the girls liked it.

Maybe, she, that older woman, turned them out…that is the phrase used in the gay community…when someone goes after someone who is not involved in the life and begins having relations with them…a bond develops between them that puts the other person onto that course for life or for a while during her life.

Supposed she, that woman, had turned out a few of those young girls…and now they in turn…turn and start preying upon some of the other girls.

Or…maybe some of them had that spirit in them already and it has now just started to manifest itself in them…or her…whomever.

Or, maybe they had been doing whatever they were doing all along.

It is hard to believe that any of those young…bright…young ladies that I saw and watched on that Oprah Winfrey special when she opened her school in South Africa could be guilty of becoming sexual predators.  But it does happen.

I have a friend who went to work at an institution which cares for such children.  And I say children…because that is what they are. When she began to tell me their ages and some stories…I had to stop my friend.  There are some things which I cannot even bare to listen to.

It is hard for me to believe that children as young as 3 or 4 have to be separated and locked away from society because they are sexual deviants…who will prey upon anything that lets them…or not.

How could anyone do that to a child?

It is madness.

And I am going to end this blog here.   I do not wish to go any further with it…as I cannot.

The thought sickens me.

God help…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends

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First Family Europe bound…taxes and death… Wall Street…

Well, the Obamas are off to Europe.  They have much on their Click to view image detailsplates… an affair here and an affair there… meeting with the Queen… conferences… luncheons…gala arrays at official dinners… pressing flesh…looking into the eyes of head dignitaries who will be trying to size them up.captphoto_1238529755459-3-02

Yes, they will be busy.  And I have no doubt that thousands will calmour to see them.  I know I would.

I remember once being down on 5th Avenue jumping from 1 bus onto another trying to make my connection to head downtown…unaware that I was in the vicinity of the Pope.

I had forgotten all about him being in town.  As my mid-town bus headed towards my transfer and connection point nearing the United Nations building…I saw what looked like S.W.A.T. teams out on the streets at various points.  They were dressed in black and carried large assault weapons…looking as though they were readied to start shooting at any moment.

At my destination point, large crowds had gathered lining the sidewalk…and that is when I heard that it was the Pope who was due to come by.  And soon his motorcade of several black vans and SUV’s came down 42nd Street and turned left onto 5th Avenue…and the crowd stirred with all heads following the limousine van that we all just knew it had to be the one that the Pope was in.  And he was…and he waved at me.

I recalled thinking what an unique experience that that had been.  That the man known around the world as the Pope and reverenced by many  had just gone by…and he rode right by me.

In New York it is not hard to cross the path of this one or that one…from those familiar faces of Hollywood types to the hottest record or CD artists…if you have your eyes open you will see them.

Flavor-Flav-cc04.jpgI ran into Flavor Flav that way one day.  I was getting ready to make a left-hand turn when suddenly this little red car drove towards me on a one-way street.  The guy stuck his head out of the roof of his car and put a finger indicating for me to ‘give him a minute.’ It was Flavor Flav and he was traveling in the wrong direction on a one-way street.

That’s New York

He has never been good looking.  But I hear that today…as an old man Flav is even more outrageous than he ever was before.  Some say he has sold out.   There is something about money.  I am glad I have never loved it enough to make a fool out of me.

One day while cutting through Tower Records on my way to my job…I happened to come across an in-store promotion of  TLC.   They were so small…and I mean small.   It was like running into a group of  very young school girls.   They were tiny…playful and full of energy.  And they looked just like all their pictures.

So, I am sure that many will be out trying to see the #1 family from American, the President and his wife.  I have no doubt that they will leave good impressions carriage_1375056i1behind when they re-board Air Force One homeward bound.

I like the way they are handling things abroad for Obama’s arrival.  The following 2 paragraphs come from the UK Telegraph…to read the full story just CLICK the LINK BELOW. I am all for protecting our President…and not leaving anything to chance.  And they haven’t…our security people are really paying attention to every detail.    This is good.

Mr Obama’s arrival at Stansted prompted an unprecedented security operation at the airport best know for its use by budget airlines including Ryanair. An captphoto_1238529969849-3-01enhanced security cordon including a series of roadblocks was thrown up around the runway and hundreds of police officers were deployed to ensure the event went without a hitch.

The president is accompanied by an entourage that includes personal doctors, chefs and several hundred secret service personnel. The Beast – the nickname given to the head of state’s armoured limousine – is also thought to have been flown over with him to ensure homestyle protection during his visit to Europe.

Having filed for bankruptcy shortly after entering prison…Michael Vick undoubtedly felt that the more he paid for his lawyers the higher the likelihood was that he wouldn’t have seen any jail time at all.   So, he went for  it…but unlike Ojay Simpson… it didn’t quite work out that way.   He paid them all that money…and still had to go to jail…and then he had to file bankruptcy.

Now, since having been released from prison…where he had been sent for the past 9 months for cruelty to animals…Michael evidently had a vision that he would be able to pick up from right where he left off.   And that everything would be as it was…well, read the LINK BELOW…and find out about Michael Vick’s dose of reality.,151410

After a year of sinking…it seems that Wall Street might finally start to see the light of day.  It’s early yet…and I do not play the market…gambling my money is not something I believe in.  But for those of you who do…I am sure that this might be great news.   A breath of  fresh air, in fact, after a year of dive after dive…splashes upon splashes almost leaving the pool empty.  If your money and hopes were in the stock market…then I guess you have a reason to smile.

I do not know what it is about taxes…but the politicians seem to have a problem…a big problem with them.  And they are the ones to draw up these things and impose them upon us.

I don’t know…I don’t have a lot of money and do not do a lot of spending.   But if I had the salary of some of these politicians and had to do the amount of spending that they do…flying here and flying there…this event after that event…etc..   I think I would get smart and hire an accountant…and keep lots of bags around where I would be continuously throwing receipt after receipt into.

I don’t even have a lot money…but I am always depositing my receipts into a bag somewhere or shoe box somewhere.   I do not have an accountant…but who knows?

You never know when Uncle Sam will come knocking…and I want to be able to hand over the shoe boxes and bags…and say-

“Here, you figure it out.”

And they are marked by year…my bags and boxes.   So, I can pull out exactly what the IRS is looking for.   You don’t get involved in the movie business without learning how to hold onto all your receipts.  They are important…and not just for tax purposes.  But you never know when you will have to dispute a bill or some payment…or return something.

But after sitting in public office for a few years.  It would seem that the first thing you would take care of would be your taxes.  So, then why do politicians not make sure that their taxes are taken care of?

I hate them…but we are all forced to pay them…which may be the problem for some politicians.  They feel that they are above paying them.

That old saying-

“Death and taxes…”

They haunt us straight down into the grave…just ask Redd Fox…or Sammy Davis...or  James Brown….or anybody else who Uncle Sam has gone after…after they died.

I cannot begin to tell you just how beautiful the weather is today…all weekend really.  It has been absolutely great.  I cannot soak up enough of those rays.

Still busy building my  web site.  I am just so proud.  When I look at the pages…all I can think of is how great God is.  Had not He allowed me to take the classes and made a way for me to take them…I would have not been able.

Hope you had a great day too…and that the weather there was as equally as nice as ours.

God bless…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends

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