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The God Father of Gospel Music, Rev. Timothy Wright… Jesse again… Mike Steele RNC… First Family date night…

timothy-wright12I was hoping to go to bed early tonight.  Didn’t get in until after 2 AM last night.  Had the opportunity to go into New York for the 2nd night of the funeral of the God Father of  Gospel Music, Rev. Timothy Wright.   And what an event it was.  I am still happy that we decided to go. 

It was a musical program celebrating the music and musical legacy and influence of  Dr. Timothy Wright.  So, some of everybody in gospel music was there and performed including a combined choir of 23 choirs…comprising 1,200 voices.  So, if you can imagine that…then you have a clue of  the kind of evening we had last night…and it was free and open to public.  On top of  it…it was very well organized…and had a super sound system…and there wasn’t anything outside of what that church already had that could have beat it.   And was like being in the Appollo Theater…it had to have been a converted movie theater…the church…in fact, I know it  had been theater because it had at least 2 balcony levels if not 3 of them.

So, from Ty Tribbett, to Rev. Milton Biggham, Myrna Summers, Timoney Figueroa, Hezekiah Walker & Love Fellowship Choir, Vershawn Mitchell,  Keith Wonder Boy, Maurette Brown, Judieth McAllister…and many manyothers performed…a host of them.  And it was fabulous…each and everyone of  them.  I am still glowing from that service in honor of  the God Father of  Gospel Music, Rev. Timothy Wright…a man I really feel was not given the real honor that his music deserved…during the course of  his life.  But he never complained…he continued writing… producing… performing and preaching to the glory of God.   Truly, a fabulous man…and a real lover of  his church…and God.   Faithful…

It shocked me the Saturday, last July when we woke up to a bunch of text messages saying Rev. Timothy Wright had met with a tragic automobile accident which took the life of  his wife and only grand son…leaving him paralyzed and mostly hospitalized until he passed just recently.  From one moment to the next…we never know what is going to happen in our life.

Earlier that evening I had stopped by Rev. Wright’s booth at AIM, in Detroit…he logo31had just been down a few booths and to the opposite of the aisle from  Vicki Winans’   booth.   He was goldlogo1autographing his book while cheerfully beaconing  passerbyers to stop at his booth.

I will not forget how I had stood there telling him how great he looked…and how happy I was to see that he was doing so well healthwise…as the last time I had seen him was when I had booked him to performed at my summer outreach program called, Ministry Under the Tent.  He was not feeling well at all…but yet he travelled from New York to perform before the people here who are still talking about that show…and weekend.

Because I could see that that he was not feeling well that day…as he was dietetic…I said to him-

“If you only sing one song I’ll be okay with that.”

That’s what I told him.

But when he hit that stage with his 30 choir members…you would not have been able to tell how he had been suffering prior to performing.  And he kept on going like the Energized Bunny.  They really performed…and sounded just like the CD’s.

So, it was good to see him in Detroit doing so well health-wise…and I just kept saying it over and over…and the following morning…

To tell you seriously I felt guilty…as though I had caused that accident myself…having  raved so much about how good  Rev. Wright  had looked that Saturday afternoon.  But a car coming up onto the inter-state highway travelling in the wrong direction ran right into his car…head-on… and Rev. Timothy Wright’s life was forever changed that night.

I was shocked…his life had been turned upside down in the flash of a moment.  He had just finished performing in a large gospel concert with Mary Mary, the Clark Sisters, Ricky Dillard etc…and in a quick flash of a moment…his career had come to a end.   He lost his wife and grand son…and very nearly lost his own life in less than 6 hours since the time I had spoken with both him and his wife as they worked their booth with their grand son. 

D.U.I…driving under the influence of alcohol or anything else…is a serious problem…and it is highly dangerous and deadly to us all.  The same roadway that that accident occured was the exact highway we had to travel on later in order for us to get back home from Detroit too.  Any one of us could have met up with that driver.  It should not take until something happens to one of  us that we rally to do something about drivers who continue to  get behind the wheel knowing that they are incapable of  doing so properly or safely. 

It is sad to think about what ended up happening to Rev. Timothy Wright and his family due a driver driving under the influence…who also ended up killing himself…by not only traveling in the wrong direction.   But also travelling at a  very high speed.

Needless to say…I was happy to hear that he was no longer suffering…and trying to deal with his loses.  Yes, I was happy that he was no longer suffering from the loses in his personal life…and his physical being.

He was so gracious and so kind…when I called him…he never even asked me to sign a contract…didn’t  have to wire him any up-front money…which is highly out of  the norm.   But that is what he did…just said have the money ready when he got there.  And I did…and all cash.  I have done many shows…and never had anyone been so trusting. 

I  have been involved in both concert promotions and other large events as a promoter for both R&B  and religious concerts and events…but never had 1 entertainer… agent… manager… or other person that I  booked for an event  of any type…not  require me to sign a contract and to send some money in advance…which is typically the way that it is done.   And I am sure that through his many years in the industry…I am sure that Rev. Wright has probably had his share of  problems with promoters…yet  he did not require me to sign or forward him anything…for some reason.  Though I asked him…and he said-

“No,  just have it ready when I get there.”

I marvel at that even to this day.   And I made sure that everything for him was set and ready for him when the bus I had hired for them pulled into town and they poured off of it. 

And I cannot thank enough the Chamblee Bus Company out of  Newark, New Jersey…who at 1 AM in the morning the night before Rev.  Wright was to perform… they got me a bus and a driver…after the initial bus company I had hired for the job…to pick up Rev. Wright and his choir in Brooklyn…called me to say that they were not coming.   I marvel at that too…God worked it out in the wee hours of  the morn.   And all ended up being  just  fine…better than fine.

As I sat there listening to all those performers and expeditors…and listened to the new group of  radio gospel announcers in New York City now…my mind drifted back to all the years that I have played his music…and still do…and how he had come to perform here at Ministry Under the Tent…and I couldn’t help but cry a bit from time to time.

Following all the singing…Pastor Hubert Powell was allowed a few seconds to speak…and wow did he deliver.  I wish I could write it like he said it…but I can’t.  But he and the God Father of  Gospel Music, Rev. Timothy Wright, had been friends for over 50 years.  And I do not think…and would find it very hard to believe…that anybody who ever met him…didn’t meet somebody who they did ot like and love in the person of  Rev. Timothy Wright.  He was truly a man of  God…who got his start up under the Father of Gospel Music…James Cleveland.  

As I stated…I had decided not to write anything tonight.  I could barely keep my eyes open earlier…but while checking on some things over the internet…I came across a couple of stories which really motivated me to begin to write this blog.

The first was a story on Jesse Jackson.  I find him to be so disappointing.   Not atall the person I thought him to be.  I guess it is hard to accept when people do not meet  your expectations of  who you believe them to be…based upon your media knowledge of  them…meaning news items that you read.  

Throughout all the years all the information on Jesse Jackson had been positive…up until the story of  the illegitimate baby…and that open mic story hit the news…where Jesse…  Well, you know the story (wrote about it in 2 other blogs if  you to read that story)…how Jesse said he wanted to cut off  Obama’s…  Well…you know the story.   Until that point my preception of  Rev. Jesse Jackson had been one of  him being what he actively projected…and that is what it was a “projection”...that he was a dedicated black leader…who sincerely loved and cared for his people.

Now, reading this story further adds to my ever decreasing opinion of  Jesse Jackson.  Currently, he is being sued for $100,000 by the AEI Speakers Bureau for failing to show up at a speaking engagement in Trinidad…after…now check this out… after he had the conference promoters  charter him a private jet to transporthim from Chicago to Trinidad for the speaking engagement…and demanding a fee of $75,000 to come and speak at the event.  And I thought  Aretha Franklin’s $65,000 fee plus a portion of the gate was excessive.  Well,  it was a bit too rich for my blood…but at least she was worth the money.  I just couldn’t afford it.

Can you imagine that?

Seventy-five thousand dollars to have Jesse Jackson come to speak at a conference engagement.  And an engagement in a poor country…run by black people?

And then force them to book  him a private chartered jet?

Can you imagine the type of  hotel accommodations Jesse must have requested…5 star plus…no doubt.

They deserve to sue him.  And I hope they get every dime.  What a ridiculously greedy man.    He is definitely too full of   himself.

For the same event Rev.  Al Sharpton and Martin L. King the third were also  booked to participate…both of  whom who flew regular commercial fligts into Trinidad.

I have to admit to having read years ago while in New York…that Jesse’s Wall Street Summit was nothing but one big corporate shake-down…in the name of  black people. 

Can you imagine  Jesse Jackson getting rich on our backs?

Playing all these years…like something he has never been.  Really interested in black people…and the social injustices surrounding them.  And trying to get to get them irraticated.  When in fact…he has always been out for Jesse…at the pretense of  aiding the plight of  black people in this country. 

The Bible says…what is done in the dark will come to light.  Meaning anything that is not true…will in time be unveiled…revealed.   Jesse Jackson can truly speak to the words of  this scripture…as more and more is being revealed about him.

Now…on to Michael Steele, the chairman of  the Republican National commitee…another foolish black man…along the vain of a Clarence Thomas

It is sad really.

We are living in a season now…   Oh, well…come on lets grow up.    We do not have go running around and cow-tauing and bowing down to everybody.   Give me a break.   I hate ignorance…and particularly from those who want to pretend that are above others…in terms of  their intellect…place in life…etc…etc…  But they don’t know who they are…or they forget where they come from…or how to love what is their’s…namely their own people while trying to pretend to be somebody else.   And also loose their dignity by acting and talking foolishly.

Every group loves their own people…that is only natural.  And anybody who doesn’t…then something is wrong with them. 

Loving your own group doesn’t  mean that you have feel that your group is superior…smarter…or better than any other group…or have ideas of  bigotry.  No, it  just means you are proud in who you are. 

But that group called the Republicans…particularly that group of  ignorant and narrow minded black folk in that party…like Clarence Thomas, Alan Kayes…and now this Michael Steele.  This Mike Steele recently, while sitting in of  radio program chatting with a caller who had called in to discuss Barack Obama…Michael Steele made  the statement that media created Barack Obama.

What kind of dumb statement was that?

Media did not create Barack Obama…as if  he was the figment of  someone’s imagination.   Media definitely did not create Barack Obama…they chased Barack Obama because he was the story that people were interested in.  And that is what media does…they make their living tracking down stories that people want to hear and read.   That is the name of  the  business…or if  you will…the game.

Barack Obama is not a splash in a pan…he was not created by a bunch of  handlers…any more than Solomon or David was.  Media did not create  Tiger Woods…or  Michael Jordan…or  Muhammad Ali…or  Jack NicolasPrincess Diana…or even Dr. Martin L. King, Jr…or Bobby Kennedy or Jack Kennedy, his older brother also known as  President John F. Kennedy.   Destiny did…and their talents did.

So, how foolish is it  for a supposed black man to try to down rate another black man by saying-

“Oh, he wouldn’t be nothing  if media hadn’t created him.”

Because that is exactly what Steele said…though he may not have said it in those exact words.  But  it spoke every bit of  envy.

Media did not create Barack Obama…but it could said that it assist  in informing people about him.  But the same could be said for any movie star…singing star…atlete…or anyone or anything of  interest to the masses.   That is what media does… it  informs.

Too bad Mr. Steele, an ex-governor,  is not the kind of  Republican that Col. Colin Powell is.     Col. Powell is capable of  celebrating and appreciating the abilities and achievements…and excellence of those  inside, as well as, outside of  his own party affiliation and race…and so too Obama. 

Too bad the former governor lacks their skills.

I am beginning to wonder if the excitement of the moment is starting to ware off for the Obama’s.  Living your life in a bubble cannot be fun.  Everything you do…say or wear…gets questions. 

Who would like that?

I personally do not understand all the questions about the dog…Michelle clothes…her sneakers…etc… 

I am not really a sneaker person…but in New York they are rave…and I guess everywhere else too.  But with most sneakers ranging far above Pro-Keds back in the day…which were $10…I feel that all sneakers are seriously over priced.  And as far as I can see most of them if you want a good pair are over $100.

So, then I do not understand the problem with the cost of  Michelle’s sneakers costing over $500 as most sneakers cost $200 and more.  Or maybe…the fuss was just over Michelle wearing those sneakers to some charity event…but men wear Stacy Adams shoes…and other people wear a bunch of  expensive footware today…and nobody is calling to question their shoes…or  sneakers.

In looking at the pictures of  their date night…to think that was the first walk that s-obama-date-night-large11they have taken together free of  anybody being right up on them.  I don’t know…but I find that rather sad.   The joy of  life seems to be stolen from them.  It is the cost of fame I guess…and certainly the cost of  becoming the President, First Lady and First Family of  the United States

I would take my life over  their’s anyday.   But it is a sacrifice that Obamathey willingly went  into…because they felt that they could offer their service to help make this a better country.  And for that I applaud them…and feel for them. 

Nobody ever questioned the price tag of everything or anything that  Jackie Kennedy wore.   In fact, the rich never talk about price.  They have this saying-

“If  you have to ask the price then you really can’t afford it.”

Oh, I know what it is.  

Jackie “O”  never wore sneakers…only terribly expensive clothes…jewelry…and shoes.    And there were no questions about them or their price tags.

Awh…leave the Obama’s alone.  Let them have some peace in their lives.   And there is no need to keep them up under a magnifying glass 24/7…and questioning every little thing.

View Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledByWell, since it is now 2 AM again…and I was hoping to try to catch up on my sleep as I am trying to put the finishing touches on my book, THE BISHOP’S WIFE,  promo for youtube…and I 2ab-the-bishop-wifecoveram becoming frustrated with my new book publishers.  It seems that they can’t get my errors corrected properly for some reason. 

Since my book had been back and forth to my former publisher…I did not have many errors this time around.  But as few as they have been…I have received the galley back  4 times with almost the same errors not having been corrected.  And I mean glearing errors that leap out at you…but evidently they do not to the person who is suppose to be setting my type and making these corrects.

I am beginning to come of a mind…that this whole self-publishing thing is for the birds.  That it probably doesn’t matter who you get…there will be problems.

Well,  I’ll keep you posted.  I really have to get some sleep now.  I’ve got to get up and out early…a lot of work yet to be done.   And the clock is ticking.

THE BISHOP’S WIFE  is now on sale…CLICK this LINK to purchase my book.  You do not need a paypal account to purchase, and you can purchase using a debit card.  Thank you. 

God bless…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…” ©2009

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Colin…Colin…more good news for Obama

I have always loved General Colin Powell…but I really really loved him on Sunday. 

I have admired his diligence in regard to all of his duties as a General in the Armed Forces, as Head of State, and even as a Republican

I have listen to and heard many black Republicans…most of whom have sounded like they some how had lost their way in this world… and forgot where they came from…and how they got to where they have gotten.  But most of all…they had forgotten what it is like to be…or to have been black in America.  But never Colin Powell.

I admire people who navigate their way through this life gracefully and caringly

I like to see people rise to high heights…but I especially really like those who can rise and still maintain a level of sure footing and humility.  And that is what Colin Powell showed Sunday on ‘Meet the Press.’

It is hard to come out against friends, party…your company…your church…whatever…but at times it is required.  But to be able to do it with dignity and grace is a good…and great thing.  And it takes strenght…an obvious grand quality within the fabric of General Powell.

His endorsement of Barack Obama…you could see had been done with much forethought, deliberation and reflection.  But he did what he felt he needed to do…and he did it well.  The points General Powell laid out regarding his choice of Barack Obama as President of the United States laid in Obama’s judgment, decisiveness, good temperament, great deduction skills and a believed ability that he will restore the respectability to this country that the past 8 years eroded, under George W. Bush.

I have long held and still hold…that when we look and listen to Barack Obama we are looking at destiny.  It is as much true destiny that at this time such a person as Obama has emerged.  Is destiny as much as Joseph was destined to wine up in Egypt and Moses to lead his people out of Egypt.  They had been predestinated for their times. 

No one wants to say Divine Providence…but that is what we are looking at.  And it is by Divine Providence…that we are here bearing witness to this phenomena this forthcoming November Election.  I can only wish my parents were here.  That my grandmother was here…that my great-grandmother was here…and all those hung…tarred and feathered…whipped, chained and killed in this country could bear witnesObama Dream T-shirt by ObamaRamas to this.

 Even the little ones support Obama!

It gives me such hope for this country. 

There is no country like this country. 

There is no place like the United States of America.

Through all her adversities, contradictions…missteps…and fall downs…American is great.  And she is beautiful…though there have times in her history when people, Presidents, groups didn’t always act justly, fairly or truthfully.                                                                             But through it all she has maintained her beauty…and she is worth everything we

can do to save her.,0,4586523.story

In closing…let me take this time to clarify. 

Barack Obama is not just a phenomena because he is black. 

No, it greater than that.  

He is a phenomena because he is who he is.  

That is what America has much to be proud of…because he is a product of her.  It has taken us much and a long time to get here.  But we are here.  And at the end of the day…it does matter.  It really really does…for everyone’s sake.

Please be sure to share this blog site with all your friends…family…just….just….everyone!

Have a beautiful day…and thank you for reading.

…pass it on…’ 

God bless…and thanks for reading ©2008

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Madame Secretary… Condi Rice …Denzel

Perhaps one of the most unacclaimed and least recognized women in the Black Community because of…for the most part because of whom she works for.  

Which really is all the more reason why we should all love her…because really who could stand the guy?   Particularly, if you were as efficient and as dedicated to doing your job well…as Condoleezza  Rice evidently is.


I love her. 

Sorry about the display of the other photos on this page…but the US State Department for some reason…is blocking their display.

I love her stand on Affirmative Action…and that of Colin Powell.

I love her being able to maintain her pure image.

I love her seemingly being a woman of virtue.

I love her intelligence.

I love her abilitly to handle herself well…her ability to walk among men and not cowl down to anyone.condi_rice.jpg

I love her for her brilliance.

I love her for her ability to hold her own in any room…among any group of people.

I love the way she carries herself.

I love that she is a big woman who walks like a woman and talks like a woman…and is not trying to be anyone or anything else.

I love that she is a woman with a good job…and is good at doing it.

And I love…and really love that she is a black woman…an African American woman…who is not trying to portray herself as any other type of woman.She is diligent…steadfast…and doesn’t quibble.  She does what she has to get done.

But most of all I love what she has to say about Denzel Washington.

Yeah…I think I really really love her because she knows who she is and doesn’t take a back seat to anyone on that or anything else…and that she loves black men…handsome, intelligent black men…who love and respect black women…their people. 

And in this case…his wife.

Yeah, I’m happy about Obama.  But I am also happy about you…holding the highest office in America that any woman has ever held, Madame Secretary of State.

Republican…whatever.  Condoleezza Rice, I just love you…and respect you.

You go, girl! 

And you too, Mr. Denzel.

The Bible says…to whom honor is due…  

CLICK HERE to see what she has to say about Denzel Washington…

Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State of the United States of America.

Well….hope you have a beautiful day.     and God bless…  ©2008

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, left, with her Russian counterpart, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, during their bilateral talks in Busan, South Korea.  [AP/Wide World Photo]

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Guantanamo Bay

Can You Help a Sistha Out?

For the life of me I cannot figure out how it is that America came to be in possession with that piece of property on the other side of Cuba, where since 9/11 people have been picked up, imprisoned and/or detained.

Just how did Castro allow that?

This past semester I took a course called “Just War Theory.” Near the end of the semester the chapters touched upon non-enemy combatants and the Geneva Convention etc…  As I sat in the class I was appalled to hear 3th and 4th year college students defending this country’s treatment of international prisoners whom the Bush Administration labeled as Al Qaeda agents…people whom the US Government claims are directly associated with the Taliban, bin Laden and/or other dissident groups…or people who may…or may not know some type of information concerning these groups.  Several of our classes discussions centered around the Geneva Convention which clearly states how prisoners are suppose to be treated, their care, their living quarters, their rights etc…and what type of interrogation techniques could or could not be employed against them.

A detainee peering out of a cell at Guantanmo Bay.  (2006 Photo by Brennan Linsley -- Associated Press)

The many acts of degrading and torturing prisoners in Abu Ghraib were all acts going against the standards of treatment of enemy prisoners as set forth by the Geneva Convention…as well as those acts of torturing and degrading prisoners in the prison in Guantanamo Bay.  Grabbing up people and shuffling them off to undisclosed locations is illegal, also, and amounts to nothing more than shear kidnapping…of which this country is also guilty of.

General Colon Powell, as Secretary of State, said it well when he sent out his memo laying out for the Bush Administration that they could take one of two roads…the high road or take the low road in regards to prisoners and torture.  And Bush and Cheney’s choice was and has been the low road.  Having chosen that road only has made America look as bad as those who attacked us on 9/11…because they could…and because we can. 

Nuclear War…

I also found it curious while sitting in my class and listening to my fellow classmates that they felt that no country had ever dropped a nuclear bomb…this mind you as they even refused to accept this fact out of our own textbook.  Now, I have read mis-information in textbooks…but there is one country which has dropped an atomic bomb.

 Does anybody remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki???? 

My classmates tried hard not to accept this…but I kept hammering it in that we, America, had…not one but two of them…(check your history…and absorb it).

I heard somewhere that history…always repeats itself. 

What better way to cure yourself, than to first say I need to be cured.  To hope over time that what has been done will be washed away as folks die off…and that our tainted history will go to the grave with them…is a fallacy…and certainly a false hope.

During the days of the Cold War…the days of ol’…the Cold War worked only because there were two major players only…us and the USSR, the Soviet Union.  But today with everybody and his brother running around trying to arm themselves, and buying most of this stuff on the black market…and I do believe in the black market (wherever there is a dime…or a quarter to be made…somebody is going to try and make it…it is what they call capitalism…and it is global)…and this all makes the world a very unstable place.  Better to rid the world of the atomic bomb than to have everybody suit-up.  The unfortunate thing, however…someone is bound to want to keep theirs.

Destiny graduated last night.  So, we were all out at Texas Road House getting our order of steak and double loaded sweet potatoes.  Hope you’re having fun…happy to be out of school.  Just gonna kick up my heels and talk to you for the rest of the summer.  Holla back…and God Bless…  ©2008

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