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King Family/Dexter, oh… Estate Matters 2a

What would mommie think of you?

And I will not say ‘all of you’…I have heard that enough times myself in regards to our family situation.  But when a member or members are wrong…or doing the wrong thing or things…there are few or little options…short of going to jail because you killed them.  Just ask me…

And no, I am not currently sitting on Death Row because I did in a sister or brother or two…thank goodness there is a God.  But had I not been saved…I might well be in jail…and possibly on Death Row.  Because that is how intense family affairs can grow.

It is extremely painful and hurtful to have to go into court…and side against someone who is a sibling or other family member.  But there are times when it must be done.

I have sat in court and tried to hide the tears knowing that I did not want to be there.  But courses of events brought on by sisters and brothers forced me to do it in order to not loose my parent’s property…because it was all that was left after they had ran through everything else.

And though they didn’t want to pay anything to save the property…they didn’t want me to do so either.  In fact, they openly proclaimed several times how they didn’t want anything to do with the property…but they would rather loose the house to foreclosure than to see me with it…or try themselves to save it.  And it was never and has never been about me having it…not for me.

It had been what my parents had worked for it.  They had labored, saved, struggled…and sacrificed for it and our 2nd house which was lost years later.  How were we going going to just sit around and loose what they had worked so hard for…at a time when black folks could barely get mortgages and had to work hard for every dime they got?

And to see  a nearly 2 hundred thousand dollar house go down the drain for less than 5 thousand dollars in arrears…with 2 mortgages less than $350/per month combined. 

How could I do that?

How could I allow that?

I could not…and I would not let my parent’s house go to a bunch of people who knew nothing of my parents or the legacy that they desired to leave for their grand-children and great grand-children unto the 4th and 6th generation…and beyond. 

So, yes…I sat in court trying to secretly wipe away tears…sad that I had to be brought there to the court house because of greed and everything else negative that can crawl in between families when people die.

Only to get before the judge and become so overwhelmed with emotions that the tears overtook me.  I know how it feels.  But it has to be done.

What a mess this is.  And it is not a joke either…and it only gets worst.  But truth will prevail…but you must be steadfast and maintain your interigty. 

Don’t look for everybody to understand…because they are going to tell you are wrong.

Take confidence in yourselves and pray for your brother that he might see the errors of his ways.

You will cry. 

It does hurt.

But let nobody destory what you father died for…and what you mother fought to bring into being…that his life would a testament unto the world through the generations.

If the information in the LINK BELOW is true…Dexter might find himself looking at jail time.  Uncle Sam does not play.  And the sad part…he has emptied out many estates…i.e. Sammy Davis, Jr….Redd Foxx…James Brown…etc…and settled a lot of family disputes.,All_Forums,&Words=&Searchpage=0&Limit=25&Main=2370387&Search=true&where=&Name=&daterange=1&newerval=2&newertype=d&olderval=&oldertype=&bodyprev=

Dexter’s counter-law suit…

Family matters hurt.    Be encouraged…and always endeavor to do the right thing.

God bless…

The mud slinging is yet to begin.   ‘pass it on’  ©2008

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