July 14, 2015 bsmith101

holy-convocation2What a farce that was.  Needless probably for me to say I traveled to our church’s national convocation in St. Louis a few weeks ago, the 107th Convocation of the Church of God in Christ.  And as fate would have it on Saturday night I just so Andrewhappened to make it in from my hotel out by the airport to this particular evening service.

The service began as usual and everyone seemed to be high in the spirit of praise.  Then it became time for the speaker for the night to deliver the Word.  But the word he delivered wasn’t 1 I believe many of us were prepared for.

Earl-Carter-preachingHis name Pastor Carter and he was from Orlando, Florida.  He began by calling his son up and giving a praise report about how his son had gotten shot 3 times,BRANDON-PORTER-Andrew-Caldwell-gay-no-more-controversy600 and survived.   He further stated that none of the 3 bullets had hit any of his major arteries.  He son came to him as he called for him to come, and in his son’s arms the son held Carter’s grandson… the son’s son.   Who I thought it unusual how dismissive of the little toddler he was when Carter offhandedly said, ‘And this is my grandson.’  He flashed a hand towards the little boy and then turned away from him very very dismissively of the little boy.

But it was how Carter kissed his son on the neck that really struck me.  He kissed his son on his son’s neck in a way I had seen men in gay clubs lovingly plant kisses all over the neck and face of another man.  I would have hardly believed after witnessing that show of affection that Carter would follow that with such malice and hatred as he did towards to other people’s sons… gay or otherwise.

But he did.

When Carter turned away from his son motioning for him to go back to his seat beside Carter’s mother, who was also seated on the podium… and then he …Carter immediately went on the attack.  It never appeared to me that he had come to preach at all… but to make a mockery,  a joke, and to incite laughter all directed at the supposed gay young men in our church.  At a point it became Carter’s comedy show… and he appeared to be in his glory.  And it had them… those other church folk all around me rolling and roaring in laughter all over that convention hall,  where it must have been at least anywhere from 2 to 4 thousand people in attendance in that service that night.skinny-jeans

Carter pranced and imitated gay men in the choir, he imitated them singing and carrying pocketbooks.  He hollered about them wearing bow ties and tight pants, carrying pocketbooks and just plain looking gay.  He called them ‘sissy’s.’  He condemned them… persecuted them, and called them everything but children of God.  While repeatedly snaring, ‘You ain’t nothing but a sissy.’

I wondered how such a man who had just displayed such gay affection towards his own son when he kissed him upon his neck could possibly be attacking other people’s sons in such a way as Carter was doing at that time.  And after such an on-slant of attacks and jokes by this so-called pastor, Carter,  I wondered what in the world after that would have possessed him… Carter to call for an altar call?

What gay man with good sense was really going to go up there?


The way that Carter went after the young gay men in our church 1 it struck me that this issue with Carter and gay young men was greater than what he was saying.  I do not know whether his son was approached by a gay young man… or if his son was gay…or what??

Or whether his son was seeing some gay man… or hanging with the gay young men of our church.  Or if Carter himself was having an inner conflict about his own sexuality.  Perhaps maybe… once he had been violated himself.  But something was going on… because nobody goes on that kind of a rampage without some sort of something going on with them.

A male friend of mine shared with me many years ago that the older men in his town, where he had been raised, preyed upon all the young boys.  I knew immediately what he was telling me.  But I said nothing.  I did not know what to say to that frankly.  But I do know that it did effect him… more internally than anything else.  And later as he grew up to present times.anita

Many years ago a former Miss America, who name was Anita Bryant, came out against gay180px-AnitaB men.  She was at that time a representative… or spokes woman or something for the orange juice industry.  The gay community immediately began a boycott against buying and the drinking of orange juice.  The orange juice industry dropped Bryant as their spokes woman.  But shortly thereafter it came out that Bryant and her husband had recently split.  He left her for his gay lover.


eddielongtjmsEddie Long used to have anti-gay rallies.  And looked how that story ended it… with it coming to fifth-accuser-of-eddie-longlight with several young men lodging legal action against Bishop Long for engaging with them sexually.


So, what I am saying is many times the people who cry out the loudest against something… may him or herself be dealing with something which unbeknownst to us is really at the heart of what they are protesting  or trying to act that they detest so much.

I don’t know Carter… and frankly do not care to really ever meet him.  Anyone who would proclaim himself to be a pastor or man of God who could speak with such malice, disdain and hatred towards anyone can’t truly be of God.

How can anyone much less a pastor consider anyone who is in sin be a laughing matter?

What sin is there that is a joke?jesus_woman_caught_in_adultery

That arena hall was full of people who in my opinion ….who got great pleasure out of Carter’s buffoonery… which in my opinion showcases the fact that they too all also need deliverance.  Because none of them could really have been saved.  Had they not heard ‘with love and kindness have I drawn thee?’

Had they not heard the story of how Jesus stoop down and began to draw in the sand as the men who dragged the woman gabion_stonecaught in adultery to him for him to condemn her.  And Jesus say, ‘Let him who is without sin cast the first stone?’

Had they not heard that our God is a God of ‘love?’

Had that read in the Book of Galatians, Chapter 5, about the fruits of the Spirit… which states love and tolerance are a part of the fruits of the Spirit?

Who among us was not once in sin?

And who among us has never been in sin?

I find nothing funny about people being in sin… no matter what type of sin they may be involved in or might have been in involved in.

I myself was and may still be… a wretch undone.  And certainly not able to condemn nor laugh at anyone.

The problem I find with most so called non-sinner… saved folk… is … is that they never want to admit that they too were oncebible a sinner.  Many act as though all their lives they were good and had never did anything against the will or way of God.  They act as though they had never been in adultery… fornicated… never told a lie… never stole anything… have never done anyone wrong… etc… etc…   And these people are some of the biggest problems in the church… because they feel like they are ‘holier than thou,’ and cannot do anything but cause more strife and grief in the church than anyone else.  They are hateful… and tend to be angry and hard to deal with because of their high-looks writing-love-beach-sand2and snotty attitude towards others… which if they truly knew the Bible then they would know that high-looks and snotty attitudes are an abomination unto God too.

Perhaps that statement is too wide and sweeping to make.  But this is exactly the problem I have with people who make statements about homosexuality and/or about gay people.  They make 09-03-12_black_gay_pride_pure_heat_festival_12broad sweeping statements about something they have no possible clue about, unless it had once been an issue that they once themselves dealt with.  But for more than most they make these statements about Half-Drag-by-Leland-Bobb_1homosexuality saying things as if they really know what they are saying.  Like the reason they are that way is because ‘they were abused and end up being abusers and child molesters.’  How stupid is that?

Not everyone gay was abused.  And most certainly they for the most parts never end up abusers… because if the truth be told ‘yes, many were abused’ which is why gay people truly hate abusers with a passion.

Most gay people hate sexual abusers or any type of abusers with such great low tolerance for them.  And the truth of the matter… though the perception has been quite the reverse… the people who have been found abusing children are people menawho are not gay… people like Eddie Long who would never characterize themselves as being a homosexual.  They are sexual deviants who love preying upon children… most of them living their lives as straight men, loving fathers etc… etc.

Gay men want men… not little boys.  They frequent clubs, bars, gyms and other places where men can15312378974_850a9b5f45_o be found… much like where women find men.  But little boys have nothing that gay men are looking for by way of sex.  So, that is 1 of the biggest myths told when people begin talking about gay guys… and sometimes about gay women too… who are not looking for young little girls …or every woman.

But let us go to the root of why there are so many gay young men in our church… an fact that pastor Carter never touched upon much… as if he was afraid of saying it.  The young boys in our church are not gay because of osmosis …nor because they were born that way… but because many pastors, bishops, deacons, male trustees etc… etc… men within the church have taken sexual advantage of so many of our young men and boys.  Like Eddie Long they have loaded up these young men and boys with all kinds of gifts, some with cars and apartments etc.  But they have taken advantage of these young males in such great numbers it is

The Greater Abyssinia Baptist Church choir offers heartfelt musical praise to the Lord during services at the eastside Cleveland church on Sunday, December 30, 2007. Front row, from left, Jacques Smith, Donna Felton and Johnny B. Yarbrough, Jr. The choir and congregation are preparing for Watch Night, a popular tradition of greeting the New Year with prayer at church. (Lynn Ischay/The Plain Dealer)

8595181114_52b252a5d9_bhard to walk through the halls of all of our conventions, convocations etc.  without noticing the large number of them.

These men should have been who pastor Carter should have had contempt for… and malice for  …for how they have abused their power and authority… and/or position in the church to take advantage of and destroy the manhood of these young men and boys in our church.  But these men go on touch… and many are celebrated with heads looking the other way as if nobody has seen or are unaware of the foul things these bishops, pastors, trustees and other men within our church are doing with the male children in our church.His-Hen-House-407953

Years ago the old time people had a name for this.  They would say, ‘The rooster got into the hen house.’  In this case the roster inhabits the hen house (our church)… doing every foul imaginable thing that comes to their mind knowing that their title and/or position … or money given to the church gives the ‘go ahead’ to keep abusing our young men.  And this must stop.  Stop calling out the young boys if you cannot form your lips to call out those who have turned them out… meaning those who have laid their filthy hands and mouths BOOK-OnTheDownLow1-264x400upon them to turn them into who we see them as.

Why go after the young men in our church who may appear effeminate and not speak against them who target our church boys and sons?

Every time I think of effeminate men I am often called to remember a man who had 2 sons in the Bible.  One son was strong and hairy… he was the outdoors type who like to hunt and fish.   And the other son stayed 7248444black+women+raise+gay+menaround the house… he liked to do things like cook and clean.

The 2 sons I am talking about are Isaac’s sons, Esau and Jacob.  Clearly, by today’s standard of what manhood is… Jacob would be classified as as having been a ‘sissy’  …if he had not been Abraham’s grandson and the father of the 12 tribes of Israel.  It is interesting to me that nobody but me seems to see this correlation between Jacob and gay men.  And if they do or have …nobody but nobody but me has ever dared to mention it.

But this goes to prove 1 point that is so remarkable about God.  He can take anybody and turn them into who he wants them to be.  In the story of Esau and Jacob… God took the fragiler brother… the mama’s boy and built 1 of the greatest nations of all times.  And a nation of people that are innumerable still to very day.

How in the world did that come about from a man who most would say …if they dared to… was a ‘sissy’?n-GAY-BLACK-MEN-TELEVISION-large

It came about because Jacob on the inside was mightier than he appeared on the outside… there was something about him that God loved and He loved it before Jacob was born.   Therefore, before Jacob was born the hand of God was upon him.  Thus, Jacob came out of his mother’s womb being God’s chosen vessel to be the father of His chosen people.  The man ended up having 12 sons of his own… who became known as the Israelites… the most beloved people on the planet and the chosen people of God.0

Going back to ‘I’m not gay any more.  I will not date a man any more etc… etc…’  While sitting in that arena hall it is hard for me to really believe that that mockery of an altar call would have gone viral.  I would have never known had not my son called me later that night to tell me about it… who himself watched it all unfold via the live internet streaming of the convocation.

He said to me, ‘Ma, can you believe that the Church of God in Christ is gay bashing?’5463e0090e531.image

When Cater began speaking I never believed that he would go on and on in the vain in which he started.  But he did.  From the moment he turned away from his son… gay bashing is exactly what he did.  And with such fervor and zeal… and malice and bitter words the gay men in our church it almost became to much for me to take.  I thought about getting up and leaving… which I did do just as they were making the altar call.  So, I was not there for that… but if my driver to take me back to my hotel had been outside the convention I would have surely gotten up and walked out on Cater and his performance.  It had gotten to more than I could bare after a while.  And the funny part as I looked around… even the gay guys found Carter comedic.

During Carter’s 1 man comedy show Bishop Brandon Porter, the expeditor for that service, stood up behind Carter laughing all the way through it… and he shot video footage and also managed to upload it onto YouTube… all while standing up there supposedly overseeing that service.  A few days later Porter was interviewed via the telephone regarding that service and the church gay bashing homosexuals in our church.  All through that interview Porter can be heard snickering and chuckling all through that interview while he was supposedly stating our churches’ stance on gay bashing and attacking homosexuals Pastor-Earl1within our church.  It can hardly be said that this kind of response littered with Porter laughing through it could have been taken any more seriously than his throwing a hundred dollar bill at a young gay man, whom he clearly must have recognized from the very beginning a young man with some problems, from the moment the young man came to altar stating that he was studying to become a doctor, taking classes over the internet.

This young man played to all of Porter asked him to do… including taking the mic and then looking like he became possessed from the moment his hand grasped the mic… as he went into how he longer loves or will date men… but that he will loves a wominness.  He ran up the aisle as Porter told him to… and danced as Porter told him to… like he was a trained money with an organ grinder.

It can hardly be true that such buffoonery could hit the airwaves and internet in such a way as that mess did.  A hot mess it was too.  Which goes to prove that none of what took place that night in that arena hall was of God.  Had it been it certainly would not have received that level of TV time, news time, newspaper space or internet excitement.  It was the joke of the year.  Saved and unsaved have all found it to be 1 big fat laugh.

On Facebook someone tried to tell me that that young man going up to the altar and declaring himself to be delivered had made the devil mad.  How ridiculous of a statement was that?

The devil has definitely been laughing…  along with many others who found that mockery to funny from the beginning until the end.  The devil could not have planned that mess to be more successful or any funnier than it was.  And that young man was as far from being delivered from being gay as the man in the moon.

48f79e051130e95d3f83c0e40e59ea1cAnd frankly speaking why is Brandon Porter part of the Church of God in Christ’s General Board?

The man is intrusive.  He has a take over spirit.  And he is forever leaping up to grab the microphone out of people’s hand near the end after they have preached to make who adds up to nothing more than a public service announcement,  ‘I dare 50 people right now to purchase this sermon or buy that tape…and watch what God will do in your life.’


I cannot tell you how many people I have seen Brandon Porter get up and snatch the mic from… including Bishop Sheard, who stood his ground and would not let Porter fully grab it out of his hand.  But I was more than shocked when Porter leaped up and did this to our leader too, Bishop Blake.  The man has no shame nor respect… and it appears that he loves the spot light to be on him by hook or crook.

me resized...

Well, God bless…. Can’t believe never completely finished this particular blog before.  I had totally forgotten all about it.  My goodness…  I am slipping.  : 0…. Oh, me …..’o’ my….

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  www.bsmith101.wordpress.com  ©2015


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