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Rooting out a scandal…ACORN under investigation… Raccoon problem2…

Who in the world is ACORN?

Well,  first of  all  ACORN is an acronym which stands for  the Association of  Community Organizations for Reform Now.  Hence…Acorn.   It is an organization which advocates for poor people.

But what I did not understand was…

What was all the secrecy about some supposed cover-up scadal?

And why were certain news organization declaring-

“An Acorn cover-up.”

And who was covering up what?

And for what reason?

I had read some of this article below…and began wondering why…what scandal…and why was some organization named ‘Acorn’…in danger of of losing its funding?

So, of  course, I had to put on my old Sherlock Holmes hat and begin sniffing about.

To answer my first question….who was Acorn?

During the 2008 Presidential Election a community based organization whose home head-quarters  in New Orleans, LA…Acorn came into the spotlight as Republicans began to cry foul…if you can imagine that.   It is kind of like the pot calling the kettle ‘black’…if you get my drift. 

Well, they called ‘foul’ because Acorn…which had opened up numerous offices around the United States…began organizing and registering voters on Obama’s behalf.

Following the Primaries the Republicans started accusing Acorn at that time of using false and fraudulent tactics as alleging that Acorn was registering dead people…etc..etc.  And primarily these charges stemmed from actions in Florida.   

Because Florida and Michigan chose to break a rule set up the Democratic Committee that no state should hold a primary before a specific date…which both the State of Florida and Michigan ignored.  So,  they therefore lost the right to participate in the Democratic Primary Presidential Election…the race between Obama and Hillary Clinton.

But within states around the country a group emerged called Acorn which began organizing the urban communities…gearing them up for the final showdown.  The day in which Americans would entered into their ballot booths to cast their votes for who would become the  President of  this country for the next 4 years…of which Barack Obama won solidly over Bush.

Part 2 of  my question…about  Acorn and the questions surrounding its organization…and their current problems.

But it was during  the days leading up the ballot day that a little known organization called Acorn began popping up in the news, as the Republicans began slinging shots…and trying to throw whatever punches they could at the Obama campagin.

To find out more about the rule that Florida and Michigan failed to abide by prior to the Democratic Primary read the LINK BELOW.

This controversy about Acorn has been brewing for quite some time now.   And of course, with Obama sweeping Nevanda, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Ohio, Virgina…and Florida…  could the contention and rage over his win get any greater?

The Republicans have only been trying to discredit Obama in any matter and way they can…as proven by Joe Wilson’s rude outburst, which I wrote about in blog on civility.  From trying to cliam that Obama is not legally an American citizen…to trying to disregard Hawai as being an offical state of this country (being the birthplace of  Obama)…to trying to rig and provide false papers which they claim to be Obama’s African birth certificate.  What they call…‘his real birth certificate.’

For years in this country black folks birth certificates have been messed with.  From writing down things properly…to not properly recording them…to not properly keep up with our records.  My birth name was messed up so bad…that my parents had to legally amend my birth certicate with a change of name shortly after my birth.  Not to mention that my grand-mother went to her grave not knowing her correct birth date…as is the case with our Aunt Kate, who is still very much alive today.   I suspect that if  she were to seek public office in this country…she would have a real problem.  Even though she was unquestionably born and raised here in America.  But racist practices in properly documenting black folk in the existed then…and still do.

And such allegation concerning the legitimacy of  Obama to President of this country…comes  from a group of people who out and out stole the 2004 Presidential Election right out from under Al Gore, the Democratic opponent of  George W. Bush.  And it had been done illegally… bogusly… and without fear of  any pentalty.   They just did it…didn’t care who saw…who knew…or who didn’t know.  And all of  America knew…it was not hard to miss. 

It had been the most outragous campaign of  all times…and of  any country.  Which is  why George W. Bush will certainly go down in history as a big fat question mark…for having been the most illegitimate President that the United States of  America has ever had.

And what a joke that election was.  What a farce.   And for the first time in American History…as we know it…an illegitimate cadidate took possession of  this country’s White House and made a mockery of  our entire political system…and country. 

And not only that…but sunk this country into the lowest levels of  political integrity…moral standing…and financial lossess…coupled by a fraudulent war which he conjured up.  A  war which
has cost this country vast resources, lives…and a waste of our political time and efforts.  A war that unleashed centuries of stored up hatred and antimosities…religious strife…and massive unrest in the Middle East.,4670,ObamaMajority,00.html

During the 2004 it was widely known that the Republicans rigged the election…and hindered people in urbans from casting their votes.   They had various voting locations declare some legitimate voters as being dead…and others as ex-convicts in order to stop them from voting…as well as, other such tricks.   Such as, having voters stand for prolong periods of time out in the rain…provided urban areas with broken ballot machines…had women leave their pocketbooks outside…slowed up the balloting process that long lines gathered etc…  All to deter voters for the Democratic Party.  Not to mention the rigging of  ballots…mis-counting of  ballots…loosing and all those other in-side jobs which they easily arranged.   …hinged ballots…

 And this country sends people out to monitor the balloting procedures of  other countries?

Going back to Acorn…having been under the fire  for some time now…evidently their efforts were effective.  The did manage to register some 1.3 million new voters.   All the more reason why the other party would want to do away with them.

It kind of reminds me of when this country decided un the stern and ambiguous eye of the then House Leader, Newt Gingrich…who felt that  the National Endowment of the Arts grants were to liberal in their giving out of funds.  So, he moved to act upon limiting those funds from being given out to individuals…but to people like himself…and organization etc.  Today, you hardly hear much about those funds…though they still are given out but in a very different way and under far different circumstances.

Today, when you hear this guy talk…he sounds more like a summer breeze…as opposed to that typhoon he used to be.  I suspect that being taken down a notch or 2 can do that to you.

Now, definitely going back to Acorn.

It seems that some videographer enter into a couple of their offices for some reason or other.  This videographer along with a women…that he or she brought with them.  Supposedly, during these meetings the videograper was given by a worker…or workers at the organization (Acorn office)…to become not-for-profit and open up their own brothel…or in other words whore house…prostitution den.

Which if it is true…it would not reflect back on Obama…as he is not really tied to that organization other than it assisted in getting out the vote…which many other people also did too…and I was one of  them.

However, in any office…supposed office…or business…or supposed busines you are subject to fall upon some type of illegal activity.   Which does not necessarily mean that those in management or corporate heads know anything about.   You can, in fact, find out about how to do all kinds of  things while sitting in your workplace…including how to cheat on your husband or wife.  There are crooket…and bad people everywhere.  And they usually know right where to go…to run whatever game they are trying to run.

Recently, in my town they closed down a couple of used car dealerships…neither of  which I believe had anything to do Obama…or his being elected President.  But one was closed for selling drugs and using the dealership as front.  And the other…I guess you could say they were in the money laundrying business…using their used cars to thash cash.

I suspect that if  the Republicans could tie Obama to either of them…they would.  And heavens forbide if   somehow they could make a connect to both of  them…and Obama.

I hope Obama didn’t happen to buy a car at either of  those 2 dealerships.  You know…like he bought his house.  That was tied to some other alleged criminal.

Big Brother is watching.,2933,550602,00.html

Part of the problem is…is that the Republicans will not stop at  nothing to get their candidates in.   Nothing to taboo for them.   They play a political anything goes game in  order to win.   They cross state lines…double and triple voting wherever  they can.  During the primaries they sign up as Indedpendants seek ing  to swing elections towards cadidates that are weak and more favorable to them…in order to fix elections by giving their real cadidate of  choice  (a Republican) in the overall election a upper hand.  

I have no doubt..that they have and continue to  put people into place to do their will.  People who operate as fake agents …or workers  (if you will)…pertending to the opposite side.   When in fact…they were plants (Republican plants)… who went under-cover…crossed over to the other side…to do fraudulent work…create false documents…and to put bogus names  onto  lists. 

Hence, the real scandal…and the real cover-up.

Then the Republicans come around as they always do…wanting to look innocent…and appearing to be  the squeaky clean whistle blowers.  Crying ‘foul’‘foul.’     When in fact…it is them who are the foul ones.

It is interest the way that the Republicans  always seemed to know exactly what the problems are…and where they lay. 


Because they put  certain people into place to purposely cause the problems and issues…which they later turn around and begin pointing out as being fraudulent.   These type of  games are old…and go way back  in  history…where many of  these  very schemes were first hatched…by other other political crooks.

It is such a shame that such a group operates in this country…who are clearly anti-American when they indulge in such under-handed  behavior…and deceitful practices.

Recently, Acorn  has requested an independant investigation into the actions of some of their employees.   The Senate to block  the Housing and Urban Development from giving grants to Acorn, along with the U.S. Census Bureau had dropped Acorn and its involvement in the 2010 national census.  And of course under these last allegation of  being a training ground for how to own and operate your own brothel…the White House has been forced to also move away from Acorn.

I barely got any sleep last night.

Well, for one thing…I love my hair style so much that I am refusing to mess it up.  Which means I have been trying to stay on my elbows since Saturday when I initially got the hair style.

And then the other reason is…is…

Well, those raccoons are back.   Not that they ever left…as I have yet to have the money to seal up the roof.  So, they are living in our attic.

But last night after getting in I stepped back out on the porch…and that is when I heard a noise.   I thought it was pesty neighborhood cat…which sometimes sits upon our porch waiting on my neice’s cat to come out.

So, I picked up the water hose and sprayed some water over in the direction of the noice.  And saw the thing move…and that is when I happened to catch a glimsp at what appeared to be 2 white circles around it’s eyes.

Not certain I went back into the house and got my flash light.  I opened the screen-door and shot the light over into the far corner of  my parent’s porch and there it was.   Yes…a raccoon.

It seemed to be trying to hide.  And appeared to indecisive.

So, I tried to talk it out of  corner and off  the porch…while I quickly punched in a call to our local police station.  As I talked on my cell…the raccoon quietly left the porch.  It seemed timid…mayold…possibly frighten.  And I felt bad for her…or him…or whatever it was. 

But they have got to go.  The thing was huge…and I am not exegerating.  I was at least a foot and half  long…not including it’s big and long tail.   And it was about a foot high in width.

No, that has got to go.  No matter how bad I feel for it.  I just don’t want them hurt.  But I have got to get them out of  our house and away from our home.  I have far too many young neices and nephews.  And I would hate to see anything happen to any of   them because I sat around doing nothing about our raccoon problem.

So, today I walked around the outside of our house checking to see exactly where it is that they are entering into and out of our property.  It is via our roof.  Some rotting has taken place along various portions of  our roof.   And as I walked around examing our weather beaten root… I was calling upon the name of  Jesus. 

Because those raccoons have got to go.

Well, hope you had a less eventful day and night.

One thing I can say though…my neice’s cat is no fool. 

The raccoon which had gotten into 2ab-the-bishop-wifecoverkitchen…when I initally realized we had a problem…she chased out that raccoon…and up the stairs back into the attic.  But this raccoon…was much bigger than her.   Though she did go out on the porch…she never approached that corner…and got low to the ground the whole time she was out there.  And my neices cat is usually no j4_printer_Promo_Cars_b_smith2oke…she is a real killer.

She must have been able to tell that  that raccoon was  a big one.

But I am going to have a talk with that…because she can’t be punking out on me.

And after I laid down and thought about…since I could not fall asleep.  The thought came to me…that with all the hermones and everything else put into our food…it is little wonder that that raccoon was so big.  She and others like her wander around the neighborhoods at night searching for scrapes to feed upon. 

And if the chemical put into food…in order to make it grown bigger…get fatter…effects our bodies…and that of  our children the way that it does.  Then what about whatever else that feeds upon anything that we eat?

I can everything becoming super-sized.  And I am not kidding.  

You would have had to seen the size of  that raccoon. 

We all need to consider what it is that we are doing to this planet…our food…produce…water ways etc…   And these animals are also being impacted by our lack of  good judgement.

That thing was huge.  

Oh, I know that some people believe they can escape to another planet.  But I have always been told-

“That 1 bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.”

Just saw the below picture and just could not resist adding it.  It is so beautiful.  Put you in mind of  what we are in store for next…by way of weather.   I don’t know where you are…but it is cold here already.

Well, God bless

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  ©2009 

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Trying to keep warm…

As I lay here trying to keep warm…and happy about not having to go outside 09878931and shovel any more snow.   But I love it.

I am so thankful that my parent’s house is still standing…that water is not leaking down through the roof…that the raccoons are blocked off from traveling downstairs to meet me in our back hallway…and that God  blocked my parent’s house from going up on the auction block earlier this year in March.

I have much to be thankful for…including not having suffered what I s10610571thought was an on-coming stroke or heart attack last week when my right hand started shaking very badly, and then just froze up on me.  And ultimately forced me to 05191471have to rush from my class to go directly to a hospital emergency room.

But after having endured that…this past weekend I was out shoveling snow straight up to the day before yesterday.  We are buried in it.  And I04800951 am loving every minute of it…and I am so blessed not to have to be spending my holidays in a hospital.

Though the weather is cold…freeeeezzzing to be exact.  It looks pretty.  No, beautiful to me…because if I take a notion…I can get up and go outside and walk through it…when I know that I should not be able to do so.

But in regards to my warmth…I keep looking at our fireplace wishing I  could make a big bustling fire in it.   But I am afraid of risking starting a fire in the wall of the chimney since we haven’t used it or had it cleaned out for a while.  But a big bright and warm fireplace lighting up our living room would be nice…and especially on days like this.  And even more especially since the furnace is still not fixed. 

So, yes the house is cold…but not as cold as it should or  even  could be.  Though the oven is on (and I am being very careful monitoring it)…and most of the doors are closed to block off the cold.  And I do have a portable electric heater (which I am also keeping a close eye on) which you really have do when you run electrical items overtime.  And then on top of it all…I still have hot water.  

So, I’m doing pretty good.  Thank God for the hot water.

And believe me having hot water is important. 

I will not forget how last year this time I was almost in the same situation though the circumstances were different.  From August straight through the  1st of January we had no gas.  This meant that there was not any hot water either…which is a very hard situation…and particularly for women.   Because unlike men…women must bathe.   Washing up is okay…but it is not the same.   And to do it for months…in freezing cold water… 

Well, let me just say it again…women must bathe.

So, I was forced to have to bathe in freezing cold 2 times a day…once in 02430541the morning before leaving out from the house and again once I got back in.  And this I did religously in the freezing cold of the house…and cold water only gets colder as it runs.   It was quite quite quite freeeezzzing cold.  In fact, it was far colder inside our house than it was at any point outside of it.  

I know I was miserable during all those days.   But thank God…He brought me through it.  And I got through it without a sniffle or a sneeze.

And so though I can’t light a fire in our fireplace…I am not as cold as I should be either…and no where near as cold as I was in this house  last year. 

I 08623821am blessed.   

And I am finally finished with all my classes and their assignments…I got everything in even though at times my right hand continued to occasionally act up.  But I 02393871made it through…and yesterday I returned to the school library 2 books that I owed them.

 So, I am in the house for the duration of the holiday…short of having to go back out to shovel more snow…or throw down some more salt if it gets slippery again.

I can’t imagine what the temperture outside is today.  But  I know it is in the low something.    It looks very cold and dark outside.   There is no sun anywhere to be found…nothing but snow upon snow. 

It is like a freezer outside.  So, I am inside…trying to keep warm.  But I am loving it…because God has been good to me.

Remember those who have less than you and who may or may not have a roof over their heads…or a car in their garage…or food in their refrigerator…or in their pantry…or a coat to put on…or electricity…or gas to heat their home.    Let us pray for them…and keep them lifted up in our prayers throughout the year.   They would love to be in my situation I have no doubt.   So, I have nothing to complain about.   I’m blessed. 

Yes, I am blessed…and very highly favored.  And I thank God for His ever loving mercies.

So, whatever your holiday plans are…be careful and enjoy those whom you love.  And may God grant you to step into a wonderful 2009.   I am looking forward to it…and all the God has in store for me.

And always be mindful…that there is nothing like family.  And nothing at all like a good family…definitely worth more than gold.  

We pray also for family unity…unity from this point on…in Jesus’ name.

God bless….Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!09241521

And may your Santa give you exactly and everything that you are hoping and looking for.   

Praise ye the Lord…for He is mighty in all things.   And I am sure He has so much more for you…in 2009.

Well, God bless…and thanks for reading this blog…and  please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on” ©2008

Double CLICK the screen above in order to view the second video…ignor the text on the screen monitor

Happy holidays…and may God richly bless you too.

Just DOUBLE CLICK the screen to view the above video.

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