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October 20, 2008 bsmith101
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I have always loved General Colin Powell…but I really really loved him on Sunday. 

I have admired his diligence in regard to all of his duties as a General in the Armed Forces, as Head of State, and even as a Republican

I have listen to and heard many black Republicans…most of whom have sounded like they some how had lost their way in this world… and forgot where they came from…and how they got to where they have gotten.  But most of all…they had forgotten what it is like to be…or to have been black in America.  But never Colin Powell.

I admire people who navigate their way through this life gracefully and caringly

I like to see people rise to high heights…but I especially really like those who can rise and still maintain a level of sure footing and humility.  And that is what Colin Powell showed Sunday on ‘Meet the Press.’

It is hard to come out against friends, party…your company…your church…whatever…but at times it is required.  But to be able to do it with dignity and grace is a good…and great thing.  And it takes strenght…an obvious grand quality within the fabric of General Powell.

His endorsement of Barack Obama…you could see had been done with much forethought, deliberation and reflection.  But he did what he felt he needed to do…and he did it well.  The points General Powell laid out regarding his choice of Barack Obama as President of the United States laid in Obama’s judgment, decisiveness, good temperament, great deduction skills and a believed ability that he will restore the respectability to this country that the past 8 years eroded, under George W. Bush.

I have long held and still hold…that when we look and listen to Barack Obama we are looking at destiny.  It is as much true destiny that at this time such a person as Obama has emerged.  Is destiny as much as Joseph was destined to wine up in Egypt and Moses to lead his people out of Egypt.  They had been predestinated for their times. 

No one wants to say Divine Providence…but that is what we are looking at.  And it is by Divine Providence…that we are here bearing witness to this phenomena this forthcoming November Election.  I can only wish my parents were here.  That my grandmother was here…that my great-grandmother was here…and all those hung…tarred and feathered…whipped, chained and killed in this country could bear witnesObama Dream T-shirt by ObamaRamas to this.

 Even the little ones support Obama!

It gives me such hope for this country. 

There is no country like this country. 

There is no place like the United States of America.

Through all her adversities, contradictions…missteps…and fall downs…American is great.  And she is beautiful…though there have times in her history when people, Presidents, groups didn’t always act justly, fairly or truthfully.                                                                             But through it all she has maintained her beauty…and she is worth everything we

can do to save her.,0,4586523.story

In closing…let me take this time to clarify. 

Barack Obama is not just a phenomena because he is black. 

No, it greater than that.  

He is a phenomena because he is who he is.  

That is what America has much to be proud of…because he is a product of her.  It has taken us much and a long time to get here.  But we are here.  And at the end of the day…it does matter.  It really really does…for everyone’s sake.

Please be sure to share this blog site with all your friends…family…just….just….everyone!

Have a beautiful day…and thank you for reading.

…pass it on…’ 

God bless…and thanks for reading ©2008


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  • 1. Mable C. Phillips  |  February 12, 2009 at 10:12 pm

    I have always admired General Colin Powell. He is such a knowledgeable, refined, graceful, and dignified individual. He really didn’t deserve to be treated the way he was doing the Bush Administration. He is a great role model for all of us. I am trying to contact Gen. Powell now. I can’t seem to get an email address. Can and will you assist me?

  • 2. Mable C. Phillips  |  February 12, 2009 at 10:22 pm

    I wish President Obama well. I pray for him daily. I am just hoping that people across this country will wake up and realize that he has the potential to become one of the greatest presidents ever. I think that it is so unfair for people to judge every move he makes even before he makes it. He has only been in office about 3 weeks; therefore, he can’t undo what it took 8 years to create… a big mess by the Bush Administration.

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