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Family…Obama and Health Care Reform Bill passing…out of work out of mind…

Well, I know it has been a while since I last blogged anything…but if you knew what I have been doing…then I don’t think you would have minded.

First of all…most recently we have discovered some long lost relatives.  And I do mean…loooooong and lost. 

They live in Alaska…believe it or not.   And I did say Alaska…where they have been for the past 40 years. 

Who knew?

Well, we sure didn’t.  But God has a way of  uniting families…and friends again.  He really does…and always in His own time.

At any rate…I have found some new cousins.  Or rather they have found us.  And it is so wonderful.

One in particular…a cousin by the name of  Jean…has been taking up all of  my time.  Somehow or other…she came to believe that I do nothing all day but sit around waiting on her to call me.  And she talks for hours.  So much so that she even has told me-

“Oh, why don’t you just take the phone with you into the bathroom.”

This mind you…so we can continue to talk while I shower.   She is so funny.  She keeps me laughing.

She is indeed a character.  But I guess it gets like that when you find something that you never thought you had.  What a feeling it is.

In watching bits and pieces of news in between my various stops…as you may recall…I no longer watch television.  So, I catch the news from time to time while stepping into this place or  dashing into this one…that is if I don’t read it first over the internet.

But while watching Obama out stomping for Health Care Reform…I could not help but notice how much more he seemed to be in command…sure of  himself…by far more Presidential than I had ever seen him (outside of  the debates he had had with John McCain while running for office).  He seems to be more comfortable with the position…and the carrying of  that title…’Mr. President’… than ever before.

It made me think while observing on a news flash…of  the Biblical text where it states-

“What the devil means for evil, God will turn it around for your good.”

Truly, one could say that this has been the case for President Obama.  

What the Republicans meant for evil…God has turned it around for his…and I guess you could say  for ‘our’ good as well.  Where they tried to hinder him and block him…it only forced Obama to step up his game…push harder…fight tougher…become more determined.   And in the process he has come off  looking sharper and keener…and certainly by far more Presidential than I have seen him. 

Though the battle to get the bill through the Senate has clearly shown that Obama is not somebody who backs down.  He has proven that he is tougher than they think.  And the good part is…they can’t pull anything out of  Obama’s closet in order to try to keep him quiet…or keep him in check.

Pulling skeletons out of  the closet is a popular deviced used by Republicans.  It was what they used against President Clinton from the very moment he stepped into the White House…and if the truth be told…before he even got there.  

It was also a ploy that the Republicans used against  Ted Kennedy to keep him out of the White House…and oftentimes as a means to try to keep him silence him and keep him quiet, and in his place.  But Teddy was a fighter.   Call him what they would…but he never backed down…or let it stand in his way when it came to standing up for what was right.

Which is why for the life of me…I cannot see why Democrats in Massachusetts did not turn out in full force to ensure that  Ted Kennedy’s seat stayed Democratic?

Say what they will about the woman who was running for that seat.  It still should not have mattered whether she got out and worked for it or not.  Because at the end of  the day…she didn’t really matter.  But what really mattered was…that we continue to give Barack Obama all the support, aid…and help that he needs to get his job done…and done properly.  And that cannot be done with a whole lot of complacency because people feel that Obama has not done anything since being in the White House.  It has only been a few months.

By this time in his term…George Bush had alread squandered away the surplus that Bill Clinton had left on the books…when he departed from the White House following the end of his term as President.  And then he kept on spending more and more money…even though he had already gone through the reserve.

Which is why George Bush and his buddies were so hot to go after the Social Security money.  They wanted to wreck that too…and leave all of us in a hole.   Not to say that they didn’t leave us in a big fat pit anyways.  Because they did.

It is like folk expect Obama to be some kind of  a magican.

Who said change comes ‘over night?’ 

If  it took all of  8 years to get us into this mess under George W. Bush.  So, why should anybody believe it should take a few months or a year…or a couple of years to get us out of  it?

It may well take all of  Obama’s years and then some before we finally see any turn in the Bush mess.  Because believe it or not…George W. Bush really did ‘a job’ on this country…on our country’s policies…and anything and everything else he could corrode…taint…or  destroy.

Half of  what  Bush did to undermind this country is still yet to come to the forefront.  After years of chaos and havoc…and ton loads of  failed policies…a wars…and antagonzing our friends…and allies…not to mention ‘the money.’   And then not to mention all the power brokering that set into motion a failed economy…that not only rocketed us but also the world into near bankruptcy…plus skyrocketing unemployment numbers…massive massive massive job losses due to lots of  failing corporations…many which had been staples in our economy.  Companies that churned out the very first automobilies…drafted the blue prints for them…and built them from nothing.  Now gone…   Or bought out by foreign entities.

What has happened to us?



And yes…Bush…and Bush senior…and everybody in between had a hand in it…when they started selling off  America to the highest bidders…sending jobs overseas…seeking cheaper labor…and failed to look at the greater and bigger picture. 

They lacked vision. 

All they saw was a global market…a bigger world to take from.  And how to weaken and get richer by. 

But what happened to the vision?

Shouldn’t our leaders have some vision of where they want this country to go?

Where they are taking us?

What it should look like and be like in the next 10 or 20 years?

The Bible says-

“My people perish for lack of vision.”

Where are the visionaries?

Don’t we have any…any more?

When the Founding Fathers laid the foundation for the government of  this country they were looking in the future.  They had an understanding of what the President should be like…his values…his morals…and his judgement.  If they could step into this present time…I wonder what they would say.  Perhaps there would be some tears…because it seems that the very things they tried prevent from happening over time came about.  And they saw it…they realized the problems that certain selfish endeavors and alliances could bring about.

Even in my own town I see a lack of vision.  It started years ago and has continued from administration to administration. 

When I look at downtown Brooklyn and what Brooklyn has come to look like in the past few years…it all looks great.  But…

When I look at 125th Street in Harlem…it looks okay.  But…

What happened to the people who used to live there…the stores that used to be there…the business people who were forced out of  their businesses because of  higher rental rates…and eminent domain… etc…etc…?

When I look around and see all the vacant  warehouses that used to house massive factory complexes and tons of workers…all that is gone now.  And those places if  they have not been torn down have all be turned into condos and/or artist work spaces.

Today you see everybody trying to get into health care.   Of course a few years ago when AIDS first came upon the horizon…everybody began moving away from careers in the health field…but no more.   In fact, you see more men than ever before opting to become nurses.  It is all rather strange.

When I was back in college…practically everybody…   Well, most of the women were studying to become school teachers.  Our campus did not have a nursing department…but today nearly most campus’ do.  And there are tons of  people vying to try to get into a good nursing program…which from what I hear they tend to be highly selective and very competive.

When I was in college you could always get a job as a bank teller, or a receptionist,  or office clerk…telephone operator, switchboard operator, telemarketing person…etc.,   but all of  those jobs for the most part  are gone…meaning most of them no longer exist.  Between banking machines, automated voices…and of course, the influx of  computers millions of  people and jobs have been shoved out…and onto the sidelines.  Or should I say…into unemployment lines.

Today, I heard that the National Unemployment rate is 9.7% for Americans who are out of a job…and for African Americans the rate is vastly higher being…being 15.8%.   Bush-nomics hard at work… 


To hear people talking about being out of work or 2 or more years…is really heartbreaking.  It is hard to survive without a job…not knowing where your next dime is going to come from…going from month to month in uncertainity about your food…shelter…who is going to pay your bills…or what bill you can afford to pay this month.   I do know the feeling…and can relate to anyone going through it.

There was a time you could be a home health attendant just by merely filling out an application.  Now people need classes and have to take  tests.  And it seems that today even that kind of  job is hard to find…when before they were always looking for people to fill those slots. 

Times truly have changed…but one thing has not.  People will continue to need and will have a need for good health care whether they have a job or not…and irregardless if  they may be health today.  With escalating prices…a system nearly now dominated by ‘for-profit’ entities on all sides of  the coin…people (the general public) need to be protected from them…and serviced properly by them…and with dignity.  And that is what I hope that this bill just signed and brought about by President Obama will do.

Can you imagine that various Democratics have been targetted since having passed the bill?

Can you imagine such hatered on the part of the Republicans…and those who have bought into their lies?

Cutting pipe lines…shooting pellet guns into windows…trashing  Democrat’s offices…and throwing bricks.   Definitely sounds like a bunch of spoiled little brats…those Republicans.  What a bunch of  sour  and sore loosers.

I guess all that lying about Obama’s Health Care Reform Plan…fell upon deaf hears in the end…nor the calling the President a liar.  With a vote of 220 to 207…the Democrats won…which finally allowed the bill to pass in the U. S. Senate.

While Sarah Palin called for the brainless to-

“Don’t retreat…but reload.”

Can you imagine such a woman ever sitting in the White House? 

I understand that the real reason Palin bailed out of her office was because the people in Alaska were calling for her to be impeached.  That sounds like a good reason to go running for the hills, and to leave her office in midst of  her term.  

Wouldn’t look so great now would it?

I mean not with all the bad press that  that would have gotten her.  The woman is  truly a disaster.

On another note…while reading something other things over the internet I came across an article  regarding Israel’s new attitude towards the United States.   

“We don’t need America.”

Such a statement seems ludacris to me…after all these years of taking America’s money and being given our weapons…and actively seeking the support of  America to defend and maintain them in the Middle East.  Yes…that statement seems a bit odd to me.

I would hope that it does not stem from the fact that America now has a black…or African American President. 

Least ways…I would hope not.  But one must wonder.  There could be no other reason.  As though American suddenly has lost some level of  power or authority in the world since Barack Obama went into office. 

If  anything we have regained a new level of  respect…and respectability.  And I have no doubt a greater level of security and a feeling of  sincerity among our Allies fowlling the Bush era.

I was happy to read the below article in it regards to President Obama’s support of  Black Colleges and Univerisities.   These historic institutions are so important to us.  And deserve to aided as so many leading African American professionals emerge from them.

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Well, God bless…

Oh, yeah…   I am sure that you have probably realized that the weather has finally broken.  We are coming into Spring…and it feels good.   So, let us take one last look at my winter scenes as we now look towards the warmer weather.  It is definitely on its way.

I just  love  these  pictures though.   But the ones to come will be so much more welcoming. 

Well, God bless

And oh, yes…one other thing.  In having found our long lost relatives in Alaska…where it really is dark for 6 months and light for 6 months…(I had to ask if  it was true).  Not only that but my cousin, Jean…told me that on any given day…they are subject to running into a moose.  Which they have to pay attention to whether or not his…or her…ears are down and their hair is standing up…which means ‘look out.’  Because it could charge at you at any moment.

It all sounds a bit like living out in the wilderness to me.   Because…well…  Because of  the bears.  Yes…I said bears.  And there are 3 types…one you can fight off…the black bear. 

Then there is the brown bear…and of course…the polar bear.  Both of  which are no joke… and will eat you.

Yes…it sounds a bit too wilderness-ery to me.  And they live in downtown Anchorage.   And this picture…of course…is Anchorage in the summer…where they do have 24 hours of  light all summer long.  Unbelievable.

And in discovering our lost relatives…we also have found out what Native American Indian tribe my family belongs to.  It  is the Seminole Indians.  Which I will have you know is the only indian tribe in America that never signed a peace treaty.  I just had to go up on their site to find out about them.  I would love to meet our family on that side as well. 

I wonder if  it is possible?

Wow… this is soooooo interesting.

 THE BISHOP’S WIFE  is now on sale…CLICK this LINK to purchase my book.  You do not need a paypal account to purchase, and you can purchase using a debit card.  Thank you. 

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DONE DEAL… Obama, baby …all the way.. all hale the President of the United States of America

 081104-obama-family-hmed-915prp420x4001Some didn’t think it could or would ever happen. 

Some had never dreamed of it…and0bb67ac4-9b4c-4312-8a89-1b925c855509rp600x3501 particularly ‘not in their lifetime.’ 

But last night’s returns brought an end to all of that.  Hope is very much alive….and as they say in England, “Long live the Queen.” 

We now can say, “Long live the king!”

And king he is…in every possible way. 

  • King in campaign funds raised
  • King in how his campaign was run. 
  • King in getting the youth vote out
  • King in out-performing his opponent
  • King in the ability to articulate his message
  • King in securing the votes needed to put him over the top. thankyou_banner1
  • King in his ability to bring people together
  • King in rallying up his forces
  • King in being able to maintain his cool under the microscope. 
  • King in turning some key Red States into Blue States
  • King in being able to secure confidence in people that he could do it. 
  • King in capturing the attention of the world
  • King in making the America and world feel that America can once again regain the respect and leadership role she once held among other nations. 
  • And king in his willingness to accept that it is not going to be easy but that he had the personality, the skills, the attitude and confidence to get the job done in order to re-establish America…rebuilt her…and secure her.

It’s Obama, baby.

Could this miracle in America have happened without the aid and support of everyday people like you and me…it is very unlikely.  Barrack Obama expressed it well last night when he said, “When I got started, I wasn’t the a51c2d92-e22a-4b96-a75a-20392c485db1rp420x4001most likely candidate.”

But people like you and me who believe that America can do anything…and that she is worth the effort of going out and seeking to make her the best that she can be.  Many times it does mean that we have to come together and overlook our differences so that we might seek good over evil.  Because at the end of the day…we all care about the exact same things…our children and the future direction of this country.

I am elated at the choice we made last night.  It was the right choice and it 081105-longline-hmed-430arp420x4001was a good choice.  And when I woke up this morning after staying up most of the night waiting on the returns from California and the other West Coast states…I woke up feeling relieved and excited about America 70157a46-7083-47f1-8198-807e05b43fefrp600x3501and about the new course she will now be on.  A course of healing and reconciling…mending and re-befriending. 

I woke up proud and 96d735a6-fcf9-4e2c-bc42-aa4f476700ccrp600x35011looking forward to the times to come for the United States of America, under President Barrack Obama.  I know I will not be disappointed. 

Once again America can hold her head up high as we are at last finally about to come from under the dark cloud of the Bush Administration. 

vlcsnap-69179881As you watched and listened to President Obama last night delivering his acceptance speech…you saw in his body language, demeaner and facial expressions that he realized the difficulty of the job that was now ahead.  It won’t be easy.  But for some reason I sense that Barrack Obama would have it no other way.  The challenge is one he recognized from the onset.  And yet…he decided to take it.  I feel assured that he is going to pull America through these times of hardship like Roosevelt did in the 40’s.

Americans Go To The Polls To Elect The Next U.S. PresidentOne can sense that Obama seeks neither fame nor glory…but that he saw a need and felt that there needed to be someone in the right place to faciliate that need.  And that person should be him…because he genuinely cared about the direction of America.  Not only for himself…but for his children…and also for us all. 

America has been hurting for 8 long years…and now we can all breathe a sigh of relief.  A new day has arrived…and it is a done deal.  Barrack Obama is now President of the United States of America.

Yesterday, while casting my ballot for President Elect Barrack Obama, I signed at the botton of my ballot that I was casting my vote in the name of my mother and father, my grandmother and great grandmother.  I only wished they had been here to bare witness to this profound time in American History.  Never in my lifetime had I ever conceived such a thing.
When I got this morning and got going, I felt a little bit taller, and pounds lighter…and there was some definite glide in my stride.
  1. Highest amount of money ever raised for any cadidate during any election in American  history ( over $700 millions raised by the Obama Campiagn)
  2. Highest voter turnout in over 40 years for a Presidential Election 
  3. Race proved not a factor…more white men, white women and Hispanic voted for Obama than for John Kerry in the 2004 Presidential Election between Kerry and George Bush…as well as those from various other racial groups in America
  4. Virginia, Florida, New Mexico, Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, Indiana, Colorado, North Carolina all turned to Blue States for the first time since 1968, voting  for a Democratic President, Barrack Obama.  
  5. The highest number of college students participating in an American election ever  
  6. Over 95% of the African American vote…over 66% of the Hispanic vote…over 52% of women’s vote…over 42% white male vote;_ylt=AiCmcXDvewCgxMHrv0vp2Yi_.nQA

7be8fc08-3ea3-475f-98f1-028501ec8b62rp420x4001Lines and lines of Americans showed up at voting locations all over the United States proving that their votes really did matter…and what true Democracy is all about.7d1b74db-cde7-4ec8-91f7-b8d077aba062rp600x3501

33c63ff7-9b96-461c-b95f-442dc3ca8645rp600x3501Thank you all for your participation.  God save America!  And bless our new President and his family.

The tears last night in Oprah Winfrey’s eyes and Jessie Jackson’s Presidential Candidate Barack Obama is joined by special guest Oprah Winfrey and his wife Michelle Obama during a rally held at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire on December 9, 2007 in New York Cityeyes spoke volumes.  If you really want to know what this monumental moment in history really means to and for so many  people…then those tears told you the story.  Oprah and Jessie were not the only ones crying.  There were hundred of thousands of others…including me…crying.  There were those who remembered when the only time a black man stood in the middle of a square before crowds of jackson_obama11people in this country…he was standing on the auction block wating to be sold off into slavery.  

They also were crying because they 71296-004-0b8cb4971remember the fire hoses and the police dogs which had been unleased upon black people to keep them from marching to demand a right to vote in this country.  A right to enter a department store and civilrightsblog1to be able to walk up the lunch counter and order something to eat without being spat upon then beat and chased out of the store. 

ebbccc31-a6fd-40f8-add0-21daa9e4ff67rp420x40011Yeah, they cried because they remembered black churches being bombed and little black girls being killed…they remember the lyching, the tar andfrederickchurcheshomeimage1 feathering…and they remember the

days that John, Martin and Bobby were killed.  And now God has bless them and us all to see this day.

I am so happy for this day.

What a moment in our history.was2020625rp420x4001

Please be sure to share this blog site with all your Thank you for reading.

God bless    ‘…pass it on…’  11e072cd-2572-4e7d-9fbb-74ba3856ba10rp600x3501  God bless…and thanks again for reading ©2008

art106yovotercnn1Mrs. Ann Nixon Cooper the 106 year old black woman that Obama spoke about in his Acceptance Speech. (CLICK LINK just above to read the full story)

God bless…us all.

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Let the games begin… THE ELECTIONS 2008

There is no doubt that the Republican Party has a real problem.  That problem really became evident during the fight that ensued following the Presidential Elections 2000.  Their problem is…they don’t know how to play fair.

The Republican Party is full of a bunch of cheats who don’t mind using a series of underhanded tricks to get their candidates in office.  And their games are just beginning.

There is no doubt that tomorrow will be mared with lots of little maneuvers devised to keep certain voters from showing up at polling locations around America, and/or to give them a hard and fustrating time tomorrow at the polls. 

During the 2004 Elections between George Bush and John Kerry, in Ohio it was broken balloting booths which kept vast numbers of black voters standing in the rain for hours trying to wait on their turn to cast their vote.  Only to find that when they finally got inside the women were asked to leave their pocketbooks outside. 

What kind of nonsense was that? 

Yesterday while watching the political spin pundits on the various Sunday programs…it was stated that letters had gone out in various states informing people that the election was not going to be held on Tuesday, tomorrow…but on Wednesday instead.

Now, in Philly the black community is being hit with flyers telling them they will be arrested at the polling locations for having an unpaid parking ticket.

When I have gone to vote a couple of times…I have been told that I couldn’t because my name was not on the list.  Only to find out later that my name had been removed for a censuses form that was not returned.

These are the games they play.  And they are devised to created as many hangups, confusion and as much fustration to certain voters as they can…in order to have them turn around and leave without casting their vote.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who would be trying to keep the number of voters low on tomorrow.  I’ll give you one guess. 

Okay, then let me say it like this. 

Who would reap the most from such underhanded political pranks?

One thing is for such it is not the Obama campaign.

Yes, it is those underhanded, lying, cheating and cakniving thieves…known as the Republican Party.

Do yourself a favor and just drop by your voter registration office today and ensure that all your information is up to date.  It just may save you the headache of having to deal with some unexpected problems tomorrow.

It’s not fair…but sometimes you just got to learn how to out smart the crooks.

I’ll be looking for you tomorrow at the polling places from state to state.

…pass it on…’

Please be sure to share this blog site with all your Thank you for reading.

…pass it on…’

God bless…and thanks for reading ©2008

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Disappearing President…George W. Bush… hard act to follow… OBAMA!

Ever since George Bush and the rest of the Republican Party forced their way into the White House by having virtually rigged the 2000 Presidential Election everyone in this country should have realized that we were going to be in for a rude awakening…and a long bumpy ride.

The most you can say about Bill Clinton was that he did his best to keep them out for as long as he could…but those rebellious little Republicans were on a roll and they were not going to let a little thing like Bill Clinton blocking the front door to the White House in order to wait on a final count of the Florida ballots and a Superior Court decision on the matter keep them out of the White House.  Oh, no….

For a man who stole his way into the White House in 2000 and then sat in the Oval Office doing everything a single person could possibly do to sabotage this country there is little wonder today why the Republican Party has ended up in the state it has finally fell to.  And has well deserved to.

Somewhere while growing up…or maybe while sitting in church, I heard it said several times, “That a thief cannot prosper.”

With Presidential Performance ratings the closest in history of any President of the United States, it would be safe to say that neither George W. Bush nor this country has prospered in the past 8 years.  In fact, since Bush went into the White House a millionaire, having to be able the reaped the benefit of coming from a wealthy oil family…and then not to mention his $400,000 annual salary per year as President of the United States, a rate that went up, doubled in fact, upon his entering into the White House over Bill Clinton’s measly $200,000.  The salary $200,000 was that of every U.S. President since 1969.

It is safe to say that Bush probably won’t be starving upon his departure from the White House this year, as he also receives a pension of over $100,000 per year.  But we cannot say the same about millions and millions of Americans whom his policies have financially devastated, personally injured and yes…many have died…all because of him. 

Under the Bush Administration foreclosure swept this country like wildfire, banks crashed, financial institutions had to be bailed out and government spending went through the roof putting this country into receivership. Instead of being the country that lent money to other countries, we became the country that started begging for money from other countries. 

We are now billions upon billions of dollars indebt to countries which used to seek out aid from us.  And some of those countries are Communists countries…like China for one.  Not to mention the overall financial disasters…diving stock markets, raging gas prices, high food and other consumer costs…that one would not have to argue were the direct ’cause and effect’ of 8 years of the Bush Administration’s poor ability to run this country properly.

There is little wonder that Bush was so invisible at the Republican Nomination Convention this past August.  And he has been the invisible man throughout the entire McCain campaign.

There had been a time in history when  had been considered the worst President in American History.  Now, Truman a man whom many thought was probably his own worst enemy…well, he can now rest in peace.  He has been topped by George W. Bush…who never got around to dropping an atomic bomb…perhaps it wasn’t for a lack of trying. 

Neither Harry Truman or Bush were good on economy, both were hawkish in their attitudes and an inability to manage the economy well.  But also there seemed to be a careless nature about them.  This is a character flaw that a President of any country simply cannot have.  It is just too costly.  And costly it was back in Truman’s time and has been now on us all.

It has in fact been so costly that even the Republican Party has spent much of this election season trying to distant itself from the shadow of a George W. Bush.  He has been the invisible man…the Invisible President.

With a disapproval rating of more than 70% would you have him out campaigning for you?

Or would want to be caught shaking his hand if you were trying to maintain your seat in Congress, the Senate or the House of Representatives?

I don’t think so.

But let this be a lesson for those of you who believe you can get it by cheating or stealing your way there…wherever your “there” is.

“A thief never prospers.”

The unfortunate part…is neither did we who allowed George Bush to rob his way into the White House in the first place…and then to be voted in the second place.  As sad as it may be…we are all paying for it now.

Lets get out and vote CHANGE on Tuesday.  And let put a legitimate candidate into the White House…not someone who is heir apparent.  But the best possible choice for this country and all that she means to each and every one of us.  And all that she means for us and for our children, nieces, nephews etc…and for years to come.

There have been one too many black spots on this nation’s history.  Now, is the time to put this country on a new course and to seek to undo some of the harm that the Bush Administration has caused in this country and throughout all the world.

I’ll be looking for you at the polling places from state to state.

…pass it on…’

Please be sure to share this blog site with all your Thank you for reading.

…pass it on…’

God bless…and thanks for reading ©2008

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Obama’s half hour…

Maybe you’ve been like me and do not have enough time to watch television.  Due to my classes and other things I rarely watch TV any more. 

So, I therefore never knew when Obama’s program was going to be broadcasted. But  today I decided to Google for the date only to find out that it had all ready aired.  

Well, if you were just  like me and missed it…here it is.  Just CLICK on the LINK below.

I don’t know if I think infomercials work.  But if it gives you a chance for people to better understand who you are…and what you are concerned with as it lines up with the concerns of others…then perhaps it does work.  It’s Saturday…and Tuesday is quickly rolling around. We cannot afford to make a mistake.

I was invited to lunch today. A Chinese student wanted to treat me because we do this exchange thing. She aids me with my Chinese and I aid her with learning English. 

Since I took the time this past week to aid her with her oral presentation she wanted to show me her appreciation by treating me to lunch. S o, we met this afternoon. Somehow we landed on the subject of the Electionsand I asked her who was she going to vote for. She informed me that she could not vote because she is not a citizen.  She was also not familiar with who either Obama or McCain were.

But she said, “I know Bush. He like to fight. That not good.”

And I agreed.

A lot of what is wrong with America today came about as soon as Bush first entered the White House…and in particular as soon as he decided to start dropping bombs on Iraq. That one act caused the gas prices to soar like we have never seen in this country.

That one act also caused everything else to also soar right along with the gas prices… the costs of food, utilities, clothing costs, traveling costs etc. We can’t afford to have anyone else sitting in the White House who does not consider what his or her actions will do to the average family or person in America.

That war is killing us all…one way or another. We have and are all suffering because of one foolish move which most people in this country and others aboard were all against from the very start… including Barrack Obama who voted against it.

VOTE Tuesday…and let’s make a real change in the direction of this country. Everyday people count too…and we have voices too. And our voices are in the power of our votes. 

 I loved the video of  Barrack dancing…though one of the girls in my class said she found it offensive.  Whereas she saw it as Obama being a joke…I saw it as Obama proving that he too has a sense of humor. And that he also is not afraid to show his human side. 

If you want to see Obama dancing just stroll down to the bottom of this blog.

The thing about John Edwards that really bothered me…was that I believed he was for real.  To see him in that video talking about people, and seeing him as ‘Ken’ of the Ken & Barbie Dolls… none of us even had a clue as  to who he really was. 

We all thought he was some sweet doting father and loving husband.  Edwards was a clear disappointment and gladly he has now dropped way off the radar screen. 

What a con man.

That is not to say that we don’t all make mistakes.  But his was more than a little mistake… it was out and out deception.  And he did it knowingly and without any remorse or fear of being caught. 

Indeed, Edwards was a master at his craft.  He was a real politician… who mostly all come out of the legal profession…lawyers, just like Edwards.  And I hate to classify them all as this… but I have found most of them… lawyers to be a bunch of liars.

And someone will say, “So, doesn’t Obama.”  

Yes, Obama does.  He came out of Harvard being a lawyer.  But thank goodness some people are not crooks, deceptive or liars…nor a bunch of thieves.  I am oh so thankful that there still is some degree of morality among us…a remnant.   It  certainly beats none at all… such as the atmosphere of Bush and those around them.  

Nor do I see Obama trying to pretend to be anything or anybody other than who he is.   We have seen that every time we have seen him. He remembers his roots, his family ties, the lessons taught him, the struggles he has had…and though he has risen to levels you and I may never get to…he has not forgotten.

He doesn’t try to recreate himself based upon other people’s opinion of what is or is not right. And I like how he goes with what he feels is right.

How can you argue against that?

Get out and vote Tuesday.

I have to admit that since writing this blog I have been listening to the entire half hour segment by the Obama campaign…and you know what?

“It does work.”

It was money well spent.

Now CLICK TO SEE BARRACK DANCING on Ellen…and Michelle.

 The Presidential Election is so important.

Well, enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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COUNT DOWN to the White House… Obama and America’s big day…

 It’s count down time, baby.

With less than a week to go the campaigns are heating up. McCain has decided to turn up the negatives as he has all the burners working overtime.

It was thought by some that rather than going out looking like a bad looser McCain would opt for the high road.  But somehow he has not found that road to be a likable choice for him. 

Perhaps John McCain is holding out falsely for what many of  the pundits have repeatedly chimed, “that the polls could have it all wrong.”

And they might well have.  But even so…it still won’t be in McCain’s favor.  The likihood is that the pundits have under-estimated ‘the Obama effect’ rather than having not properly measured it all.

There is no doubt that many Americans are fed up with the way things have been going in the country.  And that they will show up at voting locations all across this country this coming Tuesday to prove it. 

But very little has been said about the Hispanic vote or that of women.  During the Primaries they were the ‘hot’ topic…the ‘women’s vote’ and the ‘Hispanic vote.’  But lately we had heard very little about them.  I perdict that women will hit the polls like never before as well as the Hispanics…and that they will favor Obama.

I also believe that though McCain may have believed that he had most of the senior votes…he better take another look.  They are no fools…look for seniors in very large numbers to be casting their votes for Obama, as well.  We’re talking Medicaid, health insurance, foreclosures, gas prices, raising food costs, crashing retirement funds and everything else. 

It’s Obama…Obama…Obama, baby.   It’s destiny.

Amid all the excitement of the race to the White House this year, I cannot help but think of the news anchor woman,  Anne Pressly, who was attacked and has subsequently died.  When all this got started she had no idea that she would not be here to see it to conclusion.   Nor when she decided to enter into the field of TV Journalism did she realize that one day she was going to be subject of many news stories.

It is but a sad reminder that we are not promised tomorrow…none of us. 

Police said that it appeared to have been a random robbery but she was beaten badly…that would really suggest a bit more than a random robbery.

The police also said that ‘it appeared to be a robbery’ because her purse was taken.  But people have become so sophisticated today with all the various television programs from Law & Order and everything else…that they know what to do if they want to throw the police off their trail. 

It is for this reason I do not believe DNA is a good source for determining whether or not a person is guilty or innocent…as if I couldn’t get a strand of someone’s hair and leave it at the scene of the crime.  Based upon that…that person would be doom. 

In fact, it takes a whole lot less today to incriminate someone based on DNA.  Just yesterday while taking a seat in lab the keyboard to the computer had a long strand of hair attached to it.  Wow, imagine if I was a criminal what I couldn’t have done with that?

I deeply feel for this young woman’s family and all victims of crime.  There have been many times when I came close…but God said, “no.”  

And I am so happy He did…and that He was there to keep me and protect me.   Always, right there whenever I have needed Him.  Which has been every moment…and second of my life…sometimes more and sometimes less.  But I always needed Him…to be right there in my life…whether I knew it or not.  And many times I did not know it.

Since having turned to this topic…let me also express my heartfelt sympathy for the Hudson family due to the terrible events which took place this past week.  There are no words…neither rhythm nor reason that can explain it.  And there is nothing that time cannot diminish…including pain.,2933,444330,00.html,0,356643.story

My goodness, what about those cry baby Rupublicans this season?

For years we all watched how the Republicans have out raised and spent the Democratics from one election into the other in terms of money, volunteers etc…etc…etc…   Now, the shoe is on the other foot….and all we hear is those Republicans crying about ‘how Obama said he would but he didn’t.’  

That is…how Obama said that he would not turn down government funds, which would have seriously limited his spending…whereas McCain took the government money.    As well McCain should have…since for the greater part of his campaign McCain has always had problems raising money to finance it. 

Obama on the other hand…had no way of knowing before hand, when he made the statement on government financing and accepting those funds,  that he was going to raise the money which his campaign has.  Meaning Obama has never needed to accept those funds…and McCain did.

So, why wouldn’t he have taken the sure money?

Seriously, if you were Barrack Obama…and had been capable of raising more money than the Clinton’s, George Bush and everybody else.  Then why would you opt to take the government money that would restrict your campaign to ‘x’ amount of dollars?

It would have been ill-logical…and nobody in their right mind would have done it.  Not even McCain if the shoe had been on his foot. 

So, Palin and McCain both need to stop crying foul…and all those other Republicans too.  Because you would have done the exact same thing…and to say that you would not have is well….  Well….  Well, you would be lying.

This coming Tuesday is coming fast.  And I am excited…and I hope that you are too.  Please whatever else you may have planned for Tuesday don’t forget to get out and vote…and check to see if anyone around you…or near would like a ride.

Also be sure…just to avoid any undue problems come Tuesday…just drop by your town Voter Registration office and just double check to make sure that everything is okay with your registration.  I have had this happen to me twice…and they said it was because we had not returned a census form. 

It doesn’t hurt to check so that when Tuesday comes you can get in and out of the your local polls without headache or problems.

Smile and have a beautiful day.

Please be sure to share this blog site with all your friends…family…just….just….everyone!

Have a beautiful day…and thank you for reading.

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Joe…Joe …please, Joe don’t…

I may be a bit old school but one thing I know for sure…when you step up you’ve got to act and talk like you have stepped up.

I understand that Joe Biden is Joe Biden…but he is now in a whole new ball game.  And frankly, what was okay yesterday is not okay today.

He is well on his way to becoming the Vice President of the United States of America…and it is not a position where one’s tongue can be flippant or quick.  Every thought and  utterence must be weighted and considered first.  It really just goes with the turf.  When you sit high you can’t do what other people do…or say what other people say…or how they say it.  

You must always be guarded.

You must measure everything. 

This past gaff on the part of Joseph Biden was not a test of the Obama Presidency…but one of Joe Biden. 

The one thing that Americans and others around the world can be sure of…that is that Barrack Obama is not a careless person.  He is highly measured…and very well so.

The job of President of the United States of America requires such a person…because every group, every cause and every country is looking for some slip up to leap upon.  So, therefore Presidents have to exercise extreme levels of caution…as well as those around them…when they speak. 

This goes for Vice Presidents as well.  Contary to whatever Sarah Palin may or may not have believed…or even John McCain in regards to the importance of the position of Vice President of the United States.  Vice Presidents whether they work on the corporate level or in the White House all have to have a quality of discretion and precaution when they speak.

Joseph Biden has to learn he is now playing in a whole other league now…it’s not high school…and it is certainly not the Senate House of Rep’s either, it will be as Vice President of the United States. 

This is a much higher and bigger league, Joe…with far more at stake and certainly higher stakes.  So, come on and step up to the challenge and cast aside the ol’ Joe Biden…the one with the quick tongue and no forethought.

Don’t mess it up, Joe…by trying to play politics.  You are not a prophet.  Everybody knows it won’t be ‘peaches and cream’…and that trouble is always looming…and it will come.  There is no reason to think otherwise…that is rooted in history. 

That is why we all seek to put the best people in the right places to handle things…who are competent.   It is for this reason that we seek people of high caliber, who have good sense and reasoning skills, as well as the capability to show grace in every possible situation.

We are still praying for the Hudson family….after all that has been done that Jennifer Hudson’s nephew is at least returned home unharm.

Be encouraged and have a beautiful day.

We’ve got one more week to go…and I am looking forward to next Tuesday night.  I plan on sitting up all night and watching as many channels as I can as tears will surely be rolling down my cheeks as Barrack Obama becomes this country’s 44th President.   It is truly time for a change.

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Colin…Colin…more good news for Obama

I have always loved General Colin Powell…but I really really loved him on Sunday. 

I have admired his diligence in regard to all of his duties as a General in the Armed Forces, as Head of State, and even as a Republican

I have listen to and heard many black Republicans…most of whom have sounded like they some how had lost their way in this world… and forgot where they came from…and how they got to where they have gotten.  But most of all…they had forgotten what it is like to be…or to have been black in America.  But never Colin Powell.

I admire people who navigate their way through this life gracefully and caringly

I like to see people rise to high heights…but I especially really like those who can rise and still maintain a level of sure footing and humility.  And that is what Colin Powell showed Sunday on ‘Meet the Press.’

It is hard to come out against friends, party…your company…your church…whatever…but at times it is required.  But to be able to do it with dignity and grace is a good…and great thing.  And it takes strenght…an obvious grand quality within the fabric of General Powell.

His endorsement of Barack Obama…you could see had been done with much forethought, deliberation and reflection.  But he did what he felt he needed to do…and he did it well.  The points General Powell laid out regarding his choice of Barack Obama as President of the United States laid in Obama’s judgment, decisiveness, good temperament, great deduction skills and a believed ability that he will restore the respectability to this country that the past 8 years eroded, under George W. Bush.

I have long held and still hold…that when we look and listen to Barack Obama we are looking at destiny.  It is as much true destiny that at this time such a person as Obama has emerged.  Is destiny as much as Joseph was destined to wine up in Egypt and Moses to lead his people out of Egypt.  They had been predestinated for their times. 

No one wants to say Divine Providence…but that is what we are looking at.  And it is by Divine Providence…that we are here bearing witness to this phenomena this forthcoming November Election.  I can only wish my parents were here.  That my grandmother was here…that my great-grandmother was here…and all those hung…tarred and feathered…whipped, chained and killed in this country could bear witnesObama Dream T-shirt by ObamaRamas to this.

 Even the little ones support Obama!

It gives me such hope for this country. 

There is no country like this country. 

There is no place like the United States of America.

Through all her adversities, contradictions…missteps…and fall downs…American is great.  And she is beautiful…though there have times in her history when people, Presidents, groups didn’t always act justly, fairly or truthfully.                                                                             But through it all she has maintained her beauty…and she is worth everything we

can do to save her.,0,4586523.story

In closing…let me take this time to clarify. 

Barack Obama is not just a phenomena because he is black. 

No, it greater than that.  

He is a phenomena because he is who he is.  

That is what America has much to be proud of…because he is a product of her.  It has taken us much and a long time to get here.  But we are here.  And at the end of the day…it does matter.  It really really does…for everyone’s sake.

Please be sure to share this blog site with all your friends…family…just….just….everyone!

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Presidential Debate 3 Analysis… the finale



                      …well, maybe Joe the Plummer


 Obama…   1.  Always looked Presidential

                   2.  Laid out his financial plan well

                  3.  Never wined         

                  4.  Clearly cited his goals as President

                 5.  Clearly defined his position on Supreme Court choices, abortion, importance of Education, reforming Health Insurance, future fuel advances…

                 6.   Clearly defined political objectives as President of the United States

McCain…   1.  Looked a bit more Presidential

                   2.  Never seemed relaxed or in control

                  3.  Was a bit more forthcoming with future  Presidential plans but never went far enough

                 4.  Came off winny at times

                5.  Seemed to be more aggressive but yet would    oftentimes end up on the defensive

                6.  At times got ruffled

Clearly a better debate as both candidates did get an equal chance to clearly define themselves and their future objectives as President of the United StatesThough highly skilled and poised, Obama proved once again that McCain was no match against him.  He was still able to fend off any attacks that McCain attempted to voice against him…and this he did with great eloquence.

Though McCain appeared a bit more Presidential than in the past debates…he still did not have what Obama had.  Obama seemed far more engaging, he was not stiff or erect but leaned toward the moderator in a warmer friender kind of way.   He also talked more directly to the American public but looking into the TV camera often particularly while delivering key points of his plans and also while trying to explain how his plans would work, and how they would effect the various groups.  John McCain failed to do this.   

In fact, John McCain had little full explanation for much of what he was talking about.  He hedged questions such as how he would pick Supreme Court Judges by merely stating that he would not have a litmus them…while not saying anything about their ideologies.   He seemed to purposely want to stay away from fully answering many questions fully.  

Obama did exceedingly well in expressing his stance on abortion and a woman’s right to make her own choice.  But what I liked most of all…was his opinion on teaching restraint and abstinence.  Something I had not heard voiced by any candidate…….ever. 

Again, while Obama seemed calm and collected…McCain seemed otherwise.

When questioned about their choices for Vice President…Obama gave a fair and forthright assessment of his choice of Joe Biden.  But McCain fell short of saying that if anything should happened to him…as to whether or not he was confident that Sarah Palin was President material or would be able to handle the job.   In contrast, Obama clearly stated that Joe Biden could do so and that he felt that Biden would see through all his of plans, as well. 

If anyone was undecided…last night’s Presidential Debate should have certainly brought them closer to making a sound choice.  And the format of both men sitting closer together…and near the moderator allowed for a far greater to really examine both men close up…and it also allowed them to speak more frankly and openly.

I am sure that poor ol’ Joe the plumber probably got more than his share of phone calls this morning and maybe all through the night following the debate.  One network immediately following the debate had already spoken with him…and had recorded their interview.   All this because Barack Obama stopped to talk, shake his hand and gave Joe some of his time…while stumping for votes.  One thing about it…while most candidates merely shake a hand and keep on pushing…Obama all during his campaign did take time to meet and talk with regular everyday people.   And I guess that goes right back to his community organizing roots.
 Hope you are register…yesterday was it for here.  But we all have got to get out and vote come November 2008…and lets put somebody in the White House who will truly work for the people…won’t compromise morality…will speak truth to lies…and do his best to serve both this country and all its people who live within it. 
Your vote counts…remember that this coming November. Please be sure to share this blog site with your friends.

…pass it on…’ 

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Presidential Debate 2 Analysis…


                                     Big Winner!


 Obama…   1.  Always looked Presidential

                   2.  Statistical facts to backup topics

                  3.  Presented actual future plans

                  4.  Clearly cited his goals as President

                 5.  Talk firmly about terrorist and Bin Linden

                 6.   Clearly defined past judgments which had been the right call

McCain…   1.  Never looked Presidential

                   2.  Joked and kidded around a bit too much

                  3.  Failed to fully layout or explain any explicit      plans or goals he had as President

                 4.  Kept reminiscing too much and kept conjuring up Reagan’s name far too often

                5.  Failed to adhere to the time restraints per their agreement prior to the debate

               6.  Kept falling back on his record as a war hero

 For the past few days I have been trying to figure out what I felt or thought about the past Presidential debate…debate number 2 between Obama and McCain.  There was something in the back of my mind but I just couldn’t figure it out.  I now have it.

Though I was always sure that Obama had won…I wasn’t quite sure about what I thought about McCain’s performance.  But now I do…it came to me last night. 

McCain never came across as Presidential.   That is what was in the back of my mind.  Sometimes he even looked lost.  While Obama would be talking McCain would be wandering around on the stage…like a little lost child.

While Obama seemed calm and collected…McCain seemed otherwise.

If I thought Palin wasn’t ready to be Vice President…McCain certainly misses the mark as President material. 

Truthfully, the only person I can think of on the Republican side who could have possibly matched Obama would have been Mike Huckabee or possibly a Mit Romney.  But McCain, no…never.  And the proof was in the pudding on Tuesday night.

McCain just doesn’t have that thing.  He just doesn’t have that thing  when you look and hear him that says ‘President quality.’   Nor is his resume that great…because the only thing he can continue to fall back on…is that he was a war vet.  ….and….what?   A maverick…okay….   

But is that enough?

Perhaps during the time that McCain has been sitting in the Senate trying to get into the Oval Office…if he only visited the Walter Reed Hospital a couple times he could have become an advocate for the vets who returned home only to find themselves placed in that horrible dungeon.

McCain talks about Ronald Reagan who before he left the White House was suffering with Alzheimer which left his wife at the wheel handling the business of this country…to nobody’s knowledge (but I guess a few very close insiders). 

Then McCain wants to call out the name of Joe Lieberman (what a looser) as if Lieberman was some kind of marvelous man of merit.  Lieberman who ran as Al Gore’s Vice Presidential pick…didn’t even resign his Senator seat to devote any real time in aiding Gore to win the Presidential Election in 2000.  Not to mention that Lieberman is a Republican in Democratic clothing.  The man needs to vacate the office.  This is the kind of man McCain wants to rave about?

Had Lieberman seriously considered adding anything to his own ticket he would have given up his seat in the Senate and rolled up sleeves and seriously got out there for the Democratic ticket…of which he had said yes to becoming a part of.   What a lack of leadership on the part of McCain for wanting rave over the likes of a Joe Lieberman.

And McCain choice of Sarah Palin was never one of the best qualified…but only the selection of a woman with the hopes to stealing from the Democrats those who whe were disenchanted behind the Hillary Clinton not being on the Democrat ticket.  Had McCain’s selection of a woman really been on the best qualified person…Sarah Palin would have never been casted.  Here again…more lack of good judgment on McCain’s part. 

If McCain has done so poorly in his selections on things now…and he hasn’t even gotten into the White House imagine the damage that such a careless man could cause?

One of the things during the debate…that Obama never voiced…which really goes to speak highly for him…he never once said-

“John as green as you may think I am and as much as you don’t think that I know anything.  How is it that you voted to invade Iraq and I voted against?”

And they both got the same intelligence information…but Obama showed temperance, independence and forethought on the matter.  He was not swayed by the crowd jumping on the Bush bandwagon.

During the course of the debate McCain tried to joke his way through it.  I would hate to think that that kind of man was sitting in the White House thinking he could joke his way into a peace accord between Israel and the Arabs…or trying to head off Putin.

Then again perhaps it is all a joke to McCain…as I have said.  He got to where he is by default.  Some how or other during the Republican Primaries…McCain just sunk in when nobody else was looking.

One other thing about Tuesday night’s debate between Obama and McCain…

I watched the debate on a ABC network channel…at the end of the debate they kept the cameras rolling on the stage.  It seems everyone sitting on the stage had a camera under their seat…and they all wanted a picture with Obama.  But also McCain nearly ran off the stage following the debate…but Obama stayed to shake hands and talk with those people.  Not only Obama but his wife…they both were enaged in conversations with people on that stage…everyday people who wer fortunate enough to know that they were in the presence of the next President of the United States.  That doesn’t happen everyday…and he was taking time with them…taking pictures with them…etc.  Wow, I would have loved to have been one of them.,0,2430722.story

That McCain and his people are desperate is obvious…but desperation won’t put McCain into the White House.

Definitely hope you are registered…this upcoming Presidential Election is so important.  If you are not register get registered today.  And if you plan on being away get you absentee ballot…but don’t miss out the signal most important election of 21st Century.

Well, enjoy your day.  It’s been nice out for the past couple of days.
I haven’t gotten over my friend’s passing yet.  I still cry when I think of her.  But I am happy that she is at peace now.

Please be sure to share this blog site with your friends.

…pass it on…’ 

God bless…and thanks for reading  ©2008

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O.J… can’t seem to get it right

Poor ol’ O.J…you really got to feel sorry for the guy.

Trouble just seems to follow him.  For a man who once had everything that, I guess, most people would have liked…somehow it all just got away from him…it slipped through his fingers.  It happened one night following a long trail of events which really if you examined them were on the road to doom.  And doom it was…it ended in murder.

Had it been written by some great British suspense writer the scenes and scenarios could not have been better written.  It had all the clues and every bit of the suspense of a top rated thriller.

But this latest farce really amounted to nothing more than a shakedown Mob style.  And for having done it…O.J. Simpson is facing the possibility of life in prison. 

It really doesn’t seem fair. 

Considering the world of memorabilia and the problems of thief, fraud and the like…O.J. going after those guys in a way that they could understand…well, the means clearly does not justify the way…but the memorabilia business is big multi-billion dollar business laced with underhanded and crooked dealings.  O.J. was merely seeking to protect and retrieve his own items…in what to him seemed to be the most effective and expedient way of doing so.  Perhaps it was also meant to be a message to others, as well…but at the end of the day the trial amounted to nothing more than getting O.J. up on charges with the hopes of finding him guilty to correct mistakes made in 1995.  And to me seems wrong.

I will agree that O.J. has lead a life that most of us would not have agreed with.  He has been charged with things in which most of us find apprehensible…but dragging throug a trial for the sole purpose of finally being able to say-

“Got cha’ now.”

Is just is not right.

People flash guns and rob people everyday…and frankly many of them really should see some real jail time…but I see judge after judge releasing them…or just giving a few months of probation and these are real criminals.  Though some may argue that O.J. Simpson is a real criminal…and perhaps he is…the court saw otherwise.  And some may say the same about those whom I mentioned I see time and time again being released by judges everyday in courtrooms for doing the same thing as O.J. just did…flashed a gun and sought to rob someone.    

O.J.’s real crime these days seem to be…that since 1995 he has been a real danger to no one more than himself.,,20231198,00.html

Well, hope you have a beautiful day.


Started having problems with my publisher again.  This time I just plain told them to forget it and give me my money back.  Part of the problem with them is that Xulon believes I am just dying to get publish.  Perhaps, I was…until I realized I had made a mistake choosing in them to handle the job for me.  Now, since 6 or 8 months later and it has been one headache after another with them.  I am just too fed up for it to really matter…if they print my book or not.   

You can always pay another company to print it for you.  But I have never seen a company like Xulon more bent on robbing somebody. 

Currently, my project went back into the ‘hold’ mode because I refused to sign off on some things.  These things would prohibit me from later going back and filing for damages against them for not providing the services that they promised.  If you go back to my first or second blog…it lays out the problems…one of which they submitted to me a cover for my book which had been the cover of one of their privious authors.  Secondly, I told them in my contract…where it asked for suggestions regarding the cover…I told no people…and what do you thing I got?


But if the truth be told it is the way that most companies have gone.  It is about money…not about what you paid for…not about service…but money  Once they get your money they feel they have you…then it is down hill from there.  That is when they start to want to make the demands and give the orders.  Not on my money…they don’t. 

So, I am no longer responding to anything that my publishing company is forwarding to me…as I have demanded my money back.  This I already realize…will mean that I will have to sue them.  But I rather sue them than let them get away with murdering me.

But you have got to look out for my book, “THE BISHOP’S WIFE”…once I get it published…and it will be published.  I know you will enjoy it.  It is my second piece of fictional work…about woman in the mid-fifties who can’t put out of her mind a pass love though she marries a Bishop who is not what or who she expected him to be.

The second Presidential Debat is tonight…should be interesting.  I’ll meet you in front of the television or over the internet…but we will meet to see how this round of the debates go.  I think McCain is going to make it a point to look at Obama once or twice this time.  What do you think?

God bless…  ‘pass it on…’

God bless…and thanks for reading  ©2008

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Vice Presidential Debate Analysis





 Biden…   1.  Very strong factual information

                   2.  Plenty of statistical facts to backup topics

                  3.  Presented future Obama plans with force and clear understanding 

                  4.  Clearly cited his goals and job as Vice President

                 5.  Talked firmly about terrorist, Bin Linden and foreign Policy

                 6.   Clear understanding of problems facing America, American Policies and the world 

Palin…     1.  Never looked Vice Presidential

                 2.  Joked and kidded around a bit too much

                 3.  Failed to fully layout or explain any explicit plans or goals McCain had for the country

                 4.  Kept off topic a lot

                5.  Responses were rehearsed and quite orchestrated

                6.  Never explained anything fully and failed to use facts or figures to back up much of what she said


PALIN…Finding her legs

I have to admit to being somewhat impressed by Sarah Palin last night during the VP debate.  She did hold her own even though I could tell that much of what she had said had been heavily rehearsed.  But one thing about her…she gave it that old school girl try.  Vastly out of her element…and to a very large degree knowing it as oftentimes even voiced by her during the debate…I have to say I admire her. 

She was giddy and girlish through most of the debate…but you know what?  I’m the same way when I’m nervous. 

She is clearly not ready to become Vice President of the United States but that is not her fault.  The scenario reminded me about one of my earlier blogs, ‘On the taboo subject’… where I wrote about a guy who wanted to be a lesbian.  In the blog I made mention that he…well, she…but really he was nominated to become a board member of Sala Soul Sisters, an all women of color lesbian organization.  He…well, she…but really he was nice and a very good worker.  But there was one problem.  He wasn’t really a woman. 

I always thought it was unfair that one of the Sala Soul Sisters had nominated him for a position which she clearly knew he…well, she…no he couldn’t possibly fill.  When the membership at large of Sala Soul Sisters heard of it they all came racing into a Sala Soul meeting one night and demanded to have an emergency meeting on the matter.  They riled and argued…and finally voted on the matter of whether this person should be allowed on the board of Sala.  Of course, the vote was against him…or her…  But I always felt sorry for him…because he sat through it…that meeting where they talked about him…then voted that no one but a woman born biologically woman could ever sit on the board of Sala Soul Sisters.  And I must say I agreed…but felt that she…well, he never should have  been put through that. 

He never came back to Sala after that…whereas he had not missed a meeting or any events or becoming actively involved in the organization.  It was rather sad…but I felt the Sala Soul Sister who knowing that he was actually a male should never have nominated him in the first place.  And that is kind of the way I feel about Sarah Palin.

McCain having chosen a woman who was not perpared to hit centre stage…and I am talking about becoming Vice President of the United States or possible President of the United States should anything happen to McCain…and I certainly do not mean it meanly either.  She was neither polished, nor really had the credentials for the position that McCain had propelled her into. 

If McCain could have made this kind of a huge mistake what other mistakes might he make if he were to become President of the United States?  That job is one where…mistakes cost us all…and simply cannot be willingly made.   We really can’t afford someone who is not thought out…or believes ‘he’s just being a maverick’…when he is actually just being foolish.

One cannot blame Sarah Palin really for any flumbs or gaffs…McCain is to fault.  Because he put her in place where it is clearly not her time.  Besides, the fact that Palin is a mother of 5 children still at home, with one still very much an infant…really should have gave McCain reason to pause before even considering her.  But it was his own selfishness and blind ambition which lead him to pick someone whom he felt could give his campaign the boast that it so direly needed.  And for a while she did.

But reality is reality…Sarah Palin is not ready.  And I say this coming out of the debates liking her.  Because I can truly admire her for attempting to do it…and not feeling that it was or is impossible.  It speaks to human strenght and depth of character.  So, clearly she is to be applauded…not joked or laughed at.  But then…perhaps it was equally…Palin’s blind ambitions which have also gotten her here. 

I have oftentimes wanted to do something…but knew I needed to learn something or do some other things before I would be ready to execute what it was that I was considering.  I am not one for under-rating yourself…or over-rating yourself.  I don’t like letting myself down or others.  When I have stepped through the door to do something…I have always stepped through it knowing that no one worked as hard as I had…to do what I do.  I guess you can say that I am wired to excell…never to under achieve…and always to give 101 percent.  And you can’t do that unless you have first prepared and worked hard to gather the skills and expertise it takes to fill a job.  Real success on any job or in any field cannot be done with in a few weeks and a crash course.  

As we get nearer and near to November…please keep in mind that your vote does count.  Your participation in this up coming election is curcial.  If we don’t do something to set the country back on course we will all loose…rich or poor…advantaged or disadvantaged…Main Street and Wall Street…from shore to shore.

Definitely hope that you are registerd for this upcoming Presidential Election.  It is so important…and may be the most important election of this century.   

Well, enjoy the rest of your day…and weekend. 
Please be sure to share this blog site with all your family, friend, neighbors…and just everybody. 
           …pass it on…’ 

God bless…and thanks for reading  ©2008

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