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Michelle Obama delivers…

Her simple elegance and charm more than rose for the occasion.  Her beauty and intellect combined with passion for her family, children, parents and husband radiated all through her.

She was gracious and poised…didn’t come out wearing a $10,000 something by such and such…or burden down with fancy jewelry.  She was simple and that spoke volumes about the family that will be replacing the Bush’s in the White House.

She didn’t get bogged down in political rhetoric.  No, this was from the heart and she spoke it like someone having a conversation with a friend.  Her sincerity was written upon her face.  There was no showboating or trying to be cool…or even trying to look super elite…or ‘I have arrived.’  She was just a woman who loved a man, had bared him children and was trying to shed some light on who they and he were.

From the moment Michelle Obama hit the stage she was a winner…she grew up being a winner…had winning parents…and later married a man who is also a winner and knows the work and effort it takes to win.

The 2 of them had learned from their parents…how to work for what they wanted…that life wasn’t easy…and that in it you have joy and pain…but by applying yourself you could increase your odds against having much pain…and greater than necessary struggles…and, also, how to abide in the light of hope.  And to always…always keep an eye out in order to help others.

They learned that it doesn’t hurt to look back and give back.  They learned that earning lots and  lots of money is nice…but it doesn’t satisfy the soul. 

They learned that life was bigger than just themselves…and that its greatest assets were those around them whom they could shed a little sunlight into their lives…or give them reason to hope for a better tomorrow.

Michelle gave a champion of a speech…and she delivered it better than most of us could because she told it from her heart.  It was her story…an American story of how people all around this country triumph over the odds.  How maybe they shouldn’t have but they did.  How they pursued when others would have turned back and said-

“My father is too sick.”

“We don’t have the money.”

“I can’t do it.”

Naw…true champions overcome the odds…no matter what they are.

Michelle Obama may well become the Princess Di’ of the United States.

And Obama’s sister was equally as beautiful and intelligent.  What a great family…on both sides.

Senator Ted Kennedy

In my opinion he has always been under-rated.  Perhaps the single most Liberal Democratic (and never been afraid to be called one) in the US Senate.  He has always fought for the ‘less than’…those in most in ‘need of’.    And of course, I will always remember how he slashed out at those nastier than usual Republicans at their unmerciful and shameful threatment of Anita Hill when she was forced to Capitol Hill to testify against Clarence Thomas.

Last night he was like a little boy in a candy store.  Happy to be there…and they welcomed him with loving arms.  And he chuckled and grinned most of the way through it.  What a great moment in history.

Hope you are registered.  November promises to be a great time and historical.

I caught the convention on LIVE and I must say that I am so happy that they were streaming it…as well, as the Primaries.  Without them I would be lost…it is great to have these news sources working diligently trying to insure that people around the world have access to viewing these events.

Well, hope you have a beautiful day.  I am gearing up for a long hard weekend…got lots to do.   God bless…  and ‘pass it on…’  ©2008

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Analysis…Obama/Biden Ticket

Who wrote that crumby story “Biden Pick Shows Lack of Confidence”?

Are you crazy?

Who are you trying to kid?

It shows brillance, forethought, courage…and the ability to make a good sound choice when the cards say-

“Pick a woman.”


“Pick a Hispanic.”


“Pick someone from a large Red State who can deliver that state for you.”

No, Barack Obama doesn’t make foolish moves.  He is wise, focused and knows what his real needs are, and will be when he gets into the White House.

He didn’t make a hasty decision but a reflective one…and the reflection that came back to him as he stood looking down in the waters….was Joe Biden.

And they are going into the White House come January 2009…because they are going to win on November 4, 2008.

Obama has his eye on the prize…and it is not who he picked that would have made much difference to that.  Biden or no one else is responsible for Obama’s walk into destiny…but him and God.

God bless…  ‘pass it on…’

Now, if you care to…you can read that dumb story…called…Obama lack of confidence is why he chose Biden.   What a dumb story…completely Republican.

Get out and vote…come November. Let your voice be heard.…pass it on…’  ©2008

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Joseph Biden, Obama’s choice… history in making

It was no secret to me.

There could have been no better choice or a person who I think compliments the Obama ticket more than Joseph Biden.

If you want to see the reasons as to why I think Joe Biden was a sensible and most logical choice…you’ve got to read my other blog… …and CLICK on Biden’s name under Barack Obama in the colum to the right.

Having picked Joseph Biden…merely means to me that Obama is really taking this thing seriously.  And he is ready to…or should I say…has been playing to win all along.   That really is something which he had made quite clear fairly early in his bid to the White House, from day one.

Obama didn’t graduate off the streets…go to Princeton…and come through Harvard…to get stupid now.  No, his ever move…in my opinion have been ‘ordered’ by God.   This is destiny…and we are all bearing witness to it. 

Barack Obama could have made a lot of other choices that might have possibly given him more possible momentum…and maybe a few more votes…like picking Bill Richardson of New Mexico.  This, of course, would have garnered Obama much more enthusiasm and trust in the Hispanic community.  It would have been an easy choice…but Obama went with his heart.

No doubt there are going to be people who will be disappointed.  Namely…Hillary and her crew…just to name a few.

But had they been in Obama’s shoes…and wanting to pick the best person for the job-

“Would they have done anything less…or chosen differently?”

I have hired many people…and it only came down to who was the best…who could do the work…handle the responsibilities…could stand the test…could be counted on…etc…etc.  And at the end of the day…what their past work history looked like…it speaks volumes.  And if they didn’t have a past work history…it got down to what did I sense about them.

Clearly, Joe Biden earned his way onto the Obama ticket…and he didn’t do it through any large financial contribution to Obama’s champaign.  He did it through may years of tiredness work in the US Senate…and always challenging what was right…and that with great devotion.

Now, lets see if McCain can beat that?

He might try to pull one out of the hat…by putting a woman on his ticket.  McCain needs all the tricks he can muster in order to try and stop Obama from reaching where he was born to be…as Moses was.

Go get ’em guys.

I am so happy for them both…Obama for making a great choice.  And for Biden for finally reaping the rewards of many years of dedication…in a field he really loves…and a chance that no one ever gave to Ted Kennedy in appreciation for all of his work and tiredless efforts in the political arena.

It’s Obama and Biden all the way, baby!

Yea! Team!,0,5741095.story

Now, lets get out and vote come November.

Can’t wait until the coverage starts for the Democratic Convention.

And I definitely want to see if Hillary or any of her people are going to try and start something. 

It promises to be interesting.

That’s politics, folks.  

Well, God bless…   by the time you read this it will be sometime Saturday, Sunday or Monday …..but enjoy anyhow…whenever you read it.   And don’t forget to tell all your friends and everyone else about this blog…‘pass it on’  ©2008

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Da Brat, Lil’ Kim… Foxy… Jail de ‘n’ spot…

What is it with all these rappers?

DMX…FoxyLil’ KimPuffyDa Brat…Remy Ma (who ever she is)…etc…even…if I dare to mention him…R. Kelly…

It seems that if you don’t go to jail then you haven’t really made it.  Jail meaning prison is becoming the hip-hop in spot…the place to go…particularly if you need to rejuvenate your career.  It worked for Puffy…though he didn’t quite make it to prison…he stayed in the media spot light for months going back and forth to court.  And he certainly was on a decline until that night club incident in New York City.  He made it through it though…changed his name to P. Diddy…and reinvented himself…stepped up his game.  He got a reality TV show…opened a restaurant and started his own clothing line.  And I guess others in the business are looking to do some of the same on the heels of their days in court…if nothing else but sell a few more CD’s. 

But does it work for everyone?

I hope not. 

What a crazy way to go about trying to make yourself stay popular or famous…but even in Hollywood it is what they do.  That is why you can read about the ‘bad boys’ and ‘bad girls’ of tinsel town…they stay splattered in the tabloids…and E-TV dipping their heads and trying to shield their faces going in and out of jail or rehab.

They say that even bad news is better than no news at all.  And I guess they really believe it…but they haven’t been making any headlines with their music lately.  The only headlines they have been mustering is back and forth stuff to court…and finally jail time.

What would possess Da Brat to go into a club…get into a fight and then commence to cut up the girl’s face.  By now it is no secret that the Da Brat is gay…and the woman wasn’t a girlfriend but a waitress at the club.

When she was a little girl, I always thought that Da Brat was pretty and grown up she became even more beautiful…but her language and her ways need some major adjustments…they do her no honor.  Perhaps in prison she will figure it out…grow up…and emerge as the woman that God has called her to be.  Or at the very least a much better person than…what the Jamaicans call an ‘roughing ‘en’…or maybe that is a Southern term.  But you know what I mean.

Da Brat, now 34 years old, pleaded guilty to the charges and was hoping for leniency…but the judge (a black woman) felt that Da Brat was in need of what the law allowed for the crime…and sentenced her to 3 years with 7 years probation and 200 hours of community service.  Evidently, she felt the Da Brat needed to be taught a lesson…and I agree.

The waitress suffered permanent facial disfigurement…and no amount of time is ever going to heal that.

To read more on the story CLICK LINK BELOW.

Following a shoot-out outside of Hot 98 FM…in New York City…a few years ago Lil’ Kim was sentenced to prison for a year for lying about the incident…which supposedly took place between some of her people and those of Foxy Brown.  But before going to jail…Lil’ Kilm parlayed it into a reality TV show called ‘The Superficial,’ which aired on BET.  And before going in…Lil’ Kim also released a CD…she was quite a busy little bee.

Not only did Lil’ Kim have do some hard time but the judge also ordered her to pay $50,000…his way of trying to teach her a lesson.

Little Foxy Brown has seen her share of days at Rikers Island…once while she was supposedly pregnant…then again for violating her probation…then a year for contiuous bouts with the law…including attacking an employee at a Beauty Salon.   She too released a CD before going inside entitled ‘Jail Time and No Baby.’

Upon recently getting out of prison…Foxy Brown told reporters that the first place she wanted to go was to Church and get upon her knees.  Not a bad place to go…particularly with the hopes of a new start.

I hope that they will all find their way there…each and every one of them.

What a cute little girl Lil’ Kim used to be…but how could you mess up yourself like this?

The Bible says they have eyes but they cannot see…hears and they cannot hear.

Foxy says in that clip…

“I’ve been conflicted.”

Wow, you can tell that some of them do have something in them…we pray that it will come out and that they will be the role models and leaders…women that they are all called to be.

Now, here is real talent…she will probably never make as much money. Won’t make the newspapers…doubt that she will ever have to go to jail to reinvent her career…but talented nonetheless.  Ms. Rachelle Ferrell…she writes music…plays piano…and has a phenomenal voice on top of  it all.   And she didn’t have to run out to get any implanted boobs either to try and sell CD’s.  She has talent and that is all people need to see.

I am no longer obsessing over as to who Obama will pick for a running mate. 

Is it really worth it?

I couldn’t change it if I wanted to.

I just hope it is a good choice…because he couldn’t change it if he wanted to.  Once it is done…he is stuck…for better or worst with that person.

So, let it be a good choice…one that when he looks upon his choice he can say to himself-

“I made the best choice.”

And I hope that it is.

Are you registered?

Your vote is going to count.

Well, God bless…    and have a beautiful day tomorrow. 

I am not planning much…though I need to get some laundry done.

Met someone last week while I was out busy trying to make some money…got a lot of bills…since taking on the responsibility of my parent’s house. 

But he seemed nice. ©2008

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King Family/Dexter, oh… Estate Matters 2a

What would mommie think of you?

And I will not say ‘all of you’…I have heard that enough times myself in regards to our family situation.  But when a member or members are wrong…or doing the wrong thing or things…there are few or little options…short of going to jail because you killed them.  Just ask me…

And no, I am not currently sitting on Death Row because I did in a sister or brother or two…thank goodness there is a God.  But had I not been saved…I might well be in jail…and possibly on Death Row.  Because that is how intense family affairs can grow.

It is extremely painful and hurtful to have to go into court…and side against someone who is a sibling or other family member.  But there are times when it must be done.

I have sat in court and tried to hide the tears knowing that I did not want to be there.  But courses of events brought on by sisters and brothers forced me to do it in order to not loose my parent’s property…because it was all that was left after they had ran through everything else.

And though they didn’t want to pay anything to save the property…they didn’t want me to do so either.  In fact, they openly proclaimed several times how they didn’t want anything to do with the property…but they would rather loose the house to foreclosure than to see me with it…or try themselves to save it.  And it was never and has never been about me having it…not for me.

It had been what my parents had worked for it.  They had labored, saved, struggled…and sacrificed for it and our 2nd house which was lost years later.  How were we going going to just sit around and loose what they had worked so hard for…at a time when black folks could barely get mortgages and had to work hard for every dime they got?

And to see  a nearly 2 hundred thousand dollar house go down the drain for less than 5 thousand dollars in arrears…with 2 mortgages less than $350/per month combined. 

How could I do that?

How could I allow that?

I could not…and I would not let my parent’s house go to a bunch of people who knew nothing of my parents or the legacy that they desired to leave for their grand-children and great grand-children unto the 4th and 6th generation…and beyond. 

So, yes…I sat in court trying to secretly wipe away tears…sad that I had to be brought there to the court house because of greed and everything else negative that can crawl in between families when people die.

Only to get before the judge and become so overwhelmed with emotions that the tears overtook me.  I know how it feels.  But it has to be done.

What a mess this is.  And it is not a joke either…and it only gets worst.  But truth will prevail…but you must be steadfast and maintain your interigty. 

Don’t look for everybody to understand…because they are going to tell you are wrong.

Take confidence in yourselves and pray for your brother that he might see the errors of his ways.

You will cry. 

It does hurt.

But let nobody destory what you father died for…and what you mother fought to bring into being…that his life would a testament unto the world through the generations.

If the information in the LINK BELOW is true…Dexter might find himself looking at jail time.  Uncle Sam does not play.  And the sad part…he has emptied out many estates…i.e. Sammy Davis, Jr….Redd Foxx…James Brown…etc…and settled a lot of family disputes.,All_Forums,&Words=&Searchpage=0&Limit=25&Main=2370387&Search=true&where=&Name=&daterange=1&newerval=2&newertype=d&olderval=&oldertype=&bodyprev=

Dexter’s counter-law suit…

Family matters hurt.    Be encouraged…and always endeavor to do the right thing.

God bless…

The mud slinging is yet to begin.   ‘pass it on’  ©2008

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More on the Olympics… Jamaica, yes…

What a season for Jamaica.  They are taking the Track & Field events by storm… from Usain Bolt…the lightening Jamaica’s other lightening bolts…the ladies on the track…Veronica CampbellShelly Ann Fraser,  Sherone Simpson,     Kerron Stewart etc…etc…

CLICK the following LINK BELOW to see the Lightening Bolt take the 400 meters in Bijing.                                            Shelly Ann Fraser taking the gold followed by Jamaica also tying for double silver.

Jamaica went crazy seeing Bolt take gold in the 200 meters…CLICK BELOW to watch.

             Shelly Ann Fraser—Olympics.html

Audio only on the next clip…but well worth listening to as they call the race. 

Now, watch it below…

This is so much fun.  I enjoy putting these things together…and I hope that you are enjoying it as well.,2933,404804,00.html 

A few positive words from USA’s Allyson Felix on being positive and believing in yourself.

You have got to watch this clip below…and I only thought they won metals that went around their necks. Wooa!

Some pre-warm up tips from Sanya Richardson.

Thanks, Sanya…good looking out. We appreciate the tips.

Most have been disenchanted with the coverage of the Track & Field events which always draw huge amounts of interest…but unfortunately NBC felt it was much more important to watch Michael Phelps…following and watching his every move…rather than to watch records being broken in other equally important events…and of interest to wider audiences than swimming.  Causing many who would have loved to see some of these other records being shattered in other sporting events to have missed out.

In other Track & Field news at the Bijing OlympicsBryan Clay, USA, is working his way towards his decathlon metal.  CLICK LINKS BELOW to read more on that.…/01/sp/sp02a.html;_ylt=AjsXbQYKTOdCPXWpgcM.Q_fQ1Zl4?slug=ap-ath-trackandfield-heats&prov=ap&type=lgns

More USA Track & Field news…both the men and women relay teams dropped the baton during the 400 relay…CLICK LINK BELOW to read more on the story….;_ylt=AojKliOxcQarSlbGlskYJbc1o5N4?slug=po-winnerslosers082208&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

Well, if you have spent the past week getting your sport’s craze on…good for you.  There has been much to digest…and it has been exciting…seat clutching in fact.  And if you are like you have can’t get enough of Track & Field.  Well, I hope that this blog along with my other one on the Olympics has aided in some small way to help you get your dose of sports…and caught you up on things that you may have missed.  

And as I close…don’t forget…to ‘pass it on’     …God bless and have a beautiful day tomorrow.

I’m suppose to be working on my book, THE BISHOP’S WIFE.  But I can’t stand hold ups.  When I finish a thang I finish it…and move on to the next thing.  I don’t like having to come back unless there is some type of benefit to doing so…in this case there was.  But it doesn’t mean I don’t hate it nonetheless.  But this delay has probably saved me a lot of money.  In fact, it has saved me money…at corrections costing $2/per correction…then consider me being ahead of the game. 

I caught stuff this time that would have definitely sicken me if my book had been published with them.  Even with these blogs…I have to keep going over and over them…often resting between reading them…so, that I can read them with a fresh eye.  That way my mind won’t read the text as I believed how it typed it…but as it is.

It is not easy…so, bare with me.  

Follow your dreams…and hold fast to your vision.

Finally, took an iron tablet today…can’t remember when last I took one.  I am trying to be diligent in taking them…but sometimes I just forget.  Then as my energy level sinks, I remember them.  But I thank God that all I need is a little iron tablet.  I am bless…and hope that you are too.  ©2008

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Criteria for Vice Presidentship… Joseph Biden

We’ve all have been holding onto our seats waiting…and one of the things we can all say is…none of us has a clear idea exactly who the coveted choice will be.

The only thing I can say is…let it be a wise choice…and not a choice based on anything else…like…uhm…where in the country the person resides.  That would be a poor reason for picking anyone.

Much like Cheney…though we all hate to say it…this person will certainly have to be more involved in the day to day workings of the White House.  This  based upon the amount of chaos that will be left in the wake of the Bush Administration…there is going to be a need for someone who just doesn’t look pretty…or come from a big Red State.

No, the choice will have to be a real shaker and mover…somebody who is a real team player…works good under pressure…well organized…has great communication skills…not afraid to speak truth (well, that may rule out someone or other…most politicians in fact). 

The choice also must be self-motivated, needs little supervision, able to think on his or her feet yet faithful to the direction of, ideas and concepts of leadership (the President’s desires).  A person who can take supervision, is highly able to articulate well with management (the President), as well as with others.

The choice must work well with others, be able to think outside of the box, has a level of real wisdom and understanding of domestic and foreign affairs, gets along with others, have some level of genuine concern for others with particular reference to this country. 

The choice must be able to grasp information quickly, digest it, comtemplate it…work out a plan…or make a decision…present alternative ideas…and be able to offer reasoned and well considered counsel on a myriad of matters, concerns and dealings of the White House…and the Oval Office.

The choice must be able to maintain confidence, respect, decency and honesty.  Must be able to command respect…yet walk with a gentle stick…exudes high character…and exemplify only the highest of America’s qualities at all times. 

The choice must be a person who is willing to become friend, confidant and partner…with no eye towards personal gains or future political ambitions…but is truly committed to aiding, assisting and rolling up their sleeves to get this country back on track and honestly working to serve its people…their wishes…and their needs with true dedication.

The choice must be a person who is committed and truthful…has high integrity and loyalty…with an eye on the future of America…her safty…health and wellness..and those of her people.

This is the criteria for the next Vice President of the United States…no phone calls please.

Well, if this is what is asked of our employees…shouldn’t we ask the same of any person seeking to fill this job?

Somebody please fax this off to Obama…just so he knows that we are all on the same page…or direct him to this blog address…  ‘pass it on…’

And please, Obama…whatever you do…don’t pick Hillary.

I know Deleware may not be a big State…nor a Red State…but Joseph Biden has always looked good to me.  He is dedicated, cares and can maintain counsel…he is a man who can be trusted…and undoubtedly comes with much wisdom and experience, as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  He has all the pluses.  And he is a man along the same vein as Ted Kennedy.

Lets face it…when push comes to shove…when all the dust has settled…it won’t matter except for maybe aiding in the possibility of getting a few more votes that someone is from a big state or a Red State, or not.  But if you can’t do it on your own they will tie it around your neck…and never let you forget it. Don’t get caught in that bind.

Consider this…what will really matter in the long run…is whether they can be trusted…are they up to handling the demands that will be placed upon them…can they be counted on and trusted on when your back is turned…do they have or can garner world credibility and respect over a short period of time.  Will they have your best interest in mind and heart…and seek to protect you and this country…rather than seek out a place for themselves in 4 years to come.  Can they bring anything else to table besides the fact that they come from a big state or a Red State…because helping to clean up Bush’s mess will take a lot more than that.  It will take a bunch of willing hands all working towards united efforts…not just sitting around combing their hair…and saying-

“Well, you wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for me.  I delivered such and such state for you.  And without it you wouldn’t be President.”

Do you want to hear that?

No, you don’t need that kind of person, Barack.   Nor do you want to have to have that conversation over and over again…with people who believe you got there (into the White House)…just because of them.

You’ve got to look deeper…and make the right choice.  Because you don’t have room for error.   Most definitely not…there is no room for error.

Barack, you are on your way into the White House no matter who you pick…just maintain the faith you had when you got started in the race…when nobody thought you would make it.  It has taken you this far…it can take you the rest of the way.  Don’t start making silly choices now.

With Musharraf finally being forced out of government in Pakistan…now renders the country a lot more unstable than it was before. 

Pakistan is a country that is filled with nuclear weapons…also with millions of very poor people (the 6th most populated country in the world)…and in terms of size the country is larger than Russia.  Much of its unrest in the past years have been with India over border issues.  The conflicts at times had become highly violatile and bordered on being very dangerous…as both countries possess nuclear weapons.  Throw in insurgents, Taliban and much civil unrest and Pakistan is just a ticking time bomb.

Clearly, the issues of Pakistan and her future shall certainly be important issues that will face the White House along with many many other serious issues and problems concerning nuclear weapons, polices on aggression, Middle East matters, peace…and other world  and domestic matters.

Musharraf was also believed to have been responsible for the assissination of Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, following her rally on December 27, 2007. Bhutto was Musharraf’s rival in an upcoming Pakistani Election…she was highly favored to win.  Musharraf was faulted for her murder due to his lack of providing protection for her knowing that her life was in danger  as she was living under many treats…many saw it as a way of him getting rid of his competion inadvertently…if indeed he was not the one responsible for ordering her death.   

Recently, Musharraf was forced from office under charges of corruption and other allergations which put him on a course to being impeached.

The other recent crisis to have surfaced most recently is the invasion of Russia into Georgia.  I am sure there is much much more unrest to come that will face those entering into the White House under a new banner…and hopefully working in a new way to solve the issues of this country and aid in solving those of the world.

Well, God bless…    Hope you had…or are having a beautiful day. 

Get registered if you are not already…and lets get ready together to take the White House back by storm. ©2008

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Olympics 2008… Williams’ …Track & Field, baby

The Bijing Olympics Games 2008 are almost over…and to date we’ve have only grabbed 22 gold metals compared to China’s 39…and Great Britain l2.  If you have been like me and haven’t watched any of  Olmpics yet…it is till not too late.  There are still plenty of events straight through to the 24th of this month.
       1. Track & Field
       2. Basketball
       3. Canoeing
       4. Equestrian
       5. Gymnastics
       6. Swimming
       7. Volley Ball
       8. Diving

CLICK BELOW for scheduling of events….

For their second time in the Olympics, Serena and Venus have walked off the courts with the gold in the Women’s Double’s match…they walked all over the competition delivering 6-2, 6-0 to take home the gold.

And if you’re like me…and missed them during the Olympics…but can’t get enough of the Williams’…here’s something for your Williams sisters’ habit.

Just love those Williams sisters…Venus and Serena. Now, that is what I call family…and as all families should be.  CLICK BELOW for the full story.,0,2450347.story

Cannot close without mentioning a little Track & Field…just love the sport.  In fact, many would not believe this…but when I was growing up…I used to fantasize about being a Track and Field star. 

Well, lets face it if you’re going to fantasize…why not put yourself at the very top.  So, yes…star.  And I really really did fantasize about it…and often.  In 9th Grade, I was the fastest girl in my class.  During gym…as a warm up the teacher would take us outside (our school had a track) and he would have us all line up and then count us down to ‘go.’  For the first 50 yards…no one could catch me…but I would always be the last one walking around track…into the finish.  But I prided myself on that first 50 yards…I could not be caught. 

Once my father took us out to one of the local tracks and raced us.  He shouted ‘go’ and let us all start running before he started running…but once he started running he blew right pass us.  I recall feeling the wind as he sweep pass me, my other sisters and brothers.  I will never forget that day…because I never knew daddy could run.  But he’s a Jamaican…and even though he was years older than us…and we were not young kids when he did it…nevertheless, he beat us hands down.  I marvelled at it…I was amazed by it…I thought about it all the way home as daddy drove us first to get some ice cream cones, and then home from the track.  I wondered how he had done it.  And when I say ‘flew pass us’…you would’ve had to have been there.  It was definitely one for the books.  Today, when I think back on it…and realize that maybe I could have been that Track & Field star…as speed evidently was and is in my genes.  “Go, Jamaica!”

Boy, I could have been a Wilma Rupdolph or an Evelyn AshfordFlo-joMarlene Ottey…if only somebody could have seen my potential.  I could have been the Tiger WoodsVenus and Serena…Cullen Jones…all wrapped in one of the track.  And yes…as you see I am still fantasizing.  But I could have been it though…I could have…   I know I could have.

Jamaica…1-2 & 2…in for gold and a tie for double silver…what an Olympic story.  Go Jamaica…go!;_ylt=Ah24XJNC6a6GcIOmprJ5SabQ1Zl4?slug=ap-ath-womens400hurdles&prov=ap&type=lgns

More men track & field events….

And of course Cullen Jones…taking home his gold…

To read more regarding the Bijing Games CLICK on the LINKS below…and check out the info on the Women’s and Men’s basketball beneath it.;_ylt=Aljh9uKZD4lc_j89VmEfzE2qvZ14?slug=ap-bkw-unitedstates-australia&prov=ap&type=lgns

Congratulations to Lisa Leslie and American Women’s Basketball team from bringing home yet another gold metal…their 6th total…straight.  Go, USA!

Women’s basketball

Men’s b-ball

Enjoy your day…and the Olympics. 

Bring home the gold…

Had a busy weekend.  But it was a good weekend…I am paying for it now.  But I won’t regret it.

Be encouraged…love the Lord…and always believe.   God bless…

And keep reading…thank you for reading. 

And I do hope that some of this is making sense to you…if so ‘pass it on…’ ©2008 

Loving You – Minnie Ripperton

Don’t forget that your vote counts…so, please get registered if you are not.  And if you are registered…stop by your local Voter Registration Office to double check on your registration…so, there won’t be any surprises on Election Day.  It has happened to me a couple of times.  Once they claim I hadn’t filled out a US Census form…and I hadn’t.  But did that have to do with my vote?  It is a game…to keep down certain numbers…any ol’ thing to hinder you.  That is what they will do…throw up anything ol’ thang to stop you from voting.   So, don’t be hindered…double check your registration before November just to ensure you won’t have any problems casting your vote come Election Day November 2008. ©2008

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Joe Lieberman a big joke… and turncoat

What a jackel Joe Lieberman is.

He is as bad as Clarence Thomas…can’t determine who he is or where he should be.

First he was Democratic…but kept voting and siding with Republicans for most of the debates voted on in the Senate during the Bush Administration.

Then Connecticut finally got tired of him…well the Democrats did and gave him the boot…by putting in Ned Lamont as their 2004 Connecticut Senate Candidate.

He lost the race against Ned Lamont during the Connecticut Primary…then he became an Independent.  And ended up winning the Connecticut Senate seat anyways…thanks to probably a lot of Republicans who liked what Lieberman was doing.

Why didn’t he just turn around and declare himself to be Republican…and call it day?

Oh, yes…didn’t want to give up becoming a Senate Chair…of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee…of which he was in line for.  With Lieberman at the head of Homeland Security this could account for why FEMA can’t get anything done right…and its total ‘no care’ attitude towards caring for and protecting Americans.   Poisonous…contaminated trailers…leaking tanks…you can read about them in my blogs on

Recently Lieberman has been out campaigning with John McCain trying to aid him in winning the White House.  And there is also some talk about Lieberman again getting on a ticket as a VP…John McCain’s.

When challenged by the Democrats concerning his non-party activities, Lieberman donated $100,000.00 to help Senate Democrats Campaign Committee…after which they backed up off of him.

Guess money still talks…and particularly still very much so on Capitol Hill.

Joseph Lieberman is clearly a man who has lost his way.

Too bad Ned Lamont didn’t win in the Connecticut Senate racehe clearly would have been a better candidate.  For one thing he would be busy at home in Connecticut sorting out the affairs of Connecticut instead of running around the country trying to promote Republicans and get John McCain elected President.

Well, hope you had a beautiful day.     

Lately, I’ve been a bit tired.  Had a long weekend this past week.  Was trying to get my business up off the ground…but it has been cold and wet.  So, I didn’t do much.

Now I am prepping everything…and this is a whole lot better.  I’m ahead of the game this weekend…and that is good.  So, I guess I will rest up in between my prepping…and hopefully will be well rested by this weekend.

Decided not to go to my friend’s funeral today.  And I must say that I feel a lot better for having made the decision not to go.  I would have only cried all the way there…and cried all the way back.  Woke up early thinking about it though.  But for me…not going to the funeral was the best thing for me.  I just feel so much better than I would have otherwise.

Maybe one day I might regret not having gone to her funeral…but I thank God that I was able to get into New York and be with her before she passed.  That meant more to me than being there today sitting in a church with a bunch of people who could never know the depths of what I felt for her and all that she had shared with me in wisdom and guidance.

Well, God bless… …and enjoy tomorrow.   www.bsmith101.wordpress.compass it on. ©2008

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More on Edwards story…

How could John Edwards hurt his wife like that?

How could he?

More than his good looks…Elizabeth Edwards was definitely an asset to her husband.

How could he have cheated…CHEATED.  That word is way to lite…for what Edwards did to her.

And he did it with someone who had none of the class or the sophictication of his wife, Elizabeth.  He did it with a woman who looked like she was direct from the trailer park.  And trailer park folk…please don’t take offense…I am sorry even to put that off on you.

CLICK BELOW to read more on this story…on how family members say Elizabeth took hearing the news of John’s betrayal.

Who is Elizabeth Edwards?

She was born in Jacksonville, Florida, in July 1949.  She is a mother of 4 children.

Their oldest child, a girl, is 26 years old.  While their oldest son, Wade, died in 1996 at age 16 in a car accident.

Elizabeth met John Edwards while they were both law students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in the mid-1970’s…and in 1977 they married.

She was a practicing lawyer up until 1996, the death of her son.

So, she is a mother, ex-lawyer, wife of a politician and currently fighting to be a cancer survivor…that is who Elizabeth Edwards is.   God bless… ©2008  …pass it on…

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Hillary Clinton games …Obama trust

It’s not that we didn’t expect it. 

In fact, we anticipated it.

Hillary Clinton, herself, put it out there.  And this is what she wanted.  She has been laying quietly back waiting on the Democratic National Convention to take place, where her tainted supporters plan to disturb and cause havoc…i.e. interrupt it as much as possible.

What happened to playing by the rules…none of which Hillary ever did either.

During the Democratic Primaries…first she had the Delegate vote and Obama had the popular vote, after sweeping State after State.  She said then-

“We’ll let the Delegates decide.”

She said it because…she was a Clinton and at that time she had the Delegate votes in her pocket.  Ops…I mean pocketbook.

Then Delegates began defecting over into the Obama camp…and near the end of the Primaries he still had more of the popular vote…and had gained over a lot of those Delegates.  And after it was all said and done…the vast majority of Delegates became Obama believers.

But prior to the Primaries…Michigan and Florida decided that they would move their primaries down on the calendar…to have earlier primaries.  A move that both States were warned by the National Democratic Committee not to do…or they would suffer the price of not being counted.   A policy  implemented by the Decoratic Party and agreeded upon and voted on by all the Democratic canidates…including Hillary Clinton.

What does Obama do?

He withdrew his name off the ballot in Florida…in order to be in allignment with the wishes of his Party’s Presidential Committee rules.  But Hillary does not…she kept her name on the ballots in Florida

What also did Obama do?

He did not campaign either in the State of Michigan or Florida…to be, again, in allignment with Party wishes concerning those states.

But what did Hillary Clinton do?

She neither withdrew her name from the ballots…nor did she not campaign in those states.  She went into those states repeatedly campaigning…though she knew she had voted against them being seated or their votes counted if they held early Primaries.

In other words…Hillary out and out cheated.  She failed to adhere to her Party decision concerning Michigan and Florida.  And she did her thang.  She voted one way…yet gave herself a few added points (some additional just in case votes) by doing the direct opposite of what Obama had done by adhering to Democratic Election Committee decision.  She was banking on the fact that as she watched which way the Primaries were going…that those ballots picked up in Michigan and Florida by her might come in handy…and if need be she was going to force the issue to have them counted and seated at the National Convention.  Thereby, she played the game…but was holding some additional cards on the side.  Which in any card game…is called cheating.

It is with the…whatever number of votes she garnered in Michigan and Florida…along with the other voties in the Primaries that she picked up…that Hillary claims that she had the majority vote of some18 million voters.  Which is an out and out lie.

Along with this claim, Hillary started chiming that Obama could not win the Presidential Election because he had not won any of the big states…which for the most part she had won…though many of them narrowly.  She was determined to destory Obama anyway she could…and by any means necessary.  And when all else failed to rally up the girls.

Fact that some Clinton supporters plan to disrupt the Democratic Convention set to begin in 2 weeks in Denver…really is no surprise.  Even though the fat lady has already song and gone home…there are still some tricks up the ol’ sleeve.  

It is going to be a long bumpy road to the White House.

To read more on the story CLICK BELOW…see the youtube footage.


In the next footage…the Clintons, Bill and Hillary, planted the seeds of this ignorance. They irrigated…and pruned it…and then leaned back and smiled as it flourished. The Clintons breath contempt, hatred and racism…all in the name of ‘reclaiming the White House.’

And to do what with it?

This country is in need of a dire change…new direction…new blood…new leadership. Or like every superpower before it…it shall fall to fearhatredcapitalismexploitationcorrupt governmentfailed policiesracism…and absolute ignorance…as displayed in the next footage.


Register and get out and vote come November 2008…and lets put somebody in the White House who will truly work for the people…won’t compromise morality…will speak truth to lies…and do his best to serve both this country and all its people who live within it. 


Have a great day…and today is the day that my friend who we felt was passing is being laid to rest.  I thank God for her and all that she means and has meant to me.   …God bless…. ©2008

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Leaking tanks and FEMA… more FEMA problems

What is it with FEMA?

For FEMA to be a government agency it seems to be littered with such managerial problems.

First the contaminated Katrina trailers…now over 270 fuel tanks with thousands of gallons of fuel which are stored both underground and some above…could be leaking fuel both into the soil and water…causing yet more FEMA contamination problems…but this around the country. 

We could all come face to face with this FEMA problem…as it could become a national problem.  Because those tanks have been placed all around the United States.

How is it that this organization…FEMA could go all these years with a nonchalant attitude concerning these tanks and their possible hazards to us all?

How can it be that they were so irresponsible in the maintainance and care of these tanks?

These tankers store up to 5,000 gallons of diesel fuel or as much as 10,000 gallons in gasoline…and they were placed around the country in various locations during the Cold War.

Can you remember when that was?

It was during the 60’s and we are now nearing the end of 2008.   So, if you do the math that is…huh?


Nearly 50 years ago…depending upon when in the 60’s these tanks were either laid in the ground or stored otherwise.

A statement released said that FEMA needed to inspect these tanks for possible leaks of hazardous substances that make local drinking water undrinkable.

Unbelieveable.   And it has been a problem long seen by the FEMA people and other government officials as a looming potential problem.  Yet no attention as been paid to it. 

It is the same “I could care less” attitude that FEMA had when it knew that it was giving out contaminated housing to the Katrina victims…but they could have cared less.  FEMA gave them those highly formaldehyde poisoned trailers knowingly and never looked back.

And we pay these people with our tax dollars?????

This problem can create mammouth and irreversible health issues.   Leaks can lead to higher risk of cancer, kidney damage and nervous system disorders…which they will, of course, claim that the illness could not be tied to the leaks…because maybe your family was predisposed to the illness based upon your family history. 

Yeah, and I guess so…since nobody every told you that there were FEMA fuel tanks buried somewhere near your family home for nearly 50 years.  And you were wondering why everybody was coming down with cancer or some type of serious disorder.

A single gallon of fuel can contaminate 1 million gallons of water.

This is serious business…and we all need to be made aware…and stay on top of this story.

CLICK BELOW to read more on this story.

God bless…  pass it on…  ©2008

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