Frustration… getting a grip… sailing

Will the frustrations ever end?

Trying to get a document signed by the court so that it can be sent to another court.

What I hate is when you are talking to someone  and they act like they can’t understand what you are saying to them.  Or like when what you are asking them about is something that they do not do everyday…when it is.

I think that acting stupid on a job has become a thing a lot of people like to practice simply because they are not interested in helping anybody.  And I hate to put it in those terms…but it is true.

I have gone into some offices where people literally don’t make eye contact with you…just to keep from having to get up and service someone at a counter waiting.  This, however, is not always the case…and thank God it isn’t.  Those people who are on top of their job…well, before you hit the counter they are already smiling and waiting for you to speak.   I like those kind of people.  And they are always helpful in servicing you…those we can call premium workers.

Here goes…and I want to know if you get this.

I send you a document and I tell you that I need to have it signed by the judge and entered into the record…meaning placed into our case file.

Now, you work for the court…have been a clerk there for years.

Don’t you think that you would understand what I was asking?  Can’t be that hard…they get documents everyday that have to be signed by a judge and entered into the record.

So, why doesn’t anybody understand what I am saying…when I say it????

Since last week Wednesday I have been trying to get this document signed that I need to get back to the Appeals Court A.S.A.P…as soon as possible…for those of you who may not recognize the acronym.  But no one seems to know what to do…or understand what needs to be done.

And my time is running out…quick…like yesterday.

So, today I decided to take a more calmer and nicer approach and plead my case upon the person who is supposed to be handling what I need done.

I am informed that a little sugar goes a long ways.

Don’t you just love those old sayings?

We should endeavor to keep them.  They are filled with much wisdom.

And besides throwing sugar into the pot…I got up praying on it this morning.  Because I really need to get this done.  Or our appeal of our case involving Allstate is out the window.

So, it all gets down to this one person…and God having to put a hand into our affair to motivate her to do what we need done.  And get it done today…and in the mail today on it way to Raleigh…by tomorrow.

So, will you kindly pray with me…and for us.

Speaking of praying there is so much sickness going around.  On Sunday I was back in New York visiting with my friend whom we believe is passing.  Her body is swelling now…and I am not sure that she knew I was there.

Before leaving for New York…I recalled what I said in my last blog about not being a real friend to my college friend who had battled MS shortly after graduating.  I recalled that when I wrote that blog, I stated that I had been weak and did nothing but cry when I was in her presence…and out of it as well.  Her illness sadden me greatly…and I really couldn’t understand…’why her and not me?’

Before leaving for New York on Sunday, I decided that I was going to be strong and not cry…that I would not be weak when I went in to visit my friend whom believed was in the process of passing.

But when I got there…I cried nonetheless.

When my friend who had MS became ill…I was not saved.  But I still understood the power of prayer.

I recall being at the radio station that I was working at in her town…and it was on a Sunday.  I had been on the phone trying to talk with her…whom at this time I could barely understand at all.  As a Pastor came into the radio studio…I was weeping over the phone…tears rolling down my face…and I asked him if he would please take the phone and say a prayer for my friend.

There have been times when I look back and wish I had gotten saved earlier…and that was one of the times.  I would have loved to be able to share with my friend in the spirit of holiness…to have been able to pray for her myself instead of having to seek someone else out.

Well, I still haven’t found my Chinese book…so, I can’t share with you much…except for saying  “wu papa mama“….which is the Chinese way of saying my parents or my father and mother.    ‘Wu papa mama hao.‘    hao is pronounced ‘how‘….and I just finished saying that my parents are wellHao is Chinese for good.  And if I said…”Wu papa mama hao ma?” ….that would translate to “How are your parents?”

Slowly but surely you are dragging it out of me.  But my Chinese Professor, “wu laoshi“…which is pronounced “looah sure“…meaning my teacher, professor, learned person…was fabulous.  So good in fact that a group of us elected…and I do mean elected to continue to study under her for 3 semesters.  She not only taught us just the language but customs and Chinese culture too.  We…well, yes…I can say us…all of us…we came out of those classes well taught.  And the funny part about it from the very first day…we were able to speak Chinese.  ‘Ni hao’ and all of that came out our very first class.  It was wonderful.  Not to mention to be able to recognize and write the Chinese characters, as well.

Life is about learning.

Turning an eye to the political arena…I am just so surprise that I have not heard very much from either Obama or McCain.

Have they had any debates yet?

Since I don’t watch television, or pick up the newspaper…most of what I read…or see comes over the internet.  So, I am not always abreast of everything.

I still say that politically it has been too quiet for the Presidential Election to nearly be around the corner.  This only signifies to me that the Republicans are really working on something.  They are not quiet for no reason.

The clock is ticking…and they most definitely are up to something.  They (the Republicans) are like a bunch of bad kids in the back room.  When it gets too quiet you have to get up and go check on them.  Because when bad kids get too quiet it always means that they are up to something…and usually doing what they are not supposed to be doing.

And whatever it is that they are plotting…those Republicans…they know they have to come big and hard…or not come at all.  Because the White House belongs to Obama…his name is all over it.

A friend was telling me that most libraries are suffering from the lack of people feeling a necessity to use them anymore due to the internet…being able to access all the information they want right in comfort of their homes and at their leisure.

He continued on to say that one day the need for libraries will really be no more as people become connected to the internet.  As he was stating that most of the people who go into where he works…really only go in to use the computers.

I told him that this was not the case in New York City.  In New York the libraries and museums are all a buzz of activity with droves of people utilizing their services.  But then New Yorkers are readers…they also enjoy taking advantage of all services provided to them for free.  And why not?   Because New York is very expensive…so if it is free…the parks…the museums…the libraries…whatever events…they are showing up and they will be there in droves.

And you know…that is the way it should be.

We should all feel that exact same way about facilities or services that are availed unto us either for free or for nominal amounts.

I would not say that I am cheap…but I do try to avail myself of things that are open to me that I feel I will enjoy, learn something or…I don’t know….maybe just cause it’s free…or doesn’t cost much.

I have had classes at the Learning Annex…a place in New York City which offers an array of fantastic classes on just about anything you have an interest in.  And most of the time…well…back then those classes were just a little over $20.00 for the most part.

The first time I decided to learn about the web…I took classes at the Learning Annex to do it.  My classes were usually one night sessions…where I met the guys who started and all kinds of other people doing a variety of things.  I took my first html class at the Annex also…and my sailing classes…yes, I did say sailing…and I took them through the Learning Annex, as well.

In fact, I will never forget walking through the long underground corridors of the World Trade Center from the ‘A’ train…rushing to get breakfast at a busy greasy spoon sub-level World Trade Center restaurant…then rushing out a side door hoping I wasn’t late for my sailing class at the Manhattan Yacht Club.  And I wasn’t.

It is funny but I have a fear of water.  But I love looking at it.

I had been thinking about buying a sail boat…they look so beautiful.  My passion for sail boats and wanting to own one I think comes from Chicago…and my many days on Lake Shore Drive just looking out on Lake Michigan.  The water was so beautiful…but man…oh, man….those sail boats.  I wish I had had a camera and thought to take pictures of it.  It was just beautiful.

So, I decided to learn how to sail…ir-regardless of my fear of deep water.

This was my second class when I got out there on the boat…and there were about 3 or 4 of our class sail boats going out that day.

Sail boats sit very low on the water.  So, with every wave and everything else you are feeling it.  But it is funny out on that boat…in that choppy water of the Hudson River…I didn’t think about the depth of the water as I walked along the sides of the boat and aided with the sails.

On that beautiful day…suddenly there was a call from boat to boat.

They were relaying the message that John-John, John Kennedy had just died in a crash near the Cape in his plane.  He had gone down into the sea.

I will never forget that day thinking that I was in the very same water that John’s airplane had gone down in.   I thought it ironic that I was out there taking sailing classes in those waters that day.

That I should have been out there in that water on that very day sticks with me to this very day.  I cried of course for him…because it sadden me deeply to know that he was now gone too.

I never went back for my third sailing class…in fact I tried to find somebody to take my place…as I had already paid for it.  But when my instructor shouted to me-

“See you next week.”

I said,  “No…I don’t think so.”

And when he asked me why, I told him about my bouts of dizziness.  And he told me I would get use to it.

That is when I commenced jokingly to tell him that his constitution and my constitution were made up of 2 different things.

There was no way I was going to ever going to get use to sailing.  Let me say it again…there was no way that I was going to ever get use to sailing…and there was just no need for me trying to fool myself.  I had done it twice…and each time had suffered the same after effect.  It was like being sick to my stomach.  While out on the boat I was fine…well, lets say I did a lot better out there the second time.  But getting back on land…was a whole other story.

There went my sail boat…just like that.

I just didn’t like getting off the sail boat being overcome by everything going up and down as though I was still out on the water.  I could barely walk…and it seemed that everything was spinning.  And it took we a while before I would finally get back to being normal.  It was like I was drunk or something.

No sea legs for me.  And no sail boat either.

I am sorry sail boat…but I will just have to admire you from afar.

Well, God bless…   One of my friends said I read your blog-

“Are you still taking your iron tablets?”

Well, I could definitely tell that she had been reading.  And yes I am still taking my iron tablets…speaking of which I better do it right now while I’m thinking about it.

And one of my friends said to me-

“I hear you are going into the Rib business.”

And he told me I better add some fish to my menu.  Now, I’m going to see if he is really reading these things.  Because I told him-

“I guess I could steam you some fish.”

But only if he brings it…along with some onions and green peppers.  I’ll put it on.  Now, I’m going to see if he is really reading my blogs. LOL…    take care and have a beautiful day.

I have been doing some cleaning.  And yesterday just bought the rest of the meats I need to open up my shop and get that grill going.   But one thing…or a few things actually I don’t have…and again have run out of money.  I didn’t get any bread or ice…or a container to serve our fresh squeezed lemonade from.

Oh, well…soon.  And you will always be welcome to stop on by.

Don’t forget to share this blog address with all of your friends, family and anybody you just hate…but want to give them something to read.    pass it on…and on…and on….

I like this video so much by Wanda, Jennette and Sheila (the Emotions)…actually it is the song that they are singing that I like…that I decided to…well, why not….

…be blessed.

I have just received word that my friend whom we felt was in the process of passing…has passed.  Thank you, Lord…for releasing her. ©2008

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