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I don’t know maybe it is just a sign of the times.  But yesterday when I went by our local post office I was greeted with a big sign on the door.

At first I could barely believe it.  I thought it was something that ‘they’ were just talking about.  I didn’t know that ‘they’ were really thinking about doing it.

It is hard to believe that 1 day this world will be without a postal system… but I see that day rapidly coming.  A day when children will never know what it is to walk into a building called the ‘POST OFFICE’ to purchase stamps… or ship off a box… or express a package.  Gone will be that place where sometimes you ran into a friend or 2.   That place whose rates beat that of  UPS or  FEDEX.  That place where you could go to buy a money order for any amount at a price below a dollar.

Yes, 1 day this world will be without a postal system as we know it.  It will be replaced with over-rated email accounts, SUPER-FED or undoubtably it will become something else.  Something  just like our current phone system.  It will be replaced by a bunch of people competing for our dollars… when we only used to pay just a few cents.

Yes, what was 42 cents compared to whatever fees they will being throwing at us? 

Gone will be the day you could just walk up to the counter and buy just a single stamp… or pick and chose between the Black History stamps, the flower stamps… or whatever other type of stamp you wanted.

Do you remember when television used to be free?????

I do…and I sure wish those day were back.  Because ounce per ounce who wants to pay for a bunch of re-runs day in and day out.  And with more than 100 channels… you still hear yourself sighing-

“There’s nothing on tonight.”

It is amazing how little we think of things until we lose them.

I like receiving my bills in the mail.  And I like sending off a check in the mail when I pay them.

Have you tried to pay a bill over the phone… only to find that there is a fee for doing so?

Have you ever had a dispute with a company… and didn’t have a detailed record… like your prior bills to prove that you were right?

Recently, we were hit with a major storm that put us all in the dark for a couple of weeks.  Everything was down.  The ATM machines were down, all the restaurants were closed… Walmart and everybody else was closed… and there he was…  that lone man in his uniform delivering our mail.

Treasure them while we still have them.  Because the world is changing.   And changing fast.

I’m missing ours already.2ab-the-bishop-wifecover

Can’t believe it.

Well, hope you had a good day.  Got much on my mind.  I have no doubt that I will probably write about it at some time or other.  But right now I’m just dealing with it…and depending upon the Lord to work it out on my behalf.  It is good to know that View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledByHe is on my side.

Hope you had a great turkey day.  We had so much to be thankful for.  In fact, we always do.  And no matter what the situation God is forever good.  He never fails… even if the U.S. Postal system claims they are.

Well, God bless… and enjoy the rest of  your week.  How quickly these days are rolling by.

Almost December now…what am I talking about?  Tomorrow is December… and soon Christmas.  And then we will be into a new year… 2011 certainly did not stay around for long.

And soon… and very soon the rain drops in this picture will be replace by snow flakes.

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  ©2011

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