Serena at the top of her game… Women turned men…having babies…

February 1, 2010 bsmith101
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Well, what can I say…except she has done it again.  Though she dominated much of  the game playing some of  women’s greatest tennis. ..and she really did.  I enjoyed watching her play…and how well she kept her opponant working and running chasing down balls…and how she made Serena run and chase down balls…and send the balls back.    

It  was certainly not hard to see  Saturday night  during the  Australian Open Women’s Final why Serena is  ranked #1 in the World.   Along with #1 Woman Athelete…#1 Women’s Sports highest ever prize winner…#1 in Women’s Tennis Doubles (along with her sister, Venus)…and #1 in the eyes of  her older sister…and just as deadly on a good day…Venus Williams.

The love and respect that they share for each other is not hard to recognize.  While baby sister sweated it out on the court…older sister, Venus sat prayfully in the stands along with their ever faithful mother, Oracene Price.  With ever stroke Venus sat clutching her hands…cupping her chin…watching every ball as she not only sweated it out with her younger sister but you could see that she struggled with her…mentally right up until the very end.  And when it was all over little sister pulled herself up from the ground and went over to her mother and the waiting arms and kisses of  her mother…and an ever elated older sister who could not have been prouder as she stretched down gripping her little sister in her arms and buried a kiss upon her while whispering something in her ear.  

Now, that is love.

So many times sisters and brothers get so caught up rivaling one another…that  they have very little appreciation for one another.  Sibling  rivalry can be one of  biggest problems  for why  most  families cannot get along.  Clearly we all need to take a  page out of  Venus and Serena’s play book  about  family love and admiration, for the skills and gifts that  God has so richly invested in all of  us.

To be so dominant on the tennis courts…and often coming up against one another… yet  both of  them maintianing the desire to want to win and become #1…earn alcolades…and huge bundles of  money coupled by the fame and prestiege…and yet  it  seems  that  the  endless challenge  that one of   them  will have  lose whenever they end up set against one another in finals…yet  it  has never impacted their love for one another.  In fact, it seems to be  that  thing  which drives them closer… with each and ever tournament…opportunity…contest of  skill and power…and desire to win on both of  their  parts.

Saturday night  during  the  Australian Open final,  Serena Williams not only won  the Australian Open  Women’s  Singles  for her 5th time…nor  did she not only take  home yet  another trophe… but she pushed up her game earnings  into the over $30 million bracket as well.  

With a combination of  12  Aces combined with sharp precision…speed and  force…all  of  which played  major parts  in her game.  Serena  took  it  in 3 sets winning…6-4, 3-6, 6-2.  But I  am sure that when  Serena  hit  the courts in the Land Down Under…it  was  also with a  mind that she had  something to prove.   After being fined and forced to sit out a tournament  following  her outburst  and supposed  threat  to a  lines woman  while  playing  in the  US Open this past year.   I am sure that when Serena stepped  into the tennis arena of  the Australian Open  that  she  went  in to prove  a  few things.  With her main point being… that she had the capabilities  and powere to put away anybody who dared to come up against her.  And she did…back to back…and day after day…tournament after tournament. 

What a game…and what a win.  You go, Serena…and Venus.  And congradulations on also taking the Australian Women’s Doubles again…too. 

When I saw this and initially read this story I laughed…sarcastically of  course.   As I found the whole thing  to be absolutely ludacris.  I am sicken  really by it…because  to me it seems that these 2 women turned men are trying to make a mockery of  God. 

This last set of  men giving birth to a  baby… are 2 women who have turned themselves into supposed men.  They look outwardly quite like men… but evidently they
decided to keep some things… and develop some others… but did not rid Pregnant Man Scott Moore (5 pics)themselves of  everything.  And I think that it is sick. 

Yes, I  feel that this thing is sick. 

Why would 2 women want to convert themselves into men…only to end up living their supposed lives as men…living together as gay guys?  

It doesn’t make sense.  It is sick.

On top of  it…taking pills to masculine themselves up…then turn around and become pregnant with all those chemicals in the body of  that woman/turned supposed man.

What is this thing about wanting to be a man…then turning around and wanting to do the most womanly thing any woman can possibly do?

And that is give birth to a little baby.

If  they want to be men…then be men.  But not try to re-write the birth code…or  trying  to revamp  God’s already perfect work…and order.   If   He wanted men giving birth He is more than capable of  performing that little feat for  Himself.  But since He has yet to do so…then evidently it is not His desire.

Then this last couple to do this thing…well, they look not only sick Pregnant Man Scott Moore (5 pics)but freakish too. 

How messed up can a little infant be who is being carried in the womb of  some woman who has jacked up her system, face and body with a bunch of  pills messing with her  hormones in order to turn herslf  into some kind of   make believe man?  

And yes…I said  ‘make believe.’

In a couple of  my prior blogs I wrote about this guy whom I knew… and I guess I still know him…just haven’t seen him in a while…who came to Salsa Soul  Sisters, a lesbian organization…under the guise of  being a woman.  At that  time once he began dating  some women in Salsa…which is or was…as it still exists but under another name…but once he started to date some of  those lesbian women the word started circulating.   And I did say…that he came in as a woman…a supposed lesbian…seeking a lesbian lover. 

Okay, let me break it down for you.  He was a guy…who dressed in drag…meaning wore women’s clothes…who came and became a member of  a lesbian organization…and while coming into the organization began dating some of  the Salsa Soul Sisters.

And in my prior blogs on this guy…who we all thought was a woman…except those who happened to date him…they got to find out first hand that he was not… as he had not had the operation yet…but  was working his way to it.

Well, when the word got out…the roof  was  blown off  of   Salsa when the real women got word that their ‘lesbians only’ organization had been infantriated by some man pretending to be a woman, and  talking about he wanted to be a ‘lesbian.’   

Don’t laugh  because it is true.

I thought the whole thing was bizarre.  It was way too deep for me  to  even want to  comprehend.    All I could think was-

“If  he wants to be with women then why doesn’t he just  stay a man.”

But what he wanted was to be a  woman making love with a woman.  He wanted to turn himself   into a woman in order to be a lesbian.  Now, that was bizarre to me…and made absolutely no sense to me.  But it did to him.   And evidently to a few of  my then ‘so called’  Salsa Soul Sisters.

But  for some of  my Salsa Sisters this  act on his part to join Salsa and become a member of  Salsa’s Board was an out and out act of  war…and boy did they come out battling.  Sisters poured into Salsa one night…coming from all ends.  Sisters who had left the organization…and those who had gotten too busy and had simply stopped coming…and then there were some of  the founding mothers (those who were still alive)…they came storming into  Salsa and demanded a vote.  And when it had all been said and done by the end of  the night  they added a note to their charter…and it went like this-

“No woman born biologically a man could ever become part of  Salsa’s Board or  membership.”

So, needless to say we never saw the guy again in any of  our meetings…but some of  us had befriended him and would occasionally run across him.  He seemed to have no problem in  finding supposed lesbians who were willing to indulge him sexually.  One such woman he moved in with…and  they  lived as lesbians.  But he disclosed to me that she wanted him to give her a baby…and he was feeling pressured…as it was something that he didn’t want to do.  After all, he wanted to be a lesbian…not a mother.  Or should I say…be a father.

But I knew that this guy took a lot of various pills because he was in the transitional  stage of  having his operation.  Knowing this…I just could not help but wonder how a fetus in the womb of  his lover…  fathered by him  could possibly be healthy…as this guy’s system had to be all messed up with all the sex changing medication, as he really was working towards having his operation to remove his male sex organ.  He lived his life as woman…and that is how he acted…which is why none of  us knew he was  a man until some of  our  other  sisters (Salsa Soul Sisters)  started climbing into bed with him…or  her as he called himself …and he  had given himself a  female name too which is what we knew him by.

So, when I happened to go up over the internet a few days ago and come across this news  of  another man about to give birth to a baby.  As much as  I really didn’t  want to read that story…I read it.  And upon seeing their pictures and reading about them I laughed…but  it  really was all sarcastic, of  course.  Because I really don’t  think that it funny.

These 2 woman could not look more manly.  Which is something not uncommon in ‘gay life’…but certainly not the norm.  Mostly the fems want men…or the more dominate type want someone softer and not as hardcore like themselves.  This is of  course if  they are into role playing…which means…those who  play like they are male and their partner being female.  Or then there are those who perfer not to  play  roles at all…but just be themselves…which is what many do…they don’t look either or…they are happy with being who they are and desire  simply to be intimate only with ‘like sex’ partners.

So, looking at the pictures of  those 2…that looked like very much men…with one of  them exposing her swollen belly in every shot…just  struck  me  as being humorous at first because of  the obvious contradiction.   Though  inwardly I really felt they  were trying to make a mockery of  God…and I still feel that it is exactly what they want to do.   It is not by error.  Because why would you butch yourself  up…beards, hair cuts, clothes, probably voices etc…to then want  to turn around  and do such a womanly act as become a mother when everything about you appears to speak to the fact that you clearly want to be a man?

Is that  not  a contradiction?

So,  I have come to this conclusion…this can only be for profit…15 minutes of  fame…lights-camera-action…a movie…a reality show….something…but not because he really want to be a mother…or even a woman in kind of way.

How many more women turned men…are we going to see  pop up and do this?

I can’t imagine children growing up under 2 highly confused women as these 2 women.   I really can’t.   I wonder how they explain what they are…or who they are to their children?

And truthfully speaking,  his belly does not look  healthy.  You can’t take all that medication and not know that that it might affect the fetus in some kind of way.   It  must…and I don’t care how slight or mildly  it may do so…but there has to be some type  of  affect or side affect to any child born to someone who does such.

I hope this is not the beginning of  a  preverted and  highly  sick Pregnant Man Scott Moore (5 pics)trend.   This  is not to say that I think  gay guys can’t make  great fathers.  I would never be that small minded.  But  I think that a bunch of  people who mess with their gender…and who suffer from gender issues…yes, I feel that  maybe  they might not be the best canidates to parent anyone…or to raise anyone.   Because clearly such people who have done to themselves as these 2 women have…   Well, could  they possibly love themselves.

They are out of  step with the world…and clearly are  trying to re-define gender and parenting…and have  a  strong desire to create their own reality.   It  is  make believe…and springs out of  a  crazy notion that they can somehow restructure  the concept of  what  is  family…father…and mother.  And even more so…what or who…is a birthing mother.  And in reality it could never be a true…or real man.

Saw a  few flurries this morning…but the sun is out.  The weather is cold though and been so I guess all weekend long. 

We were out of  town over the weekend…and when I got in this morning I found the kitchen faucet frozen solid.   And the house, of  course, freezing cold.  I felt sorry for the  cat…though I  had tried to warm up the house as much as I could.  But I guess my efforts were just not enough.

Now, I have  got  to  get  a plumber to the house.  Can’t  imagine  what  this is going cost…but  I think  it  is  going  to be  costly. 

But on the other hand  it  might just be a good time to have them put in  that new sink and faucet that I have been thinking about.  And why not  start tackling some of  the other problems I have with the house…such as getting those raccoons out of the attic.  There has be a way of  chasing them out.   I  thinking loud music…if  they  can’t  sleep because of  the  noise…just may be they might pack  and leave.

The other night I heard  2 of  them fighting.  And View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledByit sounded vicious…and they are not small raccoon either  like those in this picture. 

I can’t imagine the damage nor the smell in the attic since they moved in maybe about 2 years now. 

I got to  get them  out.  Besides I  am thinking about transforming  upstairs into a production studio and editing 2ab-the-bishop-wifecoversuite for some future plans that I have  for this year.  And I  really don’t  want  to have those  raccoons  roaming around just above my head.

Oh, well…there is always something.  I’ll get over it.

Well, I hope you had a great weekend.  I did.  I enjoyed it so much that coming back and 4_printer_Promo_Cars_b_smith2finding the kitchen sink frozen really doesn’t bother me.  It  was worth it…for the weekend I spent with some of  my young nieces who had never spoken so much around me before…until this weekend.  And I loved every minute of  it…being with them and their friends.   I really did.

Well, God bless

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  ©2010

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