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April 5, 2009 bsmith101
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Barack Obama said America was 'ready to ...At last a person in power who is not afraid to say-

“The world is not a safer place and will never be a safer place with one country pointing a deadly weapon at another.”

Two semesters ago while in my “Just War Theory” class we had several conversations on nuclear weapons.  In those classes I was in constant dispute over the legitimacy of the argument that war could ever be deterred simply by the super world powers both pointing nuclear weapons at each other.  Simply, because that alone would be enough to keep each of the powers from engaging in dangerous acts of aggression…or any acts that could be perceived as acts of aggression which might bring about war between them.

I felt it was foolish to believe that because the major super powers of this world having nuclear weapons meant that the world would be a safer place simply because neither would dare chose to start a war against the other based upon their equal nuclear capabilities.   I thought then while sitting in that class and still do…that that kind of thinking was irrational and certainly not reality based.

I also felt that if having nuclear war power was such a good idea then why was it so important to keep it out of the hands of other countries?

If they truly believed the hypothesis of the world being safer because the 2 hedgemons had the power to destroy each other and the world…then certainly the world would not be so desperate to keep such weapons out of the hands of certain countries and other governments. 

They voice their opinion on the matter as if everybody pointing nuclear war heads at each other… would prohibit anybody from wanting to start anything with another country with the same capabilities for fear of the others with the same deadly weapons.  It just goes to prove how flawed that widely held ideology was…and is.

It is unconscionable that scholars and scientist would have even written so many letters and publications in favor of such backward thinking.  Without a doubt many of them were probably on the payroll of some of the large weapon contractors of this country.  Therefore, they were eager to get many behind them with such thinking.  And many have and still do eat up that train of thought…including past Presidents of this country.

The world could never be a safer place if everybody…every state…and rouge state…had the capabilities to launch nuclear weapons.  Which is why this country and most other nations have aggressively been opposed to North Korea and its attempts to advance itself nuclearly.

As well as, keeping watchful eyes upon Pakistan and India…as both countries also possess nuclear weapons…and their continued border disputes through many years of conflict has provided an unstable atmosphere for 2 countries that possess such highly deadly weapons.  And there lingers over them both a fear that one day 1 or the other make strike at the other using their weapson of mass destruction.

All it takes is one insane person to put us all in jeopardy.  Therefore, nuclear weapons are just too deadly and dangerous for any country to have them.  And nuclear energy is not safe…as it poses just as much environmental danger.  It is just the nature of the beast…and there is no getting around it.  It is just too unstable and dangerous to man in any form or use.

Thus, the continued discussions and arguments on nuclear weapons has gone on since the time that the atomic bomb was first created by the splitting of that atom.  Though many have long feared the dangers of having such weapons…they were not, however, the ones in power.  Nor did they have the numbers of those who believed that nations pointing nuclear warheads at one another would offer enough defense against nuclear war.

What absolute and backward thinking.

If we lived in a world of all rational people…perhaps such ideology could possibly prove true.

But the problem with the concept of the hedgemons or anyone else pointing weapons at each as a deternant to war…maybe during the Cold War but the world no longer had 2 super powers any longer…but 1…and a lot of little chiefs looking to make their mark, as well.

When Russia lost many of the countries which used to be under its control…becoming independent nations…then came upon the scene also the emergents of rouge states…religious lunatics…and egomanics that entered into power in various countries around the world.  The world very much has changed.  But even if it had not that old ideology of deadly, dangerous, mass destroying weapons pointed at each other…was riddled with plenty of false thinking upon that thinking first coming upon the horizon.

Because human beings coming into power…all are flawed.  Even men of this country…wheeling power recklessly…and without consideration of anything other than their own will.  They are dangerous.  They are not rational thinking people…rage is a highly dangerous thing…as well as…pride.  And when acting under the cloud of anger or pride…they do not think properly…and some are just plain crazy anyhow.

So, Barack Obama has the right understanding of the real situation…thatUS President Barack Obama, left, and his ... many  have long held…those who sat in the oposing camp  ut were far less in numbers than  those who believed that having such dangerous weapons would be Obama: 'Rid world of nuclear weapons' ...enough deternant to deter war.  At last a rational thinking person heading the strongest world power…at the head of a super state…who does not believe that a bunch of armed people all around the world pointing weapons at each other is a sign of a safe place…or safe world.

This is a change that the world has long hungered for.


I am thinking about the sacrifice of  God by giving to the world something that was so precious to Him…his son.  And the sacrifice of His son for all of us…by laying down his life…that we all might live…and walk in the light no longer held captives.

Well, it is just about Easter…today is Palm Sunday.  Hope you have a beautiful day.  The sun is shinning and it is beautiful here.   And I hope there too…where you are.

God bless…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends

“pass it on…” ©2009



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  • 1. BHO Taileprompter  |  April 6, 2009 at 12:12 am

    If Barack Obama’s other orifice could speak, what would he say?(parody)

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