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Another Post I never got around to Publishing… SOUL TRAIN MUSIC AWARDS a couple years ago… TEXAS STABBINGS & EXPLOSION at BOSTON MARATHON

Talk about not getting around to POST… when I finally came back to this blog it was I don’t ss-130415-boston-bombing-01.ss_fullknow how long.  Now, after that it has been several weeks more  …had to add the tags and things.  And finally today here it goes…after a bomber or more…struck at the Boston Marathon today just as the runners started ss-130415-boston-bombing-09.ss_fullcrossing the finish line.

I almost wrote… I’m just shaking my head… but it takes more than that if we ever expect to get a handle on this.  And it goes beyond insanity to some type of morbid inner nothingness that these people have who go out and do these type of things.

Well, nevertheless…. here is another Post that I just never got around to publishing for one reason or other.  After briefly ojo-pe0067630reading through it I thought that I might share it with you…it seems that I felt like sharing some more of myself in it to you… wonder why?

I rarely like telling much about myself… though I must say that you really cannot tell it by reading many of my blogs.  But for the record… I cannot remember at all when I wrote this but it was a while back… so today I am feeling great and the day is sunny and beautiful.

Now, here is that blog which I failed to published some time ago…

Not feeling well today… but I am not complaining.  Because I have had many more days medicationwhen I didn’t feel bad at all.  And not many people can say that.

I am just a touch under the weather.  And because I am not accustom to being sick… it tends to bother me a little more than most people.

The other thing is… I do not take medication.  Not at all.   Well… almost not at all.  There have been times when I had to breakdown and swallow something… or go in and have them give me a shot or something… but not often.  And believe me when I say… I have to be in an awful lot of  pain and/or discomfort for me to do it.

Otherwise, I just suffer whatever it is that is bothering me… until it goes away.  Not many people can do that… or attempt to do that.  Since so many people rush to go grab up a bottle of this or that at the slightest on-set of something they think may be bothering them… they never even try to fight off anything.African American female placing boxes on large stack man is holding.

But this is just a little slight cold.  A sliver of dust must have gotten into my system while I was helping my brother move some furniture that he chose to move from my parent’s house into his new apartment.  And since I am allergic to house dust… and it didn’t take much before I started itching then a tickle came into my throat.  But as soon as the dust gets out of my system I will be up and about again.

Soul-Train-Download-Pic[1]But this past weekend I had a chance to catch the Soul Train Music Awards.  Needless to say… I did not know most of  acts or  the awardees.  But, of course, I did recognize Anita Baker and Ron Isley as they paid tribute to them.

But I waited around watching because I had never seen Eryka Badu perform a97d43b27f539dd07ca5e5f10d4017333d096e6dbefore… and boy…oh, boy…  What a disheartening show it really was.

For one thing how can anyone who portrayed herself as being so Afro-centric ever have lighten their skin?

Well, that is exactly what Eryka Badu has done… or so it appeared to be the case to me.  And she looked terrible.  At first I didn’t even notice it… because it was Erykah_badu-02-mikakind of subtle and her face was camouflaged by the hat she was wearing.  It cast a shadow over her face.

We have all read about black women in Africa and the West Indies doing it… but to see that Eryka Badu has stooped to bleaching????

It is insane.  If anything I have always wanted to be darker… but lighter no.  A cousin oferykah-badu-4f53efb310046 mine slipped and started calling me ‘light’ and I totally disliked it.  She was trying to anger me.  And she did the moment she let that slip out of mouth.

Needless to say, Eryka has always been a bit wired and out there.  She likes ErykahBadudoing things to grab attention… I guess you could say.   I remember when she first came onto the music scene… everybody thought that the very long dredlocks she was sporting then were her own.  But low-and-behold… over a period of  time we all came to find out that it had been a wig or more than likely dred extensions.   After that I think she went to having no hair at all.erykahbadu[1]

But seeing Erykah Badu with lighter skin… was discussing to me.  Talking about a mindless woman… who evidently hates herself.  I wouldn’t want attention that bad.  And whatever song that was… that she song on the Soul Train Music Awards… if  it was intended to catapult  the re-emergence of  her  singing career?

380000_215195095219210_1603331792_nI think not.  For all it was worth she could have stayed home.  But I must say that I did love the hat… and that was about all I liked about this whole supposed Soul Train Music Awards.

For the most part most of  the music on the Soul Train Music Awards show really wasn’t even ‘soul music’ any more.   But a bunch of that ‘neo-soul’  junk.

So, in watching the Soul Train Music Awards… I began to feel that we are loosing our identity…our musical 1328516281-soul-train-dancers_soul-train-photo-exhibition_magnum[1]identity and authenticity.   An identity and authenticity which has marked and ruled… in my opinion the whole music world in this country since we came to these shores as slaves brought to America.  And my did we bring something with us.

Some of the best and most authentic music America has ever had  really came out of a revised culture whose roots were founded in slavery.  dells16Much like the food we developed here called ‘Soul Food.’  Hence, Soul Music… the Blues… Doo-Wop… Gospel Music… Rhythm & Blues  etc… etc.. etc…

In watching the Soul Train Music Awards show I felt that soul music had been replaced by a bunch of  people who neither wrote lyrics  or  played real instruments.  People who only looked black, but were trying very hard to appear as weird and way-out as they possibly could be.   This because it would seem that everything dto4-soul-traintoday concerning music is about branding and images… and far less than about true talent… real vocal skills or any skills as far as being a musician or a real song writer.  What happened to artists with the talent of a Little Stevie Wonder or a Prince?

Based upon what I had seen those type of talents had faded far far far away.

None of  them… this group or now generation singers seemed to want to have any connection to the music that put Motown on the charts, or  20030704-barrywhitePhilly on the map… or  Chicago, Detroit, Memphis, New York,  and LA.  Or that had made other urban places  hubs for the rich urban soul sound and melodic tones that had come to be called ‘soul music’  or  ‘rhythm & blues”  …or even “gospel.”The-Supremes-pb02

While watching the Soul Train Music Awards… there were no Anita Bakers or Ron Isleys awaiting in the crowd to hear their names called for award.  In fact, the only soulful talenst on the show was Anita Baker, Ron Isley, Pebo Bryson, Chante Moore, Rochelle Ferrell, Jeffery Osborne and a few others.  But clearly the ‘soul‘  that Ron-Isley-No-Morehad been in the history of  Soul Train is now gone.

Everybody wants to be a cross-over artist… some neutral detergent that appears to be black or African American but actually doing some white thang.

The whole time I sat watching the Soul Train Music Awards… Photo of Anita BAKERwhich is something I have not watched in years… or any other music or movie  awards show in years.   As I had long ago felt that they had been watered down to appeal to more less urban audiences.

marvin20gayeBut it was frightening for me to see  such a lost of what seemed to me to be a vast depreciation of  what has always been ours… our real musical genius and talenst… gifted voices and fantastic lyric writing…ashfordsimpson2 such as that of  Barry White and Issac Hayes… Holland,-Dozier-Holland, Ashford & Simpson, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield… etc…etc… all to be turned into something which sounded a lot more like that puff of glitter disco music and digitized junk.  And I must say that I see the exact same thing  happening to gospel music.

In gospel music there has developed a vast desire to be played on something ‘called‘ Christian Radio stations…  which in my opinion is nothing but a bunch of  rock music  stations playing rock music and calling it ‘Christian Music.’

It would be a shame to loose the richness of  our music… and the history that our music carries with it to the junk I bared witnessed to on the Soul Train Music Awards.  Outside of the tributes 16689to some real Soul legends… there was nothing on that show I would have voted to give 1 award to.

One day we will look up and no one will know what ‘soul music’  was or that it had ever been.  They will not know that there had been such groups like Blue Magic, the Dramatics, Delfonics, Temptations, Supremes, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, the Manhattans, Teddy Pendergrass, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, jackson5_cropChi-Lites, Rufus featuring Chaka Khan, Phyllis Hyman, Najee, Kirk Walham, the Sylvers, Michael Jackson, the Jackson 5, the Sugar Hill Gang and the list goes on and on and on…  And those are just those from my era there tons more before them.

Who can forget when James Brown first cried-

“Say it loud I’m black and I’m proud.”

Or, “Baby, please don’t go.”

Or when Curtis Mayfield song these words-

curtis-home“If  I had a choice of  colors.”

Or Nina came with-

“To be young gifted and black.”

Maybe there is no need for such lyrics like these today anymore.  But that can’t true… particularly after what I just said about Eryka Badu and skin bleaching.   But then how about-

“La-la-la means I love you… I love you.”

What about –

“They’re smiling in your face…all the while they want to take your place.”

Will soul music die like jazz has died?

There are no more jazz artists like Max… Coltrane …  Gillipsie…  or Yusuf LaTiff… or Miles …. any more.

Or how about a Junior Parker…  or another B.B. King…  or Muddy Waters…  or Bo Diddley and their special blend?

Nicki-Minaj-With-Blonde-Hair-In-Paper-Magazine4Now, I must admit that these days I am strictly into gospel music… but having a history in the radio industry NEO+SOULit is hard for me to not realize the importance of preserving this cultural history.  It is ours… and our children need to be recipients of at least knowing of that it once was.  We cannot just forsake everything.

These musical forms and artists are long gone…  Well, more or less off the musical scene… the ones I just mentioned above.  And soon along with their names will the memories of Blue Magic, Phyllis Hyman, the Dells, Temptations, Supremes, the Staple Singers and everybody else either before them or who came after them like Chak Khan, Earth, Wind & Fire, Emotions etc. be forgotten too.  To be replaced by a bunch of  people who have forsaken moving bass beats for  neo- tinty sounds that have nothing soul about them.  Music you can hop and jump up and down to… like we used soul-trainphoto_15185_20100420to watch those young white kids do on those afternoon after school dance shows like the Dick Clark Show.   But they can’t really dance to.  And I guess that is really the point… its not meant to be danced to… but just to make some money.

Forget art…   What does art have to do with it?

No wonder the Soul Train Musical Awards show didn’t resemble anything like soultrainlinex-topper-mediumtheir old award shows… or for that matter… didn’t come close to emitting anything I would have called ‘soul’… outsidesoultrain of having a tribute to a few past ‘soul’ artists.  What a real shame…a legacy gone to naught…

I hate to say it… but little wonder Don Cornelius took a gun…  When you sell off something your control of it goes too…  Truly the history of Soul Train will never be the same…

2ab-the-bishop-wifecoverWell, God bless… it’s Monday and I have been relaxing most of my day.  Then I started getting calls about an explosion in Boston.
After the stabbings on a Texas Campus last week… and now these explosions in Boston during the Boston Marathon… coupled with the guy shooting up the movie theater and that boy killingdylan-quick-lone-star-college-houston-stabbings all those children plus his mother, in a Connecticut classroom…  Can you really say that we are not living in divers times?
me resized...I can’t imagine anybody saying that since they were 9 years old they had had fantasies about stabbing people.   FANTASIES ABOUT STABBING PEOPLE?
How could that be a fantasy?
I do not even want to talk about it any further.  Too much has probably already been said.  Some of these people are just looking that 15 minutes…  And we need to stop giving it to them.
When I called my son to tell him about the explosions at the Boston Marathon today, he said toimages me-
“And why did they do it?”
And I said, “Oh, you have people today who just want to hurt a bunch of people.”
And my son said-
“No, ma.  There has to be a reason.”
And maybe there is some other than the 1 I gave.  But who knows if it will ever be revealed and/or discovered.
If it is anything like TV then maybe some camera on a building will lead them right to responsible perpetrators.  My goodness, how I hate things like this to happen.

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  ©2013

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Hitting the ground running in 2009…

Just getting in from cracking ice.  My hands are all blistered…and I am cold.  The ice on the sidewalk was about an inch thick.  It didn’t take me long to decide that if I could only make a walkway…then I would have to be satisfied.  I enjoyed it though…but now my hands are aching me.  And I ripped some skin on my thumb…but I got it done.  Now, I don’t have to worry about someone slipping on ice in front of the house.

Yesterday while it was coming down…the freezing rain and ice…I started 711117871wondering if  it was still true…you know that saying ‘through the rain, the sleet and the snow…”

Well, it is still true.  And I told our mail man as he hiked up to street to our house looking more like an astronaut than a mail man…I told him that I was usps_smalluse1happy to see that that saying was still true.  And he said-

“Yeah, it’s still true.”

But he didn’t seem to be too happy about it…but I was sure happy to see him.  Not that I was expecting anything in particular.  And as I looked up the street I saw where the ice and sleet hadn’t stopped UPS either.  When you pay for these services you want to know that your stuff is getting delivered just like they promised it would…the next day…or whatever you paid for…no matter what.

With all the talk about email through the years…and the possiblity of it replacing the old stamp and envelop system…all I can say is this-

“I hope not.”

Can you imagine not being able to go the Post Office to send out your mail, packages, or to purchase stamps and boxes etc. ?   I can’t.

I am a believer that the more options there are the better off we are.  I don’t mind email…I use it everyday.  And some days several times a day.   But I sure would hate to see it replace my receiving the hard copy of  actual letters, bills etc.   There is something about being able to look at something in my hands…and being able to review it as often as I want without having to turn on a computer to do it…that is what I like best of all.  And I like the hard copies of everything…magazines, books etc… even copies of cashed checks, but they don’t send them to you anymore.  

The only thing that viewing over the internet is probably best for… well, for me…is reading news stories.   I hang onto things…so I definitely don’t need to have any newspapers in my house…or magazines.  I get tons of magazines though…and rarely touch any of them.   But if I were to…I can flip through it at my leisure.  But I can’t read magazines on-line…but newspaper articles I can.   I only read certain stories and have never read the whole newspaper… not even half  of  it.

I get those little on-line cards sometimes in my email…and it is not the same as an actual card.  I barely glance at them.  I appreciate people sending them to me…but I think that they are a waste of time.  They can’t beat a really beautiful or funny card that you can glance at from time to as you want to.

There are companies that no longer print their catalogs anymore…they tell you to go to their websites and see what they have to offer. 

Who wants to do that?

01273011I’m sorry…but there went a sell.  Because I hate going to a website when I am interested in checking out what a company has to offer me by way of products and/or services.  When I buy I’m a comparative shopper…so  I go over info back and forth until my ultimate decision is made.   This means a hard copy of the companies catalogs are invaluable to me.

I am all for technology and advancements in the improvement of how man lives…but some things are more a hindrance than an aid.  When you look at cable television the ability to be able to view a wide variety of  TV channels was a great offer. 

But do you remember when television channels used to be free? 

You may have had a limited selection but the channels were clear for the most part…and best of all you got them for free. And comparatively… I think a lot better… can’t stand all the reality shows.

When you consider it…whether they tell you it or not…most people still nbc_new_york_office_4541watch network television more than the ton of other channels that they can chose between.  The problem with network TV today, however…NBC, ABC and CBS…they offer far less than what they used to.    They used to make movies, run mini-series…and had a lot of other more interesting television programs than they do today. 

Today television offers nothing but a bunch of reality shows and everybody trying to become millionaires.  It is boring…and I just stopped watching television for the most part a long time ago.  And they had the nerve to change over the system this year to force everybody to get a digital television.  The whole thing is one big racket…and I am so glad that ls0177781people didn’t fall into that trap twice but rushing out to pay for radio too.

Lets face it…who needs another bill?

And for something you used to enjoy for free?

And that is how I feel about the Postal system…I don’t mind paying for the service.   And even though today email is free…I guarantee you if the US Postal Service closed their doors today…email would cost us something by tomorrow.   So, I am all for keeping things just as they are right now…because even though the rates go up occasionally the increase is not enough to be a hardship on any of us.

Though I must say that the phone system has changed for the best.  Now, that is something I can applaud.  I remember the day when a single phone 09805161call could have cost me $40 or $50.   Yeah, I like the fact that gone are the days of the $300 to $500 phone bills for long distance calls.  I am so glad those days are long gone.  The funny thing though is that I now don’t have anyone that I want to sit up all night long on the telephone with…like I did back in those days.  But that’s okay.  I’m happy…and I won’t complain.

But you do have to keep your eye on your cell phone bill…because the cell companies will get you if you don’t watch your bills.  And I do mean…get you….and get you good.  You have to closely monitor your 03064371cell phone bills because they will ease all kind of charges in on you.   And definitely look out for charges like ‘roaming.‘  They did that to me…and I had not gone anywhere.

The other thing with your cell phone that you have to be careful of  is that you don’t go over your minutes.  I had a concert promotion thing going on and I had to make a ton of calls…and had a ton of calls coming in.  Before I knew it…my minutes were gone.   I had to rush a $100 to the cell company every day for several days just to keep my lines on.  

They really got me…but I got smart quick.   I quickly revised my cell phone plan.  I never even come close to my total allowed minutes now.  And the plan is much better than the one I had before.  I have a family plan now.  It cut out having multiple cell phone bills to only having one bill and at a monthly cost that averages out to about what I had been paying for just one bill alone before. 

In these times you really have to look to…’how can I knock out a bill or two? ‘ 

  • First thing…get rid of cable.  There is nothing wrong with just having local stations…which you probably watch more often than you think.
  • Second thing…check into getting a family plan for your cell phone service.  It really could save you lots of money…and give you all more minutes monthly.

And this is something my father taught me…

  • Third thing…keep your gas tank on full.   When it gets down to about a half of a tank fill up your car…it will save you money.  And if where you live is like here…the gas prices have already started going back up.  We’re at $1.69 per gallon now…had dropped down to $1.39.  Do you remember when gas $.99 per gallon? 

In my forthcoming book, THE BISHOP’S WIFE…I write how due to technology no one knows anyone actual street address anymore.  Because most people contact each other via email rather than by sending actual letters today.  This is really not a good thing.  (not that that is what my book is actually about…it is a fictional story about a woman…  Well, yeah…it’s about THE BISHOP’S WIFE…and it’s unlike anything you have read before)

At any rate, we should all know the actual street addresses and zip codes of those people who are important in our lives.

s10407201Do you remember the day when you used to remember everybody’s phone number?

Those days are gone too. 

Unless you have experienced loosing a cell phone or breaking your cell phone…you will never know just how problematic not knowing anyone’s phone number can be.  With speed-dialing and all the other quick reference and access technology in the marketplace today…we are using less and less of our brain. 

We have calculators, speed-dialing and I don’t know whatever else.  But our brains are being put out to pasture and on an everlasting holiday. 

Have you ever heard-

“If you don’t use it…you’ll loose it?”

Take a look around the number of  people with Alzheimer’s is raising.  And it is starting at earlier ages.

We no longer have to remember anything anymore.  Everything is done for us.  This really can’t be good.   It may be convenient…but it is not good.  If all of the sudden the electic went out…and you were unable to go up on-line who would you be able to contact?

Do you know and remember every person on your email list off the top of s10625881your head?

And I am not talking about knowing their actual names but their email names and addresses.  I would bet you don’t…and I don’t either.  Who can keep up with all those (alias’) letters and various numbers people go by over the internet. I can barely keep up with all of my own…and we won’t talk about passwords.

But if something happened to your cell phone…if it went dead or became unusable…lets say all the cell companies lost service.   How many people could you call?   Who would  you still be able to contact? 

How many of the numbers in your cell phone do you actually remember?

This actually happened to me sometime this past year when my email carrier’s server was hit with a virus.  I tried all day trying to sign-on and couldn’t…and it was at the worst possible time.  I had emailed myself some 00022381documents that I needed to print out for a class assignment and I could not retrive them.  And the only place I had saved them was in an email that I had emailed to myself. 

It was a good lesson in technology…it will let you down.   Let me say it again…technology will let you down.  Don’t put your trust solely in it.  Some people say-

“Back up everything.”

But even this can let you down.  If there is no electricity…nothing works.  If the cell lines go down…you can hang it up.   Because you will definitely be out on a limb.   Or if the server goes down…yeah, it happens.  Then there is this thing called  ‘out dated formats.’  

Have you ever heard of  that?  

Well, we have all experienced it.  It is when you saved on a floppy  disc…but they no longer make computers with that type of  hardware…or a firewire in-put because everything is flash drives now.

A few years ago the whole Northeastern part of the United States was faced with this problem…of all the electrical lines going down.  I remember it well…I was in New York and BOOM! 

Luckily, I had just finished my editing session or I would have lost everything I had sat there for hours editing.  But I remember the number of people walking the streets with their cell phones plastered to their ears trying to make calls and couldn’t.  They were all lost without use of their cell phone service…and no one could figure out what was going on.

Then cars started riding by with people shouting out their windows-

“There’s a blackout!  There’s a blackout…and there’s no cell service.”

I didn’t have a cell phone at the time so that didn’t affect me.  But I remember hearing that none of the cell phones worked…but the land lines did.  Whether you know it or not…there are far less land lines today than there were some 10 or 20 years ago.  A lot of people have cell phones but not all of them have regular home phones any more.

Since most people walk around with cell phones…the outdoor phones that used to be on every corner…have your noticed that most of them are gone?  And the ones you do see…   Well, most of them do not half work.    And they are so filty you really do not want to pick them up…much less place them to your ear. 

Cell phones, computers, email, laptops, cable etc… all of these things may be great  but do you see the draw backs to them?

Now, there are cars that park themselves…cars with GPS systems designed to get you where you want to go.  I was even in a car the other day that didn’t need a key. 

03248891I don’t know about you…but I don’t feel safe if I’m in a car that doesn’t use a key.  I don’t trust them.  And I definitely don’t want any car parking for me. 

In the on-set it all looks great…I thought having a hundred different channels to chose from was great too.   But soon you all learned something that we  had not been anticipating…they keeping showing the same shows over and over again.  So, what good is having a hundred different television channels when you keep thinking to yourself-

“There’s nothing on television?”

It doesn’t make sense.

“So, why do you continue to pay for it?”

I don’t want a car with GPS.  When I get lost I want to ask somebody and hopefully they will give me the right directions.

I don’t want a cell phone that takes pictures, text messages or has a thousand different ring tones.  I just want a cell phone that is audible.  I s10159891want it so that the person can hear me clearly and I can hear them clearly.  I don’t need to text anybody or take pictures with my cell phone.  I just want a good phone…that is all I need.   And not more charges for things on  my cell phone account that make no sense to have on a cell phone…like texting somebody when you can call them.

Why do all that work of trying to type something out like your cell phone is a typewriter?

As I end this let me just say…that we are becoming too dependent on technology.  We are relying upon it to store and maintain information that we used to easily extract from that thing which sits between our 2 ears…that we now barely use.  And we should all get back into the practice of writing letters…not emails…or dropping a real card into a mail box addressed to a friend or love one every now and then.   There really is something nice and quite special about receiving an unsuspected letter or card in your actual postal mail.

Think about it…outside of signing our signature every now and then none of us writes anything anymore.  I mean physically picking up a piece of paper and then put a pen or pencil to it to write a letter, a poem or something.  We do everything on our computers or in our calculators, cell phones…and whatever else we might have.

Well, one of my sisters has her train ticket to catch Amtrak into DC on the 20th.  I’m thinking about taking 2 of my younger nieces and a nephewDemocratic presidential candidate Obama and that we might drive down the night before and sleep in the car somewhere nearby.  I mean I was at the Million Woman March in Philly…I was in New York for 9/11…and I was at the 25th Anniversary March on Washington

How could I not be in DC for Obama taking his oath as President of the United States of America? 

I know that I can watch it on TV…but when you get right down to it…it is not the same as saying-

“I was there.”

God blessand thanks for reading this blog…and  please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on” ©2009

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the Wendy Williams ship wreck…

Tell me…

“Who really listens or watches that stuff…called ‘The Wendy Willams 20071129williams.jpgExperience’?”

“Do you not have anything going on in your life that you would take your valuable time to give someone like Wendy Williams one second of  it?”

She is a ship wreck…just look at her. 

When you sell yourself for what you consider ‘fame’…then you are on a fast track to one big ship wreck.  There is little wonder that H0t 98 in New York showed her the door, and then Philly decided to slam it in her face when they too had had enough, and gave her the boot.  Now, back in New York she is still trying to create high arbitron  ratings by stirring up controversy.

Wendy is a sinking ship.   Better yet…a ship wreck. 

You can only go but so long…trying to cause havoc in the lives of others as a means of your talent.   Beyond a point people will begin to look for more.  And more…is something which Wendy Williams does not have.  That is why she can only do 00507821what she does…..try to create a living while living off others. 

It is sad when someone so visabily sells their soul to the devil and grins at you as though they are happy.  And you can look into their eyes and see that they are not.

You cannot be happy living the kind of life  and lie that Wendy Williams lives.  First of all she has no real talent.   What she has is just a trick of the enemy…created to deceive.  

How dare she be sitting on the radio calling herself giving advice to people…when she needs to be sitting on a psychiatrist couch herself.   Better yet…calling upon the name of the Lord for some help.

I will never forget once while driving through the streets of Manhattan 161608605xaejhv_fs1and somehow the radio happened to be on WBLS and the Wendy Williams Experience…and now that I think about it.  I was in the car with one of my nieces…when she turned the radio to the Wendy Williams Experience. 

That day was a day that Doctor Wendy was on duty.   A woman called in, and I don’t  know if it was real or something  Wendy and crew had invented.   But now that I think of it,  it was a fax supposedly faxed into the radio station telling Wendy that she was married to someone she was considering leaving.  The person to whom the woman was married to was supposedly suffering from cancer and was very sick…near dying.  And she was asking Wendy for help to decide what to do because she wanted to leave him.

Now, that show has stayed with me for a very long time…because Wendy very uncaringly trying to create humor out the situation gave some of the most bogus advice I had ever heard.  She asked of herself in the reading of this fax…well, how long have you been together?   Was he ill when you married him or did he just become sick?     WHAT?

Wendy told the woman that as long as she continued to received some kind of benefit from being with the man then she should stay.  But if there wasn’t a benefit to staying then the woman should get out of the marriage.  And Wendy101622711 said this as if she were an ‘all knowing’ and ‘learned pyschologist’…or some kind of prophet.

Yes, I have a problem with people trying to pass themselves as something which they are not…and with people who think that everything is funny when it is not. 

I have had a problem with ‘The Wendy Williams Experience’ for a long time.  

When you sit in a position where you can ‘speak life or death into a situation’ and chose to speak death…then you are wrong. 

The Bible says that the power of  ‘life and death is in the tongue.’

When you have millions of people hanging onto your every word you have to temper your tongue…and seek not to give bad sinful council. 

There may not be profit from speaking truth…but there is peace.   Which of…Wendy Williams has none.  Practically ever rapper, dancer, singer and everybody else is out to get her. 

How can you live like that?

Then to mess up your body and life so much.   Come on, Wendy.

That breast job…really.   Come on…a grown woman trying to play and look like one of the kids.     It looks ridiculous.  Grow up…grow up.   And get saved.

The time for foolishness is offer.

And poor little Robin Givens.


Getting happy because Wendy has a list of every white male she ever went to bed with. 

And we wonder why the kids are in the state that they are in?

Look what they are listening and watching.   These are the role models they fashion themselves after. 


And shut it down.

No wonder Whitney Houston threaten to pay Wendy Williams a visit one day.  I wish I had a recording of that…when Whitney told Wendy that she was from Newark.   Whitney didn’t even say that she was from Jersey.   No, she made a point of saying that she was from ‘Newark.’      And that does mean something.  To those people who know…it spoke volumes…believe me.  And Wendy understood it…loud and clear.   Because she started stuttering and lost her train of thought. 

And Whitney was not joking.   I still laugh when I think of that day.  

I love you, Whitney.   One of the few people who has ever put Wendy Williams in her place.  

Whitney, I pray that you come victoriously out of that wilderness that you are in.   Be mindful…that God is able.  And let not deceivers deceive you.   You already have the victory.

How dare Wendy try to reap rewards off the suffering of others.

My Lord…

God bless…Happy New Year!09241521

Praise ye the Lord…he is mighty in all things.   For He is just and merciful.   And I am sure He has so much more for you…in 2009.

Well, God bless againand thanks for reading this blog…and  please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on” ©2008

“Happy New Years!   And may God bless you all.”

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