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Girl 12… babies having something…

I don’t know maybe I have been sleeping with my head buried under a rock or something. Or maybe I am just old fashion…or maybe it is just that I think that any child 12 and under should not be pregnant …or much less giving birth.

There has got to be something that I am missing.

Could it be that I am just out dated?

I am out of touch?

Has life just passed me by?

What happened to the laws that prohibited such a thing?

What happened to moral outrage?

What happened to protecting children from those who prey upon them…even those within their own age rage… and/or within their own families?

Something is wrong. And I cannot be the only 1 who can see this.

Have we slipped so far away that we no longer care about moral values… proper protocol… and what is happening amongst our children?

Have we gotten so caught up in gay rights… same-sex marriages… illegal immigrants …escalating gas prices …mounting foreclosures …lack of jobs …lack of sufficient health care… etc… etc.. etc… that we are missing everything else?

Can you honestly sit there and believe that there is nothing wrong with an eleven year old girl… or 10-year-old girl having sex?

And conceiving and bring forth babies?2ab-the-bishop-wifecover

Why would people get on buses and venture to state capitols to protest same-sex marriages… and barely raise an eyebrow over 10-year-old …and 11-year-old children being taking advantage of sexually?

Why would protesters parade outside abortion clinics chanting and demonstrating against abortions… and shrug off news of young girls making a pact View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledByto get pregnant?

Or toss aside the headline that said-

“12-year-old gave birth.”

Perhaps there is something wrong with me. Maybe I have lost focus. Maybe even my mind. Maybe I don’t know what is or is not really important any more. But it does seem to me that 9, 10, 11, 12 year old girls having sex and conceiving babies… is absolutely wrong. And every offender who would cross those lines should be held to the highest letter of the law… and shown no mercy.

Well, God bless…

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God is Faithful… a praise report…

Truly the prayers of the righteous availeth much.  I am just getting in after sitting in the emergency ward all night long.  About 7 PM  this evening my son called me and told me that 1 of my sisters wasn’t feeling well… and that she had said that she was going to the hospital.

Upon hearing this I quickly called my sister to find out what was going on.  And she informed me that she had gone her doctor early this morning and he had her rushed to the hospital.

Then about an hour and half later my son called me crying. I could barely understand him…and I just knew the worst. I thought that he was going to tell me that my sister had died.  But when he finally became audible to me… he was telling me that he was wrapped around a tree and his car was totalled… and that he was trapped inside the car.

Because he had called me and sounded shaken up… I thought he was otherwise fine.  But after a while when I didn’t hear anything else from him… a mother’s fear kicked in.  And I began calling and calling… and calling… and calling him trying to reach him.

But to no avail.

I could not reach my son.  Worried I called my aunt…and told her that my sister was down in the emergency ward with an enlarged heart.  And that my son had just called saying his car had just been totaled and it was wrapped around a tree… and that he and 1 of my younger nephews could not get out.

And I told her that now I couldn’t reach him.  I said Tee…I  need you to call Barbara Jean…and tell her to start praying.   Tell her… we have got to pray.

Worried over my son I began crying and lifting up the name of the Lord… and calling on  ‘Jesus.’  

Hearing me my young niece got up and began weeping and praying with me.  Then the phone started ringing.  Don’t know how they knew but my other nieces began calling… and  my sobbing into the phone poured fear into each of  them.  Anguish was tearing at me now… and I was wailing uncontrollably

A sister from the church who is like part of our family called and said I’m coming to come and get you to bring you down to the hospital.  Then my sister who was down in the emergency ward called… saying they just wheeled my son and young nephew into the hospital.  Because she was dealing with her own health issue my niece begged me not to tell her that her young son and my son had just been involved in a terrible car accident.

To make a long story short.. .by the time I got to the hospital I was met by half of my family all gathered there smiling and talking.  My sister was still waiting to be seen and had been in emergency for over 12 hours now… my young nephew had been released and gone home with another family member.  And when I went in to see my son he was smiling and talked to me about the accident… telling me how a car had run the light,  and in trying to avoid being hit he swerved ending up wrapped around a tree while the other vehicle kept on going.

Nearly an hour later he was released with some stiffness to his neck… and now my sister’s hands began worrying her… becoming numb and losing feeling.  After 11:30 PM I finally I got them to get her into the triage.  The hospital medical staff began running tests  on her ordering a CAT scan, x-rays… and put her upon a monitor to monitor her heart.  And some time after 5:30 AM this morning she too was released and sent home.

The hospital medical staff  had told her that her heart was fine and t2ab-the-bishop-wifecoverhey could find no other problems.

God truly is faithful… and there is no doubt about the power of prayer.  God hears… and I thank Him so much that my son and neither my young nephew lost their lives in that accident.  And that my sister went home feeling relieved… because View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledBywhatever her personal doctor had seen early yesterday morning… in that he told her her heart was enlarged was gone.

God removed that condition and restored her heart  to its normal size.  And I cannot thank Him enough.

Truly…God is faithful.          ……thank you, Lord… thank you, Lord…  thank you… thank you, Lord…. thank you…….  I cannot thank you enough, Lord.  I truly love you.   I really really do.

Well, God bless…

  Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family , co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  ©2011


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Wolves in sheep clothing…

They are tall dark and handsome.  They look like a breath of  fresh air.  You think they are just what the doctor ordered.  But… what is really on their minds?

You vote these people in believing you are getting back at some other political party… when it really plays out to your own deficit.

What the people fail to realize when they listen to all the highfalutin talk made by Republicans during their campaigns to win political office… talk like government is too big… we need to cut taxes…  bring down the deficit …and slash all unnecessary spending… what they need to ask is who is he or she talking about?   Could it mean my job?

Because for the most part when Republicans talk… that is exactly who they are talking about.  They are not talking about slashing anything away from the rich… which is their political base and core supporters.  No….but they mean they will be going out after the poor… the hard workers … labourers …blue-collar people …people who barely can make enough to make ends meet.  And yes… as found out in Wisconsin… that includes unions and union workers too.

What a set-up.

In the 2010 November elections the governor race in Wisconsin was between a Republican named Scott Walker and a Democrat named Tom Barrett.   In that race Walker a political Republican insider after years in public service… sweeps the Wisconsin Governor’s race with more than 52% of  the votes.  While the Democrat, Barrett who had been the Mayor of  Milwaukee, only garnered a mere 45% of  the votes.  

Walker was younger, and looked like a Mit Romney type.  While Barret was older, and had grey hair compared to Walker’s thick dark hair.  And if  anybody tells you looks doesn’t matter… tell them to go and take a back seat somewhere.  Because it  does.

Have you not heard that  image is everything.  It doesn’t matter whether the image is a false image or a sincere image… it just matters how that image comes packaged.  And that will determine the outcome.

You can have more knowledge and skill than someone on your job, while outwardly they are better put together… classier… more out-going in their personality… but lack organization, effective communication skills and dedication… but they look better than you.   Who do you think will get the job… or the promotion?

More than likely the one well put together… though they come with none of  the expertise or inner skills to sufficiently do the job.  They just look good… or let me phrase it this way… they look better.

How do I know?

Because most of  my life I was looked over.   Looked over to the 1 that wasn’t fat… better put together …and looked pretty.   While she or  he couldn’t carry a note  to  me… if  they wanted to.  But they got picked… and I didn’t.   But in saying that… let me also say that it never made me bitter.  I do not become bitter over such things.  I just get better …and better.  And God has worked it all out for my good.

I remember this 1 job where I was doing sales for a radio station in New York.  I really wanted to be on-air but they didn’t have any openings … so I took sales.   As God would have it… I didn’t know that then but I do now… I somehow became the number 1 sales person at the station.  They gave  me the whole of  Jersey to work… and I was bringing in new accounts like crazy. 

But I also worked the New York side of the Hudson River also.  And many times when the owner or the person responsible for making decisions wasn’t  in the business when I dropped by… I would get his or  her name and number and leave my card.

What I didn’t know was that there were times when I was out of  the office… which was pretty much most of  the time… that I got calls from businesses that I had visited… and these calls were passed on to another account executive.

Her name was Carla… and was a pretty young woman who rarely left the office.  She seemed timid and often talked about how much she hated sales.  The chile couldn’t sell her way out of a trash bag… so of  course she was going to hate sales.  But it never dawn on me that some of my leads were being passed onto her.

But she worked there… and on that job  where you had to make sales in order to earn any pay.  It was commission only.  So, Carla was doing something.   And the something she was doing was robbing me.  Because our boss had her hooked up… she didn’t have to worry about a thing.   And it had never… ever dawn on me.  I wasn’t too smart back then.

Never thought about it really… but now it hits me.

While I had to get out and hustle for my bread and butter.  But she had looks… and I had that something which God bestowed upon me… something that seems to make everybody like me.  When I was young I didn’t like it… because even my friends parents loved me.  And I thought that was weird… and it just seemed odd to me.  I had no understanding of  the  wonderful gift that God had given to me.  None whatsoever.

People said they liked Walker because he would be good for the economy… he would turn the state around… and would cut out all of that state bureaucracy.  Yeah… but what… or better yet.   At  whose expense?

Did anyone ever stop to ask Walker that question?

Perhaps not.

Or was it that he was younger than his oppossing canidate?

Was it Walker’s good looks and seemingly good-guy demeanor… if  he has 1?

Was it how he spoke it… or the gleam in his eyes… or an easy smile?

What was it that the voters in Wisconsin fell for?

A  lot of  it has to do with political games.  And Republicans have become the master at it.

They munipulate the people with a bunch of  sweet sounding talk… laden with lies.   They spew out all kinds of  promises telling you how bad government is… but miss out on telling you who has richly aided in making our government so.

Long before Obama tried to save our automobile industry Republican Senators and Congressmen were laid up in bed with them… and with the lobbyist … the insurance companies …and the phramaceutical companies… the oil barons… utility companies… and anything and everybody else who could make them some  money.   And yes… many Democrats are guilty of  doing the same.

But I do believe that there are more Democrats fighting and trying to do the right thing… than there are Republicans.

The Republicans love winning political races and turning everything around… and more times than not… to suit  their owe benefits… and agendas.

I think …because I come from media… 1 of  the worst things that the Republicans could have done was remove FCC Rules and Regulations regarding sex and sexual content in music… and explicit language over the airwaves.  This was the Republicans doing… and the affect of  it has been devastating to this country.

But it has made a whole lot of money for some… and I am not talking about the little ignorant artists or other so-called talents who believe that they are doing something.  But I am talking about the kingpins in the back who own the companies that produce, release and distribute… exhibit and play the garbage that has worn away at  the very  moral fabric of  this country and the world.

I will get off  my soap box now… and  go back to politics.

Today they come beating a path to your door… or their recruits coming seeking your votes while knowing they mean you no good.  Shirt collars open and trying their best to look and smell like you… when they are just a bunch of wolves in sheep clothing.

Every political race does matter.  You cannot afford to become complacent with your vote.  Because your complacency is being used against you.

Republicans know that historically most people turn out for political races which they think really matters… the big ones… like voting in a President.  But they fail to take local races seriously.

But it is the local political races which will effect you the most.  The local races have to do with state matters… and state matters do not take as long to come into effect as do Federal matters… which have long processes to go through before even being voted on and then signed into effect… which entails some years before actually happening even after being signed into law by the President.

In the case of  Wisconsin …Walker decided that state workers were being paid too much, and were virtually holding the state ransom through the collective bargaining process of  their union.  He decided that in order to aid in cutting the state deficit he needed to put a restraint on the union so that the state would not be forced to issue increases in benefits or pay to state employees.  Which on its surface may sound like a good idea… but at the same time it plays a major role into weakening the power of  the worker’s union… giving the worker’s no voice to say ‘yea’ or ‘nay.’

There can be no argument that unions have played a major role in this country in aiding voiceless employees, who were badly treated… forced to  work long hours without compensation or other benefits… by improving their working conditions etc.

If  there had not been a dire need for unions in this country …as they are needed around the world… American workers would have had to continue to work under whatever standards  …conditions and orders issued to them by the entities for which they worked for…  and to do so without proper compensation and under hazardous conditions  in many cases to their lives and/or limbs …without health benefits …or re-course against false firings… promotions and/or  other forms of  help etc… that the unions protect them from.

While running for office Walker promised to cut both the state taxes and the government spending as the state of  Wisconsin was in dire financial straits.

Could Walker have come up with another plan other than virtually stripping the state worker’s of  their say so… destroying their right  to collectively bargain (under their union) for their raises, changes in their pension plans, health benefits etc.?


Well, how do you know?

Because other states have faced the same kind of  problems… and so have individual cities… but none of  them set out to destroy the unions that represented their workers.  And yet those states and cities survived… managed… and eventually pulled through.  New York City had to do it.2ab-the-bishop-wifecover.. Boston had to do it… you name a place that has not had to suffer some kind of  re-arrangement in order to pull their city or state out of  near  financial collapse.  Even California has and is going through it.

So, why did Walker chose to go after the states public workers and their union?

In order to shut down the power of  the union.  The power of  the union to wheel and deal to the benefit of  its members.  Butt most importantly… because there is a push by Republicans  to stop union support of  political candidates which the unions  feel they cannot trust… which mostly tend to be Republicans.

They …the Republicans are just not for the working class.  And though in history that was different… today it is their stance… a  360 degree turn from how they thought during their early history which dates  back  to a pre-Lincoln.

Today they celebrate their great champion  that former actor… better known as Ronald Reagan… and the trickle-down theory.  Which never quite worked… and star wars.   What a massive waste of government spending there.   But the Republicans  didn’t and don’t today in hind sight see it that way… just a bunch of  short-term memory people when it suits them.   They loved the theories anyhow.View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledBy

And can anybody believe that they …the Republicans are out against Obama’s pledge to up-grade our infrastructure and bring rapid mass transit into the states as it is aboard.   Yes, Republicans are lining up to say that they will go against it.

Hmmm… wonder how Obama’s ideas would fare if  he were a Republican?

And I won’t even say that other thing… that has to do with color… but it plays a big factor.  It just would not do to have a black man’s stamp  on such a big historic thing  as that.   It would be big… a rail system that cuts down commuter and travel time by shaving off  hours on long distance ground travel?  Adding ‘zoom service’  to commuter service…    Come on, that’s big.   And it  means big money… money that I  am sure that the Republicans would rather see in  their control and in the hands of  their many friends.

Can you imagine if  Obama came out talking about spending money on a project… hmmm… say ‘star wars.’   The Republicans would have been all over him…  even more than they are right now… and that’s kind of  hard to beat.

Think about it trying to beat the Russians into space  was utterly ridiculous.   The laugh is on both sides… as space cannot be conquered.  It will forever be an item of  mystery to us… as much as   the deepest of depths of   the sea.

Seeing how the Republicans stay on Obama about the Health Care Reform Bill  …Guantanamo Bay… to you name it… just take your pick… no matter what he does.   If  he had come up with a  star wars  idea  they would have chewed him up…and  laughed themselves into stitches while doing it.

Here it is  Obama comes up with highly sensible ideas like improving our country’s infrastructure and instituting  a rapid mass transit system in America (which really could bring about tons of  new jobs) …they bawk… and say they won’t support it.    Those Republicans.;_ylt=AthNvCRGYlehqbpbYiOSaPtH2ocA;_ylu=X3oDMTM2OXIwMjkzBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTEwMzEyL3VzX2hpZ2hfc3BlZWRfcmFpbARjY29kZQNtcF9lY184XzEwBGNwb3MDNARwb3MDNARzZWMDeW5fdG9wX3N0b3JpZXMEc2xrA2Zsb3JpZGFsb3Nlcw

It is sad when you vote somebody into office… then realize… you made a mistake.  The same thing happens in churches… somebody gets appointed to fill a vacancy left by a passing pastor… or 1 who has moved on.  The replacement is fine for a short period of  time  …but gradually he or she starts making their moves.   And they …the congregation begins to find out that the person just wasn’t who or what they presented themselves to be… but now it is too late.   So it is in Wisconsin.

God bless… may you enjoy the remainder of your day.

Was up last night and caught the news over the internet  about the tsunami that struck Japan.  The  news piece said that the tsunami caused an earthquake that was the strongest ever in history… 8.9 in magnitude.  I could not help but think of  just how close we are coming to last days and times.

I know you probably do not want to hear this.  But it  is  true… devastation upon devastation.  There can be or is no other explanation for it.

You may say global warming… changing climate … and the changes with our eco-systems is causing them.  And that may appear to be the case… but there is something  greater operating who is orchestrating it all.

“…a thousand shall fall at thy side, and 10 thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh to thee.” 

We pray for the people whose homes, families, jobs and lives  have been impacted and turn around by this massive devastation.

Though I didn’t write anything on it… the devastation that hit Australia earlier this year with massive flooding… did not get pass me.

Truly sad… we cannot imagine.   Our hearts go out…

UPDATE:  Monday, March 14, 2011… What a massive devastation.   And now radiation problems from their nuclear reactors being breached due to the earthquake.

And now our West Coast shores are being bombarded as a result of  the tsunami that hit Japan as well… from California to Oregon and Washington State.  Not to mention Hawaii…

My…    We’re now being told it was he 4th most powerful earthquake known ever.  And thousands have been washed away… and was said to of  the magnitude of 9.0.

I am keenly aware that people read this blog all over the world.  And  I often see comments from folks in  the European Union, Asia, the Baltics and  Australia etc…   Thank you all for taking the time to read what I have to say.  And may God bless you and your families… and it is my sincere hope that God is keeping you and your families from all hurt and harm.

The Church of  God in Christ recognizes  and mourns the passing of  Bishop Chandler D. Owens… one of  our  leaders.

 Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  ©2011


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Land Court… Me… and the Judge… and God…

Today I had a court date in Land Court.   Blessingly, God blessed me not to have to travel to our state capitol to have to do it.

By the time I got off the bus… jumped the train… then walked up the hill… I could barely walk into the courtroom the last time.  In fact, I could hardly stand when they called my case before the judge.

Seeing that the judge suggested that we do our next  court date by phone in order to make it easier on me.  At first I was resistant to that idea because I felt I could better sway the judge… be more effective or otherwise do more and better  for my case by standing before the judge than I could over the phone.

But I forgot 1 key factor.

It is not me… that I now depend upon when I walk into a courtroom… or anywhere else for that matter… but the Lord.

I have come to know that  if you truly trust Him… then you have to act like you trust Him.  It is not about saying ‘I trust the Lord.’   But it is about putting that into action… showing it forth so that it may manifest to be so.

So, I longer study… or pour over anything pining or worrying about the outcome.  I never try to even think about what it is that I am suppose to dred… because I do not think about.  I do not let it interfere with my days or nights any longer… because God has said ‘cast our cares upon Him.’

And let me tell you… that when you do… you will not believe the outcome.

Truly… truly cast your cares upon Him.

Well, today when I got up… I went about my normal routine.  I read a chapter in my Bible.  But I decided not to eat anything… I just wanted to mediate on God and what was going to be ahead of me in a couple of hours… that court conference call.

For the first time I glanced over the documents that the lawyer representing the City had sent to me.  Pulled out my calculator and started examining the figures for the past 4 years of  property taxes owed.  Trying to find some discrepancies… and when you are dealing with figures there will always be some somewhere.

Finally, the phone rang.   It was the court.

As the judge began to speak to me she informed me that the lawyer for the City wasn’t feeling well.  I’m thinking wow… it’s over there will be a postponement for another date… and it will give me some more time.

I knew I needed time because no matter which way it went I was going to have to come up with some money.  So, I needed time in order to save up an amount that might be agreeable… since there was no issue that  the property taxes due.   And so…the issue would come down to how much can you pay now… if  any… and work out some kind of  payment arrangement.

So, I was happy to believe that the case was going to get pushed back again.

But then the judge said  that the lawyer for the City has laryngitis and is having trouble speaking.  But if  you have any problems hearing or understanding  just interrupt and I will have her repeat it.

When the lawyer talked I couldn’t understand a word she was saying.  I turned up my phone and it was worst.  But I decided to listen as closely as I could.

In order to try and save the voice of the City lawyer… the judge had me do most of  the talking.  In beginning I suddenly remembered our last  court  session and what questions I had posed about the total amount of  taxes owed upon my parent’s property.  There had been places in the statements from the City where the amount owed leaped 2 to 3 thousand dollars from 1 quarter to another.   So, of course… I questioned this along with some other points I had found in the documents sent to me.

By the time our session was over the judge said send copies of  what you have to the City lawyer, and I am sure that the 2 of  you should be able to work out something.  And if  not the court is always here.

And then the judge said-

“And you can get those documents to her when you can.  And send copies to the court.”

So, the judge did not schedule another court date and she left it up to me as to how soon I could send the documents in question.

No payment schedule was set.

No return court date.


And through it all the lawyer for the City never said anything… because she could not talk.  She had laryngitis.

It is amazing.  A few months ago the City lawyer had sent court notices to me and all my siblings that they were in possession of  my parent’s house… and that we had 30 days to respond.   And when I called the number and spoke with the man handling it… he demanded $2,000 now in order to stop the process.

And about 4 months later… that process has yet to see the light of  day.

And the ultimate decision lays in the hands of  the court… and the judge had just finished giving me some more time.


God is truly something.

Some may say why do I give all the credit to God?

First,  you would have to know when events are beyond your control  there can only be ONE somebody who can turn them in your favor.  And that somebody is God.

I write this blog for those of  you going through something.  Tons of  people are going through foreclosure still and so many other things.  And though it may seem bleak… or impossible for you to overcome… I implore you to just turn it over to  Jesus and see for yourself … first hand  just what I am talking about.2ab-the-bishop-wifecover

No lawyer… or  doctor … or even judge…  can beat  God at what He does.   And every lawyer…. doctor … and judge… and everybody in between have to submit to the will of  God… like Pharaoh.

God hardened Pharaoh’s heart… until He decided to soften it.  And when God softened Pharaoh’s heart… Pharaoh did as God desired him… he let View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledByGod’s people go… the Israelites.  But it was all God’s will… the hardening to not let the people… and the softening to let the people go.

And it was God’s will in land court today… what that man working for the City had said to me some months ago has not gone to naught.  I did not have to pay him $2,000 …and that was back in January when he told me that.  It is now March… and I am still here and nobody has a hammer over my head anymore… demanding anything from me by way of  my parent’s property taxes… or other funds.

That is not to say… the taxes or anything else  is not owed.  But it is to say… that time is on my side… through the sheer grace and mercy of  God.  I  yet have time to set my parent’s house in order.   Thank you, Lord God…

Well, God bless…and hope you enjoy the rest of your evening. 

Sometime during the course of  your day just take the time to look up and observe the beauty that God has planted up there  for you to enjoy.

Oh, yeah… been sharing the house with 1 of my nieces.  My sister put her out.

She is only 16 and has gone totally crazy over some boy.

Beautiful girl…smart and everything… and I do mean everything going for herself.  ‘A’ student… on the honor society at school… captain of the school soccer and volleyball team…   And  BAMB!

All of  it down the toilet after meeting this boy.  Who happens to be 17 and in the 10th grade.  LOSER.   And she has had sex with him… and now she is out in the streets with me… sharing the roof  over my parent’s house.

I can’t wait until my sister gets over being mad.   Noooo… but really I love my niece to death.  She is not bad… totally not.  But recently  she has made some very bad choices.

So, currently she is in ‘in-house’ at school because she has skipped tons of  classes.  Her grades have dropped from the ‘A’s’ to ‘E’s.’

How do you do that?

The spirit of  lust.  People have lost their homes and families… marriages… children…  all of their friends etc… etc… all because lust caused them to do some ugly… and bad things..  say some things… and forced everyone who  truly cares for them to turn away from them.. simply  because the person cannot hear… nor can they see.   They have eyes to see… but cannot see.  And ears to hear …but cannot hear.

So,  I thought she was going home Monday…  But my niece slipped up again.  She went missing for 4 hours while she was at school.

Of  one thing I am sure… my niece wants to hurry and get out of  here.  Because her aunt is no  joke.  Sometimes you just gotta seem to meaner than you really are.  And none of my nieces or  nephews  play with me.  But… they love me the most if  the truth be told.  I know they do… and it is because I love them… I have become to be an enforcer.  But I do it all in love… and I can laugh and have fun with them and still enforce.

Now my niece is counting the days when she can go back home… and I know they can’t come soon enough.  It is all she can talk about-

“Auntie, do you think my mom this… and my mom that.”

Mom come and ge your daughter… she is driving me crazy.

 Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  ©2011


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…as you have yet to hear me.

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Serena sick… Young aspiring athletes… Extremism…

I don’t know maybe it is because I have become somewhat disappointed in both Serena and Venus  in the last few months… that when I looked at my blog stats yesterday…and the day before… I just never paid any attention to all the hits for info on them.    As a rule I do pay a lot attention to what people are hitting my blog in search of.   But for some reason not to the hits for information of  the William’s sisters.

But this got pass me…until today when I happened to see the title of  an internet  news headline… reading that Serena was sick.

The story read that Serena had to go into the hospital following the Oscars due to a blood clot in 1 of  her lungs.  And it said that this past Monday it seems that  Serena  had to undergo…what they called ‘medical treatment’…. but sounds more like surgery for what they are calling ‘hematoma.’

It definitely sounds serious… and certainly reason for great concern.

We certainly pray for Serena and her family.

No matter how much money we may amass… it may aid in getting the best possible medical attention… but it cannot compensate for life without pain or health issues.

What would you rather have… money or life without pain or illness?

In  looking over  other news pieces over the internet lately… which has  basically today has become my only primary means of  regularly reading news… it seems to me that most of  it is geared towards todays new up and coming rising athletic stars.  Be it football or basketball… or whatever have you… though mostly football and basketball… it strikes me like…

Well, to me… like they are robbing candy from a baby.

Most of  these new talents are nothing more than just kids that they are running after today… many are barely in junior high… or what they call today… middle-school.  And they are running after them waving money… jewelry… and everything else that they can in order to get the young hopeful’s attention.  And that of  their parents also.

In fact, 1 mother was so gun-ho over what they were promising her and her son… that she signed his papers for him.  They call that forgery… and it is punishable by the law.  And she did it so she could commit her son to a certain college.

And today it is such a big thing  just watching to see what school certain of these young hopefuls will be going to.  And it means big money… endorsements… and all kinds of  business to certain schools.  Not to mention the attention media and otherwise to the school and/or college campus as well.

Whether it is an  athletic franchise… or national pro team… or some high and mighty college… these young kids… babies really are being sought out  and after to their own demise whether they know it or not.

A young  kid  in  junior high… or–or in middle-school, if you must… has no business having his  or  head turned towards looking for a  big pay-day sometime in their foreseeable supposed future.  Rather their minds should be centered on their education.  They should be concerned about making good grades and getting out of grade school… and then on to college.

These kids today… the chosen few… are being scouted far too young.  They are being spoon fed on a bunch of  hopes and far away dreams that may never come into being.  The promises may simply not materialize for most of  them.   And this is a very real fact.

Then what?

Where will they turn?

What will become of  their lives?

Sure LeBron made it.  And so didn’t Moses Malone.

But success is certainly not guaranteed to a  bunch grade schoolers who may show promise today… but may not be able to step to the mark as they continue to grow and develop physically.   Or not grow… or not  be able to stand up to the pressures of  pro sports and all the baggage that those pressures bring into the life of many professional athletes.

And these kids are developing over inflated egos… and attitudes that will sooner or later destroy them and kill any promise that they may or may not have really had.  But mouth and arrogance got in the way of what  might have  become.

A key basketball  player at Brigham Young University found out the hard way… that the same way they can put you up… they can take you down.  And even if  it costs them a season.

There is a message to the below story LINKED here.   Never get too big for your own breeches… because somebody inevitably will show you who is really the boss.

There  is just so much extreme extremism in America… it is just hard to believe.

What crazy church would want to picket the funeral of  U.S. military men and women who have sacrificed their lives for this country… to be outside the funerals carrying  signs decrying America …and saying things like-

“Thank God for 9/11.”

Or… “God hates America.”

What sick perverted people would be doing that?

It is as insane as saying you are pro-life and you go out and blow up an abortion clinic  filled with pregnant women in it.

It is contrary…and insane.  And it certainly is not Christianly.

There is nothing about such acts that can be proclaimed as being holy or saintly.  The people who set about enraging people to go out and to do such things are just people who are full of  nothing but the devil.

And though I usually do not speak in such terms… the truth is the truth.  And this  is  truth telling-time.

I  felt the same way about preachers who loaded up buses to take people to Capitol Hill to protest gay marriages.

These things are just foolish.

Putting people of  buses and travelling to the state capitol did not change 1 thing.

There is ‘sin’ in the land.  There are ‘evils’ in the land.  And none of  this extremism attitude is addressing any of  the real issues.   This is why the devil is called ‘the great deceiver.’   He takes people’s  eyes off  what they really should be paying attention  to.

There are some  real core issues in this country and around the world that are in dire need of  addressing.  And they …these issues… go beyond self perceived notions of  what is or is not sinful… or a greater sin.

Why should every American soldier have to endure a bunch of  crazy people targeting their funerals in that small Kansas town… or anywhere is this country… causing nothing but more grief  for their already grieving View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledByfamilies and friends?

Is there not enough chaos and unrest all over the world without us here in America causing ourselves any more than what is necessary?

Soon people will be in the streets searching out their neighbors… and brother will be against brother.  It is prophesy.

So, some berserk preacher… and it is funny all these little un-named and unknown preachers coming out of  the woodwork wanting to make some kind of  stir that will land them on ‘Good Morning America’ or ‘Nightline’… or some other television show.   Then they’ll write a book …get an agent and go out on tour.

2ab-the-bishop-wifecoverGoing back to my original thought… these berserk little preachers trying to make a name for themselves… go out and stir up their congregations feeding them false doctrine… and backward ignorant thinking.

We serve a God of  love.  Who tells us to seek peace with ‘all’ men.

During Biblical times were there not homosexuals?

Did Jesus target them?

Did he set out to get them?

Did Jesus even preach against them?

No.  Because we serve a God of  love.   Who says with ‘love and kindness have I drawn thee.’   And do note those words… ‘drawn thee.’   Not  tried to chase you away… or antagonize you… or belittle or berate anyone.

And anyone who acts in such a way is not of  God.  But serves that other master… no matter how much they would debate this.

Well, God bless…hope you enjoy the rest of your evening.  It is now March… time certainly is marching on… and seems to be getting away from us.    It is flying by so quickly… fleeing.

Some time during the course of  your day just take the time to look up and observe the beauty has planted up there  for you to enjoy.

 Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  ©2011


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