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Celebrating women… Mrs. Dorothy Height’s passing… and women we cannot applaud …what some women won’t do…

I don’t know where you live…but here where I live it’s cold.  And I do mean cold.

This morning before leaving out I made me a bowl of  Cream of  Wheat.  Then I made sure I put on a coat.

Yes, a coat.  Because…    Well, because it is cold.

Though in speaking with one of my mother’s cousin’s I found out that they are having 90 degree weather in Florida.  Wow…90 degree weather already.  It is going to be smoldering there in Florida this coming summer if those kind of temperatures hold up.

But here it has been cold.  And though I had been denying it.

I am now ready to face the hard and very cold facts…it’s cold.  And I am not imagining it.

So, getting off the bus with my mind set on getting in the house and having myself a big hot bowl of  steaming soup, but I decided to head in the opposite direction upon stepping off the bus instead.

Yes, my conscience was bothering me… because I haven’t blogged in a short while.  So, I decided that even if  I just started it tonight then I could finish it tomorrow.  And that would be so much better than not getting started with this at all.

So, that is just what I am doing.   Because I have so much I want to talk about… I just know that there is no way that I am going to be through before this lab closes at 11 PM tonight…and it is just about 7:30 PM now.

First, let me start by mentioning the passing of  Mrs. Dorothy Height.  Though I had never met her, I certainly did know of her.

Mrs. Height along with her many years of work as a Civil Rights activist, and as head  of the National Council of  Negro Women… she was also known for her signature hats which she always sport without fail through the years.

Ida B.Wells "stands apart as the most recognizable and effective antilynching crusader in history."

She passed on Tuesday, April 20th in Washington, DC after several weeks of  illness.  It is sad to hear that she suffered.  But truly she exemplified all theMerle Evers Williams strengths and character of  the women with whom she had the great fortune and I am sure pleasure to walk Former slave who helped lead the Underground Railroad.among… such as Mary McLeon Bethune, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Betty Shabazz, Coretta Scott King,  Myrlie Evers, Ida B. Wells, Shirley Chisholm, Fannie Lou Hamer, Barbara Jordan, Bernice Reagon, Bessie Coleman and so many others.

Women upon whose shoulders we their daughters and grand-daughters now stand.  And what I see in these women is a vast amount of humility and a humbleness you do not see in the spirit of  people of  today.  When you view the video clips BELOW of  Mrs. Height you will exactly what I mean.–Twenty-Great-Arfrican-American-Women

It is odd that I am writing this blogg on this topic today.  I never plan these things and never have any idea where I am going when I first start.  And believe me that some people have written me pointing that out to me.  But I welcome your comments…good or bad…or indifferent feel free to comment or drop me a note or 2.

Since this past Sunday was Mother’s Day…you really would have thought I had planned this.  But I did not.

I love celebrating women…and it has nothing to do with me being a past lesbian.

Maybe it is that my mother was a woman…my grand-mother was one…my great grand-mother was one… and all my aunts and nieces and most of my friends are one.  And I think of them as being phenomenal people…and women.  Clearly, Mrs. Height and all the women that I mentioned above were phenomenal women…but the women I am going to mention now are not.  Some how they both fell well below the mark.

Many times while surfing over the internet looking for things…mostly to buy…I sometimes come across things or an article that sparks my saying something.  And these 2 stories did just that…though one of  them I saw on the Oprah Show.

But this story I came across over the internet.  In reading it …it made me wonder-

“What women won’t do for a man.”

Women on Death Row - Linda Carty What this women did was insane…and she is not the first.  Though if  I were a  Judge…she would have never been able to walk into my court with such an excuse…though I do not know exactly what her lawyer or lawyers plead for during her court trial.  But if I had been the Judge it would not have been that…because what this woman did and the reason behind it was so sorted and sick …and just  plain selfishness.

This woman was a grandmother…and had been a school teacher…who at the time she committed this heinous crime against a young mother…she was 42 years old.

She was not some uneducated woman out in the streets.  But I guess we may all very well agree that her mind wasn’t half as good or as decent as many of  those women who we so often look down upon, when we come across them.

I will not call this woman’s name…not because I fear being sued or anything.  But I do not want to add to her ever becoming famous or known.  I feel she should go down into the depths without fanfare or pity.  She was indeed evil.  Her mind was without a doubt twisted…and she did it for a man.

This is what she did…she sought out some woman who was pregnant along with a group of  thugs…beat and killed…and tortured.  Then she stole the woman’s infant child to pretend that the child was her’s in an attempt to fool some man…with the hopes of  being able to keep him.

You can read the story if you like…the LINKS are BELOW.  But what kind of  woman would have done such a thing?

And I think what bothered me more about this story is that there are those rallying to keep her from being executed for the insane criminal act which she committed.

I am sorry…and yes I am very much a Christian.  But I have no tolerance for people who allow the devil to use them in such a vile and evil way.  And by judging my her most recent picture she seems to be highly content.

We have all…I imagine…been the recipient of  some vile and most evil thoughts.  The kind of  thoughts that came to us that were so foreign to us.  It was some insane maybe even immoral act…or something that we would never imagine doing.  Something that we  totally rejected even the thought of  it…or thoughts of it.

And yes…I too have experienced it.

I have a cousin who told me of such an incident which occurred with her.  She told me that she used to be an alcoholic, and once while sitting at a table the thought came to her to get up from the table where she was sitting.  She said she was told to take up a fork and begin stabbing a baby…a little infant that was nearby…and to stab it to death.

My cousin told me that at that moment  is when she realized she had to stop drinking.  She recognized the thought at being crazy and that it had frightened her…because the impulse to do it was so strong.  And she said that she never drink again since that night.

In looking up info for this blog I came across information on Malcolm X’s grandson.  The grandson who set his grand-mother on fire while she laid sleeping.  Betty Shabazz suffered for nearly 2 months or more before finally succumbing to those injuries.

I have often wondered about her grandson whom she loved so much…a problem child…and perhaps is still troubled today.  A child that she loved so much that she rather to have him come live with her than to see him placed some place and  locked away, because no one could control him.  And at the age of  12 he killed his own grand-mother.

What I have thought about on the times I have since reflected on him…was what went through his head that he would have done such a thing to someone who loved him so dearly?

It cannot be argued that some of  toughest demons to resist are those which live inside of us.  It is sad.  But when crazy thoughts come into our minds we must with all our might resist them.  A very large part of  it is learning how to pray…and how to call upon the name of  the Lord.   It is what my cousin did.   And it works…I know it for myself.

Now, on to the story I watched on Oprah last Thursday or Friday.

I had been in New York when the story broke…but like most people over time I had forgotten it.  But if  I thought the woman I wrote about above was evil that goes doubly for Vanessa Jackson…whom one of my brothers informed me was a member of the Church of God in Christ.

Note in the picture above…you will notice that 4 of the children look like something is wrong with them.  They are different from the other children…not quite as well dressed…and if you look real closely you see that they were not as well…

Well, healthy looking…meaning not well nourished.  Because they were not.  That woman and her husband straved those little boys…while she, her husband and their biological  children all eat well and seemed to be quite happy.

I do remember this story when it first broke…

Some neighbors called 911 because late one night they heard a noise outside their window.  And when they looked out they thought they saw what looked to them like a very young child rampaging through their garbage looking for food.

That young child was the boy in the picture to the right of the woman.  The little tiny boy who looks so light and fragile.  He was actually 19 years old and weighed under 60 pounds.  And look at her own children…some of them quite plumb… as well as, she and her husband.

I was dumbfounded when I listened to Oprah interview the brothers of that boy.

How could anyone be so heartless and so cruel?

These people called themselves ‘saved.’  They took those boys to church with them and their other children every Sunday.   These people adopted those boys.

On the show the boys told how the woman would dress them in 3 or 4 sweaters under their clothes to make them appear fatter.  How we gave them pancake mix to eat…and would tell them that they only had ‘x’ amount of time to eat it.

What kind of  depraved people exist in this world?

Is money that important?

Vanessa Jackson and her husband, who has since died while in prison, went to church where they…I hope…were taught ‘love’…and that it is better to give than to receive.  But somehow they felt that taking and cheating…and being evil and cruel was a better way.

They straved those little boys…and aided in seriously debilitating their growth, physically and mentally.

I could never love money that much.  The world is filled with sick and degenerate people.  I am so thankful to God that He gave me a mind to not to be 1 of them.  And I hope that you aren’t either.

My Mother’s Day started with my cousin Jean…who loves reading her name in my blogs…waking me up early.  It was then followed by my son telling me to get up and get dress because he was taking me to breakfast.

He greeted with a large bouquet of flowers in a tea cup.  They are so beautiful…and I love my tea cup.View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledBy

I hope your Mother’s Day was great too…or that you did something especially special for your mom or wife.2ab-the-bishop-wifecover

And what do you know it is not 11 o’clock yet.   I must be getting better at this…because I am just about finish with this blog.

Well, God bless…and hope that you have a beautiful day tomorrow.

And if it is cold where you are…  Don’t forget about a bowl of  Cream of Wheat before going out…or a nice hot bowl of  4_printer_Promo_Cars_b_smith2oat meal.

And don’t you dare leave out without your coat.

And God bless….

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  ©2010

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Obama and Hillary…I can’t get to that…

I read where Obama personally wrote Hillary Clinton a check for some $4,000 + dollars towards her senseless debt. 

As long as she was spending her own money on her own campaign…I do not see any reason why anyone should her bills for her.  She knew as she continued to pour more and more into that sink ship she called a campaign that she was going way overboard.  But nooo she didn’t care…because as much as she would like all of us to believe that she didn’t…she really could see the numbers for herself and she knew who was going to be the Party nominee.  And the numbers never once said to Hillary that it was going to be her.

So, why pour in all that money?

I said it before in a eariler blog of mines…she did it because she knew she was going to try to railroad Obama into paying her back her own money.  Thereby sabotaging him by trying to to deplete the funds that have been contributed to him to run his own campaign.

He should have just plain told her “no” and let that have been the end of it.

Lets face it do you really believe that Hillary Clinton wants Barack Obama to win?

She might be out on the campaign trail with him, but is her heart in it?

How could her heart possibly be into helping someone who at every twist and turn during the Democratic Primaries she tried to sabotage?

She was bitter down to the very end.  And continuously and tirelessly tried to ensure that Obama come November would not stand a running chance.  She was like a viper spewling out poison with vitriol.   And highly toxic she was.

Then how could you expect such a woman to turn around and suddenly become your ally?

It is out of sync.

When she finally came around somewhat and claimed she liked and respected Obama…that was nothing but pure jibarous.  Something she said because the Party forced her to.

Obama, after all, had stolen her glory, her undying legacy of forever being locked in the annals American History…he stole her thunder.  And he did it with grace, with ease, with style, with youthfulness, with zeal, without malace and without breaking a sweat. 

Whereas, Hillary sweated every primary, every debate, every question by the press…she sweated.  And when sweating couldn’t get it…she cried.

Hillary saw her stinging moment in history just breeze by her from day one when Idaho lead the way. 

Obama was like a gazelle…swift and graceful dashing to the end of the race from the word “go!”

“This election…this primary it should have been mines.”

“What is he doing?”

“Doesn’t he know who I am?”

“I’m Hillary Clinton the first woman President of the United States.  The first First Lady to ever emerge as a canidate for the Oval Office.  The first woman Commander and Chief.  That’s me.  Does’t…does’t he know…who I…I am…”

“…et tu, Brutus?”

The venom that Hillary spewed out can’t be withdrawn.  She planted her bitterness in the hearts of many of the people who supported her…and that was her intention.  It did not happen by error.  Her desire was that since it could not be her…she was going to do her best to throw the race to the White House for Obama…by insighting race, bigotry, hatred, ignorance and a little something she learned from George Bush…that always works. 


Hillary continuously yelled foul and cried out sexism.  She who had come from Corporate America before leaving Arkansas with Bill. 

What could be more racist and sexist than Corporate America? 

Though yes…I must say that Corporate America has made some in-roads over the years.  They certainly have far more minorities, Hispanic, African-American, Asian and women  etc. heading up large corporations today than ever before.  But yet those down the chain still face the trials and burdens of sexism and racism everyday…and some of those at the top, as well.

Hillary would call attention to things singling them out as being sexist or chuvinistic playing to the sentiments of women.  And they bought it line, hook and sinker.

And to some degree I believe Obama has bought into it, as well. 

My sentiment on the matter is this.

If Obama has gotten this far with Hillary pulling down on him…imagine just how much further he can go now that that albatross is from around his neck. 


I have never understood the whoola over Hillary and the excitement of her being the first Woman President.

Perhaps, I just missed something.

But I never understood what Hillary being the first Woman President would do for me as a woman. 

I come from a family that taught if you want something you have to go out and work for it.  And you had to work harder and smarter than most people.  That is how we grew up.  Now, how is Hillary becoming President going to effect some kind of change for me?

Now, Obama…  I can right off tell you what his being voted into the White House would do for my son, for the boys in my neighborhood, for the young black men in prison.  What an up-lift after being on the under-belly for so long.

I saw what a great role model he was.  An educated mind who was not afraid to give back.  A politician with real genuineness…and where can you find that in politics?  Certainly not in Hillary.

I saw the pluses for America in him immediately. 

What other President had lived and went to school abroad in various countries?  He had had an opportunity to know and see how other people live, think and feel.  He is not colored by the one-way preception of our Western Culture and thinking.  This gives him a better and broader  prespective on the world and world issues that no other President has never had or been able to bring to the table before him.

There are just so many pluses with Obama as President that clearly just being woman…well, that alone could never quite be enough…not for me.

Though I must say, I would be the first to say don’t count women out.  There are some women who could run rings around Hillary. 

I liked Geraldine Ferraro and would have loved to have seen her go all the way when she ran.  I also loved Shirley Chisholm and Angela Davis when they ran for the White House.  I loved loved loved Ann Richards…she was fantasic…and I frankly can’t see how George W. Bush could have fairly have won anything from her.  In 2004 Carol Braun Moseley, also out of Chi-town, ran for the White House.  Maxine Walters and many of the other Black Women in Congress, I really not only love them but hold them with the highest regard and respect, and admire their relentlessness diligence in regards to doing their jobs well for their constituents.  Those women are some bad sisters.  And that lady governor in Michigan…that lady…she’s something.

But Hillary?????


Gena Davis maybe.  I absolutely loved her in that show “Commander and Chief.”  She really was so Presidential…and at 6’2″ or something up there…lets just say she commands attention.

And if you want to see another show that shows a woman in leadership…you simply have to see this movie that ran for a few nights on PBS.  It was about a woman who managed a grocery story who somehow finds herself running for Minister of England.  She wins and she has the patience and grace, yet smarts and compassion, and no prior experience in politics but yet she manages to move a country in way that it had never moved before.  A definite must see for any woman aspiring to run for the top seat in the country. 

But Hillary???


I have seen women…real women who commanded authority, walked with dignity, spoke with power and looked on with humility, knew how to gather up their  humility, sucked it up but never stopped, pushed when they were suppose to be too weak and crying,  showed strength when needed as others cowed down…sat in a seat when others walked to the back and stood up and never said a word as they lead her to jail.

Women who stood crying when they had no power because their families were being thrown apart.

Women who poked out their chin and held up their head and kept on walking.

Women who lead underground railroads, carried shot guns and weren’t afraid to use them.

Women who commanded attention delivering speeches speaking in broken Engish…but everyone understood when she cried…   “Now, ain’t I a woman?”

Women who scrubbed and cleaned and ironed clothes for a living and never asked anybody for a dime.

And Hillary is a millionaire…and how dare she intrude upon Obama’s sense of Party Unity to hit him up for even 50 cents to impart upon her for a debt she rode up knowing that she was not going to be responsible for paying back.  A leisure that most everyday people, whom she claimed to be so akin to, just couldn’t afford to do…not without having to go to jail.

They call it passing bad checks.

So, Hillary doesn’t deserve one penny from Obama.  He owes her nothing.  Yet he has never said one bad thing about her.  For that alone she should more than happy to support him.  For he has shown that saying in Bible where it states, “…Do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you…”

I’m suppose to be sleeping right now because by this time tomorrow night we will be on the road to Detroit.  And I am looking forward to it.  Going to a big church convention…an annual event.  And it is my first time going.  I look forward to sitting in on as many workshops and sessions I can possibly sit in on.  But I will not go to Detroit without stopping by Motown.  I cannot go to Detroit and not go to Motown…I just can’t.

I will be writing when I can…and I am sure that I will have a lot to say.  For as you can see…I’m pretty wordy.  Can’t help it…it comes with being highly opinionated.  Hopefully I am generating some thought though.

Well, hope you have a great 4th…  Thanks for reading my blog.  Remember I welcome your responses…so feel free.   And if you get out on the highway…please drive carefully.  I’m taking the laptop with me so I will be writing through the week and weekend.

It is 3:53 in the a.m. and I am due to have a long day tomorrow.  Oh, it’s already tomorrow…  God bless….  2008©

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