God is Faithful… a praise report…

March 23, 2011 bsmith101
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Truly the prayers of the righteous availeth much.  I am just getting in after sitting in the emergency ward all night long.  About 7 PM  this evening my son called me and told me that 1 of my sisters wasn’t feeling well… and that she had said that she was going to the hospital.

Upon hearing this I quickly called my sister to find out what was going on.  And she informed me that she had gone her doctor early this morning and he had her rushed to the hospital.

Then about an hour and half later my son called me crying. I could barely understand him…and I just knew the worst. I thought that he was going to tell me that my sister had died.  But when he finally became audible to me… he was telling me that he was wrapped around a tree and his car was totalled… and that he was trapped inside the car.

Because he had called me and sounded shaken up… I thought he was otherwise fine.  But after a while when I didn’t hear anything else from him… a mother’s fear kicked in.  And I began calling and calling… and calling… and calling him trying to reach him.

But to no avail.

I could not reach my son.  Worried I called my aunt…and told her that my sister was down in the emergency ward with an enlarged heart.  And that my son had just called saying his car had just been totaled and it was wrapped around a tree… and that he and 1 of my younger nephews could not get out.

And I told her that now I couldn’t reach him.  I said Tee…I  need you to call Barbara Jean…and tell her to start praying.   Tell her… we have got to pray.

Worried over my son I began crying and lifting up the name of the Lord… and calling on  ‘Jesus.’  

Hearing me my young niece got up and began weeping and praying with me.  Then the phone started ringing.  Don’t know how they knew but my other nieces began calling… and  my sobbing into the phone poured fear into each of  them.  Anguish was tearing at me now… and I was wailing uncontrollably

A sister from the church who is like part of our family called and said I’m coming to come and get you to bring you down to the hospital.  Then my sister who was down in the emergency ward called… saying they just wheeled my son and young nephew into the hospital.  Because she was dealing with her own health issue my niece begged me not to tell her that her young son and my son had just been involved in a terrible car accident.

To make a long story short.. .by the time I got to the hospital I was met by half of my family all gathered there smiling and talking.  My sister was still waiting to be seen and had been in emergency for over 12 hours now… my young nephew had been released and gone home with another family member.  And when I went in to see my son he was smiling and talked to me about the accident… telling me how a car had run the light,  and in trying to avoid being hit he swerved ending up wrapped around a tree while the other vehicle kept on going.

Nearly an hour later he was released with some stiffness to his neck… and now my sister’s hands began worrying her… becoming numb and losing feeling.  After 11:30 PM I finally I got them to get her into the triage.  The hospital medical staff began running tests  on her ordering a CAT scan, x-rays… and put her upon a monitor to monitor her heart.  And some time after 5:30 AM this morning she too was released and sent home.

The hospital medical staff  had told her that her heart was fine and t2ab-the-bishop-wifecoverhey could find no other problems.

God truly is faithful… and there is no doubt about the power of prayer.  God hears… and I thank Him so much that my son and neither my young nephew lost their lives in that accident.  And that my sister went home feeling relieved… because View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledBywhatever her personal doctor had seen early yesterday morning… in that he told her her heart was enlarged was gone.

God removed that condition and restored her heart  to its normal size.  And I cannot thank Him enough.

Truly…God is faithful.          ……thank you, Lord… thank you, Lord…  thank you… thank you, Lord…. thank you…….  I cannot thank you enough, Lord.  I truly love you.   I really really do.

Well, God bless…

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