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October 9, 2009 bsmith101
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I find it very interesting that the New York Times would decide to send out some of their researchers to search out the lineage of the First Lady of this county.  What strikes me as being interesting about it is the fact that the New York Times would (1) decide to do such a research.  And (2) why they would have wanted to do it in the first.

I truthfully am not surprised that the search in Michelle Obama’s history un-covered some white blood in her family…and it really should not shock anyone.   Since she is an African American whose family roots do stretch back into this country as most African Americans…which mean back into slavery. 

So, why would it surprise anyone?

Guess it really didn’t.

What should  be the surprise really?

And this being so…most of us…African Americans have some degree of white people’s blood flowing in our veins.

For many years I used to look at the blond hairs which cover my arms…which particularly become very visable to me during the summer months…when I am a bit darker due to the sun tanning me…and think of one thing only.   Seeing those hairs for the first time…when I initially noticed them…it only made me think of the black woman who was probably raped by some white slave master.

Most black folks in America often chose not to recognize that we…most of us have some degreee of white people’s blood in her family lines.   Which we all have inherited for the most part due to situations centering around events in slavery and following it.   

So, yes… most of us have some level of white people’s blood flowing through our bodies. 

Now what?

Why would it be a surprise to discover this within the lineage of the First Lady of this country?

We don’t celebrate it…I mean what about it is there to celebrate?  

Or think about?

Or why would we want to even consider trying to find our ‘long lost white relatives?’  

In fact, we mostly ignore it.   It is very often overlooked.  It is something we…almost all of us would rather not think about.  Though we clearly recognize our history in this country.  And do so with for the most part…almost all of us…with pride…as through it all…we survived. 

Though historically, this country has tried to make us ashamed of our history…and particularly having been slaves here.  But around the world there have been many groups of people who have been enslaved.    But they were not threated as cattle…less than human. 

But there were things which happened during slavery that we try not to linger on.  And that is the breeding of African slaves like they were breeding horses…and including the inter-mixing of black blood and white blood…mostly through rape…that we do not celebrate.


Well, thinking of such things…   Well, it could make you very angry just thinking about it.

So, it really didn’t take a rocket scientist to guess  that the same would be true in the lineage of our current First Lady.   Just knowing that her family has been in this country for several generations stretching into slavery gave a sure clue that such might possibly be true.

So, the New York Times going back to explore the history of Mrs. Obama seems to me to be yet another racist thing being thrown at them.  Something meant to keep them in their place…rather than something to celebrate.  And something  whereby they can say-

“You’ve come a long ways, baby.”

“And look how far we’ve let you come.”

Who wants to hear that?

Nobody went back and did a historic search on the family lines of Jackie Kennedy or Barbara Bush.  So, why then did the New York Times decide it would be a good idea to go and do one on Michelle Obama…unless they are trying to make some kind of  a ridicuous point?

And that point was…or is meant to keep the Obama’s in check…by continually reminding that they are the product of white people…without whom’s blood maybe they might not be so smart…or so on point…so sharp…not lazy…can talk so well…and they don’t act like all those other negros.

There had to be an answer for it…as why they just don’t seem so black.  Why their daughters have such long hair.  You know…all that kind of crazy thinking.  Trying to seek out answers for why the Obama’s are so Obama.  So respectable and so acceptable to white folk.

Why doesn’t somebody give us a break.

If the truth be known most black people are decent respectable people…hard working people.   And if they weren’t…then we would all be in a world of trouble. 

Then too…in terms of smarts…   Almost all of the greatest inventions in this country were invented by black people, who because they were who they were reaped no credit…or payment for those things which we invented…or recognition.  Nor every saluted for their very great minds and things and advances that created for this country and many times for the world too.  

 Thus, we are not a bunch of  ignorant people.   And the vast majority of us can speak perfectly well without having everyone running to pull out some kind of Ebonic dictionary in order to understand us.



Oh, yes…   And some of those invention which I talked about…which we invented:  Well, how about blood plasma for one…Dr. Charles Drew.  Who died following an automobile crash when he was not allowed to reap the benefits of his own invention because he was a black man.  He died from lost of blood.

I can’t imagine coming up with over 100 things to invent using a simple peanut, but the brillant brain of Dr.  George Washington Carver did.

How about that little old thing that many of us love…called the a potato chip, George Crum (1853).    Imagine that?

And we all know who the Colonel Sanders is (KFC)…(Kentucy Fried Chicken)…but who knew about George Crum, the black man who invented the common potato chip?  

How about a device to help develop pictures…or adhere dye to your shoes and many other inventions…Clatonia Joaquin Dorticus.

The hinged drop door on the mail box…Phillip B. Downing

The gas mask…Garrett Morgan…who also invented a lot of other things too…like the traffic light.

Madame C. J. Walker…the first African American millionaire…she developed the pressing iron and many other beauty and hair products.

Then there is the water sprinkler, steam engins, the switching mechanism used on railroad tracks etc…. etc…etc… none of which is ever told in the history books of this country.  But the list of appliances, medical discoveries, engineering inventions and designs (Benjamin Banneker, designing Washington, DC and the White House), agricultrual advances  etc…including the creations of many inventions which were accredited to white slave owners, because slaves could not have ownership of anything.  And also because for many years in this country African Americans were not allowed to patent anything.

View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledBySo, I don’t know…  

Maybe it was a good idea for the New York Times to go back into the history of  Michelle Obama.  Because I might not have otherwise have been motivated to have this conversation…by way of this blog.




Well, hope that you have a beautiful day today too.  It was nice out earlier…but now it has turned much cooler. 

I still love this picture.   I don’t think that I am going to get tired of it.   It really does make me think of the weather that will soon be on its way.  Does it do the same to you?

Well, God bless

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