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BETTYE AND MALCOLM X…Black History Month 2013

Well, since it is Black History Month maybe now would be a good time to post this blog which I started in 2009 but never, for some reason or other never came back to.  Can’t remember what elijahprompted me to begin it in the first place.  Though I must say along with Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Coretta Scott King, Bernice Reagan, Merle Evers, Harriette Tubman, Sojourna Truth, my Mother, Grand-mothers, Great Grand-mother, Mrs. Parks, as in Rosa… and half a dozen others… if not more women I have always admired… I celebrate them all.  And if I keep thinking I am sure that I can come up with a few more… like O. J. Simpson’s first wife.malcolm_x

O.J. Simpson and FamilyYou may asked why I have O. J.’s first ex-wife on my list… it is simply that I admired her for taking the high road in all that mess.  Out of all of O. J.’s supposed friends and colleagues… judges and lawyers everybody went for the money.  They sold O. J.  out every which way they could sell him.  That is to say everybody except for his first wife.  She never took 1 dime or ever came out against him.  Never wrote a book… never signed a book deal… and she denied almost every offer for an interview.  Though I am sure that she could have had a lot to say… but she chose the high road… the side of  ‘to do him no harm.’

So, women like that… or people like that I can admire without any level of hesitation.  Because ojsimpson_320x245most people today will sell you down the river for a dime… a promotion… or whatever else is up for grabs.  And I am not being cynical.

Relationships… family bonds… friendships… you name it and they can all be tossed to the wind if somebody comes in with the right price.  And sometimes that prices doesn’t even necessarily have to even be actual money.  It can be a position… a title… an automobile… property… status… and phoney friendship… whatever the other side is in need of or looking for.

tumblr_m1e2h1qbDU1r3l21xThis is one of biggest and most saddest things about the world and people who live in it today.  Had Jesus still been alive today he might have had to worry about  more than 1 Judas… but maybe 6… 8 or 11 of them.

Everybody loves you while there is something to be gained in their association of you.  In the Bible it appears that Job was a very popular man until he lost everything including his health.  So, I guess it can be said that people have been the same throughout history.  Was it not Caesar who said ‘et tu, Butus?’

It was not a secret that Malcolm X was the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the founder and religious leader of the elijahNational of Islam, right-hand-man and 2nd in command.  In fact, Malcolm had become the front man for the organization… he was the voice and the face of the organization at that time.

Malcolm X, Malcolm Little the name given to him by his mother, was such an eloquent speaker and possessed such great charisma that the Nation of Islam grew greatly under him.  A thing that I am sure was 426430_505761239476286_1292210791_ncelebrated in the beginning of their relationship between him and Mr. Muhammad… but later it became a source of contention between the 2 …as Mr. Muhammad saw Malcolm X’s power and authority growing among the ranks of the followers in his organization.

And then Malcolm went to Mecca and everything really changed between them.  When I was in high school I recall buying a book called the “Autobiography of Malcolm X” …that book really intrigued me.  I had not known anything about him until I read that book.

I guess I should invest more time in reading about our historical icons… and those who are little known.  Their contributions were great and should not be overlooked… while we make millionaires of  only writers of fiction.

0b10-1.jpg image by njohnson0920I really cannot remember what prompted me to begin this blog… or why I entitled it ‘Bettye & Malcolm X?’

betty-shabazz.jpg image by blackhistory_photos

But there had to have been a reason.  But since really I cannot at this time remember the reason… I have decided to just go ahead and post this blog anyway as a tribute to Black History Month 2013…  I hope you enjoy it.

I celebrate all the heroic women and men who make up our history.  Who endured, sacrificed… bleed… were spat upon… whooped… beat… stomped… dogs sicked upon… hit with forceful waters from water hydrants… who were made widowed or orphan… chained… tarred and feathered… and those who died.  I celebrated them all… including those who felt it worthy to die over just being called a belittling word that started with that letter ‘N’ … that I might walk and sit… and eat and sleep… and live… and go to school  etc… where I want to.

I will not forget… nor can I ever repay the debt by which they have endowed me… my family… my son… my nieces and nephews… our families… our history and our legacy for generations to come.  Providing us with much pride… dignity… courage that must be passed on to all our children.

It is Black History Month… and I am happy to celebrate all of our she-ro’s and hero’s… and there are many many many many of them.  And I thank God for each and every one of them.

2ab-the-bishop-wifecoverWell, God bless… it’s Wednesday and though it has not been very cold… it has been wet.  Some light snow and thankfully rain (instead of snow).
It is now Friday… and no I was not procrastinating.  Just kept running out of time… as my internet at home is out I me now regimented to using computers elsewhere to complete and write my blogs… a condition I hope to soon rectify.  So, until then bare with me… I may be a little bit and might appear to not be on top of things… BUT it is not my fault.
Before I close just want to take a little time to discuss the current Obama backlash.  Right 1350409147_barack-obama-michelle-obama-lgwing media and its so-called voices are really ridiculous.  They get all hot and bothered about everything the Obama’s do.  Jealousy is a very sad thing… it hinders one from seeing clearly.
The current blow-out is over First Lady Michelle Obama appearing on the Oscars.  Oh, michelle-obama-oscars-600man… how they whooped and cried over that claiming that the Obama’s think they are some kind of super-stars… how they think they are better than what they are… how they have lowered the image of the White House… etc… etc..  106967_5_
I have heard it said that ignorance is bliss.  And you know what… I think now more than ever that saying is so true.  What would Rush Limbaugh do… or his friends if they didn’t have the Obama’s in the White House?
They would all be out of a job… for lack of anything to say.  And so screaming over michelle-barackeverything the President or his wife does keeps their pay checks coming.
obamas_vintageIt is sad when you only get paid to find fault.  Can’t imagine wanting to live that kind of life.
The real problem with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama is that they are too smart… too handsome and too beautiful… and their family picture prefect… and they just can’t find any dirt on them.  So, they (Rush and his friends) have to go after them by attacking anything and everything they do.  And what is even worst they can’t see that they make themselves look like clowns doing.
Well, today is March 1st… and I am loving the First Family forever and a day…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  ©2013

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Tiger Woods…a time of derision

alg_vanity-fair_tiger-woods.jpgDemoted to looking like a prison inmate at  Riker’s Island or  Sing-Sing…out in the yard lifting weights…in the nude.   Tiger is finding out first hand  just  how much everybody in the media world…and maybe in the world of  golf  really loves him.   Like the old saying goes-

You really  never find out who your friends are  until when you are down.

I had thought to finally say something on Tiger Woods today…but this photo really motivated me to certainly do so.    I am really feeling bad for him.  For 1 thing …because his number 1 support and person that he turned to…his father passed and left him a few years ago now.  So, who does he have that he can turn to…to talk to?

I don’t know?

But clearly he needs a voice with wisdom who can speak to him as a friend and confidant.  Because when it has all been said and done…Tiger is still pretty much just a kid.   And you can clearly tell that by some of the decisions that he has made lately.

Who in world told him to take a shot like the one which is currently parading around on the front cover of  Vanity Fair?

And what a bad time for such  a  stupid magazine cover and photos  of  him to pop up.   Clearly that  photographer  was no friend of  his.  But it just goes to show you that when you are down the vultures  will start circling you like half dead road kill…closing in the finish off  the  job.

The truth be told…none of  them ever  really like seeing a black man with a white woman.   Particularly…a black man with lots and lots…and lots of money…more money than them.  And he didn’t get it pimping or selling drugs…or being a rapper?

Though  Tiger does  not  consider  himself  black…or  African American…but a mixture of  several other things…he may well yet get to know that his real problem is much like that of   what Ojay’s  was…as in Simpson. 

I am sure that you still remember him.    How  could you forget  Ojay?

I spent many hours…days and nights…months…a couple of  years maybe…watching television staying  up  biting my nails with each of  the episodes  and turns  of  his story…and as they unfolded.  When I hit LA…was I not treated to a visit  of  that  infamous house and street where everything happened?  

He was well loved too…and though I never thought of  it before …he had plenty of  endorsements too.   But of course…Tiger endorsements far exceed anything that  poor ol’  Ojay could have ever hoped for.  But they also have one other thing in  common…and that is… being black men who love white women.  And perferably…blonde.

In  Ojay’s case  it  ended up  in  murder.   And in  Tiger’s…a few busted car windows…well, all of  them… by an enraged wife swinging a golf  club. 

When I first heard about Tiger extra-martial affairs…and caught a glimpse of some of the women…all I could wonder was-

“When did all of  this start?”

I wondered if  it  came about as some backlash or need out of  lost  following the pasting of  his father.  Which I know  it  had to  have  been a pretty big blow…devastating blow  and  lost  to Tiger.  Being that they were so close.

Though I offer no excuses for Tiger or his lack of  discretions  or  wise thinking concerning his involvement with several women outside of  his marriage.  No, I  would never do that…as I do feel that marriage is something sacred.  And should be treated as such.

For the life of me…I never got over  ‘the Donald’  leaving Ivana for Paula.  And  I  was not alone in my thinking.

But men do some dumb things.

I couldn’t understand Michael  Jordan cheating on his wife…or the problems in  Shaq’s  marriage. 

If  you have a good woman…what in the street is going to make you ruin your good thing?  

And not that I know that was the problem between Shaq and his wife…but it was for ‘the Donald’ and for Michael.

How do you mess up your family life like that?

How can your mind be thinking so uncorrectly?

Evidently, Tiger never read anything about what had happened to actor Morgan Freeman once he had his accident,  and information was disclosed to his wife about him riding around in their car with some girlfriend…who was injured  in that  accident  too.  No, Tiger could not have read that story.   Because if  he had…I am so sure that  Tiger  might not have found himself  in this position which he currently is in.

Morgan Freeman’s wife didn’t even wait  24 hours before she hit him with the divorce papers…bright and early…before day break  the following morning after  Morgan’s  crashing  his car…and  having to be pulled  out of  it via  the aid  of  the  ‘Jaws of  Life’...with his girlfriend seated right beside him.  

Morgan’s wife’s lawyers  went into his  hospital room while one of  his legs was suspended up the air…with  the cast wrapping it still damp.  But that  small little  thing did  not stop them…or  any  consideration to the amount of  pain he may have been…while they served him with her divorce papers.   Which based upon the reports has cost him far more pain  than those  few scratches from the actual impact of  that accident.

But  Tiger’s situation is a little bit  different.   They  have small children.  Being that  Tiger chose to marry her…I am sure that he must have found some likeable  or   even highly  redeeming  qualities in his wife at  the time he proposed then later married her.  And as I have never seen much  of  her being  out  in public view…with all the cameras flashing about her…clearly she is not one of  those people out to make a name or  gain some  type of  fame for herself.

Seeing how much he obviously loves his children…I would suggest that  Tiger get  down on his knees if  he  has to.   But do it…or whatever it may take to save his marriage and win his wife back.

Of  course she is angry.   But  what  self-respecting  woman wouldn’t be? 

But beyond all that anger…most women start to think about their family and what is best for their children. 

I  have  never  been married but  I do realize that if a relationship is worth keeping…and things can be worked out…or salvaged… then that is what should happen.  Many times we have to put away our  pride and hurt…and look at the bigger picture.  And that is… (1) do I love this person… (2) can we make this work… (3) and be happy and a family in it?

And oh, yes…probably the biggest question of  them all…(4) can I get over it…and allow us to move on in this marriage without it  forever plaguing me?

I’m hoping that  Tiger decides that his family is worth more to him than all the accolades …and money that he has won.  And…yes, even more than he loves golf. 

And I am also hoping that this very public stumble…and that is what it is…not a fall but a stumble…will prove to be  a valued lesson to Tiger in this his time of  derision.  And that he will go on to  aid him  in becoming the best father to his children…and husband to his wife…whom  I really do hope that  he loves since she is the mother of  his children.

In my life  I have had to learn so many lessons.  Most of  them were not easy to take…some embarrassing…some down right stupid… and some even shameful to me.  But in the end they were lessons that I needed to learn.   And I am now glad I had them…but at the time they hurt and were hard for me to take. 

Now, if   Tiger goes on to play some of  best golf   of   his life…watch how quickly the tide will  turn around.   And that is  just what  Tiger is going  to  have  to do…from this point on.

If   he  thought he liked pressure before…it’s pressure that he is truly  going to get now.   Because he will have to out perform  and prove  himself  now in ways  he never had to before.

At the end of  the day…will he be able to do it?

That is the question.

Well…he’s Tiger Woods isn’t he…still?

Though it  is  interesting  just  how quietly the whole episode of  Charlie  Sheen and his  threatening his wife with a knife  so quickly and quietly faded off the radar screen.  Along with his other run in with  the law…for driving under the influence  (DUI).  And nobody pulled  any endorsements  from up under  him…or thought about cancelling his show.

I wonder  why?|hp-laptop|dl1|link1|

UPDATE: Thursday, February 19, 2010

Why is everybody bothering  poor Tiger Woods.  He does not owe any of us an apology.  The matter is really between him and his wife. 

How many men have been caught in the same trap?

John Edwards, numerous other politicans…such as the governor of  New Jersey…now an ex-governor…Giuliani…aand others on Capital Hill…such as Bill Clinton…as well as numerous actors…such as Mel Gibson…and that list just goes on and on…not to mention other male athletes. 

For some reason seem…not all…but many…just seem to have a problem keeping their pants up.  And some of  them…like it both ways…but yet poor Tiger is being dragged through the mud like this is some type of  new phenomenon…like this never happened before.  Oh, please…it happens so often who can keep count.  And then when these guys are caught with anything other than a woman…then maybe they too are dragged through the mud and through the streets.

(Just DOUBLE CLICK the video  below and ignor the text to view it)

And it is not that I am excusing Tiger.  No, not at all.  But to me…he is just a kid who recently lost his hero…I would assume that this is  when all of  this started happening.  So, I feel for him…and you should too.  And we all should hope that this situation will bring something positive and a new direction to his life.  Something that he may have lost  focus of  in the passing of  his father.  It does happen.

So, no…Tiger Woods owes none of  us nothing.  All of  his apologies should be Tiger Woods hugs his mother, Kultida Woods, after making a statement on the sex scandal that has interrupted his golf career. directed to his wife…and his children.   And possibly to his mother…who I am sure may also be very hurt by his behavior…and recent poor choices.

None of  us can say that we have never made any mistakes…or so poor choices at some time in our life.

Why isn’t anybody calling for Charlie Sheen when he pull a knife out on his wife…or for his latest family blunder?  Which seem to be an on-going thing with poor ol’ Charlie.

Just let  Tiger alone.  Clearly the thing is tearing him up.  He looks so old.  He definitely is in great need of  someone positive to step into his life to aid him…and to  give him some sure and positive advice concerning this matter…and who can aid him in being strong through it.  He needs a strong  male figure…some with business smarts and plenty of  wisdom  to replace that person who he once had.  He need someone like the one he lost when his father died.

(Again just DOUBLE CLICK the video and ignor the text to view it)

It is my hope, however, that Tiger gets a grip upon his life…and not become too reliant upon pyscho-therapy…or Buddha…or Budhism…but  upon God.

It has been exceedingly cold here.  But then…it’s winter and it is suppose to be cold.  And it is suppose to get colder. 

View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledByI knew all along that we were in for a real winter this year.  And we are getting it…and I guess everybody is.

Had to shovel a couple more times.  But it was fun.  And remarkably the house really isn’t all that cold…considering that furance is blown.  

Or maybe…it is just that I am getting use to it.   I  don’t know which…but I  thank God for 2ab-the-bishop-wifecoverit.    

So, needless to say…I have been sleeping late and spending as much time as I can up under the blankets.   And  it  is working…it is aiding me in staying warm.  I am even writing this up under the blankets…but  I am beginning to look  forward to Spring already.


Well, God bless

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  ©2010

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