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show-index-atlanta-plastic-logo_0I see where soon a new reality show is going to start called ‘ATLANTA PLASTIC.’atlanta-plastic

Truthfully speaking I fail to see why black folk are starting to jump on this band wagon?

I think we watch far too much TV and salivate far too much over all these so-called stars on these reality shows, who now seem to be creating a new standard as to what black folk should look like… by spending big bucks to go up some plastic surgeon to supposedly make them look like whatever they envision in their heads what they want to look like… down to skin color and everything else.

neneFrom NeNe Leakes on down it is far too much.  I happened to catch her just the other day on 1 of those networks where people sell their nene-leakes-62_240x340_88wares… and her hips were far too out there.  And I think she added lips, had her nose fixed, put in more boobs etc… etc… etc…

Why would I want to do that to myself?

First of all you have to consider that your body is in a consistent state of transitioning.  Your body never stands still.  Your face does not look the same as it did when you were ‘say’ 5 years old.  Your nose changed… eyes changed… your lips may have become fuller or more drawn out… but it is not the same and won’t be same when you hit 70… if you happened to be blessed enough to see 70 or BvIUoKZIgAAAEAg_zps8166f461How-rich-is-Tamar-Braxton80.  Because we are continuously changing in terms of our shapes and sizes …and looks and even our heights.  Our body does not stand still and nor does our faces or our boobs …or the lack thereof.

My son and his friends love Tamar Braxton… but what is real about her face.  She looks fake… and I think she added boobs and the works too.

wendy-williams-plastic-surgeryThen there is Wendy who wants everybody to believe she just developed naturally into what she looks like today… but if you could only see what she looked like in college.

So, you guys look at this stuff now and say, “Oh, wow…”

There is so much of it now.  And it is all over the place… and more and more black folk are beginning to lend towards it.article-2333224-1A10E8A3000005DC-88_634x686

But I wish I could put up on my Facebook page of a picture of the woman who used to be a beautician who decided she was going to get some work done to her body.  It left her paralyzed and unable to work …or to do much of anything else and looking like a disaster.  That’s her is this picture here.

I never really liked what I looked like either… but then who really does as we are growing up?

But now when I see me in a mirror I have to marvel… because I am not half bad and certainly not as bad as I thought I had been.  But I have evolved …and I am yet evolving.  And so are you.abc_2020_webcast_mj_face_090701_ms

But I have never been into ‘self-hate’ and that is what I think of people who go out and destroy themselves believing they can create through the help of a plastic surgeon a ‘better them.’

There was a time when we used to scoff at people who went out to see plastic surgeons to have hqdefaultwork done to themselves.  We laughed at people like Michael Jackson for bleaching their skin… changing their noses … or Janet having a rib removed.  But now black folks are running out like crazy and spending tons of money …on these wacko doctors or so-called doctors… better known as plastic promo-Atlanta-Plastic-159x119surgeon to get all kinds of work done to themselves from belly tucks, cheekbones added, lipsuction, noses done, jawbones adjusted… etc… etc…   Michael even had a clef added to his chin.

And now this…  ATLANTA PLASTIC.

smh….(for those of you who didn’t understand ‘smh’ …  I’m shaking my head)Charlie-Boy-2

All the wrong things are glorified in our culture today.  Just look at the mess that many people are in with all that tattooing.  So many of them have gone so overboard with it they look like Satan worshipers.455708124733611549_1405424358..  which many may well be.

The same thing could be said about piercing… not just your ears but everything else and in between.

It is really far too too too too much.

And here comes ‘ATLANTA PLASTIC’ to put the final nails to the coffin.

The purpose of this show is merely to glorify an already very growing trend among black folk today.  And it is not just in the paula-white-black-outfit-posed51dRvxO7jKLsecular world but also in the gospel and Christian world as well.  Pastors, gospel singers, evangelist etc… etc… etc.. are all indulging in fixing something about themselves from lightening their complexions to reconstructing their faces.  That Paula White you can’t even remember what she used to look like… but it sure wasn’t what she looks like today.  Juanita Bynum is another 1 who has hadPaula-White-Ministry-Breast-Implantstremendous work done on her face.  Bishop Paul Morton’s wife lightened her skin and did some other things to her face like fixed her nose.  That T. L. Penny …lighten herself, added boobs and did some kirk-franklin-net-worthother things too.  Kirk Franklin is said to have had some work done on his face.  And the list goes on and on and on and on…

And this show coming onto TV is going to push those numbers even further… and that is exactly what it has been produced to do… to create a desire in highly limpressionable viewers to rush out and get some plastic surgery done on themselves too.  And hopefully… I guess the show wants them to be willing enough to make trips down to Atlanta to get it done.  So, look out for them to be pushing the doctors and exactly what they are supposedly experts at doing.

20130208-062721But I would say don’t fall for it.  There are things in life we are just made to endure… and becoming a mother causes some  leftover tell-tell factors on our bodies… but does that mean we should seeking to bring our bodies back to what it may have been and looked like before that 4th child?Penny_Headshot-resize

I think not.

Recently I saw Salt and Pepa on an interview and I was shocked to see that Pepa… whom I always thought was beautiful… and ‘I salt-pepa-03-2015LOVE cast-300x300-atlanta-plastic-3PEP.’  But I saw that she too had gone up under some surgeon’s knife.   I won’t say what I thought of the after effects because I have always liked Pepa… she’s a very nice person but I really wish she had not gone to see any surgeon regarding her face… even with age she had to look better than what that surgeon left her.

cast-300x300-atlanta-plastic-1Not really a big reality TV fan… or much of a television watcher anyway… I have no real idea of what Tamarbraxton-family-values used to look like but I can see that down to their mother they have all gone under the knife… including Toni.

I wouldn’t play with my face or body like that.  There are far too many disaster stories out there for me to consider going up under some plastic surgeon’s knife cast-300x300-atlanta-plastic-2to cut or change anything about me artificially.  And I am a believer ‘if you are not sick… stay away from doctors… because they will make you sick if you don’t.’ 

And when it goes wrong… it goes wrong.  And there is no way to correct it after you and they… those plastic surgeons have messed you and your body up.

preachTalking about reality shows… since the 2nd episode of ‘PREACH’ I have yet to see any more episodes.  Did I just happen to miss them or was that show dropped following the first 2 screenings of it on TV?2ab-the-bishop-wifecover

me resized...

Well, God bless…. it Friday and I haven’t really been all that busy this week, but I am now beginning to get back into the throws of things.  And it feels good.

I bought myself a blender off of 1 of those shopping networks.  So, I am shifting my eating habits a bit.  When I get out of here I’m going to go buy me some more bananas… or sometime this weekend.  I got a couple of whole pineapples and a can of peaches I’ve been looking forward to mixing Funeral_for_Sam_Dubose__killed_by_UC_pol_3230540000_22065291_ver1.0_640_480-1-338x360up with some crushed ice… which my blender is quite capable of doing just fine.   And I am going to kick up my heels and enjoy the weekend… and I sincerely hope you do the same.

sandrablandBut I do not want to get out of here without making mention of Sandra Bland or Sam Du Bose… 2 very sad situations in the unnecessary deaths of yet 2 more black folk.  Of which I am highly sadden by… and question… and pray comfort and justice to their families… though nothing can give them back what they have lost and that is their love ones senselessly…

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Come on isn’t there more to concentrate on… like feeding the hungry and clothing the poor…  to take time out to agree with Hissy-Fitsome lunatic pastor who decides he’s tired of people falling asleep on him… so he steps down out of his pulpit to confront a sleeping man.

Personally, some pastors feel a little too much about themselves …like they were made king over a kingdom rather than a pastor over a congregation.  And as king they feel that everything is subject to marvin-sappthem and their every wish and desire… and sadly enough almost everybody in the congregation is to blame for this haughty and arrogant attitude that many pastors come to have over their congregations.

The pastor that had the hissy fit began by first stating that he was ‘important.’  Poking himself in the chest he said, ‘I’m important.’

Okay… that tells you something right there.  Because he considered himself important… more so than God and certainly more than what he was saying ‘which should have been his delivering the word’... but HE was important.  From that point on he… the pastor was out of order… and definitely not in the will of God, who calls upon us to act in all ‘meekness’ and ‘humbleness.’

So, in that pastor’s selfish pursuit to have ‘everybody’s attention’ on him and him only he steps down out of his pulpit… disrupts his own Sunday morning service to rebuke a person in his congregation for sleeping.  And this is what Marvin Sapp says every pastor has a dr-jim-standridge-senior-pastor-of-immanuel-baptist-church-in-skiatook-okla-preaches-on-may-19-2013responsibility to do…. ‘because they are responsible to God for their members.’

Hog wash, Marvin Sapp.  And it is a clear misunderstanding of scripture by tying together a string of scriptures on Marvin’s part, in an attempt to make it appear scriptural that what that pastor did was right and in alignment with God, when he stood up in the middle of the church service to rebuke a church member for sleeping.

Scripture is not made to make us embarrass… or for anyone to embarrass us.  In fact, in many scriptures it speaks of ‘be thou not ashamed…’ whether it be the gospel of Jesus Christ… or of God… or of the Word of God and His commandments  or how we are to live and carry ourselves etc..

God chastises us for many reasons… but He is not going to waste His precious time to get after us about falling asleep.  He is much too busy for that.  And nowhere in the Bible has He or anyone else ‘ever’ done that to anyone… though Jesus did get after Peter and John when he left them to go up and pray and came back to find them sleeping… and though we are told that Paul was long winded and someone did fall asleep on him.  But the guy was fool because knowing his habit of dozing off …he sat in a window fell asleep and fell out the window.  But no where in that story does it say that man was rebuked for having fallen asleep.

In fact, the story where the man falls out the window the story appears to sympathize with the man by preferencing the story by telling us from the very start that Paul was subject to being very long winded.

Marvin Sapps remarks on socialcam:

What in the world is Erica trying to do in this video?

erica-campbell-luh-god-video-290x150Does God really get the glory or the praise from music or music videos like this?maxresdefault

What is godly about it?

These type of songs and videos are generated to appeal to a certain audiences… but can’t break any yokes… or deliver anybody from anything… or speak into the heart of anyone… or do anything but as in this song… make a mockery about really loving God… who requires that we don’t come to Him just any kind of way.

God just does not accept any ole thing… any ole way….


Oh, well I guess that is it for me today.  Hope your day is going along well and everything… and I do mean… ‘everything’ is good with you.

me resized...

Well, God bless…. I’m gone.  I’m starting to get hungry now.  Didn’t really eat anything last night.  Wasn’t hungry… but now I could devour a horse.  : )

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holy-convocation2What a farce that was.  Needless probably for me to say I traveled to our church’s national convocation in St. Louis a few weeks ago, the 107th Convocation of the Church of God in Christ.  And as fate would have it on Saturday night I just so Andrewhappened to make it in from my hotel out by the airport to this particular evening service.

The service began as usual and everyone seemed to be high in the spirit of praise.  Then it became time for the speaker for the night to deliver the Word.  But the word he delivered wasn’t 1 I believe many of us were prepared for.

Earl-Carter-preachingHis name Pastor Carter and he was from Orlando, Florida.  He began by calling his son up and giving a praise report about how his son had gotten shot 3 times,BRANDON-PORTER-Andrew-Caldwell-gay-no-more-controversy600 and survived.   He further stated that none of the 3 bullets had hit any of his major arteries.  He son came to him as he called for him to come, and in his son’s arms the son held Carter’s grandson… the son’s son.   Who I thought it unusual how dismissive of the little toddler he was when Carter offhandedly said, ‘And this is my grandson.’  He flashed a hand towards the little boy and then turned away from him very very dismissively of the little boy.

But it was how Carter kissed his son on the neck that really struck me.  He kissed his son on his son’s neck in a way I had seen men in gay clubs lovingly plant kisses all over the neck and face of another man.  I would have hardly believed after witnessing that show of affection that Carter would follow that with such malice and hatred as he did towards to other people’s sons… gay or otherwise.

But he did.

When Carter turned away from his son motioning for him to go back to his seat beside Carter’s mother, who was also seated on the podium… and then he …Carter immediately went on the attack.  It never appeared to me that he had come to preach at all… but to make a mockery,  a joke, and to incite laughter all directed at the supposed gay young men in our church.  At a point it became Carter’s comedy show… and he appeared to be in his glory.  And it had them… those other church folk all around me rolling and roaring in laughter all over that convention hall,  where it must have been at least anywhere from 2 to 4 thousand people in attendance in that service that night.skinny-jeans

Carter pranced and imitated gay men in the choir, he imitated them singing and carrying pocketbooks.  He hollered about them wearing bow ties and tight pants, carrying pocketbooks and just plain looking gay.  He called them ‘sissy’s.’  He condemned them… persecuted them, and called them everything but children of God.  While repeatedly snaring, ‘You ain’t nothing but a sissy.’

I wondered how such a man who had just displayed such gay affection towards his own son when he kissed him upon his neck could possibly be attacking other people’s sons in such a way as Carter was doing at that time.  And after such an on-slant of attacks and jokes by this so-called pastor, Carter,  I wondered what in the world after that would have possessed him… Carter to call for an altar call?

What gay man with good sense was really going to go up there?


The way that Carter went after the young gay men in our church 1 it struck me that this issue with Carter and gay young men was greater than what he was saying.  I do not know whether his son was approached by a gay young man… or if his son was gay…or what??

Or whether his son was seeing some gay man… or hanging with the gay young men of our church.  Or if Carter himself was having an inner conflict about his own sexuality.  Perhaps maybe… once he had been violated himself.  But something was going on… because nobody goes on that kind of a rampage without some sort of something going on with them.

A male friend of mine shared with me many years ago that the older men in his town, where he had been raised, preyed upon all the young boys.  I knew immediately what he was telling me.  But I said nothing.  I did not know what to say to that frankly.  But I do know that it did effect him… more internally than anything else.  And later as he grew up to present times.anita

Many years ago a former Miss America, who name was Anita Bryant, came out against gay180px-AnitaB men.  She was at that time a representative… or spokes woman or something for the orange juice industry.  The gay community immediately began a boycott against buying and the drinking of orange juice.  The orange juice industry dropped Bryant as their spokes woman.  But shortly thereafter it came out that Bryant and her husband had recently split.  He left her for his gay lover.

eddielongtjmsEddie Long used to have anti-gay rallies.  And looked how that story ended it… with it coming to fifth-accuser-of-eddie-longlight with several young men lodging legal action against Bishop Long for engaging with them sexually.

So, what I am saying is many times the people who cry out the loudest against something… may him or herself be dealing with something which unbeknownst to us is really at the heart of what they are protesting  or trying to act that they detest so much.

I don’t know Carter… and frankly do not care to really ever meet him.  Anyone who would proclaim himself to be a pastor or man of God who could speak with such malice, disdain and hatred towards anyone can’t truly be of God.

How can anyone much less a pastor consider anyone who is in sin be a laughing matter?

What sin is there that is a joke?jesus_woman_caught_in_adultery

That arena hall was full of people who in my opinion ….who got great pleasure out of Carter’s buffoonery… which in my opinion showcases the fact that they too all also need deliverance.  Because none of them could really have been saved.  Had they not heard ‘with love and kindness have I drawn thee?’

Had they not heard the story of how Jesus stoop down and began to draw in the sand as the men who dragged the woman gabion_stonecaught in adultery to him for him to condemn her.  And Jesus say, ‘Let him who is without sin cast the first stone?’

Had they not heard that our God is a God of ‘love?’

Had that read in the Book of Galatians, Chapter 5, about the fruits of the Spirit… which states love and tolerance are a part of the fruits of the Spirit?

Who among us was not once in sin?

And who among us has never been in sin?

I find nothing funny about people being in sin… no matter what type of sin they may be involved in or might have been in involved in.

I myself was and may still be… a wretch undone.  And certainly not able to condemn nor laugh at anyone.

The problem I find with most so called non-sinner… saved folk… is … is that they never want to admit that they too were oncebible a sinner.  Many act as though all their lives they were good and had never did anything against the will or way of God.  They act as though they had never been in adultery… fornicated… never told a lie… never stole anything… have never done anyone wrong… etc… etc…   And these people are some of the biggest problems in the church… because they feel like they are ‘holier than thou,’ and cannot do anything but cause more strife and grief in the church than anyone else.  They are hateful… and tend to be angry and hard to deal with because of their high-looks writing-love-beach-sand2and snotty attitude towards others… which if they truly knew the Bible then they would know that high-looks and snotty attitudes are an abomination unto God too.

Perhaps that statement is too wide and sweeping to make.  But this is exactly the problem I have with people who make statements about homosexuality and/or about gay people.  They make 09-03-12_black_gay_pride_pure_heat_festival_12broad sweeping statements about something they have no possible clue about, unless it had once been an issue that they once themselves dealt with.  But for more than most they make these statements about Half-Drag-by-Leland-Bobb_1homosexuality saying things as if they really know what they are saying.  Like the reason they are that way is because ‘they were abused and end up being abusers and child molesters.’  How stupid is that?

Not everyone gay was abused.  And most certainly they for the most parts never end up abusers… because if the truth be told ‘yes, many were abused’ which is why gay people truly hate abusers with a passion.

Most gay people hate sexual abusers or any type of abusers with such great low tolerance for them.  And the truth of the matter… though the perception has been quite the reverse… the people who have been found abusing children are people menawho are not gay… people like Eddie Long who would never characterize themselves as being a homosexual.  They are sexual deviants who love preying upon children… most of them living their lives as straight men, loving fathers etc… etc.

Gay men want men… not little boys.  They frequent clubs, bars, gyms and other places where men can15312378974_850a9b5f45_o be found… much like where women find men.  But little boys have nothing that gay men are looking for by way of sex.  So, that is 1 of the biggest myths told when people begin talking about gay guys… and sometimes about gay women too… who are not looking for young little girls …or every woman.

But let us go to the root of why there are so many gay young men in our church… an fact that pastor Carter never touched upon much… as if he was afraid of saying it.  The young boys in our church are not gay because of osmosis …nor because they were born that way… but because many pastors, bishops, deacons, male trustees etc… etc… men within the church have taken sexual advantage of so many of our young men and boys.  Like Eddie Long they have loaded up these young men and boys with all kinds of gifts, some with cars and apartments etc.  But they have taken advantage of these young males in such great numbers it is

The Greater Abyssinia Baptist Church choir offers heartfelt musical praise to the Lord during services at the eastside Cleveland church on Sunday, December 30, 2007. Front row, from left, Jacques Smith, Donna Felton and Johnny B. Yarbrough, Jr. The choir and congregation are preparing for Watch Night, a popular tradition of greeting the New Year with prayer at church. (Lynn Ischay/The Plain Dealer)

8595181114_52b252a5d9_bhard to walk through the halls of all of our conventions, convocations etc.  without noticing the large number of them.

These men should have been who pastor Carter should have had contempt for… and malice for  …for how they have abused their power and authority… and/or position in the church to take advantage of and destroy the manhood of these young men and boys in our church.  But these men go on touch… and many are celebrated with heads looking the other way as if nobody has seen or are unaware of the foul things these bishops, pastors, trustees and other men within our church are doing with the male children in our church.His-Hen-House-407953

Years ago the old time people had a name for this.  They would say, ‘The rooster got into the hen house.’  In this case the roster inhabits the hen house (our church)… doing every foul imaginable thing that comes to their mind knowing that their title and/or position … or money given to the church gives the ‘go ahead’ to keep abusing our young men.  And this must stop.  Stop calling out the young boys if you cannot form your lips to call out those who have turned them out… meaning those who have laid their filthy hands and mouths BOOK-OnTheDownLow1-264x400upon them to turn them into who we see them as.

Why go after the young men in our church who may appear effeminate and not speak against them who target our church boys and sons?

Every time I think of effeminate men I am often called to remember a man who had 2 sons in the Bible.  One son was strong and hairy… he was the outdoors type who like to hunt and fish.   And the other son stayed 7248444black+women+raise+gay+menaround the house… he liked to do things like cook and clean.

The 2 sons I am talking about are Isaac’s sons, Esau and Jacob.  Clearly, by today’s standard of what manhood is… Jacob would be classified as as having been a ‘sissy’  …if he had not been Abraham’s grandson and the father of the 12 tribes of Israel.  It is interesting to me that nobody but me seems to see this correlation between Jacob and gay men.  And if they do or have …nobody but nobody but me has ever dared to mention it.

But this goes to prove 1 point that is so remarkable about God.  He can take anybody and turn them into who he wants them to be.  In the story of Esau and Jacob… God took the fragiler brother… the mama’s boy and built 1 of the greatest nations of all times.  And a nation of people that are innumerable still to very day.

How in the world did that come about from a man who most would say …if they dared to… was a ‘sissy’?n-GAY-BLACK-MEN-TELEVISION-large

It came about because Jacob on the inside was mightier than he appeared on the outside… there was something about him that God loved and He loved it before Jacob was born.   Therefore, before Jacob was born the hand of God was upon him.  Thus, Jacob came out of his mother’s womb being God’s chosen vessel to be the father of His chosen people.  The man ended up having 12 sons of his own… who became known as the Israelites… the most beloved people on the planet and the chosen people of God.0

Going back to ‘I’m not gay any more.  I will not date a man any more etc… etc…’  While sitting in that arena hall it is hard for me to really believe that that mockery of an altar call would have gone viral.  I would have never known had not my son called me later that night to tell me about it… who himself watched it all unfold via the live internet streaming of the convocation.

He said to me, ‘Ma, can you believe that the Church of God in Christ is gay bashing?’5463e0090e531.image

When Cater began speaking I never believed that he would go on and on in the vain in which he started.  But he did.  From the moment he turned away from his son… gay bashing is exactly what he did.  And with such fervor and zeal… and malice and bitter words the gay men in our church it almost became to much for me to take.  I thought about getting up and leaving… which I did do just as they were making the altar call.  So, I was not there for that… but if my driver to take me back to my hotel had been outside the convention I would have surely gotten up and walked out on Cater and his performance.  It had gotten to more than I could bare after a while.  And the funny part as I looked around… even the gay guys found Carter comedic.

During Carter’s 1 man comedy show Bishop Brandon Porter, the expeditor for that service, stood up behind Carter laughing all the way through it… and he shot video footage and also managed to upload it onto YouTube… all while standing up there supposedly overseeing that service.  A few days later Porter was interviewed via the telephone regarding that service and the church gay bashing homosexuals in our church.  All through that interview Porter can be heard snickering and chuckling all through that interview while he was supposedly stating our churches’ stance on gay bashing and attacking homosexuals Pastor-Earl1within our church.  It can hardly be said that this kind of response littered with Porter laughing through it could have been taken any more seriously than his throwing a hundred dollar bill at a young gay man, whom he clearly must have recognized from the very beginning a young man with some problems, from the moment the young man came to altar stating that he was studying to become a doctor, taking classes over the internet.

This young man played to all of Porter asked him to do… including taking the mic and then looking like he became possessed from the moment his hand grasped the mic… as he went into how he longer loves or will date men… but that he will loves a wominness.  He ran up the aisle as Porter told him to… and danced as Porter told him to… like he was a trained money with an organ grinder.

It can hardly be true that such buffoonery could hit the airwaves and internet in such a way as that mess did.  A hot mess it was too.  Which goes to prove that none of what took place that night in that arena hall was of God.  Had it been it certainly would not have received that level of TV time, news time, newspaper space or internet excitement.  It was the joke of the year.  Saved and unsaved have all found it to be 1 big fat laugh.

On Facebook someone tried to tell me that that young man going up to the altar and declaring himself to be delivered had made the devil mad.  How ridiculous of a statement was that?

The devil has definitely been laughing…  along with many others who found that mockery to funny from the beginning until the end.  The devil could not have planned that mess to be more successful or any funnier than it was.  And that young man was as far from being delivered from being gay as the man in the moon.

48f79e051130e95d3f83c0e40e59ea1cAnd frankly speaking why is Brandon Porter part of the Church of God in Christ’s General Board?

The man is intrusive.  He has a take over spirit.  And he is forever leaping up to grab the microphone out of people’s hand near the end after they have preached to make who adds up to nothing more than a public service announcement,  ‘I dare 50 people right now to purchase this sermon or buy that tape…and watch what God will do in your life.’


I cannot tell you how many people I have seen Brandon Porter get up and snatch the mic from… including Bishop Sheard, who stood his ground and would not let Porter fully grab it out of his hand.  But I was more than shocked when Porter leaped up and did this to our leader too, Bishop Blake.  The man has no shame nor respect… and it appears that he loves the spot light to be on him by hook or crook.

me resized...

Well, God bless…. Can’t believe never completely finished this particular blog before.  I had totally forgotten all about it.  My goodness…  I am slipping.  : 0…. Oh, me …..’o’ my….

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I just finished watching a YouTube video in which a woman and her husband went bankrupt following televangelist on television telling them to give them their money.3971132455_2a6999405b_o

All I can say is why would you be so gullible and stupid when God has given us the power of discernment?

It is beyond me why people are so obsessed with these false prophets and preachers on television.  Do they not read their Bible which in both the Old and New Testaments the Bible clearly warns us all to be aware of ‘false prophets.’  People whom God says when they come saying He sent them and He did not… He told them what to say and He had not.  He called them ‘false’ and said beware of them.

474-caravanThe other day I got on a van and my driver, a woman… began to tell me how people are afraid of her and what she is saying.  She says she has a prophetic spirit… and that God is always talking to her.

Not long into my ride I came to realize that the woman was as crazy as a bed bug based upon the kind of things she kept saying like-

“Oh, there is another 1.  Somebody looking at me and taking my picture again.  I don’t know why people are always taking my picture.  They just pull up beside me and just take my picture.  I don’t know why everybody Cell-Phone--slide-S46A-blog480wants my picture.  But God told me to be careful.”

Well, it didn’t take me long after ‘look another person is taking my picture again’ several times as we proceeded down the road… and I saw no one stopping to take a picture of anyone… so I soon I realized that this woman was loosing it.

image3767745xAs she drove she was listening to some religious radio channel and began to tell me something crazy about it and people on the radio station… that they were talking about her… calling her names, but it was okay because she knew who her master was.  By this time I realized it wasn’t the world but her… and that God or possibly the devil was plaguing her mind.famous-female-televangelists-u3

People today are so confused.  For 1 reason they listen to all manner of junk and sit and watch all kinds of foolishness believing in false doctrine and false teaching… and they begin to confuse themselves.  Everybody they hear they grab a hold of every word those people say without filtering it for truth or whether or not it lines up with Biblical Paul and Jan Smallscripture.

We are told in the Bible to not have itchy ears and to not bend or follow all manner of doctrine.  What sounds good may not be true… and everybody that sounds might not be true.  Many of these people on TV are not godly or of God… many times they are not and I don’t care how right they may sound or true to scripture.  They are masters at turning scripture around to suit their own purpose.images-2

We do not follow a God who is of confusion or a desire to get rich.  He is already rich… and everything already belongs to Him… including us.

Nor does He use and abuse us.  And we cannot buy or purchase favors from Him.  So, stop listening to people who make it sound like you can.  You can give and give until the cows come home… but that is not what God’s honors.  He honors your heart.  He is not looking for your money.

images-3God does not ask us to give our last dime in order to test us… or to test the level of our faith.  God can test that … if He wanted to by any number of whys if He wanted to without money ever coming into the scenario.  But He already knows our hearts.  He knows who is truly His… who really loves Him… and who is doing as He has commanded.000TheMagicVineHolyWater2013.jpg.w180h240

So, stop listening to these people who are stealing your money and robbing you… who preach to you in order to make themselves rich by selling you a bunch of garbage like special water… or holy cloths… sacred pens… and who knows whatever else.  People who sell you nothing but fake dreams tempting you to believe that God can be bought.  You cannot pay God to make you rich… by emptying your bank account to give to some preacher on TV because he or she falsely claims it is what they did, and it worked for them.   Don’t believe it… our God is not devious and does not need to send 2ab-the-bishop-wifecovergreedy people your way to deceive to take anything from you in order to bless you.

Don’t let the devil take your mind… and your money too.

me resized...

Well, God bless…. Can’t believe I just finished another blog.  It has been a while since I got back to writing them… been busy working on other projects.  But I’m waiting on some footage to render now… so I had the time to do this.  But I promise to try to be more frequent than I have been over the past year or so.

I got involved in social media and then YouTube uploading…   So, I have more on my plate… but it seems people still reading what I have had to say.  The proof is even when I wasn’t writing they were still reading.  And I thank you for that.

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  ©2015

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bill-cosby-768I really don’t know where to begin with this commentary of the sorrowful facts of this story.  Though I must say that from the beginning I did not at 1 point think of those who said what they did about what had happened to them was not or might not have been true.  My thoughts on this subject from the on-set when the women last year started coming forward to say that they had been drugged and raped by Bill Cosby… was simply this… there were just too manybill-cosby-accusers-620x259-620x259 of them saying the same exact thing for it to have not been true.

If you remember it was like everyday you woke up another woman was saying she too had been drugged and raped by Bill Cosby… and it just did not stop… woman after woman.

They say to date about 47 women, since this unbelievable story started to unfold last year, have come forward to claim that Bill Cosby sexually took criminal advantage of them by drugging and then having sexual intercourse with them.BC1

bill-cosby-2-768Throughout all those claims of rape Bill Cosby steadily maintained that all those women had been lying.  However, most recently it has come to light that in 2005 a woman sued Bill Cosby for theAA9jZlE exact same thing these women, who most recently have come forward to claim against Bill Cosby… and in that case which was settled …Bill Cosby in a written deposition did acknowledge that he had indeed purchased drugs for the purpose of giving them to women in order to have sex with them.

Thus, Bill Cosby’s own statement which had been sealed by that court in 2005 validates the new found claims of all these 150210-news-bill-cosbywomen who most recently since last year have all spoken up and out against Bill Cosby, and this all appears to have been a very deep and highly dark secret past of deviant sexual behavior… serial rape on the part of Bill Cosby.

cosbyshow-300x225Over the social networks the disputes were strong and wide with regard to those who defended the good name and reputation of their ‘favorite tv dad’ verses those who felt strong that the 47 or so women who began to come out against Bill Cosby last year were indeed telling the truth.

There were those who said flatly that it could not be true.Bill-Cosby-Rape-Allegations-Janice-Dickison

Then those who claimed that all those women were after was Bill Cosby’s money with all their lies.

Then compossssssss23455-1-2048x1152-20141122-032012-544those who felt that if it were true why had those women waited so long… until now to come out to say anything8560068_f496 about it.  So, therefore, it was not true.

_47532933_-46Then there were those who said they …those women… never should have come out… and should have just let laying dogs lay, and not ruin Bill Cosby’s legacy.

I for 1 felt that it had to be true because I could see no viable cause for why so many women would all join in and say the same thing if it were a lie… and many women who had become successful in their bill_cosby_620x480_cemrfcosby-ejo-111514_b0d416ee4949aec9a3e30542d2933008own right in various industries and career paths.  It just didn’t make sense to me that they could ALL being telling a lie against Bill.

And now… today we know for sure that they all were not lying at all.  Bill Cosby had lived and had lead a very deceitful secret dark life under the cover of a fatherly and very philanthropic exterior image, which he so readily displayed to the whole world.  While in his deep dark closet he had hoards of women whom he had sexually abused by drugging them then raping them.

1969:  Promotional studio portrait of American actor and comedian Bill Cosby adjusting his bow tie, from his television series, 'The Bill Cosby Show'.  (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)Clearly, it is not the type of end or legacy which 1 would have thought to come and overtake Bill Cosby’s squeaky clean and example of a decent respectable man, who for years was 16-bill_-daughterthought of by millions as an ideal example of fatherhood.  Bill Cosby clearly was a modern day version of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  And 1 really has to wonder as to what drove Bill to continue drugging and raping so many women throughout what appears many years… and possibly some even bill-cosbyback in his days as a young man growing up in Philly.  Because I would believe that this kind of prolong abusive sexual behavior may not have just got started when Bill got into show business.

In this photo taken Nov. 6, 2014, entertainer Bill Cosby pauses during an interview about the upcoming exhibit, Conversations: African and African-American Artworks in Dialogue, at the Smithsonian's National Museum of African Art in Washington. The Smithsonian Institution is mounting a major showcase of African-American art and African art together in a new exhibit featuring the extensive art collection of Bill and Camille Cosby. More than 60 rarely seen African-American artworks from the Cosby collection will join 100 pieces of African art at the National Museum of African Art. The exhibit “Conversations: African and African American Artworks in Dialogue,” opens Sunday and will be on view through early 2016. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)Most of us would agree that today Bill Cosby is looking pretty bad.  Many days he has even appears to look just plain out of it.   Perhaps his conscious has caught up with him.

It isBill-Cosby-Rape-Allegations-Janice-Dickison amazing to me how such a man could have lived with himself after having perpetrated so many rape attacks 1 after another …and another and another and another.   A man who has at least 2 daughters and a wife himself to have such disregard and disrespect for a woman to rob her of something most valuable to her… by b613732e6b34f6e9bf292eaa09957633inducing drugs into her body and taking sexual advantage of her… is beyond my level of comprehension as to how he could have done such a thing at any time to any 1 and live with himself… and pretend to be so perfect a human being.  And then to set himself up as some type of moral purist for black consciousness… is aboundingly1402097993000-Bill-Cosby unthinkable… knowing what he knew concerning the women he took advantage of …as he knew that what he had so criminally perpetrated against so many women… and possible some under age young girls was so hypocritical and just plain not right.

The level of betrayal and deceit… and moral lack of consciousness is so very baffling to 1_123125_123054_2240596_2240597_100129_pol_edwardstn.jpg.CROP.original-originalme… and that it should be BILL COSBY who was the person who fooled and betrayed us all.   It is just unbelievable… and as unbelievable to me as when I heard about John Edwards… another johnedwardsman who portrayed himself as being squeaky clean and incapable of doing any wrong.  And wrong he did… not only as an adulterer but a liar to all of America, as well as, to his family and his wife who was dying of cancer.

58573John Edwards knowing he had just had a child out of edwards-580x350_102912awedlock secretly with a woman, who in my opinion couldn’t stand up to a brown paper bag.  She looked like…     Well, I hate to say it.   But she looked like trash …and trash she was.    And she roped him in …had his baby and then she hit the tabloids.

120514_john_edwards2_ap_605The man sacrificed it all for what?

Then the pain that it caused his wife… who was already suffering from her battle with cancer.

That man played us.  And I mean he played us…ScreenShot20141121at6.31.16AM

Well, he played me.  I had thought very highly of ole John Edwards until I heard him talk on those video tapes that that women had shot of him… when he started running around with her.  In those video tapes his language and everything behind the scenes was so different from what John had put forth to the public eye.  And this is exactly the same thing what we can say about Bill Cosby.

There were people almost ready to fight over Bill Cosby with the people who said that Bill must cosbyhave done what those women claimed that he had done to them.  Bill’s die hard believers were ready to go to blows… some made videos stating d453c5640bc4f18f2c4a96f3c0bbfac9their opinions and calling people names and insult for coming out against Bill Cosby.  And those people called those folk out if they had said anything that may have tarnished Bill’s reputation.rs_634x1024-140429120503-634.Bill-Cosby-jmd-042914_copy

Now, it appears that nobody really had to say anything to tarnish the reputation of Bill Cosby… because Bill Cosby had so adequately done that for himself… when he made the decision to first start drugging women and then rape them.

The likelihood of any of Bill’s victims being compensated financially for what he did to them appears to be most unlikely.  But public opinion many times can be far 2ab-the-bishop-wifecoverworst than any money coming out of the pocket to a man like Bill Cosby… whom I think rather loved being held in the high regard that many people used to see him in.

me resized...

But that is gone now… and in many ways that being taken from him is a far worst price.

Well, God bless…. Well, it is 1 day from Friday and I hope all is well with you.

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  ©2015

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