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LONDON…2012 Olympics….

They say a picture speaks a thousand words…

Allyson Felix…got it!  She’s going home with gold.

Yea, America!

Gabby Douglas…got a $90 million endorsement deal with Kellogg’s.  Didn’t you…

and don’t you still love Kellogg’s’ corn flakes?

The tag team known as Serena and Venus…took away the gold

in the Women’s Tennis Doubles.  And

Serena sweep the Women’s Single’s to walk away with its gold.

Yeah, I do…think it.  A picture really does say a thousand words.

Well, God bless…

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  ©2012

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Obama…health care… and the nay sayers… a question of gender, Caster Semenya

obama-speech-congress[1]I have to admit to having not been one of those people who has yet to read the President’s proposal concerning health care plan.  But here is the video footage of  his speech before Congress.

I have heard mixed views on the job that the President has done and is doing…and they have been mixed.  Alot of  it…somewhat ignorant. 

I would really like to know who in their right mind thought that the mess that George Bush left behind was going to be fixed in the matter of a few months time?  

Well, surely these people could not possibly be rational or thinking people.  Mostly, I have no doubt that like Palin…who is intended upon becoming a torn in this Administration’s backside…they are intent  akso on opposing Obama in everything he does. 

Can you imagine a bunch of  people sitting around and hoping that this President fails?

And they call themselves Americans.

If  the President fails…then this country fails.  They are tied together.

532-1[1]It is impossible…and vastly unfair if  that is your thinking.  In case nobody was looking…the Bush Administration almost destroyed this country.  How do you just bounce back from that?

How can a country that was plunged almost to the brink of  bankruptcy itself…possibly emerge over-night from the raging tides of such bad, arrogant  and negligectful management as we were under during the Bush Administration…to again being back in the calm of  the peaceful waters of  a smooth tide of a productive and abounding?

I have even heard some say that it is Obama’s fault for all the dead bodies that are being shipped back into this country…from a war which Obama strongly opposed and voted against.  He (Obama), however, chose to allow America and the world to see the amount of human damage and loss that war has and is costing us…as opposed to the Bush Administration who started that war and maintained  it  for 5 years while draining America dry…and cloaked not only their policies…but put forth the decision to hide those bodies from the face  and eyes of America.

Perhaps, the best thing one can say about  Barack Obama is this…is that he is his own man.  He does not blow with win.  He does not cow down to the geers and nay sayers.  But he follows through with what he believes is right.  And that is the most that we can ask of  anyone.

The old saying goes like this-

“You can satisfy some of the people some of the time.  But you can’t satisfy all of the people all of  the time.”

And how very true that is.   No matter what any of us do…not everybody is going to be satisfied.  And somebody is always going to find fault with it…no matter how it turns out.

One has to wonder just how many people out there are walking around with duel-sex organs…both male and female?

In the past few months much controversy had been over the 22 year old, German  pro-tennis star Sarah Gronert, whom I wrote about several blogs ago…if you care to go back and read it. 

Now, it seems there is yet another controversy brewing in the world of  sports.   This time it is about a 19 year old  World 800 Meters track champion from South Africa, Caster Semenya…also a hermaphrodite…now called intersexuals.   Caster, however, does not have a womb or ovaries…and her male organs are within her body.  So there was no way for her…or him…to be aware of  such a condition until she ordered to be tested.

There can be no doubt that such athletes possess  an advantage over their other female contenders…far more strenght and endurance than an 100% total woman could possibly possess.  Therefore, such an advantage by entering women competitions is grossly unfair to all the biological totally female athletes that they are challenging.

In Caster’s case he does not even look like a woman…in any form or shape.  And his physical make-up being without a womb or ovaries definitely would catagorize him as something other than a woman…like being a man. 

Clearly his speed…or her’s as currently he is called…pronouncedly shows that he has superior strenght over the women running with him…or her.   SEE VIDEO  BELOW…just CLICK  it a few times and ignore the text.  There is little wonder why the track & field heads ordered him to take a sex test.  (this is a picture of  Caster with Winnie Mandela hugging  to comfort her)

Since having won a major race with little effort  at the World Track & Field Games…Caster has becomd a big hero…or she-ro… amongst her native people of  South Africa.  Her family is enraged at charges and that her was forced to be tested, and her father has proclaimed  that everyone is crazy for even thinking that she is a man.  It is indeed a very sad situation…all the way around

The fact reminds…as much as I hate to say it…is that she does possess super strenght…and speed…due chemical make-up of  her body.  Which, therefore, does give her an unquestionable advantage over the other women…who do not possess the sort of birth defeat.   Which I guess you would have to call it…as Caster does who was born with both male and female organs…even her male organs are within her body.

Some people chase fame and success all of their lives.  Then to get it and find out…you are faced with one of the biggest obstacles of  your life.

How do you deal with that…and be so young?

Her country…her people and her family…are all fighting for her.

The more I think about Caster the more I feel for her.  I only hope that this thing does not cause her…or him to go out and now start to indulge carelessly in sexual activity trying to prove something…or trying to disprove it.  At her age it is not hard to make a lot of bad and very wrong choices. 

I don’t know how sexually active she has been up to this…being just 19.  But many people indulge in increased sexual active to prove things to themselves…and many times also to others.  Men do it to prove they that still ‘have it.’  Whatever that means.   So, seeking out tons of  women to have sex with to prove that they are not gay…or like women…or trying to quash rumors about themselves.

With Caster’s situation being so public…it is not hard to believe that she may not chose such a course.  Now, knowing that she cannot bare any children, being that she has neither uterus or womb…the fear of  becoming pregnant has been far removed from her.  I only hope that her moral integrity and a trust in God…will prevent her from making some very choices in her life.  Because such a thing as finding that you are not totally what you thought you were…  

Well, who could really deal with that?

But having been tested and finding out what was discovered…may have answered some questions for her.|hp-laptop|dl1|link3|

Wow, I feel sorry for him…her.  She grew up as a girl…going to a girl’s school in South Africa.  And now is hailed as a South African champion among her people. 

And for this whole thing about her sex…or true sex to be so public…  It has to be hard…and it is quite unfortunate.  But I can understand the feelings of  the other females who have to complete with him…or her.  And I am sorry to have to put it like that…but what other why is there to put it?

But the difference between Caster and Sarah is…is that Caster’s male organs are internal opposed to Sarah whose sexual organs…male and female were visible.  As Sarah underwent surgery to remove her male organs.  So, yes…I can sympathize with anyone born this way…and particular if  you never knew that you had the problem in the first place…which was Caster’s situation.

Another day when I didn’t get much done.   But I did sit out on the porch 2ab-the-bishop-wifecoveragain this morning reading my Bible.

Well, I better get some sleep otherwise I will sleepy most of the day tomorrow.  Writing these blogs can take up so much time.  But I am happy to share.  And I hope that you are enjoying what it is that I have to say. 4_printer_Promo_Cars_b_smith2

Hope you have a beautiful day tomorrow.    

Well, God bless

Thank you for reading this blog…and  my others.  Please be sure to continue to share this blog site with your family, co-workers and all your friends“pass it on…”  ©2009

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More on the Olympics… Jamaica, yes…

What a season for Jamaica.  They are taking the Track & Field events by storm… from Usain Bolt…the lightening Jamaica’s other lightening bolts…the ladies on the track…Veronica CampbellShelly Ann Fraser,  Sherone Simpson,     Kerron Stewart etc…etc…

CLICK the following LINK BELOW to see the Lightening Bolt take the 400 meters in Bijing.                                            Shelly Ann Fraser taking the gold followed by Jamaica also tying for double silver.

Jamaica went crazy seeing Bolt take gold in the 200 meters…CLICK BELOW to watch.

             Shelly Ann Fraser—Olympics.html

Audio only on the next clip…but well worth listening to as they call the race. 

Now, watch it below…

This is so much fun.  I enjoy putting these things together…and I hope that you are enjoying it as well.,2933,404804,00.html 

A few positive words from USA’s Allyson Felix on being positive and believing in yourself.

You have got to watch this clip below…and I only thought they won metals that went around their necks. Wooa!

Some pre-warm up tips from Sanya Richardson.

Thanks, Sanya…good looking out. We appreciate the tips.

Most have been disenchanted with the coverage of the Track & Field events which always draw huge amounts of interest…but unfortunately NBC felt it was much more important to watch Michael Phelps…following and watching his every move…rather than to watch records being broken in other equally important events…and of interest to wider audiences than swimming.  Causing many who would have loved to see some of these other records being shattered in other sporting events to have missed out.

In other Track & Field news at the Bijing OlympicsBryan Clay, USA, is working his way towards his decathlon metal.  CLICK LINKS BELOW to read more on that.…/01/sp/sp02a.html;_ylt=AjsXbQYKTOdCPXWpgcM.Q_fQ1Zl4?slug=ap-ath-trackandfield-heats&prov=ap&type=lgns

More USA Track & Field news…both the men and women relay teams dropped the baton during the 400 relay…CLICK LINK BELOW to read more on the story….;_ylt=AojKliOxcQarSlbGlskYJbc1o5N4?slug=po-winnerslosers082208&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

Well, if you have spent the past week getting your sport’s craze on…good for you.  There has been much to digest…and it has been exciting…seat clutching in fact.  And if you are like you have can’t get enough of Track & Field.  Well, I hope that this blog along with my other one on the Olympics has aided in some small way to help you get your dose of sports…and caught you up on things that you may have missed.  

And as I close…don’t forget…to ‘pass it on’     …God bless and have a beautiful day tomorrow.

I’m suppose to be working on my book, THE BISHOP’S WIFE.  But I can’t stand hold ups.  When I finish a thang I finish it…and move on to the next thing.  I don’t like having to come back unless there is some type of benefit to doing so…in this case there was.  But it doesn’t mean I don’t hate it nonetheless.  But this delay has probably saved me a lot of money.  In fact, it has saved me money…at corrections costing $2/per correction…then consider me being ahead of the game. 

I caught stuff this time that would have definitely sicken me if my book had been published with them.  Even with these blogs…I have to keep going over and over them…often resting between reading them…so, that I can read them with a fresh eye.  That way my mind won’t read the text as I believed how it typed it…but as it is.

It is not easy…so, bare with me.  

Follow your dreams…and hold fast to your vision.

Finally, took an iron tablet today…can’t remember when last I took one.  I am trying to be diligent in taking them…but sometimes I just forget.  Then as my energy level sinks, I remember them.  But I thank God that all I need is a little iron tablet.  I am bless…and hope that you are too.  ©2008

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Criteria for Vice Presidentship… Joseph Biden

We’ve all have been holding onto our seats waiting…and one of the things we can all say is…none of us has a clear idea exactly who the coveted choice will be.

The only thing I can say is…let it be a wise choice…and not a choice based on anything else…like…uhm…where in the country the person resides.  That would be a poor reason for picking anyone.

Much like Cheney…though we all hate to say it…this person will certainly have to be more involved in the day to day workings of the White House.  This  based upon the amount of chaos that will be left in the wake of the Bush Administration…there is going to be a need for someone who just doesn’t look pretty…or come from a big Red State.

No, the choice will have to be a real shaker and mover…somebody who is a real team player…works good under pressure…well organized…has great communication skills…not afraid to speak truth (well, that may rule out someone or other…most politicians in fact). 

The choice also must be self-motivated, needs little supervision, able to think on his or her feet yet faithful to the direction of, ideas and concepts of leadership (the President’s desires).  A person who can take supervision, is highly able to articulate well with management (the President), as well as with others.

The choice must work well with others, be able to think outside of the box, has a level of real wisdom and understanding of domestic and foreign affairs, gets along with others, have some level of genuine concern for others with particular reference to this country. 

The choice must be able to grasp information quickly, digest it, comtemplate it…work out a plan…or make a decision…present alternative ideas…and be able to offer reasoned and well considered counsel on a myriad of matters, concerns and dealings of the White House…and the Oval Office.

The choice must be able to maintain confidence, respect, decency and honesty.  Must be able to command respect…yet walk with a gentle stick…exudes high character…and exemplify only the highest of America’s qualities at all times. 

The choice must be a person who is willing to become friend, confidant and partner…with no eye towards personal gains or future political ambitions…but is truly committed to aiding, assisting and rolling up their sleeves to get this country back on track and honestly working to serve its people…their wishes…and their needs with true dedication.

The choice must be a person who is committed and truthful…has high integrity and loyalty…with an eye on the future of America…her safty…health and wellness..and those of her people.

This is the criteria for the next Vice President of the United States…no phone calls please.

Well, if this is what is asked of our employees…shouldn’t we ask the same of any person seeking to fill this job?

Somebody please fax this off to Obama…just so he knows that we are all on the same page…or direct him to this blog address…  ‘pass it on…’

And please, Obama…whatever you do…don’t pick Hillary.

I know Deleware may not be a big State…nor a Red State…but Joseph Biden has always looked good to me.  He is dedicated, cares and can maintain counsel…he is a man who can be trusted…and undoubtedly comes with much wisdom and experience, as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  He has all the pluses.  And he is a man along the same vein as Ted Kennedy.

Lets face it…when push comes to shove…when all the dust has settled…it won’t matter except for maybe aiding in the possibility of getting a few more votes that someone is from a big state or a Red State, or not.  But if you can’t do it on your own they will tie it around your neck…and never let you forget it. Don’t get caught in that bind.

Consider this…what will really matter in the long run…is whether they can be trusted…are they up to handling the demands that will be placed upon them…can they be counted on and trusted on when your back is turned…do they have or can garner world credibility and respect over a short period of time.  Will they have your best interest in mind and heart…and seek to protect you and this country…rather than seek out a place for themselves in 4 years to come.  Can they bring anything else to table besides the fact that they come from a big state or a Red State…because helping to clean up Bush’s mess will take a lot more than that.  It will take a bunch of willing hands all working towards united efforts…not just sitting around combing their hair…and saying-

“Well, you wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for me.  I delivered such and such state for you.  And without it you wouldn’t be President.”

Do you want to hear that?

No, you don’t need that kind of person, Barack.   Nor do you want to have to have that conversation over and over again…with people who believe you got there (into the White House)…just because of them.

You’ve got to look deeper…and make the right choice.  Because you don’t have room for error.   Most definitely not…there is no room for error.

Barack, you are on your way into the White House no matter who you pick…just maintain the faith you had when you got started in the race…when nobody thought you would make it.  It has taken you this far…it can take you the rest of the way.  Don’t start making silly choices now.

With Musharraf finally being forced out of government in Pakistan…now renders the country a lot more unstable than it was before. 

Pakistan is a country that is filled with nuclear weapons…also with millions of very poor people (the 6th most populated country in the world)…and in terms of size the country is larger than Russia.  Much of its unrest in the past years have been with India over border issues.  The conflicts at times had become highly violatile and bordered on being very dangerous…as both countries possess nuclear weapons.  Throw in insurgents, Taliban and much civil unrest and Pakistan is just a ticking time bomb.

Clearly, the issues of Pakistan and her future shall certainly be important issues that will face the White House along with many many other serious issues and problems concerning nuclear weapons, polices on aggression, Middle East matters, peace…and other world  and domestic matters.

Musharraf was also believed to have been responsible for the assissination of Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, following her rally on December 27, 2007. Bhutto was Musharraf’s rival in an upcoming Pakistani Election…she was highly favored to win.  Musharraf was faulted for her murder due to his lack of providing protection for her knowing that her life was in danger  as she was living under many treats…many saw it as a way of him getting rid of his competion inadvertently…if indeed he was not the one responsible for ordering her death.   

Recently, Musharraf was forced from office under charges of corruption and other allergations which put him on a course to being impeached.

The other recent crisis to have surfaced most recently is the invasion of Russia into Georgia.  I am sure there is much much more unrest to come that will face those entering into the White House under a new banner…and hopefully working in a new way to solve the issues of this country and aid in solving those of the world.

Well, God bless…    Hope you had…or are having a beautiful day. 

Get registered if you are not already…and lets get ready together to take the White House back by storm. ©2008

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Olympics 2008… Williams’ …Track & Field, baby

The Bijing Olympics Games 2008 are almost over…and to date we’ve have only grabbed 22 gold metals compared to China’s 39…and Great Britain l2.  If you have been like me and haven’t watched any of  Olmpics yet…it is till not too late.  There are still plenty of events straight through to the 24th of this month.
       1. Track & Field
       2. Basketball
       3. Canoeing
       4. Equestrian
       5. Gymnastics
       6. Swimming
       7. Volley Ball
       8. Diving

CLICK BELOW for scheduling of events….

For their second time in the Olympics, Serena and Venus have walked off the courts with the gold in the Women’s Double’s match…they walked all over the competition delivering 6-2, 6-0 to take home the gold.

And if you’re like me…and missed them during the Olympics…but can’t get enough of the Williams’…here’s something for your Williams sisters’ habit.

Just love those Williams sisters…Venus and Serena. Now, that is what I call family…and as all families should be.  CLICK BELOW for the full story.,0,2450347.story

Cannot close without mentioning a little Track & Field…just love the sport.  In fact, many would not believe this…but when I was growing up…I used to fantasize about being a Track and Field star. 

Well, lets face it if you’re going to fantasize…why not put yourself at the very top.  So, yes…star.  And I really really did fantasize about it…and often.  In 9th Grade, I was the fastest girl in my class.  During gym…as a warm up the teacher would take us outside (our school had a track) and he would have us all line up and then count us down to ‘go.’  For the first 50 yards…no one could catch me…but I would always be the last one walking around track…into the finish.  But I prided myself on that first 50 yards…I could not be caught. 

Once my father took us out to one of the local tracks and raced us.  He shouted ‘go’ and let us all start running before he started running…but once he started running he blew right pass us.  I recall feeling the wind as he sweep pass me, my other sisters and brothers.  I will never forget that day…because I never knew daddy could run.  But he’s a Jamaican…and even though he was years older than us…and we were not young kids when he did it…nevertheless, he beat us hands down.  I marvelled at it…I was amazed by it…I thought about it all the way home as daddy drove us first to get some ice cream cones, and then home from the track.  I wondered how he had done it.  And when I say ‘flew pass us’…you would’ve had to have been there.  It was definitely one for the books.  Today, when I think back on it…and realize that maybe I could have been that Track & Field star…as speed evidently was and is in my genes.  “Go, Jamaica!”

Boy, I could have been a Wilma Rupdolph or an Evelyn AshfordFlo-joMarlene Ottey…if only somebody could have seen my potential.  I could have been the Tiger WoodsVenus and Serena…Cullen Jones…all wrapped in one of the track.  And yes…as you see I am still fantasizing.  But I could have been it though…I could have…   I know I could have.

Jamaica…1-2 & 2…in for gold and a tie for double silver…what an Olympic story.  Go Jamaica…go!;_ylt=Ah24XJNC6a6GcIOmprJ5SabQ1Zl4?slug=ap-ath-womens400hurdles&prov=ap&type=lgns

More men track & field events….

And of course Cullen Jones…taking home his gold…

To read more regarding the Bijing Games CLICK on the LINKS below…and check out the info on the Women’s and Men’s basketball beneath it.;_ylt=Aljh9uKZD4lc_j89VmEfzE2qvZ14?slug=ap-bkw-unitedstates-australia&prov=ap&type=lgns

Congratulations to Lisa Leslie and American Women’s Basketball team from bringing home yet another gold metal…their 6th total…straight.  Go, USA!

Women’s basketball

Men’s b-ball

Enjoy your day…and the Olympics. 

Bring home the gold…

Had a busy weekend.  But it was a good weekend…I am paying for it now.  But I won’t regret it.

Be encouraged…love the Lord…and always believe.   God bless…

And keep reading…thank you for reading. 

And I do hope that some of this is making sense to you…if so ‘pass it on…’ ©2008 

Loving You – Minnie Ripperton

Don’t forget that your vote counts…so, please get registered if you are not.  And if you are registered…stop by your local Voter Registration Office to double check on your registration…so, there won’t be any surprises on Election Day.  It has happened to me a couple of times.  Once they claim I hadn’t filled out a US Census form…and I hadn’t.  But did that have to do with my vote?  It is a game…to keep down certain numbers…any ol’ thing to hinder you.  That is what they will do…throw up anything ol’ thang to stop you from voting.   So, don’t be hindered…double check your registration before November just to ensure you won’t have any problems casting your vote come Election Day November 2008. ©2008

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