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Personally I have never quite understood the hype over Beyonce.  I have seen a million and 1 sisters who can look or do look beyonce_church_church_of_bey_beyismjust like her… including 1 of my nieces.

Okay, then you want to say it is the way she can dance.

Please…   What is she doing?

Nothing… that she has not copied from some Jamaican gals who have been 27xgpyhjingling and shaking their stuff for quite some time now.  And on Labor Day in Brooklyn you can catch as many as your eyes can see walking Dancehall-Queen-Spreadup Empire Blvd doing just that during the Jamaican Liberation Parade.

Empire Blvd becomes a haven of men with their eye bungling out of their heads at a bunch of young and old Jamaican women making their way up the Blvd in a parade shaking every piece of flab they’ve got… and a lot of it you don’t want to see.

Going back to Beyonce… it appears her following has developed into some worshipers… calling Beyonce a ‘deity.’  And they haveBeyonce-hair-up developed their own church down in Atlanta, called THE NATIONAL CHURCH OF BEY.

If nothing else it should be crystal clear to you by this time that we are truly living in last days and times.   And the evolution of Beyonce into a ‘god’ or ‘goddess’ can certainly be looked upon as a clear sign that Satan is busier than ever… and that there are some crazy folks out there.

“We are very disappointed in the failure of the public to recognize the imgresexistence of a divine Deity walking among them,” said the church’s founder Pauline John Andrews.  This woman must be the supreme witch of the group as she is the founder of such a ludicrous religious start-up group of the Beyonce worshipers.  I have heard of die hard fans… but this?

Come on…    Why would some woman want to worship any other woman in the way that makes a religious goddess out of her?

Something is definitely wrong with that woman.  And undoubtedly Beyonce is getting a charge out of… meaning she is loving it.

BeyonceKnowlesHow do you become so taken with someone that you want to worship them?

Though I have heard of loving people to death.  But this is beyond loving someone… even to that length.  To death.  Here the woman loves her unto heaven.

Now, how stupid is that?beyonce-and-jay-z-in-soho-nyc

And from what I hear Beyonce and her hubby are in their own diverse religion… that illuminati mess.  Jay-z says he believes in 1 God… but not in hell.  He does not believe in Christianity… meaning he does not believe in Jesus.  That should speak volumes in of itself to many of you.

But going back to Beyonce…  Oh, I have heard it said in movies… when men or women desire someone so much sexually that they will tell someone anything… even that they want to worship them.  But before the end of the movie… the worship is all over and so wasn’t all that hot and heavy sexual desire that inspired those words.

I have heard too that Atlanta has a lot of strange things… and things Satanic going on.  It can’t be that far behind New York City then… because I know for sure that New York has all kinds of crazy things going on.

I was very surprised 1 night when a very attractive black woman, well attired, very professional article-0-0D0C44B5000005DC-237_470x423looking… walked into Salsa-Soul Sisters and began talking to us about S&M.  It wasn’t until she pointed it out that I even noticed that she was dressed in all leather…black all leather… or maybe it was gray.  But it was all leather.  She called herself  ‘1 of the leather people.’

janet-jackson-takes-bondage-thing--large-msg-12052660369I never knew much about S&M but that night I got a very in-depth lesson of what was supposed to be the ‘joys of being involved in S&M.’   Now, if you can get to that you might be a better person than me.   No, a bigger fool than me… because can’t nobody tell me somebody standing over me  while I am all handcuffed and tied up…being whipped by that person standing over me… with a whip or beating me with a belt buckle… can give me any joy.  No, that you cannot tell me.  I know much better than that.  And I also knew something that I do not believe that woman ever recognized if she is still wetsuits_bondage_ii_by_mixnuts-d5a07gxalive.  And that is… that at any moment 1 of those fools could be subject to torture her to death… but even that thought might have been pleasurious to her.

Evidently, that woman had not processed that thought.  For the woman claimed that she got pleasure out of what those S&M people had taught her and done to her.  And she said she got mad at her friends because they had waited until she was 50 years old to article-0-197FE49900000578-310_634x1014introduce her to that lifestyle… and it is very much a lifestyle.

That woman also shared with us that night at Salsa-Soul Sisters that there was a restaurant in Manhattan that at a certain time of night shut it doors and locked them… and then the fun (if you care to call it that) began.

I was horrified when she told us that.  Who would have ever had thought such a thing.

A restaurant??????

Full of people who were all into S&M?????41288-rihanna-sm

And all waiting on the clock to tick until they all got started on 1 another.


That woman also picked up what looked to me like a notebook jacket… and she pointed out that it bared the S&M flag.  They had their own flag… a nation of people unto themselves.  Who would have thought it.

It makes you wonder how large could that thing be?

Large as it may be… it was not going to get me.  And I appeared to be the only person at Salsa that night who totally rejected anything that woman had said.

I found no part of it interesting or tempting.  But some of my fellow Salsa-Soul Sisters did… and I could tell.  539wSome time later… the 1 who had appeared the most interested in it that night… I came across a few years later.  She was all dressed up in leather… I knew what course she had chosen.

Then there was another Salsa-Soul Sister who had become part of a religious group in New York called Isis.  In fact, a few of the gay sisters I knew got involved in that religion.  I recall 1 night this particular sister had given this party over at her home down in Riverside.  She was dressed all in white, and as I came in her house I started to reach over to embrace her in greeting her… and she backed away keeping me at a distance without really touching me …talking about she had not yet gone over.

Gone over????Seated Bodhisattva Maitrya. 4th c. Gand.met

Gone over what???

Later a friend told me that the woman… our Salsa-Soul Sister had gotten involved in this Isis religion and that she was going through some type of purification ritual.  Why this woman became involved in that Isis stuff was a mystery to me as she always seem so afro-centric…  and also smart.   Needless to say I soon began to think of her as anything but smart.  She became odd and started acting funny… weird.   Alvin+Ailey_y

This guy… obviously gay… and as gay as he could be… moved into an upstairs apartment in her home.  While at work… we later found out… her girlfriend would go upstairs to him.  At the party it was pretty obvious that there was something going on between them.  She kept dancing all up on him like she was crazy.  And later on the woman ran off with this obviously gay man… who was the head of their religious cult.

In looking up that Isis mess… just now… it says that Isis was a goddess of Ancient Egypt and the religion spread through Greco-Rome.images

Then not too long ago while listening to the news, I believe, I heard of this church where the congregation went to church nude… totally nude.  They worshiped in their church naked.  And I had seen on 20/20 or something a while back about some church African-American-Woman-Crying-Tearswhere they were snake worshipers.  They dance and pranced around their church twirling snakes.

While in the library 1 day a young woman came and sat down beside me at a computer.  After a small amount of time I noticed that the woman was wiping tears from her eyes.  Shortly thereafter I decided I should speak to her to see if I could help.  That is when she told me she was running for her life from some religious cult she had fallen into while living in Atlanta.  She was all messed up.  Jumping at her own shadow… because she was full of fear… saying the cult people wanted to kill her because she wanted out.

beyonce-knowels-net-worth-1024x768So, my point here is this… there are lots of crazy people around the world seeking to worship all kinds of things if somebody is crazy enough to come up with it.  And the group of people deciding that Beyonce is holy and should be worshiped is about as crazy as any of them can come… maybe worst.   And certainly to me… is as insane as anyone can get who joins them.

And there is 1 thing for sure… somebody may get mad at me for saying it.  Because people like to say that we should not condemn others.  I do not hell_forever_and_everbelieve in condemning anyone… and it is not condemning if you speak the truth, particularly if you are attempting to warn them… better yet show them the errors of their ways.   However, there are many people who have no problem in condemning themselves to hell… and somebody needs to tell them so.

Therefore, people involved in S&M, Isis, Beyism, Muslim-ism, Buddhism, Hinduism… or any other kind of  -ism and everything and anything else that is not like Jesus and God… nor of His doing.   They will go straight to hell… Byonceand I did not condemn them there… but their acts did.

However, it is not the desire of God that any of us should be lost.  But due to foolishness most people will be lost.  I pray you won’t … or me.  But how are you going to turn a woman into a god and become a worshiper of her… and not think that something is wrong with you… is my question?

Beyonce cannot do anything for anyone… like heal someone… save someone from hurt… harm or danger… illness… disease… or any kind of enemy including the devil.   In fact, she is in as much of a need God as we all are.  And I hope she and her worshipers find Him before it is too late.

My Lord… have mercy.

mary-maryThen I happened to catch a video segment from the MaryMary reality TV show where the marymary2 sisters, Erica and Tina… are having a ‘for real’ conversation.  Somebody should have called for the cameras to be cut off.  Because the words started flying  ‘God-Dang’ world???    Erica got beeped… who knows what she said.  And I am not trying to  figured it out… or even read lips.

We have all heard that the gospel world is not what we all thought or think that it should be when it comes to the language and behavior of some of the people walking around saying they love the Lord… singing gospel music… and that live lives that speak something totally else.

One of the worst things that could have happened to some of these people is reality TV.   They don’t know how to stay off of it.  Stuff slips… and everybody sees or hears something that wasn’t supposed to be seen… or DEITRICK-HADDON-WENDY-WILLIAMS-VIDEO5268a4cf69170.preview-300heard… or hinted at.  Then again drama sells… and keeps the ratings coming.

One of the biggest disasters is that boy… Deitrick Haddon.  Nobody can tell me he is really saved.  Somebody is going to be mad cause I called him a ‘boy.’   Don’t send me any more comments professing to me about how cruel and ungodly I am… and how much of a man of God Deitrick is.

That boy is not saved and not trying to be.  If I wasn’t much of a lady I would post a picture of his lower half which evidently he is very proud of.  The internet is loaded with pictures of the boy’s penis… and he didn’t release that picture or those Deitrick-Haddon-opens-up-on-nude-selfie-FAB-Magazine.JPG3_pictures some 10 or 20 years ago.  No, it was while he was supposed to be ‘Saved’… while he was a recognized gospel artist… while he was still married to 1 woman while showing his stuff to another …or who knows how many others.   And all this I guess while he had taken over the leadership of his father’s church upon the passing of his father.  I suspect Deitrick-Haddon-opens-up-on-nude-selfie-FAB-Magazine.JPG4_those people must have put him out… and he deserved it.

We are living in a time when some folks have figured out how to get more exposure… any kind and any way they can.  paris-hilton-best-friend-08They make sex tapes… send out instagrams of pictures they claim they didn’t send… or this they get arrested or shoplifting or while driving drunk etc..  It worked for Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Brandy’s little brother, Lil’ Kim, R. Kelly, Puff Daddy and the list goes on and on…

You cannot tell me that if you are a recording artist or a movie star or a wanna-be that you have not figured out that sending pictures of your naked sexual organs or videotaping yourself involved in some kim-kardashian-122720730sexual act… that you don’t know it won’t find its way to the public eye.  It has happened far to many times for anybody to do it… and not do it with the intention that it is going to viral… where Dietrick-Haddon-Weddingeverybody and their brother and mother is going to see it.

Some do it to revive a fading career.  Others to jump start a career in the spotlight… news… or gain a reality show etc…

kevin-terry1When my son told me this story I was on my way to St. Louis… and he mentioned to me how this gospel singer by the name of Kevin Terry had a videotape leaked6821556 with him down on his knees… and he wasn’t praying.  But giving some man a blow job.  I never saw the video but while in St. Louis I mentioned it a couple of times… and I know for sure that others saw it.

This Kevin had ties with our boy Deitrick whom I do believe has some issues in the same department.  I often realize something that goes deitrick-haddon-preachers-of-laover the top of the heads of most other people.

What I have realized is this… that a lot of time you will find men on the down-low who appear to be crazy about women.  That is because that is what they want you to believe.  They act like they want to sex down everything but the tree when it comes to women… while all the while hiding what they really like and with who.  It is a game that they play to throw people off from thinking that they are really gay.

email-integration-2I know I’m going to get some comments about this… but so be it.  I really do get tired of these so-called gospel ‘I love Jesus’ artists… who are more sinful that Joe Small out on the street corner selling drugs… or pimping girls or whatever.  They have a semblance of holiness… but they are not holy.  And I don’t care how many gospel songs they write …or sing.

And I get tired of people trying to make saints out Steve Harvey and Tyler Perry.  Come on steve-harveynow…

Have you heard how Steve curses?"Alex Cross" Press Conference

There has got to be a line… some kind of a line somewhere.

Why does everyone want to make people holy just cause they like them… or they find them to be funny… or they write Jesus into their plays… or tell church jokes from time to time?

I do not hate either Steve or Tyler.  And I would never be jealous of anyone’s success… but in the same token success does not mean ‘godly’ just they are successful… and happen to utter the word ‘God’ once or twice.

I have a cousin who totally blew me off when I told her I was not really a fan of Tyler Perry’s plays or movies etc.   They were something I just was not interested in.  Boy, did she call me everything but a child of God.  She said I was bourgeoisie… I was a hater… and I was this… and I was that.

Man, what did I do?

Witness-Protection-BluI am sure that I have work that Tyler won’t like either.  But it would not mean he hated me.  Needless to say I have not talked to that cousin since.  Not because she said all of what she said regarding Tyler… but because she called me ‘light.’  I don’t want or like people to call me ‘light.’  I hate it… and I am not really ‘light’… I am brown… black through and through.  But let me go back to my blog topic….black man

The Bible tells us that we have to ‘put off the old man.’   We become brand new.  Our language is new… how we dress is new… how we walk and talk is new…. how we think and behave is new.   Many of these so-called people… many pastors and bishops… evangelists etc. included they have not lost that old man… he’s in the closet and peers out when the coast is clear.  And they do what they do… believing nobody is going to find out… until somebody lets the cat out of the bag.

You can’t condemn someone who condemns them-self.  The Bible tells us to judge them by their fruits.  I would not believe that would be in the Bible if we are to be blind by the ways and the wills… and ways of people.

I am not gay bashing as that would be ridiculous for me to drag-queen-e1333520188285do… having come out of ‘the life’ myself.  Though I hear we can be some of the biggest critics of it.  But I would not do that.   Least way I hope that I would not… even if I hadn’t come out of ‘the life.’

But I really think that my thoughts today come out of me recently coming in contact with someone who supposedly is in the church but living or trying to live his life as a woman.

Yes, I did say… trying to live his life as a woman in the church.  The guy looks some what like a woman to most people I guess.  But I noticed right off that Bscott_2010something was out of sync about him.  No matter how much they try whether it be the arms… the adam’s apple or their legs… body structure or something else…   No one can truly wipe away totally who they really are.

And let me just say here and now before I forget it… our God does not make mistakes.

Evidently, this guy had taken the pills…not the 1 in this picture but the 1 that I am talking about having just met.  His voice sounds very much like a woman and if you didn’t notice certain things about him… he could easily past as woman to most people hands down.  But I came out of  ‘the life’ so I would be subject to pick up on certain things that most people simply do not catch… as I had come to know a lot of gay guys… many of whom were my friends.  I know them for the most part to be highly fantastic people… highly creative… kind and giving… so not so kind… but many of them loving the Lord.

drd18What I do not like though is this… it is about the kind of people who move far away from home so people won’t know who they are and can’t recognize them as being so-and so’s  son or daughter.  They assume another life  and identity as whatever role they are playing… be it either a man or a woman… walking around tricking …or a better word ‘fooling’ people.  Or attempting to fool people.    No, I do not like this kind of people… at all.queens001

They have eaten up all these pills to either make themselves look and sound like either a man or a woman.  And some of them have gone the distance and gotten the operation… removing their breast or male gentiles… growing breast or facial hair etc….

What also disturbs me about this… and perhaps the most.  It is this…  the fact that it is all a lie.  It also undermines God perfect order.  And it is highly deceitful when people walk around pretending to be something that they know they are really not… but look and sound every bit like it to unsuspecting people whom they charm into their lives …and never inform the truth… unless somehow forced to.

CEE_006I foresee a time when many will be marrying such people unaware.  There have past cases where someone found out that either their husband or wife was not really a man… or a woman.  I even read not long ago of a case where a woman found out that her husband had really been her father.   The world truly has gone crazy.  And everything is turning upside down.

I recently was hired for a job… and from the jump I recognized immediately that the person introduced to me as a woman… was not a woman.  It is from that moment I think I was going to write this blog regarding this subject.  Because it bothered me.

I cannot lie and call someone a woman when I know that they are a man.  I do not want to hurt anyone’s 0212-SD-1feelings.   But to tell you the truth I would rather not come in contact with them.

Yes, back in the day I used to do it.   I used to say ‘hey, girl’…when I was hanging out to the gay guys… and play that game with them.   But I’m not that person today… or any more.    I don’t want to play that game.  And I just don’t want to lie… or aid or abet them in that lifestyle.

A lot of people do it.  They grin and smile all up in their faces (meaning the gay guys faces) …while ripping them apart when they are among their other friends… laughing and making jokes about them.  I have seen it.  And I might have done that myself… I think.

But these people (and I do not say ‘these people’ to demean anyone)… who live these kind of lives trying to fool people are truly ‘double-minded.’  Their mind is split… they are biologically whatever they were born… and then they are whatever they are viewimage_storypretending to be.  Over a period time yes… much because natural but still the core of who they really are cannot be removed by doctor… by pills… by surgery… or anything… unless God does it.  And we all know that He is not.

But what bothered me most about my meeting and supposedly working with this person… was that I knew them to be a liar from the very beginning.  You cannot be passing yourself off as something you know that you are not… and not be a liar.  If you would lie to me about a core thing such as who you were born to be… then how can I trust you regarding anything else?

ts-Jasmine+Bonet1And that was the dilemma I was thrown into.

And I just hqdefaultcould not do it… because I knew the person could not be trusted… because he was definitely not a woman.

You cannot trust anyone who would introduce himself to men as a woman… with all the parts…having gone through the surgery… as though they were born that way.

I am not going to go to hell aiding someone in their lying by holding up their lie pretending like it is the truth.  No, I cannot do it.  But the people who brought us together… church folk… were and did do just that.  And I really could not understand it.

If there is 1 thing that I clearly understand… I understand that homosexuality illegal-drugsis a spirit.  Now, I know many would disagree… and that is alright.  I will not argue the point.  But homosexuality is as much a spirit as lying can be on some people who gay-black-men-examinerwill tell you a lie even when there is nothing to lie about.  Or as the spirit of drinking strong drink… or taking drugs.  The measure of a spirit is this… how they talk… walk… act out.

All people under the influence of alcohol slur… walk drifting from side to side or show some sign of being unstable on their legs… and can be funnier than usual or 142423609-african-american-lesbian-couple-holding-each-gettyimagesmore argumentative or mean depending upon the spirit that has a hold of them.  The same is true with the spirit of homosexuality… their is a likeness in their mannerisms… hand movements… the way they talk etc.  Even with the women they take on similar characteristics…looks… mannerisms etc…. these traits are a mark of the spirit that is within them.   Some may say ‘I don’t have 1267652770-6a00d8341c730253ef01310f5895cf970c-500wiany gay mannerisms.’  Oh, yes they do… but they are not readily picked up by all people who don’t know what they are.  Because there are many gay people who pride themselves on being ‘invisible’... meaning they think nobody can tell that they are gay.

So, all sins are a spirit of 1 sort or another.  And if I were to hold up 1 sin or another I would be as bad as the people who doing that sin.

008So, there are things I prefer not to become involved in… or with.  I can’t hold up a lie no matter how much I like you or may love you.  I would be contributing to the sin if I did… and I cannot do that.  That would make me a latrice-royale-rupauls-drag-race5liar.  And lying is definitely as sin.  Should I lose my soul for the sank of holding up someone else’s sin by playing their game and introducing them as a woman when I know they are a man?

No, I cannot do that.  It does not mean I hate them.  It just means I can’t play the devil’s game.  And I will not be drawn into it… whether I like you or not.

It amazes me all the tricks the devil will play upon us.  The people who go through that thing they call ‘transitioning’ can get driver’s licenses Job_1146-copythat say whatever they change their new sex to.  Further evidence of a highly deceitful game.  And it is a game.

I feel sorry for anyone who believes that they were born the wrong sex.  I know that they are confused.  But they do not realize who has confused them.  Then others support that confusion by calling them ‘girl’ or ‘boy.’ 

I know devil to be a liar… and I am well aware of the tricks he can play on the mind… and it is a head game.  But I know someone who can remove the bibleconfusion and turn everything around… and make it right side up again.  His name is Jesus.

And I am not preaching… because preaching to the lost does them no good.  They are lost.  They have eyes but Members of the group SWAG (Sexy with A Goal) pose for a portrait as they socialize together at an annex of the AIDS Service Center of New York City (ASC/NYC) in New York City's East Villagethey cannot see… and ears but they cannot hear.  Until God removes the blinders and they step into his marvelous light… then they will come to see and understand how they were deceived.  It happened to me.  I know first-hand.  And I thank the Lord for Saving me… but it might not have happened if the church where God lead me had realized who I was at the time and what kind of spirit had a hold of 2ab-the-bishop-wifecoverme.

The problem is many churches… particularly African American churches chase out gay people… when God has called them in.  The Bible says that faith black_gay_here-360x240comes through hearing… and then it says ‘with love and kindness have I drawn thee.’  We must show love and compassion in our churches… and stop acting like none of us were ever in sin, or may still be as the case usually is.

Most church people won’t even testify about what God Saved them from.  But God did not give us a testimony for us to keep it to ourselves.   It is of 1452460_10200798820042084_848507925_nnone effect if we keep what God has done for us to ourselves.  It is to us His glory for us to share it.

me resized...I am thankful that God brought me out of lesbianism… and I will share it everywhere I go… along with all of His other goodness to me.  I am not shame that God lifted me up… and now I walk in liberty.

Well, God bless…. I’ve got to get busy now and do what I really came into this computer lab to do.  I said a bit more in this blog than I intended to.  Hope it is a blessing to you…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  ©2014

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The shot heard across the world…Michael Jackson gone…

They say that it always comes in 3’s. 



Then…Ed McMann

Now, Michael?

I had thought about writing today…then got tired and decided not to.  But then the phone rang…and word came of  Michael’s passing.  And I have been in conversation after conversation trying to find out exactly what is what.  And all the while thinking…how sad.

I had heard about Farrah earlier today…but then had forgotten about it.  She had battled hard against cancer…but perhaps it was her battle with drugs…that had taken a bigger total on her.  Once the body becomes weaken…there is not much that it can do to ward off  too much of anything else.  And drugs had definitely weaken her.

Classical example of  ‘bad boy/good girl.‘  From the time she became involved with the wrong man…she just never recovered.   Though she had proven that she ‘really’ could act…all of  it  was blown to the wind when drugs became to her…a soul mate.

Michael at 50, just days away from his next birthday,  had years ago began  fighting his own addiction…surgery to his head, body and face.  It seems that once he got started…he could not stop.  It became perpetual.

Then on top it…I guess the injuries…to his back and knee… that he suffered while shooting that Pepsie commerical and after falling off stage…just never went away either.  So, down went the pills…and on came the addiction.

It is sad really…a life filled with so much promise should have such an end.  One can not help but to think about how much he seemed to romance the  idea of  becoming  ‘the next big thing’  behind Elvis after death.  So, much so that he even married into that family.   The King of  Pop vs  the King of  Rock & Roll…knocking at heaven’s gate.

But it is sad when you reflect and think back on Michael’s life…how he just never seemed to connect with life.   Somehow, it all seemed beyond him…just out of his reach… a real life… with any kind of  normalcy.   How he just never appeared to have felt comfortable being who he was.  How much he must have really hated himself… to ruin his face and body in the way that he did.  How sad he and lonely he must have  really been…that he only sought solace among young children.

How sad a life Michael had.  Never was allowed to be a real child…growing up in school…with real friends.   Once he had been sitting on top of the world…but over the course of years that world began to crumble from under him. 

He was king…because he wanted to be.  He could dance and sing his way into anyone’s heart.  And he did for years… years ago… but today was a new day.  Though…yes, he still had plenty of adorning and loving fans…who remembered Michael ‘when.’

Amid years of allegations of  child molestation…Michael lost most of all he had behind one legal battle after another.  And like R. Kelly…quietly paying parents off.

It was not hard to see that Michael had problems.  Much of  it started when Michael started listening to the handlers who caused him to separate himself from his parents and other sibling.  Filling his head with big ideas… how he didn’t need them.  And how he could make it on his own.

And he did.

He made it on his own.  And blew up…and became as large as life.

But through it all…all the money…platinum records/CD’s… sold out concerts… big record breaking contract deals… large real estate holdings… etc… he… he lost it all…and was hoping for a final horrah with plans for a final tour.   But it was not to be.  

Even when it seemed that he had it all…way up there on top of the world…you sensed that he was not happy.  And no amount of  famous names collected around him…or who he had managed to encase himself with…seemed to off-set that fact. 

Yes, Michael was never really happy.  Which is why he probably poured himself into his musical projects… and his talent the way that he did.  To some degree working… and performing… became hislover… the seat of his happiness.  The place where he forgot… he was Michael…isolated…and shut-up away from the rest of the world.

But he seemed to like being shut-up and away from the rest of the world…much like Howard Hughes.  But then life comes closing in on you.   It did for Elvis…it for Howard…and I suspect it did for Michael Jackson, as well.

Al Sharpton following the corners reporting…called Michael Jackson a trail blazer.  And that he truly was.  With more than 750 million albums/CD’s sold worldwide…13 Grammy’s…and tons of  other alccolades.  Eccentric at times…even down-right weird at others…he was nonetheless Michael Jackson…and perhaps the greatest entertainer of all times.

The whole music video industry would be nothing without the vision…foresight…intuitiveness and creative energy of  Michael Jackson.   He saw how music and videos could be merged and used as a creative medium and selling tool. 

Then there was his music…and with the on-slant of pop music…   Yes, I guess you could say he was the undisputed King of  Pop

Who could beat him?

Who could move like him?

Who had perfected their art the way he did?

During the MOTOWN 25th television special he stole the show with a single move…called the ‘moon walk.’ 

They say…he was frail.  

They say…it was the medication.

They say…it was the addiction to the pain pills.

I say…he found this world cold…and unaccommondating.

Elvis may have  impersonators…but Michael Jackson has spawd a slew of  ‘would be shinning stars.’

I am just sorry that I could not do anything to helf  him.  What a great loss.

One can truly say-

“He gave his life to his profession.”|main|dl2|link3|,2933,529103,00.html

I am still twiddling my tumbs waiting on the publishers to finish.  I am counting down 2ab-the-bishop-wifecoverthe time when my book will soon be made available for sale.  God is good…I am so happy to finally  have gotten it done and out…and into the final stage of the process…besides getting out to aid in selling it.

I am working hard on my book trailer for 4_printer_Promo_Cars_b_smith2‘youtube’…and my radio promo.

 Well, enjoy the rest of your day and evening. 

God bless…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…” ©2009

 THE BISHOP’S WIFE  is now on sale…CLICK this LINK to purchase my book.  You do not need a paypal account to purchase, and you can purchase using a debit card.  Thank you. 

Just DOUBLE CLICK to see the videos BELOW…and ignor the text which will appear.

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Da Brat, Lil’ Kim… Foxy… Jail de ‘n’ spot…

What is it with all these rappers?

DMX…FoxyLil’ KimPuffyDa Brat…Remy Ma (who ever she is)…etc…even…if I dare to mention him…R. Kelly…

It seems that if you don’t go to jail then you haven’t really made it.  Jail meaning prison is becoming the hip-hop in spot…the place to go…particularly if you need to rejuvenate your career.  It worked for Puffy…though he didn’t quite make it to prison…he stayed in the media spot light for months going back and forth to court.  And he certainly was on a decline until that night club incident in New York City.  He made it through it though…changed his name to P. Diddy…and reinvented himself…stepped up his game.  He got a reality TV show…opened a restaurant and started his own clothing line.  And I guess others in the business are looking to do some of the same on the heels of their days in court…if nothing else but sell a few more CD’s. 

But does it work for everyone?

I hope not. 

What a crazy way to go about trying to make yourself stay popular or famous…but even in Hollywood it is what they do.  That is why you can read about the ‘bad boys’ and ‘bad girls’ of tinsel town…they stay splattered in the tabloids…and E-TV dipping their heads and trying to shield their faces going in and out of jail or rehab.

They say that even bad news is better than no news at all.  And I guess they really believe it…but they haven’t been making any headlines with their music lately.  The only headlines they have been mustering is back and forth stuff to court…and finally jail time.

What would possess Da Brat to go into a club…get into a fight and then commence to cut up the girl’s face.  By now it is no secret that the Da Brat is gay…and the woman wasn’t a girlfriend but a waitress at the club.

When she was a little girl, I always thought that Da Brat was pretty and grown up she became even more beautiful…but her language and her ways need some major adjustments…they do her no honor.  Perhaps in prison she will figure it out…grow up…and emerge as the woman that God has called her to be.  Or at the very least a much better person than…what the Jamaicans call an ‘roughing ‘en’…or maybe that is a Southern term.  But you know what I mean.

Da Brat, now 34 years old, pleaded guilty to the charges and was hoping for leniency…but the judge (a black woman) felt that Da Brat was in need of what the law allowed for the crime…and sentenced her to 3 years with 7 years probation and 200 hours of community service.  Evidently, she felt the Da Brat needed to be taught a lesson…and I agree.

The waitress suffered permanent facial disfigurement…and no amount of time is ever going to heal that.

To read more on the story CLICK LINK BELOW.

Following a shoot-out outside of Hot 98 FM…in New York City…a few years ago Lil’ Kim was sentenced to prison for a year for lying about the incident…which supposedly took place between some of her people and those of Foxy Brown.  But before going to jail…Lil’ Kilm parlayed it into a reality TV show called ‘The Superficial,’ which aired on BET.  And before going in…Lil’ Kim also released a CD…she was quite a busy little bee.

Not only did Lil’ Kim have do some hard time but the judge also ordered her to pay $50,000…his way of trying to teach her a lesson.

Little Foxy Brown has seen her share of days at Rikers Island…once while she was supposedly pregnant…then again for violating her probation…then a year for contiuous bouts with the law…including attacking an employee at a Beauty Salon.   She too released a CD before going inside entitled ‘Jail Time and No Baby.’

Upon recently getting out of prison…Foxy Brown told reporters that the first place she wanted to go was to Church and get upon her knees.  Not a bad place to go…particularly with the hopes of a new start.

I hope that they will all find their way there…each and every one of them.

What a cute little girl Lil’ Kim used to be…but how could you mess up yourself like this?

The Bible says they have eyes but they cannot see…hears and they cannot hear.

Foxy says in that clip…

“I’ve been conflicted.”

Wow, you can tell that some of them do have something in them…we pray that it will come out and that they will be the role models and leaders…women that they are all called to be.

Now, here is real talent…she will probably never make as much money. Won’t make the newspapers…doubt that she will ever have to go to jail to reinvent her career…but talented nonetheless.  Ms. Rachelle Ferrell…she writes music…plays piano…and has a phenomenal voice on top of  it all.   And she didn’t have to run out to get any implanted boobs either to try and sell CD’s.  She has talent and that is all people need to see.

I am no longer obsessing over as to who Obama will pick for a running mate. 

Is it really worth it?

I couldn’t change it if I wanted to.

I just hope it is a good choice…because he couldn’t change it if he wanted to.  Once it is done…he is stuck…for better or worst with that person.

So, let it be a good choice…one that when he looks upon his choice he can say to himself-

“I made the best choice.”

And I hope that it is.

Are you registered?

Your vote is going to count.

Well, God bless…    and have a beautiful day tomorrow. 

I am not planning much…though I need to get some laundry done.

Met someone last week while I was out busy trying to make some money…got a lot of bills…since taking on the responsibility of my parent’s house. 

But he seemed nice. ©2008

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More on R. Kelly…Black Men Pulling Together

A group called “Black Men Against the Exploitation of Black Women” is taking on R. Kelly…and rightly so.

They are calling black folk to take a stand with them and boycott Kelly and never support him again.

Now, I can get to that…but it is the rest of it I have a bit of trouble with…

It goes like this…stand with them until R. Kelly publicly apologizes for his behavior and gets help for his sexual mis-conduct and highly ill-legal acts with children (paedophilia) and his grotesque sexual lyrics which are demeaning, and diminish women to mere sexual objects.

For the harm that R. (Robert) Kelly has done to the several known young girls who were victims…a mere apology could never be enough…nor all the money he has managed to pay them and their families off with.

This stuff doesn’t get erased.

When innocence is stolen…it is stolen.

Forever….and how do I know?

What has happened to little children being protected by their parents and families…and other adults?

Now, you are afraid to send your children to school…because we not only have to be careful of the male teachers and coaches…but the female teachers acting like a fool now too.

I have an adopted neice…one out of several…who shared with me on several occasions how her own natural grandmother would allow her husband to have sex with her regularly. This mind you while my neice was extremely young…under the age of 11.

R. Kelly is not all by himself.  There are many many many men who indulge in this practice…whether they be in their upper teens or latter years.  But these cases mostly go un-reported because the children really don’t know how to process it. They feel something about it is not right…so, they don’t speak about it. 

For one reason because they simply don’t know how to voice it.

So, they bury it within themselves and carry it into their womanhood and manhood where they still oftentimes keep it hiddened.

There is a woman in our church, who when she gets up to speak many times she tells of her father having sex with her as a child repeatedly. I have no doubt that it had an impact upon her because she tells of it often. And each time she tells it…I hear her authority in voice…an authority that she didn’t have as a child when her perpetrator, whom in this case was her own father, sought her out to rob something from her over and over again.

Those black men who have come together to build a coalition to boycott R. Kelly are currently 19 Black Men strong…made up of professors, writers and activists in the African-American community.  I salute you all…Black Men Against the Exploitation of Black Women…and children everywhere.

Speaking of music, I have a friend who is hooked on youtube.

And don’t ask me how she has managed to do it…but she is conversing with some of the ol’ R & B/Soul singers. It is a mystery how she has managed to hook up with them…and if I were to call some names you would know them. And some of them still look good too.

But then…she has always been a real groupie.

While looking up something else I came across this on youtube…and I could not resist sharing it with you as these were my girls.   I think I made mention that I used to do radio. 

Well, in radio you get to meet a lot of folk particularly if you work in various markets.  And I have…so after hanging with Sheila, Wanda and Pam (the Emotions) one concert night…they invited me to New York City…to the Nassau Coliseum where they were going to be performing the following night.

Did I go?


I drove right up into the coliseum like I was part of the act and was on stage most of the night.   Enjoy…    and God bless….   

Oh, yes…takes a while for the Emotions to load…click on it and lower the volume…then watch the other video while the first one loads.

ps…I don’t really listen to this stuff anymore…my musical taste has changed drastically as well as my life.  ©2008

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Detroit, Chicago, Abortion, Choice, hotels…

Well, it is 8 something in the morning and we’ve just gotten back into town. After Detroit we drove on into Chicago and stayed at the most fabulous hotel. But we drove and drove until 5 a.m in the morning trying to find a hotel outside of Chicago…because Chicago hotels are just too expensive…any hotel really inside a reasonble distance of a major city is. So, we really had to hunt for some place…and it got later and later and later. And after a while we were just pretty much burning gas.

But we continued looking. We drove and drove…all the way back into Indiana (which isn’t that very far, but seems endlessly long in the wee hours of the morn when you are very sleepy). We pulled in anywhere we saw a hotel sign. And there were times when we wished we had not even bothered as trying to get to some of them was just so convoluted with barren and long darken dangerous looking passageways.

Bates Motel…

The first hotel we pulled up to did have rooms but it just didn’t look clean and the cost was high. But it was the look that cancelled it out for me. Who wants to stay in a hotel room where you will be itching and scratching all night because you loathe the place?

And having just heard a news item over the radio about the number of hotels which have bed bugs…really didn’t help.

So, we continued our search for a nice clean hotel at a decent price.  After that first hotel everything was booked solid.

Well, it was Friday night…so, what really could you expect?  On weekends hotels load up like crazy. After hitting at least 10 hotels..and not a room in the bunch was available except for that dump where we had first stopped at and some other dump shortly after that…and they even wanted more money than the first dump…so, we were getting pretty flustered. 

Finally, I decided to drive out to O’Hare Airport knowing that we would be able to have our pick of hotels out there. And the first hotel we drove up to was this large grand looking hotel, Marriott Executive Suites Hotel, that I just knew we were not going to be able to afford…but I decided we would try it anyways.

It just goes to show what God has for you no man can put assunder.

At the lowest price offer of the night, under $100, and an extended check out time because we were checking in so late…we ended up in one of the most fabulous hotel rooms I have ever stayed in or seen or knew that they had. First of all you would really have to see it to believe it. But I will try my best to describe it to you.

This hotel room was like walking into someone’s very expensive one bedroom apartment on the lower East or Upper West side of New York City or something. It had 2 televisions, 3 rooms, 2 glass doors leading to the bedroom section, a separate room for the closet which had French doors, combined with 2 sinks and a long mirror in it.  The bathroom had a tub and a shower area separate of each other, and it was quite large with a beautiful Italian Marble floor.  The bathroom all by itself was huge and gorgeous.  I just kept staring at the bathroom floor wondering how much would it cost for me to have my partent’s bathroom done like that.  I loved it.  

In the bedroom were 2 large very very comfortable beds with the crispiest sheets and a view of the planes flying in and out of O’Hare Airport…which you could lay on the bed and just watch through a big floor to ceiling length window that ran the whole width of the bedroom. And this hotel room, our room, was a corner room…so, imagine the views.  Fantastic.

In what would have been the living room area of an apartment, there was a beautiful sleeper couch, coffee table, 2 arm chairs, and a large desk…which still had enough room for a few more pieces of furniture. And, of course,  the room came complete with an under the counter refrigerator and few other things like that.

After I showered and finally laid down between my wonderfully crisp sheets, I slept like a new born baby right up to 12:30 in the afternoon…though I had intended to get up early and go to church. But it just was not to be…we had been on the road most of day and night as we had done some sight seeing in Detroit before leaving.

Finally got to go to Motown and walk through that building. We arrived there just about the time it was closing. But the gentleman who met us in the hall virtually gave us our own personal tour of the place. It was interesting learning that the artist walked through that house, which today is a museum called ‘Hitsville U.S.A.’, to go to the garage in the back where the recording was done.

It was also very interesting to find out that as his company grew Berry Gordy bought all the houses next door to him to expand his business into, and each house represent an individual arm of the business. One house was artist development where they trained and polished the acts. Another house was for bookkeeping and clerical duties…and I have forgotten what the other houses were for. But they were all in a row right next door to each, about 6 or 7 houses all together. Oh, yeah…they had a house for the musicians, a house for wardrobing…Gordy had it set up almost like a movie studio lot with its various production houses.

Undoubtedly, Barry Gordy was a very smart man. He developed and grew an empire out of his garage, called Motown from which sprang forth a bunch of super stars the likes of Diana Ross and the Supremes, the Temptations, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Stevie Wonder, The Jackson 5, Lionel Richie and the Commandors, the 4 Tops, Martha and the Vandellas, the Marvelettes, Jr. Walker and the Allstars, Gladys Knight and Pips, Mary Wells, Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell, the DeBarges etc…etc…just to name a few. And I just had to go by there and see that little house…and little it was but my oh my…look what came out of it.  From $800 which he borrowed from family members Barry Gordy launched the careers of many a super stars and himself.  What a success story.

I didn’t say much in my blog about Black Music Month, last month, but Motown more than makes my statement for me…what a history when you consider Motown, the Philly Sound, those who came out of Chicago, New York City, Louisiana and everywhere else.  And that is not including gospel music…or jazz, swing, blues etc.

After going to Motown we had to go into Canada which is right across a bridge or through a tunnel depending upon which way you want to travel. And Ontario is that part of Canada which is right across the Michigan River from Detroit. It was clean and very much set up for tourism with lots of restaurants and little shops to walk into all along its tiny little streets. But it is the coming across or going back which might present a problem if you are not properly prepared with an appropriate ID and your birth certificate.

When we got into Chicago it was late and I just had to drive down onto Lake Shore Blvd as soon as we hit Chicago…something I have always loved doing. It is so beautiful with the city to the left and the lake to your right, I have forgotten what great lake that is…it has been a long time since I have been in Chicago…but amazingly I still remember how to get around in it. I remembered all my stops on the “L”…that’s short for elevated train (Detroit doesn’t really have a subway system…but they have this thing they call “The People Mover.” It only circles the main points in downtown Detroit.)

While in Chicago, I would have loved to drive by Oprah’s production studio…just to see what it looked like. But when I tried to call friends and ask them…no one picked up. So, I didn’t get to see it.

For the most part we only had beautiful weather during last week straight through to the 4th and into the 7th. But Chicago was much hotter than Detroit and it was also very much congested. And I could see tremendous growth in the size of the city, its skyline and that Chicago is booming as opposed to Detroit which is suffering from urban blige. Almost every other building in Detroit was boarded up and abandoned…both commercial property and resdential property.

When I asked our long lost relatives which I had just met while there in Detroit, they said that it was due to foreclosures and closings at General Motors and Ford. You would really have had to see this to clearly understand what I am talking about when I say it is like every other house is boarded up on all the streets…and on along all the major road ways sometimes the entire line of stores, gas stations, beauty salons, grocery stores etc…

You see it on the news but we don’t really get the full sense of it when they show those signs sitting out on people’s lawns reading ‘for sale.’ It is terrible that so many people have lost so much. I have never equated the closing down of whole plants or the relocation of companies with the lost of property due to not having a job that vanished into the thin air shortly after you just purchased it. Now, when I hear over the news that Ford is considering laying off another 2,400 people or shutting down another plant…I will equate that announcement with realizing that it means that those people…those ex-workers may well loose their homes, automobiles etc. because their company is downsizing or moving and leaving them with nothing.

While in Detroit our church convention was being picketed somewhat outside by a small group of people who were anti-Obama because of his stand on abortion. As we pulled to a stop at a stop light just outside of Cobo Center, the location of our church convention, I spotted the sign and a picketer, a pastor, whom I asked if he had picketed outside the courthouse against R. Kelly a known paedophile?  Of which he said ‘no.’  Not intending to be rude, we started to have somewhat of an exchange as to how he could pickete against Obama while living here in Detroit with a known paedophile, (though I now remember R. Kelly lives in Chicago)…someone who could pose some type of danger or possibly hurt to some child in his church, or one of his nieces or daughter, and he had not gone to the court to pickete against R. Kelly a known sex offender and paedophile and was yet out picketing in front of our church convention against Obama.  Needless to say, I thought his priorities were a bit out of order…but I was not overly obnoxious.

The issue of abortion, I know, it is a heated topic. But God gave us choice…the ability to choose right from wrong. And God has given us all choice in everything that we do…why then should a few try to restrict others by limiting their choices about anything when God has not?

Secondly, Obama did not write the legislation on abortion. He had nothing to do with it. It was written into law many years before him.  When that law was written and passed there were many many women seeking out abortions in back alleys and butcher shops etc…and for the most part these women were poor and they were loosing their lives in large numbers behind blouched abortions.  While rich women could fly aboard and have abortions done safely and return home to America where here at that time abortions were illegal.

In this day and time when so many women were so pro-Hillary for being a woman and a likely President…but yet so anti-women making such an important choice as to bare and bring forth a child or not to…on their own accord shows some lax in thinking.  If a woman can stand up and make all kinds of decisions concerning this country…then why should she be denied the right to make her own personal decisions as well concerning issues dealing with her body. 

I am certainly not for abortion but I am for women’s right to have a choice and freedom of will.

There are many things that I don’t agree with but I don’t try to go around and force them upon others. We all have to live with the choices that we have made…good and/or bad. Every day we make choices…some of us moment by moment. Now, who would I be to try to hinder you from doing that?

In the same token if I knew that you were doing something wrong and I failed to say something in order to have you consider your options…then I would be wrong in not doing so. But the choice is yours…as well as the costs, or penalties, or benefits. And if I were to try to impose my will upon you, I would be wrong in trying to take from you something which God himself has clearly given onto you…your ability to have freedom of choice. It is God given. He only asks that we endeavor to make the right choices.

I have a lot more to say…but I can’t think of it right now.   I’m tired.

Oh, yes…I heard Venus won Wimbledon on Saturday.  I was too sleepy to watch though I had on the TV…but it was mostly watching me.  Besides the match started off really slow and wasn’t very interesting…hopefully it picked up and that if you watched Venus and Serena on Saturday, hopefully you enjoyed them.  And I hope and trust that you all had a good 4th of July. 

And before I close let me say that my prayers are with Rev Timothy Wright and the entire Wright family as I along with entire COGIC Family and the gospel world mourn with them…when I heard the news of the car accident Saturday morning I immediately began to pray and hoped that it was not true…but so sadly…it was.

The Bible says that we are only here but for a twinkle of an eye…and that no man knows the hour…lost hurts and senseless lost all the more.   We pray for the parties involved.      God bless…  ©2008

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R. Kelly…what should have happened

Well, I am feeling a bit rested now.  Got a little sleep…woke up at about 12 noon.  My eyes were still a bit blurry so I couldn’t see much.  So, I decided to turn on the Word Channel which streams over the net…and I happened to catch Rev. Jamal Byant delivering his Father’s Day Sermon.  Which was entitled something about R. Kelly.

I have to admit Rev. Byant made some very poignant points concerning R. Kelly, his trial and its outcome of which you can see and hear over his website.  He lead his sermon off by stating facts on Kelly’s musical history, his awards, musical talents and past sexual problems even prior to his last visit into the courthouse. 


I didn’t know that Kelly was a 38 or 39 year old man, making him nearly 40 years of age.  Nor had I known that there were other instances where he had allegedly engaged in having  sex with 2 other under age girls, whom he later paid off to keep from facing prosecution.

And then there was, of course, that other highly known incident involving Kelly where he crossed over onto foreign soil to marry a very young and under aged Aaliyah whom he had been sexually involved with…and married to avoid prosecution, of which the marriage was later annulled.  And no charges were ever brought against him.  So, began his long line of known acts as  a sexual predator of young children.

Having not seen the video of Kelly and the young girl whom the trial centered around during his most recent legal woes concerning his inability to keep his hands off under aged extremely young young girls…having not seen that video while it was floating around, after all, why would I want to see such garbage?  But it was Kelly’s delight in remembering those very explicit encounters via video typing them…and playing them over and over for some type of sick sexual self-gratification that landed him in hot water this time around and facing prison.  This homemade video was the primary source of evidence in the case.  But having not seen that tape…near the end of the trial I became curious.  So, I googled it and went up on youtube…and though the sequence on youtube is exceedingly brief…only seconds long…there was no doubt in my mind that it was R. Kelly.

A point which Rev. Bryant brought out in his sermon…that the jurors agreed that it was Kelly in the tape…but get this…but they were not sure who the young girl was.  So, therefore they decided that based on that they could not convict Kelly. 

Now…let me just count to 10 very slowly before I go any further.


Who cares who the girl was!  

In the few seconds of that tape on youtube…the girl entered into the frame before the tape ends.  And clearly she was somebody’s baby girl.  There was no doubt that that child was exceedingly young…very much under age.  She looked as if she could have been 12…maybe under but certainly not of age.  She was clearly a young child.

I could care less if the girl who it was said to have allegedly been in the tape did not want to get involved in the case…and I can understand why.   And what did it matter…she was under age…and very much so.  Therefore, R.Kelly had committed a crime by engaging in sexual intercourse with an under age child…and he should have been found unequivocally… guilty   

Like the two little girls before her or neither after her…she too may have very well been paid off.  But still the tape showed R. Kelly, who shot the footage himself, engaging in sexual acts with a minor.  That is what the case was about…not who was she?  Just that the other party in the tape was under age…and she was.  Very much so.

There was no question as to who the male party in that tape was.  R. Kelly front and center…and I didn’t have to squint to be able to tell it was him on the tape adjusting the video camera as he prepared and beckoned the little girl towards him as he gyrates himself waiting on her to come between his legs.

There was clearly no way that R. Kelly should have walked away from that courthouse a free man.  But the fact that his lawyers were able to keep the case out of court for 6 years spoke volumes as to its possible outcome.  The further removed a case is in terms of its actual trial date…the more detached and removed people become from the crime…and it becomes easier to come out of the trial with a favorable verdict for the defendant.

R. Kelly is unquestionably a pedophile.  He is an adult who is sexually attracted to children.  And that is just plain sick. 

To corrupt and to steal little girls and/or little boys on anybody’s part, man or woman, is evil. 

Everyday children everywhere are being violated and their feeling of self-worth riped from them.

Men from this country and elsewhere fly abroad to indulge in sex with under aged children in many undeveloped countries where children are sold openly as sex slaves and prostitutes.  Their young lives crushed.

Just last week in this country the FBI organized a sting operation called “Operation Cross Country”  which ended in the rescue of some 21 children who had been forced into sexual slavery as prostitutes, both young boys and girls.  Some 356 people were arrested for engaging in the sexual trafficking of minors.  From Sacramento to Atlanta, and points east and west, a total of 16 cities were involved in this sting operation.  

“Operation Cross Country” was a 5 day nationwide manhunt for criminals who pose as living and breathing humans but who are actually low life animals who make a living off the backs of under aged children by selling them to people as sexual objects.  These people were operating right here in this country out of truck stops and selling children over the internet.

Not all children who are forced into prostitution are runaways…and even if some are runaways should they be used in such a way? 

Many of these kids are kidnapped and usually go listed as missing.  They are drugged up and fed alcohol so that they barely know their own names.  And they find themselves condemned to hell right here on earth where they become invisible.

I can say all of that because I watched an expose’ on television once…only it was about young women in this country who had been rescued from the same thing…pretty young college girls…high school teens…etc.

There is a sickness in the land…and it is vile.  It has no boundaries…or limits. 

Recently I read an old Vibe article that was on the DeBarge’s, a back in the day singing group of highly handsome brothers and their sister.   The story was so sickening to me that I had to stop reading it and put it down.  To think that they had been sexually abused throughout years by their own father…all of them and there were 10 of them was more than I could bare to continue reading. 

Home is suppose to be your haven from the ills of the world and predators.  Not the place where your predators can take you at will. 

Another story that showed up recently was that story of the young…well, she is not young anymore…as her father held her hostage in a dug out crawl space in his basement fathering 7 or 8 kids with her…with the oldest one being 19.  She and her children had been locked in that tiny little crawl space for 24 years…and her children had never seen daylight.  This was another story that I had to set aside and just stop reading anything further on it.

These things turn my stomach.  They are an outrage and whenever these people are located that prepetrate these kinds of crimes they should never be allowed to walk away from their acts.  In fact, new laws, tougher laws need to be written and drafted into effect to deal with all the evils that are over running the land.  The old laws are just not stiff enough…because if they were then we should be seeing less of these kinds of crimes instead of more. 

Many of these people get very little time…when in fact they should be locked away forever.

I will never forget the show I watched on Oprah once.  A 65 year old janitor in a housing complex in Chicago, an ex-sexual offender and predator.  He had been released from prison and was working in the project…which of course projects are full of children.  He grab a young very attractive girl and drove her to some isolated area where this 65 year old senior sexually assualted her, drew acid upon her and shoved her into a street drainage hole, leaving her for dead.  Somehow the girl survived but she was grossly disfigured.  What a hideous crime.

The man was said to be grandfatherly in nature…but he had a deep dark secret…like R. Kelly.  He liked little girls.

No amount of stardom or celebrity-dom should ever play a factor in the exercising the law…and certainly money should never be allowed to be used as force to silence people.  The law is for the lawless…not for some but all who would break it…including R. Kelly.

One note on my gay pride blog…that was not to say that I in any way condone homosexuality.  No, not in any way.  However…

I have a vast amount of knowledge on the matter…and it comes from experience, relationships, family and friends.

To God be the glory…   Have a wonderful day.  I think I am going to now work on my website that I would like to have up before we leave out of here for Detroit on Tuesday.  I might have to pull another all nighter to do it.  But right now…I’m thinking about getting some more sleep…so, I guess the all nighter tonight is out.  Besides it’s 4:33 in the AM right now and I would to be able to see through some not so blurry eyes in the latter part of this morning.  

Plus I am being bombarded by a bunch of hot-flashes.  I told my son that I was burning up…and he told me…

“Ma, it’s not hot.”

So, there you have it…from a very hot ol’ me.    God bless…  ©2008

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