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First Michael… now Gary Coleman… Blanche… and the oil mess… Boycott BP

If seems that fame brings about a lot of  problems that many of us would really rather not have.  But so many only see the glitz and the gleam of the big bright lights…and nothing else.

They clamor to be in the videos, on the cover of the magazines, on the big screen, sitting on the Oprah show… or on somebody’s reality show.  They want it… want it… or 15 minutes of  it… if  that is all they can get.

Some people have committed various acts… including murder… shooting up high schools …bombing buildings …etc…  all in order to get their name in print and/or picture on TV.

Many have sought it… and many who found it have also turned and tried to run from it.  Because all that glitters is  really not gold.

If  many knew what that life was really like I doubt that they would pursue it.  It is a life filled with lots of ups and downs.  And plenty of  its own uncertainties… and always lots of money and work woes.

There are some things in the video clip above that you should play close…very close attention to.  First of all, is the lack of any real care or concern by the woman who claims to be Gary Coleman’s wife.

Second of all, when she finally does start talking to him…listen to how she speaks rather…barks at him like she is talking to a little misbehaving child instead of a bleeding and near dying husband.

Third of all, how she announced to the operator that her name is Shannon Price…and not Shannon Coleman.

And Fourth of all, how much more concerned about herself and what she can’t stand and what is going on with her… which seems to be of  far more importance to her than a bleeding Gary Coleman.

Is it possible that Gary Coleman may have fallen prey to a person he should have chased back and away from him…instead of marrying her?

After several episodes of  run-ins with fans who seem to have gotten too close to him,  where Coleman had been noted as being mean and evil towards them.  And often it ended up with him punching 1 or 2 of them in the face.

Then how did he hook up with this woman?

Is it possible that she allowed Coleman to lay there bleeding until he was near death…and then decided to call 911 for emergency assistance for him?

Is it possible that she may have hit him or… somehow or other brought  about brain hemorrhage  that brought about his death?

Is it possible that she ever loved Gary Coleman at all?

Not if  you go by what you hear during that 911 call.

Gary Coleman’s burial has been postponed… though the article said ‘cancelled’ …hmmmm…

What does that mean?

At any rate Gary’s parents have sent their people to step into the picture between that woman and Gary…on their son’s behalf.   I really feel for them.

I had always thought it sad when Gary went into court with his parents, who are really foster parents to him.  But I guess the only parents he ever knew.  And after it happened, I had always hoped that time would have healed that wound between them. 

It does happen sometimes in families.  In fact in many families it does happen.  Most families experience some type of  falling out one time or other.  But then there are those families that go to grave not ever speaking again after whatever happened came between them.

Those family members who mature and/or come to know that ‘there is nothing like family,’  they learn to but aside differences in order to not to continue to tear the family apart.  Many times it is hard but you have to do it ‘for the sake of the family.’   Otherwise, there will be tons of  regrets on both sides years later… and usually well after it is too late.

I had to learn through the grace of  God to put aside some things dealing with family issues in our family.  The things that set us at each other, and all the name calling… finger pointing …can’t override the value of keeping the family together.  You have to work at keeping the family together… because no amount of things or ill  will or words can compensate for it…family.

Family is important.

Unfortunately, Gary Coleman may have elected to turn his back on the 2 people who may have well loved him the most… to run into the arms of people who filled him up with a bunch of  ill advice and evil counsel.

On the other hand Dana Plato’s, the young girl on Diff’rent Stroks, foster mother struck me as being much like Patty Duke’s family and aunt, who saw her as being a gold mine.  The same could be said about the father of  the star of  the movie  ‘Home Alone,’  McCaulay Culkin.

It is sad imagining any child who has to endure a life among people who really do not love them… or who value more what the child can earn for ‘them.’  At some point I guess this is exactly what Gary began to feel… though I must say I never believed it about the people who called him ‘their son.’

Personally, I think there should be an autopsy done on Gary Coleman.  Something just does not sound or smell right.  It is kind of  like how I still feel about Michael Jackson’s death.

I think it was murder.

And it would seem that he… Gary did still have  some money.  Look at what he was driving.

Michael Jackson was a young teen boy when people got in between him and his family too.  Over time and perhaps even out of  some degree of  necessity on both parts… their’s and his… they slowly came back together.  Because at the end of the day…family is all you have when you get right down to it.  All you have got to depend upon.

Perhaps, near the end of  Gary’s life he realized that too.

Going through pictures of  Gary Coleman, I can see that there were times when he wasn’t doing so well healthwise.  I produced a documentary on dialysis a while ago.  Before it I had never heard the word dialysis before or even knew that there people who could not urinate on their own due to problems with their kidneys.

But I had an aunt who started needing dialysis treatments due to her diabetes.  Through her I came to find out about the illness and how it ate away at  those who had to depend upon it.

In this picture you see a darker Gary Coleman.

Well,  that is one of the side effects of  dialysis.  Another is the obvious swelling of  his face… and the ashy-ness of  his skin tone.  Do you notice how his eyes appear to almost  be shut?

He does look sick doesn’t he?

With so many health issues due to his kidneys since being a young child and straight through his life… which also stunted his growth greatly… and other problems… it is not hard to see why Gary Coleman was as he was.  Though such adversity in the lives  of others has caused them to not only raise above their circumstances…but to truly go for the stars in ways that Gary did not.  They turn their circumstances around by working to benefit the lives of  others.  But it seems that  Gary could not rally that kind of strength.

He seemed to be alone in the world… and the 1 person left for him to depend upon wouldn’t even help him in his final hour of  need.   What a tragedy…for him …and maybe even for us.  As none us tried to help him either.

If you would like to read the 911 call put in by Shannon Price, you can CLICK on the LINK  BELOW.

I will never forget watching her taking some award where she graciously stepped to the mic  to said a few words to the teacher who told her that she would never make it as an actress.  It is amazing the things we remember.

Of course like millions I too sat watching nights of  Golden Girls.  Who didn’t love ‘ma’  Estelle Getty…or  Dorothy her larger than life daughter.  And that ditizy Betty White… and that over-aged sex kitten Blanche.

I had a lover… someone I lived with for over 9 years who loved to watch television.  She stayed in front of  it.  And Golden Girls was one of  the shows in the evening she would tune in to.

So, of course, over time I became quite familiar with them all.  The sassy Blanche, the dim-wit Rose and   Ma… and Dorothy.

One by 1 they are slowly departing this place.  First Estelle Getty, then  Bea Arthur,  and Rue McClanahan and leaving Betty White.  All of them better known by their character names… Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia…the Golden Girls.

And then there was 1…

Early this week Rue passed too…leaving Betty White as the lone survivor of  their lively cast.

2ab-the-bishop-wifecoverBetty is lively as ever…spunky… and I guess you can even say sassy at times too.  She is hard at work on another series… and really hasn’t stopped workView Bernadine Smith's profile on FiledBying since her Golden Girls days.

Today there are reality shows… and shows about people trying to win a million dollars.  It all became so boring to me that I stopped watching TV a while ago.  And truthfully… I have not missed it.  Besides, as an 4_printer_Promo_Cars_b_smith2adult person my schedule is way too busy for me to be sitting down and watching television.

Didn’t intend to write so much.  Now, I have a movie that I want to watch.

So, you have a good night… and a beautiful day tomorrow.

Update Saturday, June 5th:  I awoke this morning having left my son’s laptop up on some news items on the oil spill in the Gulf.  Listening to it… 1 news broadcast on the oil spill after another… the impact of  the breath of  this oil spill has finally really hit home to me.

The British people in the upper level of  BP really were such big liars.  They lied about everything… saying that they had it contained…that it was not going to hit the shores…and that it would not impact the local environment.   In the beginning that BP top guy was passing the buck of  responsibility on to someone else… some other company… and that it was not their oil rig at fault.  Their oil rig that had failed to have all the safety measures that by law they should have had in place. Yet other lies by BP.

Now, the oil slick has hit Florida and is on its way out into the Atlantic Ocean if  the clean up  doesn’t speed up and can’t contain it any better than BP already has.   It all makes me think about the Republican Convention during McCains’ run for the Presidency against Obama.  Where they walked around with ton of signs and cries of-

“Drill, baby…drill,” could be heard all over that convention floor.  The Republicans were excited about going out and digging more oil rigs… even stating that they would go into protected environmental areas to do so.

This is the video new items that awoke to.  And believe it became crystal clear to me that what is going on in the Gulf of Mexico right now is surely going to impact us all.

It seems to me that we should all be boycotting BP gas stations.  And it is upsetting to me that this company is not even an American company.

How is it that a British oil company owns oil rigs in our own home waters… while we are seeking oil from foreign shores of countries such as those in the Middle East?

If we have oil right here in America then we should be producing it and controlling it for our own use.  And particularly since these oil rigs are so dangerous and can impact us in such a way as this gushing BP oil rig in the middle of  the Gulf of  Mexico.

Yes, I am advocating that we all boycott BP…it is time that they started feeling it in their pocketbook.  Perhaps then BP might realize that they can’t come into America and treat Americans any kind of way…or endanger us without a hefty price.

God bless.

THE BISHOP’S WIFE  is now on sale…

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The spirit of lesbianism…Oprah’s school….

Though I wondered about what prompted Oprah to decide to open a school in

Oprah Winfrey (C) cuts the ribbon with some of the girls who have enrolled in her school during its opening in January 2007South Africa…thinking one here would have been nice.  Though we do have Spellman.  But a media school…to bring young ladies in the world of television and film that would really be wonderful. 
Don’t you think?

But then all the ugly little stories about that school in South Africa started surfacing.  First, it was about a teacher or some female administrator who was there who was alleged to be preying upon the young girl students of the school…of which the school is an all girl’s school.

Now, recent stories have it that other girls of the school are preying upon and bullying their fellow schoolmates.

If  the devil can get into something…he will.

One looking or reading about this from a Biblical perspective might say that-

The spirit of lesbianism has crept into Oprah’s school.”

” What is that?”

Perhaps you don’t believe in such things. In your realm spirits or such are fake and do not exist. Okay…maybe not. Least ways…maybe, not in your realm.  But in other places they do.

How did such a thing come about?

Some might say it was sexual orientation.

Maybe. I do not know.

Maybe, there was an older woman…such as the teacher or administrator who was busted and alleged to have been sexually preying upon those young girls.

Maybe there was…maybe she wasn’t.  I do not know.

Maybe, a few of the girls liked it.

Maybe, she, that older woman, turned them out…that is the phrase used in the gay community…when someone goes after someone who is not involved in the life and begins having relations with them…a bond develops between them that puts the other person onto that course for life or for a while during her life.

Supposed she, that woman, had turned out a few of those young girls…and now they in turn…turn and start preying upon some of the other girls.

Or…maybe some of them had that spirit in them already and it has now just started to manifest itself in them…or her…whomever.

Or, maybe they had been doing whatever they were doing all along.

It is hard to believe that any of those young…bright…young ladies that I saw and watched on that Oprah Winfrey special when she opened her school in South Africa could be guilty of becoming sexual predators.  But it does happen.

I have a friend who went to work at an institution which cares for such children.  And I say children…because that is what they are. When she began to tell me their ages and some stories…I had to stop my friend.  There are some things which I cannot even bare to listen to.

It is hard for me to believe that children as young as 3 or 4 have to be separated and locked away from society because they are sexual deviants…who will prey upon anything that lets them…or not.

How could anyone do that to a child?

It is madness.

And I am going to end this blog here.   I do not wish to go any further with it…as I cannot.

The thought sickens me.

God help…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends

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He loves her…

Gang Yun my Chinese friend with whom I have an exchange with…she helps me with my Chinese and I help her with her English.   It is a nice little exchange…’ni hao.’

We were having a slight discussion one day when we happened to hit upon Obama…whom she had shared with me before that she knew little about since she was not able to vote being that she is an exchange student upon the campus…and had not paid much attention to all the campaign stuff.  But to my surprise she did have this to say-

“He love he wife.”

Then she went on to say-

“He love her.”

The one thing that no woman has missed about Barack Obama and that is how much he loves his wife. 

Not how much he seems to love his wife…but how much he loves her.

Double CLICK to view the screen below…ignor the text on screen.

There was never a time that Barack Obama hit a stage and his wife was anywhere michelle-and-barack-obama-americas-next-first-couple1near…that he didn’t have a hand on her. 

She never came onto the stage or left it…without Barack Obama kissing her first.

It is so refreshing to see a man who truly loves his wife.  And it is not a thing that went pass any woman watching the Presidential Primaries or the actual race to the White House.  Everywoman who looked on knew that…and somewhere it clicked into the back of her mind…‘that man loves his wife.’

It has to be nice to know that you have a man who truly loves you.  And that he loves you so much that he has to connect with you no matter where he is at. 

When Obama finished delivering his acceptance speech in Grant Park in Chicago following him being proclaimed the winner of the prize beyond all prizes…President of the United States of America.  As his wife and children joined him on stage…Obama turned to his wife and you saw his lips form these words…

“I love you.”

Michelle had her arms around his neck and listened to him as he continued to speak to her…and then you saw Michelle hug him to her.  And you realized at that moment that those 2 people were in for a journey of the greatest magnitude…and that they would only have each other to console and help to hold it together… and to aid in seeing it through to the end.

 And without a doubt…she loves him. 

And he loves his children and his mother-in-law.

We are blessed to have them.  And thank God they have each other.

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends… “pass it on” ©2009

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