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First Family Europe bound…taxes and death… Wall Street…

Well, the Obamas are off to Europe.  They have much on their Click to view image detailsplates… an affair here and an affair there… meeting with the Queen… conferences… luncheons…gala arrays at official dinners… pressing flesh…looking into the eyes of head dignitaries who will be trying to size them up.captphoto_1238529755459-3-02

Yes, they will be busy.  And I have no doubt that thousands will calmour to see them.  I know I would.

I remember once being down on 5th Avenue jumping from 1 bus onto another trying to make my connection to head downtown…unaware that I was in the vicinity of the Pope.

I had forgotten all about him being in town.  As my mid-town bus headed towards my transfer and connection point nearing the United Nations building…I saw what looked like S.W.A.T. teams out on the streets at various points.  They were dressed in black and carried large assault weapons…looking as though they were readied to start shooting at any moment.

At my destination point, large crowds had gathered lining the sidewalk…and that is when I heard that it was the Pope who was due to come by.  And soon his motorcade of several black vans and SUV’s came down 42nd Street and turned left onto 5th Avenue…and the crowd stirred with all heads following the limousine van that we all just knew it had to be the one that the Pope was in.  And he was…and he waved at me.

I recalled thinking what an unique experience that that had been.  That the man known around the world as the Pope and reverenced by many  had just gone by…and he rode right by me.

In New York it is not hard to cross the path of this one or that one…from those familiar faces of Hollywood types to the hottest record or CD artists…if you have your eyes open you will see them.

Flavor-Flav-cc04.jpgI ran into Flavor Flav that way one day.  I was getting ready to make a left-hand turn when suddenly this little red car drove towards me on a one-way street.  The guy stuck his head out of the roof of his car and put a finger indicating for me to ‘give him a minute.’ It was Flavor Flav and he was traveling in the wrong direction on a one-way street.

That’s New York

He has never been good looking.  But I hear that today…as an old man Flav is even more outrageous than he ever was before.  Some say he has sold out.   There is something about money.  I am glad I have never loved it enough to make a fool out of me.

One day while cutting through Tower Records on my way to my job…I happened to come across an in-store promotion of  TLC.   They were so small…and I mean small.   It was like running into a group of  very young school girls.   They were tiny…playful and full of energy.  And they looked just like all their pictures.

So, I am sure that many will be out trying to see the #1 family from American, the President and his wife.  I have no doubt that they will leave good impressions carriage_1375056i1behind when they re-board Air Force One homeward bound.

I like the way they are handling things abroad for Obama’s arrival.  The following 2 paragraphs come from the UK Telegraph…to read the full story just CLICK the LINK BELOW. I am all for protecting our President…and not leaving anything to chance.  And they haven’t…our security people are really paying attention to every detail.    This is good.

Mr Obama’s arrival at Stansted prompted an unprecedented security operation at the airport best know for its use by budget airlines including Ryanair. An captphoto_1238529969849-3-01enhanced security cordon including a series of roadblocks was thrown up around the runway and hundreds of police officers were deployed to ensure the event went without a hitch.

The president is accompanied by an entourage that includes personal doctors, chefs and several hundred secret service personnel. The Beast – the nickname given to the head of state’s armoured limousine – is also thought to have been flown over with him to ensure homestyle protection during his visit to Europe.

Having filed for bankruptcy shortly after entering prison…Michael Vick undoubtedly felt that the more he paid for his lawyers the higher the likelihood was that he wouldn’t have seen any jail time at all.   So, he went for  it…but unlike Ojay Simpson… it didn’t quite work out that way.   He paid them all that money…and still had to go to jail…and then he had to file bankruptcy.

Now, since having been released from prison…where he had been sent for the past 9 months for cruelty to animals…Michael evidently had a vision that he would be able to pick up from right where he left off.   And that everything would be as it was…well, read the LINK BELOW…and find out about Michael Vick’s dose of reality.,151410

After a year of sinking…it seems that Wall Street might finally start to see the light of day.  It’s early yet…and I do not play the market…gambling my money is not something I believe in.  But for those of you who do…I am sure that this might be great news.   A breath of  fresh air, in fact, after a year of dive after dive…splashes upon splashes almost leaving the pool empty.  If your money and hopes were in the stock market…then I guess you have a reason to smile.

I do not know what it is about taxes…but the politicians seem to have a problem…a big problem with them.  And they are the ones to draw up these things and impose them upon us.

I don’t know…I don’t have a lot of money and do not do a lot of spending.   But if I had the salary of some of these politicians and had to do the amount of spending that they do…flying here and flying there…this event after that event…etc..   I think I would get smart and hire an accountant…and keep lots of bags around where I would be continuously throwing receipt after receipt into.

I don’t even have a lot money…but I am always depositing my receipts into a bag somewhere or shoe box somewhere.   I do not have an accountant…but who knows?

You never know when Uncle Sam will come knocking…and I want to be able to hand over the shoe boxes and bags…and say-

“Here, you figure it out.”

And they are marked by year…my bags and boxes.   So, I can pull out exactly what the IRS is looking for.   You don’t get involved in the movie business without learning how to hold onto all your receipts.  They are important…and not just for tax purposes.  But you never know when you will have to dispute a bill or some payment…or return something.

But after sitting in public office for a few years.  It would seem that the first thing you would take care of would be your taxes.  So, then why do politicians not make sure that their taxes are taken care of?

I hate them…but we are all forced to pay them…which may be the problem for some politicians.  They feel that they are above paying them.

That old saying-

“Death and taxes…”

They haunt us straight down into the grave…just ask Redd Fox…or Sammy Davis...or  James Brown….or anybody else who Uncle Sam has gone after…after they died.

I cannot begin to tell you just how beautiful the weather is today…all weekend really.  It has been absolutely great.  I cannot soak up enough of those rays.

Still busy building my  web site.  I am just so proud.  When I look at the pages…all I can think of is how great God is.  Had not He allowed me to take the classes and made a way for me to take them…I would have not been able.

Hope you had a great day too…and that the weather there was as equally as nice as ours.

God bless…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends

“pass it on…” ©2009

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