King saga 6… Dexter… Dexter… Dexter…$800,000+

April 18, 2009 bsmith101
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king.1015 I see where I am being hit by folks looking for the latest on Dexter King and the law suits filed against him by his older brother, Martin L. King, III, and his younger sister, Rev. Bernice King.

At present I do not see anything new…except for what I last informed you of…Dexter hired EMI to license the intellectual property of his father.  Meaning that you could start hearing…

“I have…have…have…ah… ah-ah dream” mixed down with some funky beats.   Yes, because that is what ol’ Dexter boy did.  He has made it legal for anybody to use his father’s speeches in any kind of music, song or movie etc….as long as they pay him for it.

Need I say anything more…about little Dexter boy.

The unfortunate part is…is that the law is on his side since his…their mother turned over the day to day operation of the Martin L. King, Jr. Non-Violence Center and everything else bearing their father’s name and likeness over to little Dexter.

The only thing that Bernice and Martin the 3rd can do is try to stop him via the courts.  But unless there is some loop hole…or God intervenes…and He has been known to not only change hearts…but minds.  He changed mine.  

But unless He does not intervene…little Dexter boy has the straight-away…to do as he wills.  However, both Bernice and Martin and the 3rd are still legal heirs to their family holdings and as thus…they are entitled to whatever revenues that come in…even though little Dexter is the head of the Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. Center for Non-Violence.   But since they are also on the board of directors…I just do not see why they do not vote Dexter out of a job.  Undoubtedly, the situation is a bit more complex than that.

How very unfortunate.  Not just for his siblings…Bernice and Dexter the 3rd.   But for us all.   There are some things which should always be protected and held in high regard…and never sold to the highest bidder…or given away for a buck.

All I can say to Bernice and Martin is never give up faith…it is the thing that made your father great…and he is who we know him to be today. 

Faith is the substance of things hoped for…and the evidence of things not seen.  I have hoped…and seen impossible situations turned around in my own legal woes.  Surely, what God is able to do for one…He can do that same work again.  I have been in court where lawyers didn’t show up.  Where judges decided in my favor when I didn’t even know what I was talking about.  But I know He is able…bld0574371

Keep the faith…nothing worth doing is ever easy.   But it is the end of the road that tells the story.

Now, I am going to really lay down…and get some sleep.   And I don’t want anybody to touch me until some time tomorrow night.

Got the story. 

Well, everybody by this time knows that national government has been involved in building a monument in honor of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.  on the grounds of the Lincoln Monument.   You know…that place where Obama placed his hand on that old Bible and was sworn in as President of the United States of  America.  Yeah…here.  

Well, ol’ Dex is forcing the society of national monuments to cough up $800,000 to use his father’s likeness in the making of that monument in his honor.  Not to mention that the foundation has been paying the Martin L. King Center…Dexter…all along for the use of the words and likeness of Dr. King in its ads and other various fund raising activity they have used in order to raise the money to build the memorial in Dr. King’s memory.

That Dexter…what a son.  

You would think he would have been out their helping to raise that money for the funding to build a memorial monument in honor of his father’s work and sacrifice…instead of robbing it to line his pockets.   And not dime has he shared with his brother or sister.   So much for the character of  Dexter King.  I doubt highly that his father would be proud.

Now, that some of the major corporations and other organization that pour money into the building of the monument have heard about Dexter’s little licensing agreement…they are re-negoiating their contributions and/or reconsidering them.

God bless…

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