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Hillary Clinton games …Obama trust

It’s not that we didn’t expect it. 

In fact, we anticipated it.

Hillary Clinton, herself, put it out there.  And this is what she wanted.  She has been laying quietly back waiting on the Democratic National Convention to take place, where her tainted supporters plan to disturb and cause havoc…i.e. interrupt it as much as possible.

What happened to playing by the rules…none of which Hillary ever did either.

During the Democratic Primaries…first she had the Delegate vote and Obama had the popular vote, after sweeping State after State.  She said then-

“We’ll let the Delegates decide.”

She said it because…she was a Clinton and at that time she had the Delegate votes in her pocket.  Ops…I mean pocketbook.

Then Delegates began defecting over into the Obama camp…and near the end of the Primaries he still had more of the popular vote…and had gained over a lot of those Delegates.  And after it was all said and done…the vast majority of Delegates became Obama believers.

But prior to the Primaries…Michigan and Florida decided that they would move their primaries down on the calendar…to have earlier primaries.  A move that both States were warned by the National Democratic Committee not to do…or they would suffer the price of not being counted.   A policy  implemented by the Decoratic Party and agreeded upon and voted on by all the Democratic canidates…including Hillary Clinton.

What does Obama do?

He withdrew his name off the ballot in Florida…in order to be in allignment with the wishes of his Party’s Presidential Committee rules.  But Hillary does not…she kept her name on the ballots in Florida

What also did Obama do?

He did not campaign either in the State of Michigan or Florida…to be, again, in allignment with Party wishes concerning those states.

But what did Hillary Clinton do?

She neither withdrew her name from the ballots…nor did she not campaign in those states.  She went into those states repeatedly campaigning…though she knew she had voted against them being seated or their votes counted if they held early Primaries.

In other words…Hillary out and out cheated.  She failed to adhere to her Party decision concerning Michigan and Florida.  And she did her thang.  She voted one way…yet gave herself a few added points (some additional just in case votes) by doing the direct opposite of what Obama had done by adhering to Democratic Election Committee decision.  She was banking on the fact that as she watched which way the Primaries were going…that those ballots picked up in Michigan and Florida by her might come in handy…and if need be she was going to force the issue to have them counted and seated at the National Convention.  Thereby, she played the game…but was holding some additional cards on the side.  Which in any card game…is called cheating.

It is with the…whatever number of votes she garnered in Michigan and Florida…along with the other voties in the Primaries that she picked up…that Hillary claims that she had the majority vote of some18 million voters.  Which is an out and out lie.

Along with this claim, Hillary started chiming that Obama could not win the Presidential Election because he had not won any of the big states…which for the most part she had won…though many of them narrowly.  She was determined to destory Obama anyway she could…and by any means necessary.  And when all else failed to rally up the girls.

Fact that some Clinton supporters plan to disrupt the Democratic Convention set to begin in 2 weeks in Denver…really is no surprise.  Even though the fat lady has already song and gone home…there are still some tricks up the ol’ sleeve.  

It is going to be a long bumpy road to the White House.

To read more on the story CLICK BELOW…see the youtube footage.


In the next footage…the Clintons, Bill and Hillary, planted the seeds of this ignorance. They irrigated…and pruned it…and then leaned back and smiled as it flourished. The Clintons breath contempt, hatred and racism…all in the name of ‘reclaiming the White House.’

And to do what with it?

This country is in need of a dire change…new direction…new blood…new leadership. Or like every superpower before it…it shall fall to fearhatredcapitalismexploitationcorrupt governmentfailed policiesracism…and absolute ignorance…as displayed in the next footage.


Register and get out and vote come November 2008…and lets put somebody in the White House who will truly work for the people…won’t compromise morality…will speak truth to lies…and do his best to serve both this country and all its people who live within it. 


Have a great day…and today is the day that my friend who we felt was passing is being laid to rest.  I thank God for her and all that she means and has meant to me.   …God bless…. ©2008

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Cullen Jones, Venus & Serena …Michelle O

It’s 4:00 and I’m just getting up.   Didn’t go to sleep until after I mopped the kitchen and bathroom early this morning and scrubbed down the tub.  Sometimes you just can’t sleep until you have done some things…and that was after 5 AM this morning.

I guess I should have turned on the television yesterday so I could have seen Cullen Jones shatter the World Record at the Olympics in China. He is classified as the fastest swimmer in the world…#1, baby. Ching-ching…I hear the cash registers now.

And they said we couldn’t swim.

Born in the Bronx…as in New York City…all the more reason why he should not be a swimmer…but maybe a ball handler.

So much for stereotyping.

New York is known as the concrete jungle…simply because there isn’t much green.  Few trees, grass, parks etc.   But plenty of playgrounds and basketball courts.  It is a wonder that more champion basketball players don’t come from it…which by the way is the home of LaBron James…Brooklyn in the house.

Raised in New Jersey…Irvington…which at one point was rated as the having the higest rate of auto thief in the U.S.    It’s part of the Newark, East Orange part of Jersey…and it can be very rough.

Did I say can?

It is very rough.

In fact it is so rough…that Whitney Houston made a point of reminding Wendy Williams that she was from Newark.

When I heard Whitney say that…I had to laugh…because I knew what it meant. It meant that Whitney was not afraid of storming up into that radio station and taking care of Wendy on-air or off of it. That is how those folk in Newark think…those Jersey people.   They are rough.

I never really listened to this Wendy and Whitney interview (all the way through) until after I posted this blog…and though I am not a cursing woman…and hate to hear such language…I can only say that one day Whitney will look back (as many of us have) and wished she could remove all of these things which are in the public domain…because she will regret them.  Maybe the not telling off of Wendy part…but she will regret the state that she was in at the time. 

I know a changed Whitney Houston is going to emerge one day…one who will proclaim that this was who she was…’but today I am a new creature through my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.’    And she shall walk in the steps that God has ordered for her.

Once I started looking up in youtube for the Whitney stuff and Wendy…I could not resist these other videos.

Let me take the time to say that I am praying for Whitney Houston who after a concert at Radio City (some years ago) where I had an opportunity to be at the after party…and everybody who is anybody was there…LaToya Jackson, Cicely Tyson…I can’t even think of half of the people who were there…just everybody…Stevie…every artists and New York City media person and politician etc.   All of them clamoring for a piece of Whitney.  She was the diva of the hour.  In demand at every turn.  My how they seemed to love her then.

I think back on that night and Whitney’s fall…and all the jokes that have come upon her since having fallen…and I think about how people truly are.  Everyone loves you when you’re up…but don’t fall. They’ll make jokes about you and call you outside of your name.  There is something about kicking people when they are down…that so many seem to love to do.  I suspect it all stems from some level of envy of the person while they were up…and of course, there is money in being mean…just ask Wendy.

It is sad…I pray that Whitney’s life will turn drastically around and that she will become a true witness and testimony about the goodness of God…because He is capable of doing all things.  I can say this because I know what He did for me.

How could I have been so deep into lesbianism…and yet He pulled me out…and turned me around?

I was far from seeking a change in my life…but God wasn’t.

I see it in her…Whitney…particularly in that youtube clip where she talks about her daughter…of one day sitting back and seeing her daughter as a woman of God.  That speaks volumes…for Whitney and the training that her mother instilled in her.

***She is on her way back!!!

Praise the Lord.  

I serve a God who can do all things…but fail.   I am happy to see that Whitney is getting her life back on track.  And hopefully at some point that she will begin to walk in the steps that God has ordered for her life. 

Though you can see the scars from the years of  the drug abuse…but she  looks great… and more and more like her aunt…Dionne.

The  prayers of  the righteous availeth much.

Now back to Cullen…that other person from New Jersey…the Jersey boy…or should I say young man who will be coming home an Olympic Champion…and had left for China as already being one.

I used to work at a radion station in Jersey, WNJR…and had to go through those mean streets many a days to get to and from work.  Newark…Irvington…Union and the Oranges are no joke…New York was a lot milder.

Ranked #1 in the world the 50 meters freestyle, Cullen already has a 7 year deal with Nike which is reportedly worth more than $2 million.  Not bad for a bright young man with some really fast swimming skills.

At 24 years of age…Cullen having broken 3 world records can look forward to many more endorsements…which will surely be for quite a lot more money since he will be returning home all wrapped in gold after last night’s race through that beautiful water of that Olympic pool in China…and the team gold he also managed to acquire.

An English Major with a Minor in Psychology from North Carolina State he is said to be very humble. And he is a champion who wants to give back to his community and that is oh so…so important.

Cullen is to be saluted…for his valour, his devotion, his God given skills, humility and generosity of spirit…a real champion.  His mother and father taught him well.


Serena and Venus have won 3.  On Tuesday they won in their singles matches and in their doubles game.  CLICK below to read more.

Shame on China for deciding that one little girl was not good looking enough…but that she had a great voice.  So, they elected to allow a more visually attractive little girl to lip-sync while the other little girl, 7 years old, with her crooked teeth and lack of stage presence was hid away from the public eye…as she sung their Olympic song.

What a sad story that is.  And that 7 year old will probably grow up to be such a beauty…and still have a fantastic voice…probably even better.  And she’ll have the last laugh then.

What a disgrace for China.

The Democratics are getting ready for the Democratic National Convention set to kick off on August 25th in Denver, CO.  During the first night of the convention Michelle Obama is set to be speaking.

I guess I will have to turn on the television…I do not want to miss a minute of the convention.  This is as much history in the making as when the founding fathers decided how this country was going to be run…and formed the policies for its operation…called the Constitution of the United States.

Xia xia…that’s is Chinese for thanks or thank you…for reading.   And pass it on…   to all your friends, family and foe.  Enjoy the rest of your day…and God bless… ©2008

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Starbucks closings…Obama …Sir Barley

Since I see that so many people have come here to read about Starbucks closing of several of their stores, I decided to give you a bit more info on those closings.

But let me begin with this…I really can’t see myself paying $4.00 for a cup of anybody’s coffee.   Sorry, Mr. Starbuck…but it is just the way it is.  It’s…it is how I feel.  I just can’t see it.

I know people are all wrapped up in image…but does holding a cup with ‘Starbucks’ logo really have more value than a cup with ‘Dunkin Donuts’ logo on it.

I mean all through the Decocratic Primaries…people were saying that Obama attracks the Starbuck crowd…and Hillary the Dunkin Donuts people.   Huh????

Why all this division?

Breaking people down by coffee lines…it is all a bit too much.

Maybe it is just that I am not a coffee person. 

My father being Jamaican…and Jamaica being a British Colony once upon a time…so what do the Brit’s drink?   Tea, of course.  And so that is what most Jamaicans drink…and Chinese too.  So, our household is basically all tea drinkers…following right after daddy and our Jamaican hertiage and tradition.  And it extends all the way down to daddy’s grand-children and great-grand children…and since they are basically still kids we haven’t gotten to the fourth generation yet.  Who will also undoubtedly also mostly be a bunch of tea drinkers too, I am sure.

Starbucks has to have the record for being one of the fastest growing companies in America.  I have never seen a company grown so fast.

But then they seem to have made all the right moves in the beginning.  They started off with statilite stores…branched off into deals where they went into places like Virgin Records and other high traffic locations which proved to be excellent decisions for them.  Because people who purchase $13/$15 CD’s certainly also have enough to buy a $4.00 cup of coffee.  And they did.

Starbucks a Seattle based company has 7,100 company owned stores across the country.  Some time this year the company plans to close 600 of its under producing stores.  Which means they will be laying off some 12,000 employees…which the company says it will try to place as many of them as possible at other store locations.

In February of this year, Starbucks fired some 600 other employees and is currently periodically shutting down stores during some regular business hours in order to do some re-training of its employees.

It is probably safe to say…that if you work at a Starbucks that is inside a Barnes & Nobles or a Virgin Records location…or any high volume/high traffic area…your store will probably not be closing.

For a listing of the closing stores Click Link below.

Or go to…

And to read more on the story via ABC News Click on the Link below.

These youtube videos may need some loading time…if so lower the volume all the way and read the blog or all of my blogs until it loads completely.  The stop and go will drive you crazy otherwise.  Thank you.   

And while I am sharing…don’t forget to share this blog address with all your friends, family, church, the people upstairs and down the street too…      the place to be when it comes to staying on top of what is important…interesting…and insightful.   Pass it on….

Barack Obama is quite a family man…a man who clearly loves his wife and his children as is evident in his pictures with them, everytime you see him with his wife and in his comments concerning them.  For such passion to extend itself into the public and political area is a gift to those of us who shall soon reap the rewards of it…which shall also be reaped by those of the whole world also when he becomes President of the United States of America in November of this year.

Clearly the people in Germany, France, England and Israel who gathered to hear him speak recognized that Obama is an extrodinary person…that kind of person only goes around once in a lifetime.

So, to have been on this planet to have seen and heard the likes of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Nelson Mandela etc. we can truly say that we have been blessed.  Because we have truly be blessed to be here in the company of some very extra-ordinary people who have shown us what true love and commitment is all about.

Now, in walks Barack Obama.

From the time he hit the world stage at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. They saw it then…the press…they all saw it…and when he stepped from the stage they touted him ‘The Future of the Democratic Party.’

It was upon that stage as he addressed the members of the convention that Barack Obama literally looked out and saw his destiny. And from the moment he stepped off that stage he began working towards today and where he will be come November of this year, 2008…the President of the United States of America.

Some people don’t trust him because they look at him as not being black enough.

Others look at him and say he is too black.

The hispanic say he will only do for black people and forget about us.

 It is quite clear that Barack Obama does not wish for his children or grand-children to inherit the chaos and fear that the Bush Administration has ushered into the United States.

He does not want his daughters…nor their children to live under the cloud of uncertainty of what tomorrow may bring for this country or this world.

Through all of its current troubles, Barack Obama has chosen to shoulder the burden…to take on the responsibility of trying to right this country again…to rewrite the history of American that George Bush and his people so callously sought to undermind and undo.

When he left Harvard, he hit the streets of the ghetto working to undo social ills and injustices. It is in his nature to champion the cause of the people.  When you read about his mother, you see that it runs in the blood…the seeking to unify the world and caring for others.   It is what Barack Obama is all about.

This week in Germany, we got a chance to see that the world too sees something special in Barack Obama.  To hear those people in Germany chant ‘change’ and call out his name was more than moving.

They say that Barack Obama doesn’t know enough.  He has no experience…no.  And they are right.  He has not had any experience running with the liars and the cheats who have made up this country’s government for years. 

This country needs somebody who isn’t down with the ‘crew.’  Somebody not afraid to make his own decisions.  Not afraid to be wrong if he thinks it is in the best interest of this country.  Not afraid of second guess himself and yet comtemplate the decision and its overall impact.

This country needs somebody who is not afraid to stand alone.  Who is not afraid to say wrong is wrong.

Give me somebody young and yearning for training.  Don’t give me somebody who thinks he already knows everything…and doesn’t know nothing.

I don’t care who goes into the White House or who has gone into it in past…they all had to learn on the job.  It is not like going to work from one fast food place to another…or from one corporate office into another. 

It is not…it is the White House…the Presidency.  

Until you get voted in…you can’t possibly have all of or a fifth of the capabilities to do it.  Most of it comes with on the job-training.  For anybody to say anything else is a lie.  No corporate CEO has ever been under the pressure of the President of the United States…nothing is like the job of being the President of this country.

Barack Obama not only looked Presidential in Germany…he spoke Presidential.  He speaks with authority, leadership, knowledge and a zeal for this country that we have not heard for a very long time.  Give me that any day…because I know the rest will follow.

Unlike any other President of this country…Barack Obama has lived as a child in several other countries.   Having done so he understands other people, their language, their cultures…that gives him a greater sensitivity to other nations that no other President of this country could have possibly had.  On the world stage or on domestic politics Barack Obama is head over heels beyond Senator John McCain.  There is no contest.

For the problems that Bush has brought to America’s door…we are going to need somebody who can think outside of the box…not trying to hide within the box.  But a real thinker and doer.  Someone with temperance and perhaps even some tolerance…and between Hillary and Jesse Jackson…and Rev. Jeramiah Wright…Obama has shown lots of that.  And certainly for one thing for sure it will, also, take more than politics as usual to straighten up the Bush messes that we are in.

Just a quick note on Charles Barley.  Like Reggie Jackson and so many other athletes that chose to do for others, Charles Barley while recently out dining came across a young man who was waiting on his table whom he recognized was in need of some help…in order to go on to college.  Barley stepped in and told the young man he would take care of his full college tuition…brings tears to my eyes.   I love these kind of stories.

And I love Charles Barley in that television commercial…he is so annoying. 

Great for you Charles Barley…and you can read more on this story by Clicking and Link below.,95780

Okay, you China Olympics bound people…here is another Chinese word or saying…

Bu yong xie…pronounced   Boo you shay…    Remember that I told that ‘bu‘ is the Chinese negative… well, in this case too…but it depends upon what you want to say…

It translates into 2 meanings…     1.  You’re welcome

                                                     2.  No problem…

‘No problem’ is a popular saying or phrase in China.

If you remember ‘xie xie’… pronounced ‘sure shay’ ….meaning ‘thank you.’   then you recognize ‘xie’ (shay) in  Bu yong xie, as well.

Ni hao….you are saying ‘hi’ to one person       Nim hao…you are saying ‘hi’ to a group or more than one      

Ni hao ma…    Knee how ma  … means   hi, and how are you?    or how are you doing.

Nim hao ma…means  the exact same thing except you are addressing more than one person.     And ‘nim‘….is pronounced as you think  …as nimb.

Now, I am going to advance you a little bit….

Wu chew chin sway…. means I want water     (this I forgot to write out in the actual Chinese spelling…I was great for sitting in class and writing down ‘what it sounds like’…it was the only way I could learn the language.  Other than that…in less than 30 seconds I would forget).   

So, this means ‘I want water’ but remember it is not written in the actual Chinese spelling…and of course the Chinese do not really write this stuff out….no.  They use characters…or what we call Chinese characters.  And you have seen what Chinese characters look like…but we have never been able to make them out…or knew that each character symbolizes a Chinese word…and there are thousands of characters…and some even have a gender…to reference male or female.

Now, you have learned something else.   And remember that “wu” ….means ‘I’ or ‘me’… first person singular.    pronounced “woo.”

Well, I am suppose to really be doing some work today.  So, I better get to it.

Have a beautiful day…    God bless…. ©2008

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Katrina…FEMA… responsibility…

FEMA says they should be free of prosecution regarding the Katrina trailers…because they were responding to a catastrophe.

And what about the catastrophe and exceeding grief beyond all relief that FEMA knowingly produced by supplying the Hurricane Katrina victims with trailers laced with toxic poison? 

The government more so than others should always be held to the utmost standards of responsibility and the law. 

A government should protect its people…not throw them to the wolves and then turn its backs on the people it claims to represent.  

That is exactly what FEMA did.  FEMA threw the Katrina victims to the trailer manufacturing wolves knowing that the housing by way of highly contaminated trailers given to them would be hazardous and toxic to each and every person and family that entered them.

The FEMA trailers used to housed hundreds of thousands of Katrina victims were cheaply made…and made out the cheapest and most dangerous and deadly building materials money could buy…manufactured using formaldehyde a poisonous cancerous contaminant.  By having done so…FEMA managed to get more trailers for their dollars…but at what cost to the Katrina victims?

Their lives…the life of every man, woman and child…that spent a night or even a few hours in one of the Katrina trailers given to them as temporary replacement housing my their government.

The cheap hazardous housing sanctioned by FEMA…the Federal Emergency Managment Agency, an arm of Homeland Security of the United States of America…those FEMA trailers given to those who had lost everything during a raging hurricane which hit the Gulf Coast with vast davastation everywhere…they were given trailers which failed to meet federal safety standards of this country…and that the U.S. government, FEMA and the trailer manufacturers knew to be highly hazardorous, toxic and would be very deadly to the people who would inhabit them.

Yes, the U.S. government was negligent…very much so…and should be held accountable, as well as, all of the manufacturers,  who supplied trailers to FEMA for the purpose of housing Katrina victims…because they knowingly signed the death warrant…they did it knowingly…they knowingly signed the death warrant of hundred of thousands of people who had already lost everything…but their lives during Katrina.  And no amount of money is ever going to give that back to them.

And they did it all…for thirty pieces of silver…FEMA and those trailer manufacturers.

For FEMA to seek to take the owness off of themselves simply by saying…they did it because they were dealing with a catastrophe is more than irresponsible…but proaches upon callousness.

Gulfstream one of the manufacturers who got a heffy chuck of the FEMA money for suppling trailers to Hurricane Katrina victims…is a huge company with lots of luxury trailers. 

How can a company that makes trailers like this want to provide such cheap and harmful housing to anyone?

How can you do that to people who have already lost everything? 

It was like feeding them poison.  

And that is exactly what this government’s agency, FEMA along with Gulfstream and everyone else involved and aided in helping it to happen…it is what they did.  They fed the Katrina victims poison…they eat poison, slept in poison, drank poison, watched televison in poison…their children played in it and slept in it etc…and they all sucked in that poison with each and every breath that they took.

And FEMA, Gulfstream and every other manufacturer involved knew of the extremely high elevated levels of  formaldehyde in the Katrina trailers.   FEMA and its manufacturers chose to use those matterials and to give them to the Katrina victims…who have suffered all types of victimization since Katrina…that has made their survival through the hurricane look like child’s play.  Having survived Katrina…Katrina’s victims have come to find that man’s greed has proven to be more deadly and dangerous than a hurricane. 

Hurricane Katrina victims are now slowly dying from the formaldehyde contamination of their FEMA trailers…them and their children.    You can read more on this by clicking on the Links below.,8599,1645312,00.html

Well, we have finally gotten a break in the weather.  I should be running around and trying to get as much done as I can…but…  ….well, I’m on vacation.

Finally, yesterday started buying some food for my rib business…but I quickly ran out of money.  So, I am still in need of a few things before I can get started.  I am, however, watching the clock and calendar…since I have the grill…everyday I’m not up and running…the way I see it is this…I’m loosing money.  It is just the way it is. 

So, I’m hoping that before the weekend is out I’ll be up and going.  And I have already set my goal to sell 50 sandwiches, 50 lemonades…would be a good start.  Then I would want to double it next week.   My goal is low because we’re not advertising…and looking to only start off with one or two days from the yard.  You would be surprised just how much traffic goes pass my parent’s house.

Hey…you’ve got to start right where you are.  Sometimes it is the only way to go.

Well, God bless….     and have a beautiful day.

ps…there has been some flap over what the City of Denver plans to do with homeless people during the 2008 Democratic National Convention on the 25th of August.

  1. They plan on allowing the homeless to stay longer during the day in the shelters
  2. They will be issuing movie tickets to them
  3. They will give them tickets to the museum
  4. They plan to give them bus tickets to get around town to various events for which they are giving them tickets to go

To the homeless it will seem like Christmas in August. 

Obviously, it is an effort to keep the homeless away from the convention and the many people who will be invading Denver…and some say to make the homeless invisible.  But to a group of people who usually find themselves being chased out of every place like they are vipers…it will be a welcomed treat.

Oh, yes…I almost forgot to give you your second Chinese word…or saying.       xie xie…   it means thank you.    It is pronounced     cher shay…   don’t go by the way it looks…not all Chinese words sound as you would think.   Some do but they are very few…far and in between.

Now, I have taught you 2 things in Chinese.   So, if you are going to the Olympics you will find that these words will come in handy.

And since I am teaching you…let me teach you this too.    Bu dong….it means I don’t understand.

This pronounced as it looks   ….boo dung     …is how it is pronounced.

Also, in China their negative ….is  “bu”  …there is no “no” in Chinese as in other languages.

Well, enjoy China if you go to the Olympics.  ©2008

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