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February 5, 2010 bsmith101
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I have been thinking about Kim Burrell since my son made mention to me about her crossing-over into secular music.  From gospel artist to jazz diva…or R&B mama…I don’t know… But I find it hard to wrap my mind around it. 

Why would anyone want to give up on the Lord and go search out something else?

To me all I can think is that she sold her soul for a contract and a hope for a few  more dollars. 

When you sit down…when you think about it…her rep and CD sales were not shabby gospelwise.   So, then why the cross-over?

Why did Kim decide that she wanted to forsake gospel music for something more inclined to not be accepted by the gospel community…something like going ‘secular?’

Maybe she feels that if  Sam Cooke could do it…and do it… I guess by some reports…that  he did so successfully… then maybe she could… or can do it  too.   But  Sam died young.  I  think he ended up being  shot to death.

And that is why I would never turn my back on the Lord.  The Bible tells  us  that it is better to have never known Him…than to turn away from him.

If   Whitney Houston knows better…and I feel she does…how  then can Kim Burrell who professed to be saved…then how can she be so backward in her thinking?

And Whitney does know better.  Whitney has always added bits and pieces of  gospel to her repertoire.  And  just  the other day…I heard Patti singing a duo with the Queen of   Gospel  Music… Shirley Caesar…and they really were singing that song.  So much  so that I had to get up and write  down the name of the song so I could look for it and buy it.

Gospel music is definitely where the money is.   The only people who are making money in secular music right  now and for some time now  have been and are rappers.  So, then…what does Kim Burrell hope to obtain by crossing-over? 

Then the other thing most recently Kim was given a very big promotion in the ranks of  the International Church of  God in Christ.  She became the second in command over the cogic international music department…a dream job that many would literally die for.  And here  it is…she  is  going secular?

I know it must mean that she is forsaking this post that had most recently been bestowed upon her.   But if  this has been on her mind…then why did she take on the job in the first place?

I say for the prestiege that went  with it.  She had just gotten the position only a few months ago.  She had to have been thinking about getting her gastric operation…and sexing herself up…way before that.  After all, that operation is not just something you  just  jump up and decide to do overnight.

She can’t  possibly be planning on keeping the post…and be a secular artist…say another Beyonce…too?

Can she?

Though I do honestly believe that some people get involve with a very large organization…such as the Church of  God in Christ…just for the sake of  launching their careers.  Practically everybody in the music industry… singer-wise and musicans…have at some time been in a choir or played in the church band…and many of  them in cogic churches.  You often hear them being interviewed on some  show talking about  their cogic experiences under Dr. Mattie Moss Clark…the Clark Sister’s mother.  And many stars, Grammy and Stellar winners have come out of  the Church of  God in Church…such as… the Clark Sisters just to name one (who since being babies had been involved with the cogic music department).    That list also includes the God Father of  Gospel Music, the late and very great Rev.  Timothy Wright…not to mention Myrna Summers, Rance Allen, Vanessa Bell Armstrong and the list goes on and on…

Though I have to truthfully  say I  have wondered how Bishop Blake could have replaced more than 400 years of  collective experience in the international music department  between Iris Stevenson, Bettye Nelson and the Clark Sisters alone not to mention several others in the cogic international music department… with people who had never even worked in that department before…in its highest positions? 

I am a believer in that old saying…if  it is not broken don’t fix it.   Considering how the cogic international choir has lead the way and set the standards that many other choirs and group follow…  So, why would have Bishop Blake wanted to mess with that?

It just didn’t make sense.  Now, one of people whom he put over that department decides to go secular?

Though I must say that I have never been  big on Kim Burrell.  For one thing I just do not understand why people taunted her…like she was some big singing phenomenon.  Like she was an Aretha Franklin or somebody.  And like she had been around for  years…I just could not understand it.

Maybe it all has to do with the time that Kim came to our church to perform.  It was one of the worst and most un-professional shows or performances I had ever seen any known talent perform.  And it cost Kim Burrell, now 100 pounds slimmer, shows off her new look after making annoucement on her web site that she's planning to record a "mainstream" pop project.our church $5,000…with a demand for a limousine and a 5 star hotel to boot. 

And that $5,000 cost came with no band…but with Kim shouting during theKim Burrell 2010 BET Honors performance to the audio guy way in the back of  the church what tracks  to play as she performed one song after another.

Once somebody told me something.  They were talking about a young rapper…and she said-

“Where did he come from?  It seems to me that he just sprang up on the scene and look at how large he is.  I believe he must have sold his soul to the devil.”

I thought that statement was interesting coming from her…because in all the time we had sat together editing video tape footage I would have never have thought she thought about such things.  Nor did I believe her to be religious.   But it was true…the rapper she was talking about  did spring up overnight and did  seem to  become instantly successful.   That rapper which she was talking about   was  50¢.   And he kept on getting hotter…hotter…and hotter.

I would never want to walk away from following the Lord.  I can’t imagine anything that I would rather not do.   Besides I am fearful of  Him.  But even more I love Him.  I would love Him to be able to trust  me as much as He trusted  Job…and feel that I like Job would never let Him down.

No contract…or hope of supposed fame…or riches could make  me do what Kim Burrell has decided to do.

And though she said she did the gastric operation for health reasons…   Well, anybody could have told her she needed to shed weight.  I don’t  need anybody to tell me that…much less a doctor.   Everytime I look in the mirror…I get the message.  And this pass weekend  while we were away…the hotel that we stayed in had a mirror on the bathroom door.  Well, everytime I sat down on that toilet…I was startled back to reality as I sat looking at myself horrified at what was reflected back. 

What  a disaster.

I left that hotel vowing to take it off.  I mean shed it like crazy.  But I am not going lay down on some operating table to do it.  No…I am not.  I know how to set down the fork…and push away from the table.   And that is what I intend to do…and add a little workout to my daily routine. 

Baby, it’ll be a brand new me.   Eat your heart out Lil’ Kim…I mean Kim Burrell.

UPDATE: Wednesday, Februray 18, 2010

If  you took the time to read the enclosed letter  up top which was to the body of the Church of  God in Christ…though it is interesting that it was not sent out to the church at large via the cogic  bulk email launcher to all its membership.  However, I just received this it from Judith McAllister concerning Kim Burrell…(just CLICK on the letters to enlarge them).   It would seem that many within the church of  the Church of  God in Christ  have some concerns concerning Kim  Burrell and her current position as Vice President of  the International Music Department of the Church of  God in Christ.  Of  which in the reading of  the letter it seems that Kim is not willing to relentish her position in the music department…and that fat pay check… though she is currently seeking a wider career in the music industry.  Note I did not say the word ‘secular’…as it seems that Kim Burrell is trying to step away from that term now.  But as in Kim’s own words…it is what it is…if  you want to sing non-gospel music…then you must be becoming a ‘secular’ artist, Kim.  You can’t have it  2 ways…you either are…or aren’t.

Though Kim Burrell claims that this endeavor change in her career is due to a deep desire to reach and preach the gospel to those ‘out there’ who do not come in contact with gospel music…is a lot of  baloney.  The Bible tells us ‘to be ye separated’…and there is a reason for that.  You cannot reach anybody by becoming ‘one of them.’   Try doing that with a drug addict or a prostitute…or anything else… and see how much sharing of  God you can do with them then. 

The only real reason someone choses to make the choice that Kim Burrell has recently made…even in terms of  her dress…and to cross-over from gospel music to ‘secular’…has nothing to do with winning souls…but everything to do with that  thing called  the ‘all mighty dollar’…or a hope for more of  it.  And it would seem that both Bishop Blake and the current president of the International Music Department of the Church of  God in Christ, Judith McAllister…are willing to let her do it…and keep her post…and pay check too.

And then too…anybody who saw Kim Burrell sing at the last Holy Convocation in Memphis…then you could tell that she really didn’t  want to be there.  Go back and take a look at the footage…and you will definitely see what  I mean.

UPDATE: Monday, May 23, 2011… just thought I would share this with you.  It is something that I wrote on my facebook page after watching Kim’s latest video called  ‘Sweeter.’

Since 1 of my facebook friends happened to mention this video…I just thought that I would take a look. Thought it better not to comment on her post…because I thought she might not like it.  This video is a typical example of what happens when you decide to step away from the Lord…and do your own thang.  Too much of nothing…and no substance either. Beautiful location…visuals beautiful…but come on, Kim.  What is with all the attempts at sex appeal???

It looks like Kim  wants to be a sex kitten rather than a singer. And technically… if you spend all that money to go on…  location to some isolated island… then don’t go cheap and shoot video… shoot film the next time the end product will look a lot better.  And clearly the director knew nothing about correct lighting…because Kim is certainly shot all wrong…and with all the wrong make-up.

I ain’t hatin’ but just sayin’… I would like to see a woman of God be of God in all that she does. 

Now, on that note watch the video for yourself and you tell me what you think.

Now, this photo of  Bishop Weeks and his new little bride… I  do not understand.   They are drinking champagne… 


She grew up cogic…was pastoring…and we all know that Bishop Weeks had… and probably still does… have issues.   But they are toasting one another and drinking champagne.

Maybe they just got tired of  pretending to be holy.  Since people tend to follow them anyway.  Unbelievable.

I’m fighting off  a cold.  It’s something that happens whenever dust gets 2ab-the-bishop-wifecoverinto my system.   Yes, I have allergies.   Most of  the time they don’t bother me…but then once in a while a spec of  dust  is  somehow  introduced into my system…and  the battle begins.

So, since getting from our little trip this weekend…I have had the sniffles.  Of  course  I have started downing the OJ…as in orange juice.  And drinking cranberry juice…and taking my iron tablets.

View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledByBut it  is all good.  I will not complain.  I am blessed and this  too shall soon pass…and then maybe sometime this week I will really get some sleep. 

Hope you had a good day.  I have begun psych-ing myself  up.  I have so many things I want to do this year.  And it will be exciting.

4_printer_Promo_Cars_b_smith2Lots of  editing…and shooting footage…and working on my websites…and launching a couple of  access programs…and  launching  my 2 other business enterprises.  I am so excited.  Not to mention my book,  THE BISHOP’S WIFE, will definitely soon be out.  And when it does…it  means I begin to hit the road to sell it.  

So, you see…yes I will be very busy as the year continues.   I hope this year has lots of  good things in store for you too.

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  ©2010

I really love winter…it  is  so beautiful.

  THE BISHOP’S WIFE  is now on sale…CLICK my book cover for the LINK to purchase my book.    Thank you. 


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    […] Kim Burrell secular music star…wanna be « Bsmith101's WeblogI have been thinking about Kim Burrell since my son made mention to me about her crossing-over into secular music. From gospel artist to jazz diva…or R&B mama…I don’t know… But I find it hard to wrap my mind around it. … Read more […]

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  • 4. appliance repair  |  June 6, 2011 at 7:12 pm

    Hey molto bel blog! L’uomo .. Bella .. Incredibile .. I bookmark il tuo blog e prendere il feed anche …

  • 5. Jackson  |  August 3, 2011 at 9:39 pm

    The most important thing is soul-winning. We as (suppose) to be saints of God should seek God for that special thing which is the annointing, not entertainment. We need to pray more than ever. I enjoyed the article. People hearts are far from God. We need to return back to our first love Jesus Christ. When we get away from fasting and praying and falling on our knees seeking more of God, you are subject to do anything with the falsehood of thinking you are in God’s will. We are the Church of God in Christ and we have a standard that we do not act like the world or even dress like the world, that there should be a difference. Look Holy,Live Holy and Be Holy so you can have eternal life. Come from among them and be ye seperated.

    • 6. bsmith101  |  August 4, 2011 at 9:24 pm

      Well spoken. What a great comment. You are right we are supposed to be standard barers and not a group of followers. We must live holy and be holy in all that we do. We should not so freely wish to forsake the ways of the Lord or His standards to go chasing after things of this world. It is praying time so many saints now are loosing focus. They are excepting the idealogies of people who lack any true understanding of the ways of God, His will and His desires for us. He tells us clearly to cast off the former things. There is no way that we as saints should be in churches with allow people to not reverence the Lord, respect His house and have forgotten the former landmarks which many of us were birthed into, if not raised in as children. God’s way is right. And holiness now… and forever is the only way.

  • 7. Jackson  |  August 7, 2011 at 12:14 am

    In my previous comment I was not trying to bash anyone. But as a COGIC member this church was founded on the principal of living a life that is pleasing in the sight of God. I often tell people salvation for me is deliverance meaning that that God has delivered me from my sins. But when you are filled with the Holy Ghost it will lead you and guild you if you let it and not override it. We as saints of God needs to be held accountable if we are misleading people to God when we are just doing anything instead of in all our ways acknowledge God and he will direct our path. If we are saved as the bible say’s we do not have to make unseemly video’s and songs, on a bed women, singing with their shoulders out in tight fitting gowns, Men sagging showing their under garments and we are saying that we are save. What happen to the day when you could walk down the street and people knew that you where saved, because there were a differenc.Oh Zion, what’s the matter with Zion. Zion don’t pray, sing, or worshiop or seek god like thet use to. Well that tells me that you are just like the world and their is no difference.Letting down the standards allows anything to creep into the church. As a curch musician for 35 years there are some songs that I will not play or sing, because the spirit of God that is in me does not set well with that. That what training sessions in the church are for to teach the women to be Holy Women to teach men to be Holy men. I am not trying to judge Kim Burrell because we all have made some bad choices. Now there is one thing that I am really disappointed in Kim Burrell as the mentor of Sunday Best is the way she talks the the performers. The Scriptures states let thy words be seasoned with grace. We need to be careful how we entreated God’s people. Listen people of God Jesus is coming back sooner that you think so it is time for us to get it together and not give the devil no space. I encourage everyone just don’t be satified with just being saved But get the Holy Ghost because it will make your ministry more effective. My Testimony as I leave you is that I am living to live again. So as the song writer wrote “I pray we all be ready for his return” Peace and Blessing be unto you! God Love you.

  • 8. Evangelist Tonya G., CEO of NGM Presents...  |  December 9, 2011 at 12:37 pm

    I hold, among several entities in the Gospel Music arena, the seat of a Radio Personality. I came across your blog and found it to be rather abbrasive (in my opinion). While I discussed it on my show last week, I would like to extend an invitation for you to be a part of the discussion “THE JOURNEY OF GOSPEL MUSIC”. This segment will continue for the next two weeks. I pray you will be a part! Please contact me via email w/ a phone number where you can be reached, and we will get back with you expediciously! God bless! Evang. Tonya G.

    • 9. bsmith101  |  December 12, 2011 at 11:49 pm

      Sorry that you found my blogs to be a bit abbrasive. Truly not my desire.

      However, I have often heard it said that truth hurts. And that is not really my desire either.

      So, if I have hurt anyone allow me to apologize…since you have brought to my attention that I may have been addrasive.

      I do not often get offers to come one on one with many people. Most people run from me. Why so…I really do not know?

      It is a mystery to me.

      But this I will say. I am very opioninated…and I come from a plethora of experience and expertise. And many years of dealing with people in very wide capacities. And though I try to walk softly and carry a little stick…it doesn’t always quite come off that way.

      Thanks for your comment. I will try to not be so cutting the next time. But then…I call it as I see it. And within it all I always hope that I stay within the Lord.

  • 10. Robyn  |  January 22, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    Good Morning. How did you do with your weight loss plan after taking that initial step?

    • 11. bsmith101  |  January 23, 2012 at 11:39 pm

      Can’t remember mentioning it. But guess I must have.

      It is going along well. I am looking like a person these days. Walking better…everything. And I am still at.

      Thanks for asking.

  • 12. Sherone Anderson  |  March 19, 2012 at 7:46 pm

    I see there is a God that is writing notes on this website. Make sure y’all make it in. “only what you do for Christ will last”.

    • 13. bsmith101  |  March 21, 2012 at 8:35 pm

      I am sure that you were trying to be sarcastic…but I enjoy hearing from you anyway.

      And yes, only what we do for God ‘will last’ that is why I am careful to make sure that most of what I do these days is for Him…and His glory.

      There are far too many of us basking around in our own glory…filled up on ourselves as if ‘we’ endowed ourselves with whatever gifts God has most graciously given unto us. Most of mine come not in voice so much…as it is in writing. I am an observor of things…people and how they operate…carry themselves…what they have to say…and how they do…and say. It tells alot about people…just observing them. And after a while you can tell who is real…and who is for ‘play.’

      Evidently, you believe Kim is real. Her talent is okay…but a lot of people can sing…and sing better…and have stronger voices. Just this past Sunday I heard a young lady in church who sing Kim under the table… she has no contract…nobody knows her name…nobody is calling to book her… but one thing for sure ‘she is truly anointed.’ And she hasn’t gotten to where Kim is yet…and may never get there…and hopefully will never take on that thang called ‘being in loved with yourself.’

      Now, Kim has that real bad. I never want to get to ‘where I love me’ more than I love trying to make me into someone acceptable to God’s will and way. The world stage is not worth it.

      Thanks for the comment.

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