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Joe…Joe …please, Joe don’t…

I may be a bit old school but one thing I know for sure…when you step up you’ve got to act and talk like you have stepped up.

I understand that Joe Biden is Joe Biden…but he is now in a whole new ball game.  And frankly, what was okay yesterday is not okay today.

He is well on his way to becoming the Vice President of the United States of America…and it is not a position where one’s tongue can be flippant or quick.  Every thought and  utterence must be weighted and considered first.  It really just goes with the turf.  When you sit high you can’t do what other people do…or say what other people say…or how they say it.  

You must always be guarded.

You must measure everything. 

This past gaff on the part of Joseph Biden was not a test of the Obama Presidency…but one of Joe Biden. 

The one thing that Americans and others around the world can be sure of…that is that Barrack Obama is not a careless person.  He is highly measured…and very well so.

The job of President of the United States of America requires such a person…because every group, every cause and every country is looking for some slip up to leap upon.  So, therefore Presidents have to exercise extreme levels of caution…as well as those around them…when they speak. 

This goes for Vice Presidents as well.  Contary to whatever Sarah Palin may or may not have believed…or even John McCain in regards to the importance of the position of Vice President of the United States.  Vice Presidents whether they work on the corporate level or in the White House all have to have a quality of discretion and precaution when they speak.

Joseph Biden has to learn he is now playing in a whole other league now…it’s not high school…and it is certainly not the Senate House of Rep’s either, it will be as Vice President of the United States. 

This is a much higher and bigger league, Joe…with far more at stake and certainly higher stakes.  So, come on and step up to the challenge and cast aside the ol’ Joe Biden…the one with the quick tongue and no forethought.

Don’t mess it up, Joe…by trying to play politics.  You are not a prophet.  Everybody knows it won’t be ‘peaches and cream’…and that trouble is always looming…and it will come.  There is no reason to think otherwise…that is rooted in history. 

That is why we all seek to put the best people in the right places to handle things…who are competent.   It is for this reason that we seek people of high caliber, who have good sense and reasoning skills, as well as the capability to show grace in every possible situation.

We are still praying for the Hudson family….after all that has been done that Jennifer Hudson’s nephew is at least returned home unharm.

Be encouraged and have a beautiful day.

We’ve got one more week to go…and I am looking forward to next Tuesday night.  I plan on sitting up all night and watching as many channels as I can as tears will surely be rolling down my cheeks as Barrack Obama becomes this country’s 44th President.   It is truly time for a change.

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Have a beautiful day…and thank you for reading.

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Presidential Debate 2 Analysis…


                                     Big Winner!


 Obama…   1.  Always looked Presidential

                   2.  Statistical facts to backup topics

                  3.  Presented actual future plans

                  4.  Clearly cited his goals as President

                 5.  Talk firmly about terrorist and Bin Linden

                 6.   Clearly defined past judgments which had been the right call

McCain…   1.  Never looked Presidential

                   2.  Joked and kidded around a bit too much

                  3.  Failed to fully layout or explain any explicit      plans or goals he had as President

                 4.  Kept reminiscing too much and kept conjuring up Reagan’s name far too often

                5.  Failed to adhere to the time restraints per their agreement prior to the debate

               6.  Kept falling back on his record as a war hero

 For the past few days I have been trying to figure out what I felt or thought about the past Presidential debate…debate number 2 between Obama and McCain.  There was something in the back of my mind but I just couldn’t figure it out.  I now have it.

Though I was always sure that Obama had won…I wasn’t quite sure about what I thought about McCain’s performance.  But now I do…it came to me last night. 

McCain never came across as Presidential.   That is what was in the back of my mind.  Sometimes he even looked lost.  While Obama would be talking McCain would be wandering around on the stage…like a little lost child.

While Obama seemed calm and collected…McCain seemed otherwise.

If I thought Palin wasn’t ready to be Vice President…McCain certainly misses the mark as President material. 

Truthfully, the only person I can think of on the Republican side who could have possibly matched Obama would have been Mike Huckabee or possibly a Mit Romney.  But McCain, no…never.  And the proof was in the pudding on Tuesday night.

McCain just doesn’t have that thing.  He just doesn’t have that thing  when you look and hear him that says ‘President quality.’   Nor is his resume that great…because the only thing he can continue to fall back on…is that he was a war vet.  ….and….what?   A maverick…okay….   

But is that enough?

Perhaps during the time that McCain has been sitting in the Senate trying to get into the Oval Office…if he only visited the Walter Reed Hospital a couple times he could have become an advocate for the vets who returned home only to find themselves placed in that horrible dungeon.

McCain talks about Ronald Reagan who before he left the White House was suffering with Alzheimer which left his wife at the wheel handling the business of this country…to nobody’s knowledge (but I guess a few very close insiders). 

Then McCain wants to call out the name of Joe Lieberman (what a looser) as if Lieberman was some kind of marvelous man of merit.  Lieberman who ran as Al Gore’s Vice Presidential pick…didn’t even resign his Senator seat to devote any real time in aiding Gore to win the Presidential Election in 2000.  Not to mention that Lieberman is a Republican in Democratic clothing.  The man needs to vacate the office.  This is the kind of man McCain wants to rave about?

Had Lieberman seriously considered adding anything to his own ticket he would have given up his seat in the Senate and rolled up sleeves and seriously got out there for the Democratic ticket…of which he had said yes to becoming a part of.   What a lack of leadership on the part of McCain for wanting rave over the likes of a Joe Lieberman.

And McCain choice of Sarah Palin was never one of the best qualified…but only the selection of a woman with the hopes to stealing from the Democrats those who whe were disenchanted behind the Hillary Clinton not being on the Democrat ticket.  Had McCain’s selection of a woman really been on the best qualified person…Sarah Palin would have never been casted.  Here again…more lack of good judgment on McCain’s part. 

If McCain has done so poorly in his selections on things now…and he hasn’t even gotten into the White House imagine the damage that such a careless man could cause?

One of the things during the debate…that Obama never voiced…which really goes to speak highly for him…he never once said-

“John as green as you may think I am and as much as you don’t think that I know anything.  How is it that you voted to invade Iraq and I voted against?”

And they both got the same intelligence information…but Obama showed temperance, independence and forethought on the matter.  He was not swayed by the crowd jumping on the Bush bandwagon.

During the course of the debate McCain tried to joke his way through it.  I would hate to think that that kind of man was sitting in the White House thinking he could joke his way into a peace accord between Israel and the Arabs…or trying to head off Putin.

Then again perhaps it is all a joke to McCain…as I have said.  He got to where he is by default.  Some how or other during the Republican Primaries…McCain just sunk in when nobody else was looking.

One other thing about Tuesday night’s debate between Obama and McCain…

I watched the debate on a ABC network channel…at the end of the debate they kept the cameras rolling on the stage.  It seems everyone sitting on the stage had a camera under their seat…and they all wanted a picture with Obama.  But also McCain nearly ran off the stage following the debate…but Obama stayed to shake hands and talk with those people.  Not only Obama but his wife…they both were enaged in conversations with people on that stage…everyday people who wer fortunate enough to know that they were in the presence of the next President of the United States.  That doesn’t happen everyday…and he was taking time with them…taking pictures with them…etc.  Wow, I would have loved to have been one of them.,0,2430722.story

That McCain and his people are desperate is obvious…but desperation won’t put McCain into the White House.

Definitely hope you are registered…this upcoming Presidential Election is so important.  If you are not register get registered today.  And if you plan on being away get you absentee ballot…but don’t miss out the signal most important election of 21st Century.

Well, enjoy your day.  It’s been nice out for the past couple of days.
I haven’t gotten over my friend’s passing yet.  I still cry when I think of her.  But I am happy that she is at peace now.

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Vice Presidential Debate Analysis





 Biden…   1.  Very strong factual information

                   2.  Plenty of statistical facts to backup topics

                  3.  Presented future Obama plans with force and clear understanding 

                  4.  Clearly cited his goals and job as Vice President

                 5.  Talked firmly about terrorist, Bin Linden and foreign Policy

                 6.   Clear understanding of problems facing America, American Policies and the world 

Palin…     1.  Never looked Vice Presidential

                 2.  Joked and kidded around a bit too much

                 3.  Failed to fully layout or explain any explicit plans or goals McCain had for the country

                 4.  Kept off topic a lot

                5.  Responses were rehearsed and quite orchestrated

                6.  Never explained anything fully and failed to use facts or figures to back up much of what she said


PALIN…Finding her legs

I have to admit to being somewhat impressed by Sarah Palin last night during the VP debate.  She did hold her own even though I could tell that much of what she had said had been heavily rehearsed.  But one thing about her…she gave it that old school girl try.  Vastly out of her element…and to a very large degree knowing it as oftentimes even voiced by her during the debate…I have to say I admire her. 

She was giddy and girlish through most of the debate…but you know what?  I’m the same way when I’m nervous. 

She is clearly not ready to become Vice President of the United States but that is not her fault.  The scenario reminded me about one of my earlier blogs, ‘On the taboo subject’… where I wrote about a guy who wanted to be a lesbian.  In the blog I made mention that he…well, she…but really he was nominated to become a board member of Sala Soul Sisters, an all women of color lesbian organization.  He…well, she…but really he was nice and a very good worker.  But there was one problem.  He wasn’t really a woman. 

I always thought it was unfair that one of the Sala Soul Sisters had nominated him for a position which she clearly knew he…well, she…no he couldn’t possibly fill.  When the membership at large of Sala Soul Sisters heard of it they all came racing into a Sala Soul meeting one night and demanded to have an emergency meeting on the matter.  They riled and argued…and finally voted on the matter of whether this person should be allowed on the board of Sala.  Of course, the vote was against him…or her…  But I always felt sorry for him…because he sat through it…that meeting where they talked about him…then voted that no one but a woman born biologically woman could ever sit on the board of Sala Soul Sisters.  And I must say I agreed…but felt that she…well, he never should have  been put through that. 

He never came back to Sala after that…whereas he had not missed a meeting or any events or becoming actively involved in the organization.  It was rather sad…but I felt the Sala Soul Sister who knowing that he was actually a male should never have nominated him in the first place.  And that is kind of the way I feel about Sarah Palin.

McCain having chosen a woman who was not perpared to hit centre stage…and I am talking about becoming Vice President of the United States or possible President of the United States should anything happen to McCain…and I certainly do not mean it meanly either.  She was neither polished, nor really had the credentials for the position that McCain had propelled her into. 

If McCain could have made this kind of a huge mistake what other mistakes might he make if he were to become President of the United States?  That job is one where…mistakes cost us all…and simply cannot be willingly made.   We really can’t afford someone who is not thought out…or believes ‘he’s just being a maverick’…when he is actually just being foolish.

One cannot blame Sarah Palin really for any flumbs or gaffs…McCain is to fault.  Because he put her in place where it is clearly not her time.  Besides, the fact that Palin is a mother of 5 children still at home, with one still very much an infant…really should have gave McCain reason to pause before even considering her.  But it was his own selfishness and blind ambition which lead him to pick someone whom he felt could give his campaign the boast that it so direly needed.  And for a while she did.

But reality is reality…Sarah Palin is not ready.  And I say this coming out of the debates liking her.  Because I can truly admire her for attempting to do it…and not feeling that it was or is impossible.  It speaks to human strenght and depth of character.  So, clearly she is to be applauded…not joked or laughed at.  But then…perhaps it was equally…Palin’s blind ambitions which have also gotten her here. 

I have oftentimes wanted to do something…but knew I needed to learn something or do some other things before I would be ready to execute what it was that I was considering.  I am not one for under-rating yourself…or over-rating yourself.  I don’t like letting myself down or others.  When I have stepped through the door to do something…I have always stepped through it knowing that no one worked as hard as I had…to do what I do.  I guess you can say that I am wired to excell…never to under achieve…and always to give 101 percent.  And you can’t do that unless you have first prepared and worked hard to gather the skills and expertise it takes to fill a job.  Real success on any job or in any field cannot be done with in a few weeks and a crash course.  

As we get nearer and near to November…please keep in mind that your vote does count.  Your participation in this up coming election is curcial.  If we don’t do something to set the country back on course we will all loose…rich or poor…advantaged or disadvantaged…Main Street and Wall Street…from shore to shore.

Definitely hope that you are registerd for this upcoming Presidential Election.  It is so important…and may be the most important election of this century.   

Well, enjoy the rest of your day…and weekend. 
Please be sure to share this blog site with all your family, friend, neighbors…and just everybody. 
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Presidential Debate 1 Analysis… Palin… Paling




 Obama…   1.  Strong factual base

                   2.  Statistical facts to backup topics

                  3.  Presented actual future plans

                  4.  Clearly cited his goals as President

                 5.  Talk firmly about terrorist and Bin Linden

                 6.   Clearly defined past judgments which had been the right call

McCain…   1.  Never looked Presidential

                   2.  Joked and kidded around a bit too much

                  3.  Failed to fully layout or explain any explicit plans or goals he had as President

                 4.  Kept reminiscing too much and kept conjuring up Reagan’s name far too often

                5.  Failed to looked firm or tough…and refused to ever look Obama dead in the face or eye

               6.  Never explained anything fully or used facts or figures to back up much of what he said



Perhaps she once was an almost Miss Something or other…and maybe she will probably end up being an almost VP of the USA…but one thing is really certain Palin is paling.  And some might even say that she is down right ailing.

Out of the articulate, polished and informed women in the Republican Party what did McCain pick?

Republican women should really be outraged and angry.  Another beauty queen over smarts…this really should have enraged feminist everywhere.

First of all the woman has five (5) kids…who’s home with her infant baby and seeing after her other children?  At some point children need their mother.  And at the ages her children are…these are those years.  It is one thing to have grown children but entirely another when you are the mother of an infant child trying to convince folks how you can help to run the United States of America with a baby hanging off your shoulder.  The job is just too demanding and any employer would say ‘no.’  Because they realize that young children take up a lot of time…they get sick, there is school stuff…like conferences with teachers, going to pick up or see about children if there is a problem at school…trying to make sure you invest some quality time into your children…trying to balance work and family…etc.   And if you are any kind of mother…you are going to chose family…your children.

So, for Sarah Palin to say when John McCain asked her to become his running mate as the Vice President of this country and she says-

“I didn’t blink…I didn’t have to think twice about it.”

You have to wonder what kind of a mother is she?

I understand about working moms and women of the 20th and 21st century…but I don’t know one who would not have stopped and stepped back to consider what such a huge responsibility as being the Vice President of the United States of America would mean in terms of her family life and as being a mother to her children…or how it would impact her schedule and family.  And since Palin is a mother of 5 it is not likely she is not accustom to at some point in her life having to step back and to consider such a thing as-

“How am I going to work this out?”

“How can I rearrange my schedule?”

“Who can I get to baby-sit?”

“Are my family responsibilities right now too great for me to take on that now?”

“Do I have the time?”

A woman with a 7 month old infant, a very young daughter of 3 or 4, and 3 other children…she could not have been thinking about this country at all when she said that she didn’t blink when she was asked by  McCain to become his running mate…and neither was John McCain.

It will be interesting to see just how Palin performs tonight during the debates.  But all I can think about is all this time since getting on the ticket with McCain…she has been taking away from her family.  Now she is locked up in seclusion  at McCain’s estate trying to gear herself up for the debate…far from the cry’s of her baby’s and his midnight feedings.

If you want to see just how committed Palin will be to her duties as ‘would be VP’…all you really have to do is look at  how committed she has been to her family…as a mother and wife.  As a supposed woman of God…then she would know that it is God first and family second…and everything else falls into place after that.

A person who is committed is committed in all things.

If she can’t even be a mother to her own children…how in the world is she going to Vice President of the United States?

Definitely hope you are registered…this upcoming Presidential Election is so important.
Well, enjoy your day.


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Palin treatment… oh, give me a break!

I get so tired of hearing how Sarah Palin shouldn’t be treated. 

Well, then she needs to get out of the race if she can’t stand up to the heat or the test.  Because landing the second most important seat in America  demands that you must be able to stand on your own 2 feet at the very least.

First, you hear how Joe Biden has to be careful how he debates her.


Does the college debate coach tell his male debaters, “You’ve got to be careful how you debate the girls?”


This whole thing is absolutely absurb.

Debates have nothing to do with gender but everything to do with the mind, how one thinks, their feelings on certain topics etc.  So, just how does Sarah Palin’s sex play a role in how Joe Biden should debate her?

It doesn’t.

Palin can either handle it or she can’t.  And if she can’t then she certainly shouldn’t be in consideration for the second most powerful seat in America, where she could possibly find herself sitting in the top seat should anything happen to McCain.

So, those feminist who say, “Oh, why should they ask Palin that?”  or “Why should media ask Sarah Palin this?”    “They wouldn’t ask that of a man.”  

Then you feminist who want it one way but not the other…don’t turn around and say Sarah Palin should get into the boxing ring…and then tell Joe Biden he’s got to be careful how he jabs her, and he can’t throw any knock out punches.  While  Sarah Palin is free to swing and bite poor ol’ Joe any why she sees fit,  no bars limit.   

Talk about a bunch of double standards. 

I am all for women, but the women on my block can stand up to any man.  And when they need something to even or balance the playing field they are not afraid to grab up a frying pan or a pastry rolling pin to go at it. 

Maybe if Palin can’t handle it…maybe, she should just to go back to the kitchen and brush up on her pan handling or pin rolling techniques.

And yes, a mother with 5 kids, Sarah Palin should be at home caring for her children particularly if one of them is a new born (infant).  Just how is Sarah Palin expected to perform her offical duties as Vice President or possible President of the United States when her baby or any of her cildren is suffering with a 110 degree temperture and Russia is threatening to strike Bosnia and Iran launches its first nuclear weapon…and terrorist have just bombed Manhattan for the 2nd time?

Hope you’re registered?

Remember ‘…pass it on…’ 

God bless…and thanks for reading  ©2008

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Serena and Venus… at it again… Palin 2

Okay…okay.  Maybe I am a wee bit late.   But what about those Williams sisters?

Serena took the US Open Women’s Final for the…now get this….for the 3rd time.  This mind you after she and Venus were fresh off from Bijing and having brought home the gold in the Women’s Doubles.  And, of course, after Venuus took Wilbledon for the 5th time.

But as they had in England at Wimbledon, the 2 sisters had to meet up again…but this time it was in the Quarter Finals in Queens, New York this past weekend in the US Open…and Serena (rated as #4 in Women’s Tennis) and Venus (#7)  they went at it hard.  But Serena prevailed having won…7-6, 7-6.  It is hard to believe that in 2006 Serena was rated below the top 125 Women in World Tennis…a fall from #1 over 5 years ago.  After winning this past weekend…she is back at World #1 female tennis player.

What a year for Venus and Serena Williams…chi-ching

Their parents must be…and family at large must be extremely proud of them.  And what absolutely great role models they are for young children, teens and others around the world. 

Their’s is truly a telling story of what belief in yourself, detemination, fighting against the odds, defying the odds, depth of character and a great family foundation can do for any child.,-Jankovic-to-meet-for-U.S.-Open-title


While the Republicans are wildly applauding Sarah Palin, I have some serious doubts about her.

For one thing…yes, I do believe women are capable…and many times more than capable  of doing things over and above many men.  But when a woman has 5 children…she is vastly limited…if indeed she has any concerns concerning the care  and the personal development of her children. 

This morning while sitting in class my professor read the NY Times article about Palin and how she had kept her last pregnancy secret…even from own her parents and children.  The story tells how a very pregnant Palin went off on various trips knowing that her amniotic fluid was leaking.

What woman does that?

Already knowing that her last child was going to be faced with certain challenges…why would Palin jeopardize her child even further?

Though Palin claimed that she would become an advocate for families with special needs children…what about having been an advocate for her own child when he needed it most?  While he was still in her womb.  She seemed to have had no care about him and his possible life altering problems with her amniotic fluid leaking.

It sounds to me very much that the loving caring mother that Palin tries to present to the public may really not so loving and caring after all.  Just where was all that love and caring when it came to her own child…whom she had been informed would have Down Syndrome?  Yet, chose to ignor that his very life support…her amniotic fluid was leaking.

How could she have subjected that little child still in her womb with such a nonchalant attitude for his well being knowing that her amniotic fluid was leaking?  Instead of bed rest…she chose to fly off and do things which put that child’s life at even a greater risk…to the point where the child was born a whole month before it’s due date.  Thank goodiness for that or he may have died.

What in the world could she have been thinking?

It sounds more like to me she was trying to use her own form of birth control.

Almost immediately after giving birth to her last child, she returned to her office and resumed her duties as Governor of Alaska only some 3 days later.  Healthy though her new born may have been and is…but the fact that he came a whole month early and that his mother had been leaking amniotic fluid signals that he might have needed a bit more attention following his birth just to ensure that he was really alright. 

But that is not what Sarah Palin did.  I’m not saying she should have taken off some time…but she could have set up an office in her home and worked in between caring for new born baby.  And now with her baby just 7 months olds…she has decided to hit the trail and go stomping as VP canidate to the White House.

So, when does she slow down to take care of her family?

Do they have any importance to her?

Okay, maybe she was a soccer mom…but I would like to know just how active a soccer mom she was?

Or maybe somewhere down the line she turned in her soccer mom hat for her own blind ambitions too.

I fail to see where Sarah Palin is a champion of anything…at all.

And frankly while watching the Republican Convention…I kept looking at her youngest daughter and thinking-

“Why hadn’t anybody combed her hair?”

I’m not trying to be mean…but truthful.  It is what I thought. 

I come from a family of 8 children and whether it was off to school or to church…or anywhere…there were things my mother never overlooked in terms of our care and appearance.   My brothers stayed in my father’s barber chair and we (girls) were always getting our hair done…daily by our mother up until the time she started taking us to the beauty salon.  And I will not talk about our clothes or shoes…but we were very well maintained…all 8 of us.  I would not expect to see anything less of any mother but even more so of a woman the stature of Sarah Palin.

We have special needs children in our home…my parents adopted one…but both have been in our house for over 22 years…in fact they are a part of us.  Since they both are males…when my brothers got their hair cut so didn’t both Johnny and Eddie.  And they were both as equally maintained as we were when it came to our clothes and shoes etc.  My parents never made themselves look good and left us around looking like something else.  No…no…

Sarah Palin seems to be a mother more concerned about herself than her children…and wanting to sit in the 2nd most busiest and important office in the country rather than considering herself with the needs of  her young children.   Every decision she has made thus far speaks to that…she has little to no time for her family…and since she has young children they require time.   Especially, since she will soon also be a grandmother.  And anybody who has special needs children knows for certain that they can take up more of your time…if indeed you care about them.

Well, hope you have a beautiful day.  I’ve got to dash to my next class…and grab something to eat.  Remember ‘…pass it on…’ 

God bless…and thanks for reading  ©2008

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RNC…in a word ‘boring’…. Lieberman …Palin

I have been trying to catch the Republican National Convention and hadn’t had much success…until last night.  It lacked the excitement of the Democratic Convention and the overall enthusiasm of the Democratics.  In fact, the auditorum seemed to be filled more with a bunch of people who really seemed as though they didn’t want to be there.  And I really couldn’t blame them.  They had no music…and they definitely seemed to be not having any fun.  Based upon the shots, it would seem that even the TV camera crews had a hard time finding interesting coverage to shoot…not even of people talking and smiling at each other.

And as small as that venue looked to be many large sections were also left open and quite vacant.

Poor Republicans even their offers of free buses to get people there didn’t seem to work.

And was it ever so boring…with a capital “B.”

If you believe in luck…even that didn’t seem to be on McCain’s side either…as the first night of their convention everything was cut short due to Harrican Gustav.  Which I guess really gave them an excuse for ending a dismal turnout and dull evening of events during night one.

However, that turn-coat Joe Liberman seemed to be right at home amongst all those Republicans last night.  He even for the first time that I’ve seen him at a potium…seemed relaxed and right at home while socking it his ‘so’ called fellow Democratics.  In fact, Joe seemed to down right enjoy it…and way too much.  The man has no pride…and honestly, no integrity.

No matter what McCain’s reasoning was concerning his pick of Sarah Palin…it could never be equal to the pick that Barack Obama made when he chose Joseph Biden as his running mate.  And try as they will…Palin is a hard sale because if for no other reason…nobody knows her.  So, between now and November the McCain crew is going to have spend lots of money tring to introduce what they hope will be an Ace in the hole.

Only thing though…Palin has a 17 year old daughter…after 5 months (about as long as her mother has been mayor)…of walking around pregnant and not married…is suddenly on her way to the alter.  Sounds like a shot-gun wedding to me. 

Under no circumstance had the shoe been on the other foot…if Obama had a daughter who was pregnant and out-of-wedlock could he have dared to have hoped to get within a stone’s throw of the White House.  No, he and his daughter would have just been another statistic concerning the woes of black folks.  This is something commonly known as ‘double standards’…something that black people can tell you a lot about.

But for Palin’s daughter

“Oh, these things happen.”

“You know how the kids are today.”

Yeah…well, if Sarah Palin is or was such a good administrator how come she couldn’t have managed her own home fires a lot better? 

Oh, I know kids do what they want to…but some of them have a bit more respect.  Some rebel just to get attention.  While others walk, act and talk like they come from something…‘called good home training.’     And no matter what people say…there are still some girls who ‘say no’…to drugs, sex or anything else negative or that could profoundly impact their lives…or cause an embarrassment to their family.

Simply saying it’s how things are today…really does not make it okay….and honestly it is not enough.  But it does speak to something that very well may be lacking in Palin…as it was with the Bush’s…who couldn’t control their daughters either.

Whatever happened to raising up good wholesome children without any excuses?

There is probably a lot more about that Palin family to be uncovered…it is in the family pictures.  They seem a bit too clean cut…to…to unreal…and natural.  Not the happy home they try to depict.

Sorry, Obama.

Though Obama has called for the media to lay off Palin’s family…if the shoe were on the other foot…the Republicans would be having a feeding frenzy on him and his family.  And it would be none ending.  But even in this…speaks volumes to the man whom Barack Obama is.

Jimmy Carter had his brother…but lets face it…they were both grown men by the time Carter went into the White House.  And there just wasn’t much Carter could do with dear ol’ Billy.

Well, hope you had a beautiful day.  I had a busy weekend for the past couple of weekends…and classes got started back today.  Can’t say if I am happy or not about it.  I’ll have to let you know that some future time…as I am still undecided.  Though I had thought about taking some time off…but then I would have wished I was in class.  So, I didn’t do that.  

Since my broadband service is out…I had to go back to watching a little TV in order to see the Republican Convention.   Thank goodness for PBS…otherwise I would be lost…as I don’t have cable.  

Well, God bless…  and ‘pass it on…’  ©2008

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