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More on R. Kelly…Black Men Pulling Together

A group called “Black Men Against the Exploitation of Black Women” is taking on R. Kelly…and rightly so.

They are calling black folk to take a stand with them and boycott Kelly and never support him again.

Now, I can get to that…but it is the rest of it I have a bit of trouble with…

It goes like this…stand with them until R. Kelly publicly apologizes for his behavior and gets help for his sexual mis-conduct and highly ill-legal acts with children (paedophilia) and his grotesque sexual lyrics which are demeaning, and diminish women to mere sexual objects.

For the harm that R. (Robert) Kelly has done to the several known young girls who were victims…a mere apology could never be enough…nor all the money he has managed to pay them and their families off with.

This stuff doesn’t get erased.

When innocence is stolen…it is stolen.

Forever….and how do I know?

What has happened to little children being protected by their parents and families…and other adults?

Now, you are afraid to send your children to school…because we not only have to be careful of the male teachers and coaches…but the female teachers acting like a fool now too.

I have an adopted neice…one out of several…who shared with me on several occasions how her own natural grandmother would allow her husband to have sex with her regularly. This mind you while my neice was extremely young…under the age of 11.

R. Kelly is not all by himself.  There are many many many men who indulge in this practice…whether they be in their upper teens or latter years.  But these cases mostly go un-reported because the children really don’t know how to process it. They feel something about it is not right…so, they don’t speak about it. 

For one reason because they simply don’t know how to voice it.

So, they bury it within themselves and carry it into their womanhood and manhood where they still oftentimes keep it hiddened.

There is a woman in our church, who when she gets up to speak many times she tells of her father having sex with her as a child repeatedly. I have no doubt that it had an impact upon her because she tells of it often. And each time she tells it…I hear her authority in voice…an authority that she didn’t have as a child when her perpetrator, whom in this case was her own father, sought her out to rob something from her over and over again.

Those black men who have come together to build a coalition to boycott R. Kelly are currently 19 Black Men strong…made up of professors, writers and activists in the African-American community.  I salute you all…Black Men Against the Exploitation of Black Women…and children everywhere.

Speaking of music, I have a friend who is hooked on youtube.

And don’t ask me how she has managed to do it…but she is conversing with some of the ol’ R & B/Soul singers. It is a mystery how she has managed to hook up with them…and if I were to call some names you would know them. And some of them still look good too.

But then…she has always been a real groupie.

While looking up something else I came across this on youtube…and I could not resist sharing it with you as these were my girls.   I think I made mention that I used to do radio. 

Well, in radio you get to meet a lot of folk particularly if you work in various markets.  And I have…so after hanging with Sheila, Wanda and Pam (the Emotions) one concert night…they invited me to New York City…to the Nassau Coliseum where they were going to be performing the following night.

Did I go?


I drove right up into the coliseum like I was part of the act and was on stage most of the night.   Enjoy…    and God bless….   

Oh, yes…takes a while for the Emotions to load…click on it and lower the volume…then watch the other video while the first one loads.

ps…I don’t really listen to this stuff anymore…my musical taste has changed drastically as well as my life.  ©2008

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Woe, Jesse…woe…is there anything else…

It would seem that Rev Jesse Jackson had a bit more to say about Obama than Fox News actually leaked out…including based upon some of what I have heard and seen calling Obama by the “N” word.

It is blaffling how anyone who himself once supposedly represented the hopes and dreams of so many African-American people in this country could have made such a shocking statement as the Rev Jesse Jackson concerning castrating Barack Obama…and then follow it by a gesture of grabbing or snatching…jerking his arm…aimed at exhibiting his desire to cut off the private parts of Barack.   It is shameful…and can certainly not be washed away by a zillion apologies or sadden downcast looks.  

There is something so sick about what Jesse Jackson did and said concerning Barack Obama.  And then to have called Obama the “N” word too.

For years Jesse Jackson has been running around this country like the man of steel…able to leap over buildings in a single bound…at the mere hint of a racial outrage directed at black folks by someone outside of our race. 
Both Jesse Jackson and Rev Al Sharpton have campaigned against rappers for their use of the “N” word and their misogynistic lyrics against women, with particular disregard towards black women.  
So, for Rev Jackson to use that word in an anti-Obama conversation…shows that the “N” word is very much a part of Jesse’s own volcabuary…forget the rappers.

I have to tell you that…you really have to go up on youtube and watch the clips of the View.  They are quite entertaining…and in many ways quite refreshing as the conversations those women have on that show really do typify the concerns of most Americans on a myriad of issues that effect us all, and issues that we all debate between ourselves from time to time.  But in one of the clips the issue that women of the View are debating is the use of the “N” word.

Whoopi states that she would rather people just said the word and get it out in the open rather than call it “the N word.”  Her rationale for making that statement was that people are thinking it anyway so they might as well just say it.That is not a good rationale.It is littered with inconsistences.

Because you think it…I should allow you to call me that?


Because you think to kill someone…we should allow you to go out and kill them because you thought it?

No.  That would be wrong.

We cannot justify wrong by allowing it.  Wrong is wrong…whether they say or think it.

Anything meant to be demeaning or hateful…or degrading to anyone or any group should not be allowed.  And should never become acceptable.

A negative can never be made a positive…it goes against nature, logic and science.

No other group in this country or anywhere else has ever taken on a name meant to demean them.  In fact, you don’t even hear many of those words used anymore…like “Spic”….”Whop”…”Cracker”…it has been so long…and we don’t even hear these words anymore…so much so that I can’t even think of the rest of them that I used to know and hear. 

Yet, that one word…that “N” word is striving and doing well.  In fact, it is blowing up big time.  Every little radical rapper who wants to make a name for himself can’t drop it enough.  They  incorporate it into the group name, put it in the title of their CD tracks, use it as their CD title…it is all in their lyrics…etc… 

Because it incites people.  It stirs up emotions.  And they say-

“Oh, it’s okay because we don’t say it using ‘er’ but with ‘ah’.”

As if spoken any kind of way could make a word that was used to degrade, insult, belittle and demean black folks in this country could really at any time be alright.  A word that many were killed over…died over…fought over…and got hung because of. 


How do you erase that?

How can you undo the pain that such a word caused?

How do you remove the grief that that word brought about?

How can you bring back those who thought it was well worth their pride and dignity to get hung, killed, jailed, tarred, feathered and beat…or defiled rejecting the use of that word against them and their families?

The Bible says-

“My people parish for lack of knowledge.”

It is not knowledge that the kids or these rappers lack…but a sense of loyalty.  They see a big pay check down the road…and they forget the debt that was paid…the blood shed…so that they could have the opportunities that they have today.

How many of them took a trip to DC to pay their respect to Mrs. Rosa Parks as she laid in the Rotunda?  Or when they ride across Rosa Parks Blvd in Detroit…do they think about what she did that day on the bus in Montgomery, AL…and how her act impacted all our lives?

One could argue that the kids don’t know the history. 

And whose fault is that?

One could equally argue…that they (the kids…these rappers etc.) know enough about it  (the ‘N’ word) and our history to know the controversy that the use of that word will bring to them and their project.  And that does equate into revenue.  So, they know something…they are not as dumb as they would like us to believe.  And the companies behind them recognize that controversy sells.

Jesse Jackson and Whoopi they are old school…they know the pain of that word…and though Jesse speaks one thing…his own use of that word he never relinquished.  And Whoopi, though bright on some subjects…faulters on others.  This has always been the problem that we have had among us…it really plagues us.   We simply cannot come to a mutual consensus on anything that is vital to us.

The “N” word does not need a superficial burial…but instead it needs to be universally respected that the “N” word is something that we will never call ourselves nor allow others to call us ever again. 

It needs to be shredded and lost in the annals of history along with all those other negative words and names which even I can no longer remember…and that other folks refused to allow to be attached to them.

To walk around using the “N” word and allowing others to call us by it…is to continue with a slave mentality…self-imposed.   And continuous self-degradation against ourselves.

Whenever people such as Don Imus…get caught and put under fire for saying negative things towards us…they always point to how some of those within our our culture use and say those very same things. 

That should never ever be the case. 

You never hear the Jews or any other group giving people that kind of power or ammunition against them by trying to justify anything said or done with regard to them because of negative labels they have attached to themselves.

No.  It is unheard of…except………………for us.

Well, I have been sleeping all day.  Been very tired.  I think I needed some real food.  Never eat much during the summer.  But then I am very anemic also…so, that attributes to my being a little bit tired and weak from time to time. 

I’m suppose to take iron tablets but who does what they are suppose to do?

I’ll get up feeling energized in the morning…I’m sure.   And I should…since I have slept most of today away. 

But then I have been on the road.  And that does tire you out a little bit too.  But I love the road.  

And I love sitting out just taking in the beauty that God has given us. 

Have a good day…and just take a look around and check out what God has given us.  Enjoy it. And if it gets too warm head for the beach…yeah…

And oh, yeah…no donuts tonight. 🙂  ….God bless…  ©2008

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R. Kelly…what should have happened

Well, I am feeling a bit rested now.  Got a little sleep…woke up at about 12 noon.  My eyes were still a bit blurry so I couldn’t see much.  So, I decided to turn on the Word Channel which streams over the net…and I happened to catch Rev. Jamal Byant delivering his Father’s Day Sermon.  Which was entitled something about R. Kelly.

I have to admit Rev. Byant made some very poignant points concerning R. Kelly, his trial and its outcome of which you can see and hear over his website.  He lead his sermon off by stating facts on Kelly’s musical history, his awards, musical talents and past sexual problems even prior to his last visit into the courthouse. 


I didn’t know that Kelly was a 38 or 39 year old man, making him nearly 40 years of age.  Nor had I known that there were other instances where he had allegedly engaged in having  sex with 2 other under age girls, whom he later paid off to keep from facing prosecution.

And then there was, of course, that other highly known incident involving Kelly where he crossed over onto foreign soil to marry a very young and under aged Aaliyah whom he had been sexually involved with…and married to avoid prosecution, of which the marriage was later annulled.  And no charges were ever brought against him.  So, began his long line of known acts as  a sexual predator of young children.

Having not seen the video of Kelly and the young girl whom the trial centered around during his most recent legal woes concerning his inability to keep his hands off under aged extremely young young girls…having not seen that video while it was floating around, after all, why would I want to see such garbage?  But it was Kelly’s delight in remembering those very explicit encounters via video typing them…and playing them over and over for some type of sick sexual self-gratification that landed him in hot water this time around and facing prison.  This homemade video was the primary source of evidence in the case.  But having not seen that tape…near the end of the trial I became curious.  So, I googled it and went up on youtube…and though the sequence on youtube is exceedingly brief…only seconds long…there was no doubt in my mind that it was R. Kelly.

A point which Rev. Bryant brought out in his sermon…that the jurors agreed that it was Kelly in the tape…but get this…but they were not sure who the young girl was.  So, therefore they decided that based on that they could not convict Kelly. 

Now…let me just count to 10 very slowly before I go any further.


Who cares who the girl was!  

In the few seconds of that tape on youtube…the girl entered into the frame before the tape ends.  And clearly she was somebody’s baby girl.  There was no doubt that that child was exceedingly young…very much under age.  She looked as if she could have been 12…maybe under but certainly not of age.  She was clearly a young child.

I could care less if the girl who it was said to have allegedly been in the tape did not want to get involved in the case…and I can understand why.   And what did it matter…she was under age…and very much so.  Therefore, R.Kelly had committed a crime by engaging in sexual intercourse with an under age child…and he should have been found unequivocally… guilty   

Like the two little girls before her or neither after her…she too may have very well been paid off.  But still the tape showed R. Kelly, who shot the footage himself, engaging in sexual acts with a minor.  That is what the case was about…not who was she?  Just that the other party in the tape was under age…and she was.  Very much so.

There was no question as to who the male party in that tape was.  R. Kelly front and center…and I didn’t have to squint to be able to tell it was him on the tape adjusting the video camera as he prepared and beckoned the little girl towards him as he gyrates himself waiting on her to come between his legs.

There was clearly no way that R. Kelly should have walked away from that courthouse a free man.  But the fact that his lawyers were able to keep the case out of court for 6 years spoke volumes as to its possible outcome.  The further removed a case is in terms of its actual trial date…the more detached and removed people become from the crime…and it becomes easier to come out of the trial with a favorable verdict for the defendant.

R. Kelly is unquestionably a pedophile.  He is an adult who is sexually attracted to children.  And that is just plain sick. 

To corrupt and to steal little girls and/or little boys on anybody’s part, man or woman, is evil. 

Everyday children everywhere are being violated and their feeling of self-worth riped from them.

Men from this country and elsewhere fly abroad to indulge in sex with under aged children in many undeveloped countries where children are sold openly as sex slaves and prostitutes.  Their young lives crushed.

Just last week in this country the FBI organized a sting operation called “Operation Cross Country”  which ended in the rescue of some 21 children who had been forced into sexual slavery as prostitutes, both young boys and girls.  Some 356 people were arrested for engaging in the sexual trafficking of minors.  From Sacramento to Atlanta, and points east and west, a total of 16 cities were involved in this sting operation.  

“Operation Cross Country” was a 5 day nationwide manhunt for criminals who pose as living and breathing humans but who are actually low life animals who make a living off the backs of under aged children by selling them to people as sexual objects.  These people were operating right here in this country out of truck stops and selling children over the internet.

Not all children who are forced into prostitution are runaways…and even if some are runaways should they be used in such a way? 

Many of these kids are kidnapped and usually go listed as missing.  They are drugged up and fed alcohol so that they barely know their own names.  And they find themselves condemned to hell right here on earth where they become invisible.

I can say all of that because I watched an expose’ on television once…only it was about young women in this country who had been rescued from the same thing…pretty young college girls…high school teens…etc.

There is a sickness in the land…and it is vile.  It has no boundaries…or limits. 

Recently I read an old Vibe article that was on the DeBarge’s, a back in the day singing group of highly handsome brothers and their sister.   The story was so sickening to me that I had to stop reading it and put it down.  To think that they had been sexually abused throughout years by their own father…all of them and there were 10 of them was more than I could bare to continue reading. 

Home is suppose to be your haven from the ills of the world and predators.  Not the place where your predators can take you at will. 

Another story that showed up recently was that story of the young…well, she is not young anymore…as her father held her hostage in a dug out crawl space in his basement fathering 7 or 8 kids with her…with the oldest one being 19.  She and her children had been locked in that tiny little crawl space for 24 years…and her children had never seen daylight.  This was another story that I had to set aside and just stop reading anything further on it.

These things turn my stomach.  They are an outrage and whenever these people are located that prepetrate these kinds of crimes they should never be allowed to walk away from their acts.  In fact, new laws, tougher laws need to be written and drafted into effect to deal with all the evils that are over running the land.  The old laws are just not stiff enough…because if they were then we should be seeing less of these kinds of crimes instead of more. 

Many of these people get very little time…when in fact they should be locked away forever.

I will never forget the show I watched on Oprah once.  A 65 year old janitor in a housing complex in Chicago, an ex-sexual offender and predator.  He had been released from prison and was working in the project…which of course projects are full of children.  He grab a young very attractive girl and drove her to some isolated area where this 65 year old senior sexually assualted her, drew acid upon her and shoved her into a street drainage hole, leaving her for dead.  Somehow the girl survived but she was grossly disfigured.  What a hideous crime.

The man was said to be grandfatherly in nature…but he had a deep dark secret…like R. Kelly.  He liked little girls.

No amount of stardom or celebrity-dom should ever play a factor in the exercising the law…and certainly money should never be allowed to be used as force to silence people.  The law is for the lawless…not for some but all who would break it…including R. Kelly.

One note on my gay pride blog…that was not to say that I in any way condone homosexuality.  No, not in any way.  However…

I have a vast amount of knowledge on the matter…and it comes from experience, relationships, family and friends.

To God be the glory…   Have a wonderful day.  I think I am going to now work on my website that I would like to have up before we leave out of here for Detroit on Tuesday.  I might have to pull another all nighter to do it.  But right now…I’m thinking about getting some more sleep…so, I guess the all nighter tonight is out.  Besides it’s 4:33 in the AM right now and I would to be able to see through some not so blurry eyes in the latter part of this morning.  

Plus I am being bombarded by a bunch of hot-flashes.  I told my son that I was burning up…and he told me…

“Ma, it’s not hot.”

So, there you have it…from a very hot ol’ me.    God bless…  ©2008

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