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December 10, 2009 bsmith101
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Well, Mother Nature has stepped in and this time she made her welcome known.  It  was loud and clear…and I was so surprised when I looked out and saw it.   It was all white and covered the ground, and everything else that was out there.

We had gotten some snow before…came overnight.  And by morning it was gone.  But not this time. 

I woke up early…the house was cold…but not overly.  But I knew when I glanced out the kitchen what it was that I was going to have to do.  So, I did it.

I pulled out some clothes and got dress…bundled up, wrapped my scraf around my neck, put on my socks, stuck my feet in my Tim’s and proceeded outside…to shovel snow.

So, now you know how I spent my day yesterday.  Well, the early part of it.  Because I ended up shoveling not only my parent’s sidewalk but our neighbor…when I saw him come out with his cruchets due to an injury he suffered last winter when he slipped and fell.

He was on his way to physical therapy…and told me that he could do it.  But I knew better than that.   So, I just gave him a hand…cleared his steps and then his sidewalk and part of his driveway so he could get to his car

But I did it.   And by the time I was through…I just went back into the house and crawled back  into bed. 

Hope you had a beautiful day…and are enjoying your winter weather.

And oh, yes….

I happened to see the movie ‘Precious’ sometime this past weekend.

I really didn’t care for it too much.  I found it lacking in may ways.   And I never really connected with Precious. 

I am one of those people who cries at everything.  Graduations…weddings…even during commercials…truly.   But I never shed one tear over that movie or anyone in it.  But came  close to feeling more compassion for the Mo’nique character than her daughter.   And that never should have been.

It may have been a script problem…but I think it was a directing problem.  Even though Lee Daniels, the director of the movie, may well be gay…he can never get to what women feel.   Our emotions are too involved.  We are complicated in ways that men just cannot understand.  He never found the essence of Precious or her pain…her feelings on any level about being abused…sexually tormented by both her mother and father…and the mother part of it never really comes across the screen.  Nor her having to bare two children by her father…ending up with AIDS…given to her by her father…and all this while her mother stood by watching it happen.  And then seeking out sexual acts from Precious as well.

Lee totally missed the mark.  But I never liked ‘Monster’s Ball’ either….that was another disaster.   Which was also a film by Lee Daniels.

Well, so much for my movie reviews.  But I make movies…I see them different from you.  I see the lighting…    And oh….yeah….

One big gaffe in the film.   How do you live in an apartment building….a five or six story walk-up…and when they shoot the interior of your apartment —you have an up and downstairs inside?

View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledByThat might have been if  Precious and her mother had lived in a penthouse somewhere.  But not in the projects.

So, that really got me.  the exterior shots of their building a ‘very’ ghetto apartment complex…while the interior of their apartment was really shot in a brownstone apartment building.

And the music was all wrong…very much wrong.   Well, I guess I have rant long enough.

It is just that I think abuse on any level is a serious subject.  But Lee Daniels made a mockery of the very insane and spiteful abuse Precious had to endure.   And particularly since Sapphire had written such a horriffic, demoralizing  and tradgic story…”PUSH.”

Then one of  my neices told me that all the fat and dark skinned girls in her school are being teased and called ‘Precious’  by the boys in her  school.  And I think that is sad…and really points back to what I was saying.

Lee Daniels failed to make anyone feel any sympathy for Precious.  I never once felt sympathy for her…and I know I should have.  But what saddened me was to know that in real life children daily are treated as badly and worst by those who are suppose to love them…and to care and 2ab-the-bishop-wifecoverprotect them.

Children are precious…and we all should do all that we can to assist and protect them.  And show them as much kindness as we possibly can…even when we cannot understand them.  Because it is those kids which probably need it the most.

Definitely hope that you had a great  Thanksgiving.  I did and I am still enjoying it.  If  I say so myself…and there were many who the very same observation…

“I really made some great apple pies this year.”

But everything was great…tons of  food…cakes and pies for everyone.  But it all gets down to that turkey and dressing…wow…wow…   In fact, I think I will make me a turkey sandwich when I get finish with this blog. 


Well, God bless

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  ©2009

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