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I need not tell you just how intolerable I found this story… which I happened to come across on Facebook.•Aswad-Ayinde

I am not liberal in my thoughts concerning people who violate children.  I have no tolerance for them whatsoever.  And this particular news item only heightens my disdain.

This particular person is a man… if you care to call him that… a father, if you care to even half way call him that… who lives in Patterson, New Jersey.  He at some point was very involved with the group that Lauren Hill emerged from, the Fugees.  He was said to have been the music 1091245_v_jpg8053ea7f21e7e63cabec3d18b183c8e2video producer of 1 on their videos, Killing Me Softly.

But here is the story in a nutshell as I read it.  The man’s 12 year old daughter pops up pregnant.  And I guess the mother was questioning the child.

The man then told his wife, ‘I think the baby is mine.’1297448293769_ORIGINAL

He what????

He said, “I think the baby is mine.”


It is not amazing to me how bad you begin to look when you begin to do the unthinkable.  How 1 lives with themselves knowing that they have gone into forbidden territory is beyond me.  There is no way this person could have thought that what he was doing was right.  Because for 1 thing he kept it hid for years while making 1 daughter after another… then again and and again… pregnant.


“I think the baby is mine.”

This would be enough to have me on death row somewhere.  Because he would not have220ASPQB683-417 walked out alive.  And I am not just saying that.

I recall thinking this sometime after my son was born… ‘that if anyone touched him,… my son… I would go to prison.  And I meant it.

So, then I have to wonder about this mother?????????

The woman has 5 daughters with her husband…  this man… again if you want to call him that…  who had been  a music video director for a video of the Fugees.   Now, 3 of this woman’s older the-fugees_4802daughters had turned up pregnant… giving them 6 grand-children.  For him they would be 6 grand, and 6 more daughters for him… since all the babies were his which he had with his daughters… and their mothers, whom his wife, their mother gave birth to.

How does this happen?


Then another 1 of the woman’s daughters turns up pregnant.  She was her 12-year-old.me resized...

I guess after making that confession his conscious must have started in on him… though he really couldn’t have had  much of 1 to have done what he has done.   But he told the woman, his wife… the girl’s mother… the 12 year old’s mother… the same mother of his other daughters, whom he had babies by already…  that he had also begun working on their 4th daughter too.  A little 8-year-old girl… whom he claims to only have performed oral sex on.

Okay, if you want to believe that.  But a man without boundaries… has no boundaries.  So, I doubt that ‘only oral sex’ thang.   Even THAT was 1 step far too much for someone who was supposed to protect his children… not abuse them.

I really can’t go on with this…  I will have to talk to you later.  I am 2ab-the-bishop-wifecoversick to my absolute stomach with this story.

And these are black folk.

Truly, a demonic spirit and/or spirits were working in that house.  And a corrupt mind to perpetrate  it all.

This man …according to the mother… these young mother’s mother… said that her husband was trying to create his own ‘blue bloodline.’  abraham_post1



So, he thought he was Abraham?

Only, Abraham did not mess sexually with his own children.  Nor did Abraham deal in incest.  He sent a servant to his wife’s family house to seek a wife for his son, Issac.  Which in those times was a traditional thing to so.

God help those children… all of them.

Well, God bless…  I cannot imagine being 12 with my stomach pushed out… having to go to school… and this story comes out.  Everybody in Patterson is going to know this story.  All her little friends… her friends parents… her teachers.  And this is what this man was doing in his house to his children.DeBarge

He was breeding them.  Like some kind of animals.  My Lord…  help mankind, Lord God…  Please… please… please.  Save us from ourselves…

This story is as bad as the father of the DeBarge family.  The only difference is we never found out until they were grown people.   But their adult lives were as much a wreck trying to cope with it, as their haunted childhoods.  And these stories are not rare as I am beginning to find out just by looking up this story.  Click the links below… it proves it.

Then there was that man in Austria.  He kept his daughter locked in some hole down in his basement for 20 years… impregnating her with 9 children.

It is unbearable…  Madness…  Truly…



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6 Comments Add your own

  • 1. T  |  August 18, 2013 at 7:24 am

    Well dude you are wrong to because Abraham did have intercause under the influence of alcohol with both of his daughters and both had children of there biological father Abraham , the older daughter bore a son named mohab , and the younger bore a son named Benami ancestor of the ammonites

    • 2. T  |  August 19, 2013 at 7:27 am

      Having oral sex with a 8 year old is sick man and that is so unimaginably wrong dam ! I’ve heard of marriage with 13 year olds in many cultures and have seen many sexual active teens at thirteen but doing that to a baby , I’d kill anyone doing that to even a niece or friends child or any near relative of mine , that’s babies man !!

      • 3. bsmith101  |  August 20, 2013 at 4:59 pm

        It is more than just sick…it is illegal and morally reprehensible. One thing is for sure as you wrote in your last comment…these things are historic. They are the ills of the world…

      • 4. bsmith101  |  January 16, 2014 at 10:17 pm

        Many of things that people are doing to children today… or it may just be that we are hearing of it… but it is terrible and very disheartening…

        I pray for those children…

    • 5. bsmith101  |  August 20, 2013 at 4:56 pm

      No, I am not the one who is wrong.

      The person who you are talking about is Lot, Abrham’s nephew not Abraham. The event you are referring to takes place following Sadom and Gormorrah being destroyed by God. Lot’s wife looks and is turned into a pillar of salt..and Lot and his daughters escape into the mountains.

      They end up in a cave and the oldest daughter persuades her younger sister that they should make their father, Lot, drunk. And the rest is more or less as you said.

      They made Lot their father drunk and had sex with him. Each daughter gave birth becoming the mothers of two nations, the Moabites and Ammonites. Which was totally out of the will of God.

      You may want to read Leviticus 18, in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. In it you will read God’s sex laws, as to what acts are unlawful to God, for which He chased out the inhabitants of Canaan.

  • 6. Handlebar2  |  November 22, 2014 at 5:03 am

    I’m not sure of statistic but I feel incest is more rampant than one might think. My father was a pedifile that had nine children.He wasn’t creating a family, he was developing a hearim.
    I was next to the youngest child. My dad was married twice, had two girls with the first and I’m not sure how old the oldest girl was when her mother walked in to find her child giving oral to her dad. Divorce number one soon followed but, the first wife didn’t file for reason of incest, dad didn’t get charged and he moved to another state and charmed a fifteen year old, my mother who at sixteen had to have her mother to basically give her to him by signing for them to marry. My oldest sister was born just before mom turned 17. Mom proceeded to have another baby ever two years until she had four. I think that’s probably when dad lost interest in mom and started having full on sex with the oldest girl. His lack of interest in mom lasted at least six years because in the seventh year they had one more baby.
    Shortly after that kid was born my oldest sister got sent away for “school”, which was later revealed that she had gone away to have the baby dad gave her. So, you see, if ppl were honest incest is alive and well in America and around the world.

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