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Roy Blunt and his monkey comments…racism… and the 21st America…

This morning while listening to a morning local talk show the topic centered around Senator Roy Blunt calling Obama an monkey. 

Roy Blunt, in an address before a group  called…Valued Voter’s Summit, began his address by saying-

“…that  clearly this is a time when our values are being challenged.”

Just what did he mean by that…I wonder?

That America is no longer an oasis of white supremacy any more… or something…any more since voting a black President?

Was that what he was eluding to?

I thought one used to say that about Europe.  Or so many thought…I suppose.

Blunt then went on to talk about a golf course that had been built within  the jungle of India.  Saying that something happened that they did not anticipate after their golf course was built.  And that is that when golf balls were hit the monkeys would come running out of the jungle onto the golf course and grab up the balls.

At the end of Blunt’s message he stated that the officials of the golf course put forth a ruling saying-

“You have to play the ball wherever the monkey throws it.” 

Where he then stated-

“And that is pretty much what we have to do in Washington.”

Blunt then went on to say that-

“You know the world is turned up-side down when Al Franken and Tom Delay is on dancing with the stars.  That’s how you know that the world has changed  in ways that you would have never have anticipated.”

Blunt fell just short of saying-

“And a black man is in the White House as President.” 


“That’s how you know that the world has changed  in ways that you would have never have anticipated.”

In listening to the talk show, which I of course had to call in to…to offer my own opionion on the subject as the issue centered around whether or not Blunt’s comments had been racist?

Any thinking person would have to say, “Yes.”

But the problem as I pointed out to the host of the program was this…

Many white people say and do things which they simply do not consider to be racist, but they are.  Or least ways…they ‘claim’ that they do not take what they said was racist.  Though secretly they knew that it was…but they state otherwise.

Then the other side of the coin is this…

When you as a black person…or non-whitle points that whatever was said or done was racist…  then the whole thing gets turned around.   And you become the racist for having said that they were being racist.

But even if a person said something offensive to another…does not mean that it was any less offensive simply because someone says-

“Oh, I didn’t know.”

Which is really not the case…many of the times.  Most people know exactly what they are saying.  And say it for the purpose of  twisting a knief in you…if their words are cutting or hurtful in nature.

It is kind like playing that ‘liberal card,’ which the Republicans have become not only famous for doing so, but quite well versed at doing also.  Whenever someone who the Republicans do not like says or does something positive for the p0or or under-served people of this country…the Republicans quickly flash the ‘liberal card’ upon them. 

They were quite effective at doing it during the Bush/Kerry run to the White House.   Every time Kerry opened his mouth to say something, the Republicans rebuked him by calling him ‘liberal’…which became a dreaded word…and particiularly it seemed for John Kerry.   He would start stuttering and get lost…loosing himself in what to say next.  Which is why it worked so very well against him.  He always backed up from it.

obama-chimp-cartoon-1[1]That was the one thing about Ted Kennedy, being called a ‘liberal’ was something which did not bother him…nor did he let it stop him from speaking up.  Because in the end…that is all it came down to.  The Republicans using the word ‘liberal’ to scare off Democratic too weak to stand up.

And that is the good thing about Barack Obama too.  He is not afraid to be called ‘liberal.’   Which is the tag that Republicans give to anyone who tries to do anything to aid, help or otherwise assist what the Republicans deem as the ‘under class.’

The problem that I see coming for the 21st Century America will not be one of class but one of race.  The issue of race has always been and continues to be an issue which most Americans do not seriously want to address.  But it is an issue which has fluctuated through the years in terms of its intensity…overtly and conversely.

It is an issue which has longed been put on the back burner as America has always tried to hide the fact that she has such a problem…as a race problem.   But it got its start drenched in the blood and heartache of slavery, from the point when the first Dutch slave ships hit this country in 1619…then peaked during the 1960’s during the Civil Rights movement after years of being surpressed.   And now againt it  is rearing its ugly head…ever since the day that America elected her first non-white male to sit in the Oval Office on Capitol Hill, in Washington, D.C., as President of the United States.

The issue of black vs white in this has had it lows and highs in this country.  For periods this issue has seem dormant.  But not so at all…not in reality.  It is just that during those times there were rushes to calm things down, cover them up, keep them out the eye of the public, or quietly try to erase the events as being racially motivated at all.  But they were.

Case in point…it took place in an area of Texas…in Jasper, TX, 1998:   2 white young males took a black man, James Byrd III,  who was walking a country road on his way back home from wedding, they beat him then chained to the back of their pick-up truck and dragged him to his death tearing apart  his body…and this was just a few years ago. 

It would have been something you might have expected to hear about happening in some other country but never in America.  But no…   

It happened here… in America.

And we all sat beside the television trying to get every bit of information on the story…while trying to figure out-

“What could have caused or motivated such a thing to happen?”

Racism did.

Hatred did.

And though that small Texas town that had a history of racial incidents…many sited as ‘isolated incidents’…something that had never happened before.  But the truth of the matter is…is that America these ‘isolated little incidents’ for years…and not only the south.

These so-called ‘isolated incidents’ have continued throughout the history of  America, such evil that many of them are hard to imagine.  Events whose roots got started back during the slavery of black folks in this country…or perhaps even as early as the early settlers and Native Indian relationships. But slavery was a time when black people in this country were considered to be cattle…when white slave owners routinely killed and made examples of them…by chopping off a hand or foot…or beating slavagely for the benefit of the other slaves who might try to run away or whateverl else have you.

Not to mention that following slavery in this country, black men and a few women were often found hanging from trees in the south after having first been beaten by mobs of white men, who then tarred and feathered black folks, and then set them on fire and hung them.  Whom they left hanging…also as examples to other blacks that lived in their communities as to what they could do to them also.   And this they did at will…and  without fear of retribution.

So, yes the treatment of President Obama, the first black man, out 43 white men prior to him…and never having suffer the blatent and tireless attacks and disrespect shown to the first African American President of this country.    Yes, treatment of him is a concern to most black folks.  And yes…it certainly brings back a lot of old past memories of  the ill and segregrated…Jim Crow treatment that black people lived under…and the lack of full acceptance or respect of  Black people throughout the history of America.

Just the other day, I happened to called a older senior woman who I occasional call once in a while just to see how she is doing.  Before our conversation even got going the woman said to me-

“And you see how they are treating Obama?”

I never even knew the woman payed attention to politics.  But I could hear the rage in her voice as she asked me question. 

I knew quite well what she was talking about.   She was highly enraged over it…and insulted that anyone had dared to call him a liar…being the President of the United States.    And she clearly understand…90 something woman that she was in age…that the only reason that anyone had dared to do that was because he was a black man…as she well pointed that out me in her anger.   And she didn’t like it…and I have to say neither did I…nor any of the other black folk that know either.

We don’t like it.

If you have lived through certain things…you never forget them.  Just as the Holocust victims will never ever forget the Holocaust.   Because they survived it…but that time…what they saw…felt…and the loses that they incurred left indeliable images and memories in their minds and hearts.  So, too…our history in this country….which is as much ours as anyone else’s.  Particularly since we played a major role in building this country…and most of the inventions that have come out of it.

An attack on Obama is an attack against us.  And that is how we view it.

It is like how we viewed what the officials of the Miss America contest did some years ago to Vannessa Williams, in 1984.  When she became the first black woman ever be chosen in the history of Miss American to become Miss America.   Then some days later…maybe 2…there was a big scadal in which the Miss America people took the crown from Vanessa.  And black folks just were not having that.  There was outrage all across the black communities everywhere in America.  I personally have never ever really watched that show since.  It climaxed and ended for me with Vanessa Williams.

The scadal came about over some pictures, and black people decared that the Miss America had taken Vanessa’s crown based solely upon racism, as they had never at that point taken a crown from any other woman whom they had crown.  Not only did black folk get enraged over the matter…they also went out and bought up every magazine that had those crazy pictures in them off every bookstore shelf.  Because that is what black people do.  Whenever someone gives us reason to be proud…and others try to destroy that pride…we back our people.

It is not something that we do often…but when we do…we do.  And we all felt about Vanessa as well feel about Barack Obama and his family.

Today, Vanessa Williams has gone on to become the most famous and most beautiful…as well as, most recognized winner that the Miss America contest ever had…for which they can take no credit unfortunately for them.   Vanessa managed to raise above that event…like Obama, I have no doubt, will continue to raise against the name-calling, veiled threats and statements, ladent bigotry and racist  jokes etc… of all those who seek to characterize him as a monkey, critize his judgement, education and birth-right to be President of this country.   

Love the show Vanessa.  You have got that diva stuff down pact.  You can catch her on “Ugly Betty” weeknights…if you don’t know.   And my…can she work a red carpet. 

Going back to that radio talk show and Blunt’s remarks…the issue is…is that everything someone white begins to talk about monkeys…fried chicken…or watermelon…they are usually referring to African Americans.  And whenever they begin to talk about black people tossing in something about monkeys…or fried chicken…or watermelons…it is their intent to insult black folks.  Though most of the time they will deny it.  But the use of referring to black people as monkeys…or as chicken eating…or watermelon eating whatevers comes through history as things white people have used…besides…the “N” word…to degrade and demean them.

So, yes…Blunt’s remarks about monkeys then referring back to Washington clearly was an intent  on his part to directly call Barack Obama a monkey.  Therefore, yes…his remarks were quite racist.  And judging by the amount of applause and laughter in the room they all got the joke and were in agreement with him.  Which clearly shows that racism is very much alive and well in America…and that it is okay to continue to insult and defame black folks no matter who they are or whatever their accomplishments.

So, America is very much in trouble.  And folks like the ex-President Jimmy Carter clearly see this.

As Carter points out above, the attacks upon President Obama are rooted in racism.  It is a clear signals that this country is in deep trouble.   And this thing can become exceedingly dangerous.   A time boom…in fact.

Therein lays the problem.  They can’t see it.  Though they continue in their racist ways…acting out at will…and refuse to call their actions what they truly are.  But are quick to call you racist for pointing it out to them.  Then go into the back rooms slapping each other on the back and laughing over it.  It is what racist do. 

It is kind of a game to them.  The kind of game that they play in law…since most politicans were lawyers before entering into politics.   And that game goes like this…you make the guilty party seem like the injured party. 

Thus, you flip the script.  And that is what the racists politicans in this country are doing…they  flip the script on whoever turns around to call their statements or remarks racist.  Saying that “they”…the people…or whoever… calling them out for their remarks… that “they” are the racist ones.

Or they say it was a ‘miss statement’…not intended the way it sounded.

It is all a game.  But a highly dangerous game.

This country is just a stone’s throw from another outbreak of race riots.  There have been many events that have already started to ignite the same kind of fire that took place in the 1960’s which brought about several riots and burnings of many large cities around America. 

One major event has taken place was Katrina, and the way the government under Bush and Fema failed to act in any way for several days to save the lives and property of the people of New Orleans.  Then the treated of the mostly black victims of Hurricane Katrin has left a bad taste in many black people mouths.   Where many people died un-necessarily.  And those who managed to survive the hurrican lost their homes and everything that they owned otherwise…many children torn from their parents…and so many people were displaced and still are today.

Another major event in this country to have taken place which has also impacted a lot of  black people and other group of poor people in this country, as well…and this is the economy, foreclosures…and a sense of helplessness and for many hopelessness they are feeling.   Upon which…when Obama was voted in as President of this country…presented a ray of hope for them all that they all were in dire need of…both black and white over their current set circumstances which had been brought the Republicans under the poor economics of George Bush.  And compounded by the Iraqi War.

But the continued belittling and underminding of President Obama may very well give license to someone to attempt to take Obama’s life…and there have been calls for it. 

But if that were to happen…those politicians laughing and joking now…slapping each other on the back now and thinking that they are smart…would soon find themselves in something that they had not considered.  And it would and will be bigger than anything that happened when Martin L. King, Jr. was killed.

The times have changed drastically.  And they are far more deadly.

Fire hose and police dogs won’t be able to contain what will be unleased if race war were to start in this country.  And clearly these ignorant Republican politicians have no idea the type of fire 2ab-the-bishop-wifecoverthat they are playing with.

It is definitely not a joke.  And those stupid politicians who think this thing is a joke really shouldconsider their actions…because this country has years of pent up hatred just waiting to spill over.

And they are pushing the envelop…and messing with flood gates.


Oh…and by the way before it gets mis-understood I do not think the above video is funny.  But it goes to prove that the people in this country do not respect our President the rest of the world won’t either.  Which would really be rather hard to do…since Obama is controll of what other countries want.  But many want other countries to not respect Obama…it all part of their game of trying to under-mind him.

Well, hope that you had a beautiful day.  Finally, got some rain last night…and they said maybe some more tonight.   But today was pretty mild…and fall is definitely in the air.

Well, God bless

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Rooting out a scandal…ACORN under investigation… Raccoon problem2…

Who in the world is ACORN?

Well,  first of  all  ACORN is an acronym which stands for  the Association of  Community Organizations for Reform Now.  Hence…Acorn.   It is an organization which advocates for poor people.

But what I did not understand was…

What was all the secrecy about some supposed cover-up scadal?

And why were certain news organization declaring-

“An Acorn cover-up.”

And who was covering up what?

And for what reason?

I had read some of this article below…and began wondering why…what scandal…and why was some organization named ‘Acorn’…in danger of of losing its funding?

So, of  course, I had to put on my old Sherlock Holmes hat and begin sniffing about.

To answer my first question….who was Acorn?

During the 2008 Presidential Election a community based organization whose home head-quarters  in New Orleans, LA…Acorn came into the spotlight as Republicans began to cry foul…if you can imagine that.   It is kind of like the pot calling the kettle ‘black’…if you get my drift. 

Well, they called ‘foul’ because Acorn…which had opened up numerous offices around the United States…began organizing and registering voters on Obama’s behalf.

Following the Primaries the Republicans started accusing Acorn at that time of using false and fraudulent tactics as alleging that Acorn was registering dead people…etc..etc.  And primarily these charges stemmed from actions in Florida.   

Because Florida and Michigan chose to break a rule set up the Democratic Committee that no state should hold a primary before a specific date…which both the State of Florida and Michigan ignored.  So,  they therefore lost the right to participate in the Democratic Primary Presidential Election…the race between Obama and Hillary Clinton.

But within states around the country a group emerged called Acorn which began organizing the urban communities…gearing them up for the final showdown.  The day in which Americans would entered into their ballot booths to cast their votes for who would become the  President of  this country for the next 4 years…of which Barack Obama won solidly over Bush.

Part 2 of  my question…about  Acorn and the questions surrounding its organization…and their current problems.

But it was during  the days leading up the ballot day that a little known organization called Acorn began popping up in the news, as the Republicans began slinging shots…and trying to throw whatever punches they could at the Obama campagin.

To find out more about the rule that Florida and Michigan failed to abide by prior to the Democratic Primary read the LINK BELOW.

This controversy about Acorn has been brewing for quite some time now.   And of course, with Obama sweeping Nevanda, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Ohio, Virgina…and Florida…  could the contention and rage over his win get any greater?

The Republicans have only been trying to discredit Obama in any matter and way they can…as proven by Joe Wilson’s rude outburst, which I wrote about in blog on civility.  From trying to cliam that Obama is not legally an American citizen…to trying to disregard Hawai as being an offical state of this country (being the birthplace of  Obama)…to trying to rig and provide false papers which they claim to be Obama’s African birth certificate.  What they call…‘his real birth certificate.’

For years in this country black folks birth certificates have been messed with.  From writing down things properly…to not properly recording them…to not properly keep up with our records.  My birth name was messed up so bad…that my parents had to legally amend my birth certicate with a change of name shortly after my birth.  Not to mention that my grand-mother went to her grave not knowing her correct birth date…as is the case with our Aunt Kate, who is still very much alive today.   I suspect that if  she were to seek public office in this country…she would have a real problem.  Even though she was unquestionably born and raised here in America.  But racist practices in properly documenting black folk in the existed then…and still do.

And such allegation concerning the legitimacy of  Obama to President of this country…comes  from a group of people who out and out stole the 2004 Presidential Election right out from under Al Gore, the Democratic opponent of  George W. Bush.  And it had been done illegally… bogusly… and without fear of  any pentalty.   They just did it…didn’t care who saw…who knew…or who didn’t know.  And all of  America knew…it was not hard to miss. 

It had been the most outragous campaign of  all times…and of  any country.  Which is  why George W. Bush will certainly go down in history as a big fat question mark…for having been the most illegitimate President that the United States of  America has ever had.

And what a joke that election was.  What a farce.   And for the first time in American History…as we know it…an illegitimate cadidate took possession of  this country’s White House and made a mockery of  our entire political system…and country. 

And not only that…but sunk this country into the lowest levels of  political integrity…moral standing…and financial lossess…coupled by a fraudulent war which he conjured up.  A  war which
has cost this country vast resources, lives…and a waste of our political time and efforts.  A war that unleashed centuries of stored up hatred and antimosities…religious strife…and massive unrest in the Middle East.,4670,ObamaMajority,00.html

During the 2004 it was widely known that the Republicans rigged the election…and hindered people in urbans from casting their votes.   They had various voting locations declare some legitimate voters as being dead…and others as ex-convicts in order to stop them from voting…as well as, other such tricks.   Such as, having voters stand for prolong periods of time out in the rain…provided urban areas with broken ballot machines…had women leave their pocketbooks outside…slowed up the balloting process that long lines gathered etc…  All to deter voters for the Democratic Party.  Not to mention the rigging of  ballots…mis-counting of  ballots…loosing and all those other in-side jobs which they easily arranged.   …hinged ballots…

 And this country sends people out to monitor the balloting procedures of  other countries?

Going back to Acorn…having been under the fire  for some time now…evidently their efforts were effective.  The did manage to register some 1.3 million new voters.   All the more reason why the other party would want to do away with them.

It kind of reminds me of when this country decided un the stern and ambiguous eye of the then House Leader, Newt Gingrich…who felt that  the National Endowment of the Arts grants were to liberal in their giving out of funds.  So, he moved to act upon limiting those funds from being given out to individuals…but to people like himself…and organization etc.  Today, you hardly hear much about those funds…though they still are given out but in a very different way and under far different circumstances.

Today, when you hear this guy talk…he sounds more like a summer breeze…as opposed to that typhoon he used to be.  I suspect that being taken down a notch or 2 can do that to you.

Now, definitely going back to Acorn.

It seems that some videographer enter into a couple of their offices for some reason or other.  This videographer along with a women…that he or she brought with them.  Supposedly, during these meetings the videograper was given by a worker…or workers at the organization (Acorn office)…to become not-for-profit and open up their own brothel…or in other words whore house…prostitution den.

Which if it is true…it would not reflect back on Obama…as he is not really tied to that organization other than it assisted in getting out the vote…which many other people also did too…and I was one of  them.

However, in any office…supposed office…or business…or supposed busines you are subject to fall upon some type of illegal activity.   Which does not necessarily mean that those in management or corporate heads know anything about.   You can, in fact, find out about how to do all kinds of  things while sitting in your workplace…including how to cheat on your husband or wife.  There are crooket…and bad people everywhere.  And they usually know right where to go…to run whatever game they are trying to run.

Recently, in my town they closed down a couple of used car dealerships…neither of  which I believe had anything to do Obama…or his being elected President.  But one was closed for selling drugs and using the dealership as front.  And the other…I guess you could say they were in the money laundrying business…using their used cars to thash cash.

I suspect that if  the Republicans could tie Obama to either of them…they would.  And heavens forbide if   somehow they could make a connect to both of  them…and Obama.

I hope Obama didn’t happen to buy a car at either of  those 2 dealerships.  You know…like he bought his house.  That was tied to some other alleged criminal.

Big Brother is watching.,2933,550602,00.html

Part of the problem is…is that the Republicans will not stop at  nothing to get their candidates in.   Nothing to taboo for them.   They play a political anything goes game in  order to win.   They cross state lines…double and triple voting wherever  they can.  During the primaries they sign up as Indedpendants seek ing  to swing elections towards cadidates that are weak and more favorable to them…in order to fix elections by giving their real cadidate of  choice  (a Republican) in the overall election a upper hand.  

I have no doubt..that they have and continue to  put people into place to do their will.  People who operate as fake agents …or workers  (if you will)…pertending to the opposite side.   When in fact…they were plants (Republican plants)… who went under-cover…crossed over to the other side…to do fraudulent work…create false documents…and to put bogus names  onto  lists. 

Hence, the real scandal…and the real cover-up.

Then the Republicans come around as they always do…wanting to look innocent…and appearing to be  the squeaky clean whistle blowers.  Crying ‘foul’‘foul.’     When in fact…it is them who are the foul ones.

It is interest the way that the Republicans  always seemed to know exactly what the problems are…and where they lay. 


Because they put  certain people into place to purposely cause the problems and issues…which they later turn around and begin pointing out as being fraudulent.   These type of  games are old…and go way back  in  history…where many of  these  very schemes were first hatched…by other other political crooks.

It is such a shame that such a group operates in this country…who are clearly anti-American when they indulge in such under-handed  behavior…and deceitful practices.

Recently, Acorn  has requested an independant investigation into the actions of some of their employees.   The Senate to block  the Housing and Urban Development from giving grants to Acorn, along with the U.S. Census Bureau had dropped Acorn and its involvement in the 2010 national census.  And of course under these last allegation of  being a training ground for how to own and operate your own brothel…the White House has been forced to also move away from Acorn.

I barely got any sleep last night.

Well, for one thing…I love my hair style so much that I am refusing to mess it up.  Which means I have been trying to stay on my elbows since Saturday when I initially got the hair style.

And then the other reason is…is…

Well, those raccoons are back.   Not that they ever left…as I have yet to have the money to seal up the roof.  So, they are living in our attic.

But last night after getting in I stepped back out on the porch…and that is when I heard a noise.   I thought it was pesty neighborhood cat…which sometimes sits upon our porch waiting on my neice’s cat to come out.

So, I picked up the water hose and sprayed some water over in the direction of the noice.  And saw the thing move…and that is when I happened to catch a glimsp at what appeared to be 2 white circles around it’s eyes.

Not certain I went back into the house and got my flash light.  I opened the screen-door and shot the light over into the far corner of  my parent’s porch and there it was.   Yes…a raccoon.

It seemed to be trying to hide.  And appeared to indecisive.

So, I tried to talk it out of  corner and off  the porch…while I quickly punched in a call to our local police station.  As I talked on my cell…the raccoon quietly left the porch.  It seemed timid…mayold…possibly frighten.  And I felt bad for her…or him…or whatever it was. 

But they have got to go.  The thing was huge…and I am not exegerating.  I was at least a foot and half  long…not including it’s big and long tail.   And it was about a foot high in width.

No, that has got to go.  No matter how bad I feel for it.  I just don’t want them hurt.  But I have got to get them out of  our house and away from our home.  I have far too many young neices and nephews.  And I would hate to see anything happen to any of   them because I sat around doing nothing about our raccoon problem.

So, today I walked around the outside of our house checking to see exactly where it is that they are entering into and out of our property.  It is via our roof.  Some rotting has taken place along various portions of  our roof.   And as I walked around examing our weather beaten root… I was calling upon the name of  Jesus. 

Because those raccoons have got to go.

Well, hope you had a less eventful day and night.

One thing I can say though…my neice’s cat is no fool. 

The raccoon which had gotten into 2ab-the-bishop-wifecoverkitchen…when I initally realized we had a problem…she chased out that raccoon…and up the stairs back into the attic.  But this raccoon…was much bigger than her.   Though she did go out on the porch…she never approached that corner…and got low to the ground the whole time she was out there.  And my neices cat is usually no j4_printer_Promo_Cars_b_smith2oke…she is a real killer.

She must have been able to tell that  that raccoon was  a big one.

But I am going to have a talk with that…because she can’t be punking out on me.

And after I laid down and thought about…since I could not fall asleep.  The thought came to me…that with all the hermones and everything else put into our food…it is little wonder that that raccoon was so big.  She and others like her wander around the neighborhoods at night searching for scrapes to feed upon. 

And if the chemical put into food…in order to make it grown bigger…get fatter…effects our bodies…and that of  our children the way that it does.  Then what about whatever else that feeds upon anything that we eat?

I can everything becoming super-sized.  And I am not kidding.  

You would have had to seen the size of  that raccoon. 

We all need to consider what it is that we are doing to this planet…our food…produce…water ways etc…   And these animals are also being impacted by our lack of  good judgement.

That thing was huge.  

Oh, I know that some people believe they can escape to another planet.  But I have always been told-

“That 1 bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.”

Just saw the below picture and just could not resist adding it.  It is so beautiful.  Put you in mind of  what we are in store for next…by way of weather.   I don’t know where you are…but it is cold here already.

Well, God bless

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  ©2009 

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Michael Jordan’s acceptance speech… Tyra Banks getting real…

Former NBA player Michael Jordan thanks his supporters during his acceptance speech during his induction to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2009 Enshrinement ceremony at the Symphony Hall in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA, 11 September 2009.  EPA/CJ GUNTHERWhen I read the article on Michael Jordan regarding his acceptance speech… during his induction into the Basketball of  Hall of  Fame… I thought based upon the slant given the article that-

“Okay, maybe he had too much to drink.”

You know…celebrating.  It is after all a great honor. 

But when I woke up this morning it dawned on me…about all those years how  Michael  had probably sat around and listened to  a  bunch of  people taking credit for his success.  People who stood up at podiums with their chest stuck out like his coach at the Univeristy of  North Carolina…and all the others who Michael slapped in the face…and shook them up a bit  while delivering that speech Friday night.   And I thought about all the people who we  encounter  in lives who tell us we will never make it…and how we need to consider doing something else…or going to another school…move some place else…or not go on to college…etc…etc…

And then years later you emerge as the greatest basketball player of all times…after time after time…you were told that you didn’t have what it took … or would never make it into the pro’s…or that your were too dark…hair to nappy…that you are not smart enough…can’t talk right…etc…etc…

And so what do you do when all this is coming at you?

Well, if you’re like a Michael Jordan and half of the other black folk in this country…you pushed harder…worked harder…always striving to perfect that which they told you…you could never do…and were not good at.

It is true.  Behind closed doors white counselors, educators…school officials…coaches…tried to sway us not to go on to college…not to pursue our dreams…not to climb any mountains…or swim any seas.   Working tirelessly to deffer ever dream that could be deffered…that is what they did.    But you looked towards the stars any how…pushed against the grain…filtered through the forces…and worked harder to make it happen.  And one day it did.

Then along came those who had tried to quash your dreams…take away your aspirations…steal your hopes…ripe out your future…to feed you where they wanted to keep you…and all black folk.  And here they came as the rings started mounting up…championship after championship…contract after contract…deal after deal…and everybody now singing your glory.  All of them… all accrediting your fame to what they did for you.

So, yeah…I can understand Michael  Jordan when he stood up at the reception for his induction into the Basketball Hall of  Fame…finally deciding to clear the air…wanting to set the record straight.   Setting the record straight…that it wasn’t them…but him.  Telling every wrong thing that they had ever done to him.  It all had made him work all the more harder to get to where  he has…the greatest of all times…the one that all the young ball players coming up behind him are compared to…if  they show just the slightest bit of  promise.   He became the marker…the standard gage for talent…that they measure the young boys by today.

But like Muhamumed Ali… there will only be one Michael Jordan.  And on his night…he can say whatever  he wants to…and if truth hurts then let it…as well it should.

After years of  holding it in Michael deserved a chance to let it go.  And boy…did he.

I know so well what it is like to have people try to re-direct you  from your  path  and tell you-

“You can’t make it.” 

When I was in high school  I began sending out applications for college.  This following my high school counselor telling that I was not college material…and should consider going to business school instead so I could learn a trade. 

Needless to say…I didn’t listen to him.  I pushed harder…sending out all BLD058945[1]my own applications and doing all my own research about colleges and what they had to offer.  And this way before there was anything that even  remotely looked like a computer…and before such materials became so widely available in libraries or any other place outside of  a  school counselor’s office.

Following my graduation from high school I was off to college.  I had to figure out  all that financial aid stuff on my own…but I did it.  My first year into  college…I started getting offers to do radio.   Though our college did not offer any courses in communication…we did have a radio station.   And I almost lived in that place.

kt_060611_331[1]Though I had gone to school to become a lawyer…I recognized some  faults that I had.  For one,  I hated to talk in front of  people…or read anything out loud.  I also possessed a speech impediment.  And this is why I decided to go up to campus radio station to see about getting on air…I thought that it could help me.

I never thought that I  would  develop a whole other persona.   I just thought that  if  I could play music and talk every now and then…that it would help me to become less introverted…and  that I  would develop more confidence when talking with and before others.  Attributes which I definitely felt would be key for me to have…in order to be able the best  lawyer I could be…and an effective one for my clients.  So, I almost lived in that radio station…covering almost every shift…and job available to me  in our  little station.

I taped every program…and still do…listening over and over again for everything I did or said…what  I liked or  didn’t like.  I never realized that this was creating a radio personality…or anything close to it…not to mention that  I had never considered ever working in radio.  But the offers started coming in…followed my tons of  fan mail.  Who would have ever have thought such a thing would  or  could have happened  to me?  

And finally,  I decided to take one of those offers to do radio professionally and the rest is history.

But it never would have happened had I listened to my high school counselor.   When I walk into oour  teacher’s credit union…I see his face smiling down from upon the wall…as they have a very large painting of  him hanging on their wall.  And I sometimes wonder-

“How many black students had he told not to go to college?”

And if  he were alive today…and read about me…I have no doubt that he too like Michael’s past coaches…from his high school and/or colleges years…and anybody else who ever tried to discourage him…would poke out  his  chest and try to take a piece of the credit.  When  he  did nothing at all to aid  me…but everything he could to deffer me.

To view the CLICKS BELOW just double click a few times and ignore the text.

I have to admit that I have vast respect for Tyra Banks and the job that she is doing…knowing good and well that many teens look up to her as both their she-ro…and model for whom they would like to embulate.

The topics she covers on her show are provocative, intelligent, moving…and touch upon many topics that no one else has dared to examine in quite the same way that  Tyra  has.  Topics such as black women bleaching their skin…teen pregnancy…teen prostitution…racism…gay for pay…and shows about loving and respecting youself…all of which our teens are in dire need of seeing and hearing.   And for some reason Tyra does it so well…that they enjoy watching her.   And I guess it all comes down to them knowing and feeling that Tyra is real…and dealing from her heart.|hp-laptop|dl7|link3|

And she talks about fashion…and realizes how important it is to them…our teens.

Recently while sitting out on my parent’s front porch, I have noticed this young…   Well, I thought she was a young woman…but since school has started back…I now realize that she may well be a teen.  But she is so thin…super thin.  She looks like 2 sticks walking.  Though she appears healthy…nobody without any degree of   body fat can possibly be healthy.

Whenever I see her, I find myself staring at her because I have never seen anybody as thin as she is.  And I can tell by her dress…that she feels she looks good…maybe even sexy.

But to me…she looks anything but sexy.   Because I know she definitely is a product of an eating disorder.   The product of  disillusion…who bought into that ‘thin is in’…and beautiful.  If she could see herself as  I do…she would know that  is a lie…an absolute lie.  Because anyone the size of  this girl could never be beautiful…because she looks sick. 

And this is why a Tyra Banks is so important…because she works hard as dis-spelling the myths.

Well, I finally did in the glasses totally and completely.  Now, they 2ab-the-bishop-wifecoverare so broken that I can hardly use them.  So, you can imagine how hard it  was  for me to just trying to get through this blog…trying to see through a pair of  glass which I have to tuck tightly down on nose in order to see as best I  can through them.    View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledByBut I made it through…and now I can go to sleep. 

Enjoy your Sunday…how you get out to church.  
It was dark all day today…then finally rained just a little…but remained4_printer_Promo_Cars_b_smith2 to be dark.  We are well on our way to an early winter…and I hope you are gearing up for it.

Hope you have a beautiful day tomorrow.    

Well, God bless

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Civility vs plain old dis-respect…

Rep. Joe Wilson having shouted out ‘liar’ during Obama’s speech to Congress outlining his health care reform plan…was it a question of civility or just plain old dis-respect?

I say…dis-respect.

Who ever heard of such a thing?

Who has ever dared to do such a thing?

Who has ever dis-respected a sitting President of the United States in such a way?

A man…a southern politician calling the President of the United States a ‘liar’ to his face…and during a televised open Congressional session…and right in the middle of  the President’s speech…as he was delivering his speech…what could be more dis-respectful?  

And perhaps racist as well…considering the fact that the President in question for the first time in the history of this country…is a black man.

How can anyone stand anywhere…or sit somewhere…and call Barack Obama a ‘liar’ after this country having suffered nothing but one lie after another by George Bush and his Administration.  These lies continued from the very moment that the Republicans stole the 2000 Presidential Election that ushered George Bush into the White House in the first place.

Little wonder Congressman Wilson, Republican from South Carolina, is starting to feel the heat as he  faces in 9 months possible re-election…or defeat.  

Hopefully, the good people of  the state of  South Carolina will bring to an end the political career of  such a foolish man as Joe Wilson who currently represents them. 

It seems that when the person is black or some other supposed minority what is said…when…and how…it  is okay.  Yet, no matter what has been said or done by others…specifically…Republican…and/or white…   Well, now there is a problem…and the challenges of outrage come.

Lets hope that Joe Wilson with find himself out of a seat when ballots are counted…and Rob Miller goes to Washington in his place.

I really can’t stand Rush Limbach…he claims that ‘this administration is trying to tear down and destroy every institution of the country.’   What great insite Rush’s part.   Too bad, however,  Rush never had that kind of insite concerning anything that George Bush or his Administration did.

For the first President of this country to be publically heckled by anyone in Congress…and having done so to the first black President of this country…how could that be considered anything but  racist?

And it was racist…and not just some gut reaction. 

And then to be called a liar for a point…which clearly Joe Wilson must have read either while  drunk…or while reading over Obama’s plan of  health care reform without having his glasses on.  Either way Joe Wilson seemed to be  very much ill informed.  Since  Obama’s plan clearly states-

“No government coverage payments for undocumented alliens.”

Don’t you just love those people who call you ‘liar’…who are in fact the ‘liar’…and not you?

Such things infuriate me.  It has happened to me.  And there is nothing I dislike more than being called a ‘liar.’   Particularly since I really dislike liars with a passion.  And no one can call you a ‘liar’ quicker than a real liar…and this is a true and undenial fact.

Personally, I think Mr. Wilson should be shown the door and told not to come back…a public  apology before Congress is simply not enough.

Even President Carter agrees that much of the oppossition against President Barack Obama is based upon attitudes of  plain old racism.  There can be no doubt about it in that such strong opposition never ever came up against George Bush even after time and time again he was proven to be liar.  And it did happen time and time again…none stop.  

But Bush was white…and clearly not the smartest person in the world…nor nearly as articulate as Barack Obama…and certainly a liar…a known liar.   Yet, Obama does not  half  the respect…as was unequivocally displayed by the behavior of  of the Republican from South Carolina, Joe  Wilson and others just like him.  And they have not only attacked Obama…but his wife, as well as,  others around him.  Case in point….Van Johnson, Obama’s Green Jobs Advisor…for comments that he made regarding George Bush and his possible involvement in 9/11.

Even I have to say that I believe 9/11 to have been an inside-job.  For those airplanes to hit their designated target in such a fashion…20 minutes apart from each other…was rather a curious feat.  Since I don’t know any airplanes to ever take off on time such as thoes airplanes did…and to have flown so questionably far far far off course without any signals being sounded…was highly questionable.  And finally, to be able to get into that protected air space around that section of  New York City…and not 1 airplane …but 2…and not be shot down or  be reported by any of  the aircrafts up in the air reporting on the early morning traffic, accidents etc for local networks…and nobody thought it was unusal…is very odd to say the least.

You can CLICK BELOW to read about President Obama laying a wrath at the Pentagon in observance of  9/11.

And just a side note…it was via WNPR that I got all my news that day in New York City.  Like most of the radio stations in New York, they too had their radio tower on top of the World Trade Center.  But quickly managed to begin broadcasting via an alternate antena at another location.  And like everyone else in the city that day…in shock and barely believing it themselves…while working double and triple air shifts on NPR as nobody could hardly get around in New York day.

For days on end I listened and waited …trying to get a handle on the events that were so unbelievable and that not one person in the city within the course of  that first or second could grasp  a hold of…or any understanding as to…why?

In a vote of 240 to 179 the Democrats out-voted the Republicans in a vote against Joe Wilson for yelling out “You lie” …calling Obama a liar.   Yhus making President Obama the first Presiden of  the United States to have suffered such an embarrassment while addressing a governing department upon Capital Hill.    You can CLICK the LINK BELOW  to read the story in full.

Finally got out and did get something done today.   Didn’t sit out on the porch 2ab-the-bishop-wifecoveragain this morning reading to read my Bible.  It has gotten cold here.   And as I have said already…we are in for a very cold winter this year.

Got to get up tomorrow and go get my hair done.  So, I better try to get some sleep.  Happy that it is finally the weekend…and bet you are too. 4_printer_Promo_Cars_b_smith2

Hope you have a beautiful day tomorrow.    

Well, God bless

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Obama…health care… and the nay sayers… a question of gender, Caster Semenya

obama-speech-congress[1]I have to admit to having not been one of those people who has yet to read the President’s proposal concerning health care plan.  But here is the video footage of  his speech before Congress.

I have heard mixed views on the job that the President has done and is doing…and they have been mixed.  Alot of  it…somewhat ignorant. 

I would really like to know who in their right mind thought that the mess that George Bush left behind was going to be fixed in the matter of a few months time?  

Well, surely these people could not possibly be rational or thinking people.  Mostly, I have no doubt that like Palin…who is intended upon becoming a torn in this Administration’s backside…they are intent  akso on opposing Obama in everything he does. 

Can you imagine a bunch of  people sitting around and hoping that this President fails?

And they call themselves Americans.

If  the President fails…then this country fails.  They are tied together.

532-1[1]It is impossible…and vastly unfair if  that is your thinking.  In case nobody was looking…the Bush Administration almost destroyed this country.  How do you just bounce back from that?

How can a country that was plunged almost to the brink of  bankruptcy itself…possibly emerge over-night from the raging tides of such bad, arrogant  and negligectful management as we were under during the Bush Administration…to again being back in the calm of  the peaceful waters of  a smooth tide of a productive and abounding?

I have even heard some say that it is Obama’s fault for all the dead bodies that are being shipped back into this country…from a war which Obama strongly opposed and voted against.  He (Obama), however, chose to allow America and the world to see the amount of human damage and loss that war has and is costing us…as opposed to the Bush Administration who started that war and maintained  it  for 5 years while draining America dry…and cloaked not only their policies…but put forth the decision to hide those bodies from the face  and eyes of America.

Perhaps, the best thing one can say about  Barack Obama is this…is that he is his own man.  He does not blow with win.  He does not cow down to the geers and nay sayers.  But he follows through with what he believes is right.  And that is the most that we can ask of  anyone.

The old saying goes like this-

“You can satisfy some of the people some of the time.  But you can’t satisfy all of the people all of  the time.”

And how very true that is.   No matter what any of us do…not everybody is going to be satisfied.  And somebody is always going to find fault with it…no matter how it turns out.

One has to wonder just how many people out there are walking around with duel-sex organs…both male and female?

In the past few months much controversy had been over the 22 year old, German  pro-tennis star Sarah Gronert, whom I wrote about several blogs ago…if you care to go back and read it. 

Now, it seems there is yet another controversy brewing in the world of  sports.   This time it is about a 19 year old  World 800 Meters track champion from South Africa, Caster Semenya…also a hermaphrodite…now called intersexuals.   Caster, however, does not have a womb or ovaries…and her male organs are within her body.  So there was no way for her…or him…to be aware of  such a condition until she ordered to be tested.

There can be no doubt that such athletes possess  an advantage over their other female contenders…far more strenght and endurance than an 100% total woman could possibly possess.  Therefore, such an advantage by entering women competitions is grossly unfair to all the biological totally female athletes that they are challenging.

In Caster’s case he does not even look like a woman…in any form or shape.  And his physical make-up being without a womb or ovaries definitely would catagorize him as something other than a woman…like being a man. 

Clearly his speed…or her’s as currently he is called…pronouncedly shows that he has superior strenght over the women running with him…or her.   SEE VIDEO  BELOW…just CLICK  it a few times and ignore the text.  There is little wonder why the track & field heads ordered him to take a sex test.  (this is a picture of  Caster with Winnie Mandela hugging  to comfort her)

Since having won a major race with little effort  at the World Track & Field Games…Caster has becomd a big hero…or she-ro… amongst her native people of  South Africa.  Her family is enraged at charges and that her was forced to be tested, and her father has proclaimed  that everyone is crazy for even thinking that she is a man.  It is indeed a very sad situation…all the way around

The fact reminds…as much as I hate to say it…is that she does possess super strenght…and speed…due chemical make-up of  her body.  Which, therefore, does give her an unquestionable advantage over the other women…who do not possess the sort of birth defeat.   Which I guess you would have to call it…as Caster does who was born with both male and female organs…even her male organs are within her body.

Some people chase fame and success all of their lives.  Then to get it and find out…you are faced with one of the biggest obstacles of  your life.

How do you deal with that…and be so young?

Her country…her people and her family…are all fighting for her.

The more I think about Caster the more I feel for her.  I only hope that this thing does not cause her…or him to go out and now start to indulge carelessly in sexual activity trying to prove something…or trying to disprove it.  At her age it is not hard to make a lot of bad and very wrong choices. 

I don’t know how sexually active she has been up to this…being just 19.  But many people indulge in increased sexual active to prove things to themselves…and many times also to others.  Men do it to prove they that still ‘have it.’  Whatever that means.   So, seeking out tons of  women to have sex with to prove that they are not gay…or like women…or trying to quash rumors about themselves.

With Caster’s situation being so public…it is not hard to believe that she may not chose such a course.  Now, knowing that she cannot bare any children, being that she has neither uterus or womb…the fear of  becoming pregnant has been far removed from her.  I only hope that her moral integrity and a trust in God…will prevent her from making some very choices in her life.  Because such a thing as finding that you are not totally what you thought you were…  

Well, who could really deal with that?

But having been tested and finding out what was discovered…may have answered some questions for her.|hp-laptop|dl1|link3|

Wow, I feel sorry for him…her.  She grew up as a girl…going to a girl’s school in South Africa.  And now is hailed as a South African champion among her people. 

And for this whole thing about her sex…or true sex to be so public…  It has to be hard…and it is quite unfortunate.  But I can understand the feelings of  the other females who have to complete with him…or her.  And I am sorry to have to put it like that…but what other why is there to put it?

But the difference between Caster and Sarah is…is that Caster’s male organs are internal opposed to Sarah whose sexual organs…male and female were visible.  As Sarah underwent surgery to remove her male organs.  So, yes…I can sympathize with anyone born this way…and particular if  you never knew that you had the problem in the first place…which was Caster’s situation.

Another day when I didn’t get much done.   But I did sit out on the porch 2ab-the-bishop-wifecoveragain this morning reading my Bible.

Well, I better get some sleep otherwise I will sleepy most of the day tomorrow.  Writing these blogs can take up so much time.  But I am happy to share.  And I hope that you are enjoying what it is that I have to say. 4_printer_Promo_Cars_b_smith2

Hope you have a beautiful day tomorrow.    

Well, God bless

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  ©2009

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Tonex… and being honest…

Somewhere between being half asleep and awake…I laid listening jf746ARBL0832[1]when something so impacting caught my attention.  I was forced to turn over and pick up my son’s laptop to see who was talking.

Taking up my broken glasses and trying as best as I could to fix them upon my nose…I glared into the monitor screen of the laptop.

I have heard many conversations on being gay…involved in the homosexual lifestyle…but none as touching or as honest as Tonex’s  discussion with Lexi

Now, for those of you who do not know who Tonex is…well he is a young gospel recording artist…now turned pastor and gospel artist.   And Lexi is a gospel recording artist with a talk show on the Word Network…a black religious television channel…which I catch by viewing it over the internet.

This season Lexi has set about making her show more sustance  filled…hitting hot topics and talking to people in the black religious world talking about hot and usually taboo issues within the black church.

So, I was awaken and drawn into the discussion wondering who I was listening to talk about having been abused as a very young child at the age of 3 then again at 6.  But who was careful to clarify that the choices he had made in his life were his choices… and that he did not want to put them off upon the circumstances of sexual abuse as a child.  And that is what made me really start listening to the program.

Oftentimes, people go about playing out their lives and doing things which they want to blame because of past things in their lives.  It is easy to say-

“I did it because of what I had experienced as a child.”

Imagine what kind of world we would be living in if we all set about doing things because of  something in our past.

We have all experienced things.  Things that we may or may not have shared with anyone else or  even our parents.  My 2 experiences as a very young child, I never spoke a word of it to my parents…or anyone else for that matter.   For what reason I do not know. 

I believe as children we feel that certain acts against us are wrong…or that something was not right about it.  Our little minds as a child had no way of quite understanding the acts.  For the most parts we were not even participants…though the act was perpetrated against us.  We felt it…went throught it…but could not wrap our little minds around it (what had happened).

Some became marked by it early…and started acting out sexually.  But others went on…all the while trying to deal with that hidden secret.  And carried it through their lives…and it marked every experience…every relationship…and every thought that they have had.

What struck me as interesting was how honestly Tonex was able to articulate some very true and highly mis-understood things.  Many outside of the life have no understanding at all of  anything gay…except some mis-concepts that they have developed on the subject.

They fail to understand that not just straight people can develop deep and loving relationships with one another.  And that these relationships can run as deep as any of  those of any person.

But these relationships though the people involved may feel  is right…but yes…it is out of  alignment with the word of God.  The feelings…attractions…etc…are not really real.  It is a spirit.  And this spirit is just as strong as any spirit that can attach itself  to anyone.

And unless God brings you…or them out…they continue to linger in the feeling that what they are doing is alright.  What many do not understand is…is this…that it is through God’s grace and mercy that we are all save.   People say that they believe this… and that they know this.  But they don’t… not really.

It is through His love that we who have come out…have emerged from the lives that we once lived (be it drug abuse, adultery, fornication, lying, stealing, lesbanism, homosexuality etc…).  Because without Him none of us would have come out of anything.

I admire people who are honest.  That whole on the DL thingon down-low thang…distrubs me.  Because it is littered with lies…and deception.  It thrives based upon falsehoods…and may times denial.

I like honest people.  People who know they are battling with something and are looking toward God for deliverance. 

I can see the work that God is going to do in the life of  Tonex…because he is what God loves.   Tonex is someone  who is not afraid to be honest…yet loves  the Lord…and wants Him to do a work in him.  And not ashamed to say-

“I am waiting on Him to do it while I battle living in this thing.”

What a great program that Lexi had with Tonex.  Both she and Tonex through that show did a glorious work.  I am sure that someone fighting to find themself emotionally and sexually…and perhaps has turned against the church for having turned against them…found strenght in that show.  And confirmation of the fact that God is important even in their life…as they continue to battle with the demons that dwell within them. 

But God shall truly give them the victory…if they continue to trust and believe.  And not grow weary.

Love you, Tonex.  Your honesty will fall upon the hearts of many.  And I look forward to continue to see the great works that God is going to truly do through your life and through your honesty.  Many may not understand it…but it is not for the many.  But for those whom God intends to hear it…it shall reach them.  And it will do a work in their hearts.

Married for 4 years, Tonex fought with the demons.  But found that the draw was too great…and eventually came out of his marriage. 

He battled over his singing career though having won many awards…while trying to deal with the demons drawing him.  And for a while turned away from performing and recording.

The demons…the demons.  We fight them everyday.   We all do no matter what they may be…but we fight them.   There are times when we have all submitted ourselves to them.   And if  it had not been for the Lord…we would still all be in them.

It is a subject rarely proached by the black church except as thing of a joke.  But  there is nothing funny about it.   And the problem is in the black church as much as it is everywhere else. ..for the devil has many captives everywhere and in all kinds of  snares.

Though I admire Tonex’s honesty regarding his sexual issues.   A Pastor, however, is suppose to be without spot or blemish.  Though I know that there are many Pastors who fall far short from being spotless.   The office, however, calls for those who are truly lead by the Lord…that they should not themselves be confused…or  be living in confusion.  But God, I am sure…will press this upon his mind and heart. 

Recently, I had to stop going to our usual church because of the Pastor.  He began to start to get too friendly…and believe me it was not my imagination…far from it.    Though I had heard stories about him…I had felt that all the problems in his home had turned him around.  It seemed that God had stricken nearly everybody in his family…wife…children…etc…with something.  And still  he  hadn’t gotten the message.

2ab-the-bishop-wifecoverSince I couldn’t get out to do anything that I really wanted to do today…I stayed home.  Sat out on the porch reading my Bible and then decided to take a nap as I didn’t go to sleep last night until some time after 5 AM4_printer_Promo_Cars_b_smith2 this morning as I busy writing another blog…the one before this one.   So, I am a bit tired. 

Hope you had a beautiful day.    

Well, God bless… and enjoy the rest of your evening.

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Obama’s speech to school children…21 murders Milwaukee

Really, what was all the fuss about?

Why were some so desparately against Obama delivering a speech to our school children?

What kind of  brainwashing were all those Republican conservatives worried about?

Every opportunity our children can get to hear from someone who can encourage and inspire them…it should be availed upon them.  And what a great thing for the President of this country to take the time out of  his busy schedule to go to a local high school,  and to impart his own personal story to them…and not only to tell students how important education is to them…but also to be a living and shining example  of  the heights that education can bring them.

What I wouldn’t have done to have been a student in a school where  the President of this country happened to stop by to challenge us to be successful.  And then to take the time to step down off the stage and to shake their hands…certainly an event those students in the Wakefield High School will remember for the rest of their lives.

Any parent who was suckered into keeping their child home for the purpose of missing President Obama’s speech to students…was seriously mis-informed.  And their child missed out on something not only historic…but great and beneficial to them.

Some things are just absurb.  And certain controversies utterly ridiculous.

Imagine parents sending notes to schools and telling school districts that they did not want their child to hear Obama’s speech to students. 

Imagine school districts making decisions not to allow any of their students to watch or hear it.

Then imagine a world full of bias, pomptous, ignorant and quite foolish people.   Oooh…you really don’t have to imagine that.  Just take a look around…the world is full of them…many sitting in high positions.

It is hard to believe that it has taken 21 years for the police in Milwaukee to final solve a string of serial murders. 

A 21-Year Murder Spree?

After 21 years…Milwaukee police have finally apprehend a supposed murder of some 9 black women. 

Perhaps the fact that they were as called in the news article  and other media ‘a bunch of prositutes and addicts’   had something to do with  the reason why no real attention was given to this case.  

Over a period of 21 years, I have no doubt that perhaps there may have even a couple of  ‘copy cat’  murders thrown into that pan.  And why not?

After all, the police couldn’t have really cared in the first place because the victims were poor undesirables.  That’s what they were…undesirables…least ways maybe that is what the police in Milwaukee felt about them. 

Just trash…waiting to be thrown out or away.

Of no real human good…the lot of them.

So, their murders went barely touched for some 21 years.  City finances and that sort of thing, you know.   The money couldn’t be spared…and there were more important things to do with the city’s money. ..than to stop a slew of  murders against black women.

They were black, you know?

So, what did it really matter?  

And then for the Milwaukee  police department and city officials to want to pat themselves on the back for having finally possibly solved a 21 year old murder spree…how pious and self-righteous of  them.

How strange it is that we don’t  apply an equal value upon all life.  People have blown up abortion clinics and killed abortion doctors… calling themselves pro-life.  Yet, they would not get out to call for justice and demand that the police do something in regards to tracking  down a murder of young black women. 

It reminds me very much of the Atlanta child killings.  How long did that go on before the police really began to do something about it?,2933,155774,00.html

And yet…I have never believed that they arrested the right person or perhaps the only person responsible for all those young boys and a few girls who were killed throughout the city of  Atlanta from the period of 1979-1981.

There is a great injustice when skin color determines the amount of urgency, resources, effort and monies put into a case.|hp-laptop|dl1|link3|

While school has started I am very happy to say…you won’t find me in any classrooms this fall.  Well, not taking any classe anyways.  

No, because I am just to busy still looking  forward to the day that  my2ab-the-bishop-wifecover book, THE BISHOP’S WIFE, rolls off the press.   And when it does…I will be out promoting it.

Well, I’ ve got to get some sleep now.

Hope you enjoy your day. 

Well, God bless… and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  ©2009

  THE BISHOP’S WIFE  is now on sale…CLICK this LINK to purchase my book.  You do not need a paypal account to purchase, and you can purchase using a debit card.  Thank you. 

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Venus & Serena US Open…and women’s health and heart attack issues

Busy in New York City, Venus and Serena Williams are at it again.    williams_sisters_1474882c[1]Busily working their way through the Women’s Single and Doubles tennis matches…truly they are a force to be reckoned with. 

Though injured…Venus  limping and  with a heavily bandaged knee…yet a true fighter all the way, she is  refusing  to give up…or in.   Determined to not let a little thing like severe pain or a weak knee stop her from attempting to take yet another grand slam tournament  title.   While all the while…her little sister is hoping  for the exact  same  thing.

Currently ranked Number 2 & 3 in the World of  Female Tennis players…clearly Venus and Serena can be ranked right up there with all of the top all time tennis greats such as…AltheaMartina and Christie…and Billie…as being not only highly talented athletes…but gifted as well.  

They really should be making lots more money for  what they have managed to accomplished… not to mention for the beauty and excellence that they both have brought to the game of women’s tennis.    Venus and Serena are truly endowed with that something.   And I think that Billie Jean Kings says it best in the article linked below…if you care to read it.,0,2200533.story

UPDATE (September 7, 2009):  Venus is out in the 4th rounds of the couch-venus[1]US Open…and Serena is still in after having won her match.

There is no doubt that going in…Venus knew that her shot at another championship was going to be an up-hill battle…due to the problem with her knee.  But she didn’t let it deter her. 

She went for it…and took the pain fighting her way through every round…every point…and every game.   She didn’t cry about it.  She went out there on the court knowing what it was that she had to if  she wanted to make it into the finals…and she almost made it.

Packaged as the ‘all American girl’Melanie Oudin an attractive young blonde from the deep south…is being touted at as ‘the Great White Hope.’    A tennis power house who may be able to do for those too shallow to feel that they can cheer whole heartedly for 2 young sisters born and raised in a ghetto in the worst side of Los Angeles, CA…known as Compton.

Yeah, they come from Compton…though they currently live in Florida.  Compton with police helicopters patrolling the neighbors night and day…one of the toughest and most dangerous areas in L.A.  The home of  hard core rappers like Snoop Doggy Dog, Ice Cube, NWA…etc…etc.   But yeah…it was the place of  their humble tennis beginnings.  And some how they beat those mean  streets of southern California.

It is sad that since the days of  Jack Johnson the heavy weight boxer of  the 1930’s. ..many white people in this country still feel that it goes against their grain to totally except and celebrate anything or anyone but someone who looks like them.    The same is even quite evident in how many in this country feel about Barack Obama.  Many have yet to truly embrace him as President of  this country.  And are strongly oposed to him…and intended to do everything they can to make it as hard on him and his administration as possible…with a sincere desire to undermind his ever move and effort.   This kind of thinking is truly sad…and quite sick.

Oh, sure they love to win the games and do take to the athletes who possess the skills to make it happen for their favorite teams.  But it is the white players  on the team that they make the coaches…move to the front of the team…and put in front of the TV and newspaper cameras…etc.

It is sad that as much as Venus and Serena Williams have managed to do…and from very humble beginnings…without the benefit of  suburan country clubs and well kept tennis courts.  They are a true American success story…and well worth celebrating and holding up before the world as the stars and champions that they truly and really are…and gracious and humble young women regardless of  their vast success both on and off the tennis courts.

You can read the below story on Oudin by CLICKING the LINK below…to clearly understand my statements regarding this issue of  ‘the Great White Tennis Hope.’|hp-laptop|dl5|link3|

UPDATE: (September 8, 2009)  Serena is on to the Semi-Finals…and the predictors are saying that she is on her way to taking her 3rd Grand Slam win this year…having take both the Australian Open and Wimbledon.

Turning 28 on the 28th of this month, Serena has won 11 Tennis Grand Slams, 2 Olympic gold medals and over $25 million…having become the first woman athlete to win over $22 million a few months ago.  To date Serena has won the US Open in 1999, 2002 and 2008.

She and Venus are on their way to taking the Women’s Doubles at US Open, Wimbledon  and the Australian Open…etc…etc…  Venus who is 29 years old…and yet they continue to keep reeling in the wins.  And as a team they are unbeatable.  CLICK the LINK BELOW to the full stop and to see video footage of the Open.

Didn’t know though that Venus and Serena are part owners of the Miami Dolphins.  Wow…they are really smart.  Not to mention being authors having written some books…Serena working on a screenplay…and Venus working doing interior designing and fashion.  And I almost forget…Serena designing and selling jewelry (as you caught in the video above).  But check out their videos below and Serena will tell you all about it herself.

I am really happy for them.  I like to see successful people…and they also give back to their community via their tennis camp for inter-city youth.  Bravo!

UPDATE: (Women’s Semi-Finals…September 13, 2009)   Evidently Serena  had some type of melt down today during her semi-final match  against Kim Clijsters.  Maybe it was bound to happen at some point or other.  I mean how long can you just sit around…or go out one game after another…come out the winner and never get the claim or fame …or the real big bucks for having done so?

How many times can you get called the “N word” during a tournament…heckled…boo-ed…or look into the eyes of  your opponents knowing what and how they really feel about you.   On  top of   that…to be ignored by the tennis world in general…who run after the young blond haired girls with  their batting blue eyes…with their microphones and cameras…and can’t  seem to get  enough of  them.  And they didn’t have to do half  the work  or  win a  game…but reap all the fame.

How long can you tolerate that…and not experience some type of  emotional melt down?|hp-laptop|dl5|link3|

It is unfortunate, because it is what they had been waiting.  Something to tarnish your squeaky clean image…taint your name…some character fawl to 90644421[1]justify why they haven’t cover you the way they cover your white opponents…plastered your face over all the popular magazines…or offered you some of  those major big dollars advertising contracts.  

Oh, they were waiting alright.  And finally the right button was pushed…the straw that broke the camel’s back…and the flood gates burst open.  And all those nasty little words started flowing out…and when the flood gates opened up…all you had been trying to hide and hold back for months just came rushing out.


It is not like melt downs haven’t happened during tennis tournaments before.  

Who could tell you more about that  than John McEnroe?

Who by the way said what amounted to that Serena’s behavior was shameful.   This from a man who never walked out on the court without wild outbursts and one swear after another.

I am certainly not condoning Serena’s behavior…but I have seen a lot of black folk who after awhile just got plain fed up.  And once they did… Well…you can figure out the rest.

Baby, it is just hard to contain them…until they get it all…and I do mean all…off  their chest.

Serena’s apology…

I don’t know…I guess as we all get older we start to think more and more about our health.   Maybe it has something to do with seeing others go through some many different kind of  health issues…that we suddenly begin to think about our own mortality more and more. 

Whatever the cause that brings us into a mind that we need to start taking better care of  ourselves…it is all for our good.  And hopefully for a better and healthier future…or for our continued good health.

As women our schedules, families, jobs…and various other choices all sometime supercede us taking care of us.  But the truth of the matter is this…if  we’re not in good health…nothing else can operate well either.   And everything comes to a halt.

So, before that happens…now is a good time to start caring for you. 

I now find myself  listening to my body.  Mostly, because my body now has began to make me listen to it.  Whereas I used did not…I now have to.  Otherwise, my body will put me out of commission for days…and  I  do mean days.    And in a way it is like listening to your car.

Who doesn’t listen to their car?

Only a fool wouldn’t. 

And that is how we should fell about listening to our bodies when it starts sending warning signals out to us. 

In the link below…listed are some warning signs that women  should pay close attention to in regards to on-coming heart attacks.    One of  the  first  keys  to  prevention is being informed.  Information is important…then paying heed to it can be essential.|main|dl5|link3|

I set my glasses down the other day…then carelessly knocked them over onto the ground.  While searching for them…I stepped on them.   Now, I am working with a pair of  broken eye-glasses.   What a cross to bare…when I have so much work to do.   And can barely read a thing with these lopesided glasses.

Spent my whole day…well, most of  it  outside today on my parent’s front porch reading.   Well, as best I could…considering my delemma with my glasses. 

But the weather was great…and I am trying to soak up as much of  it as I can…as I believe that we will be in for a very cold winter this year.   Sorry,  I know your probably did not want to hear that. 

View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledBySo, I am already laying my plans for it.  I only wished the fireplace worked.  And it does…but I am afraid to lite a fire in it because I don’t want to burn down my parent’s house. 

I have read and heard too many stories about faulty fireplaces to want to risk it.

Still looking very much forward to the day that  my2ab-the-bishop-wifecover book, THE BISHOP’S WIFE, rolls off the press.  

So, I am going to go back to working on my website now that  I have completed my book trailer for youtube.  And I will also finish the radio commercial that I intend to air in  various markets to promote my book.  4_printer_Promo_Cars_b_smith2  Since I have to wait…I might as well use this time well.  Because when my book is finally pubished…I will have to hit the ground running.  And I won’t have a moment to spare.

Well, God bless… and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  ©2009

  THE BISHOP’S WIFE  is now on sale…CLICK this LINK to purchase my book.  You do not need a paypal account to purchase, and you can purchase using a debit card.  Thank you. 

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