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Black History Month…fakes…and the church…

Now I know that it is Black History Month and that I have been kind of quiet for this month.  But I now no longer write a blog…and I guess this is true too for the earlier ones as well…unless I really have something to say.  So, I guess it was that I just had more to say on things earlier when I initially started blogging then I now do…which is why I wrote them more often then. 

But I am nonetheless highly opinoinated…I guess you might be able to tell that.  So, while I was kicking up my heels and waiting on something to come in the mail…while searching over the web I came across this video and…and… Well, it has stirred  me to write something.

Knowing that I am saved…as I am sure that you must know by now.  Least ways I hope you have gathered that.  I would like to think that my light is shinning in everything I have written over this site.  And of course…my being being saved is not a state that I have always been….but it has been so  for a few years now.

Most recently God spoke into my heart to not sit back and keep quiet on everything.  So, thus…I speak on some things when moviated by a strong opinion regarding that subject or thing which sparks me to do so.

Now, having said that I could not see this video clip without commenting on it.  I believe in truth…and hate any form of mis-information.  Some people really hold onto things that people tell them…and they take it for truth when it is very much not.  And very far from it.

You view this video and you tell me what you think.

There is a folley is loving  yourself  too much.  And believing that you know all the answers…and particularly when you think that the mis-information that you dish out is correct.

There is no way that partying in the form as is expressed in the above video is correct.  And to refer to when David danced…and compare it to a ‘male stripper’  is insane.

But the devil’s children know scripture…they are great deceivers who love to call upon the Word of the Lord to make their points. 

In downtown Brooklyn near Fulton Street and Flatbush Avenue …it is not uncommon to see and hear the 5 percenter’s…or the 10 percenters…or the 12 tribes of  Israel…or whatever they call themselves.  It is a group of  about 5 to 8 black guys dressed in olden day garments…as in the anicent times of  Moses…standing on soap boxes (milk crates) chanting about their god…and refering to the Bible as a means of discrediting Jesus and Biblical text. 

Whenever I heard  them saying stuff that was wrong…and though I didn’t know the Bible and certainly not any of  its Biblical texts…but I grew up in church.   So, I always felt that someone in those crowds…and there was always a crowd gathered around them as they spoke.  I just felt that someone should have challenged them…and countered them.  Somebody had to know scripture…so that they could have said something…but no one ever did.  So, day after day…those guys stood out there on the corner of  downtown Brooklyn dispelling lies…and falsehoods without any correction.

I now have learned a few things…not as much as most…but even so I refuse to let anything I see or hear and know that it is wrong go without me saying something.  I just cannot.

Hence, my response to the above video by this young woman named Ty Adams.  I have seen a few other videos of  her’s over the internet…and know that she considers herself to be a Christian lecturer, teacher, conference speaker…and I guess you could say possibly even some kind of  ‘life coach’ on relationships. 

To top it off she calls herself…’Dr Ty.’   There are a lot people in the church today who have given themselves this  title…doctor.  Guess it sounds good to their ears.  Juanita Bynum along with a few others…have done so as well.  But when you go to read their bio info there is no mention of an institution to go along with their title.  They just like the way it sounds…and to some degree it elevates them to a higher status…adds more credibility or something.

Yet, in the church  you will hear them say…‘it’s not all about titles.’   But it seems that everybody wants one.  Christina Glenn claims she earned her’s in some collage in India…I just had to look it up.  And if  push comes to shove…you can always buy one…there are plenty of  services that will sell you a doctorate title…which is more like ‘give you one’…if you get that hard pressed for  to have one.

But going back to sister Ty. 

How in the world can anyone be paying this woman to come to their converence looking…and dressing…and talking as she talks?

There is no such thing as a ‘saved club.’   And yes…clubs are something which the kids of  that other guy…not God’s kids…or followers of  Jesus created.  Club are dens of  iniquity.  The purpose for clubs is for sinners to gather like Christians go to church.  But instead of worshipping and praising God…sinners go in to clubs to sin.  They go looking for sexual partners…somebody to rub up against…somebody who can dance and make them look good.  It is a place where they can drink and carry on…and have all kinds of  loose and ungodly conversations while listening to ungodly music. 

I know all about clubs because I owned one…it was a lesbian club…but I owned it nevertheless.

Tell me what real church song can you get up and slow drag to?

And clubs have almost always been for single people…somebody looking for somebody.  Because most people who have somebody do not frequent clubs regularly.  And do not want to hear that their husbands or wives are…because everybody knows what goes on in clubs…and why people seek them out.

So, then why would this ‘new group’ of  so-called saints call it alright to party…and hangout at a club?

Because they have leaned to their own understanding.

 There are some things that some people are just not willing to give up.  They want to cuss and everything else…take a look at these videos below.

One of the worst things that could have happened for some of  these co-called preachers and teachers…is their decision to get into media…and put their ministry where the world can view them…so we can all see and hear them for ourselves…and come to know who is or who is not of  Christ.

One of the biggest jokes…and it is really not funny.   But it  is the River Church in Durham, NC…where Sheryl Brady’s husband…bishop whatever his name is…can be seen turning their church service  into a 3 ring circus from Sunday to Sunday…and I guess in whatever other services they may have. 

Who wouldn’t go to a church where the pastor pulls out a thick wad of  hundred dollar bills every Sunday…passing them out like water.  Sometimes 3 and 4 of  them at a time while telling people to pull out their money and bless one another with it…as he ocassionaly calls someone up and starts handing out a few notes  of his own.  But never the whole thing…just enough to entice his membership.

How many ink pens have you owned?

And how many of them have gotten away from you…got lost or somehow walked away from you?

Aren’t you glad it wasn’t a $5,000 pen?

What is happening to the church?

Preachers are not acting like preachers any more. 

What is happening to us?

Most recently I myself  had a run in with a preacher.  He is currently the pastor of our church.   I had noticed that he began to act a little bit too friendly towards me.  While trying my best to stay away from him…he became more aggressive….blatant in fact in his actions.

When I thought I had worked out the perfect plan…this guy…the pastor…and I refuse to call him ‘our’ pastor.  Well, this guy always seemed to be one step ahead of me.

When I told my son to give me the keys to the car so I could sneak out of  church just before service ended…wouldn’t you know it…here comes the guy down the center aisle of  the church.  It was just before he was to get up and preach…and he came down the center aisle stopping at me.  He bent down and rested his forehead against mine with his nose touching mine…as if we were alone and in bed together.

I was…I was totally shocked…dismayed…and angered by it.  How dare this guy embarrass me like that.  I was fuming…and I was so for weeks upon weeks.  I could not believe such a thing had happened…and right there in the midst of  the whole church while service was going on.

My son kept telling me that I was reading too much in it.

“Awh, ma…he does that with everybody.”


And if  he did…then he was out of order then too…and somebody should have told him so long ago.`

How can people sit in church and allow their pastors to do whatever it is that they want without anyone questioning him or challenging him or her on it?

I had  just started returning back to this church after being away…after living out of  town for years.  I had never really cared for this man because he had utterly destroyed our church…and everbody who hadn’t died had left it.  The church was down to just about 8 members now…and my family was the only remnant left in it.  And now I could understand why…clearly this preacher had over stepped his boundary…not just with me but with many others.

So following the forehead thing… I stopped going to church for a while…but God spoke into my heart and told me that I could not stop going to church…nor to allow satan to chase me out of  church.  So, I went back.

And this time the preacher…again before he was to preach…he came down out of  the pulpit and started walking down along the one side of  the church as if  he were walking to the rear of the church.  He stopped…and entered into my aisle where he soon took a seat right beside me and commenced to ask me for my phone number.  I almost exploded.  I got loud for a second then remembered that I was  still in church.  Then I took the piece of paper wrote it and turned away from the man…trying to ignor him as he said something else to me. 

He did try to call me at least once…but I never answered.  Finally, when I went to church again…just as he got up to begin preaching he stopped and began talking about how he had been trying to reach me.  This mind you from the pulpit.  I was livid.

Now, this was too much.  This guy was beside himself and he wasn’t even trying to hide it.  Funny, I am just now thinking of  it…but this guy was stalking me.  I could barely go into church without him doing something to embarrass me.

I went on and on for weeks about this guy…verbally voicing my anger about it.   I know my son must have grown tired of  hearing me complaining about this preacher and his poor behavior…but  I could not help it.  

First of  all…this man was and is  in his seventies…and though his wife was ill she was still very much alive.  But I would not have wanted him regardless…as this man had known me since I  was a kid.  And I felt this whole thing was not only an insult to me…but to the memory of  my parents.

Finally a few weeks ago I had an opportunity to confront this preacher…it was over something involving another issue…but sooner or later he was going to hear from me regarding the matter because it was eating at me.  At that time I did not fail at the end of  our discourse to tell  him just how I felt about  him putting  his  nasty forehead to mind and chasing behind me like he was some kind of  dog in heat.  Well, I didn’t quite say it that way…but I said it and got it off my chest any how.  And I have not had to worry about him since…and it still feels good.

Anybody seeing any or all of that would have assumed that he and I had a relationship going on…and nothing could have been further from the truth.  I do not know what could have  possibly possessed him…and given him the idea that he could do such a thing to me…but he was definitely coming on strong.  And the sheer thought of  it made me sick to my absolute  stomach.

Something has definitely happened to the church.  It is doing something that my father called…‘going backwards instead of going frontward.’   The holy ground that the church once had…that it possessed and stood on…it is rapidly lossing.  Too much of the changing times…excepting everything…and wanting to incorporate too many things of  the world is pulling at the very fabric of  the church.  We are going backward…and lossing too much solid ground in the process.

Where are teachers and preachers who taught this stuff  the way it used to be taught?

Since alot of  people having been hitting this site to read about Ruby Dee lately…I can only assume that it has a lot to do with Academy Awards.  I had read that she had gotten the nod for a nomination for a possible Oscar.  Now that would have been nice, but I did not find her name anywhere on the list of  Academy Nominees.

It cannot be argued that Ruby Dee is an actor’s actor.  She along with a long  list of  outstanding black men and women certainly can be labelled ‘fine craftsmen’ in their art form…having worked in both stage and screen quietly for many years. 

I often think of  Lena Horne…or a Hattie McDaniel when I think of really great women actors or performers. Paul Robeson…as well as Ruby Dee and others.  I would have loved to have casted some of  them in one of  my films. 

In case any of  you are a budding screenwriter…here is the link for the Nicholl’s Fellowship which deadline is April 1st.    And if you can’t get it together to submit something this year keep the link for next year…as it is an annual thing.  You can hit the link to find out all the details.

Well, hope that you have enjoyed Black History Month…and learned as much as you could about some these men and woman who have melted away into our  past…but should always be celebrated and their lives…work…and struggles always  remind us of  just how blessed we are…because of  them.

And since I am ending on this note…on films and actors.  I hated ‘Precious’ the movie.   I found a lot of  errors in that movie…technical stuff  that was just hard to overlook.  For 1…and I will just point out 1 thing only.  Did you notice that Precious and her mother lived in an apartment building?

Then how in the world did they end up with an upstairs and downstairs in their apartment?

It was not like they were living the penthouse of  some exclusive building.

And the music was all wrong…and a lot of  other stuff.  Okay…I said 1.  But I just had to try and sneak that in.

But I did like Gabby, the young actor who played Precious.  I however did not feel that the script was the very best.  And though Mo’que really…really…really played her part.  And she truly did…but I would hate to see an Oscar go to her. 

I just don’t think we should celebrate that kind of  mother.  And there are women who are just like that to their children…and they never ever should be celebrated on any level.

Speaking of  Mo’que while checking on something over the View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledByinternet I happened to come across a note…that Mo’que herself  had been a victim of  incest…having been taken advantage of  by  her own brother.  That story is in a past issue of   Essence…October 2008 issue.

I had  to shovel snow 3 times this week.  One day twice…and it had me laid up for most of the week.  But since those 2 days it has mostly been rain…and thank goodness.   Because if  it had been snow…the way it has been raining…night 2ab-the-bishop-wifecoverand day…they would have had to have flown somebody in here to dig us all out.  We would have been buried under it.

But I have been on top of  my Cream of  Wheat and taking my iron tablets.   And  the house amazingly hasn’t been too cold…praise the Lord.

But it  is all good.  

Hope you had a good week. 

I really  really love winter…it  is  so beautiful. 

Next year I will have me a 4_printer_Promo_Cars_b_smith2husband…somebody who can go out and shovel snow with me.  Somebody I can hit with a snowball or 2…and then go in and cuddle with. 

Now, that would be so nice.  And we could drink hot chocolate and talk about how the Republicans keep trying to hinder Obama by blocking everything that he is trying to do.

And then we’ll put in a movie..and call it a day.  But not before we pray.

God bless…

Thirthy inches of snow in New York City.  Oh, wow…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  ©2010

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Kim Burrell secular music star…wanna be

I have been thinking about Kim Burrell since my son made mention to me about her crossing-over into secular music.  From gospel artist to jazz diva…or R&B mama…I don’t know… But I find it hard to wrap my mind around it. 

Why would anyone want to give up on the Lord and go search out something else?

To me all I can think is that she sold her soul for a contract and a hope for a few  more dollars. 

When you sit down…when you think about it…her rep and CD sales were not shabby gospelwise.   So, then why the cross-over?

Why did Kim decide that she wanted to forsake gospel music for something more inclined to not be accepted by the gospel community…something like going ‘secular?’

Maybe she feels that if  Sam Cooke could do it…and do it… I guess by some reports…that  he did so successfully… then maybe she could… or can do it  too.   But  Sam died young.  I  think he ended up being  shot to death.

And that is why I would never turn my back on the Lord.  The Bible tells  us  that it is better to have never known Him…than to turn away from him.

If   Whitney Houston knows better…and I feel she does…how  then can Kim Burrell who professed to be saved…then how can she be so backward in her thinking?

And Whitney does know better.  Whitney has always added bits and pieces of  gospel to her repertoire.  And  just  the other day…I heard Patti singing a duo with the Queen of   Gospel  Music… Shirley Caesar…and they really were singing that song.  So much  so that I had to get up and write  down the name of the song so I could look for it and buy it.

Gospel music is definitely where the money is.   The only people who are making money in secular music right  now and for some time now  have been and are rappers.  So, then…what does Kim Burrell hope to obtain by crossing-over? 

Then the other thing most recently Kim was given a very big promotion in the ranks of  the International Church of  God in Christ.  She became the second in command over the cogic international music department…a dream job that many would literally die for.  And here  it is…she  is  going secular?

I know it must mean that she is forsaking this post that had most recently been bestowed upon her.   But if  this has been on her mind…then why did she take on the job in the first place?

I say for the prestiege that went  with it.  She had just gotten the position only a few months ago.  She had to have been thinking about getting her gastric operation…and sexing herself up…way before that.  After all, that operation is not just something you  just  jump up and decide to do overnight.

She can’t  possibly be planning on keeping the post…and be a secular artist…say another Beyonce…too?

Can she?

Though I do honestly believe that some people get involve with a very large organization…such as the Church of  God in Christ…just for the sake of  launching their careers.  Practically everybody in the music industry… singer-wise and musicans…have at some time been in a choir or played in the church band…and many of  them in cogic churches.  You often hear them being interviewed on some  show talking about  their cogic experiences under Dr. Mattie Moss Clark…the Clark Sister’s mother.  And many stars, Grammy and Stellar winners have come out of  the Church of  God in Church…such as… the Clark Sisters just to name one (who since being babies had been involved with the cogic music department).    That list also includes the God Father of  Gospel Music, the late and very great Rev.  Timothy Wright…not to mention Myrna Summers, Rance Allen, Vanessa Bell Armstrong and the list goes on and on…

Though I have to truthfully  say I  have wondered how Bishop Blake could have replaced more than 400 years of  collective experience in the international music department  between Iris Stevenson, Bettye Nelson and the Clark Sisters alone not to mention several others in the cogic international music department… with people who had never even worked in that department before…in its highest positions? 

I am a believer in that old saying…if  it is not broken don’t fix it.   Considering how the cogic international choir has lead the way and set the standards that many other choirs and group follow…  So, why would have Bishop Blake wanted to mess with that?

It just didn’t make sense.  Now, one of people whom he put over that department decides to go secular?

Though I must say that I have never been  big on Kim Burrell.  For one thing I just do not understand why people taunted her…like she was some big singing phenomenon.  Like she was an Aretha Franklin or somebody.  And like she had been around for  years…I just could not understand it.

Maybe it all has to do with the time that Kim came to our church to perform.  It was one of the worst and most un-professional shows or performances I had ever seen any known talent perform.  And it cost Kim Burrell, now 100 pounds slimmer, shows off her new look after making annoucement on her web site that she's planning to record a "mainstream" pop project.our church $5,000…with a demand for a limousine and a 5 star hotel to boot. 

And that $5,000 cost came with no band…but with Kim shouting during theKim Burrell 2010 BET Honors performance to the audio guy way in the back of  the church what tracks  to play as she performed one song after another.

Once somebody told me something.  They were talking about a young rapper…and she said-

“Where did he come from?  It seems to me that he just sprang up on the scene and look at how large he is.  I believe he must have sold his soul to the devil.”

I thought that statement was interesting coming from her…because in all the time we had sat together editing video tape footage I would have never have thought she thought about such things.  Nor did I believe her to be religious.   But it was true…the rapper she was talking about  did spring up overnight and did  seem to  become instantly successful.   That rapper which she was talking about   was  50¢.   And he kept on getting hotter…hotter…and hotter.

I would never want to walk away from following the Lord.  I can’t imagine anything that I would rather not do.   Besides I am fearful of  Him.  But even more I love Him.  I would love Him to be able to trust  me as much as He trusted  Job…and feel that I like Job would never let Him down.

No contract…or hope of supposed fame…or riches could make  me do what Kim Burrell has decided to do.

And though she said she did the gastric operation for health reasons…   Well, anybody could have told her she needed to shed weight.  I don’t  need anybody to tell me that…much less a doctor.   Everytime I look in the mirror…I get the message.  And this pass weekend  while we were away…the hotel that we stayed in had a mirror on the bathroom door.  Well, everytime I sat down on that toilet…I was startled back to reality as I sat looking at myself horrified at what was reflected back. 

What  a disaster.

I left that hotel vowing to take it off.  I mean shed it like crazy.  But I am not going lay down on some operating table to do it.  No…I am not.  I know how to set down the fork…and push away from the table.   And that is what I intend to do…and add a little workout to my daily routine. 

Baby, it’ll be a brand new me.   Eat your heart out Lil’ Kim…I mean Kim Burrell.

UPDATE: Wednesday, Februray 18, 2010

If  you took the time to read the enclosed letter  up top which was to the body of the Church of  God in Christ…though it is interesting that it was not sent out to the church at large via the cogic  bulk email launcher to all its membership.  However, I just received this it from Judith McAllister concerning Kim Burrell…(just CLICK on the letters to enlarge them).   It would seem that many within the church of  the Church of  God in Christ  have some concerns concerning Kim  Burrell and her current position as Vice President of  the International Music Department of the Church of  God in Christ.  Of  which in the reading of  the letter it seems that Kim is not willing to relentish her position in the music department…and that fat pay check… though she is currently seeking a wider career in the music industry.  Note I did not say the word ‘secular’…as it seems that Kim Burrell is trying to step away from that term now.  But as in Kim’s own words…it is what it is…if  you want to sing non-gospel music…then you must be becoming a ‘secular’ artist, Kim.  You can’t have it  2 ways…you either are…or aren’t.

Though Kim Burrell claims that this endeavor change in her career is due to a deep desire to reach and preach the gospel to those ‘out there’ who do not come in contact with gospel music…is a lot of  baloney.  The Bible tells us ‘to be ye separated’…and there is a reason for that.  You cannot reach anybody by becoming ‘one of them.’   Try doing that with a drug addict or a prostitute…or anything else… and see how much sharing of  God you can do with them then. 

The only real reason someone choses to make the choice that Kim Burrell has recently made…even in terms of  her dress…and to cross-over from gospel music to ‘secular’…has nothing to do with winning souls…but everything to do with that  thing called  the ‘all mighty dollar’…or a hope for more of  it.  And it would seem that both Bishop Blake and the current president of the International Music Department of the Church of  God in Christ, Judith McAllister…are willing to let her do it…and keep her post…and pay check too.

And then too…anybody who saw Kim Burrell sing at the last Holy Convocation in Memphis…then you could tell that she really didn’t  want to be there.  Go back and take a look at the footage…and you will definitely see what  I mean.

UPDATE: Monday, May 23, 2011… just thought I would share this with you.  It is something that I wrote on my facebook page after watching Kim’s latest video called  ‘Sweeter.’

Since 1 of my facebook friends happened to mention this video…I just thought that I would take a look. Thought it better not to comment on her post…because I thought she might not like it.  This video is a typical example of what happens when you decide to step away from the Lord…and do your own thang.  Too much of nothing…and no substance either. Beautiful location…visuals beautiful…but come on, Kim.  What is with all the attempts at sex appeal???

It looks like Kim  wants to be a sex kitten rather than a singer. And technically… if you spend all that money to go on…  location to some isolated island… then don’t go cheap and shoot video… shoot film the next time the end product will look a lot better.  And clearly the director knew nothing about correct lighting…because Kim is certainly shot all wrong…and with all the wrong make-up.

I ain’t hatin’ but just sayin’… I would like to see a woman of God be of God in all that she does. 

Now, on that note watch the video for yourself and you tell me what you think.

Now, this photo of  Bishop Weeks and his new little bride… I  do not understand.   They are drinking champagne… 


She grew up cogic…was pastoring…and we all know that Bishop Weeks had… and probably still does… have issues.   But they are toasting one another and drinking champagne.

Maybe they just got tired of  pretending to be holy.  Since people tend to follow them anyway.  Unbelievable.

I’m fighting off  a cold.  It’s something that happens whenever dust gets 2ab-the-bishop-wifecoverinto my system.   Yes, I have allergies.   Most of  the time they don’t bother me…but then once in a while a spec of  dust  is  somehow  introduced into my system…and  the battle begins.

So, since getting from our little trip this weekend…I have had the sniffles.  Of  course  I have started downing the OJ…as in orange juice.  And drinking cranberry juice…and taking my iron tablets.

View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledByBut it  is all good.  I will not complain.  I am blessed and this  too shall soon pass…and then maybe sometime this week I will really get some sleep. 

Hope you had a good day.  I have begun psych-ing myself  up.  I have so many things I want to do this year.  And it will be exciting.

4_printer_Promo_Cars_b_smith2Lots of  editing…and shooting footage…and working on my websites…and launching a couple of  access programs…and  launching  my 2 other business enterprises.  I am so excited.  Not to mention my book,  THE BISHOP’S WIFE, will definitely soon be out.  And when it does…it  means I begin to hit the road to sell it.  

So, you see…yes I will be very busy as the year continues.   I hope this year has lots of  good things in store for you too.

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  ©2010

I really love winter…it  is  so beautiful.

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Serena at the top of her game… Women turned men…having babies…

Well, what can I say…except she has done it again.  Though she dominated much of  the game playing some of  women’s greatest tennis. ..and she really did.  I enjoyed watching her play…and how well she kept her opponant working and running chasing down balls…and how she made Serena run and chase down balls…and send the balls back.    

It  was certainly not hard to see  Saturday night  during the  Australian Open Women’s Final why Serena is  ranked #1 in the World.   Along with #1 Woman Athelete…#1 Women’s Sports highest ever prize winner…#1 in Women’s Tennis Doubles (along with her sister, Venus)…and #1 in the eyes of  her older sister…and just as deadly on a good day…Venus Williams.

The love and respect that they share for each other is not hard to recognize.  While baby sister sweated it out on the court…older sister, Venus sat prayfully in the stands along with their ever faithful mother, Oracene Price.  With ever stroke Venus sat clutching her hands…cupping her chin…watching every ball as she not only sweated it out with her younger sister but you could see that she struggled with her…mentally right up until the very end.  And when it was all over little sister pulled herself up from the ground and went over to her mother and the waiting arms and kisses of  her mother…and an ever elated older sister who could not have been prouder as she stretched down gripping her little sister in her arms and buried a kiss upon her while whispering something in her ear.  

Now, that is love.

So many times sisters and brothers get so caught up rivaling one another…that  they have very little appreciation for one another.  Sibling  rivalry can be one of  biggest problems  for why  most  families cannot get along.  Clearly we all need to take a  page out of  Venus and Serena’s play book  about  family love and admiration, for the skills and gifts that  God has so richly invested in all of  us.

To be so dominant on the tennis courts…and often coming up against one another… yet  both of  them maintianing the desire to want to win and become #1…earn alcolades…and huge bundles of  money coupled by the fame and prestiege…and yet  it  seems  that  the  endless challenge  that one of   them  will have  lose whenever they end up set against one another in finals…yet  it  has never impacted their love for one another.  In fact, it seems to be  that  thing  which drives them closer… with each and ever tournament…opportunity…contest of  skill and power…and desire to win on both of  their  parts.

Saturday night  during  the  Australian Open final,  Serena Williams not only won  the Australian Open  Women’s  Singles  for her 5th time…nor  did she not only take  home yet  another trophe… but she pushed up her game earnings  into the over $30 million bracket as well.  

With a combination of  12  Aces combined with sharp precision…speed and  force…all  of  which played  major parts  in her game.  Serena  took  it  in 3 sets winning…6-4, 3-6, 6-2.  But I  am sure that when  Serena  hit  the courts in the Land Down Under…it  was  also with a  mind that she had  something to prove.   After being fined and forced to sit out a tournament  following  her outburst  and supposed  threat  to a  lines woman  while  playing  in the  US Open this past year.   I am sure that when Serena stepped  into the tennis arena of  the Australian Open  that  she  went  in to prove  a  few things.  With her main point being… that she had the capabilities  and powere to put away anybody who dared to come up against her.  And she did…back to back…and day after day…tournament after tournament. 

What a game…and what a win.  You go, Serena…and Venus.  And congradulations on also taking the Australian Women’s Doubles again…too. 

When I saw this and initially read this story I laughed…sarcastically of  course.   As I found the whole thing  to be absolutely ludacris.  I am sicken  really by it…because  to me it seems that these 2 women turned men are trying to make a mockery of  God. 

This last set of  men giving birth to a  baby… are 2 women who have turned themselves into supposed men.  They look outwardly quite like men… but evidently they
decided to keep some things… and develop some others… but did not rid Pregnant Man Scott Moore (5 pics)themselves of  everything.  And I think that it is sick. 

Yes, I  feel that this thing is sick. 

Why would 2 women want to convert themselves into men…only to end up living their supposed lives as men…living together as gay guys?  

It doesn’t make sense.  It is sick.

On top of  it…taking pills to masculine themselves up…then turn around and become pregnant with all those chemicals in the body of  that woman/turned supposed man.

What is this thing about wanting to be a man…then turning around and wanting to do the most womanly thing any woman can possibly do?

And that is give birth to a little baby.

If  they want to be men…then be men.  But not try to re-write the birth code…or  trying  to revamp  God’s already perfect work…and order.   If   He wanted men giving birth He is more than capable of  performing that little feat for  Himself.  But since He has yet to do so…then evidently it is not His desire.

Then this last couple to do this thing…well, they look not only sick Pregnant Man Scott Moore (5 pics)but freakish too. 

How messed up can a little infant be who is being carried in the womb of  some woman who has jacked up her system, face and body with a bunch of  pills messing with her  hormones in order to turn herslf  into some kind of   make believe man?  

And yes…I said  ‘make believe.’

In a couple of  my prior blogs I wrote about this guy whom I knew… and I guess I still know him…just haven’t seen him in a while…who came to Salsa Soul  Sisters, a lesbian organization…under the guise of  being a woman.  At that  time once he began dating  some women in Salsa…which is or was…as it still exists but under another name…but once he started to date some of  those lesbian women the word started circulating.   And I did say…that he came in as a woman…a supposed lesbian…seeking a lesbian lover. 

Okay, let me break it down for you.  He was a guy…who dressed in drag…meaning wore women’s clothes…who came and became a member of  a lesbian organization…and while coming into the organization began dating some of  the Salsa Soul Sisters.

And in my prior blogs on this guy…who we all thought was a woman…except those who happened to date him…they got to find out first hand that he was not… as he had not had the operation yet…but  was working his way to it.

Well, when the word got out…the roof  was  blown off  of   Salsa when the real women got word that their ‘lesbians only’ organization had been infantriated by some man pretending to be a woman, and  talking about he wanted to be a ‘lesbian.’   

Don’t laugh  because it is true.

I thought the whole thing was bizarre.  It was way too deep for me  to  even want to  comprehend.    All I could think was-

“If  he wants to be with women then why doesn’t he just  stay a man.”

But what he wanted was to be a  woman making love with a woman.  He wanted to turn himself   into a woman in order to be a lesbian.  Now, that was bizarre to me…and made absolutely no sense to me.  But it did to him.   And evidently to a few of  my then ‘so called’  Salsa Soul Sisters.

But  for some of  my Salsa Sisters this  act on his part to join Salsa and become a member of  Salsa’s Board was an out and out act of  war…and boy did they come out battling.  Sisters poured into Salsa one night…coming from all ends.  Sisters who had left the organization…and those who had gotten too busy and had simply stopped coming…and then there were some of  the founding mothers (those who were still alive)…they came storming into  Salsa and demanded a vote.  And when it had all been said and done by the end of  the night  they added a note to their charter…and it went like this-

“No woman born biologically a man could ever become part of  Salsa’s Board or  membership.”

So, needless to say we never saw the guy again in any of  our meetings…but some of  us had befriended him and would occasionally run across him.  He seemed to have no problem in  finding supposed lesbians who were willing to indulge him sexually.  One such woman he moved in with…and  they  lived as lesbians.  But he disclosed to me that she wanted him to give her a baby…and he was feeling pressured…as it was something that he didn’t want to do.  After all, he wanted to be a lesbian…not a mother.  Or should I say…be a father.

But I knew that this guy took a lot of various pills because he was in the transitional  stage of  having his operation.  Knowing this…I just could not help but wonder how a fetus in the womb of  his lover…  fathered by him  could possibly be healthy…as this guy’s system had to be all messed up with all the sex changing medication, as he really was working towards having his operation to remove his male sex organ.  He lived his life as woman…and that is how he acted…which is why none of  us knew he was  a man until some of  our  other  sisters (Salsa Soul Sisters)  started climbing into bed with him…or  her as he called himself …and he  had given himself a  female name too which is what we knew him by.

So, when I happened to go up over the internet a few days ago and come across this news  of  another man about to give birth to a baby.  As much as  I really didn’t  want to read that story…I read it.  And upon seeing their pictures and reading about them I laughed…but  it  really was all sarcastic, of  course.  Because I really don’t  think that it funny.

These 2 woman could not look more manly.  Which is something not uncommon in ‘gay life’…but certainly not the norm.  Mostly the fems want men…or the more dominate type want someone softer and not as hardcore like themselves.  This is of  course if  they are into role playing…which means…those who  play like they are male and their partner being female.  Or then there are those who perfer not to  play  roles at all…but just be themselves…which is what many do…they don’t look either or…they are happy with being who they are and desire  simply to be intimate only with ‘like sex’ partners.

So, looking at the pictures of  those 2…that looked like very much men…with one of  them exposing her swollen belly in every shot…just  struck  me  as being humorous at first because of  the obvious contradiction.   Though  inwardly I really felt they  were trying to make a mockery of  God…and I still feel that it is exactly what they want to do.   It is not by error.  Because why would you butch yourself  up…beards, hair cuts, clothes, probably voices etc…to then want  to turn around  and do such a womanly act as become a mother when everything about you appears to speak to the fact that you clearly want to be a man?

Is that  not  a contradiction?

So,  I have come to this conclusion…this can only be for profit…15 minutes of  fame…lights-camera-action…a movie…a reality show….something…but not because he really want to be a mother…or even a woman in kind of way.

How many more women turned men…are we going to see  pop up and do this?

I can’t imagine children growing up under 2 highly confused women as these 2 women.   I really can’t.   I wonder how they explain what they are…or who they are to their children?

And truthfully speaking,  his belly does not look  healthy.  You can’t take all that medication and not know that that it might affect the fetus in some kind of way.   It  must…and I don’t care how slight or mildly  it may do so…but there has to be some type  of  affect or side affect to any child born to someone who does such.

I hope this is not the beginning of  a  preverted and  highly  sick Pregnant Man Scott Moore (5 pics)trend.   This  is not to say that I think  gay guys can’t make  great fathers.  I would never be that small minded.  But  I think that a bunch of  people who mess with their gender…and who suffer from gender issues…yes, I feel that  maybe  they might not be the best canidates to parent anyone…or to raise anyone.   Because clearly such people who have done to themselves as these 2 women have…   Well, could  they possibly love themselves.

They are out of  step with the world…and clearly are  trying to re-define gender and parenting…and have  a  strong desire to create their own reality.   It  is  make believe…and springs out of  a  crazy notion that they can somehow restructure  the concept of  what  is  family…father…and mother.  And even more so…what or who…is a birthing mother.  And in reality it could never be a true…or real man.

Saw a  few flurries this morning…but the sun is out.  The weather is cold though and been so I guess all weekend long. 

We were out of  town over the weekend…and when I got in this morning I found the kitchen faucet frozen solid.   And the house, of  course, freezing cold.  I felt sorry for the  cat…though I  had tried to warm up the house as much as I could.  But I guess my efforts were just not enough.

Now, I have  got  to  get  a plumber to the house.  Can’t  imagine  what  this is going cost…but  I think  it  is  going  to be  costly. 

But on the other hand  it  might just be a good time to have them put in  that new sink and faucet that I have been thinking about.  And why not  start tackling some of  the other problems I have with the house…such as getting those raccoons out of the attic.  There has be a way of  chasing them out.   I  thinking loud music…if  they  can’t  sleep because of  the  noise…just may be they might pack  and leave.

The other night I heard  2 of  them fighting.  And View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledByit sounded vicious…and they are not small raccoon either  like those in this picture. 

I can’t imagine the damage nor the smell in the attic since they moved in maybe about 2 years now. 

I got to  get them  out.  Besides I  am thinking about transforming  upstairs into a production studio and editing 2ab-the-bishop-wifecoversuite for some future plans that I have  for this year.  And I  really don’t  want  to have those  raccoons  roaming around just above my head.

Oh, well…there is always something.  I’ll get over it.

Well, I hope you had a great weekend.  I did.  I enjoyed it so much that coming back and 4_printer_Promo_Cars_b_smith2finding the kitchen sink frozen really doesn’t bother me.  It  was worth it…for the weekend I spent with some of  my young nieces who had never spoken so much around me before…until this weekend.  And I loved every minute of  it…being with them and their friends.   I really did.

Well, God bless

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  ©2010

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