About me…

Hi, happy you decided to check out this page.

Perhaps you would like to know a little ‘about’ me.


There really isn’t much to tell really…because most of what I would tell you…you probably would not believe because I have done so much…as you may read in my blogs.

I have been a school teacher, a professional radio announcer (for most of my life), a writer, producer, director, and a film and video editor, an entrepreneur…having started, owned and operated several various businesses from concert promotions, to a film production company and multi-media advertising business…and more.

Currently, some call me a professional student…but I would never call me that.  However, the marketplace has changed so very rapidly with the onset of computers…everything in media changed after centuries of operating virtually as they had from the beginning when media first emerged.  When the computers came…they turned the industry upside down with all this new software and then there’s HD, the internet…and everything else.

So, over a period of few years what had been for centuries suddenly became obsolete.

Radio suddenly integrated with computers…voice tracking, satellites, down-streaming, up-loading and down-loading, editing and programming software etc.

Suddenly even new language rapidly started invading every workplace.  And to not learn it meant being left out in the cold.  And I don’t like the cold that much.

So, I started taking classes to update myself…to date I have learned Photoshop, Quark, Illustrator, Director, Dreamweaver, Final Cut, Avid, Adobe Premier, Flash, Audition, FrontPage, Motion  etc…etc..not to mention all the Civil Engineering stuff I’ve learned including CAD, Revit and drawing floor plans by hand…and all in just a few semesters.  Learning it was a lot of fun…but I not only learned it…I became quite versed in all of it…including a little Chinese and piano too.

Most recently I just completed writing my second book…which is actually my third book…2 fiction and 1 autobiographical.  Oh, yeah…I forgot one1 political essay on Bush.  None of which have been published yet…but my book “THE BISHOP’S WIFE” is currently at a publisher in the process to be released.   Have to let you know when it is out and where it can be purchased…if you care to buy it.  Might even be able to do that right here over my blog site.

If asked who or what I am…I would have to say foremost…a writer.  It is what I do the most of…and have enjoyed doing since I was very young…perhaps even small.  Though by profession they would say…I am a radio announcer.  I have continuously been in and out of that business for many many years.  I guess you are never really ever out of it…just periodically resting from it.

Oh, yes…the ‘101’ in my name comes from the title of my feature film, “LIFE 101…da real skool”…currently in pre-production.  Keep an eye for that in a theater near you.

www.bsmith101.wordpress.com …I hope that you find this site interesting, informative and at times even entertaining.

Definitely hope that you enjoy my blogs…and feel free to comment.  Also, pass this site address on to your friends, family, co-workers…just anybody who you happen to have an email address for.   www.bsmith101.wordpress.com  Thanks and keep reading.   God bless…                                                    …just me.

And if you would like to reach me…you can just submit me a comment and I will get back to you. I read these things 2 to 4 times a day…all day long.  When I am writing these blogs I can never catch all the errors until after I post the blogs.

So, since I hate errors…I end up reading over these blogs several times after they have been posted…trying to tweak them into something worth reading.  And hopefully discovering all the errors.

Well, thank you again for reading this…and them.

Special Note…UPDATE 2/23/2009:   I am now completed with all my studies…I now s10325531hold a BA in Political Science and Communication with minors in English, History and Human Relations.  My book, THE BISHOP’S WIFE, is at the publishers and finally coming into the printing stage (had to get another publisher).  I will keep you posted and up dated on that.

Also…my official website will soon be up, bsmith101.com.  On it you will be able to read excerpts from my book, as well as, excerpts from my shooting script of ‘LIFE 101:da real skool’…my movie which is due to go into production soon…excerpts from one of my plays, etc.  and you will also be able to see and hear me..as I have included some sound files from ggtg/radio…another project of mine…as well as, giving you the ability to check out some new music from new and emerging artist whom I View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledBythink are phenomenal.

It has always been my great pleasure to assist others with their endeavors.  And every opportunity I get to do it…I do.

I am a believer that competition is the spice of life.  But also there is nothing better than being perhaps able to open the door for others.   And I also strongly believe…that we have not been gifted to keep anything to ourselves.  Why would I have learned all that I have learned…only to sit around and smile to myself about having done so?my picture croped

Share it, baby…share it.

God is good…and I have been highly blessed.  And still am.

***And yes…the picture above is really me.  Sorry, if it is not what you may have imagined.  But it is what God has given me.  Most of my life during my early radio years…I had a problem.  People heard me over the radio…loved the voice…but I was never what they imagined.  I saw the disappointment in all of their faces.  Today, I laugh over it…it is funny how time changes things.

Here is the book trailer for my book, THE BISHOP’S WIFE, which I created last summer.

Also, I have finally begun to really create my website, www.bsmith101.com.  I have tons of  jpg’s and sound files, photos and other things to add to it…including more pages and a far better layout design.   The site is nowhere nears where I want it to be.  But it is a start…and that is the most that I can say about it.

But on my site currently you can read a few excerpts from my book, though the ‘buy now’ link is not working.  But again… it is a start.

Over time I will grow the site, so please do not expect too much at this time.  I just wanted to let you know that I am working on it.  I did not take all those classes for nothing… I will figure this thing out.  You just wait and see… because I want it to be a place where you enjoy visiting to check out what’s new from me… or what I am saying about whatever.  But for now it is what little it is… www.bsmith101.com …enjoy.  I have also included a sampling of  some of the questions found in my book…which later on you will be able to insert your answers or responses directly under each question.

So…thanks…and keep reading.

And…oh, yes…  If you wish to purchase my book, THE BISHOP’S WIFE… you can order it here through my blog ….

Or via authorhouse.com, amazon.com, barnes&nobles.com, filedby.com…etc…etc… or just plain order it through your local bookstore.  The choice is yours.

UPDATE #2…9/2/2012: Well, THE BISHOP’S WIFE has been published.  Sales are moving along… surprisingly well.  CLICK on this LINK to part of a chapter or 2.


UPDATE:Wednesday, April 16, 2014…. Well, if you have gone over the internet to find my official website 0don’t worry nobody else could find it either. It is not that I have not been working on it. After entering into contracts with a couple of web providers and having to demand my money back… I guess you can say I became somewhat disenchanted. However, I did do a little something something on wix… but I never got around to booksstackxxfinishing it. It amazed that I could built that site in about 45 minutes… and then I never went back to finish it. But here is the link to it if you want to check it out.  http://xaalis.wix.com/bsmith101

That is pretty amazing isn’t it. But wix could not leave good enough alone. They changed their whole site…and I just cannot figure it out. Most of those tools that allowed me to do all of what I did wix removed them. I really can’t understand websites that just can’t leave things alone.   And here is a good LINK to read segments of my book, THE BISHOP’S WIFE…here: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/read/9781467055437page_1_thumb_large

Currently, as of the first of this year I began a brand new Christian Fiction book called…  Well, I will give you the title later.  I don’t want anyone to steal my title before I actual have the book published.  It is a hot 1… but if you read my book, THE BISHOP’S WIFE, I hqdefault-1do hope you enjoyed it.  And please forgive the errors in it.  I tried to get friends and quintessences to proof it for me but it was to no avail.  None of them did… and I was so crossed eyed after looking at that text for I don’t know how many months… that everything looked perfect to me.  But I plan on republishing without the errors.  So, thank you so very much for bearing with me and for your purchase of my book.  At some point I will find time in my schedule to publish my official website…but right now besides the book I started in January… I am also producing a podcast called, SEGMENT #1…I have added a youtube video of it below.  And I am so some graphic arts work for a well known gospel artist… may give you more on that hqdefaultlater.

Who knows… but I am busy and very blessed… and I thank the Lord profusely for it.

Thanks…and if you have already purchased my book… thank you so very much.  I hope you found it to be a good read, and that you found the story both interesting and well worth your purchase.  I would love to get your feedback.  Please send me your comments.  If you have not purchased THE BISHOP’S WIFE here’s another book trailer of it for you.


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