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Girl 12… babies having something…

I don’t know maybe I have been sleeping with my head buried under a rock or something. Or maybe I am just old fashion…or maybe it is just that I think that any child 12 and under should not be pregnant …or much less giving birth.

There has got to be something that I am missing.

Could it be that I am just out dated?

I am out of touch?

Has life just passed me by?

What happened to the laws that prohibited such a thing?

What happened to moral outrage?

What happened to protecting children from those who prey upon them…even those within their own age rage… and/or within their own families?

Something is wrong. And I cannot be the only 1 who can see this.

Have we slipped so far away that we no longer care about moral values… proper protocol… and what is happening amongst our children?

Have we gotten so caught up in gay rights… same-sex marriages… illegal immigrants …escalating gas prices …mounting foreclosures …lack of jobs …lack of sufficient health care… etc… etc.. etc… that we are missing everything else?

Can you honestly sit there and believe that there is nothing wrong with an eleven year old girl… or 10-year-old girl having sex?

And conceiving and bring forth babies?2ab-the-bishop-wifecover

Why would people get on buses and venture to state capitols to protest same-sex marriages… and barely raise an eyebrow over 10-year-old …and 11-year-old children being taking advantage of sexually?

Why would protesters parade outside abortion clinics chanting and demonstrating against abortions… and shrug off news of young girls making a pact View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledByto get pregnant?

Or toss aside the headline that said-

“12-year-old gave birth.”

Perhaps there is something wrong with me. Maybe I have lost focus. Maybe even my mind. Maybe I don’t know what is or is not really important any more. But it does seem to me that 9, 10, 11, 12 year old girls having sex and conceiving babies… is absolutely wrong. And every offender who would cross those lines should be held to the highest letter of the law… and shown no mercy.

Well, God bless…

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1 in 5 Teen girls wants to be a teen mom… babies having babies

It has been no secret to me…and it should not be to you.bld04090711   I don’t know if this statistic is true or not…but I would hope not.

574487851Nearly one million teens get pregnant each year…this is an absolute outrage.  And what are we all doing about it?

These young girls are receiving all the wrong messages and there is little being said about it.  And forget…about ‘being done about it.’  Bcause that isn’t happening either.

 The teen pact in Massachusetts was a shocker and should have created  far more than just a wake-up call.  It should have had people rolling out of their beds onto the floor and leaping up yelling-

“We’ve got to do something about this.”

But it did not.  It was merely a hot topic for the moment…and then it was gone off the horizon. 

sd1261Did anyone really become outraged about it?

What has since been done?

What heighten interest in this topic has been generated?

How many encounter groups have been formed to sincerely meet this problem head-on?

 How many teen peer groups on the subject of abstinence have been formed?

Where is the concern on this topic?

Teen sexual habits as they are today are highly serious problems.  There is more at stake than a boy and girl getting together sexually.   The problem is bigger than that and no one is really or sincerely looking into this problem. The issues and the impact are huge.

There are health issues involved…all kinds of dieases…many of which are life sd1261long.    But this problem is also going to put millions more on the welfare rows. 

Under age girls becoming mothers does impact us all and it should be all of our concerns.  It is a moral issue…but it is even greater than that.  And this concern is not only to what it will cost the states and eventually the federal government of this country, but there should also be a concern that these young girls are no more than mere kids themselves.  Beyond a point the level of resentment does arise.  And these kids have no knowledge that they are severely limiting their future life goals, expectations and levels of success…and choices in life. 

pe00334881Having a child at a very age is a handicap…grown-up people (adults) learn to rework their schedules around their family (children) needs…but young kids do not have the luxury of doing this. 

While the kids are suppose to be busy going back and forth to school every day…they now have to balance their education with trying to parent babies or very  young children.  This can be a very daunting task for young parentsas babies and/or children take up a lot of time.  It is even a very difficult task for the most grown-up adults to handle.

Children take time…and lots of it.  They also require responsible and reasonable people in the care of them.  Young girls under the age of 12 of even into their 20s or 30s many times are not ready for such a heavy responsibility nor the sacrafices that becoming a mother calls for. 

Instead of chasing behind the gay population and trying to change them, and trying to get them to conform when laws are being created every day to encourage just the opposite…we should try working instead to make an impact in an area where we all have some level of control and a voice and that is among our children.bld0593851

Oftentimes, the argument about education gets down to ‘the home’…well, this argument certainly is a ligitmate argument in this debate…as things in ‘the home’ can lead to effecting change

Whether parents realize it or not…they can regulate their homes, the type of messages that their children are receiving, what is watched and listened to in ther homes…etc…   But it is far more involved than just putting a chip in the cable system to block certain faa0300002951programming.  It means getting your child’s face off myspace, out of facebook and whatever or wherever else it is…or whatever means they use to to make contact and meet people with whom they are enaging in sex…which on the face of it alone even sounds and looks wrong. 

I personally don’t believe that anybody worth meeting is on the internet.  You, if you are an adult, you should not indulged in it…and certainly your children should not.  Yes, the internet has it values and good uses, but it 200519740-0011also has a lot of risk factors…and safety issues when it comes to your children, teens…and even for older people who never learned that….yes, the world can be full of evil people who lie and try to sway you into dangerous places and situations.  Predators are real…and none of you should have to find this out first hand.

But the kids are not alone when it comes to the jg02228491internet.  There are tons of grown up supposedly adult people who are doing the exact same thing.  They have pages on myspace and pictures in facebook etc.  And it is all wrong if you use it like a game of Russian roulette.

There is little wonder why the kids are in the situation that they are in if the adults are setting the examples or…and I hate to say this…or if the adults in their lives are following their examples…the kids examples in meeting people and becoming sexually involved with just anybody and everybody via the internet. Or even outside of meeting them over the internet.

What in the world is this world coming to?

Casual sex???

What is the world is that?

There is too much tied in to sex…just the inter-personal nature of it alone.  Call it what you want…but sex is not casual…it is just too intimate for that. 

It is all wrong.  WRONG….WRONG.

And of course, I know that the kids are hooking up at school too.  Let’s face it now…even I at some point was a kid.  But I never was stupid…and there is just no other way to say that.  Nor was I…or have I ever been common.

200495929-0011There is something seriously wrong when a bunch of young girls are busy thinking more about getting pregnant than they are about the dress they plan of wearing to their class prom…or how they are going to get their mom to give them the money to go to movies next weekend. 

There is something wrong when sex is the only thing on the fore-minds of young kids in school…more so than trying to study for an exam or thinking about their futures. 

They do not care about an exam…or evidently their futures.  No, they do not.  Because if they did they wouldn’t be busy trying to get pregnant…or thinking about getting pregnant.


574488581That has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard. 

When I was growing up people tried hard to avoid getting pregnant.  But then he standards of the day have been drastically lowered as opposed to those of yester-year.  In fact, there are none…not today.

When did getting pregnant at a very early age become a badge of honor in this country?

And how can these kids be expected to do any better than the people they are watching and trying to emulate present these kinds of things to them day in and day out?

These kids are obsessed with images of the people they consider to be so-called stars.  These so-called stars…they read about them, skim through the web to catch photos of…watch them in the movies or on television…and/or listen tofaa0110000111 on their iPods.  And these people are their role models…whom they desire to emulate in every possible way…down to having babies by this one and by that one over there.  And they never see a marriage ring or a wedding band. 

No commitment

That is the world our many of kids live in…and many adults, as well.  That is why they can search facebook or myspace…and go from one person to the next.   Because they live in a world of ‘no commitment.’   There parents are not committed to them.  There teachers aren’t committed to them.  Their schools aren’t committed to them…the government…society…nothing. 

So, what do you expect…when a stranger over the internet shows them more interest than you do?  

Even if it is for a hot minute.  To them it beats none at all…no matter what they end up having to sacrifice.

Parents have got to invest time in…and quality time with their children. They need us to be concern about them…about their day…what’s going on with them…and the things we can help them with…as well as to encourage them…and, of course, to look out for their well being, as well as, protect them.  There has to be quality time invested in your children’s lives all through their development…even into adulthood…if they allow you. And they will…if they trust you…but that trust is built up over time.   That trust comes with involvement in their lives from the earliest stages of their lives straight throughout their developedment into adulthood.

It is time for America to not just take a serious look at this problem of teen and under age sex…but also to actively work to do something to cuve it.   This tide must be stemmed because of the dire future consequences for America.  

Something has to be done for the young babies which are born to these young girls and boys who are nothing but kjg02235281ids themselves.  This problem poses a real future crisis for this country. 

These young babies need to have a fighting chance at life.  And they can’t do that by being born to people who are not mature enough to parent them properly. 

The cost, to the system upon whom they will soon be imposing, should not become the driving force to make this country face this problem today.

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College girls…and grade school girls…Where’s the Pride?

While in the lab working on a class project.  I happen to overhear a conversation between one of the male college students and one of the female college students

For all that he was saying to her…I would have gotten up and slapped him.  But this girl took it with such ease.  It did not phaze her none in the least.

The boy was talking to her like she was nothing but a tunnel down there…and you probably know where and what I am talking about. 

Though she was none in the least embarrassed, I was embarrassed for her.

She lacked any understanding of herself and why this boy and what he was saying to her should have been offensive to her.

After thinking about it for a while, I now understand why. 

Those very girls and boys which I had discussed in prior blogs “Teen Pregnancy Pact” etc…those are the same little boys and girls who were mothers and fathers in grade school.  Well, maybe not exactly them…but it wasn’t for a lack of trying.  They just didn’t get caught…meaning ‘they had not gotten pregnant.’   

Well…well, these are those people today….they are entering college.  And this girl…well, she is a product of that mentality.

This girl whom the boy in the lab was talking to…well, they spoke so….so casual…ly.   She to him and him to her.  That one would have thought that such blatant and insulting conversation was the norm and alright.

And if any of you says it is…I will strongly beg to differ.

It is not.

That young girl is an example of what is emerging out of the school system where kids get to talk about sex and act out in ways…which…which frankly should never be allowed.

No man should ever call a woman a tramp (even in an around about way…or in mild causual conversation)…unless he first stops acting as one himself.   And even then it is not allowable. 

And believe me…there was nothing ’round about’ in the way this boy was talking to that girl. 

But why are women so degraded?

Why are we the ones ‘de-valued’?

The young girl would not be one among many of the campus whores…and I am very sorry to say that…and it really hurts me to have to call it as such…but it is true…if the male population were carrying themselves a lot better too. 

You would have had to have heard the conversation to know what I am talking about.  And for her to sit there talking with him as he laid out all her whorish shortcomings…espisode after episode…to her without so much as a grimace or a sidewise glance from her? 

It was appalling. 

This speaks volumes as to how far off the mark these young girls…young ladies…and yes…I guess….young women have fallen.  They are far off course.  And all the sex education in the world has done nothing for them…but allowed them to feel more and more like sexual objects.  And very much for lack of saying it in any other way…and they “get down with that.”

For them it is okay.  And  even seems as though they enjoy it…being known as the ‘girl who will throwdown’ or ‘go down on anyone.’   UGH!!!!!

I wish someone would dare to talk to me as if I were common.

I am not common.

I am not going to be common.

And no one is going to ride me like a horse.

Only to cast me off and turn me out to pasture like some old broken down nag.

And then have them laughing…and talking about me?


These young girls have no pride.  And many older women do not either. 

Maybe, it is that I think too much of myself?

But this thing is really ashame.  And the problem is…is that the same standards are not allotted towards men.  Throughout history the male speices if you will…has been given a free ride (excuse the pund) when it has come down to issues of morality.  If this had not been the case and was not the case today there is a chance that this topic and the approaches to it would be different in our world today.  But since the beginning of time for men in almost every country the standards have differed greatly from those applied towards women.  Morality has never stretched both sides of the aisle.

However, this would not in any more way justify such talk…but it could create a level of standards on both party’s part.   The boy in the lab, who was maybe all of 24, clearly didn’t see anything wrong in the behavior of either himself or any of his friends who were hopping on top of this girl.  Nor did he think it disrespectful to her to speak so loudly so that the entire lab could hear that sickening conversation.  And nor did she in her own ignorance care whether everyone heard.

But why should she be any more of a whore then they?

Are they not all engaged in the same thing?

Will there ever come a time again…when men protected women’s valor rather than trampled all over it?

Oh, yes…by the way…that conversation was not between a black male and black female student.  As typically many people believe that only certain groups carry on in certain ways.  This issue of sex…pre-martial sex…sex in grade school…etc…etc…is a very big issue…and it involves everybody. 

I am appalled because I have young nieces and nephews coming up in a culture that believes everything is alright…as long as it feels good.  Everything is not…alright.  Whether it feels good…or not.

As old fashion as this may sound…what it really does boils down to just one plain thing…‘self-respect.’   I don’t know how many times I used to overhear older people say that when I was growing up…but not today.  I haven’t heard it in years.  But it is what we have to teach our children, nieces, nephews etc.  They must learn how to respect themselves first.  Then they will be able to ensure and enforce that respect among their friends and peers. 

That may sound like a too simplified cure to such a big and overwhelming problem as responsible living and sex given todays sexual culture…but self-respect is the beginning root to a successful life.  Without it how does one grow, accomplish or achieve anything in life?

Well, we are inching closer to the finish line…Election Night 2008.  It will be a big and exciting night for many reason.  May God bless America!

Obama Dream T-shirt by ObamaRama

 Even the little ones support Obama!

 Even the little ones support Obama!

 Even the little ones support Obama!

It gives me such hope for this country.  It really does.

There is no country like this one. 

There is no place at all…like the United States of America.

Through all her adversities, contradictions…missteps…and fall downs…American is great.  And she is beautiful…though there have been times in her history when people, Presidents, groups didn’t always act justly, fairly or truthfully.  But through it all she has maintained her beauty…and she is worth everything we can do to save her.

In closing…let me take this time to clarify once again…that Barack Obama is not just a phenomena because he is black. 

No, it is far greater than that.  

He is a phenomena because he is who he is.  

That is what America has much to be proud of…because he is a product of her.  It has taken us much and a long time to get here.  But we are here.  And at the end of the day…it does matter.  It really really does…for everyone’s sake.

Perhaps a decent wholesome Obama family in the White House is what this country is in dire need of to get her morally back on the right track, as well.  The kids certainly need other role models other than the ones they follow in Hollywood and the Rapp world…and certainly other than the likes of a Britney Spears to pattern themselves behind.

Please be sure to share this blog site with all your friends…family…just….just….everyone!


Smile and have a beautiful day.

Please be sure to share this blog site with all your friends…family…just….just….everyone!

Have a beautiful day…and thank you for reading.

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Smile and have a wonderful wonderful day.  It’s nice out today.  A bit cool…but yesterday we got lots of flurries….awhhhhhhh….

Please be sure to share this blog site with all your friends, family…just everyone…friends and woe.   Thank you for reading.

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Gloucester MA Officials have it all wrong… Baby Pact

What would make the Gloucester School Officials feel that they could possibly curved the current cultural trend of teenage pregnancy?

The first thing they see wrong is…is that the problem is only a local one.

The second thing is…is that they believe it can be curved by a little more sex education and some more condoms.

Before sex education arrived in schools in America there was far less sex and pregnancy going on among teens in school.

This thing is at epidemic proportions.  It is serious.

Today most high schools, and a lot of what used to be Jr. High Schools…called Middle Schools today…are also becoming highly populated with little mothers and dads roaming and running through their halls.

The problem…to you folks in Glouchester…is not more sex ed and condoms but teaching the kids how to abstain from having sex.  You need to show how having a baby…and or children in their early years can really impact their future years.  And then thirdly, rather than trying to make it easier on them by suppling them school day-care…you really need to let them struggle a bit with trying to get their child care arrangements and schedules together for themselves.  You might just find that there won’t be so many of them so willing to make pacts or babies either.

The truth of the matter is…is that teen pregnancy is a major problem in this country and it does not seem to be getting any better.  Clearly, it is an issue which sooner or later is going to have to be seriously addressed. 

These kids have no idea how important these early years are for them.  Not to mention for some of them they are making decisions which will clearly impact them and frame every important decision they will have to make for a very long time…and will certainly play a crucial role in most …if not all of the future decisions that they make.

Just the other day I found myself having to have a heart to heart discussion with one of my little nieces.  She just recently entered into the 9th grade this year…and she seems to have a problem getting to school on time.  I informed her that everything she is doing in school today is preping her for life after school.  And that if she couldn’t get to school on time now…she wouldn’t be able to get to work later…nor to her classes once she got into college.  Because what you practice now is important.  But it also gets down to responsibility.  I told her that it was her responsibility to ensure that she had success later on in her life by preparing for it now…it was her responsibility to get to school on time.  I told her it was her responsibility to ensure herself of a successful future tomorrow…today.  And that  cannot be done by making a bunch of bad choices at very early ages.   

Having children is no joke…and babies need responsible maturing people to handle the responsibilities that they bring.  People who are capable of making real and intelligent decision in terms of their overall care and invest in who they become as people.  No little grade school child can do that…as they are still babies themselves.,8599,1815845,00.html,2933,382021,00.html

Speaking of abstinence…isn’t it something most of us practice everyday?

Who doesn’t want sex?

But we don’t run out like little dogs or cats…or any animals trying to get it.  And if you do then you shouldn’t.  The cost of indulging like that could cost you your life or a lifetime of certain types of medication…just watch the television commercials of people claiming to have this or that.

Over time we have all learned to become responsible.  Some longer than most…and for me particularly so.  But I am there…or should I say here now.

As adults we have all learned to control ourselves.

Okay…well, maybe some people haven’t.

But in the end saving yourself and waiting on the right person can go a really long way…towards how much you have left to pour into that real relationship that you had been hoping for…but were too busy chasing after all the wrong stuff.

I can’t imagine sharing myself with everybody.  I have never let anybody just use me. 

I don’t know.  Maybe we should instill in our youth a sense of pride…maybe that is what they are lacking.

Enjoy your weekend.  It’s raining here…but I love it.  I love the rain.  And this morning I got a chance to step out in it and walk with the one I love…God.  It was just Him…me…and the rain.

And I definitely hope you are registered…this upcoming Presidential Election is so important.

Please be sure to share this blog site with your friends.

…pass it on…’ 

God bless…and thanks for reading  ©2008

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Teen Pregnancy Pact 2, Sex Ed, R. Kelly


I had no idea that most of those 17 girls in Massachusetts who made that pact to get pregnant were all bascially about 15 years of age.  I guess we could throw out a bunch of words like ‘young and stupid.’  But what would it do to call them stupid…it’s not like taking an exam and being able to cram to up your score.  They can’t go back and undo it…not that they would consider such a thing because they viewed it as a game.  Something they continued to indulge in until they got the outcome that they wanted.  And that was to be impregnated.

In listening to the news segments you would think that this was an isolated thing (these 17 grade school girls making a pact to get pregnant).  Oh, I am sure maybe the rest of the young girls haven’t made a pact…but they might as well have.  When you can walk into any high school or middle school in America and find more than half of their population being young teenaged mothers and fathers…something is wrong.  And it has been wrong for some time now…not just since hearing about this ‘so-called’ pact…and about those 17 deranged and highly mis-guided girls who for ‘ha-ha’s’ decided to make an ridiculous pact to get pregant.

There is an epidemic spreading across America called teen pregnancy.  It is rampant and it is a huge issue that is not an enigma peculiar only to the Gloucester, MA, school system.  This problem is in every high school and middle school in this country.  I can say that because as a teacher in the public school system I had the opportunity to witness it first hand.  And now that children are developing so rapidly and early in terms of their physical development this problem will soon undoubtedly hit the younger grades as well if we are not careful and begin to act now. 

As quietly as it has been kept there have already been incidence’s of very young girls as young as 11 and 12 becoming pregnant and having babies.

How has this all come about?

By throwing open the flood gates of the sexual revolution and leaving it unmonitored we have done it.

We have allowed sex to become the societal norm and the barometer by which we measure who is or is not worth paying attention to.  We have allowed it to set the standards and marks by which we live and/or fall. 

Marriages fall apart when the sex life is gone.  Priest have crossed lines drawn in the sand…which were supposedly indelible.  Governors have vacated offices amidst scandal.  Teachers have fallen by the wayside by daring to touch the forbidden.  Presidents and elites…bad boys and bad girls dot the landscape from page to page. 

Parent or stranger or care provider or television programmer who has shielded our children from the sexual storm? 

Little wonder the kids frolick like rock stars from bed to bed.  And those of us not living under the daze of sex…we have long turned a blind eye on the problem and have chosen to try and ignore it…as if it were not all around us. 

Did we really have to hear about 17 high school girls making a pact to get pregnant to elicit a reaction from us to this problem?

It is an epidemic.

In most schools around this country we would be hard pressed if we could find 10 girls in a school building who were not indulging in some form of sex.  Most girls and boys that line the upper level school hallways are mothers and fathers, and some of them second or third time around…and their numbers far exceed that of those students who are not.   Vast number of students are having sex…it is a known fact of which the kids are not even ashamed to disclose or talk about openly amongst themselves…or others.

It was not until this very moment that I recall having a conversation about this time last year with a young lady who had graduated from high school already.   She told me that she felt pressured to have a baby because all of her friends had babies.  She went on to say that she felt that her friends were angry at her because she was not like them.  Meaning she was not a mother.  She was 21 years old and a friend of my son.

This is serious.

I looked at the girl (I was a bit stunned) and said, “If your friends are mad at you it’s because you don’t have to worry about getting a babysitter everytime you want to go somewhere.  And they’re mad at how you can take your money and spend it on yourself and not have to worry about buying Pampers or baby formula.  Believe me.  They’re not mad at you.  They are jealous of you.”


While watching a news segment about the Gloucester mess…the school district was trying to detemine how much more sex education they needed to throw at their problem of rising pregnances in their schools…a problem everywhere not just in Gloucester. 

But the mere fact that the school officials in Gloucester believe that more sex education may be a cure all…signals that they clearly do not understand the breathe or depth of the problem and that the problem is much BIGGER than just their school system. 

The problem of sex is a cultural problem which has taken a hold of the minds of our kids, children, young adults, middle-aged people, seniors etc.   It has lead many kids to believe that they know everything there is about sex while possessing no real understanding of sex at all.  If they understood then they would understand that sex is a gift…something special and it should be treated with the utmost respect and forbearance.

The kids are easily swayed and tantilized by sub-cultures and negative behaviors which they seek to emulate to the peril of their own lives and futures. 

But what is our excuse?

Why do many adults have as much difficulty dealing with sex as the kids do…and some more so?

It is a question I cannot possibly answer when you talk about adults and sexuality.  The answer can be as wide and as varied as the people themselves.

The primary root to this problem is that no one is going to hold them…the kids…or those 17 girls who made that  idiotic pact  accountable. 

They are under age so, therefore, they are not responsible for their actions.  

They weren’t fully aware of the consequences. 

They just don’t understand.

We can come up with all the excuses…and as many as we want to.  But somewhere along the way these kids are going to have to start accepting some accountability for their own actions and take responsibility for them.  Without doing so they will continue to make one stupid mistake after another and never learn anything.

Those 17 girls purposedly went out and got themselves impregrnated.  Mostly they were under aged girls seeking out men…based upon information in the news.   The fathers of these babies and babies to be by these 17 girls were over the age of 20, with one of them being homeless and 24 years old…while most of these 17 girls were just 15 years old. 

What level of sex education could have stopped these girls? 

But for the kids it gets down to one major point….responsibility or the lack thereof.


And since being implemented into the curriculums in our school systems that is the problem…what has sex education done?

What level of success has sex education had?


Now more than ever before more and more teenage girls are becoming pregnant while still in grade school.

More and more little mothers and fathers occupy seats in our grade schools than ever have prior to the addition of sex education in the schools here in America. 

There is no need for sex education in the schools because the vast majority of kids could teach the teachers a few things about sex…and some have.   That is how versed they are on the subject.  And they have and are learning it the old fashion way…by doing it and in record numbers. 

There is so much sex going on in school that sex ed is more like child’s play to them…one big joke.  The kids are doing it on the school buses, in the bathrooms, locker rooms, empty class rooms, broom closets, auditoriums…you name it.   And if they can’t learn it amongst themselves…there are few good teachers and other faculty eager to give them a one on one.


Fresh on the heels of the R. Kelly trial outcome, the returning of those children to their Mormon families and hearing the story about the 17 girls who made the pact to get pregnant…not to mention that terribly distrubing story of the father who kept his own daughter locked down in a crawl space in his basement for 24 years while fathering her 7 or 8 children… 

In this season of predatory extremes, 17 young girls entered into something that they may or may not have had the full and complete comprehension of the gravity of their actions…but certainly the men involved cannot say the same.  They were not children, grade school or otherwise.  But no matter how the opportunity availed itself upon them they should be prosecuted to the fullest letter of the law…without the strings and failures of the R. Kelly trial, who should have been locked away long ago…back when the story of him and Aaliyah first broke, when she was just a kid.

But so much for all of that heavy stuff…if we stayed immersed in the dark side of everything we would never see the sunny side of anything.  And though I enjoy the rain, I also love looking up at big beautiful clouds on glorious summery days.  Here’s a smile for you…and rain or shine it’s your day.   Enjoy it.     God bless…  ©2008

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