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A star is born…fairytale stories …and dreams…

Yesterday, while chatting with my son, he happened to turn around and say to me-

“Ma, did you see this?”

He was on his laptop looking at a few things on youtube…and he showed me the most extraordinary video footage.

Take a look…and just DOUBLE CLICK…and ignore the text.

When I saw that footage I was brought to tears and had to watch it several times…and cried each time I saw it.

It speaks volumes in how we perceive people based upon what they look like.  I think Pierce said it best when he stated that everyone including himself and the audience had written her off as a joke.

Having been one of those people that most people have written off  for most of EU BRITAIN SINGING SENSATIONher life…while others felt strongly that I was going to achieve some kind of mega fame or success…I think.  But this woman’s story touched me.   It was her attitude which really caught my attention.  She was in no means a joke.  But her beauty spoke from deep down within…and when given a chance it did shine with such wit and brightness that I loved her immediately.  She had all of what I would have loved to have had…and still yearn for. 

‘She had it going on’…as they say in ‘the hood.’

I loved her because she was undaunted by her appearance…or what people perceived of her physical being.  She was confident in who she was…comfortable in her own skin.  She exuded presence…temperance…and attitude of someone quite kind.   The kind of person who is great as a story4722bcbff571e637e4780f3518b668b111friend…or a confidant   And she was totally unabsorbed by what others thought about her physical attributes or their lack of them…and her being.

I liked that.  I liked all of that.

Plus she had spunk…laughter…humor…and grace.

She was all those things that all my life I would have loved to have been.

As I watched her sing…and what a song…no better choice could she have made.  A song about dreaming…and reaching your goal…a song about life…it turns…its surprises.  Indeed life is all of that…and it is good that we all can dream.   And that dreams really do come true…maybe not for everyone.  But for the some that it does….my…oh…my….   And…my, oh my…it sure feels good when you can look and see somebody’s dream step into reality…just as Susan Boyle’s did that night. Just like…of course…like Barack Obama’s on November 4, 2009, when he was voted in as President of the United States of America. 

Can’t imagine the euphoric feeling…tied together with disbelief…that must come over one at that moment in their life when x-y-and-z finally come together.   That magic moment when all the work…hardship…lonely hours…all the debating…deliberating…but forging forward anyhow…finally when it all pays off.

I am happy that people have yet to give up on dreaming…and daring to step out to make their dreams come true.  My world has been enriched since my son susan-boyle-pic-itv-image-2-80172484611showed me Susan Boyle…just watching her and realizing that she was stepping into stardom…at that moment…accomplishing her dream…did something to me…and for me.   

Thinking about how she had woke up that morning one way and went to bed that night another.  Yes, a star was born…but the reality of the matter is…and this I could tell by watching and listening to Susan speak and interact with panel of that TV program…she was already a star.

I hope that none of the stir will take from her any of the qualities that she currently has…they exceed riches…and fame.

Behind the scenes with Susan Boyle…

Just DOUBLE CLICK screen…and ignore text.

I have no doubt that somebody told Susan that she was dreaming if she believed that one day she would ever be a star…much less get a singing contract.  I am sure they said-

“You may have the voice but you don’t have the rest.”

“It’s a package deal, baby. And you just don’t have the package.”

Through all of those years she sat working at whatever job it was that she worked with that fabulous voice…perhaps believing what others had told her.
That she had the voice but not the face. And we won’t talk about the body.

1bigb1I used to think that about Biggy Smalls. I thought it was unique how he somehow slipped through the cracks. That his talent was so large that it over-shadowed his size, his lack of good looks…and even a voice that always sounded as though he was stuffed up due to his asmer. But he defied the odds…big, dark, congested, unattractive…and yet he blew up bigger than life in rapp and hip-hop. He dreamed…and like Susan Bolye…his dreams met up with reality…against the odds.

Well, I could not finish my day without sharing this story with you.

Hope you are enjoying your day. It is raining here and a bit cold. But the trees are starting to bud…and spring is certainly in the air.

God bless…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends

“pass it on…” ©2009

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