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Screen-shot-2012-07-18-at-6.13.58-AM[1]Well, what can I say except it had been rumored for years.

While promoting her new stage play, Juanita just happened to mention something that she had never revealed before… though I have heard someone say ‘she has.’  But you know… you always have those type of people… who want to tell you something like they are the authority.    But this revelation might be a little hard to swallow for a lot of black  folk though… as many people within the ranks of Christ-dom are very homophobic.


But not so for me…as I clearly understand it having once been a lesbian woman myself.

However, I would love the opportunity to have qualified Juanita’s statement because she said it so fleetingly.  She just kind of hurled it out there and kept on pushing.

But considering the climate today women being sexually involved with other women or men being with men sexually… is today considered rather ‘nu vogue’‘chic’ even.  Almost everybody in Hollywood has a new girlfriend or boy-friend these days…or so it seems.  What I am trying to say… is that it has become the ‘in-thing.’063011-news-opinion-ny-gay-marriage

It is a hot topic…a very hot political issue…and even a hot and many time humorous topic to many in our Churches… unfortunately.

Apinda and Ayanda by Zanele MuholiIn my travels of dealing with women… and particularly while sitting in our Thursday night meetings at Salsa-Soul Sisters, I have found that (1) there are women who turn to women sexually because they just want to see what it is like.  (2) That there are women who have been abused and sought out women sexually as a recourse and a safe haven.  (3)  Then there are women who float from men to women…then back to men etc. etc…  (4) Then there are women who just love women and that is all they want, and  (5)  finally, today there are women who desire a girlfriend or two because it is the thing to do… that ‘in-thing.’  These type of women are the new wave of women…the it looks ‘chic’ to have a girlfriend when I don’t have a boy-friend women.  The young girls really are into this kind of thing… because for them everything is image and about being hip… but I am finding many older women out there looking for ‘a girlfriend’ too now.

For the older women it appears to me that they have grown tired with me… or maybe just can’t find anybody and have decided that a women beats nothing.

But for the young girls… they think its hip to walk around saying they have a girlfriend instead of a boy-friend… and love looking for your expression of shock when they do so.

And to some degree I can only summarize that this may have been Juanita’s thinking too… only because of the why she just spit it out so quickly.  Like it was nothing… and quickly added how she had done everything including drugs.

But was it really meant to be a testimony?

I think not.  Juanita never expounded upon it… except to say that she had been good at attracting the same-sex.  Now, that is a question.

How long had Juanita been dippin’ and dappin?’  (that’s what we… us gay or used-to-be gay people call it)

The only reason I can think of is this…  Juanita Bynum declared that she had been sexually involved with women at this point in her life is only because… she is hoping that it will drive up ticket sales to her play, which she has produced and is currently starring in.  There is no other reason… which is why she was on the radio doing the interview where she made the disclosure.

The revelation has had mixed reviews over facebook… with many agreeing ‘that there are just some things you should take with you to the grave.’  And Juanita may well agree with them before all of this is over.

I doubt very seriously that it will aid in the sale of tickets for Juanita’s play.  In fact, the very people who Juanita was hoping might rush to catch her in her play… may, in fact, decide not to catch it at all because of Juanita’s perfectionwebrevelation of having slept with women.

There is something about being in the arms of another woman or in the arms of another man that most people go berserk over… when they find out someone is gay.    You could say a ‘horse’ or ‘cow’ or ‘dog’… and they would just go ‘ugh.’  But not when it comes to having a relationship with someone of the same sex.  In fact, some people have been killed just for being gay.  But I have never heard of anyone being killed for loving to be sexually imagesinvolved with animals.

Isn’t that kind of weird?

In fact, some people have gone on TV with their animals to talk about their attraction and relationships to their animals.  A woman once told me about her and her dog.  I thought I was going to throw-up.  I couldn’t get away from her quick enough… and I doubt that I have ever seen her again.  Can’t remember if I had… because I wanted to forget that whole thing.  And never understood why she decided to divulge such a thing like that to me… as I didn’t really know her.

Juanita-Bynum-denim-FacebookJuanita might have chosen to have measured this revelation considering just how homophobic the black church is.  And it is homophobic… and I would not say for no good reason.

A couple of weeks ago I was at a national Church conference in Alabama.  At that conference it was rather hard for me just seeing how many of our young men and boys have been drawn into the homosexual lifestyle.

Yes, I said it… me the ex-lesbian.  But how can I not be concerned about others?142423606-african-american-lesbian-couple-gettyimages

I am thankful to be delivered but my deliverance does not facilitate that I should not care about the deliverance of others… no matter what battles they have to fight or yokes that bind them.

And that was just the young men.  But having been in ‘the life’… I am keenly aware of the women too.  And all those… the many more whom you may not readily be able to just look at and tell right off that they too are dealing with issues of homosexuality.

Anybody would be a fool not to believe or know that there are a ton of gay women running around in the Church too.  Or that there are both sexes that are deep in the closet who walk around freely playing saved… but living a lie in their sexual lives.  And of course… should we forget the whoremongers… the fornicators… or the adulterers… or the liars… and the thieves …they too are all in the Church… along with everything else.

But for some reason they all forget about their sins… and what they were and maybe still are.  They like to throuse upon the homosexuals as if nothing else in the Church is a sin.  And for this reason some people… lots of them are having a problem trying to decide whether or not they will vote for Obama again… because he said he was for gay marriages.

I am not an 1 issue person.  I love Obama and plan on voting for him again…again… again if I could.

I would never let Mit Romney win this Presidential Election… if Bush with his lying, cheating self got to stay in the White House for 2 terms… why can’t Obama who has more than proven himself to me a man concerned about all Americans?

Bush never did anything for any of us but send our daughters and sons off to fight in a senseless/useless war… and on top of it Bush brought this country down to its knees.

But going back to Juanita Bynum who seems to never do anything unless it has some benefit to her… clearly she did not reveal being sexually involved with women for any reason other that the possibility of selling a few more theater tickets.  And faced with lots of questions after letting that out of the bag… she responses have been the typical sharp quips over twitter she can oftentimes hurl at people.

I read somewhere that someone commented on why it appears that black leaders coming out at this time?   The person seemed to feel that they were doing it because of what Obama had said concerning gay marriages.

If, indeed, more African-American people are coming out of the closet I do not believe that it has anything to do with Obama … or Obama’s stance on gay marriages.  It is just the season.

Homosexuality is becoming more and more accepted.  Acceptable…

I must say that I marvelled when 1 of my nieces shared with me that they had a gay club in her high school.  I recall when they were fighting to have the gay high school in Manhattan… as a place where gay students would be allowed to be who they were without the fear being ostracized by their fellow classmates.  I can also recall my glee at realizing that on my college campus upon the university that black women had started their own little club for lesbian students of color.

So, we are living in very changed times.  And I would not say that it is all for the better.2ab-the-bishop-wifecover

Because it concerns me.  The lines are becoming blurred.  So much so that you could have a preacher grooming young boys for where he is going to take them sexually once they become of age.

I never liked that Bishop Eddie Long story.  I had hoped that it was not true.  But once the money exchanged hands there could be no denying that story.  Not with the large paper trail of passports, trips, hotel stays etc.. etc… etc…  And then, of course, was the accounts of the young men involved… they all told the exact same story.

For anyone who can do to this to the life of a young boy… I have nothing good to say of them.

When I recently watched a video on someone preaching …when she got to the part of her sermon where she said… “I’m tired of sissies.”

All the Pastors and Bishops sitting behind her leap to their feet cheering her statement… as I watched them I knew many of them were no better than Eddie Long.  With such a large number of young men and women turning to homosexuality in the Church… it is not happening by mere happenstance.  Eddie Long is not alone… sadly to say.  Nor the Catholic Church.

I give all praises to God for saving me… for calling me out and setting this captive free.  I now walk in liberty… and it is my hope for anyone dealing with any type of sin… or any other… to also 1 day walk in true liberty.

View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledByNot much rain in the pass few weeks…but a whole lot of heat.  It has been hot.  But I hope that you have been nice a cool wherever you are.

Well, God bless… and enjoy the rest of  your week.

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  www.bsmith101.wordpress.com  ©2012

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4 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Mark Strange  |  May 3, 2014 at 6:32 pm

    It’s part of her testimony years ago with the “no more sheet” message.

    • 2. bsmith101  |  May 3, 2014 at 11:44 pm

      Few people including Juanita do not seem to remember that. As you realize it did come as much of a shock when she mentioned it during the radio station interview in question. (the interview audio is part of my blog)

      You could almost see Lonnie Hunter and his co-host take a step back from the microphone…and kind of do a double take when Juanita made that statement. And then quickly he said…’wait a minute you’ve been with women?’

      I’ve only caught bits and pieces of her sermon ‘No More Sheets.’ But I would venture to say that had she mentioned any part about lesbianism…there would have been a big discussion about it….based upon the shear amount of homopheobia in the church. As by her mere mentioning it now has caused somewhat…

      Thanks for the comment…

  • 3. Madame Gina  |  April 22, 2017 at 5:25 pm

    You are SUCH a hater of Juanita! Stop IT!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • 4. bsmith101  |  April 22, 2017 at 11:31 pm

      I wouldn’t say I am a hater. That is a very hard word. I have no reason to hate her really.

      So, no. I wouldn’t call myself a hater but rather just a person commenting on some information that I had an opinion on.

      Thanks for your comment…

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