UNLIKELY HERO…3 GIRLS/1 MAN…Helper and another Killer of Dreams…

June 11, 2013 bsmith101
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3WomenWEB_20130508104328_640_480[1]I have been thinking and thinking about this story since I heard and then searched and read a little bit about it.

My son was in Atlanta when this story broke, and I was sitting at the airport waiting on him searching for more information on the story via my cell phone.  While  trying to keep out a sharp eye for the airport police… hoping I wouldn’t get a ticket or be asked to move.

To say the least it both bothered me… and encouraged me.

All in 1 swift kick a man’s life has changed from dishwasher to super hero.  And he is indeed a super hero.  And in every possible way concerning this story.

Those 3 little girls… now grown women… and even to some degree mothers… may not have ever stood a chance of getting out.  Those 3 little girlsAPTOPIX Missing Women Found … turned women… lives changed the moment fate and a man named Charles Ramsey crossed pass by their way.

I cannot imagine how many people had walked by that house?

How many cries for help had gone out from that house un-heard?

How many times people looked up at that house and felt something strange or spooky about it?

But then came Charles Ramsey… a highly unlikely hero.  But that day his destiny and life changed.  368601-charles-ramsey-and-other-real-unreal-black-heroes-slideshow[1]From just a plain dishwasher he quickly has become a national hero.  And if not a ‘national hero’… then he should be.

We rarely hear his name.  Have seen some jokes about him.  But at the end of the day that man… Charles Ramsey did something phenomenal.   He changed a living hell situation into a bright and renewed lease on life and future, for some young women who may have thought they were doomed forever.  And may have been.

But it would appear that all but 1 held out for some ray of hope.  And it was her ray of hope that lead to all of them finally finding freedom.

Had not Amanda Berry maintain a belief that her life was not over… and that she could get out she might not have said a word.  Just continued being a shadow in a very dark and evil house… being an invisible lost soul… where they were all being held hostage as sex slaves, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight.



Or maybe it had been Amanda’s need to get her 6-year-old daughter out… that gave her strength to 2473878_G[1]continue to seek a way out of the hellish hole she had been either drawn into… or thrown into.  Mothers do have a way of doing that. They risk life and limb if it means saving the life or the lives of their children.  And who is to say that that crazed sex feign had not started looking upon her 6-year-old daughter… or gone beyond just looking.

Having been sexually abused as a child I feel these kinds of stories very deeply.  Needless to say I really hate reading or hearing about them.  But this 1 brought tears to my eyes… because the outcome was so great… and the horror of it so unreal.  One man changed the lives of 3 young girls turned women into something they may have otherwise never thought they would ever have again.  He gave them their freedom back.  That is what Charles Ramsey did for them.  It is like he rushed into a flaming house and carried them each out individually all by himself.

But ten years were stolen from them.  Their innocence lost.  But they are no longer under the abusive demeaning use of a1367952839_2842_Cleveland[1] man, who could have been nothing less than a highly inhuman sub-being.

I cannot imagine the type of cruel mind of a person such as the man who kidnapped those 3 little girls and held them as his personal sex slaves for more than 10 years.  A man who beat them in the belly to bring about the lost of babies he implanted inside of them.  And it was said that he beat the eldest 1 so bad that her face has to be reconstructed.

I guess that as the oldest little girl got older he wanted her less.  And then she became the 1 he used as an example of his power and will over them all.   By using that young girl as a punching bag… using her as proof of what he would CastroBrothers[1]do to the others if they failed to stay in line with regard to obeying him.

I imagine  this man to be cowardly… a bully… someone who would run from his own shadow.  Because this is the kind of person who typically desire to have other people under submission to them.

What kind of animal seeks out little children to perpetrate on?

It is like murders.  Did you know that most of them are afraid to die?

charlesramsey[1]So, they spend years in the legal system trying to stay their own executions.  But they took such joy in taking the lives of others.  And yet they fear loosing their own.  It is odd…

It is odd indeed the mind of people who perpetrate crimes against others.  I don’t even like robbers or thieves.  One may asked what is the difference between a robber and a thief?

Robbers are those people who actually confront their victims.  While thieves mostly like to steal while no one is looking or around.  Either way… I do not care for them either.

How could someone rob those three young little girls… their ages then said to have been 9 – 14… of their lives?

Their family ties?


RAW-FOXANDFRIENDSDOTCOM-2CUB4BGA_FNC_050713_07-39[1]That man took away their informative years of learning, socialization, public education on the primary level, friendships, family relationships etc…    But with 1 swift kick a nappy headed black man, by the name of Charles Ramsey… with a tooth missing in the front… gave it back to them.  And I am so glad he did.

Truly Charles Ramsey is a very unlikely hero.  But truly a hero he is.   And he is certainly 1 to me and I am oh but so sure to those 3 young ladies as well.


What a story of hope… triumph… and turn of fortunes.  I hope  and pray that each and every one of them fairs well.  That those 3 young ladies are able to recapture happiness, marriage and good 2ab-the-bishop-wifecoverfamily in their lives… never to be haunted by the last 10 years of hell that they were forced to endure.  But the very real reality of this story is how do their lives really ever get totally beyond what happened to them.

And I believe beyond a shadow of doubt that Mr. Charles Ramsey shall be forever blessed for hearing a plead and answering the call.  Praise themcdonalds-Quarter-Pounder-with-Cheese-Extra-Value-Meals[1] Lord…

I was reading where McDonald’s has offered him hamburgers for life.  Might be great for his grand-kids.  Though he himself said that when he heard the woman calling… he threw down his bag of McDonald’s and ran to the door of the house and kicked it in.  Hence, McDonald’s was introduced in this story.Vachter3810[1]

I really think that their should be less jokes about him and of him… and more charlesramsey2[1]respect.  Because what he did was so wonderful in terms of the lives of those 3 young women he saved from a sinking nasty ugly hole.  It was like a firefighter running into a flaming house and coming out with a baby in his arms.  No one would dare make a joke out of that… no matter what the firefighter looked like.  In this case… Charles Ramsey went running in and came out saving 4 innocent young lives.  And for that he should certainly be celebrated… no pick on or laughed at because he looks so ‘unlikely.’

urlBut the fact that Charles Ramsey does look so ‘unlikely’ really could be the story here.  But it is his a

ttitude about it too.  He simply views it as

something he was called to do when he heard the young woman, Amanda Berry’s pleading cries for

Heroes rarely look the part.  They come in all sizes… colors… religions… economically circles… but it is what is in their hearts help.

url1that separates them from everybody else.  They are people who forget about themselves and act because they see someone else is in need of them to perform something that might endanger them… but they they never consider that they just spring into action.  And that is what Charles Ramsey did… he sprang into action.

As for the other man in this story who I refuse to name… because I willme resized... give him no fame.  He was a demon straight from hell… who desired to killed the dreams of 3 very young girls… destroy their lives… and commit them to darkness and shadows forever.  But God said, “No.”   And He brought a man named Charles Ramsey into their lives.  Now, nothing will ever be quite the same for any of them.

Well, God bless…and thank you very much those of you who have ventured out and purchased my book… which can be ordered on-line at any number of websites… just google THE BISHOP’S WIFE by Bernadine Smith… and see for yourself.  And you can also read excerpts from my book on-line as well at Barnes&Nobles Nook, amazon.com etc…

 woman-relaxing-in-bubble-bath[1]I have been relaxing for the past couple of weeks.  Was very tired after getting back in town from Orlando.  Just about rested up now.  Happy to finally get this blog out.   I know… I know.  I do not write as much as I used to but it not so much that I don’t have much to say.  Just not enough time lately.  And then too my internet service at the house is down.
But most of the time I am busy editing video footage.  Trying to wear a bunch hats at 1 time.  But somehow or other I get it done.  And I am glad about that.lemonade-410x290_0[1]
So, please be patient with me.  I don’t forget my blog…  It just takes some time for me to get back to it these days that is all.9a1b5657-46d1-44fc-bf78-ecca2001fcc3[1]
Enjoy your week… and I will catch up with ya.’   And I am back to selling ribs… fresh squeeze lemonade… hot dogs… peach cobbler…for the next few weeks.  And this weekend I even threw some chicken on the grill too.
You know what?
You need to buy a sandwich sometime.  : )
JUST A QUICK NOTE…okay, somewhat of any update.  Everyone loves my lemonade and my peach cobbler is making a big splash too.

And I just came across this picture.  Never saw an insect like this before.  It looks like it is equipped
for war.

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  www.bsmith101.wordpress.com  ©2013

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