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Considering my gurl…da Brat…

Well, it seems that everybody has been hitting me up today trying to see ascap 4 100408what is going on with the Da Brat.  Born April 1974, she is 34, and I am checking on it.   But I haven’t tracked down any new info on her since last year when she was given a 3 year sentence for busting a beer bottle and cutting a waitress across the face with it.

But in looking up information on the da Brat while trying to find out what you may have heard…and I hadn’t.  I came across these pictures of her.

From the very beginning I always thought that she was a cute girl…even as a little girl she was cute.

You do remember when we were all introduced?

In was back when this little boys group came out, KrisKross.  They wore their pants backward and they too at the time were being managed by the then an emerging but little known guy out of Atlanta by the name of Jermaine Dupree.

Dupree was actually the manager who started popping up in the videos of his groups…long before the idea hit Puffy…I mean, P. Diddy.  And for a while those little boys were cute…Chris and Chris…but that little girl…this little kid who they called Da Brat even then you could tell she had something.

The unfortunate part…is having something… and being able to do something with it.  Having…and doing are 2 different things.

But, like I said…I always thought she was cute…and she was…and still is. But then she started getting rough around the edges.  She was still cute…but she started emulating the boys.  She had become boyish in her style and manner.

Perhaps, many of the hip-hoppers liked it…but to me it took away so much from her.  Mostly it detracted from her natural beauty.  Which she is…a natural beauty…kind of like that girl who used to be on that HBO show…The Wire…Snoop. That girl is absolutely beautiful… but you can’t really tell it.  Because she has managed to harden herself so much.

But it was what da Brat wanted to do…and I guess maybe that Snoop girl too.

It was who da Brat was becoming…and to a degree she seemed to wallow in it…she was liking it.

From bar hopping to brawling…she was in and out of trouble.  She was diggin’ on this one…and diggin’ on that one.  She was back and forth in and out of court…and I watched and would hear little tidbits of news on her from time to time…always thinking whenever I saw her…that she was cute.  And if she wanted to…she could be a really beautiful woman…if only she would grow up.

I wonder that now that she is sitting in jail if any of that has started to happen for her…the growing up process.  And maybe while sitting in jail and contemplating her life and future…perhaps if she just happened to reach out to a little black book with those 2 little words inscripted upon it.  That book could make all the difference in her life.  It can make all the difference in the world to anyone’s life who chooses to follow it.

Never knew though that da Brat was Lisa Raye’s half sister.  The world is small…and they both are very beautiful young ladies…upon whom God has a calling if they would allow Him to use them.

I have met a lot people in my life whose best years of their lives…were their yesterdays…or so they thought.  And so they chose to stay there…always thinking and talking about yester-years.

When you talked to them…they reminded you of what they did…yester-years ago.

Life moves on.

We do not come into the world moving backwards.

Our tomorrows should always exceed by far our yesterdays.

It is a mystery to me why these young ladies…and young girls of today who decide that 42-191979981they want to go into the life’why they are so drawn to being hardcore?

Perhaps as a kid…it may appear appealing to them.  But as  adults though …I think of it as being sad.  But it seems to be the big thing today.  Everybody seems to want to try it.  And not just these young kids.

I have to smile every time I think of one of my aunts telling me that she had decided ‘to try it out.’ Just that statement alone lets you know how it went.

She was a woman very much into men.  So, it was interesting to me that she would have allowed someone to talk her into such a thing.  And do note…that all of this is coming from me…an ex-lesbian.  But it was curious to me…and I guess a bit amusing to me now that I think back on her disclosing that information to me…because I never would have imagined my aunt doing such a thing.  And she even told me with who.  That alone should have been her big turn off…but they were friends.

You have to be careful about the sort of people you run with and call friends.  That very woman years later I came to find out had been the grandmother of a few of 100570621my nieces…and the niece I wrote about in another blog who told me how her grandmother used to allow her husband..or boyfriend to have sex with her own grand daughter on a regular basis…when my niece was a very young child.  At that time my niece was not part of our family as she came to us via foster care.  But that woman was her maternal grandmother.  Knowing such a thing would have turned my aunt’s stomach.

I had friends who used to ask me to take them with me to clubs…the gay clubs that I hung out at…I really guess I should say partied at…as I never really hung out.  That was not the kind of life I lead.  I had to be a bit more discreet…because of my profession and popularity.  So, I partied outside of where I lived and worked.  But when my friends asked me to take them out with me…I told them ‘no.’ If they wanted to get involved ‘in the life’…then they were going to have to find their own way there.  I was not going to pull my friends into that life with me…and I didn’t.

But I see and hear women talking about it-

“So, who’s the aggressive one?  You or your friend?”

I do not know why people have to be talking about such things…when I am passing by?

Some times I think that it is a fleeting thing…something hip today…something that people want to test out…dip and dab into.  But then I am reminded of scripture…of the Benjaminites.  Whole cities consumed by it.  But there is a cure…and with it comes a re-newing of the mind.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed your day.

I went out walking.  The snow did not last long…but it was wet and heavy.  So, though it was not a lot…I had to put a bit more effort into shoveling it yesterday.  But the sidewalks were all clear today…thanks to the sun.  And my cold is getting better.

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God bless…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on “ ©2009

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Eartha Kitt passing…Janet and baby rumor…Obama security…

Hopefully you enjoyed your Christmas.Eartha Kitt

I spent mine mostly in bed…and I am not ashamed to say it.

But the sultry sex kitten whom I

used to watch on the Ed Sullivan Show, Ms. Eartha Kitt

passed yesterday, Christmas day, at the age of 81 in the city unlike any other, New York, New York. 

Somebody said New York was the city so nice…that they had to name it twice.  Only black folks can think of things like that.   I guess that is why I love them so much.

Ms. Kitt passed due to complications associated with colon cancer.,8599,1868753,00.html?imw=Y

It is odd that Eartha should pass at this time when a friend of mine was having a conversation with me about this movie called “Cadillac.”  While discussing the facts  of what black artists had to suffer back in the days when Eartha was really out there as an artist trying to make a living.   How they couldn’t stay in hotels or eat in resturants while touring out on the road those days.  But yet…they somehow managed to make their dates and survive the events and struggles of their times.

Ms. Etta James….

Now, moving on to Jermain Dupree and Janet Jackson.  

12226948512971Been reading for a while…well, kinda catching glimpses here and there of the story of whether or not Janet Jackson is pregnant?

I really can’t understand all the hype or interest in the story.   Janet is what….?

Somewhere in her 40’s now…or at least late 30’s.  And after having been married twice…and now currently shacking with Dupree for what…?    All of at least 6 or more years.  You would think that something would happen.  And I don’t understand why they (Janet and Dupree) are so angry about all the ‘baby rumors.’  

They say that ‘bad news’ beats ‘no news at all.’  Just ask all those rappers who can’t seem to get in the news any other way [Lil’ Kim, Foxy, Da Brat etc….].   So, having a bunch of baby rumors floating around is evidently great news for Janet because it is the most press she has gotten in years…and that goes for Dupree too.

And all I can say is this.  

“Who cares whether or not Janet is pregnant?”

I just hope that she is not suffering from vertigo as they originally released.  Because I have an aunt who suffers from that…and has suffered from it for years.   And being dizzyjacksons_cp_62199401 all the time cannot be any fun.

But what strikes me as interesting is that Janet has managed to find someone whom she is actually taller than.   Because believe me…she is small.   I recall standing near LaToya…I had to keep taking a double take.  If she was 4′ tall…I will pay you.  And she had on boots.

And my personal opinion on the subject…Dupree, “Be a man stop living with her…marry her.   You want to protect her?   Protect Janet by becoming her husband.”

Now regarding Obama’s security.  Yes, I am a bit concerned.

If a group of photographers could get close enough to take pictures of him and his Obama 2008family while they were in Hawaii…than any whackco gunman or gunmen could too.

I am not going to dwell upon fearing for Barack Obama’s life…because honestly I do not.  And I know that he and his family does not either.

But it does not mean that there are not crazy evil people all around this world looking to make a name for themselves…by seeking to destroy other people’s lives.

Obama is the President of this country and I am just wondering just how serious the secret service of this country is taking guarding him and his family with the same type of indulgence that they have protected Presidents and others in the past?

original11I am determined that it is as equally important for me to look out and try to protect Obama as much as it is for those who have been put in that capacity officially.   But I would really like to see more black men put on the secret service to guard Obama’s life…and some black women.   I did read Julius Ceasar…‘et tu Brutus?’

I don’t come from the ghetto…but I do understand…and know a ‘little somethang somethang.”

God bless….Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!09241521

Praise ye the Lord…for He is mighty in all things.   And I am sure He has so much more for you…in 2009.

Well, God bless…and thanks for reading this blog…and  please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on” ©2008

“Happy New Years!   And may God bless you all.”

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