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April 4, 2009 bsmith101
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It is clear that our First Lady and her dashing husband, our President, Barack…and Michelle Obama  have been making a huge success in Europe since arriving there last week.   They are without a doubt the king and queen of the ball at ever affair and event that they gone to thus far.

What beautiful and fine representation America now has in the President of American and his wife.  So much so that even the Queen of England was so taken by our First Lady that she dashed protocol to the wind. 

In the following 2 paragraphs you get a hint of what was being said about the First Family during their time in merry old England.  You can CLICK on the first LINK BELOW to read the full story.

Mrs. Obama clearly made an impression with the 82-year-old monarch — so much that the smiling queen strayed slightly from protocol and briefly wrapped her arm around the first lady in a rare public show of affection.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman who asked not to be identified because of palace policy said he could not remember the last time the queen had displayed such public affection with a first lady or dignitary.,29307,1889051_1865161,00.html,29307,1888971_1864557,00.html

The crowds always anxious to meet them, the President and his wife were well greeted and welcomed from state to state during their travels in Europe last week.  

It is good to see that America is finally on the road to restoring… rebuilding… and rekindling  relationships with her allies that had been so badly freyed during the Bush Administration.

Well, as we prepare for the Easter holiday…I was awaken early this morning by one of sisters who decided to go into New York to do some Easter shopping.  It made me think of all the Easters that my mother used to shuttle us around from one shop after another making purchases that even the Queen would have to nod her head in approval of. 

My mother dressed us as children…in beautiful spring colors of light green, pinks, and light airy yellows many times laced with white trim…or white trimmed in pink or light yellow.  We looked like spring all fluffed up in our new Easter clothes and shoes…and freshly done hair-do’s.   And we would be all new…from head to toe…everything brand new for Easter.

You rarely see this today…as people have gotten away from spending so much money buying new clothes for Easter…but back then Easter was the big day…and everybody… saints and sinners got dressed for it.

Folks who rarely went to church…or who only went to church one day per year…found themselves there.  There in church…on Easter Sunday.

And the men all had suits.  Some in bright colors…but there would be an array of various ‘fresh from the package’ starchy shirts with new neckties.  Some had hats while their ladies…wives and children sported Easter bonnets.

And my brothers too…all fresh in their brand new Easter suites and shoes.  With their hair freshly cut and bow ties neatly sitting just below their chins. 

Those were the years.  They were great years…and they were years when folks reverenced the Lord.

 Well, it is just about Easter…tomorrow is Palm Sunday.  Hope you have a beautiful day.  I am on my way to the hairdresser.   It is time for me to start readying myself  for my Easter.    

God bless…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends

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