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September 11, 2009 bsmith101
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obama-speech-congress[1]I have to admit to having not been one of those people who has yet to read the President’s proposal concerning health care plan.  But here is the video footage of  his speech before Congress.

I have heard mixed views on the job that the President has done and is doing…and they have been mixed.  Alot of  it…somewhat ignorant. 

I would really like to know who in their right mind thought that the mess that George Bush left behind was going to be fixed in the matter of a few months time?  

Well, surely these people could not possibly be rational or thinking people.  Mostly, I have no doubt that like Palin…who is intended upon becoming a torn in this Administration’s backside…they are intent  akso on opposing Obama in everything he does. 

Can you imagine a bunch of  people sitting around and hoping that this President fails?

And they call themselves Americans.

If  the President fails…then this country fails.  They are tied together.

532-1[1]It is impossible…and vastly unfair if  that is your thinking.  In case nobody was looking…the Bush Administration almost destroyed this country.  How do you just bounce back from that?

How can a country that was plunged almost to the brink of  bankruptcy itself…possibly emerge over-night from the raging tides of such bad, arrogant  and negligectful management as we were under during the Bush Administration…to again being back in the calm of  the peaceful waters of  a smooth tide of a productive and abounding?

I have even heard some say that it is Obama’s fault for all the dead bodies that are being shipped back into this country…from a war which Obama strongly opposed and voted against.  He (Obama), however, chose to allow America and the world to see the amount of human damage and loss that war has and is costing us…as opposed to the Bush Administration who started that war and maintained  it  for 5 years while draining America dry…and cloaked not only their policies…but put forth the decision to hide those bodies from the face  and eyes of America.

Perhaps, the best thing one can say about  Barack Obama is this…is that he is his own man.  He does not blow with win.  He does not cow down to the geers and nay sayers.  But he follows through with what he believes is right.  And that is the most that we can ask of  anyone.

The old saying goes like this-

“You can satisfy some of the people some of the time.  But you can’t satisfy all of the people all of  the time.”

And how very true that is.   No matter what any of us do…not everybody is going to be satisfied.  And somebody is always going to find fault with it…no matter how it turns out.


One has to wonder just how many people out there are walking around with duel-sex organs…both male and female?

In the past few months much controversy had been over the 22 year old, German  pro-tennis star Sarah Gronert, whom I wrote about several blogs ago…if you care to go back and read it. 

Now, it seems there is yet another controversy brewing in the world of  sports.   This time it is about a 19 year old  World 800 Meters track champion from South Africa, Caster Semenya…also a hermaphrodite…now called intersexuals.   Caster, however, does not have a womb or ovaries…and her male organs are within her body.  So there was no way for her…or him…to be aware of  such a condition until she ordered to be tested.

There can be no doubt that such athletes possess  an advantage over their other female contenders…far more strenght and endurance than an 100% total woman could possibly possess.  Therefore, such an advantage by entering women competitions is grossly unfair to all the biological totally female athletes that they are challenging.

In Caster’s case he does not even look like a woman…in any form or shape.  And his physical make-up being without a womb or ovaries definitely would catagorize him as something other than a woman…like being a man. 

Clearly his speed…or her’s as currently he is called…pronouncedly shows that he has superior strenght over the women running with him…or her.   SEE VIDEO  BELOW…just CLICK  it a few times and ignore the text.  There is little wonder why the track & field heads ordered him to take a sex test.  (this is a picture of  Caster with Winnie Mandela hugging  to comfort her)

Since having won a major race with little effort  at the World Track & Field Games…Caster has becomd a big hero…or she-ro… amongst her native people of  South Africa.  Her family is enraged at charges and that her was forced to be tested, and her father has proclaimed  that everyone is crazy for even thinking that she is a man.  It is indeed a very sad situation…all the way around

The fact reminds…as much as I hate to say it…is that she does possess super strenght…and speed…due chemical make-up of  her body.  Which, therefore, does give her an unquestionable advantage over the other women…who do not possess the sort of birth defeat.   Which I guess you would have to call it…as Caster does who was born with both male and female organs…even her male organs are within her body.

Some people chase fame and success all of their lives.  Then to get it and find out…you are faced with one of the biggest obstacles of  your life.

How do you deal with that…and be so young?

Her country…her people and her family…are all fighting for her.

The more I think about Caster the more I feel for her.  I only hope that this thing does not cause her…or him to go out and now start to indulge carelessly in sexual activity trying to prove something…or trying to disprove it.  At her age it is not hard to make a lot of bad and very wrong choices. 

I don’t know how sexually active she has been up to this…being just 19.  But many people indulge in increased sexual active to prove things to themselves…and many times also to others.  Men do it to prove they that still ‘have it.’  Whatever that means.   So, seeking out tons of  women to have sex with to prove that they are not gay…or like women…or trying to quash rumors about themselves.

With Caster’s situation being so public…it is not hard to believe that she may not chose such a course.  Now, knowing that she cannot bare any children, being that she has neither uterus or womb…the fear of  becoming pregnant has been far removed from her.  I only hope that her moral integrity and a trust in God…will prevent her from making some very choices in her life.  Because such a thing as finding that you are not totally what you thought you were…  

Well, who could really deal with that?

But having been tested and finding out what was discovered…may have answered some questions for her.







Wow, I feel sorry for him…her.  She grew up as a girl…going to a girl’s school in South Africa.  And now is hailed as a South African champion among her people. 

And for this whole thing about her sex…or true sex to be so public…  It has to be hard…and it is quite unfortunate.  But I can understand the feelings of  the other females who have to complete with him…or her.  And I am sorry to have to put it like that…but what other why is there to put it?

But the difference between Caster and Sarah is…is that Caster’s male organs are internal opposed to Sarah whose sexual organs…male and female were visible.  As Sarah underwent surgery to remove her male organs.  So, yes…I can sympathize with anyone born this way…and particular if  you never knew that you had the problem in the first place…which was Caster’s situation.

Another day when I didn’t get much done.   But I did sit out on the porch 2ab-the-bishop-wifecoveragain this morning reading my Bible.

Well, I better get some sleep otherwise I will sleepy most of the day tomorrow.  Writing these blogs can take up so much time.  But I am happy to share.  And I hope that you are enjoying what it is that I have to say. 4_printer_Promo_Cars_b_smith2

Hope you have a beautiful day tomorrow.    

Well, God bless

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  www.bsmith101.wordpress.com  ©2009

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