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May 2, 2009 bsmith101
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 I don’t know… I just wanted to see.  I had heard that  Star Jones had started her own blog and I just wanted to see how it was going…and what she was talking about.  But as her blog site finally came up…I couldn’t help but to continue to look at her picture.  A very very large picture of  her which takes up…I don’t know…maybe about a third of  that page.  Yes, it is beautiful…but…

You really have to look to recognize that it is suppose to be  Star Jones that you are looking at. 

I don’t know…I haven’t always been fat.  And I thought that I hated what I looked like.  But I can honestly say…I do not think I have every felt about me quite the way that Star Jones obviously has felt about her ‘old self.’   She must have really hated that woman…and it was more than just being fat.

Besides having lost all that weight…she must have also done…and is doing all kinds of things to other parts of her body…including her face.

I would have never had paid to do what Star has done to herself.  I really do not see the benefit of  such drastic transformations.  Following the lost of all that weight…to me…Star looked like a pluck chicken… from those pictures to the one that is on her blog page…   Well…she may look like a cover girl…but all of that to get a man?  


Loosing the weight for health reasons is one thing.  But all that other stuff…that is just plain vanity.  And if you read her blog page…you really see that Star is a bit… well… maybe more than a bit…vain. 
If  I ever start writing like that… somebody please write me.. .hit me with a comment…or email me please and tell me-

“B. Smith 101, please get a grip.”

I have a sister who got that gastric-bypass operation…I don’t know-
“Does that thing  make you horny or something?”BLD047865[1]

She has always thought she was a beauty queen (my sister)…but after that operation she has been none stop…gone wild in fact.  And I must tell you…I have truly been praying for her…because something is out of  whack. 

I can understand stepping into something in which you always wished you were…and how that must make you feel.  But how do you allow it to consume you in such a way as I have seen in my sister?

I wouldn’t want to do anything…that would take me over in such a way. 

 The only thing I want to be subject to is God…not to trying to attract and run down everything…or anything that I feel will validate me.  I am already validated.  God validated me…when He gave me  His love…showed me His mercy…and commanded me…to come out.

If  you are like Star Jones…or like my sister…and need that kind of validation…I sincerely feel for you.  But to me it just displays a lot of pent up self-hate.

Star Jones

My goodness….what some women won’t do.

My sister can’t keep anything down since that operation.  I can’t see myself  being sick for the rest of my life.  No…learn how to put down the fork…and get out and do some exercise first before considering all that cutting up and stitching.

And has Star been lightening herself up too?

UPDATE:  March 8, 2011…Finally decided to check out why people have been hitting this blog to find out something about Star Jones.  Didn’t know that she and NeNe… of  the HouseWives of  Atlanta… were going head to head on Donald  Trump’s ‘CelebrityApprentice.’  Which I guess got started this past  Sunday night.
Star says that she is trying to keep it professional… but I think that NeNe may have other ideas.   Or maybe it is Star who is plotting something… and just saying that it is ‘all’  Nene. 
I guess it will all boil down to who will be the ‘next’ Omarosa.  Now, what a ticket that was…truly.   I never missed 1 episode.   Omarosa was something… and evidently millions of  other viewers thought so too… and I guess so didn’t  the Donald.  Because he kept inviting her back… out of all those other contestants… I guess you could call them…  Omarosa has been the only 1 to return again and again.
Maybe Star …or maybe NeNe… time will tell.  I guess…  But I doubt that there will ever be another Omarosa.   She is 1 of  a kind… an originally through and through.

Well, I’m not going anywhere today.  I am resting…keeping my feet high and been listening to the promo that I’m putting together for youtube2ab-the-bishop-wifecover regarding plugging my book, THE BISHOP’S WIFE.  This coming week…I will work on the visual content of it.   And then I am going to post it right here for you to see and hear…the voice is mine and the content I created using all the skills I have acquired while gaining expertise mastering various media related software. 

Yes, it’s coming…my book, THE BISHOP’S WIFE, will soon be out and on sale.  That is kind of exciting…but I have written so much.  I can’t tell you how many plays and screenplays…10 screenplays alone and I have lost track of  how many plays.  Yes, I am mostly a writer along with all of the other things…and gifts that God has given me.

View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledByBut my book…THE BISHOP’S WIFE will soon be out…and it really didn’t take me that long to write.  But it was the corrections and problems with the publishers that have eaten away at the time.  But for everything there is a season…the end product is much better for it all.

Enjoy your weekend…and if you need some much needed rest  too…awh…just go ahead and get it.  I’m getting mine.  Been burning too much of that midnight oil I’m afraid… too many late night hours.  It is amazing…how I remember back in the days when I could stay up all night and not feel it at all.  Gone are those days believe me…forever.

THE BISHOP’S WIFE  is now on sale…CLICK onto my book cover for the LINK to purchase my book.    Thank you. 

God bless…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…” http://www.bsmith101.wordpress.com ©2009


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