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images-1It does indeed amaze me that 1 Donald A. Trump… or whatever his middle initial is… has managed to play the American public for as long as he has.  The man has been doing nothing but consuming the entire American media…for free.

Free television and radio…talk shows of all kinds… everything media including newspapers and magazine covers and articles… since he began his crazy journey… and all for free since his so-called bid to run for President of the United States. It has been reported that the amount of FREE media time given to the Donald amounts to above 1 billion dollars. All to a man who claim he’s ‘so rich.’ He’s ‘so smart’… he’s such ‘a great businessman’ etc…etc…etc…

Trump is the lowest of low.   He is a down right out and out scoundrel.  His whole persona and image is a massive illusion.   Certainly he is a man who must have learned from the best career criminal just how to cheat his way to success… and lie all way while getting there.   What a con job.images

He is no successful business man.  If the truth be told he is not even a mediocre business man.  He is a con man pure and simple.

Let’s face it not many people can run to friends or family and have them continue to finance our failures… but Unknownsomehow this has been what Donald Trump has managed to do.

Who in their right mind as any ‘displaced U. S. worker’ would want to vote for him, a man who has businesses and does all his business abroad using foreign labor.   The man uses cheap out of this country labor  with regard to products the Donald has had produced with his name on it… such as his neckties… and whatever else.    The man sends jobs abroad… but he says he’s going to be the man to bring jobs back to America.  Is this some kind of double talk?

What is so hard to believe about the fact that an offender promises to stop others from doing what he does… when and if he were to become President.     Then if not… the man would continue to do as he is doing.   The man even confesses it.   And he blames the American system for ‘forcing him to do it.’     If only we all could blame the American government for enriching us financially.

You have got to be kidding me…. and he is raking up votes from people who actually trump-amazing-to-watchbelieve his rhetoric …. and even for some ungodly reason… they even believe in him.   The man who is insane… his insane double talking  and side-ways talking while everybody else ‘but’ himself a liar.

We might at the end of the day have to all call the man a genius.   Or is it called… we’er all being played?APTOPIX-GOP-2016-Deba_Wake-1024x551

Everybody now is really staring to listen him…  and they are falling for him and everything he is saying … all being sucked in to Trump mania… even down to media people  now who at first thought of him as a joke.   Which when you get right down to it… Trump is.   But for some reason now all seem to be overtaken by him and open to the Trump mystique.

Republican Presidential Candidates Speak At Values Voter Summit

Donald Trump, president and chief executive of Trump Organization Inc. and 2016 Republican presidential candidate, holds up a Bible while speaking at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Friday, Sept. 25, 2015. The annual event, organized by the Family Research Council, gives presidential contenders a chance to address a conservative Christian audience in the crowded Republican primary contest. Photographer: Drew Angerer/Bloomberg via Getty Imageswould buy the Brooklyn Bridge if the Donald was selling it.

What is it that they don’t believe?trump-cash

What is so hard to accept when it comes to Donald Trump?

That he is a racist?

That he’s a bigot and fascist?

Truthfully speaking … he must be the anti-Christ.   Who else could such a man be?

it is as though he has ‘666’ etched in his forehead in invisible ink.   Nothing he can say will turn those who love him against him.

images-6This is not some all awing magnificent force but some type of witchcraft that has befallen us… a type of mass hysteria that has swept America.  And it is not just overtaking everyday people but people in chief positions… shot callers…. dice rollers and every other wayward sort in the Republican Party or would be Republican during this election for the sake of voting for Trump .

images-1The man has now proclaimed that if he does not get the Republican nod as their candidate to run for the Presidency in Cleveland… the Republican National Convention… that there will be riots.   Having made that statement alone should have been enough groundsimages to have had the man pick up for threatening to incite a riot during the Republican convention.   Because Trump sitting on national tv making that kind of announcement was code language to those who would do his bidding… such as members the Klue Klux Klan and every other racist in America..  if the Republican Party fails to do as Trump has commanded.   And the outcome following Trump’s riot announcement has the Republican Party scramming …running scared and now everybody wants to meet with himmaxresdefault.

The guy has not had to spend 1 dime on advertisement because every time he opens his mouth the tv cameras were there.   He has been eating up our airwaves for free since he got into the race to the White House.    Every talk show… every news channel … it has all been Trump… everyday and all day long.    It is like we are all being hypnotized.

images-3The man nor his wife… Donald nor what’s her name …. neither of  them should be let into the White House even for a visit.   It is like letting trash in.   And this may sound mean or even hateful… but who could be or get any meaner or hateful than the man himself?Unknown-3

Donald Trump.   The man espouses nothing but hate… conflict… and deceit.


Who took those nasty disgraceful images-7pictures of his wife?

Well, she wasn’t his wife at the time… but he thought nothing about having them taken pictures of her dis-robed.  And they were shot on his Unknown-2airplane.

The man has neither class or anything that would give him a plus.   He is a rich guy… maybe.   But whoever said money could give anybody any class… smarts… or the ability to become the President of the United States.usa-election-trump

me-resizedClearly, this world would be in a world of trouble if someone like the
Donald ever became the most powerful man in the world… the President of the United States of America.

Well, God bless… this is it for today.   I guess I am now getting back into 2ab-the-bishop-wifecovermy stride.  It has taken me a while or maybe I was just waiting on the right climate for me to begin writing again on my blog.   Don’t know what it was.   But I’m back… at least for now.

Have a great rest of your day….

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National Mall


came by bus…

some by train….

some by plane…Airplanes-Silhouettes-600x375

some by car…

some by whatever…


but they got there.

Some late in the night…

some in the wee hours of the morn…

some by daybreak…

2009 inaugurationsome by noon…

some by midday

some by the time it was nearly through….

some at the end…

but they got there.

Some lined the streets…

USA-OBAMA/some sat on ice cold street curves…

some bundled together…

some crowded the gates…anxious to get in.

Some cried…Inauguration A Nation Gathers

some cheered…

some screamed…

APTOPIX Inauguration A Nation Gatherssome shouted ‘GLORY!’…

some rejoiced…

and some

just gave

God glory.OI15

Some came in furs…

some in overcoats and gloves…

some with ear muffs and thick heavy scarves…

2009_01_18t173947_450x317_us_usa_obama12some in knitted caps…

some in baseball caps…

some in boots…

but you made it there.

Some white…

some black…r8811551501

Obama Inauguration


USA/OBAMA/some Native American Indian…

some hispanic…

some jew…

some italian…

some polish…r7005136172

some russian…

some african…MG_5111raw

some asian…

some muslim…

some christian…

Some young…

some old…

r30956757631some yet born…


some nearly able to walk…

some barely able to stand…

some barely understanding english…

but they got there.

Some travelled through r14372078281the night…

some caught early morning flights…

but they got there.obama-inauguration_2447877c

Some slept in cars…

some in hotels… obama-supporters_1241151c

some in motels…

some with friends…

some out in the streets…

but they got there.

Some came by faith…

some motivated by desire…

some by history…

some by pride…

some by curiosity…

but they got there.

Some will remember…

some will forget…ap-aptopix-obama-inauguration_001-4_3_r536_c534

some will cherish forever

what this day truly meant…

   but they got there.

Though history many not truly relay it with all of its glory…f

or its great importance

and significance…

nor may it be kind…

and some facts left behind…

but you were there…

you made it there out of  ‘no way’

Through pain…shame,

heartache and

chains…somehow we made it


So, some

travelled by car…

some from afar…

some said ‘no matter how far’…

hours…years…centuries…bondage…hangings…whippings…and burnings…

tar and feathers…

but… we made it…

large_people-celebrate-obamawe were there.

But you were there…you

and some

million…zillion other folk.

You made it  there…you and some more than 2 million

and more poured into that place…that city…those streets…those 6a00d8341bf8f353ef0120a77a8780970b-800wisidewalks…

the corner stores…

the restaurants….

the Mall of Lincoln Monument…

628x471places that used to not seat us…

feed us…

or give us a place to rest…

You were there…

praising and singing  ‘We’ve Come This Far By Faith’

to see the dream…

no longer deferred…

to see the courage…

and the pride…

the trust…

the hope…

and to see the promise rise up like Moses…

and the Red Sea once again stand on end…

and destiny again be



Now, you fill the rest in…

CLICK the LINK BELOW to see and hear Martin L.
Jr.’s prophesy regarding an African-American
President in the United States.

Well, God bless…and in case I make to D.C. this time to celebrate both President Obama’s second inaugural and Dr. King Martin L. King’s birthday… then I will see you there.20558871_BG1But if I do not… for those of you who do please celebrate for me too.   And forget to touch Dr. King’s memorial for me…as I will truly be remembering him too on this great day, Monday, January 21, 2013… when we along with all of America…and the world celebrate two great men American heroes.

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on”

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THE DNC…the Democratic National Convention…is Mitt Romney’s money clean…SERENA & the U.S. Open… Aretha…

Well, unlike 4 years ago I have yet to say much… if anything about this the 2012 Presidential Campaign.  It has not been  for the lack of any interest… more like a bit busy these days.

But 1 thing is for sure just as it was 4 years ago… I am still an Obama girl.

As in all campaigns there are some hits and misses… so too here.  But when you stack it up side by side of DNC vs. RNC… it was the Democratic National Convention hands down over the Republican convention.

Well, for 1 thing most of the Republican speech givers must have taken a score of creative writing classes… because for the most part most of their speeches were all… for lack of a better word… creative.  Very creative indeed.

Nothing like taking on a bit of self-responsibility…or in this case Party responsibility.   The Republican Party lacks the desire to do anything but win.  It does not matter to them how they win… they just want to win.

It must be sad that the only points you can give to your team are points that you have to make up.  Creative 1.

Creative 2… you forget any role in  anything.

Creative 3… and you pretend as though ‘we want to help you.’

Yeah, right…

When I think about Mitt Romney it is a marvel to me as to how he has gotten this far?

And THEY called Jim Kerry  the ‘flip-flop’ kid.  Romney is the master at it.  No, I take that back… because it seems to me Mitt does not master anything.  He just says 1 thing now… tomorrow he’ll say something that contradicts that… and say he didn’t say that of do that.  Or he just allows his money to speak for him or do what needs to be done… and he goes from this to that saying-

“Oh, well…”

And a lot of times when he gets caught at something and doesn’t know what to say… he just looks plain lost.

Either Mitt Romney suffers from the same thing as Clint Eastwood… or the last ship just pulled out of Pennsylvania Avenue.  Which happens to be a major street way… as in roadway… not a water way.  But to those suffering from some bout of disillusion… as a Mitt Romney or an aged Clint Eastwood it may  seem like a major water way.  Because the Republican Party for sure is up a creek without a paddle… with a man who seems to have nothing else going for himself except ‘money.’

I think that it is sad when you are asked to go to a convention and cheer for a man you don’t even like.

I must admit though that the Republicans who decided to throw in their hats into the ring as contenders to become the nominee for the Presidency on the Republican ticket were…  Well, they were slim pickings.  There is no other way to have put it.  And out of that bunch of slim pickings came Mitt Romney, who gave an acceptance speech as their choice for candidate to run against President Obama… not because Mitt came with a whole lot of credentials… but rather money.

In fact, Mitt Romney has no real credentials that would make him eligible for any job.  His stint as Governor of Massachusetts was a joke.  The man was hardly there… and when you boil it all down… Mitt Romney did absolutely nothing for Massachusetts.  Mitt Romney did  zero… a big fat NOTHING.

I love when people pick up and move to some place just to run for political office.  Hillary did hit when she and Bill departed the White House, moving to New York.  Jeb Bush did it when he up-rooted himself and family from Texas to go south to Florida… where they by the way fixed the 2000 Presidential Election so his brother could win the Presidency. But Mitt left whatever state he came from to move north to Massachusetts.

Massachusetts is known for a great jumping off point for potential wanna-be Presidents.  I cannot begin to tell you how many Presidential candidates have run from the state of Massachusetts… including Kennedy and Adams who both won.  Dukakis ran… that guy with the red hair ran… Ryan I think his name was.  And I don’t know how many others.

So, along came Mitt with his Presidential dreams… seeking to springboard himself into the number 1 seat in the White House from a state known to be a good launching pad… Massachusetts.  Mitt did not move there… or rather set up a residence there by mistake.

But he did NOTHING.

Now, we are into 2012 and Mitt is running for that mantle for his fireplace up in the Alps.  He likes titles… he wants people to call him ‘Mister President’ ‘Commander’… but he has not a plan… and we won’t take about ‘a clue.’   Which Mitt doesn’t have either.  He just has money… and lots of it.

Herein lays Mitt’s dilemma…  1. Why should any American citizen want to even consider a man… much less vote for him… who has money locked away in a place-

Excuse me… I meant locked away in ‘not in a place’… but in an entirely different country other than his own… and paying no taxes on it?

2. Why does Mitt not want to divulge how much money he has?

3. Could Mitt’s money be bad?

Well, the only people I know…   I mean whom I have heard about who do that with money who are criminals… big time drug dealers, thieves and robbers etc…

So, I’m wondering which 1 …or if Mitt Romney is them all?

Because if the money is clean… legit… then I can’t understand the problem Mitt is having releasing financial his information?

I mean we all know that there are rich people in this world… and some a lot richer than others.  But they do not appear to be evading the issue of their net worth.  So, why is Mitt?

You know when you live in the hood and hear all of those stories about how ‘the real’ drug dealers are not the ones walking the streets day and night trying to sell the stuff.  That is really the truth.  It is those big time Wall Street type… the type that have big jobs, lots of money and live in penthouses… who can afford the secret air strips and pilots it take to fly that stuff in.  But the drugs never actually touch their hands …they just finance it.

They own the planes that fly the drugs in, the places where the drugs are cut or cooked, packaged and then disbursed.  They reap all the real benefits of the drug trade… (if you want to call it that) but none of its negative publicity, images, hardships or dangers.   The money goes to them… the real money… and they sit on top of the whole sha-bang looking as clean as a whistle.

So, Mitt where did you get all your money from?

I am more curious than ever… because try so hard to hide something there is usually a very good reason.  And when you are dealing with a guy who seems to have an endless supply of money… such as a Mitt Romney… I think somebody should be asking him some intense questions about his finances.

Out of  6 or 8 other Republicans who ran along with Mitt to become President… Mitt just simply out spent them all.  He had more money to spend than any of them.  Which is the only reason Mitt Romney happened to get this far.  And it has been his money that has kept him for his entire political life.

The Olympics take money… you can’t be a promoter of something like that without some really big capital to even consider financing it.  Running in all the political campaigns for as many years as Mitt has …it had to cost him some major capital.

Good investments are 1 thing… but lots of people have made good investments and evidently do have what Mitt has by way collateral.

Mitt just how did you get all your money?

Rick Santorum vowed that he was staying in the race… that Romney’s money was not going to force him out of the race.  But in the end even poor Rich just could not stand the test of time.  He simply did not have that Mitt had… by way of money.

So, 1 by 1 all the other GOP would-be nominees bailed out.  Mitt Romney it can easily be said won by  default.  And it happen because of a money deficit on the other’s sides.  They just could not hang with Mitt and all the money he was spending.

Now, it’s Obama and Mitt.  And I will say it… hands down its going to be Obama.

A Paul Ryan/Mitt Romney ticket cannot compare to an Obama/Obama/Biden ticket in anybody’s book.

Though I realized upon hearing about that HBO had a show about a Mormon family… from the moment I heard about it I knew what that program’s purpose was all about.  It was designed to show America that Mormon families are just like everybody else.  But they are not.  And a show created to sugar coat real Mormon life …and designed to desensitize Americans to the real ways, religion and practices of Mormons was all done to make way for  a Mitt Romney  win into the White House.

That show was as much a ploy… and I should political ploy whose purpose was as much a form of propaganda movies during the Cold War.  It came about to get people to feeling and saying-

“Oh, they are just like us.”

And if anyone looked real deep… they might even find out that it may have been financed either part or in whole by somebody tied to Mitt Romney or by Romney himself.

Inside the Mormon world …their close-knit families… their families are not just like ours.  Their families look nothing like ours.  They live by entirely different set of rules… and they believe differently.

Their worship is not the same… because  their root beliefs are different.  And their concept of family is different.

It is funny that when you google ‘what do Mormons believe’… it is interesting that there is no clear answer. But a variety of varied responses… like they believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost.  And so does the devil.

Okay, then maybe you should ask what do they practice religiously?

Multiple wives… women who live their lives in total submissiveness… with no power and no voice for 1, 2 and 3.

I am thankful that my God gave me the freedom to be more than a baby factory…not to be just somebody who turned out child after child.  Because that is pretty much the lives of Mormon women.  It is a man’s world as James Brown used to sing in his song by the same title.  The men within their group love that… so much so that age means nothing to them in consider to their pleasure and choice of wives.

So, I really do not understand any man who is supposedly running for the top political position in this country ….who does his banking in foreign banks… in order to hide his money.  And I do not understand any man or woman who would want to lift up a man to rule in this country …who belongs to an organization that is very much a cult…  and where the spirit and minds of women is stripped from them.

Came across a quick note about Patti LaBelle… and I was surprised to read it.  I never thought she cussed or became so enraged that she would totally loose it.  Never really seemed to be the type.  And I must say that I have met her… and I found her to be quite nice.

It all happened in a confrontation with a woman… who I believe may have been pregnant… if I remember the story right.  But was outside of a building that Patti was either entering or exiting and something or other happened that caused Patti to show a side of herself that I never would have never thought in  her.

The confrontation cost Patti $100,000 in an outside of court settlement.  Can’t imagined what happened that would have been worth that kind of payout… but Patti must have gone berserk… when she threw water on the woman and a few choice words.

Perhaps Patti reflected on it and felt so real bad about her poor behavior… and the possible shame of having this type of case go to court where people just like me… would have never thought Patti could have done such a thing… stare at her with their mouths wide open in disbelief.

But sometimes it is just a matter of it being a bad day… a very bad day.   I do not know if you have ever had 1… but I have.  The incident occurred while I was teaching in high school.  My son had done something which had really upset me… and here came this student that had been acting stupidly in my class.  Earlier in the day the actions of this boy I had let go by… I was being professional and I had not yet spoken to my son.  But by noon I heard of something about my son that had worked me up… and here came this boy… and he either said something to me or did 1 last thing… and I said to him-

“I’m so mad I could leap up in the sky and kick you right in the face.”

It is when I realized that I  was not cut out to be teacher material.  So, when the school department tried to offer me another contract to teach the following year I said no.  Besides I wanted to work on shooting my film and that had not become my focus… and goal.

Now, it wasn’t that I couldn’t handle it… teaching… or that I did not have control of my classes.  No, nothing like that.

In fact, quite the opposite… because in my classes I ruled.  And I was not very tolerant of anyone who did not come into my class to work.

Students respected me and I respected them.  But on that day… that boy crossed me at the wrong moment… and all my professionalism left me.  When I went into class the next day…. I will tell you this…  I was afraid his parents were going to be there waiting on me.  I would have if my child had come home and told me a teacher had said such a thing to them.  But evidently that boy never told it to his parents.

So, what I am saying here is that there are times when any 1 of us can lose it.  But the difference is our names are not Patti LaBelle.  And that does make a difference.  But does not any less make such times less embarrassing… or just as shameful.

Talking about shameful.  Happen to come across this picture of Patti and wondered if she is going through mid-life crisis?

I do not believe this looks decent even when the kids dress like this.  So, you know seeing this photo was a thumb down from me.

It Patti is not going through some type of mid-life crisis… between this dress and her law suit actions …I do not know what is going on?   I cannot figure another reason for Patti flashing as much flesh as this.  Personally, I like the classy Patti better.  I really think it is ridiculous when the young girls do this… and cannot understand any woman… older woman wanting to follow what the kids do.

When I heard Jesse Jackson answering a question about his son recuperating  in an interview recently… I thought that it was that his son had had a stroke or something.   The way that Jesse spoke about it and how he was smiling I would have never known anything otherwise.

I would never have thought that the Senator or Congressman… whatever he is… Jesse Jackson, Jr was in rehab due to a problem with drugs.  He always seemed to be so on top of it… sharp …clear and on point about what he was doing… saying and about his service to the people he was voted to represent.

Hard to believe.  But we pray that it all comes back together for him.  And if it was just an illusion… that he gets it together for real.

Well, Serena is tearing up the tennis courts in New York at the U.S. Open.  It is win…win ….win.  And that she is … and she appears to be more determined to continue to do so.

Serena is going after her opponents with more power… and her mental game is so strong that the other female tennis players might as well not even walk onto the courts to face her.

Serena is slaughtering them.  One behind the other Serena is shutting  everybody down… and proving in such a big way… and without a doubt she is #1.  Whether they say so or not.

Serena Williams is #1 in the world.  The #1 female athlete.  Highest grossing woman in sports …and the least celebrated.  But she is slamming it home… ‘I’M #1!’    Respect me… fear me… and and try to beat me if you dare.  And she is menacing threat because she is relentless… and packs as much physical strength as she does mental power.

And I noticed that ain’t nobody said nothing about Serena’s hair.  Oh, I forgot she’s from Compton.–ten.html

UPDATE: SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2012…Well,  she is taking it home.  Serena won it all once again… not only the top women’s trophy …but the big check that went along with it.  She was a little more challenged in her final game, 6-2, 2-6, 7-5, but rose to meet the challenge.

I guess you could say-

“Another one bites the dust.”

Just 1 more thing before I close out.  Lady ‘Re became Dr. ‘Re this past week receiving an honorary doctorate from Princeton.  Good for her…I know she was overwhelmed.

Proud of this diva…for 1 thing because she never did what a lot of other artist have done or are trying to do.  She has never forsaken her base of fans trying to seek after something else.  Because ‘Retha already knew she had what she had… and if that wasn’t good enough too bad.  (I’m smiling because I know how Aretha thinks)  That’s what makes her the Queen…and she is second to none.

Thanks again to those of you who have purchased my book, THE BISHOP’S WIFE.  As I said in my2ab-the-bishop-wifecover View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledBylast blog it is amazing…  I cannot not believe how much my book is moving …and I thank you from the depths of my heart.  Please let me hear from you regarding my book.   I would love to know how you liked it… or didn’t like it… or whatever…. either way.

And if you have yet to purchase my book I found this link over the internet via barnes& where you can read bits of a couple of my chapters.

My book can be purchased via,   etc…etc… or by placing an order for it at your local bookstore.

Sent most of day resting today.  Had been busy this week… but glad to now be able to rest.  Hoping you get your rest on this weekend too.  Because the body does need rest… so give yourself some.  You probably deserve it too.  I know that I do.

Well, God bless… its TGIF… so I hope you enjoy your weekend.

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  ©2012

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For whom the bell tolls…Senator Teddy Kennedy gone

I didn’t know until this (FILES): This July 19, 1986 file photo shows Jacqu...moment that Senator Ted Kennedy had passed.  It was just a week ago that the family laid his last sibling…his sister, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, at age 88 to rest.   And now I read that Teddy is gone too.

A double blow to a family that has suffered blow after blow…and somehow has always managed to get up running.

Some say it was the sins of the father visited upon the children…the curse…the dredded Kennedy curse…or  whatever else you want to call it.   But truly for a family so hugely popular and politically active…they have had more than their share of personal woes.

Left to raise his brother’s children, John’s and Bobby’s,  Ted Kennedy did not have a easy road.  Through many years he battled the bottle…and finally found peace with himself, his family and his political life…emerging stronger, fitter and more determined to correct wrongs and right the up-side down, unbalanced politics of this country…just as his brothers before him had tried to do.   And through his recent battle with cancer, he continued what they call in church…‘the good fight’ for the people who needed to be fought for the most…and often overlooked. 

Diagnosed with cancer during the last leg of  Obama’s race to the White House, of  which he was a leading supporting voice…and a voice of  wisdom to the man ‘who would be’…though it was not a popular choice.   But true to his form…Teddy was true to the voice with-in…and did that which may have  not popular…but was what he felt was right…and always with an eye on what was best for America and her people.

And through that diagnoses of brain cancer, every time you saw him…he was smiling.  He took the illness as he took everything else he had to battle with during his life…acceptingly.    He accepted the challenge…and did not curtain his political life…didn’t let it stop him from attending the Democratic Convention…nor from showing strong support for his candidate of choice for the Presidency of this  country. 

My…what a man he was.  And I will never forget him for how he stood up for the ill treatment of  Anita Hill who had been summoned to Capitol Hill to testify against Clarence Thomas.  And no matter how many times the Republicans tried to sit him down and quiet him by bringing up the topic of  ‘a bridge in Massachusetts’…Kennedy refused to let that or them to silence his voice for justice and fairness.

Truly, he was a man for the people.   The type of  politicans that all states should endeavor to elect into office…a man of  convictions.  A  man of  compassion who was not afraid to take that compassion into his office as a Senator of  the United States.

May God continue to bless the Kennedy family.

He shall be truely missed…and write this with tears in my eyes.  I will never forget how happy he was…gleeful, in fact, to have been able to attend what his last Democratic Convention last August 2008,  in Denver, in which Barack Obama was announced as the Democrats candidate to run for the Presidency of this country.   And he did it after just getting out the hospital…and shortly upon the heels upon first finding out that his body was being attacked by cancer.

He died yesterday, Tuesday, August 25th…at the age of 77…11 years shy of  his sister’s Eunice’s age.   It is probably the reason why Carolyn Kennedy decided not to pursue Hillary Clinton’s seat as Senator in the State of New York.    They owed him much…she and John…they all did.  He gave his life to them…and his passion…politics.

You can view the history of  Senator Ted Kennedy by CLICKING the 2 CLINKS BELOW.


        No man is an island,  entire of itself

TR002822[1]     Each is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.

     ….Each man’s death diminishes me, for I am involved in mankind.

       Therefore, send not to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for      thee…by John Donne

View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledByWell, enjoy the rest of  your day…and God bless.

Got to keep on plugging my2ab-the-bishop-wifecover book,  THE BISHOP’S WIFE.   

Finally finished tweeking my book trailer  and have been watching it as often as I can.  Can’t wait until you see it…so you can get all the purchase info on my book.

I think I did a good job on it… and I hope that you will too.4_printer_Promo_Cars_b_smith2    

So, soon you will be able find out more about my  book right here, as well…on youtube. 

Didn’t make much money at the Jamaican Festival… partly because of our location. 

This year I chose to be down by the stage…because last year when I looked down from where we were…it seemed to me that that was where the most people were.   That may have been true last year…but not this year.   We barely got any traffic…whereas, last year it was none stop.  We were so busy last year that every time a family walked by my booth…I had to grab them and enlist them to work in it…of which at least 4 of us were already working. 

So, yes…location is everything.   And this saying is true too-

“The grass always seems greener on the other side.”

Now, for my saying….but don’t believe it.    We would have done part better had I just gone back to the same location or near it as we had been last year.   And I do mean…far better.

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…” ©2009

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Done! #1 Female athlete…Serena Williams… Michael Steele… Obama…

She clinched it.

She won her 10th Grand Slam title Saturday…and she is all smiles now.   It was a simple walk in the park for Serena Williams who won by delivering up back to back game points of 6-0, 6-3.  Soak and wet by the time it was over…she battled in the intense heat…had a series of faults…errors but she did it any how.   She won.

Serena Williams won the Australia Open Women’s singles championship.

She is now the all-time number one female athlete prize winner in the world.   Serena is the Tiger Woods in sports on the women’s side…after having just pocketed $1.28 when she took the women’s single championship on Melbourne, Australia, which put Serena over $23 million in prize winnings.  That does not even include the Williams sisters sponsorships and endorsements such as Nike, Puma, Revok  etc…etc… which was one of their first major contracts when as little girls Rebok gave them a $9 million endorsement contract.  And laden with Nike’s swoosh on everything she was wearing during the tournament…and Wilson’s ‘W’ prominently displayed on her tennis racquet.   It was definitely not hard to see just who and who is heavily invested in her ability to win and continue to showcase their products and merchandise. 

You can read more by CLICKING on the LINKS below.,19528,12110_4876271,00.html

And yes…Serena and Venus won the women’s double also while they were busy playing around down there in the deep ‘down under.’            


I am so happy for them…and their family. 


What a family…those Williams are.   And somebody said competition in a family is a bad thing.   I guess so…if it is used wrongly and as a negative rather than as a positive thing.  But just look what it can do when all that negative stuff is removed.  Just look at what these young ladies are accomplishing together and separately.  They have managed to become the darlings of the courts…and thousands fill arenas to watch them play.

I think that it is interesting how after Barack Obama having been elected President of the United States and for the first time in their history the highly conservative political party known as the Republican Party of this country has now chosen…at this time…to elect a black man to head their national committee…calling it the ‘winds of change.’  

Clearly, this is a move on the Republican side to start to re-vamp Thousands of people head towards the L'Enfant Plaza Metro ... their political party…and image.   I am also very sure that seeing 2 million plus poured into Washington, DC regardless of the freezing cold…to celebrate the inauguration of President Barack Obama did in many ways have an awful lot of impact  in the making of that decision…along with the phenomenal record numbers of votes that Barack Obama received in the Presidential election…including the vast number of Republicans who turned out and also aided and supported Obama in that win.  And least we should forget the number of Red States that turned Blue also throwing their support behind Obama…this really must have been a real crusher for the Republican Party. 

Yes, that all being so…I would say the Republicans are going to have to conjure up some mighty powerful wind storms to assist in creating the type of change that needs to come about in order to blow the bad taste of George Bush for 8 years out of everybody’s mouth…and mind…if indeed they want any immediate future wins.  Yeah, I would say the Republican Party is in dire straits right now…and nobody put them there but themselves.  And it all started in November of 2000 when they decided it would be easier to steal the  Presidential election from Al Gore rather than to fairly win it.  I have always quoted this saying that I guess I learned in church-

“A thief never prospers.”

Clearly, the Republican Party has learned that the hard way.

Oh, I am happy for the brother, Michael Steele, Republican Governor of Maryland…and I know nothing about him.  So, I can’t bad mouth him.   But I view it merely as being a political tactic on the part of the Republican Party for coming political elections.   By putting black faces in key positions in the hope of reaping large numbers of black votes for future elections on the side of the Republicans.  It is called ‘eating away at the numbers.’

It is a fact that many people…particularly those in political circles have an ever non-ending belief that black folks vote largely on color lines.  Which for the most part of last semester while sitting in my class on elections…I argued against.  But it was to no avail…because it was written in the text books which had been required for the class that it was so…and this notion was accepted broadly by the class including by the instructor as law and a given.  Which I felt was insulting…and I knew it to be a lie. 

Black folks are not dumb…and because of our history through slavery…black folks have long been torn down certain lines which white folks have no understanding of…and may never understand.  But the one thing  that all black folks know…who have any sense of who they are and the things that black folks in America have gone through.   They know this beyond anything else…‘all black folks ain’t black.’

So, therefore, ploys to get large number of black folks to shift from being Democrats…and to cross over to the other side.  Well,  it would  take a whole lot more than the Republican Party putting up a few black faces in high place here and there…e.g. Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas.

The Obama effect…is not going to wash across the board.

For years black Republicans have been trying to sway larger number of black folk to cross over to the Republican side…simply by trying to point out that this would  aid in the Democratic Party to stop taking the black vote for granted.   Which is another point that those text  books in my election class clearly also stated.   Meaning that because the Democratic Party could always depend upon the black vote…as stated in the text books used in my election class (of which I thought had a very limited scope on the subject because the text was based upon white men and their thoughts not the actual thoughts of black folks).   But anyway, those writers felt that the Democratic Party realized that it did not have to do anything by way of  work to ensure the black vote because it was a given.    A point in which I was seriously at odds against…as it is not true.

Even black politicians have to work for the black vote.  I will never forget while living in Chicago that one day my boss, Dr. A. L. Reynolds, Jr., had an appointment.  I had scheduled the appointed for him but never had a clue as to who the man was even upon meeting him when he showed up in the office for his meeting with Dr. Reynolds.

Dr. Reynolds was the Pastor of Sixth Grace United Presbyterian Church located at Cottage Grove Avenue and 35th Street in the heart of the South Side of Chicago just a few blocks below  the Chicago White Sox’s baseball stadium.  The gentlemen who had come to meet with Dr. Reynolds was not someone I was familiar with as he was not a member at 6th Grace.  Following the meeting as the gentleman exited the church and began walking towards his car parked out front…Dr. Reynolds came out of his office and said to me-

“See that man there,” he said pointing out the window towards the man.  “He wants to be mayor of Chicago.”

At the time that didn’t mean anything to me…but years later when 5001-004-dd299db211that man won and actually did become mayor of Chicago.   I    remember that day in Dr. Reynolds’ office when he had come to speak with Dr. Reynolds as he was making his rounds from church to church trying to solicit the support of the city’s black clergy. 

That man was Mayor Harold Washington…and like Obama…he made it happen.  He became the first black mayor of Chicago…as Barack Obama has succeeded in becoming the President of the United States.   I have no doubt that they both must have met being both residents of Chicago…and as each at some were both ‘community organizers.’

I remember him so well…Harold Washington.  He did not come with anyone.  No fan fair nothing and he was already a member of the Illinois Senate.  He was so unsuspecting to me.  I never would have guessed who that man was…or that he was working his way up the Illinois political  ladder.   That is the thing about great people…they do not play great.   They tend to be quiet people whom you would walk right by without ever knowing who they were or are.  Juxtapose…to those who want to pretend that they are more than what they really are.  I really do prefer the latter.

I of course was not familiar with him because I had just arrived in Chicago seeking my fame and fortune in the radio industry…which never opened up its doors to me in Chicago. 

So, you see…to a degree that may have been so about the Democratic Party taking black votes for granted…but it does not mean that Democratic candidates do not have to earn our votes nonetheless…just so that we will show up to cast them. 

Since for the most part…the same could be said for all other voters as well…when you are left to vote for the lesser of 2 evils…that is to say…when voters did not have  much to voted for except for the person whom they perceived would do them the least harm or  wrong.   And for the past years this is exactly what going out to vote had come down to…until Obama gave us all a better reason to show up in the ballot booth.    Which those text books for my election class when they talked about low President Barack Obama, seen here on January 5, will make a ...voter turnout totally overlooked as  a possible reason. 

 There is no doubt that since the election of  Barack Obama the value and power of the black vote will never again be under-estimated…and spoken of flippantly such as to say-

“Oh, they don’t turn out and vote.” 

Oh, don’t we?

And particularly in record numbers when we have something or someone we really want to vote for.

Yes, the winds of change have swept into the land.   That is to say…never under-estimate a people who become tired.   Tired of injustice…unfair treatment…and of being overlooked.   Because it will bring about a change…including a change of attitude about getting out to vote.

I remember listening to Mrs. Lilly Ledbetter speak at the Democratic National Convention this past August, where President Barack Obama made his nomination acceptance speech as the Democratic Candidate for the race to the White House.  At that convention many people were allowed to participate at the convention by telling their own personal stories to the American public.   Many people watching clearly understood and may have well also been going through what those people were talking about since they all talked on various problems that plagued the United States.  The stories ranged from accounts of foreclosure, health care family problems, small business and the economy etc.    All the stories were sad…and came from people who had been suffering due the affects of the bad polices and the mis-direction of the Bush Administration.

Mrs. Ledbetter’s story touched me…as many years I had worked in a highly male dominated industry…radio…communication.   Everything to do with media or entertainment…really is this way.    And at one time all businesses were too…every office, factory…etc…etc…everything. 

 s10925221Today, you see woman sitting in many various capacities but this was not so in years past.    And never had women ever received the pay bonuses, retirement plans etc.  much less the pay of their male counter-parts in any industry or company.  

But Mrs. Ledbetter’s story was about when she found out and tried to file suit and discovered she could not because of the clock…the legal clock had run out.  In the court they call it statutes of limitation…when the time to sue had tolled.   And that was an outrage…and I felt her feelings of having been cheated because she had given the Goodyear Corp. 19 years of her life only to find out that many men who did not had her qualifications nor experience had been paid considerably more than her, received better pension plans, higher social security payments etc .

In the court system…it is important to know that for most cases…but not all…the clock begins to toll from the time the plaintiff first realizes something to be wrong.  But this is not always the case…and for most cases you have a 3 year time frame to file suit.  Once that time lapses…then it is too late.  But for every state these things are different…but simple to find out simply by going to your local legal library which can be found down in your local court house or at a nearby law college.  And by researching that information through the appropriate law book and under the correct topic.

But having worked mostly under men…in a highly male dominated  cheated industry was not always easy.   I grew to hate being referred to as ‘babe’…’baby’…and whatever else name men call women that is devised and designed to keep us in our place and recognized as not being equal to our male co-workers, associates and bosses.   Like Mrs. Ledbetter, I had had far more experience and exposure than most of my male counter-parts.  But they were, however, paid considerable more always.  And many times the companies catered to them…they became the program directors, the music directors, the general managers etc. if these positions became open…which in radio they did and quite often.

So, I clearly understood how all those women on Capitol Hill felt as they looked on with eyes filled with tears…as they crowded around President Obama as he  signed the Fair Pay  Act into law.  It is a measure way past due…and it gave an extension to the time in which to file suit.  Bravo.

Well, I got up and out early yesterday morning had to crack some s10514031ice.  The sidewalk in front of the house had been frozen solid.  I had thrown out some more salt upon it last night before going in…and the sun was shining this morning so I knew that was a good sign.  And yes it had started to melt…enough to allow me to crack enough of the ice to clear more than a large enough walkway for people. 

But there are mounds and mounds of snow everywhere.  And I know that I am bless  because the house could be a whole lot colder due to the furnace being blown.  But thank God it is not…and I have plenty of food…and really it is very pretty outside.  It really really is.  But it is too bad I can’t light a fire in the fireplace…maybe next winter after I get it cleaned out by a chimney sweeper.   I guess they still have chimney sweepers…don’t they?

Well, God bless…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on” ©2009  

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Interesting… Obama…Martin L. King, Jr’s Holiday… History

I think that it is interesting that Martin L. King, Jr’s Birthday Holiday should be celebrated the day before Barack Obama is to be sworn in as President of the United States of America.   It is funny to me just how things seem to line up…as if in some kind of historical order.

Considering the years of fighting it took to get Martin L. King, Jr. recognized as an American hero and then to have a day proclaimed in his honor was no light feat.  Stevie wrote the song…Jesse preached about it…the Black Caucus voted on it…the NAACP said it must be…and black folks agreed upon it.  And finally over time it was done.  The Federal Government of the United States of America proclaimed it to be so…Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. Holiday the 3rd Tuesday of every January since 1986, signed into law by President Ronald Regan.

I have decided not to go to Washington, DC on Tuesday…not because I would not like to be there. But to be there simply to say “I was there”…is really not a good reason to be going. But to say…

“I was there to see the manifestation of years of struggle and sacrifice combined with hope come to life…in the life, breath and limb of Barack Obama.”

Now, that would be a good reason for going. I am happy that my family is 0893637a-bf61-43f1-9165-e7cb02cef476rp420x4001being represented in the form of my sister…who is definitely going to be one among many to see and hear Barack Obama take his oath and take his place in the corridor of American History as the 44th President of the United States of America. It is exciting.

Upon having gone down to Memphis this past November for the Holy Convocation of the Church of God in Christ, my son told me how he Martin Luther King was shot here Small Web view.jpgvisited the Lorraine Motel, the place where Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968 at the age of 39.

My son said that the day that Martin L. King was shot that the black men around him had refused to allow anything to be touch.  So, the hotel room that Dr. King stayed in was exactly the way he had left it upon leaving his room that day…the cars and everything are in the exact same spot that they were in when Dr. King was assassinated.   And that the site is now a National Museum.

From that time to this…this country has only celebrated the life of one black man though thousands have died through the course of the building up of this country into a nation.  Most of the greatest inventions in this harriet21country have been invented by unrecognized fallen black heros and she-ros.  The highest bounty ever put upon the head of a Wanted person prior to the 1900’s  was put upon the head of Harriet Tubman$40,000 Dead or Alive, in 1852…due to her travels back and forth into the South bringing with her on her numerous trips over 300 slaves into freedom via the Underground Railroad.

When Tuesday comes there is much to be reflected upon…many memories to be thought of.  Some tears I am more than sure…shall be shed.  And they shall be tears of joy…promise…and more hope.

There is much to be thankful for.  I am so happy captcpsodk40071108163921photo01photodefault-512x3361that Tuesday is coming and I look forward to it with much hope and anticipation for my nieces, nephews and my son…and his and their families for futures to come.

God bless America.

Just found out that another one of my sisters is going…and that she will be taking one on my nieces and nephews.   This is so great…we will talk about it for years to come.   Washington, DC will never be the same…nor this country.  Change is on the way.

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on” ©2009

CLICK LINK  below to hear Bill Cosby speak on Meet the Press regarding Obama.  I read in the transcript of that program that Bill said on Election Day he barackobamacampaignsaheadsupertuesdayrw9hneqsas-l1took with him into the voting booth a picture of his father, his mother and his brother, Russell who had passed at the age of 9.  Then Bill said he pulled their pictures out of  his coat and spread them before him and said-

“We’re going to vote now.”

I think that is so beautiful.

On Election Day…I took my ballot and wrote upon the face of it the full names of my mother, father, my grandmother and great-grandmother…and cast my vote in their names…as well as, my own…and for the sake of our family history in this country.

CLICK the LINK BELOW to see and hear Martin L. King, Jr.’s prophesy regarding an African-American President in the United States.

Well, God bless…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on” ©2009

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McCain… Republican Convention… Lies


Reform…Change …McCain????

The real agents of change…McCain…or Obama?

It was interesting hearing the Republicans talk about change during their convention as though they were the first to conceptualized that idea of change…or that America was in need of a change.

And man do we need a change.

And that change is by way…of removing the Republicans out of office…getting their hands off of regulating the business of the United States of America.  Under Bush this country has hit rock bottom.  It has gone to places where it hadn’t been since the stock market crash of the 1930’s bringing about the Great American Depression, which lasted into 1940’s.

How could one group of people do so much damage?

From a huge surplus left by Bill Clinton to a massive deficeit that continues growing moment by moment as another bullet is shot or a war tank is moved through the dessert sands of Iraq.

Under Bush has come war, attacks on American soil, home foreclosures, U.S. takeovers of huge companies  with the hope of trying to stablize a highly flautering economy.  Companies like Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae…who ever thought anything would happen to her…or them?

And they say that Bush was an Economics Major

Well, that is one degree that Yale should go back and reclaim quick before everybody starts wondering just what is Yale teaching its Economic Majors?

It is easy to preach change…but without it being actually in your heart…or having the heart to actually implement it….change just becomes a catch phrase…a means of merely trying to get elected without the hope of making any change.  And that is exactly what ‘change’ means to the Republicans.  It is a catch phrase…a practical joke that everytime they said it…they almost choke trying not to laugh.

Those Republicans…they have no real desire to change anything.  And why would they want to?

From what I heard at the Republican Convention….they’re all happy with the way things are.  And why not…they have reaped the benefits from this mess that the Bush Administration has sunken us into. 

Who ever heard of paying $4.00/per gallon for gas in America before George Bush got into office?

Even under Bush senior…this country still was under 90 cents per gallon for gasoline.

But when you go into office and the first thing you do is increase your own salary that really should speak volumes to everybody in the country.  Bill Clinton as President of the United States only received $200,000 a year…but George Bush felt that wasn’t enough.  So, the President’s salary went up to $400,000 a year.  That meant that within the first 4 years of Bush’s term he was paid all of what Bill Clinton got for the whole of 8 years Bill was in office.  And Bill Clinton never took any 4 week vacations at any time while he was in the office of President of this country…a thing George Bush really loves to do  (that’s that party boy attitude he’s had all his life)…and he started taking them shortly after he stole his way into the Oval Office.

Honestly, when you look at the American Economy…Bush has really been on vacation for his entire 8 years that he has been in the White House.  Well, maybe if he had…then maybe we wouldn’t be here where we are right now. 

What a mess!

So, yes…drinking champagne and watching their stocks vested in fuel, food goods etc. go soaring through the roof those Republicans loved that. 

Why shouldn’t they?

They’re making money.  That’s why they are against better health packages for employees, more taxes for the richer Americans, help to the poor, disabled, sick and disenfranchised

When you get right down to it….those…those…those REPUBLICANS are a selfish bunch!

They could care less about anybody but themselves.

So, for the most part they enjoy their standing in America…they are vested.   Vested in things remaining just as they are.

When you looked out upon the people who filled the coliseum where the Republican National Convention took place…it looked more like a meeting of the Wall Street Klan.  They for the most part looked like a bunch of stuff shirt business people (who all by the way looked sad to be at their own convention).  The Republican Convention certainly didn’t seem to have a cross section of people from all sectors of America as were the people that attended the Democratic  National Convention.  And besides that…the Republican Convention didn’t have one person who was just an ordinary Joe or Jane who came up to tell their story…like the Democratic Convention did.  And all of those stories were quite moving and compelling…as to what the Republicans have done to the American Economy and how people…everyday people are truly suffering.

Not only did there seem to be a deep difference between the 2 types of crowds attending the various Political Conventions…but also…the Republican National Convention was geared towards personality and had nothing to do with what the maverick McCain would do differently for America.  In fact, the whole Republican Convention was one big war hero story.  It would have been great for Memorial Day or something…but it didn’t speak to what McCain plans to do for America.

The Republicans attacked Obama…his eloquence and ability to rally the crowds.  But they failed to offer up any meat on a Republican agenda.  They talked ‘change’…and spoke about ‘reform’…but never said ‘how’…or what differently they were going to do.  Because the reality is…it is all talk as it has always been when it comes to the Republicans. 

The Republican make promises…but only continue to enrich the rich and could care less about those who are struggling to keep above the water…as the Republicans steadily watch their bank accounts grow having invested in energy, oil and whatever else that is bleeding us into nothingness…we who don’t have their deep pockets…and have to work hard at trying to make every dollar stretch as far as we can get it.

McCain may well have been a hero…but having served in the military and making the decision to stay with his troops is not something that many others also did not decide to do when they had the option of doing something else.  I have watched stories of such people all the time on PBS.  And no one has said of them-

“This qualifies you to become the next President of the United States.”

If so, then we would see more military people running for political office along with mostly lawyers and other professional types who choose to become Senators, Governors, Mayors etc…  But no, you don’t see them…those just plain military people…and if they were to stand up and say-

“I can do a better job than of those guys.”

Somebody would tell them to sit down….and that they just did not have the experience or whatever else it takes to be in politics. 

So, therefore, military service is no prerequisite to be President of the United States…nor can it be a substitute for qualifications or experience.  When your military record is all that can stand on or all that can be said about you…one really has to wonder about John McCain.  And believe me that Republican Convention was all about John McCain’s military record.  Not once did I hear about some bill or anything else he managed to push through.

I say, give me a person who knows what it is to serve people though he may have not have been Governor or a corporation executive…but a honest caring person who has made it his life work to serve the everyday woman and man.   And that is the history of Barack Obama.

“Drill, baby…drill.”

Sounds like the Republicans don’t mind destroying what little lands this country has set aside in order to protect certain eco-systems and various species of wildlife, foliage etc.  As long as they can make money the Republicans could care less about anything else. 

Is this not the very reason that the investigators laid claim to about Hurrican Katrina?

Did they not say that that if the wet lands had not been removed that perhaps New Orleans might have had the flooding it suffered?

It was the eco-system that had been destoryed in order to increase the city limits…and in the end nature dealt New Orleans a death defying blow by the name of Katrina.

But destorying the eco-systems mean nothing to the Republicans.  Because they reap all the benefits and none of the fall-out from such decisions.

Money is the only thing most Republicans put first.

That sign being waved by many at the Republicans at their National Convention which said ‘Prosperity’ looked so much like a Hersey’s Chocolate wrapping…to me that I started craving a Hersey’s bar for the remainder of the night.  And finally got one just this week.

Prosperity…not change is what the Republicans want.  Its their same old game…they’re just trying to repackage it and give it a new name.   And during their own convention those Republicans were bold enough to display large signs reading just that…”Prosperity.”

Remember to get registered if you are not…the clock is ticking.  And be sure if you are registered to go down to the Voter Registration Office in your city or town and double check on your registration…just to make sure you won’t run into any problems on election day.  You vote counts.

Well, God bless…and enjoy the rest of your day.  And thanks for reading…and please remember to share this blog address with your friends….‘…pass it on…’ 

God bless…and thanks for reading  ©2008

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RNC…in a word ‘boring’…. Lieberman …Palin

I have been trying to catch the Republican National Convention and hadn’t had much success…until last night.  It lacked the excitement of the Democratic Convention and the overall enthusiasm of the Democratics.  In fact, the auditorum seemed to be filled more with a bunch of people who really seemed as though they didn’t want to be there.  And I really couldn’t blame them.  They had no music…and they definitely seemed to be not having any fun.  Based upon the shots, it would seem that even the TV camera crews had a hard time finding interesting coverage to shoot…not even of people talking and smiling at each other.

And as small as that venue looked to be many large sections were also left open and quite vacant.

Poor Republicans even their offers of free buses to get people there didn’t seem to work.

And was it ever so boring…with a capital “B.”

If you believe in luck…even that didn’t seem to be on McCain’s side either…as the first night of their convention everything was cut short due to Harrican Gustav.  Which I guess really gave them an excuse for ending a dismal turnout and dull evening of events during night one.

However, that turn-coat Joe Liberman seemed to be right at home amongst all those Republicans last night.  He even for the first time that I’ve seen him at a potium…seemed relaxed and right at home while socking it his ‘so’ called fellow Democratics.  In fact, Joe seemed to down right enjoy it…and way too much.  The man has no pride…and honestly, no integrity.

No matter what McCain’s reasoning was concerning his pick of Sarah Palin…it could never be equal to the pick that Barack Obama made when he chose Joseph Biden as his running mate.  And try as they will…Palin is a hard sale because if for no other reason…nobody knows her.  So, between now and November the McCain crew is going to have spend lots of money tring to introduce what they hope will be an Ace in the hole.

Only thing though…Palin has a 17 year old daughter…after 5 months (about as long as her mother has been mayor)…of walking around pregnant and not married…is suddenly on her way to the alter.  Sounds like a shot-gun wedding to me. 

Under no circumstance had the shoe been on the other foot…if Obama had a daughter who was pregnant and out-of-wedlock could he have dared to have hoped to get within a stone’s throw of the White House.  No, he and his daughter would have just been another statistic concerning the woes of black folks.  This is something commonly known as ‘double standards’…something that black people can tell you a lot about.

But for Palin’s daughter

“Oh, these things happen.”

“You know how the kids are today.”

Yeah…well, if Sarah Palin is or was such a good administrator how come she couldn’t have managed her own home fires a lot better? 

Oh, I know kids do what they want to…but some of them have a bit more respect.  Some rebel just to get attention.  While others walk, act and talk like they come from something…‘called good home training.’     And no matter what people say…there are still some girls who ‘say no’…to drugs, sex or anything else negative or that could profoundly impact their lives…or cause an embarrassment to their family.

Simply saying it’s how things are today…really does not make it okay….and honestly it is not enough.  But it does speak to something that very well may be lacking in Palin…as it was with the Bush’s…who couldn’t control their daughters either.

Whatever happened to raising up good wholesome children without any excuses?

There is probably a lot more about that Palin family to be uncovered…it is in the family pictures.  They seem a bit too clean cut…to…to unreal…and natural.  Not the happy home they try to depict.

Sorry, Obama.

Though Obama has called for the media to lay off Palin’s family…if the shoe were on the other foot…the Republicans would be having a feeding frenzy on him and his family.  And it would be none ending.  But even in this…speaks volumes to the man whom Barack Obama is.

Jimmy Carter had his brother…but lets face it…they were both grown men by the time Carter went into the White House.  And there just wasn’t much Carter could do with dear ol’ Billy.

Well, hope you had a beautiful day.  I had a busy weekend for the past couple of weekends…and classes got started back today.  Can’t say if I am happy or not about it.  I’ll have to let you know that some future time…as I am still undecided.  Though I had thought about taking some time off…but then I would have wished I was in class.  So, I didn’t do that.  

Since my broadband service is out…I had to go back to watching a little TV in order to see the Republican Convention.   Thank goodness for PBS…otherwise I would be lost…as I don’t have cable.  

Well, God bless…  and ‘pass it on…’  ©2008

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Michelle Obama delivers…

Her simple elegance and charm more than rose for the occasion.  Her beauty and intellect combined with passion for her family, children, parents and husband radiated all through her.

She was gracious and poised…didn’t come out wearing a $10,000 something by such and such…or burden down with fancy jewelry.  She was simple and that spoke volumes about the family that will be replacing the Bush’s in the White House.

She didn’t get bogged down in political rhetoric.  No, this was from the heart and she spoke it like someone having a conversation with a friend.  Her sincerity was written upon her face.  There was no showboating or trying to be cool…or even trying to look super elite…or ‘I have arrived.’  She was just a woman who loved a man, had bared him children and was trying to shed some light on who they and he were.

From the moment Michelle Obama hit the stage she was a winner…she grew up being a winner…had winning parents…and later married a man who is also a winner and knows the work and effort it takes to win.

The 2 of them had learned from their parents…how to work for what they wanted…that life wasn’t easy…and that in it you have joy and pain…but by applying yourself you could increase your odds against having much pain…and greater than necessary struggles…and, also, how to abide in the light of hope.  And to always…always keep an eye out in order to help others.

They learned that it doesn’t hurt to look back and give back.  They learned that earning lots and  lots of money is nice…but it doesn’t satisfy the soul. 

They learned that life was bigger than just themselves…and that its greatest assets were those around them whom they could shed a little sunlight into their lives…or give them reason to hope for a better tomorrow.

Michelle gave a champion of a speech…and she delivered it better than most of us could because she told it from her heart.  It was her story…an American story of how people all around this country triumph over the odds.  How maybe they shouldn’t have but they did.  How they pursued when others would have turned back and said-

“My father is too sick.”

“We don’t have the money.”

“I can’t do it.”

Naw…true champions overcome the odds…no matter what they are.

Michelle Obama may well become the Princess Di’ of the United States.

And Obama’s sister was equally as beautiful and intelligent.  What a great family…on both sides.

Senator Ted Kennedy

In my opinion he has always been under-rated.  Perhaps the single most Liberal Democratic (and never been afraid to be called one) in the US Senate.  He has always fought for the ‘less than’…those in most in ‘need of’.    And of course, I will always remember how he slashed out at those nastier than usual Republicans at their unmerciful and shameful threatment of Anita Hill when she was forced to Capitol Hill to testify against Clarence Thomas.

Last night he was like a little boy in a candy store.  Happy to be there…and they welcomed him with loving arms.  And he chuckled and grinned most of the way through it.  What a great moment in history.

Hope you are registered.  November promises to be a great time and historical.

I caught the convention on LIVE and I must say that I am so happy that they were streaming it…as well, as the Primaries.  Without them I would be lost…it is great to have these news sources working diligently trying to insure that people around the world have access to viewing these events.

Well, hope you have a beautiful day.  I am gearing up for a long hard weekend…got lots to do.   God bless…  and ‘pass it on…’  ©2008

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Analysis…Obama/Biden Ticket

Who wrote that crumby story “Biden Pick Shows Lack of Confidence”?

Are you crazy?

Who are you trying to kid?

It shows brillance, forethought, courage…and the ability to make a good sound choice when the cards say-

“Pick a woman.”


“Pick a Hispanic.”


“Pick someone from a large Red State who can deliver that state for you.”

No, Barack Obama doesn’t make foolish moves.  He is wise, focused and knows what his real needs are, and will be when he gets into the White House.

He didn’t make a hasty decision but a reflective one…and the reflection that came back to him as he stood looking down in the waters….was Joe Biden.

And they are going into the White House come January 2009…because they are going to win on November 4, 2008.

Obama has his eye on the prize…and it is not who he picked that would have made much difference to that.  Biden or no one else is responsible for Obama’s walk into destiny…but him and God.

God bless…  ‘pass it on…’

Now, if you care to…you can read that dumb story…called…Obama lack of confidence is why he chose Biden.   What a dumb story…completely Republican.

Get out and vote…come November. Let your voice be heard.…pass it on…’  ©2008

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Joseph Biden, Obama’s choice… history in making

It was no secret to me.

There could have been no better choice or a person who I think compliments the Obama ticket more than Joseph Biden.

If you want to see the reasons as to why I think Joe Biden was a sensible and most logical choice…you’ve got to read my other blog… …and CLICK on Biden’s name under Barack Obama in the colum to the right.

Having picked Joseph Biden…merely means to me that Obama is really taking this thing seriously.  And he is ready to…or should I say…has been playing to win all along.   That really is something which he had made quite clear fairly early in his bid to the White House, from day one.

Obama didn’t graduate off the streets…go to Princeton…and come through Harvard…to get stupid now.  No, his ever move…in my opinion have been ‘ordered’ by God.   This is destiny…and we are all bearing witness to it. 

Barack Obama could have made a lot of other choices that might have possibly given him more possible momentum…and maybe a few more votes…like picking Bill Richardson of New Mexico.  This, of course, would have garnered Obama much more enthusiasm and trust in the Hispanic community.  It would have been an easy choice…but Obama went with his heart.

No doubt there are going to be people who will be disappointed.  Namely…Hillary and her crew…just to name a few.

But had they been in Obama’s shoes…and wanting to pick the best person for the job-

“Would they have done anything less…or chosen differently?”

I have hired many people…and it only came down to who was the best…who could do the work…handle the responsibilities…could stand the test…could be counted on…etc…etc.  And at the end of the day…what their past work history looked like…it speaks volumes.  And if they didn’t have a past work history…it got down to what did I sense about them.

Clearly, Joe Biden earned his way onto the Obama ticket…and he didn’t do it through any large financial contribution to Obama’s champaign.  He did it through may years of tiredness work in the US Senate…and always challenging what was right…and that with great devotion.

Now, lets see if McCain can beat that?

He might try to pull one out of the hat…by putting a woman on his ticket.  McCain needs all the tricks he can muster in order to try and stop Obama from reaching where he was born to be…as Moses was.

Go get ’em guys.

I am so happy for them both…Obama for making a great choice.  And for Biden for finally reaping the rewards of many years of dedication…in a field he really loves…and a chance that no one ever gave to Ted Kennedy in appreciation for all of his work and tiredless efforts in the political arena.

It’s Obama and Biden all the way, baby!

Yea! Team!,0,5741095.story

Now, lets get out and vote come November.

Can’t wait until the coverage starts for the Democratic Convention.

And I definitely want to see if Hillary or any of her people are going to try and start something. 

It promises to be interesting.

That’s politics, folks.  

Well, God bless…   by the time you read this it will be sometime Saturday, Sunday or Monday …..but enjoy anyhow…whenever you read it.   And don’t forget to tell all your friends and everyone else about this blog…‘pass it on’  ©2008

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Criteria for Vice Presidentship… Joseph Biden

We’ve all have been holding onto our seats waiting…and one of the things we can all say is…none of us has a clear idea exactly who the coveted choice will be.

The only thing I can say is…let it be a wise choice…and not a choice based on anything else…like…uhm…where in the country the person resides.  That would be a poor reason for picking anyone.

Much like Cheney…though we all hate to say it…this person will certainly have to be more involved in the day to day workings of the White House.  This  based upon the amount of chaos that will be left in the wake of the Bush Administration…there is going to be a need for someone who just doesn’t look pretty…or come from a big Red State.

No, the choice will have to be a real shaker and mover…somebody who is a real team player…works good under pressure…well organized…has great communication skills…not afraid to speak truth (well, that may rule out someone or other…most politicians in fact). 

The choice also must be self-motivated, needs little supervision, able to think on his or her feet yet faithful to the direction of, ideas and concepts of leadership (the President’s desires).  A person who can take supervision, is highly able to articulate well with management (the President), as well as with others.

The choice must work well with others, be able to think outside of the box, has a level of real wisdom and understanding of domestic and foreign affairs, gets along with others, have some level of genuine concern for others with particular reference to this country. 

The choice must be able to grasp information quickly, digest it, comtemplate it…work out a plan…or make a decision…present alternative ideas…and be able to offer reasoned and well considered counsel on a myriad of matters, concerns and dealings of the White House…and the Oval Office.

The choice must be able to maintain confidence, respect, decency and honesty.  Must be able to command respect…yet walk with a gentle stick…exudes high character…and exemplify only the highest of America’s qualities at all times. 

The choice must be a person who is willing to become friend, confidant and partner…with no eye towards personal gains or future political ambitions…but is truly committed to aiding, assisting and rolling up their sleeves to get this country back on track and honestly working to serve its people…their wishes…and their needs with true dedication.

The choice must be a person who is committed and truthful…has high integrity and loyalty…with an eye on the future of America…her safty…health and wellness..and those of her people.

This is the criteria for the next Vice President of the United States…no phone calls please.

Well, if this is what is asked of our employees…shouldn’t we ask the same of any person seeking to fill this job?

Somebody please fax this off to Obama…just so he knows that we are all on the same page…or direct him to this blog address…  ‘pass it on…’

And please, Obama…whatever you do…don’t pick Hillary.

I know Deleware may not be a big State…nor a Red State…but Joseph Biden has always looked good to me.  He is dedicated, cares and can maintain counsel…he is a man who can be trusted…and undoubtedly comes with much wisdom and experience, as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  He has all the pluses.  And he is a man along the same vein as Ted Kennedy.

Lets face it…when push comes to shove…when all the dust has settled…it won’t matter except for maybe aiding in the possibility of getting a few more votes that someone is from a big state or a Red State, or not.  But if you can’t do it on your own they will tie it around your neck…and never let you forget it. Don’t get caught in that bind.

Consider this…what will really matter in the long run…is whether they can be trusted…are they up to handling the demands that will be placed upon them…can they be counted on and trusted on when your back is turned…do they have or can garner world credibility and respect over a short period of time.  Will they have your best interest in mind and heart…and seek to protect you and this country…rather than seek out a place for themselves in 4 years to come.  Can they bring anything else to table besides the fact that they come from a big state or a Red State…because helping to clean up Bush’s mess will take a lot more than that.  It will take a bunch of willing hands all working towards united efforts…not just sitting around combing their hair…and saying-

“Well, you wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for me.  I delivered such and such state for you.  And without it you wouldn’t be President.”

Do you want to hear that?

No, you don’t need that kind of person, Barack.   Nor do you want to have to have that conversation over and over again…with people who believe you got there (into the White House)…just because of them.

You’ve got to look deeper…and make the right choice.  Because you don’t have room for error.   Most definitely not…there is no room for error.

Barack, you are on your way into the White House no matter who you pick…just maintain the faith you had when you got started in the race…when nobody thought you would make it.  It has taken you this far…it can take you the rest of the way.  Don’t start making silly choices now.

With Musharraf finally being forced out of government in Pakistan…now renders the country a lot more unstable than it was before. 

Pakistan is a country that is filled with nuclear weapons…also with millions of very poor people (the 6th most populated country in the world)…and in terms of size the country is larger than Russia.  Much of its unrest in the past years have been with India over border issues.  The conflicts at times had become highly violatile and bordered on being very dangerous…as both countries possess nuclear weapons.  Throw in insurgents, Taliban and much civil unrest and Pakistan is just a ticking time bomb.

Clearly, the issues of Pakistan and her future shall certainly be important issues that will face the White House along with many many other serious issues and problems concerning nuclear weapons, polices on aggression, Middle East matters, peace…and other world  and domestic matters.

Musharraf was also believed to have been responsible for the assissination of Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, following her rally on December 27, 2007. Bhutto was Musharraf’s rival in an upcoming Pakistani Election…she was highly favored to win.  Musharraf was faulted for her murder due to his lack of providing protection for her knowing that her life was in danger  as she was living under many treats…many saw it as a way of him getting rid of his competion inadvertently…if indeed he was not the one responsible for ordering her death.   

Recently, Musharraf was forced from office under charges of corruption and other allergations which put him on a course to being impeached.

The other recent crisis to have surfaced most recently is the invasion of Russia into Georgia.  I am sure there is much much more unrest to come that will face those entering into the White House under a new banner…and hopefully working in a new way to solve the issues of this country and aid in solving those of the world.

Well, God bless…    Hope you had…or are having a beautiful day. 

Get registered if you are not already…and lets get ready together to take the White House back by storm. ©2008

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